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I have been with my girlfriend Lucie for 3 years and we have always had a very healthy sex life but just recently it has been spiced up ten-fold! I'm 22 years old and she is 20. She's 5'7" tall, shoulder-length blond hair, very slim with 32C pert tits. She is absolutely gorgeous and is a bit of a Cameron Diaz lookalike! The truth is that she is too beautiful, and too horny, to keep all to myself!

A couple of weeks ago we went to a discotheque in town. Lucie had made herself up beautifully; she had a flimsy black top on, and a little skirt that barely covered her pert little bottom. Her lips were painted to perfection; at their most wonderful pouting best. Once we were in the place we relaxed at the bar drinking and chatting; I could see every guy in the club undressing Lucie with their eyes, I was getting hard just thinking of all the dirty thoughts they must have been having about her.

After a while a noticed that one of the doormen from the club was standing a short distance away and clearly had his eyes on Lucie. He was a mean looking character with a shaven-head and a barrell chest, standing about 6 feet tall. It seemed that Lucie had noticed his attentions too and she cast a glance over to him with a cheeky, flirtatious smile. I can't say that I was particularly happy at the time and I was even less happy when he walked past us a few moments later and was so engrossed in Lucie that he bumped into me knocking my drink out fo my hand. Instead of the apology I expected; the big thug had my arm up behind my back and was threatening to throw me out! I couldn't believe it! He proceeded to lead me into a private back room as Lucie raced after us pleading with the doorman to let me go.

Once in the room Lucie continued her protests.

The doorman asked "Why should I let him go then love?".
She replied that "I love him!".
"Well if you really love him maybe you could help persuade me to let him go.".
"What do you mean?" she asked.
"After having a little look at you darling my cock's very hungry, maybe you could wrap those pretty little lips of yours around it."
"You dirty bastard!" she replied.
"Do you really want your man hurt?"
"Well then." He sneered as he let me go and undid his flies to take out a monster cock that was just getting hard to its full 9 or 10 inches. "Get busy on this bitch."
I must admit that I was getting quite turned on by the whole situation and, as Lucie looked at me for my reaction, I just shrugged and she took that as the green light to take on that big hard prick.
She first wrapped her tiny little hands around his cock first and gently lent down to start kissing the head. She gave it a very nice, proper licking just like she does with my cock and she then tried to get the whole dirty big thing down her throat. The dirty bastard was clearly enjoying having this beautiful young girl sucking him off as he leaned back and sighed. He grabbed her soft blond hair and pushed her head down on him; Lucie nearly gagged as he rammed all of his huge member down her throat. "Suck it whore" he encouraged. He started to get really comfortable and arrogantly reached down inside her flimsy little top and cupped her braless perfect titties. Lucie let out a little groan and, to my amazement, she really seemed to be enjoying being used in this degrading way.

"You are fucking good bitch!" he groaned. "And I'm gonna have more of you." he ordered. Lucie looked up at him "Yeah?" she questionned in a cute little girly voice. "Stand up! And strip bitch. Show me that tight little body!" he barked. Lucie did as commanded as the doorman proceeded to wank himself. She slowly, and very sexily, undressed herself to reveal the beautiful pert body that I have come to love. She lifted off her top first, the, before taking off that tiny little skirt off, she treated the grinning doorman to a nice little view of her tight ass fighting to get out of the skirt. She slowly lowered the skirt to the floor and her tiny little g-string soon followed it. She stood before the wanking asshole with her nicely trimmed, fair pussy looking so beautiful. "What are you going to do with me?" she innocently asked, clearly getting very excited. I noticed that her pussy was glistening slightly as she was definitely excited. "Fuck you hard!" came the predictable answer. "Bend over that table slut!" he barked.

Lucie did as she was told and parted her legs to give the both of us a wonderful view of her dripping wet pussy. He jabbed a finger into her cunt without an ounce of care. "No need to play with you then you dirty little whore. You're already soaking! I'm gonna fuck you straight away!"

"If you must" she moaned. He lowered his mammoth cock over her pussy and without hesitation he thrust into her as deep as he could. Lucie gave a little yelp, "Don't hurt me, sir" she pleaded. "Fuck off bitch!" he shouted and proceeded to fuck her harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Lucie screamed with delight "Yessss! More please! Oh God! More cock, you're so big and hard!". "You love it don't you!" he grinned. "Oh yess! Yessss!"

He continued to fuck her like this for a good 15 minutes before he pulled out to Lucie's obvious disappointment. "Right!" he asserted; "I'm gonna have your tight little ass!". "Hang on" I intervened. "Shut up cunt!" he charmingly replied. Lucie would never let me fuck her up the ass because she was so scared of me hurting her. I knew that there was no way she could take that enormous cock in her ass. But to my amazement she turned to him, without a glance towards me and said " Do what you want, just fuck me!" He proceeded to lube up her ass using her pussy juice; he was so rough with my sweet young girlfriend but she seemed to be loving it. Within a minute he had his cock up against her tiny little asshole and was pushing it in hard! She moaned heavily and looked as thought she was in pain; but soon it became clear that she was really enjoying it as he jabbed at her cunt with his strong fingers. "Yes bitch" he yelled as he fucked her so hard. "Oh yesssss! Thank you so much for this fuck! Thank you sir!" she screamed "I'm cumming baby! Yesss!" she continued. As she came violently the doorman had obviously had enough and pulled out and jacked off a huge wad of spunk all over Lucie's back, her lovely hair and even some on her face.

After they had cleaned themselves up the doorman gave Lucie his phone number and said "If you ever want a proper cock again get in touch." We'll see she said and giggled. We haven't returned to that disco yet but I know that Lucie has phoned the doorman because I noticed his number had been used on our phone. Lucie doesn't work some daytimes and the doorman obviously works nights so there's nothing I can do to stop them having more dirty sex like I witnessed last night but the truth is I love it and she has promised to video tape some of their sessions and we've also discussed the possibility of sharing her with other guys (maybe more than one at a time). In any case you can be sure that I'll let you know what happens.
My first dick

Tempted bride

Tempted bride

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