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I was on vacation staying at a very nice hotel. I was lounging by the pool getting some sun and watching all the hot women. This one particular woman walked by and caught my eye because she was an older woman. Her hair was very short and totally grey. She was wearing a one piece bathing suit and she looked amazing in it. Her face was tanned and weathered and I figured her to be at least in her early sixties although her body looked much younger. I was watching her walk by and she caught me looking and gave me a big smile. She even slowed down and turned her head back to look at me. We both smiled back. She continued to walk to the other side of the pool. I kept my eye on her and she on me. She sat down on a lounge next to a bald headed guy with a big belly. I watched them talking and then they both turned looking my way. The man sat up still talking to her and looking at me. Then he got up and started walking around the pool seemingly headed toward me. I was expecting a confrontation for looking at his woman but I have handled a lot of them in my life so I wasn't worried. He came right up to me and said " excuse me man. Can we talk?"
I said " sure man sit."
He said " I'm Tom and that's my wife Mary over there." I looked over at her and she smiled and nodded at me.
He continued " my wife and I are swingers and she has an amazing ability to spot people who are interested in the same. So is she right?"
I responded " sure I would be interested. She is a fine looking lady."
He said " one other thing she said that she thinks you may be bi."
I said " the ladies right again that's something."
He said " well would you like to join us in our room for a little matinee?"
"Show me the way " I said.
We went to their room which turned out to be an expensive suite. Mary didn't waste any time because after some pleasantries she came over to where I was sitting and sat on my lap. She asked me my age and told me she was 66 and he was 68. I was still surprised because the body didn't match the face for her.
She began kissing me and I cupped her one tit. She pulled the strap of her bathing suit down over her shoulder exposing her one tit. It was beautiful. Not real firm but pretty firm for a 68 year old. I cupped her bare tit in my hand and it filled my hand. I began kissing around her face to her ear then her neck and down to her hard nipple. I kissed licked and sucked her nipple. She moaned in pleasure. I could see Tom out of one eye and he was sitting naked stroking a nice size cock. Mary ran her fingers through my hair joking about Tom's lack of hair. She pulled the other strap down and I went right to the other hard nipple. My cock was hard and she got her hand down my swim suit and began stroking it. Then she got up squatted down in front of me. She pulled me suit down and began sucking my cock. He moaned as she sucked licked and slobbered on my cock. Tom was still watching and stroking. She played with my cock for a while then stood and removed her swim suit. Her pussy was trimmed down to a small patch of hair just above her clit. I could see her clit protruding and her pussy lips hanging. I reached out and she walked her pussy right into my hand. I fingered her clit and ran my fingers along her big pussy lips. She sighed and moaned with pleasure. I leaned up and began licking at her clit. She moaned loudly telling me to licked it. As I licked I worked my finger up between her big pussy lips into her hole. She spread her lips with her hands moaning. I got my finger all the way up inside her wet pussy. She leaned into it. After awhile she climbed on my lap. She rubbed her pussy lips along my cock. I sucked her nipples. She slid her pussy up and down my cock then began working my cock toward her hole. She guided my cock head into her opening. She slid down over my cock head and stopped. She wiggled and squeezed my cock head with her pussy. My cock head was swollen and it felt amazing. Then she slid her pussy down over my cock sitting down on my balls. She looked into my eyes with such a sultry look. Then began pushing her tongue into my mouth. She sat on my cock gyrating around. I decided to do something most women like. I stood up with her in my arms still inside her. She let out a yelp as I did but she loved it. I walked her to the bed laying her down on her back. I stood between her legs and began fucking her slowly. She kept her legs wrapped around me tight as I fucked her. She moaned and groaned telling me she was already going to cum. I wanted that and kept it up. She reached up and grabbed my nipples between her fingers.
Then she began pushing her pussy up against my thrusts. She dropped her hands down and grabbed the sheets as she began to cum. Then I feel Tom's hand on my balls.
Mary is cumming hard. I go until she begins to quite down.
Tom said " pull it out and let me taste." I pulled my cock out and Tom began licking and sucking my cock. Mary got up and joined him. After awhile of them sucking me Mary said " I want you to fill my cunt with cum so Tom can eat it out of me."
I pushed her onto the bed driving my cock inside her. Tom knelt next to Mary's head and she sucked his cock. Tom was rubbing my chest and nipples watching my cock go in and out of his wife's pussy. I held off cumming as long as I could so as to have a huge load for her and him. I finally couldn't hold it any longer and exploded inside her.
She squealed a little as I filled her pussy. I gave her every drop I could. Then she told me to get out and watch Tom suck it all up and swallow it. He dove into her pussy slurping up all he could. My cum was all over his lips and chin and he wiped it off with his fingers putting it in his mouth. Then he started fucking her until he came inside and then sucked out his own cum. After that we sat and had some drinks for awhile.
When we got back to the bedroom Mary wanted to be double fucked in her pussy. First we decided that Tom would suck me until I was hard enough and Mary sucked and stroked him. Once we were hard enough Tom laid on the bed and Mary got on top of him facing me. Once Tom got his cock in her I positioned myself and got my cock against her pussy and began to work it in. It took a little time but I finally was able to get all the way inside her. Tom's and my cock slid against each other as we slowly slid in and out of Mary's pussy. I have to admit it felt good sliding along Tom's cock. Mary got uncomfortable so she changed her position turning her ass to me.
She warned me not to touch her asshole because she didn't like that. She got into position and again we got both cocks inside her pussy. We were able to pump a little harder that way too. Both our cocks were swollen and really to cum quickly but I told Tom to hold so we could explode her pussy. Mary began showing signs that she was on the verge of cumming. Then she raised her head and began grunting loudly from way deep inside her. Tom said the devil was coming out of her. She got louder and louder and Tom said he was going to cum so I released mine and we both exploded inside her. She cried out. Every word out of her mouth was a curse word in a deep raspy voice. Tom and I unloaded every drop of our cum inside her. She continued to cum as we finished her body jerking back and forth. Her ass cheek were vibrating and then she fell on top of Tom. My cock popped out of her throwing drops of cum into the air. I went around to her face and she had it buried in Tom's neck as she panted heavily.
Tom told me that his balls and ass were covered in cum. Mary rolled of him and I had to eat her cunt. I got between her legs and began licking at her cum cover cunt. Tom started sucking my cock. I licked at Mary's soaked clit and she screamed out as her body twitched and jerked around. She rolled side to side seemingly trying to get away but I kept pulling her back. Then she screamed out thrust her ass up shaking and began to cum squirting in my face. I held her ass up and took in every drop I could as I drove my tongue deep inside her. She squirted a lot and then she just collapsed her ass falling back on the bed. I tried to continue eating her cunt but she screamed at me to stop and began hitting the top of my head cursing like crazy at me. When she finally calmed down she apologized for her language and I laughed saying that Tom said that was the devil coming out of you.
She said laughing" yeah there is a devil deep down inside me for sure."
We continued to play for a few more hours before I left.
Tom and Mary

Susan after school

Susan after school

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