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When you are eighteen years old and have a cock between your legs, you basically want to fuck everything that moves. Being young, dumb, and full of cum has a way of making you throw the normal thought process to the wind.

But still, when you’re that young and have massive wet dreams every other night and wake up with a rock hard cock just screaming out “go rip the panties off of something and fuck her like a jackhammer!” , there are still things you just don’t normally think about.

Things like getting a real job, going to bed early, or sticking your rock hard cock into a grey haired slippery wet cunt and pumping it full of enough jizz to icing a cake.

That is you don’t think about it until you see a fifty five year old woman like Cindy. My next door neighbor who I have known all my life but could never really appreciate until hair sprouted on my balls.

Divorced, living by herself, and always home, I never really gave her a second thought. But at eighteen, that lady next store suddenly peaks your fuck meter and makes your balls boil and bubble with gobs of cum.
I remember the first time I really noticed her in a “damn I got fuck her moment”. It was trash day and my dad was bitching and moaning about the bag of garbage in the kitchen and told me to take it out back.

Whining about it the whole way out the door, I grabbed the trash bag, opened the back door and headed out into the hot August sun. I no sooner heard the screen door close behind me and there she was. She was standing at the edge her pool facing away from me wearing a very skimpy two piece bathing suit slightly bent over and rubbing the front of her thighs with sun tan lotion.

I instantly set my sights on the two inches of her ass crack hanging out of her bathing suit bottoms, covered with oil and shining in the sun. This ass was beautiful, especially for a fifty five year old lady. I instantly started to fantasize about pulling those bottoms off and licking her from asshole to clit tip and back again, sucking all the mature, sweet and succulent cunt drippings out of her grey haired snatch.
That’s when I dropped the trash bag and the clunk of soda cans in the bottom got her attention. She turned around, said hello to me and continued to rub her body with lotion.

And just when I thought her tight , round and succulent ass was going to make my stiffening cock rip right through my pants right there in front of her in broad day light, I saw what was about to make me cream my jeans right on the spot!

While standing right there in front of me, making small talk about the heat and the weather, I could see about an inch of her greyish colored landing strip sticking out above the waste of her bikini panties!

Now I wanted to fuck this woman even harder, here she was, fifty five years old, built like a brick shit house with solid steel doors, and on top of that, she was trying to be hip and modern by shaving her snatch into a landing strip to be like the younger women. Apparently though, she must have missed the part where she was supposed to shave the very top of her bush down about two inches below her waist line also.

She obviously also missed the part about trimming the hair that she kept on her pussy down close to her skin like the younger women do because I could literally see the long , thin strip of gray snatch hair making her bathing suit bottoms puff out.

Still, something about that made me even hotter. Thoughts ran through my mind about running my tongue up that ass hole into her dripping cunt and sensing the aroma of her snatch in her sopping wet grey bush.
I knew I had to snap myself back to reality fast or I was going to dump an elephant sized wad of spunk right there on the ground in front of her!

So I immediately said bye, continued to the garage, opened the door, carried the trash in and set the bag on the floor. Knowing she was still out in her yard, I pulled back the very edge of the blind that was covering the garage window.

When I looked, she was lying on her stomach on a beach towel, bikini bra strap undone and tight, beautiful ass glistening in sun, but she had her one leg bent up beside her with her foot against her inner thigh giving me a full view of her cotton crotch. The cotton crotch that was soaking up her musty snatch juices and there I was, standing in the garage, looking at her with a cock harder than tempered steel wishing my tongue was that cotton crotch.

Now I had a dilemma, I have to get back into the house, but I can’t do it with a gigantic rock hard dick jamming the front of my jeans into the shape of a circus tent. I also couldn’t do what I wanted to do which was drop my jeans right there, stroke my cock and blow enough cum to fill a big gulp cup.

I was truly fucked! And to make matters worse, I heard my old man yelling from the house that he needed me to do something else. I started to get a little freaked out; I didn’t want this hot lady next store to see me walking through the yard with a damn tent pole that I wanted to fuck in her in every orifice with, but I also didn’t want my old man yelling and coming out back and embarrassing me in front of the hot lady with the succulent grey snatch either.

As luck would have it , her phone rang and I saw her get up to go inside to answer it , I was torn between taking my eyes off of those sweet ass cheeks bobbing back and forth and getting back in the house . I waited till I saw her going inside and I quickly threw my hands in front of my crotch and went into the house. I told my dad I would be right with him and that I had to use the bathroom.

I made it to the bathroom, dropped my drawers, grabbed my cock, and jerked out one of the biggest loads I have ever blown. I sat there in relief for a couple minutes, then gathered my thoughts and went to help out the old man.

I had trouble sleeping that night; I tossed and turned not being able to get Cindy out of my head. The beautiful tight ass, the perfectly shaped tits , the grey muff jamming out of her panties, I finally drifted off to sleep with her still on my mind.

The next day I had to be at my brother’s garage to help him out with a vehicle he was working on. Not thinking too much of the morning, I woke up, got dressed, and headed out the door.

Just as I was turning the key in the lock on my way out, I heard a sexy voice saying “Good Morning!”
There was Cindy, big bright smile, dressed in her business attire, heading off to work. I replied in kind and she told me she was having trouble with her home computer and asked if I knew anyone that could maybe fix it for her. Turns out that my buddy Jeff is a real computer genius so I told her that I did and I would ask him when he could take a look.

She smiled, said thanks, and off I went to my brother’s house. I couldn’t get the thought of seeing her again out of my mind so when I got to my brothers garage, I immediately called Jeff and explained the situation, he told me that he could look at it later that night since it was Friday and he had the following day off. I thanked him, and I told him I would check with her and see if that would fit into her schedule.

A full 24 hours later I still couldn’t get that succulent ass or those gorgeous tits out of my mind, I was almost jealous knowing that the next time I would be with her I would have Jeff there with me interrupting my fun.

I got finished helping my brother around three in the afternoon and headed on home in anticipation of Cindy getting home from work. Around five or so I heard a car out front, looked out the window, and there she was, pulling in after a hard day’s work.

I went outside to tell her that I could have my buddy come over and look at it that night if she was available. She smiled and said “great, how’s 9:30 tonight sound? I told her that would be fine, smiled, and told her I would see her later.

I called Jeff and asked him if 9:30 would work, he said it would and we agreed he would meet me at my house are 9:15.

I was completely excited and aroused to be able to hang out with Cindy but again, at the same time, I was a bit jealous that it wasn’t going to be alone with her.

I jumped in the shower, got dressed, and waited in anticipation for Jeff to show up. Right on time, at 9:15, he knocks on the door.

I explained to him that we were about to go next door and help a totally hot and sexy fifty five year old woman with her computer problem.

He got this wide grin on his face and said “oh yeah? Is she single?” and just chuckled. I assumed that she in fact was single, I never seen her with a man or had never witnessed fist hand anyone coming over to visit her on any kind of regular basis.

At precisely 9:29, we were standing on her porch ringing the doorbell. She answered the door with a big smile on her face, said hello, and invited us inside.

I noticed right away that she was wearing a very sexy, low cut evening dress that was very short for a woman her age, and she smelled incredible, I don’t know to this day what perfume it was, but damn it smelled awesome.

She answered the door, smiled with a gigantic smile, and invited us in. As soon as she turned to lead us to her computer room Jeff and I looked at one another and gave each other a facial expression that if it were interpreted into words would have read “I want to lick that from asshole to clit and back!”

As we followed her down the hallway to her computer room I couldn’t help but zero in on that tight, sexy, gorgeous ass just ripe for the fucking bouncing back and forth in front of me as she walked. My cock was stating to chub up already and we hadn’t been there but three minutes or so.
We reach the end of the hallway, she opens the door, and we go in to her home office. She had one of those gigantic wooden executive desks, huge book cases, plush carpet, and had the whole room lit with candles and stuffed with plants.

She said “let me turn this thing on and explain what it does”. She went over to the desk , pulled out the chair , swung it around and placed her knee on it and bent over slightly to turn it on , and there it was again , that sweet , tight , round , succulent little ass in that tiny dress that was practically begging to get cum squirted all over it, I had to snap myself back to attention but at the same time I had my suspicions that she was doing this all on purpose to make sure we would be staring at her ass, as if anyone wouldn’t be!
She started typing in her password and still made sure to wiggle her tight little ass a few times back and forth to get our attention again I’m sure.

As her PC was firing up my eyes locked onto that ass and those thighs like a heat seeking missile , I could practically feel my cock getting harder just looking at it.

It fires up, and she opens up the internet and starts surfing around and she says “I can normally work for about five minutes and then it will start acting up, and I’ll get all of these pop up screens all over the place. I am pretty sure it’s a virus but I tried my removal programs and it just doesn’t seem to work.

She sits her sexy ass down in the chair behind the keyboard while Jeff and I stood next to her, one on each side of the chair.

She goes about surfing for a couple of minutes, and all of a sudden, just like she said, all of these windows start popping up. Dating sites, cam sites, and of course, porn sites as well.
She started giggling and said “Wow guys, I don’t look at porn too much on here so I don’t know how this even got on here!”

Jeff said “OK, let me get into this and see what I can find” Cindy said “OK, Let’s go out in the kitchen and you can help me get us all some drinks”. I said “sure”, and willingly followed her out into the kitchen and made sure I got a good look at her stellar ass cheeks rocking back and forth.

She gets to the fridge, opens the door, and bends over making that ass round out even more as she said “beer OK?” I said “sure” with my eyes locked onto that fine ass, I guess I must have gotten in heavy stare mode because I didn’t really notice her turn around and she caught me in full ass stare!

I felt so busted! She knew I was staring at her ass and she smiled and said “You like what you see back there?”

I was a total loss for words and in shock at the same time and all I could come up with was “Do I like what?” As if we both didn’t know that I was staring at her beautiful ass.

She smiled again and said “My ass, you really seem to like it because you were staring at it so hard!”
I turned beet red and said “Yeah, I guess I do, the cat is out of the bag!”

She smiled and said “Well sweety, my ass likes you too, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be face deep in it a little later!”

I almost blew a load right in my pants right there , here was this smoking hot 55 year old woman with a grey landing strip basically telling me she wanted to fuck me!

She walked up to me, handed me my beer, and as she turned to take Jeff’s beer into him she reached down with her free hand and grabbed a handful of my junk!”

This of course gave me an instant hard on and forced some pre cum to drip out of my cock I was so excited.

I followed into the room and watched as she walked up to Jeff sitting at the chair and put her arm around the back of the chair as she knelt down and said “so what did you find out”.
Jeff said “well, you were right; you got a Trojan on this PC that was installed when you clicked on a link at a porn site.”

She said “Well, to be honest I do like a little online porn now and then but I didn’t think it would cause all of this mess, and I don’t really remember anything out of the ordinary when I was on looking the other night”.
Jeff and I were suddenly quiet and you could hear a pin drop in the room. Cindy caught on to the uneasy feeling we had and she laughed and said “ What , you guys don’t think a single old lady needs to have a little fun once in a while and look at a little porn?”

We both looked at each other because we didn’t know who was going to speak first so I just blurted out “Well , to be honest , it does seem a little bit unusual for an older woman to look at online porn , but that’s cool I guess.”

She said “Well Jeff, can you fix this thing for me or do I need to take it to the shop?” Jeff replied “No I can fix it, I just have install some programs off this jump drive and let them do their thing”.

She asked “How long will that take?” “About an hour to run the whole thing Jeff replied”.
She said “While we are waiting do you guys want to take a dip in the pool? We both kind of looked at each other for a moment and I said “Sure, but we didn’t bring any bathing suits”.

She just smiled and said “Who said we were going to wear bathing suits?” She then said with a sexy tone and authority in her voice “Follow me guys!”

We follow her out through the kitchen and onto the patio that sits right next to the pool. She turned around, smiled at both of us and reached down and took her high heels off.

Slowly she ran her hands under her skirt and up her thighs and pulled down the sexiest pair of black thong panties I had ever seen. Jeff was just standing there in disbelief.

She tossed her panties onto the patio in front of us. She then began to place both her hands behind her back and slowly pulled down the zipper on her top.

My cock grew with excitement as she slipped her top off and threw it on the patio with her panties; her incredibly firm, big, juicy tits were practically speaking to me from underneath her bra.

Then , with Jeff and I standing there looking like two deer in a pair of headlights, she slowly reached behind her and undid her bra strap , slipped her arms out of the straps , let it drop to the ground , and exposed her big , round beautiful tits .

I could tell she was already aroused because her nipples were rock hard and pointing right at us.
By this time I was practically pitching a full tent in my jeans, my cock stiffening against the front of them just begging to get out and ream this gray old pussy for all it was worth.

And then, finally, she reached behind her with both hands and pulled down the zipper on the back of her tight, short, miniskirt.

I was never so damn rock hard and horny in my entire life! I looked over at Jeff and he was just staring at her, practically drooling onto the ground while massaging his cock through his pants.

She slowly grabbed her skirt at the waist , and slowly slid it down to her feet , the full frontal view of her battleship grey pussy hair landing strip was practically begging to sop up all of the cum I was going to blow on it.

She flung the skirt over to the pile of clothes she already stripped off with her foot and then turned and slowly walked to the edge of her pool.

Her sweet, sexy, slightly freckled and tanned ass cheeks bobbing up and down and the incredibly sexy defined line of her ass crack slowly walking to the edge of the pool was driving Jeff I crazy.

When she reached the edge of the patio, she dived right into the pool with a big splash, disappeared for a few seconds and then resurfaced throwing her long wet hair back over her brow.

She swam to the edge of the pool patio where we were standing, looking like two young college kids waiting to get a lap dance for the first time and she said “Your clothes aren’t going to remove themselves and my pussy isn’t going to fuck itself so either you guys get undressed and join me, or I am going to have to come do it for you.”

We both nervously started tugging off our shirts, undoing our pants, and taking off our socks to join her and I have to admit, I was never so excited and embarrassed in my entire life. I mean I have never been butt naked next to another dude, let alone one of my best friends but the truth is, I was on the spot, my choice was to get naked join in the fun and savor that cunt for all it was worth, or run away like a wimp and forever lose my right to carry my man card.

So I decided to throw all embarrassment aside and just go with the moment. I mean after all, you only live once. The truth was that I wanted ream and cream that old grey juicy cunt on my own, but if I had to share this piece of ass to get, I was totally game.

We both stripped completely down and jumped into the pool with her, I was so nervous that I was swimming to the far end where I stopped to tread water, Jeff was a little bit closer to her right by the edge of the pool.

She turned her head and said “Hey bashful quit hiding at the other end of the pool and bring that cock up here.”

I nervously swam towards her, Jeff beat me there to her and when he got to her she reached down, grabbed his cock and started to give him a kiss.

I followed a few seconds later, she directed me to her other side, grabbed my cock also and began kissing us both back and forth as she slowly jerked our cocks right beneath the water.

I was thinking to myself “Whatever you do, do not blow your load right here and right now!” I was so damn excited already with the butterflies and funny feelings of nerves throughout my body that I was actually going to be able to savor this juicy, sexy, mature snatch that I was worried about dropping my monster load of cum right there in her pool!

This was a fantasy come true and when I blew my load , it was either going to be all over that sexy ass , straight down her throat , or all over that massive grey bush of a landing strip.

Slowly back and forth she continued the tongue kisses with both of and the stroking of my cock under the warm water was something I had never felt before, bizarre and great all at the same time.

She let go of our rock hard cocks and grabbed me by the waist and guided me to hop up and sit on the ledge of the patio right at the most shallow end of the pool.

She guided Jeff behind her as she slowly bent over to suck my cock. The water level was beneath her gorgeous ass cheeks and as she was getting closer to mouthing my cock, I couldn’t help but notice the incredibly sexy crack of her ass and the perfectly round ass cheeks that I had lusted after from afar for so long.

As she slowly slid my cock in her mouth she reached back with her hand and splashed water on her ass and began playing with her own asshole, the incredible feeling I had in my cock was exaggerated by the fact that I could see that insanely sexy ass right in front of me.

Jeff was just standing there behind her with the most incredible look of lust in his eye I had ever seen , watching her slowly massage her asshole with her finger and wiggle her sexy ass back and forth right there in front of him.

I thought to myself, this chic is incredibly hot, and on top of it she is also part voyeur and part tease all at the same time!

Jeff was standing there, cock in his hand, watching her head bob up and down on my cock while she slowly slid a finger in her asshole.

Just when I thought Jeff was going to pass out from anticipation, she slid my cock out of her mouth, turned her head to look at him and said “You see that ass back there don’t you?”

With a crack in his voice Jeff Replied with a big smile “I sure do, I have been looking at it for a while now”
Cindy, with the sexiest look on her face I had ever seen on a women replied “well don’t just stand there looking at my ass, get over here and eat it!” She immediately went back to sucking my cock.

I had a perfect full view of her succulent ass as Jeff waded closer and knelt won behind it. The slurping and the sucking sounds were mind numbing as I the feeling of absolute pleasure flowed through my entire body as she worked my cock like a seasoned porn star.

I looked on as Jeff slowly spread those sexy ass cheeks and began to role his tone around her tight, pink little asshole. She let my cock slip out of her mouth and stated to let out moans of pure pleasure as she continued to jerk the pre cum out of my rock hard dick.

She turned her head to look back at Jeff to watch his tongue rolling in her asshole and making her shiver with pleasure , she reached back with her left hand and placed it on her ass cheek and spread it apart further and said to him “Yeah , eat it! Eat my ass; get in deeper with your tongue so I can fucking cum!”
She moaned and wiggled her sexy ass in pleasure as she continued slurping my cock. I could see the water droplets splashing and shining off of her incredibly sexy ass as Jeff continued to savor her tight little asshole with his tongue.

The touch of her tongue and her wet taste buds slurping my cock felt amazing. All I could do is stare in amazement still not really believing that this was really happening and that I was getting the best blowjob of my life from a sexy woman who was more than twice my age.

As Cindy continued to slurp the pre cum out of my cock, I slowly put my hand on the back of her head as she began to deep throat my cock, still shaking her sexy ass as Jeff lapped the musty sweat and pool water from her tight, pink little asshole.

She pulled her head back , let my cock slip out of her mouth , turned her head over her shoulder , looked at Jeff and said, “Come on stud , I want fucked, give me some of that cock”.
I actually got a little jealous when I heard her say that to him. Here I was, I barely knew her, but I felt a little left out when she commanded Jeff to fuck her.

But then I realized, I would get my chance at that juicy, gray haired cunt too and when I did, I was going to fuck her silly.

She dropped her head back down and hungrily jammed my cock back into her mouth. She shook her sexy ass back and forth splashing the poll water ever so slightly as Jeff stood up and placed his hand on her round, tight, sexy ass and spread her pussy lips apart with his thumb.

Jeff looked right at me and gave me a thumbs up with his other hand and had that look in his eye that said “Fuck yeah bro! This is great!”

He slowly slid his cock into her dripping wet snatch. I heard her take a very deep, pleasure filled breath as she started to let out those incredible, pleasurable sounds that can only be described as the sound track of getting fucked.

She continued slurping my cock as I watched Jeff slam his cock into her cunt, drilling and reaming her wet gray snatch as I heard the loud slapping of his hips against her sweet round ass.
She reached down with her hand and began massaging my balls , I watched as she let my cock slide out of her mouth , she grabbed the base of it with her other hand and shook my cock back and forth to get my pre cum oozing out of my swollen cock head.

She shook my cock and I watched as a big glob of pre cum leaked out onto the head. She said “Oh yeah look at that jizz” and she placed the tip of my cock into her mouth and sucked it out with a big loud smack of her mouth.

As Jeff continued reaming her tight wet pussy, she turned her head over her shoulder and looked at him and said “Oh yeah fuck it, Fuck it hard and make me cum”.
On command Jeff started slamming her harder as she tilted her head back and moaned out loud and I knew she was going to cum.

She squeezed my cock a little harder as I watched Jeff’s cock fuck that cunt for all it was worth. He had the most intense look of pleasure on his face and I kept thinking to myself that I can’t wait to slide my cock into her and fuck that juicy snatch with every inch of my rock hard dick.

As she was getting slammed she turned her head again and said “Fuck it! Fuck my cunt I’m going to cum. Jeff really started slamming that pussy and I could see her ass cheeks ripple with every slam of his dick. She let out a constant, pleasurable moan and lost herself in a complete, total, pussy hair soaking orgasm as Jeff slammed her cunt into oblivion.

As her moans got softer and less frequent Jeff slowed down his strokes and continued to give her cunt a steady slow reaming.

She looked up at me as she rubbed my cock against the side of her face and said “Fuck yeah, that was excellent, my pussy needed that!”

Still making eye contact, and licking on my shaft she said “You going to fuck me too baby? My pussy is just getting warmed up.”

All I could do was smile as she continued to slowly roll her tongue around the head of my swollen cock. Jeff had his hands on her hips as he was still slowly and steadily reaming her cunt.
He placed his hands on her ass cheeks and placed his thumbs at the crack of her ass on each cheek and slowly spread her ass cheeks apart and exposing her tight little asshole and spreading her pussy even further.

It took everything I had not to blow my load while she continued sucking on my rock hard cock. The slow reaming of Jeff’s cock into her musty wet snatch was still causing her to moan in pleasure and excitement.

She left my cock slide out of her mouth and slowly stood up and let Jeff’s cock slide out of her cunt.
She shook her head back and forth shaking out some of the water. As she stood there with her perfect hips and her rock hard nipples on those sexy tits I could see about an inch of her gray pussy hair above the waterline.

She looked at me, grabbed us both by the hand, and said “Let’s go inside and get a drink and continue this party.”

She walked us over to the edge of the pool , let go of our hands and reached up onto the patio , and threw her one leg up to place her foot on the patio to hop out.

As she did my eyes were glued to her incredibly perfect and insanely round and sexy ass cheeks as she climbed up and out, her body totally covered in water.

She grabbed us a couple of towels from a shelf next to the patio door and threw us each one. As we all stood there but assed naked, I watched and locked eyes with her as she slowly and seductively dried off her body.

Jeff and I were still standing there with rock hard cocks and I personal was still in awe that this whole thing was even happening.

She motioned to us to follow her as she started walking into the patio door. She stopped for a second to reach down and dry the top of her feet and as she did, that perfectly succulent ass came into full view and her tasty snatch was pointing right at me, still soaking wet and shiny from her pussy juices from the thorough cunt reaming Jeff gave her.

We followed her into the house and we made our way to the living room. She sat down on the stool at the bar and told us both to grab a stool. I sat on the one on the left of her, Jeff on the right. She asked “How about some wine?”

As she reached forward to get the bottle and the glasses on the bar, my eyes traced the path down her sexy back, and my eyes fixed right on her ass crack. In my mind I thought to myself that I would love to be the bar stool about now with her tight, gray haired wet cunt sliding back and forth on it.

She laid out three glasses, and poured some in each one. We each grabbed a glass and before we started drinking Cindy said “Cheers to great sex and hot naked guys”.

Jeff and I giggled and I took my glass and guzzled it all down. I wanted to get this small formality over with so I could get back to that succulent gray haired pussy that was just starting to be reamed by rock hard cock.

She finished her wine and hopped down off of the stool. She looked at Jeff and patted the top of her stool with her hand and said to Jeff “Sit down baby”.
Jeff plops down onto the stool and leaned back against the bar. Cindy got in front of him and while still standing bent over at the waist and slowly slid Jeff’s cock into her mouth. The slurping sounds and the look on Jeff’s face made me a bit jealous.

I was kind of confused wondering why my friend was probably getting the best cock sucking of his life and she hadn’t said anything to me. I couldn’t get my eyes off of that gorgeous ass crack of hers and the occasional showing of her soaking wet cunt from her bobbing up and down on Jeff’s cock was driving me crazy.

Just when I was about to take matters into my own hands and start touching her ass, I heard a loud smack of her mouth as she let Jeff’s cock slide out and she turned to me and said “You need an invitation sweety? Get behind me and fuck me hard with that dick!”

As her head continued bobbing up and down on Jeff’s cock , I got behind her as she spread her feet apart and arched her back exposing her perfectly soaked , beautiful wet cunt.

I spit on my hand and lubed up the head of my cock. I placed my right hand on her ass cheek and placed my thumb right in her ass crack and spread her ass cheeks apart and her sweet pussy lips slid apart.
I slowly slid my cock into her oozing snatch and started to slowly ream her cunt. Every stroke of my cock into that tight, dripping snatch sent chills and lightning bolts up and down my spine.

I had my fair share of ass in my life but I still couldn’t believe I was actually fucking this hot mid-fifties sex bomb and she was loving every second of it.

In a twisted way it was almost like fucking a really hot version of Mrs. Brady from that old television show. And not only was I fucking her, she was also sucking off my buddy Jeff at the same time; I mean it was like a hot sexual version of the twilight zone.

As I slid the swollen head of my cock into her cunt, she shook her ass back and forth quickly giving me even more of a stroke. I watched the back of her head bob up and down on Jeff’s cock as I started to slam her juicy tight pussy a little faster and harder.

The sweat started to roll down her back and collected right in the sexy small of her back. As my hips slammed into her round, sweet ass cheeks I could see the droplets of her lust pop up into the air.
I was trying my best not to blow my load into her musty pussy. I didn’t want to pop off my jizz so soon and wanted to fuck her for everything I had.

She turned her head over her shoulder and said “Put your thumb in my ass baby”. I took my hand off of her hip, spit on my thumb and slowly slid my thumb into her tight, pink asshole as I continued to give her firm cunt slam with rock hard dick.

She tossed her head back, moaning in pleasure and said “Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about baby, fuck my asshole while you fuck my pussy.

She slid her mouth off of Jeff’s cock and continued stroking it with her hand. I knew she was about ready to explode into another orgasm. The smell of sex and musty sweet pussy floating in the air, She began trembling in pure lust and started panting uncontrollably , knowing she was going to cum , I slammed deeper and faster into her pussy as I reamed her asshole with my thumb.

She loudly tried to speak through her heavy panting saying “Ah fuck me baby, I’m going to cum, fuck me hard!”

As I continued to slam her dripping wet snatch she exploded into an intense orgasm that made her whole body quiver. I she squeezed Jeff’s cock so hard I could see him wince as she came.

As I slowly continued to ream her soaking wet pussy, her panting and her breathing was steadily starting to slow down. She continued to suck Jeff’s cock for a little while and then slowly stood up as I let go of her hips and let my cock slide out of her pussy.

She said “I have to pee, be right back!” and she left us both there as she trotted out of the room to the bathroom, my eyes fixed on her sweaty, sexy ass as it shook back and forth across the room.

As he leaned back across the bar, Jeff gave me a look as he waved his hand over his cock as if it was so hot he was waving off the steam.
I looked back at him, mocked his moves and smiled. Just then we heard the toilet flush and a door close as she came out of the bathroom
She came walking towards us back into the room, her sexy hips bobbing back and forth and her thick gray landing strip coming at us.

She grabbed us each by the hand and led us into the living room. She sat on the couch and laid back while lifting and spreading her legs and exposing her juicy gray haired snatch and the curve of her gorgeous ass cheeks.

She pulled my arm towards her and grabbed my rock hard cock and slid it into her mouth as I knelt down on the couch cushion.

After a loud slurp and lip smack with her cunt still spread open for the taking, she looked at Jeff and said “Fuck my cunt while I suck this cock”. As she eagerly went back to slurping my cock Jeff got on his knees and grabbed her by the ankle and slowly slid his cock into her soaking wet snatch.

We were sucking and fucking for so long up to this point that we could practically smell the musty sweet scent of her dripping pussy in the air.

As Jeff started to ream her gray haired snatch, she took my cock out of her mouth and began licking my sweaty balls, savoring the cocktail of her own pussy juices and my balls that completely drenched my nut sack.

She was jerking my cock as she licked and sucked on my nuts. I looked down at her snatch as Jeff started to ream that cunt for all it was worth. He began to slam deeper and harder into her puss as she moaned in pleasure.

She lifted her head as her pussy was being slammed and said “Yeah, fuck my cunt, fuck it and blow that fucking load all over my pussy”.

She slid my cock into her mouth and started to deep throat my shaft. I felt the head of my cock slide down the back of her throat. She took my cock so deep that actually felt the soft tip of her nose touch the lower part of my abdomen.

Jeff was really pounding that pussy hard now and I could tell he was getting ready to cum.
As my pre cum slid down her throat I heard the loud slapping of Jeff’s hips against her ass cheeks ass he probed the deepest depths of her pussy with his swollen cock head.

Jeff drove a few more hard strokes of his cock into her cunt and I heard him starting to moan getting ready to blow his load. Cindy knew it was cumming and she let my cock slide out of her throat and she looked down between her legs and cheered him on saying “Oh yeah baby, give it to me, every drop of that fucking cum, I want it now!”

With one final thrust Jeff pulled his cock out of her dripping wet cunt and started jerking it for all it was worth, his head flew back as he moaned in pure pleasure as Cindy yelled “Give me that cum baby , blow that fucking load on my cunt”.

As he quickly stroked his cock, the first spurt of his hot sticky jizz squirted out of his cock and blasted across her gray landing strip and landed in her sexy sweaty belly button.

Another spurt of cum shot across her clit, her inner thigh, over her hip and onto the couch.
He then placed the head of his cock right against her pussy lips and spurt four or five more gobs of hot jizz all over her pussy. As she looked on she said “yeah baby, give me all that fucking cum, I love it”. As she spoke she reached down and wiped a big gob of Jeff’s spunk off of her belly button and onto her finger tips and sucked it off.

While licking her fingers she reached down with her other hand between her legs and began rubbing his cum all over her pussy lips, her gray landing strip , and her lower abdomen.
As she brought her cum soaked hand up to her mouth and started lick the jizz out of her palm she started smacking her clit with her other hand, cleaning all of the hot, creamy cum treat off of her hand, she sucked the remaining cum off of her fingers with a loud smack and said “Fucking tasty baby, I can never get enough of that shit!”

She leaned forward and grabbed Jeff’s now half hard cock. She placed the tip of it right in front of her mouth and stuck her tongue right onto Jeff’s piss hole and lapped back some cum .
She ran her finger up his shaft like a little plow and collected the cum as it slid up the side of her finger into a bigger gob of jizz and put it in her mouth and swallowed it with a loud smack of her lips.

She grabbed his cock and began shaking it back and forth and up and down as she gave it a few strokes and said “I want every drop of your fucking spunk baby, yeah, look at that shit!” And as she shook the last gob of cum out of his cock, she slid his head into her mouth rolling her sexy tongue across the remnants of his circumcised foreskin and gave a few more deep sucks to get every drop of cum out of his cock hole.
As she let his cock slide out of her mouth she reached up to the side of her face where there was still a good sized glob of jizz and slid it across her face and into her mouth with her finger.

With one final suck on her finger that completely cleaned it of all the jizz she let out a sigh and said “I know where there is a lot more cum!”

She patted her hand on the sofa cushion and motioned me to assume the sitting position on the couch. I eagerly plopped down on the center of it as she knelt down onto her knees directly in front of me.
Jeff was still sitting there on the floor bathed in seat and trying to recover from the huge load he just blew all over her pussy.

She placed her hands on my thighs, bent over, arched her back, turned her head over her shoulder and started shaking her sexy ass back and forth in a slow tease towards Jeff.
With her ass shaking right in front of him, she said “You see my ass baby?” Jeff looked back at her, chuckled and just nodded in agreement.

As she grabbed my stiff cock with her hand she said to Jeff “Well get over here and eat my ass while I suck this cock”.

Jeff crawled over behind her, sat down, placed his hands on her ass cheeks, spread them apart and buried his tongue in her tight asshole.

Once again I had a perfect view of the curve of her back and her sexy round ass as Jeff ran his tongue up and down her ass crack and into her asshole.
She moaned in pleasure as she slowly slid my cock into her mouth and began massaging my balls with her other hand.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of that beautiful ass shaking back and forth as she slowly slid my cock to the back of her throat.

I placed my hand on the back of her head and watched as it bobbed up and down on my rock hard dick. My cock was on fire it felt so good and the loud slurping and lip smacking coming from her gorgeous lips made it feel even better.

I kept thinking to myself that this nympho old broad can suck a great cock. I mean I have been sucked dry by the best of them but this little milf was giving me the blow job of my life.

She slid my cock out of her mouth and ran her tongue up the shaft of my cock. She loudly slurped on the side of my cock head and shook it back and forth getting a glob of pre cum to ooze out of the head.

She placed the very tip of my swollen cock head into her mouth and with a loud smack sucked the fresh , sticky jizz of my cock and said “Ah yeah , salty fucking sweet baby , give me more of that jizz”.

I was holding back my load the best I could because I was trying to savor every minute that I had this milf on my cock.

I tried to think of other things so I could last longer so I cleared my mind and looked down at Jeff still having a feast on her sweaty, round, snatch soaked asshole.
It was no use, I was going to cum hard and probably blow the biggest load of my life, and I was going to do it really soon.

She could sense my cock pulsing and she said “You going to cum baby? Let that fucking jizz fly”.
She tilted her head sideways and placed the head of my cock on her tongue and she began to stroke it even faster. My head started to drift back for a second but then I just couldn’t resist watching this sexy cunt suck my cock completely dry, I wanted to watch it with my own eyes.

She said “Yeah, come on baby, blow that fucking load, I want to suck that cum”.
I felt my balls swell and I started to feel that unmistakable feeling in my cock that I was going to blow.
I couldn’t hold back my load any longer and I just let it happen.

As the first hot sticky burst of my jizz blasted across her tongue I watched as it hit the corner of her mouth and splattered up the side of her face.
She said “Yeah, give it to me, drain that sack baby!” My second spurt of cum went straight into her mouth and she gulped it down as she continued to suck it.

She let my cock fall out of her mouth and my third cum blast went straight up her tongue, completely coating her taste buds as it reached the back of her throat. She continued to stroke my cock and spurt number four blasted across the tip of her tongue and splattered all over the side of her face.

She loudly said “Fuck yeah, give it to me, give me all of that fucking cum!” She aimed my cock straight up in the air and milked it with all she had. With my hot, sticky cum splattered on both sides of her face and with her gulping down the remnants of the cum blast I blew on her tongue, I saw the excited look on her face as my cock blew another powerful, spurting cum blast straight up into the air that came falling back down onto the head of my cock and onto the top of her hand.

My cock spurted another four spurts of jizz that flew all over by the shaking of her hand as it milked out my cum. My gut, her hands, the couch, and my thighs got completely coated in jizz as she milked her hand up and down on my shaft.

As my cock finished cum and as she slowly milked out the last blob of semen out of the swollen head of my cock she said “Oh yeah, I love that shit, look at all of that cum!”

As I laid back into the couch, I watched as she slowly slurped the long string of jizz off of the side of my cock. With a loud smack of her lips she sucked it down her throat and said “yeah baby, you got sweet cum, I love it”

As she looked me dead in the eyes, she brought her hand up to her mouth and began to lick off the large load of cum off of the top. She slowly kept licking and sucking the back of her hand until every drop of my jizz was licked clean off.

As I laid there looking, I thought to myself that this fifty five year old women with both sides of her face splattered in my jizz was probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
With Jeff still feasting on her asshole with his tongue, she placed her finger at the back side of her face where my jizz started and slowly slid it up to the corner of her mouth. Her finger collecting more and more of my jizz spurt as it got to the very edge of her mouth.

When her finger reached the edge of her mouth, completely covered in jizz, she placed it in her mouth and sucked every drop of cum off of her finger and swallowed it down.

With the other side of her face covered in my jizz, she laid her face down onto my hip and began swirling her tongue into the load of jizz that landed on my gut. She continued to moan in pleasure and slowly shook her ass back and forth as Jeff continued his slow steady lick of her tight pink little asshole.

I knew she was about to cum again as she started panting heavily and moving her hips back and forth as she continued to lap up the cum off of my body.
She threw her head back, reached back and grabbed the back of Jeff’s head and jammed it deep into her ass crack and said “Oh fuck yeah, eat my ass, I’m going to cum, eat it, eat it!

She exploded into an intense, body quivering orgasm; I almost jumped because she squeezed my thighs so hard when she came.

She took a deep breath and said “now that’s what I’m talking about, that was fucking hot!”
She laid her head on my stomach and we all just enjoyed a moment of silence. I had a perfect view of her perfectly round, sweaty, and cum splattered ass as I sat there in a state of disbelief at what had happened over the last few hours.

Jeff sat down on the floor and slowly rubbed his hand over her sweaty ass. She lifted her head up off of my stomach, and laughed as she said ……..

“You know, I think my kitchen sink needs fixed too if you guys are free tomorrow night!”
Jeff and I gave each other a high five and a smile and the greatest night of my life came to a close.
Granny and two punks

A Reluctant Nudist

A Reluctant Nudist

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