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Bestiality is in this story, young girl, unknown men, slave. I was stolen and lost my cherry to men I didn't know. I had been biking home from school and decided to make a pit stop for a book at the library. Wrong choice.

They scooped me up, blind folded,tied me,gagged me and threw me in the back of the vehicle. Soon enough it stopped. They came to the back chained me up to a tree, and started tearing of my clothes. All of it. I was still a virgin, and couldnt imagine what they were going to do to me. Something wet touched my clit. It was one of thier tongues. I was getting wet and though I didn't want to admit it I was in a pleasured state. About 5 minutes passed but and I could hear another man masturbating. Quickly after that it was stuck inside of my mouth. He had one hand on my head and the other with a knife he had stated that he'd cut me if I didn't remain passive. So as he completely choked the air out of me trying to get as deep as possible in my throat another very hard thing was rubbing against my slits. It was hard not to moan. He uncaring for my pain shoved himself in side of me forcing himself deeper every thrust. The pain was unrelenting I could feel a hot thick presence dripping down my leg. It was blood. My cherry had been popped by this person. The continued for about an hour. Cumming in me many times. Switching places. Finding the best way to give themselves more pleasure and me mor pain. When they were done with me the didn't even have to tie me or gag me. I was exhausted. They kept me for a week. Obviously knowing I had a few days off of school and knowing my parents were on business trips. By the middle of the week, they wanted to trying another new thing. Beastiality, I had been broken already completely submissive to their orders. A trained slave. So when they brought in that dog only a mere fraction of me was fearful. The rest was that of a mindless sex slave. Prepared to be taken by anything. So obit went they brought the dog to immediately mount me as if I was already his bitch. He struck home after a minute of find the right hole. And pow that dogs dick was bigger than both of my masters. And his knot was the size of a softball he was stuck in me for 34 minutes through those minutes my masters were torturing me with a vibrator and a whip saying if I orgasmed before they let me I'd regret it. And so this went on for the rest of the week. They knocked me out and brought me home. Now my Thursday night study that lasts a few hours aren't study sessions anymore. They take me away to the basement of toys with two other girls.
Dark fantasies

Attack of the Cat People

Attack of the Cat People

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