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Taylor pressed her security badge against the electronic panel. She heard the lock click and opened the door into the law firm where she worked.

It was just a little past six in the morning and as usual, she was the first one at work. She walked down the short hallway and entered her office. She frowned, noticing that the huge stacks of papers on her desk hadn't magically gotten any smaller since she had left them the night before.

Has my life come to this?

She had her morning routine down. Get up early, fix a quick breakfast for herself and her husband, drive to the gym and get her morning workout in, and then be at the office no later than six so she could get her small team of paralegals’ work lined out for the day. Just like clockwork.

Four mundane years of tedious clockwork.

She criticized herself for letting those negative thoughts enter her mind. She had it all, right? She had a beautiful house, a stylish car, a husband who doted on her and loved her and an amazing career in a small law firm where she was on track to be offered a partnership before she was forty. Outwardly, she was the envy of all her friends, and she had it all. Inwardly, the truth felt much different to her.

She was a couple of months shy of her thirtieth birthday and her privileged life that she had spent so many years in college preparing for felt like a prison. She had been such a free spirit from high school through college. She had been a cheerleader in both and a point guard on her high school basketball team. She was an honor student, graduating in the top five percent of her college class and she was immediately accepted into law school once she had her degree.

The things she loved, she pursued with a reckless abandon, and the same was true when it came to sex. In high school and college, she had a voracious appetite for carnal pleasures, loving the touch of a man or a woman with equal passion. Amazingly, in high school, she had the reputation of a goodie-two-shoes priss, when the truth was actually quite the opposite. In college, her blonde hair, blue eyes, small athletic frame, curvy round breasts and bottom, made her the envy of many women on campus and stoked the lustful desires of all the men.

As she reflected, she felt that the marital relations with her husband had fallen into a stale rut. While their sex life couldn't be described as horrible, it was routine, mundane and passionless. She had endlessly tried to spice things up in their bedroom, in a vain attempts to get their sex life off life support. Taylor had tried toys, lingerie and even erotic literature. She had even made the bold move of suggesting they invite a man, woman, or even a couple to share their bed, but her husband would have none of it. The routine and the mundane appeared to be fine with him and instead of starting a fight and damaging their marriage, he had instead worn her down. With a great deal of sadness, she accepted this unemotional, detached sex as the new 'normal' for their marriage.

As she began to complete her work and prepare for the meetings she would have to attend that day, with anticipation she looked at her watch. It was almost eight, only minutes away from the favorite part of her day, the part she had looked forward to since this time for the last few weeks.

She looked up and saw them walking in, the paralegals. The first group was always the girls. There were a couple of pretty ones in there that from time to time she liked to admire, but the real show would start any second. She clicked the tip of her heel against the floor, waiting... eagerly…

There he was.

In the middle of the small pack of guys was Ray, the tall, young, African American man that had instantly caught her eye the day he was hired several months ago. Like the rest of them, he wore suit pants or Dockers with a dress shirt and tie, but none of them filled out the front of their trousers like him.

Taylor bit her lip, watching out of the corner of her eye, while he casually laughed and joked with his friends as they strolled to their work area past her office. She speculated that he had to be at least 6'2", much taller than her 5'4" frame. He had a bright smile and kind, gentle eyes. Once he had even worn a short sleeve dress shirt and she was surprised to see the bulge of his biceps. He had to be very well muscled she speculated, even though she had nothing concrete to base that on.

She watched as the small group migrated over to their cubicles, the object of her desire disappearing from sight. Her mind flashed back a decade to her undergrad years when she lived in the dorm and had a torrid two-month fling with a young black student who also lived there. She loved going back to those memories and reliving them in her mind.

She had never contemplated being with a black man until she met him. She remembered how he brazenly sat next to her in her marketing class, talking endlessly about his size, his sexual prowess, and the pleasure he promised he'd give her if she would only agree to give him one night, one chance.

That young man was such a thug. He could barely speak a word of proper English, and how he even managed to get into college was beyond her. He only cared about being a rapper, smoking pot, and bedding as many white girls as he could. He was arrogant, impudent, and insolent and at first, she couldn't stand to be around him. However, over the course of the semester, he slowly began to wear her down and all of his boisterous braggings had aroused her curiosity about being with a black man. At the end of the semester, she finally agreed to give him that one night, and that one night turned into a three-day long weekend sex marathon.

Everything he promised had been true: his size, his sexual prowess and his dominance over her resulted in countless mind-blowing orgasms over the course of those two torrid months.

In the end, their tryst, built solely on sex, didn't last and once he tired of her, he moved on to the next hot blonde girl. Against her better judgment, she had allowed herself to develop some feelings for him, even though she knew that he never really was relationship material. In the end, she just wrote off the experience as the hottest sex she had ever had and vividly remembered it now, as she thought of Ray.

A week after Ray had been hired she made some excuse to the HR department to check out his file. Under the auspices of reviewing the new hire's qualifications as a potential candidate for her team, she quickly scanned over his personal information. Ray was 19 and lived in a middle-class neighborhood in Henderson. He was a student athlete and graduated with a very high GPA from Green Valley High School. She knew that he went to a paralegal school in Las Vegas, because for whatever reason, her law firm only hired from that school. She noted, also, that he had graduated at the top of his class.

The next day, she was upset to learn that the managing partner had decided that Ray was to be placed on Brad's team, one of her colleagues, another attorney. It was probably for the best she thought. She didn't need sexual tension on her team or an excuse to do something stupid like ruin her career by engaging in any type of sexual misconduct with a subordinate. If Ray was kept away from her, then he couldn't tempt her. It was all for the best.

It was nearly ten o'clock and Taylor had just come back from a meeting with one of the partners. She had already started back to work when there was a light tap on her open door. She looked up, it was Ray. Instantly, her heart skipped a beat as she looked at his handsome face.

"Ms. Jennings, I hate to bother you, but may I ask you a question in this case I'm preparing?"

At least once, sometimes twice a week, Ray made an excuse to come to her office and ask her questions about something that he should have been asking his boss Brad.

Taylor knew that the proper thing to do was send him away and have him consult with Brad, it was his client after all. However, she never did this. Being around this young man was intoxicating and even though she had to act annoyed, she secretly loved spending time with him, even if it was only a minute or two at a time. Aside from him walking in the door in the morning, or a chance passing glance when they walked by each other in the hall, it was her favorite time of the week.

"I'm pretty busy with this deposition, why aren't you asking Brad?" she said, in her best faux-aggrieved voice.

"He's in a meeting with some clients and I'm supposed to have this paperwork completed by noon. It would mean a lot if you could assist me," he said, apologetically.

She knew this was just an excuse. He could ask five other people on his team for help she thought, but instead, he always found some reason to justify asking her.

"Pull up a chair and show me what you need help with," she said, in her best-annoyed voice.

He was only two feet from her and she could barely think as he showed her some numbers to some pointless something that he was working on. As he looked down at the stack of papers he’d brought with him, she looked over his smooth black skin, that manly protruding chin and she could smell that light scent of cologne, that would linger in her office for hours after he was gone, reminding her of him. She could feel her thong becoming moist under her skirt, and she knew she'd have to make a trip to a bathroom stall during her lunch, to relieve herself of this sexual tension he created in her.

She cleared her mind of this intoxicating presence in front of her and answered his questions with a few simple sentences. The ethical thing to do would be to speak to Brad about him. She was paid far too much to waste her time with Ray on such trivial questions that his teammates could easily answer. However, she knew she would never get him into trouble with his boss.

She was certain it was all an act anyway. Ray was smart, the smartest paralegal that Taylor had seen since she had begun working at the firm. He knew the answers to the questions that he was asking her. It was all just an excuse to come to her office, to get near her, to talk to her.

Ray thanked her for her help and made small talk about the weather for a few seconds before leaving her office. She took a deep breath once he was gone. It always took her several minutes to clear her mind after he had left so she could return to her work.

Since he had begun working at the firm, Taylor wasn't the only one who took opportunities to make inappropriate glances. She had caught him sneaking peeks a number of times, as he checked out her legs and bottom. She had also noticed that when he thought she wasn't looking, he'd sneak gazes at her breasts. She even knew which skirts and blouses he liked best and made a conscious effort to purchase the clothes that he seemed to like, and wear them as often as possible.

So many times she thought of throwing caution to the wind and coming onto him. She knew he'd be receptive, but there was so much to risk. In their haughty legal working environment, accusations of sexual harassment, substantiated or not, could damage her career. At the very least, it would ruin her chance of being offered a partnership.

She shuddered to think what would happen if she gave into her lustful feelings towards him and then he told one of his co-workers. He was only nineteen after all and could she trust him to keep a confidence of that magnitude? And what of her husband? She wasn't entirely certain that he wouldn't leave her if he discovered that she had a liaison with this young man. It was just too much to risk she reasoned. She could admire him from afar, but she could never let it go beyond that, it just wasn't worth it.

That Friday, Taylor was working late in her office. She had a presentation for a prospective client on Monday and it would be a major accomplishment if she could get them to agree to be represented by her firm. This was the kind of presentation that, if it went well, could help cement her future partnership.

She looked down at her watch, God, it was seven o'clock already and her co-workers had left the building a couple of hours ago to begin the weekend. She had been at work for thirteen hours and she still had to language from two different documents, which would take a couple of hours more. She was mentally exhausted and decided to take the reports home and finish up over the weekend. Her husband was in Arizona spending the weekend golfing with his friends at some tournament and she dreaded going back to that big empty house by herself. However, she knew staying in the office any longer was pointless.

Carrying her full briefcase, she walked out of the automatic doors toward the covered parking section of the lot that was reserved for attorneys. She gasped as she approached her car.

"Fuck," she muttered, under her breath, as she examined the flat tire on her car.

The perfect end to a long, miserable day.

She dreaded the thought of calling roadside assistance. It had taken them over two hours to help her when she accidently left her lights on and ran down her battery a year ago.

Is there any way she could change the tire herself, she wondered. No, it was impossible. Not in this skirt and white top. Grudgingly, she pulled her phone from her pocket and began to dial.

"Can I help you with that?" a deep voice behind her asked.

She whirled around and saw that Ray was approaching her.

"What are you still doing here?" she asked quizzically.

"You're not the only one who works late in the hopes of getting a promotion," he said, smiling.

She couldn't help but notice his perfect white teeth amidst that playful, youthful grin. Just being in his presence was enough to almost make her swoon. She cursed herself for thinking like a pre-pubescent schoolgirl and quickly pulled herself together.

"That's not necessary, I have roadside and I'm calling them now," she said, in a serious tone.

Ray decided to back off. She was a boss. Not his boss, but a boss nonetheless, and she seemed serious about not wanting his help, so he figured it wasn't a good idea to push it.

"I understand," he said solemnly.

She observed the wounded look in his eyes and off-handedly dismissed it as she continued to call roadside assistance.

Now further irritated, she was immediately put on hold, not a good sign. After several minutes, she finally was able to speak to a representative who told her it was going to be at least a two and a half hour wait until a tow truck would arrive.

She looked thoughtfully into Ray's eyes and she disconnected the call. He seemed so eager to help her, maybe it would be okay to let him, she reasoned, her logical thought process taking over.

"If you'd be willing to help me change the tire Ray, I'd really appreciate it," she said softly.

His eyes lit up as he removed his suit coat and loosened his tie. He was wearing a short-sleeved dress shirt and she immediately again noticed his well-muscled arms that, up until now, she was only able to sneak glances at from a distance.

They laughed and joked as he removed the spare tire from the trunk and began using the jack to elevate the front quarter of the car. His jovial nature was beginning to put her at ease as they discussed office politics and cachinnated at some of the firm's more interesting clientele. She marveled at his intelligence and quick mind. This young man needed to be in college and then law school she thought, as she mentally reminded herself to make sure he knew about the firm's many scholarship opportunities that he should be taking advantage of.

As he was tightening the last lug nut, she winced at the thought of going home to that large, cold, empty house and microwaving some cardboard tasting entrée from the freezer. How long had it been since she'd been out on a Friday night? It had been so long she couldn't remember.

She quickly dismissed the thought. Take a subordinate to dinner? Was that even ethical? Then her mind wandered to the times when she took her team of paralegals to lunch to reward them. This would be something similar to that, right? Ray did change her tire after all. She did owe him something she reasoned, trying to justify the idea to herself.

"All done," he said, as he stood up and faced her.

She took a moment to look at him, it was just dinner she thought, not a big deal really.

"Thank you so much for your help, Ray. I was wondering, umm... would you be interested in getting something to eat with me?"

He gave her an astonished look; he obviously didn't see that coming.

"I'd like that," he said appreciatively.

"Hop in then," she said playfully.

After putting the flat tire and the rest of the tools in the trunk of her car, they sped off towards 'The District' at Green Valley Ranch which was only a couple of miles from their law firm.

'The District' was a small assortment of high-end shops, boutiques and restaurants next to Green Valley Ranch hotel and casino. Taylor often went shopping there with her friends for clothes and she, as well as other lawyers at the firm, had frequently taken important clients to lunch at the many high-end restaurants located there.

She pulled up in front of her favorite restaurant, a small, quaint Parisian themed café. As they stepped out of her car and walked the half-dozen steps to the door, Ray wrapped his hand gently around her upper arm for a couple of seconds before he was forced to remove it, so he could open the door for her. The bold move, while subtle, sent a chill through her body as his large hand made contact with the small of her back for several seconds as they waited for the hostess. She thought of giving him a cold stare which might dissuade him from making further physical contact with her, but she couldn't find it within herself to do so. Her husband had long stopped touching her, or even holding her hand, on the rare occasions when they would go out together. Even though she kept reminding herself this was just a simple dinner between co-workers, his brief touch made her long for so much more.

The hostess sat them at a banquet table in a corner of the restaurant. Ray had chosen to sit beside her, instead of across from her, which added to the sexual tension she was feeling due to his close proximity. After her long, stressful day she could really use a glass of wine, but then thought better of it when she remembered Ray's age.

They decided on ice tea and a seafood appetizer of mussels, crab cakes, and Cajun-style shrimp Picante. Taylor's initial nervousness was put at ease by Ray's jovial, easy-going nature. She listened intently as he talked about his love of sports and his family that he loved to visit, but still missed, as he adjusted to living on his own in his new apartment. He reminded her so much of herself a decade ago when she moved out of her parents' house to start her life.

She remembered having all those same types of feelings that he so eloquently described when she first started to make her way in the world. It felt like a lifetime ago, at a time before she felt so encumbered by the stresses of her marriage, career, mortgage, and car payments. What would it be like to be nineteen, to live that carefree life again, even if only for a weekend? She quickly put that dangerous thought out of her mind.

As Ray opened up to her about his personal life, Taylor got caught up in the moment.

"So, are you seeing anyone?" She asked hesitantly, trying to gauge his reaction.

He smiled slightly at her question.

"I had a girlfriend that I was seeing for about a year, but I ended it a couple months ago."

Her eyes widened at his admission, "May I ask why?"

"She started to get very attached to me and I wanted more freedom," he said honestly. "You know how those white girls can get."

Taylor could feel herself blushing as she remembered back to her college days and the torrid two months she spent with her black lover. Had she acted like that, attached and possessive? she wondered.

They both took a moment to take a sip of their ice tea until Ray's voice broke the silence.

"What does your husband think of you working such late hours on a Friday evening?" he asked boldly.

Taylor squirmed a bit in her seat at his inquiry, but she was the one who broached the subject of significant others, so she felt it was only right to answer his question.

"He knows my career is important to me, but sometimes he does get upset when I work late," she said hesitantly before continuing. "However, he's out of town this weekend so I guess he wouldn't have much to say about it this evening," she said, smiling.

Ray looked deep into her eyes and was about to make another comment concerning her husband when the waitress interrupted the conversation by approaching the table with their food.

She had ordered the blackened Atlantic salmon and he decided on the Lake Superior whitefish. While they ate their delicious meals, they tacitly agreed not to talk about anything work related, instead concentrating their conversation on hobbies and interests as they learned more about each other. He was so easy to talk to, and he put her at ease so quickly. They had never had this type of conversation before this evening and it was so refreshing to listen to him speak about the music he liked, his dream car that he wanted to someday own, and his future goals and plans.

Once they had finished their entrées, Ray gently coaxed her into sharing a dessert with him. After looking over the menu, they decided on a decadent hot-fudge brownie Sundae. Taylor was so health-conscious that she rarely, if ever, ate any type of sweets. However, it felt like a magical, special evening and she couldn't find a way to say no to his genial insistence.

When their server brought the delectable dessert and set it between them, they both hesitantly took their spoons and cautiously dipped it into the chocolate covered ice cream. After they had each taken a couple of bites, Ray scooped another small portion of ice cream with his spoon and slowly held it up to Taylor's mouth. It was as if sexual electricity was passing between them as she gradually and deliberately leaned forward and ate the ice cream off his spoon.

This simple act was tantamount to opening a hedonistic floodgate of sexual desire within Taylor and Ray. He gently placed his hand on her stocking clad thigh and leaned forward until their mouths met in a hot, passionate kiss. Sexual electricity passed between them as their tongues gently played with each other.

As they broke their erotic, concupiscent embrace, Taylor's hazy, lust filled mind came to a decision. She wasn't going to deny herself the pleasure that she knew this young man would bring her, consequences be damned.

She looked intently into Ray's eyes, "Do you have plans this evening? she said in a voice barely above a whisper.

"I don't have any plans," he said huskily.

She hesitated for a moment, but it was too late, she had made her decision, and she was all in.

"Would you be interested in getting a room with me?"

"I've wanted to fuck you from the moment I saw you, Taylor," he said boldly.

Her heart skipped a beat at that brazen remark and she felt a current pass between her thighs that she hadn't felt in years.

They left the rest of the dessert on the table as she quickly paid the check. She couldn't remember the last time she had wanted anyone this much and it was difficult for her mind to form coherent thoughts.

The short, five-minute drive to the Green Valley Ranch Hotel and Casino, passed like some epicurean blur. She faintly remembered his hands on her blouse; between her legs, his mouth licking, kissing her neck, her mind disoriented in a dazed, lust-filled fog. It took everything in her power to push him away so she could get the room.

Several minutes later she withdrew the key card from the lock, hearing the small motor retract the deadbolt. While still in the hallway, Ray had her pushed up against the door, pressing his erection into the cheeks of her ass. Simultaneously, his hands pulled the tucked-in white blouse out of her skirt.

Taylor managed to get the door open so they could enter the room before another guest could witness their carnal display in the hall. Fervidly, he pushed her face down onto the bed and then collapsed on top of her. With his weight on her, she struggled to remove her blouse while he flipped her skirt up causing it to rest on her back.

She moaned as his mouth found the hypersensitive region on the nape of her neck while his capacious hands tore the stockings and thong from her body. Taylor wantonly opened her legs as she felt Ray's fingers slide down the curve of her ass, and then lower to the sodden cleft between her legs.

Ray listened to Taylor's shallow breathing as he forcefully pushed two fingers inside her pussy hearing her piercing groan in pleasure. She clutched the bedspread with both hands as he moved his fingers in and out of her until she became delirious with an all-consuming lasciviousness that she knew only a fuck could assuage.

"Do you know how long I've wanted to fuck this tight, white, married pussy?" he said while sucking on her earlobe.

His words sent her over the edge and made her shake uncontrollably in orgasm with his fingers buried inside of her.

When she regained her senses, she felt him between her legs, his tongue exploring the folds of her vagina. She gasped as the tip of his tongue swirled over her clitoris with a reckless abandon.

It had been years since her husband had gone down on her, and God, he had never eaten her pussy like this, God, not this good.

Ray suddenly withdrew his tongue from her vulva.

"Tell me what you want Taylor?" he said in a mock-gruff, sensuous tone.

"Oh God no, Ray, please don't stop," she begged, as her second orgasm had almost overtaken her before his talented tongue had retreated from her sopping vagina.

"Tell me what you want, Taylor," he said, as he rubbed his large hands over her small, tight ass cheeks.

Oh God, she thought, her cloudy mind trying to focus amidst his sensual touch and talented tongue. He was way too good of a lover to be only nineteen.

"I want your cock, Ray," she said, in a low, guttural tone.

"You had better be more specific," he said teasingly, gently inserting his long index finger inside of her.

The sensation of being penetrated by his finger caused her mind to lose focus again. She found it so hard to think or form a coherent thought, much less speak, with his hands playing with her body like this.

"I want your big black cock," she said, in a voice barely above a whisper.

Her words shocked her, but her lust filled mind wasn't thinking anymore in terms of politically correct speech. She only wanted to feel him inside of her, and she'd say whatever she thought he wanted to hear to make that happen.

"Are you sure that's what you want? I don't know if you deserve me just quite yet," he said teasingly.

Taylor used all of her mental facilities in an attempt to focus her lust filled mind. God, he was driving her crazy.

"Please Ray," she said, sensually, "please put your black cock inside of my married white cunt."

Ray smiled wickedly as he looked into Taylor's concupiscent, begging eyes. He didn't realize that he'd love teasing her so much. But this hot, erotic foreplay was stoking his need for this beautiful woman.

He stood at the edge of the bed and slowly, methodically, began removing his clothes. She was his, and there was no reason to hurry now, and he loved that anticipating, lustful look in her eyes.

Taylor flipped over onto her back, making it easier to see him undress. She drank in that dark skin; those washboard abs, the long, black, muscled limbs. He was more, much more, than she had ever envisioned in her lewd, dark fantasies.

Her jaw dropped open as he slowly pulled down his boxers exposing a large, thick black cock. Just the size of it mesmerized her, the large bulbous head looked to be the size of a small apple, dripping pre-cum. She was certain she hadn't seen anything that big before, not even her former black lover in college.

Maybe in a porn movie, she thought, at one of those interracial porn sites that she watched when her husband wasn't home. However, watching sex on a computer monitor never felt real. She knew there was a camera, a script, and actors who were being paid. But him here, standing in front of her; with that cock, God, this was shockingly real.

He looked down, into her eyes, and saw what she was looking at.

"What do you want Taylor?" he said, as he ran his hand down that long, smooth shaft.

He was going to make her say it again. He loved the way she looked at him with those lust filled eyes and hearing those sensual words come out of her pretty little mouth. Well, that was pure heaven.

"I want that big cock in my mouth. My married, white mouth" she said meekly.

"Come here and get what you want then."

Taylor immediately slid from the bed and got on her knees in front of him.

She took his shaft in both hands and struggled to open her mouth wide enough to accommodate the large head. Ray groaned as she extended her tongue, running it over the slit in the head of his penis, collecting his pre-cum. Taking the head into her mouth, she swirled her tongue over it, working it as far back as she could.

Taylor always loved giving head, but he was just so big, and it had been so long since she had a man in her mouth. She decided to concentrate on the head. She opened her mouth wide and sucked on the head while swirling her tongue over it in quick, rapid motions.

He groaned as her talented mouth fellated him. She had always acted so prim and proper. He had thought of her as some collegiate, entitled, priss, but he was quickly discovering another side of her. There was a wanton, slutty side to this women that he didn't even know existed.

As much as she loved having this young man in her mouth, her evident lack of practice began to show, and after several minutes, her jaw started to ache.

"It's been awhile since you sucked one this big, hasn't it?"

She blushed as she listened to the not so subtle jab at her husband.

Taylor wanted so much to please him, but she just needed a bit more time to adjust to his size and get some of her fellatio skills back.

Ray could see that she was having difficulty with the girth of his member and didn't want to ruin the moment by watching her struggle.

"Put your arms down Taylor, let me help you," he said gently.

Ray rotated his hips, moving slowly in and out of her. After a few easy thrusts, he soon discovered how deep he could go before the head of his cock reached the back of her throat which triggered her gag reflex. He took her long blonde hair in his hands as he pushed himself in and out of her.

Taylor's eyes began to water slightly as he moved in and out of her hot, wet orifice. She had her hands on his muscular thighs to steady herself and she kept her mouth closed tightly around his shaft until she started to feel him tense up. Oh God, it had been so long since she had taken a man this way, and even longer since one ejaculated there. Soon, saliva began dripping out of her mouth, down the underside of his cock, and then onto the floor.

God, she felt so good to him. Even though he was fucking her mouth more than she was giving him head, it still felt exquisite. Seeing that long, flowing blonde hair and soft, white skin around his black cock, the color contrast alone was enough to make him start to lose it.

Feeling his impending orgasm, Ray pulled out to calm himself down. He had dreamed of this moment, this fantasy, for months, and God, it was finally, amazingly, coming true. She was the fuck of a lifetime; a beautiful, blonde, lawyer. The first time he came in her sure as hell wasn't going to be in her mouth.

"Get back up on the bed," he said smoothly.

He took her arms and helped her up off of her knees and onto her feet.

She thought of trying an exotic position, like him behind her, or her riding him. Instead, she decided for their first time, simple was best.

She gracefully slid onto the bed and then onto her back, opening her legs invitingly for him.

He looked down at her and took a moment to linger and study the perfection that was laying in front of him. He marveled at her long, blonde hair cascading down around her shoulders. His gaze lingered at her full breasts swaying gently as she breathed, topped with those sexy pink nipples. She had a taut, tight, stomach that expanded into full, round hips and bottom.

But between her legs, God. That was the culmination of what he believed to be the most perfect body he had ever seen. Above her vulva, was a light thatch of very light brownish-blonde pubic hair and her vagina had small outer lips that concealed the tiny, inner pink ones and they were leaking her secretions onto her inner thighs. He knew, she was more than ready for him.

He slid onto the bed with her and positioned himself between her legs. Taking his cock in his hand, he rubbed the head up and down the length of her slit, splitting the lips of her vagina. She was so wet, his head was immediately shiny with her juices. He asked, “condom?”

“No. Pill. Stay bare. I want your black. Cock. Bare.” she gasped as he put the head at her aperture, and then gently, and slowly, began working himself inside of her. She felt her body open and expand around him as he kept pushing gradually, methodically, giving her time to adjust to his size and girth.

God, he felt so big. Her husband was average, at best. But Ray, this was something different, something exquisite. She instinctively put her hands on his chest, as a silent gesture for him to continue proceeding gradually, to allow her body to accommodate his size.

Taylor continued to moan and pant as Ray worked his way inside of her. Finally, after several minutes, he had fully impaled her. He looked down and gave her a few moments to get used to his bulk. He marveled at the color contrast of her tanned white skin compared to his dark, ebony flesh. The divergence in the color of their skin tone was truly mesmerizing to him.

He looked down at her and their eyes met. She gave him a silent, gentle nod and instantly gasped as he started to slowly move in and out of her. Taylor wrapped her arms around Ray's broad shoulders as he eased himself almost all the way out, and then gently worked himself back in. She closed her eyes, the intense pleasure sweeping over her. It felt like every one of her nerve endings was on fire as he moved his body over hers.

Gradually, he picked up the pace and she could feel her body adjust to him. Aided by the wet swelter between her legs, he was able to establish a smooth easy rhythm as he rocked himself in and out of her.

Seeing that she was becoming more comfortable, he progressively picked up the pace. The sweat of their bodies was melding together as they moved as one, in perfect unison. God, she was so tight. He marveled how her pussy felt like a smooth velvet glove that sheathed his cock perfectly. How she felt, how she moved with him, how she met his thrusts... This woman was truly exquisite.

Taylor's orgasm came upon her almost without warning. Ray had such long, powerful strokes; she gasped and cried out as she pulled him down, their lips meeting in a salty, lust filled kiss. She felt his tongue enter her mouth as her orgasm racked her body and the waves washed over her.

He exhibited such amazing control considering his youthful age. Ray never stopped his smooth easy rhythm and just as Taylor was recovering from one orgasm, the next was upon her. He was so thick and the angle was just perfect. With each stroke, his girth perfectly rubbed her clit in an almost constant onslaught.

Over and over, Ray's steady tempo pushed her body to new heights until she was near exhaustion. Just when she thought she couldn't take any more, she felt him begin to tense up. Wanting to release with him, she reached down between her legs and slid her fingers over her engorged clit causing her to once again explode in orgasm. Simultaneously, she felt Ray's powerful jets of semen squirt inside of her.

It took a minute or so for the panting to subside before the couple was once again breathing normally. She could feel his member shrink inside of her and then slip out as he moved off, and then slipped behind her. She felt his cock gently rest on the cleft of her bottom as he pulled her tightly against him, causing them to romantically spoon.

Both of them collected their thoughts while listening to the other's soft breathing until Ray broke the silence.

"What are you thinking about Ms. Jennings?" he said, teasingly.

Your big, amazing cock, she thought to herself, thankful he couldn't see her face as she blushed. Even after this torrid sex session, she still felt like a shy schoolgirl around him.

"I think when we are out of the office; it would be all right for you to call me Taylor."

"That implies we will be intimately together again, Taylor," he said, emphasizing both syllables of her name while his growing erection rubbed erotically against her bottom.

She still had so many lingering questions and doubts. How would this affect her marriage? Would this ruin her career and a chance at a partnership?

While lying comfortably and securely in his arms, she quickly put those lingering questions out of her mind. This young man had opened up a new, passion-filled world for her. A world that she thought she'd never have the pleasure of experiencing again. A world that she thought would only exist in her memories. She was determined not to let fear or regret consume her actions and change the course of her life. Because of this young man, for the first time in years, she felt alive again. At that moment she resolved to never settle for a mundane, passionless existence.

"It implies exactly that Ray."
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Creampie Hypnosis

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A tingle for thirst

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