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Me and my ex-husband Chris had recently met an old fuck buddy of his when he was 15 years old . A light skinned homely looking black woman with wide hips and a nice thick ass and thighs. My husband Chris impregnates her and I meet my future relatives

My name is Jacqueline Cox I live in a small town in Alabama . I had loved fucking ever since I was 10 years old and on into my teens and early 20s I have had wonderful sexual experiences with many men. I am married this tall blonde haired blue eyed guy named Chris who is really nice and sweet . He also swept me off my feet during marriage with his fabulous fucking skills and his fellatio technique was not to be beaten . One day after we had finished fucking in the bedroom we sat and talked about our past lovers and sexual experiences . I told Chris I had been with 20 black men during my 20s. I was only 22 at the time I told him this . I told him that a Negro named Calvin was my first black man and I told him he really worked my pussy good and he stayed on me doggy style for over two hours . I remember his long black rod going in between my olive skin thighs and penetrating my tight young white pussy and till I came all over his rod . My mom Came in and caught Calvin fucking me missionary and started crying . It seemed to turn Calvin on even more as all you heard was slapping noises of him fucking me extremely hard on my full bed . My mother was even more upset as she saw my long Olive skinned thighs wrapped around his black ass and I was hollering I am coming ! My mother watched the whole ordeal as Calvin busted his black nuts inside my tight white pussy. There was nothing she could do Calvin was very large and thick almost fat Calvin was 375 pounds . She recoiled in horror as Calvin pulled out his long black dick and withdrew from my tight slit exposing a puddle of cum running out of my vagina onto the Mickey Mouse comforter we were fucking on . Calvin got up with his long black dick dangling as my mother stood in the hallway crying with her eyes wide open and stark amazement as he went to the bathroom to PIss. Then she looked at me with disgust and she saw me with my legs spread wide and a puddle of cum between my thighs . So this was a horror story as far as interracial first relationships go .I have never gotten pregnant by black man which is a miracle ! After I fuck Chris I sat on the bed and sucked his dick for 30 minutes. He said he was not so lucky as far as the impregnation process went! Chris was telling me the story as I was sucking his pretty dick . It took trial and error but I preferred the dick of a white man over a black man they seem to take more time with you and just don't hit it and quit it . Anyways my husband met a light skinned Woman named Lillian wright . She was a thick black woman but shapely with a pear shaped figure . She had a big wide ass that was thick with a nice heart shape and had a set of creamy thunder thighs she was blessed with . Lillian had average sized tits with razor-sharp black nipples . Lillian was nicknamed Lilly Roo ! And was basically an outcast of the black community at school for the way she combed her hair as her parents did not have much money . And where welfare recipients .and she wore the same clothes over and over again . My husband befriended her and started talking to her and they really liked each other . Lillian did not want Chris coming in the projects to pick her up for their date so they walked to an abandoned house between where the white people lived and the projects. Chris said black women wasted no time on frivolous trivialities ! he said as soon as they walked in the living room Lillian started kissing him deeply and feeling on his 7 inch hard dick . Chris is an extremely good lover . Right away he was all over Lily Roos body working feverishly trying to undo the tight Levi pants she had on with holes in the knees. Lillian peeled off her Whodini t shirt and exposed her nice medium tits with black nipples Chris started sucking on the tits . Lillian told him to be careful because she was ovulating and did not want to bring a child up in a home with welfare recipients which was her mother and grandmother.Lillian had been with seven black man before Chris but this was her first interracial relationship. Chris put his hands on the inside of her panties and peeled off the cheap cotton panties Lillian was wearing as they slid down her thick thunder thighs across her creamy light skin Shapely calves onto her pretty feet and she stepped out of the panty holes one by one. Then she hiked her leg up on a table in the abandoned house and pointed to Chris to eat her out Chris said her pussy was delicious and tasted like cherry pie . Chris then turned her around and ate out her asshole and kissed and fondled her ass for 30 minutes . He stopped to take out the instamatic camera to take nude pictures of Lillian which she objected to but Chris managed to take a few shots before he said and agreed he wouldn't do it . They moved over to the abandon bedroom on a dirty mattress where Lily and lay down and spread her creamy Thick Brown thighs and offered her tight pussy to my husband. Chris wasted no time sticking his hard 7 inch penis inside this Cute fine shapely yellowbone. He was stroking Lillian holding her legs open and watching his bright white dick penetrate the dark brown lips of Lillians love tunnel . Chris licked her thighs and her calves even her toes as his cock never missed a motion sliding in and out the precious pussy that Lillian had to offer . Lillian was moaning and groaning as Chris busted his nuts inside of her .Lillian felt it !...and felt the cum running down the inside of her thighs she told Chris to keep fucking her and she hasn't came yet so she sucked Chris's dick and got it back on hard as he inserted it back in her pussy Lillian had her legs spread really wide one on a coffee table and the other over Chris's shoulder as they were fucking at this point on an abandon couch. Lillian's eyes got really big and she was coming on Chris's dick she said he knew how to work the pussy better than her ex black boyfriend ! After they finished fucking Lillian could not find her clothes in the dark house they both started laughing and Chris offered his 'Frankie goes to Hollywood' T-shirt for Lillian to put on . It could not hide Lillian's big fat ass or her thunder thighs. Lillian's project apartment was right across the railroad tracks from the house so Chris watched her as she went up the railroad tracks bottomless and ran down the other side of the hill with her ass bouncing everywhere . He said she was a very sexy black woman who is very loose . But kind . Is Lillian opened her window to get back in .her big ass got stuck in the window and a homeless black man named Horace came up and started feeling on her ass. Chris went forward to take a better look inside the bushes beside the railroad tracks . Lillian was crying because her grandmother would kill her if she knew she had fucked a white boy as well as her mother . She started crying as the embarrassment was too much her big ass got stuck and Horace was laughing really loud making fun of her and her big fat ass .he told Lillian in a condescending voice 'who have you been fucking now little project girl with the big fat ass like your mama !'and she tried to climb in the window as horace was slapping her ass and feeling on it and licking her asshole . Horace kept telling Lillian he wanted to fuck her Lillian said he could if he opened the window and let her in. She hit the floor when she got in open the window for horace to come in as Horace was already naked with his long black dick dangling close to his knees as Lillian peeled off the T-shirt Chris gave her... Horace climbed between Lillian's thighs and started pumping . He fucked Lillian so hard and so deep Chris was sure Lillian would get pregnant.he watched the whole fuck fest from the bushes as Lillian's window was wide open. Lillian kept begging Horace to cum as he kept working the pussy feverishly with Lillian's dark lips around his black dick. Lillian was at this point getting frustrated and started crying Horace would not stop fucking Lillian and she got her pretty feet on top of horaces chest and pushed off removing the dick from her pussy and then started sucking his dick really hard until he came all in her mouth . Horace smiled and grabbed his clothes and jumped out of her window stark nude and was giggling . My husband felt sorry for her knowing that many black men have used Lillian this way. Lillian and Chris formed a sexual and emotional relationship in their teens . Chris had a job earning minimum-wage after school but would buy Lillian gifts. Him and Lillian would constantly be in his grandmothers house on North Main fucking in her bedroom or at the abandoned house on Fluker Avenue . Any given day after school when Chris's grandmother was at the beauty shop you would find Lillian's big black light skin ass in the air and Chris all up in that light skin pussy busting his Caucasian nuts and that precious vagina Lillian had that offered love to Chris so freely and every day as he treated her very nice she was even more willing to have sex with him more and more often even during school hours he said they would fuck in the science laboratory when it was closed and when Lillian was feeling naughty and mad at her mother and grandmother they would go fucking in her black grandmother's bedroom with the pictures of black Jesus all around . At this point they were in love but Chris had a hard time with Lillian's free fucking spirit and how she had no problem giving the pussy to black men whenever they asked . She seem to do it to get approval or to fit in . Chris even said one day she was fucking this little black guy named BJ snow in the bushes behind the school. He said BJ was between Lillians thighs and he said he was popping it very fast while holding Lillian down. BJ nutted in her pussy and she got up put her panties on from Kmart and her same pair of Levi's holy jeans then she put on her flip-flops and went to the convenience store with the money BJ snow gave her. Chris confronted her about her behavior if they were to have a relationship they agreed to break up as Lillian liked fucking too much to fall in love with the white boy ... Chris soon started fucking around with a nice pretty black woman who is light skin named runtura. She was a cheerleader in their high school and was very popular among the black community or should I say in the projects where is the school is located . Chris said all the guys black-and-white could not wait until the cheerleaders did their routine and Lillian skirt lifted up exposing her nice well formed ass and he said she was built like Madonna . One day Chris got up the nerve to ask runtura out. She asked what happened to Lillian she knew that they were fucking and in a relationship , because she hasn't seen her in a while in school. She's told Chris she thought Lillian might be pregnant Chris asked why she thought that and she told him she had watched Chris fuck Lillian in her bedroom when her and her friends were walking back home from school . Her mom couldn't afford curtains she use newspaper to cover the windows which Lillian did not have on hers ..she saw what Chris could do and how his little white ass was popping like there was no tomorrow on Lillian's big fat ass which impressed Runtura because Lillian had a reputation during the past year for being a hard-core fabulous fuck in the bedroom she was built like a grown woman with a nice big thick fat juicy ass but her family was very poor but black men knew they could give her money and work the pussy and beat it up. When she saw Chris's teenage ass holding his own in the saddle with Lillian fucking her on her twin bed watching her ass jiggle with every pump she knew Chris was capable of fucking her properly . As her and her friend Teresa and her boyfriend were laughing as Chris was fucking Lillian .they said 'I wish that white boy would fuck me like that! I didn't know Lillian was fucking Chris ?'haha! Runtura changed the subject as she felt Chris's blonde hair and she caressed his face and gave him a kiss on the lips and said can you meet me in the back of the school after pep rally and we can go to my grandmamas house. Chris couldn't believe how easy it was she just told him she wanted to fuck him immediately . She was so popular and pretty and fine Chris kissed her pretty full brown lips deeply felt on her titties and even got his finger wet in a runturas tight little pussy... later that afternoon they were in the bedroom fucking in her mother's bed in the projects . This went on for about a month with Chris using absolutely no protection and Runtura absolutely not thinking at all about her future or the reputation she had as co head cheerleader. Chris told me it was pure heaven fucking runtura as her smooth light skin black body was up against his and her pussy was so tight and good unlike Lillian... runtura had not slept with as many people as Lillian . To make a long story short Lillian comes back pregnant and Chris denied it was he is after he saw all the people that had fucked Lillian. He went up to the hospital anyways to see Lillian when her grandparents and mom was out of the room and sure enough she had given birth to a half Caucasian half African baby . It was a little girl she named Erica . Chris visited and Lillian told him he was the only white boy she had ever fucked. They kept in touch and later Chris told Lillian's mother he wanted to take responsibility financially . It turned out Chris and Lillian's mother had a good relationship and she told Chris that he was welcome in their house anytime and even tried to encourage sexual relations between Lillian and Chris . It worked! ... they were constantly fucking in the house anytime of day Lillian's pussy did not get dry before it was constantly wet again with her white boyfriend in between her thighs pumping . This resulted in a second child named Anasia and a third soon came after named tyesjia rae.. On top of that the affair that Chris had for three months with Runtura had developed into a pregnancy as well as two light skin black girls had a white man's baby inside their uterus. They would occasionally talk about it and runtura got really mad when the federally funded day care program in the projects told her that Lillian was pregnant again with a second child and she talked with Lillian again in the hallway after school... Lillian confirmed her and Chris were a item again and had been fucking and making love every day inside her home . She even talked about loving Chris and having more children with him . Runtura started crying and said she was in love with Chris to and they started sharing stories about how good he was on top of black pussy and comparing him with black men. She had opened her soul to Lillian and asked her if she would pitch the idea to Chris to consider having threesomes and a communal relationship with all of their children . Pretty heavy duty stuff for kids that age it was very mature of them sexually and emotionally I thought and I was very impressed with Chris's story and confirmed it through Lillian . They had agreed with Chris to share his dick and even agreed that they would even share him as a prom date ! Lillian and Runtura Took pictures with Chris at the prom . By the end of the junior year Chris had fathered three children by two beautiful black women. To make a long story short runtura and Lillian have came back into our lives and their precious children come to visit us from college. They are three of the most beautiful mixed race mulatto black women I have ever seen !very beautiful with good jobs . While Lillian and runtura stay with me and Chris in our two-story home in our subdivision . Lillian and runtura have once again reconnected with Chris's pretty 7 inch cock and are currently working on some more children so we can have a great big family of mixed race . I encourage my husband to take his share of sex from me and from Lillian and Runtura constantly as we all love to get laid. Me and the girls have breakfast every morning out on the deck talk about our fuck sessions with Chris when he is at work and we smoke cigarettes and have a little toddy while we show each other the video tape of our fucking done that night before. Sometimes we will all fall asleep in the same bed after a quadruple fuck fest The bedroom doesn't smell too good though we are constantly washing the sheets it looks like a sexual war zone of cum, blood , and pussy juice.! Haha! There is nothing more exhilarating than watching a fine black woman's big fat ass engulf your husbands bright white rod as it penetrates over and over and her African goodness with the wet cum dripping out of her pussy that is so very hot. As I write this story me Lillian and runtura all were in the health department at the same time pregnant with Chris's second round of children . At this time we are in our late 30s early 40s . And Lillian still has a dropdead figure as well as runturas body still looks good damn good .The head nurse of the facility recoiled in horror and disgust when she found out that Chris had impregnated all three of us and was even more shocked when she heard we all live with him and make love with him and shower with him . She said in a smart ass voice 'I guess he is the bomb I guess he knows what he is doing '.. to which Lillian responded ' he sure as hell does '. We are living the life Chris has 10 kids by three different women and we are currently inviting one of his daughters friends to have a mixed race baby with Chris . If you could see how beautiful these children look you would have a child with him to . she is very interested in our life style and she loves to fuck also . Her name is Roseanne and Chris has been making love to her for about six or seven months I forget but I caught them fucking missionary in our bedroom and I joined them she is a short little black girl with a weave and is cute as pie ! I just laughed as Chris and her were having a orgasm at the same time after Roseann watch the come out of her pussy when she came back from the bathroom nude Lillian and runtura and I we're waiting as we were getting ready to climb in the bed with Chris for a quintuplet sex session ! Rosanne and all of us laughed and she made the statement we are a bunch of interracial Mormons ! Lillian suck Chris's dick and then told Roseann to hop on top she wanted to see them fuck! We all got our Samsung phones out and started snapping pictures it was a very beautiful experience then called my black friend Michael over to videotape all of us I repaid Michael by letting him fuck me in front of Chris . Of course with a condom ! RoseannE she is 21 ... and currently is having morning sickness ..looks like the trend continues .
Inter fucker

Gangbang, interracial sex

Gangbang, interracial sex

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