The Nude Photo Shoot - ebony,black,photo,xxx,story erotic story

I always get myself into horny situations. You would think a nude photo shoot in the Valley is sexy enough...

The photographer runs me through a variety of raunchy nude poses for a porno magazine. A crew of onlookers gather to watch. Some are assistants or helpers, but there are a lot of horndog executives from the porno magazine watching, too. I’m wondering why so many people have to be here gawking at my nude body in these dirty poses. It’s embarrassing. I’m still trying to make it hot, but it’s hard with so many people seeing all of me like this.

The photographer has me in very explicit positions. Completely nude. I’m sticking everything out, my titties, my ass. The poses are explicit. Ass in the air, legs spread wide open. And I’m oiled-up head-to-toe with baby oil. My entire body drips oil. They have my long blonde hair up in a bun on top of my head. The helpers keep pouring oil on me. I’m dripping. Covering me in oil gives my body a really sexy, filthy look.

My titties are really big and full (36DD), so I get a ton of attention. The photographer loves it when my nipples jut out, so he has a male assistant apply ice cubes to my nipples constantly. That has me climbing the walls. I can’t help but moan, embarrassed every time the ice cubes are applied. My nipples are so hard. They stick out in such an obvious and horny way. My big titties have every man in the studio rock hard. I can tell.

It’s a bit unnatural to be completely naked in front of such a large group people, exposing every part of my hot body. The poses of me bent over on all fours, pushing my wet, sexy ass out so everyone can see everything are so dirty. I lock eyes with a particular executive who is gawking at my hot ass and pussy. I smile awkwardly. He’s grinning, eyes locked on my most private parts. I try to stick it out further, let him see more of me coz I’m a dirty girl.

For the final series of shots, I’m lying down on my back, legs in the air. The photographer motions for me to spread my legs. I do, and I rub my pussy. I can’t help it, I’m so turned on. The onlookers are practically drooling. I don’t know why they’re just standing there staring at me but that is somehow making the whole situation hotter. The photographer gets several nasty close-ups. Those poses are so ridiculously hot, with my legs spread and my shaved pussy wide open.

The photographer has a big bulge in his jeans, so I know this shoot is hot, but I can sense that he wants more. What he thinks would be remarkably hot would be “freshly fucked” photos of me. He thinks I should look “freshly fucked”.

I’m not quite sure what that means, but it sounds hot. He tells me he’s got a male model standing by at the studio, ready to fuck me. Yes, he’ll take pictures of all the hot sex but what he really wants is the series of shots where I am cumming on a big, stiff cock and the stud is shooting cum inside me. The stud will step away and the photographer will take a bunch of pictures of my fucked pussy, cum dripping out. He wants the stud’s big, hard dick just outside my pussy. He is looking for that desperate, post-orgasmic look on my face, in the eyes. And, of course, he wants the messy cum part, too. Freshly fucked.

Breathlessly, I nod agreement. “That sounds really hot.” I cannot wait to see who he has waiting in the wings to fuck me. Clearly, this whole thing was planned out. He has a model booked and standing by, hoping I’d go for it.

The photographer leaves me at the set. I’m splayed out on the bed, totally nude, awaiting my stud. He comes back with the model. FUCK, it’s my ex. He walks up totally nude, big dick swinging as he strides on set. I groan, shake my head. He laughs. The photographer has no idea that we know each other, and he senses the tension. I explain, “He’s my fucking ex and he always seems to find a way to get his big cock in my pussy.”

My ex walks right up to me, sticks his half-hard cock near my face. “C’mon, baby, let’s have some fun. I know you love my big cock. You told me 5,000 times that you love my big cock.”

“Yeah, too bad I hate you…”

I look at the photographer. Then at all the people hanging around. My ex’s cock is an inch from my face. How do I get myself in these situations? “Do you want me to suck your big cock?”

He grins. I lean over and start licking the big head. He stiffens as I engulf the whole throbbing head. I can barely get it in my mouth. The photographer scrambles for his camera.

My ex’s cock gets bigger and stiffer in my mouth almost instantly. Quickly, he’s hard as a rock and sticking straight up. He grunts, motions for the photographer to get these nasty shots of me sucking his dick. He pulls it out so everyone can see me suck the head. He’s hell-bent on making this look extra filthy. My saliva drips from the big, pulsing head. So hot. I spit on it, lick it, tease it. He groans loudly. I drive him up the walls sucking his cock. He gets really hard and stiff. I suck the head and grab his balls. He grunts. I swirl my tongue around the head. He bucks his hips, grunts.

“You’re lucky you have such a big cock.” I lick the big head for the camera, it flares. He groans, stiffening further. “It’s hard for me to resist. I know you want to fuck me, don’t you?” I suck him wildly, stroking the thickly-veined shaft while twirling my tongue around the massive head.

After a thousand dirty BJ pictures, my ex takes a step back, his swollen, rock-hard cock pops from my lips. He pulls me down on the bed, spreads my legs and positions his throbbing cockhead at the entrance to my wet pussy. I look down and he’s so big and rock hard and so ready to fuck. I sucked him so good that he’s really, really hard. And so big. Fuck, that's hot. The photographer snaps away as my ex’s big, fat cockhead pierces my pussy lips. I lose my breath, squirm and moan with anticipation. But he stops. The photographer encourages him to get the monster inside me, but he waits, with 99% of his throbbing cock just outside my pussy. He looks at all of the onlookers and asks them if they wanna see this hot slut with the big tits get fucked by a big stud. They’re all nodding.

"Do you hafta be such a dick? Can’t you just-"

My ex crudely rams his big cock into my pussy. All the way in, balls deep, in one powerful motion. He absolutely owns me. Oh fuck he’s so big. Ugghhh. I absolutely cannot believe that he found a way to get his big cock in my pussy again! And it’s so hot. It feels so good. I moan and squirm. He grins at me, picking up his pace. He slams it into me over and over again. So deep. I buck my hips and try not to look overwhelmed. But I am completely overwhelmed trying to take his hot cock. I gasp and bite my lower lip. I don’t wanna cum so fast, but his cock is really big and hard. It’s so hot and it feels so fucking good…. Ugghhh. Fuck.

His pace quickens. He’s hammering it into me now. I’m screaming. I try not to, but I’m gonna cum all over his big dick. He’s really fucking me now. I close my eyes, scream louder. He’s grunting, pumping, sweating. He takes it out only to slam it in again and again. Each thrust makes me shudder. I’m trying so hard not to give him the satisfaction of me cumming so quickly.

He pounds that thing into me hard, and I’m going crazy. He laughs, mocking how turned on I am. He knows I love his big dick. My pussy clamps down around it. Every time he pulls it out and then jams it back in again, I gasp! He always grinds it, too, pushing it so deep inside.

I lock eyes with that one horny executive who's watching me so intently. I mouth the words: "Oh fuck he is so big. I’m gonna cum". Then I cum really, really hard on my ex’s huge cock, spasming, shuddering, groaning. He grins, loving it.

He pulls all the way out, holds it there, looks me in the eye, tells me to look at it about to go inside. I look down and it’s obscene. Fuck he’s gotten so big. I’m spread and his rock hard cock looks so hot just outside my pussy. Oh fuck. He pushes it inside and he’s got me right on the edge again. My eyes widen. He shoves it inside hard and deep. I’m cumming again! Fuck. I cum all over his big, swollen cock a second time.

I won’t look at him. "Look at me," he grunts. I won’t. "Look at me." I grit my teeth, eyes locked with that executive watching me get fucked. My ex is fucking me really hard again. Another orgasm sneaks up on me. I’m fucking cummmmming again! My ex pumps right through my third orgasm. His muscles flex, ripple.

His cock is so big and hard inside me. Fuck, your big cock is so hot! He stiffens, shooting wads of cum inside me. Oh fuck, oh my god, I can feel your big cock cumming. It’s shooting! I can feel your head so deep. It’s shooting so deep inside me. My ex bucks wildly, grinds his stiff cock deep into me with several grunts, unloading wave after wave of cum. I wiggle underneath him, but there’s nothing I can do other than take all of his hot cum in my pussy.

The photographer moves into position. I get ready to give the freshly fucked poses, out of breath. My ex waves him off – No, no, no, no. "I’m not finished fucking her yet!" What?

He pulls almost all the way out, to show that he’s still raging rock hard. Cum gushes from my pussy and drips on the bed, but his big head stays just inside me. I look down and see his big cock just outside me, the big, swollen head still inside me. Everybody on set gawks, my legs spread and my pussy wide open, ready to absorb his huge, slick cock again. He slams it in again and fucks me really hard. FUCK. I’m screaming. We grind and screw some more until he shoots like a cannon in my pussy a second time. That completely puts me over the top and I have a prolonged orgasm, cumming and screaming and twisting and shuddering and writhing all over his big cock in front of everybody. So embarrassing.

My ex pulls out and the photographer moves into place to get the hot shots he wants. The people watching are staring now. I’m spread wide open, dripping sweat and oil, my big tits heaving, nipples sticking out, pussy open from fucking. I drip two massive cumshots. A steady stream of cum gushes out of my pussy. The photographer snaps pics like mad. He captures the 'Oh my god, I just got fucked by a big cock' look on my face. Pans down to get shots of all the cum on my belly and pussy. Cum is splattered everywhere. I’m sure it looks really dirty and sexy. This is freshly fucked for sure.

My ex admires his work, gawking at the cumfest in and around my pussy, his big cock twitching and throbbing and waving in the air, cum dripping off the swollen tip and onto my tummy.

About a month later, I open a package I receive in the mail. It’s a copy of Freshly Fucked magazine. Oh my god. I am on the cover, completely nude, legs splayed open, my pussy gushing cum. Cum is splattered all over my pussy and tummy. It’s on my tits, in my hair. My ex’s big, throbbing cock is just outside my pussy and looking gigantic and dripping cum. Oh my god, I’m on the cover.

I flip to my section of the magazine (the photo spread title is: "Hot slut loves cum") and I count forty-eight pictures. There are only two that are nude poses. And seven shots of my ex sticking his big cock inside me with the caption: "Slut loves this big dick".

And thirty-nine pictures where cum is splattered everywhere.

This is so embarrassing. I hope nobody recognizes me. I probably should have stopped at explicit nude photos. But like I said, my ex always seems to find a way to get his big cock in my pussy.
The Nude Photo Shoot

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