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Hope you're doing well, I don't post very much, but I am a fan of erotic fiction especially when it is ahem a certain subject matter (corny joke done). This is COMPLETELY FICTION, all characters are of legal age and older.

I am not the best, and it is my first story. It is a multi-part story, and it is the first part (currently working on Part 2).

I hope that anybody who reads enjoys it. If it sucks let me know; if it needs work; etc, etc. Criticism is understandable and ever present. Also, if you have any suggestions let me know because the saying goes 'different strokes' - yeah alright here we go:

Have you ever watched a film where an actress or actor looks directly into the screen, like they're talking directly to you, and says, 'what happened is so strange that you wouldn't believe me if I told you.' Well, this is one of those times you wouldn't believe me if I even tried.

A little background on me, my name is Dale Smith. I am from a part of America where high speed internet is not normal, everybody knows everybody, and the strangest thing that happens is there is day in the summer when it is not hot enough to cook on the asphault.

Never had much of a love life, a few girlfriends - nothing ever seemed worth the time and effort. I am a bigger guy, a little on the heavier side, more muscle than heavy - normal, bold enough to say average; downstairs, I never had complaints but not big enough to shock anyone.

It was the first summer after I graduated high school, and, unlike, most of the class I worked: no trips, no partying, and no fun. It is not that I am boring, but you need enough money to keep the lights on and food in your belly.

Ever since I can remember, I stayed with a man and woman who were not my parents - they helped me with school and when finished they told me good luck and kicked me out. I wasn't mad or upset - I understood that times are tough in the big cities and tougher in small cities - then there's my town. We didn't have a pot to piss in, but I had my job. I worked on cars: rebuilding engines, general maintenance, and brakes - nothing special - but I have to eat.

Yes, I am droning on avid reader, this is where the oddest day of my life happened. I am at work; it's a short staffed shit show. A Rolls Royce pulls into the parking lot, and three women exited the vehicle. The saying around here is "stuck out like a sore thumb." These women were probably on the way to some big city and got lost here in sunny ol' bumfuck nowhere. The tallest walked through the door followed by the other two - they are stunning. Girls, here, don't get the right nutrition to look this beautiful, trust me. They were tall and gorgeous, and their outfits were something I had never even seen/thought of in my fantasies.

"Is Dale in?" the woman in the middle of the group asked directly. Normally, conversations start with 'Hey! How's it going? or Good Afternoon, etc. She must have been in charge because the others were staring right through me. Oh, she had a British accent which makes me weak on the account of every James Bond film I have watched and yanked it to as the Bond girls don't need an explanation - so yeah, I am nervous.

"Yes ma'am, I'm Dale. How can I help you? Hope y'all are having good one." I sayed trying not let my eyes drop out of my head.

"He's polite," she says quickly, looking at the other two, and yes, if you're wondering I'm as red as a tomato. "Dale, my name is Dana, this is Sarah and Margaret." Those cold stares turned into smiles that made me melt. "I need to speak with you now, take you to your home, and get you on the next plain to the UK."

Puzzled I paused, "ma'am, you got to have the wrong Dale. I never been to the UK, always wanted to go visit, and I don't want to waste your time. I am sorry for troubling you, and I have customers waiting. I don't wanna sound rude, but you got the wrong person. Sorry."

"She said he was from a place that there is nothing and works on autos. Is this you're picture?" Dana pulled out her phone, and there's my picture - it's me holding a fish, easy on the bumpkin jokes. "We are in a hurry, so tell these people to get stuffed and grab your stuff."

"He's sweet, I hope he isn't doing this because he is at work?" Margaret said to Sarah. "This is going to be interesting." What did she mean by that and why where all three grinning ear to ear.

"I wish I could help, but I have to get back to work. Sorry to trouble you."

"We will wait; you're going with us," Sarah said as the three women sat down and made themselves comfortable.

Not being a fast talker, I nodded and said O.K. They would eventually leave and probably never come back. Dana fired up a long skinny cigarette, and being a no smoking zone, none of us would say otherwise. Would you really scold one of the three most people to ever visit this shit hole. It was kind of hot the way Dana looked sitting in that old chair.

Time passed, the day was done - it was time to go home eat and pass the fuck out. I was tired, and it was a scorcher today. I walked back into the front office. Bam! Dana, Sarah, and Margaret are sitting there like they hadn't moved.

"Ready to go?" Dana asked enthusiastically.

"Look ma'am, I feel bad that y'all-"

"I love his accent," Margaret interjected abruptly.

"Even dirty, he is still handsome," Sarah said while Margaret licked her lips. O.K. now I am red as lobster.


Dana smiled, "we payed the remaining months on your lease, cancelled your credit card, and had your bags packed."

I looked like I just shit myself, "What the fuck? How did -"

"Sweetheart - your Facebook says you want to leave. It says you have nothing, no future, and uh, 'no pot to piss in." My heart sank - I am the deer people drive into when it is dark. "My employer has sent us to this shit hole to find you Dale Smith." The sterness is really coming out, "Get your stuff and we will see you in the car, now."

She had me figured out like a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. How did they know I wanted to leave? How could they already have my stuff packed? Why is it happening to me the guy with nothing going on and nothing to look forward to. I figured an hourly job was the only thing getting me up in the morning, so what the hell, I had a couple hundred in the wallet and needed a vacation.

Did I mention they came in a Rolls Royce? My greasy was going to ruin a leather seat that costs more than my rental house - they layed out plastic, so I would not ruin them. This was something, I am in a Rolls Royce going on vacation son - life cannot be the turd it's been so far.

"We have a long drive, and he needs a shower," Sarah said while the others looked at each other and nodded. Yes, working in the heat causes profound body odor despite what the dude on T.V. says.

"Can I bathe him, I don't think he's properly showered in his entire life?" Margaret grinning and looking at me. Yeah, I felt real proud smelling like a can of sardines left in the sun.

"Easy girls, don't belittle him. We need to get him up to speed," Dana said very seriously.

Feeling like a worthless pile of crap I squeaked, " Miss Dana, I do know how to bathe."

"Don't worry about them, they are very uh tired from the trip and long day of traveling," Sarah and Margaret were fidgeting - they were not tired - they are from another country, I don't know. "Dale, do you know what a transsexual is?"

"A what?" I asked surprisingly. All three leaned in as if to study me.

"A Transsexual, a person, that was a male and become female or vice versa, have you heard of this? I know you are from a small town where there are more churches than grocers. Have you heard the term?" Dana asked looking right in my eyes.

"No ma'am, I knew a kid growing up who wore his sister's underwear, but the school found out and he didn't come anymore."

Sarah looked at me like I had killed her dog and asked almost confrontationally - Margaret's brows raised intensely, "did you make fun of this person? Did you think it was funny that this person was laughed at for being a 'sissy?'" Almost yelling, "do you think it was weird, huh!?"

I have never been confrontational and if other people are happy I am too. I looked at the three of them, "Miss Sarah, I did not laugh at Andy, that's his name. Andy wore his sister's panties and got off on it. There ain't nothing wrong with that, this world is a pile of shit. The little things that make it more bearable cannot be judged by someone like me. Andy played guitar well enough to get him a record deal out in California, and I was lucky to know him. He is doing well." I pulled out my phone and pulled up his picture, and there was no trace of Andy. I mean his name was there, but the picture was of a woman. "I guess he is a transsexual look for yourself."

All three grabbed my phone, and Sarah smiled and said, "she is beautiful and plays the guitar. This doesn't not make you think, what kind of person would fuck a guy wearing women's clothes?" Sterness coming back across her face, I smiled.

"Ma'am, people like all kinds of things. If Andy finds someone that likes him uh her, sorry, more power to them. I like to wear rubber gloves. Yeah, some people think it's weird some do not. Who am I too judge? If they are happy, more power to them."

Margaret looked inquisitively, "you like rubber gloves, like a glove fetish?"

Blushing I looked down and said, "yes ma'am, every girl I dated thought I was weird. Never could explain, I always thought there is someone out there who has to be into it the way I am."

Dana jumped in, "what if they were transsexual?"

"Like, they look like a girl, but they have a penis? I don't care, honestly, because if they are happy being around me. I won't complain - to be honest it has to be hard to go through something like that. In my opinion, they are brave to go out into a world as shitty ours and be themselves. More power to them."

All three had completely changed they're expressions, and were smiling. It got a little uncomfortable because I went pretty deep.

Margaret scooted over next to me and out of nowhere, "would you be comfortable around a transsexual? What if they like gloves? Gloves like these?" She pulls out a pair of white rubber medical gloves and starts rubbing them on her exposed thigh.

Nervously I stammered, "uh uh yes ma'am." Margaret opened her legs as I heard. Snap! Snap!

"Well Dale, I am a trans woman, transsexual is outdated. I love gloves and I don't care if it's weird." Margaret pulls her underwear over and out pops the biggest dick I have ever seen. My little pinky would get eaten by this monster. It was hard a block of wood, and she gripped it and wiggled it towards me.

"Whoa, that is crazy!" my jaw in my lap.

Dana chimed in, "does it bother you?" I had been staring at Margaret in awe and happened to look over at Dana. This woman pulled out her cock out. "I have been sitting all day and needed some air," she said grinning at me.

"She hasn't stopped bitching about it. All day, its hot," Sarah winked and as I looked over she was adjusting her shaft and getting comfortable. "Are you scared?" she smiled wickedly and winked at me all the while running her hand up and down her shaft.

"Uh uh uh no ma'am, it is a lot to take in," air escaping my mouth. After saying that they all giggled, it did not bother me. It was different, but I was hard as a rock. Margaret reached out to touch the tent I had pitched and Dana slapped her hand.

"We cannot - orders strictly from Madame Jade," Dana snapped. "We cannot wash him, but she said that we can enjoy his company. Why don't you join us?"

"Uh ma'am - I uh don't think it's a good idea," I stuttered. Who was Madame Jade? Why were they not allowed to touch me? Three gorgeous women who I am hard as rock for are pleasuring themselves. "Ma'am it's not that I don't want to it is just uh hard to explain."

Margaret pulled out three condoms, "Don't want to get stuck with the bill for cleaning this car. No messes, we are neat freaks, obviously." She passed one to Dana and one to Sarah. They rolled it on and kept pumping and pumping. Dana finished first with a sigh and lit another cigarette. Sarah next with a loud moan looking right at me. Margaret was the last, and she sayed, "when we get back you might get play with gloves while I play with you sweetie."

"Uh uh - I hope you don't mind if I sleep because it has been a long day and my head is spinning."

"It is fine we have a long trip honey," Dana said patting my shoulder.

I passed out.
Ts fucker's story

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The Secret Sharers, lesbian story

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