Granny from the Neighborhood - Fiction , Coercion, Male/Female, Mature, Voyeurism erotic story

I could not believe it when I looked out my bathroom window and saw Mrs. Turner peeking in my neighbor’s window. Her shorts and panties were around her ankles and it looked as if she was masturbating.

Mrs. Turner was the neighborhood gossip. She told everyone whatever she knew, heard, or made up. Most people thought of her as evil.

I was only wearing my tight underwear but I grabbed my camcorder and slipped out my back door. I got down on the grass and crawled to the corner of my house and aimed the camera at her. As I recorded her I thought about what she was seeing, as far as I knew it Jill was home alone until her husband came home from work around midnight, and it was only nine o’clock.

It was dark out but the street light illuminated Mrs. Turner quite well. My driveway was between the two houses and led to my garage. Jill had a bush of some sort on her side that was blocking Mrs. Turner from being seen from the street, however it did nothing to hide her from me.

Her shorts and panties were down between her ankles, one of her hands was up under her T-shirt playing with her breasts, and the other one was obviously between her legs. After a few minutes Mrs. Turner quivered and dropped to her knees. In doing so she leaned forward placing both hands on the ground, leaving her in the doggy position facing away from me. It was the perfect opportunity for me to make a move. I stood up still recording and moved quickly toward her. I placed one foot on the clothes between her ankles.

That startled her and she turned to look up at me. There I was in just my tight underwear with grass on my chest and my erection poking out of my waistband.

Mrs. Turner said, “I was just…well I was just…hell you know perfectly well what I was doing.”

I smiled down at her and said, “Remove your T-shirt and your bra and hand them to me.”

Reluctantly she did as I had requested. Once I had them in my hand I said, “Crawl out of your other clothes.” I watched as she crawled out of her shorts and panties but didn’t get up. I reached down and picked them up too. Then I said, “Come with me.”

I took her into my kitchen and said, “Okay stand there and tell the camera what you were doing.”

Mrs. Turner said, “I was spying on Jill. She was fucking the paperboy.”

I asked, “And what were you doing?”

Mrs. Turner looked mad but replied, “I was masturbating outside her window.”

I said, “Now describe you masturbating?”

Mrs. Turner said, “You bastard.” There was a slight pause before she continued. “I had my shorts and panties down to my ankles, I had one hand up under my bra playing with my nipples, and I had my other hand between my legs rubbing my clit until I came one too many times and went weak in the knees. That’s when you caught me, made me strip naked, and stand here like this.”

I said, “Now I want you to suck my cock and swallow my cum.”

Mrs. Turner smiled and said, “You wish.”

I walked closer to her, got down on my knees right in front of her, and then I aimed the camcorder right at her wet dripping pussy. I looked up between her breasts at her smiling face and then I said, “Then I’m going to fuck your pussy every single day until I get tired of it.”

The expression on her face changed. She realized what I was about to do and she realized that she had no other choice.

Then I asked, “What would you like to give me to keep my mouth shut?”

Mrs. Turner finally understood where our conversation had gone. She looked right at the camera and said, “I would like to offer you my pussy to fuck every day until you get tired of it.”

I asked, “What about blowjobs?”

Mrs. Turner added, “And I would be pleased to suck your cock until I throw up.”

I smiled and asked, “What about your tits?”

Mrs. Turner added sarcastically, “I would very much like it if you would molest my tits too.”

Then I asked, “What about your ass?”

Mrs. Turner cringed and added, “You can molest my ass too, if you really have too.”

I had her sit down in a kitchen chair and place her ankles as close to the back legs as she could thereby spreading her open pretty well. I had her grab a hold of her seat too, opening her breasts up, and then I had her suck in her gut and thrust out her chest.

In that position I asked, “So what time each day would be good for you to come over and sit just like that for me until I decide that it is time to get things started?”

Mrs. Turner thought about it for a moment and replied, “How about eight o’clock in the morning after my husband goes to work and I take my usual morning walk around the neighborhood?”

I asked, “What about weekends?”

Mrs. Turner replied, “How about the same time on weekends, eight o’clock in the morning. You should have a few minutes to do whatever you want to me.”

I laughed and said, “A few minutes…more like a couple of hours.”

She said, “My husband might get suspicious if I were gone that long on weekends.”

I smiled and said, “Who knows, maybe he will enjoy his time alone. After all you are the neighborhood gossip. He will probably think that you are talking to everyone.”

She smiled and asked, “May I get dressed and go now?”

I laughed and said, “You haven’t sucked my cock and swallowed yet, and I haven’t fucked your pussy either.”

She tried to get out of it by saying, “I thought that you were kidding about that.”

I lowered my underwear and shoved my cock in her face. Mrs. Turner got the idea and started sucking. It was apparent that she didn’t like sucking cock and hadn’t done it much in the past. However, she would get better soon.

Soon enough she was getting into it, her hands were holding my shaft, and her head was bobbing onto it. I didn’t even bother to tell her when I was cumming, she would find that out herself. When I started shooting into her she started swallowing. Some dripped down onto her tit and I told her to rub it in.

She sat there as she was supposed to and told me all of the sexy gossip about the women in the neighborhood.

I was surprised to hear about a few of the women in the neighborhood that had lovers on the side. Actually Jill next door and the paperboy was kind of exciting. Apparently it had been for Mrs. Turner too, otherwise I wouldn’t have caught her with her panties in a bunch between her feet.

As she talked about the other women my cock got hard and I had her lay across the kitchen table and hold onto the other side. I shoved two fingers into her pussy to test it for wetness, and then I replaced my fingers with my cock and fucked into her. I always last longer the second time around but I produce less cum. I reached over and grabbed the far side of the table with her as I pounded into her. She grunted several times and then she started to breath hard and snort a little. Before long she was panting and cumming like a real woman. For the neighborhood busy body she could certainly cum with the best of them. I emptied my load into her too.

I asked her if I was as good as her self-induced sexual gratification. She said that I was much better, that I was better than her husband, and that I was better than all of her previous lovers too.

Mrs. Turner was not in any hurry to get dressed and go after that. We stayed naked and drank some tea as we talked about my ex-wife and her husband. Mrs. Turner wasn’t the mean hearted bitch that I thought she was.

She was fifty-five years old and going through menopause. She was concerned about no longer being able to reproduce and being washed up as a woman. Her husband hardly ever made love to her anymore.

At sixty-two years old I needed sex like I always have and Mrs. Turner was a means to an end.

Mrs. Turner came by right on time every morning come rain or shine. Jill would say hi to her as she went to my backdoor. I thought that it was cute that Jill would see Mrs. Turner enter my house, stay for a couple of hours, and then leave…day after day…week after week…and she never said a word to anyone about it.

One day I overheard Mrs. Turner thanking Jill about her discretion. I smiled as Jill thanked Mrs. Turner for not telling the whole neighborhood about her fucking the paperboy. It seems that she had seen Mrs. Turner at her window that day that I had caught her.

After Mrs. Turner was out of sight I invited Jill over for a talk. She thought that what Mrs. Turner and I had going was sweet and she hoped that it would continue. She told me that she liked young boys and that she was involved with the paperboy, the boy that mowed her lawn, and Mrs. Turner’s grandson. I had to smile knowing that.

As the weeks went by I realized that I had started to really like Mrs. Turner. Instead of coercing her into sex she was willingly giving it to me. Her husband never missed her on the weekends and sometimes we would spend most of the days during the week together and naked all day long.

Occasionally Jill would come over to spend some time with us. Jill never had sex with us but she would get naked and talk. Jill made sure to let Mrs. Turner know that she was fucking her grandson. Mrs. Turner smiled and said that she wouldn’t mind fucking the boy’s father, her son-in-law, sometime. I suggested that they do a threesome some time with him. That lead to some talk about them doing a threesome with me the following day. I’m looking forward to it and so are they.
Granny from the Neighborhood

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