Cheating is life - cheat,cheating erotic story

This is a story of my hott bitchy ex. It's a story of how you love to fuck your ex. cheating

Love, lust sex, it simply aren't the words but true sizzle, that excites and entices anyone. Life is all about fuck and all you give is a fuck.

This is a story of my hott bitchy ex. It's a story of how you love to fuck your ex. Though you have moved on you still know the best moments are fucking your ex. Especially when you realise, your ex is a bitch And is horny as Slut.

When you realise in relationship when she even hesitated to kiss your dick is now hardcore hungry for your cock. All I realised was at the end she was a good fuck toy, and she is only meant for it.

She was perfect in all means, her beautiful mouth, to her sexy booty asss, to her yummy cunt, to her fucking big boobs, she was a sex bomb shell. the moments you love when you fuck her ass, as you held upon those amazing boobs and fuck her. Life made sense that sex is everything.
Cheating is life

Past pleasures, cheat sex story

Past pleasures, cheat sex story

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