My wife wanted me to fuck her mother - mom,aunty,family,soccer mom erotic story

My mother in law just got divorced and has moved in with us for the time being. I can’t stand being around her for more than five minutes at a time.

She had all of her kids real young. My wife is the oldest and she had her at fourteen. So they get mistaken for sisters all the time which my MIL just loves. I will admit she’s pretty hot but her attitude just makes me want to slap her. She insists the world has to conform to her wishes. ALL of her problems are caused by someone else even though ninety-nine percent of the time it’s her own actions that cause her grief. I could go on for hours, but I’ll leave it here for now.

My wife and her siblings were taken away from her when my wife was ten. They reconnected after my wife turned eighteen. In the twenty-one years that have followed I don’t think my wife has said no to anything her mother has requested.

A couple of weeks ago my wife sits me down and tells me she has a request. She goes on to tell me that the last five years of her mother’s twelve year marriage was sexless. I pretty much immediately know what she’s going ask. Every once in a while we will watch each other have sex with someone else. We’ve done this seven or eight times in our nineteen years of marriage. So when she asked me to have sex with her mom it wasn’t a complete shocker. I immediately said no. I told her you know I can’t stand to be in the same room with her let alone have sex with her. If she needs someone to break her five year dry spell I’m sure they are plenty of guys out there that would be more than willing. She didn’t look happy about my answer but she said ok, I understand. With anyone else it would have ended there. Not this time appently with her mother involved.

So my wife’s been bringing it back up pretty much everyday for the last two weeks and her mom has been running around the house in more “enticing” clothing. This whole time I’m getting more and more pissed at being repeatedly ask to do something that literally repulses me and she’s pissed about my constant refusal. I did think about just doing it to keep the peace, but it’s kind of the principal of the thing at this point and I’m afraid it won’t be just a one time thing. Things came to a head last night when she asked again. I told her for the love God stop asking me. My answer isn’t going to change. I pause for a second then tell her ok, fine you want me to fuck your mother, I’ll do it on one condition. She has to be gagged the entire time. Wow she looked pissed. She didn’t say a word. Just turned and disappeared down the hallway.

About fifteen minutes later my wife comes through the living room and says we’re going shopping. I got real nervous at that point. Sure enough they come back and my wife is carrying a ball gag. They don’t say a word and just head straight for her mom’s room. A sort while later my wife comes out and grabs my hand and leads me to her mom’s room.

Her mom is standing there in a black corset, no panties and of course the ball gag. My first thought was just to stick in her and get over as fast as possible, but I have to admit she looked really really hot standing there and being petty wouldn’t improve my wife’s mood. So I did my best to please her mother. I didn’t take long for me to forget who’s pussy I was eating and really get into it. Her mom was a very enthusiastic lover. I was enjoying it enough I wanted to make sure it lasted as long as possible so when I would get close to cumming I would stop and give her oral. About half way through, she started having trouble with the gag so I let her remove it. All in all this lasted for around hour. I look over to where my wife should have been and she had left the room at some point. Not a good sign. Normally I would been looking over at from time to time. A) to watch her masturbate and B) to see if she wanted to watch anything in particular. I don’t think I glanced over at her once the entire time. At first I didn’t look at because I was angry with her and later I was just to into it.

I get dressed and find her sitting at the kitchen table with a drink in her hand. As soon as she saw me, she stood up and told me I was a fucking asshole and went to our room with her drink. I ended up sleeping on the couch last night.

She still hasn’t said two words to me since last night. I called in sick to work today hoping to stay home and smooth things over. Since she won’t talk to me that’s not going particularly well. Her mother is acting like a different person this morning. It was the first time since I’ve known her that she didn’t try to make the conversation about her. We actually had a good talk about last night and why my wife’s so upset. My wife won’t talk to her either.
I know I could have handled things a lot better, but the same holds true for my wife.

I just needed get my thoughts in order and do a little venting. This seemed like as good as place as any.
My wife wanted me to fuck her mother

Don Jacinto Visits His Grandmother

Don Jacinto Visits His Grandmother

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