Suzie and her son - inc,asstr,alt erotic story

Suzie and her son Paul had always been close but were even closer now
that Robert, her husband and Paul's father, was away on business three
or four days every week. They talked about almost everything on a
daily basis and Suzie was always ready with advice for her teenage
son, but only when asked.

Suzie and Paul also worked out at the same gym early most mornings.
Both were in pretty good shape and Suzie was very proud that her 38
year old body was still able to draw appreciative glances from many of
the other club members.

One night when Robert was away Paul came home looking pretty upset.
Suzie noticed right away but said nothing. If he wanted to talk to her
then he knew she would be there for him. They sat and listened to some
music for a while which usually brightened Paul up. Tonight it didn't
though and Suzie wondered what had him so concerned. She decided to
open a bottle of wine. Paul wasn't old enough to drink legally but his
parents didn't worry about that when he was at home. Suzie brought two
glasses back from the kitchen and wordlessly handed one to Paul.

"Oh, thanks Mom." he said quietly. He sipped a little but didn't seem
to be really interested. Suzie was even more concerned now. They had
an excellent wine cellar and Paul always liked to talk about the wine
they drank. He was getting to be quite a connoisseur. Suzie couldn't
help herself, she had to say something.

"Paul what happened that's got you so upset?" Suzie asked.

"What? Oh nothing." Paul mumbled.

"Paul I know you pretty well and I can tell that something is
bothering you." Suzie put down her wine and went and sat beside Paul
on the sofa.

"It's not really a thing you can talk to your mother about." Paul
started to get up but Suzie held his arm and he sat down again.

"Paul! We've had some pretty serious conversations in the past. I hope
we could talk about anything." She hated to think what could be wrong.

Paul suddenly gulped his wine and asked for another glass. Suzie went
to the kitchen to get more for both of them. She actually didn't
expect her son would still be sitting in the front room when she got
back. She thought the wine was a diversion and he would have gone to
his room but she was wrong. He was still there and drained half of the
new glass right away.

"If you really need to know it's girl trouble."

Suzie relaxed a bit. They had had a few conversations about dating
before. "What happened with you and Kathy? I thought you were getting
along very well."

"We were Mom. Tonight was our three month anniversary and we had a
great dinner and went back to her parents' place. We knew they were
going to be out late and we had planned to have sex for the first
time." Paul was getting pretty animated and he couldn't seem to keep

"This was one talk they had never had." thought Suzie. "The plan
didn't go so well?" she asked.

"We were getting pretty hot and heavy on the sofa so we went up to her
room and started getting undressed. Kathy was fine until I took off my
boxers and, just like all of my girlfriends, she suddenly changed her
mind." Now Paul was blushing fiercely.

Suzie immediately thought of the disappointment when she had first
seem Robert naked. His penis wasn't very big when soft and didn't grow
very much when it got hard. She jumped to the conclusion that Paul had
the same problem. "Paul, some day you'll find a girl who doesn't care
how small you are down there. If a woman really cares for you that
won't matter."

Paul's blush deepened even more. "That's not exactly the issue Mom."

"I don't understand." Suzie said. "If that's not it ... ?"

Paul finished the glass of wine he had been clutching and blurted out.
"They tell me it's too big."

"Too big? Not many girls complain about too big Paul. Are you sure
that's the problem?"

"Well that's what they tell me. They think it will hurt or something.
I deliberately asked Kathy out because I know she's had a bit of
experience, if you know what I mean, and even she says no way."

"Could it possibly be true?" Suzie thought to herself. "Could he have
a penis that big?" Out loud she said, "Are you sure you're not
exaggerating Paul?" Suzie had been taken by a few large men in her
life, even once or twice since she'd married her undersized husband.
She'd never seen one that had scared her though.

They looked at each other. Paul in misery and Suzie with curiosity.
"Paul, I've always been here with advice for you but I'm finding this
a little hard to believe."

The wine had made Paul bold. "I could show you if you want."

"Paul!" Suzie was a bit shocked at first but then felt a tell-tale
moistness between her legs. "Maybe it wouldn't hurt to have a look."
she said after a few seconds.

Paul hadn't really thought this through. Now his Mom was expecting to
see his penis. Well it couldn't get any worse so he stood in front of
her and slowly lowered his pants and boxers at the same time.

Suzie glanced up at him then fastened her eyes on his crotch. Paul
pulled his pants down lower and lower and still the end of his manhood
wasn't in sight. His pants were past half way to his knees before the
bulbous head came into view. And width wise she was sure it was as big
around as her wrist. Suzie couldn't help it and gasped aloud.

Paul heard the gasp and started to pull back upward. Suzie grabbed his
arm again and motioned him to stop. "Paul it's so big. No wonder all
of the skinny teenagers you date were worried. This thing could split
them wide open."

"What am I going to do Mom?" Paul sounded desperate.

"Paul it would take a mature woman to handle all that. No
inexperienced girl would even think about trying."

"A mature woman? Like who?"

Suzie had an answer but wasn't sure is she should say it to her son.
Now she had caught a glimpse of Paul's monster cock when it was soft
she desperately wanted to see it hard. It was the biggest she had ever
seen, even on older men than Paul.

She pretended to think. "Hmmm. Where is there an older woman, not too
old, who would love to take this on?"

Suzie's eyes were smoldering now and she looked up at her son. She
wasn't sure how to say it so came right out with it. "Paul, how would
you like to try your mother's cunt on for size?"

Paul's mouth dropped. "What!? Try my mother's ... ? What!?" One look at
his Mom's face and he could tell she meant it. Despite his shock he
felt his cock start to rise. The wine had lowered both of their
inhibitions. He didn't know what to say so he just stood there with
his pants dropped down to his ankles.

Suzie decided to take charge. She noticed her son's cock growing
larger as his heart pumped it full of blood. It seemed to beat with a
life of its own. She had to feel it! Reaching out her right hand she
took hold of her son's organ. It was so hot and getting very hard. Her
left hand found its way to his ball-sack and she hefted his balls.
"You're built like a stallion Paul. My hand won't even reach all the
way around it." While Suzie was saying this she started jacking his
cock rapidly. She was afraid that he would pull away and she didn't
want him to so she needed to make it an impossible choice for him.

Paul had thought about stopping his Mom but her hand jacking him felt
like nothing he'd ever experienced before. He had done it to himself
the odd time but it felt a lot better when someone else did it. "Oh
wow, Mom."

Suzie knew she had him in control now so she slowed her ministrations.
"Do you like that?" Suzie smiled up at him. "Will you let me make it
come? I'd love to see it come. Sit down here on the sofa."

Paul's knees were weak anyway so he gladly sat down. Suzie pulled off
her top, she had no bra on, and her pillowy breasts sprang free. They
were milky white with rose colored, and rigid, nipples. "If you need
something to do you can play with these while I look after your
wonderful cock."

Paul needed no further encouragement and he started softly fondling
his mother's c-cup tits. He had never felt anything so soft in his
life. Suzie was very proud of the way her breasts still had hardly any
sag. While Paul busied himself with two hands full she went back to
her task.

Using both hands Suzie stroked her son's cock. The veins stuck out all
over it, except the glowing head. She wanted to feel the head sliding
between her hands so she drooled some saliva onto it and brought her
jacking hands higher on his dick. Paul gasped when her fingers started
to caress his cocknob. The whole situation was too much for the young
lad. Luckily Suzie was prepared and was watching for the signs of his
impending orgasm.

Paul's cock started to twitch in her hands as Suzie suddenly leaned
over and put the tip, no more would fit, of his man meat in her mouth.
She moved her hands down and started an urgent beating motion then
sucked the end like she was trying to drink an extra thick milkshake
through a straw, her cheeks collapsing with the effort.

Paul gave a mighty grunt as he forgot all about his Mom's tits and
splayed himself back on the sofa. Nothing in his young life had
prepared him for the cocksucking he was getting from his half-naked

Suzie reveled as the potent cock twitched and twitched then abruptly
started to jump as it spurted out its pent-up load. She swallowed
hungrily as each jump produced a gush that filled her oral cavity.
Five or six times her son's cock jetted its creamy contents between
her sucking lips and down her gullet. Suzie struggled to keep up with
the gushing mouthfuls of semen. Again and again she swallowed as Paul
thrashed around on the sofa. He was trying to push his cock further in
but Suzie knew it wouldn't go so had to back off when he thrust his
hips. Once the spurting stopped she kept up a slow up and down motion
on Paul's dick. She wanted to keep him hard.

"That was quite a bellyful you had for your mother Paul. I think you
had quite a bit saved up for Kathy." Suzie grinned at her son.

Paul smiled too, but weakly. He had almost passed out for a second but
his Mom's insistent stroking on his cock kept him alert. She had said
something about her cunt earlier and he didn't want to miss out.

"Paul, you take over pulling on this for a minute while I finish
getting undressed. We don't want it to go soft." Suzie's grin was even
wider as her son sat up eagerly and took hold of his own cock.

The horny mom stood in front of her son as he stroked himself. It
turned her on even more, if that was possible. Suzie began waving her
body hypnotically. Her son's eyes were skipping between her already
exposed tits and her waggling hips.

Suzie pulled up her skirt and little by little rolled down her
pantyhose. Then, even more slowly, she dragged her panties off. Paul
now knew she was naked under her skirt and he gulped in anticipation
of what was next. He didn't have to touch his dick now to keep it
hard. It was leaking from excitement.

Leisurely now, she unzipped her remaining garment and lowered it to
the floor. Now Paul's eyes were really jumping about. Her swaying
breasts held his gaze for a few seconds and then his eyes were torn to
the spot between her legs. His Mom's cunt was smooth and almost
hairless. She kept only a small strip of hair just above her opening.
Suzie had a prominent cuntmound and he yearned to touch it.

"Go ahead Paul." Suzie moved her legs apart enough for him to fit his
hand there. "I know you want to feel it."

Paul leaned out and placed his hand right on her secret space, cupping
it. The heat was incredible! He moved his hand around until he found
the slippery entrance and effortlessly pushed in a finger.

Sally shuddered. "I can't wait any longer. I have to feel that monster
inside me Paul. Lean back then don't move while I climb on."

Paul leaned back as instructed and watched as his naked mother mounted
his cock. She had to stretch way up to get the end to the mouth of her
dripping cunthole. Suzie moved the head through her furrow, coating it
with her creamy spendings. Once she was ready she held her breath and
eased him in between her silky thighs and up into her needy opening.

"I'll have to go slowly Paul. Even a mature, experienced cunt needs
some time to adjust to an invader this big. You don't mind do you?"
She didn't think he would.

"Oh fuck no Mom." He felt okay saying that word to his Mom now he was
just about to do just that. " It feels fucking fantastic."

"Good Paul. It feels fucking fantastic to me too. " Be very still,"
she moaned. "Let your mother do it! Be still and let me show you how
good it can be.

It seemed to take a long time but finally Paul's entire dick was
nestled in the warmest, wettest, most heavenly space he imagined could
ever exist. To say it was tight was an understatement. His Mom's
vagina was like a silky vise wrapping him up.

"Do you like it Paul? Do you like having your hard cock all up inside
a cunt?"

"Oh, Mom, it's great!" It was even better than when her lips were
sucking on him. Paul had never even fantasized about having his long
cock fully buried. He knew he was big and thought the most he could
expect was to get about three quarters submerged. But his Mom was
taking it all!

With a giggle, she asked, "Want to get fucked, darling? Want to enjoy
a fuck in your mother's cunt?"

"Oh, yes, Mom!"

Suzie lifted her ass, dragging her cunt up his dick to the head of his
meat, then down again. She repeated this a few times watching her
son's face, delighted in his eager acceptance of fucking her. Paul
groaned and twisted beneath his mother, not knowing what to do with
himself. But Suzie knew. She drew her son's hands to her big soft
breasts, urging him to caress her titflesh. "Squeeze them Paul.
Squeeze my tits while I fuck you."

Paul obliged his big-titted mother. Taking a breast with each hand he
began to knead them and pull on the nipples as his Mom bounced up and
down, rubbing her clit along the length of his fuck stick. Paul was
hitting spots that had never been reached before while Suzie worked it
deeper and deeper. Suzie felt a fullness she had never dreamed
possible as her cuntal muscles rippled and sucked at his overwhelming

Feeling each ridge and throb of his dick, Suzie began to squeal and
bounce up and down vigorously, fucking her son. Her tits strained in
his hands, the creamy swells heaving. She lifted her head and closed
her eyes, lips parted. She gasped and whimpered as her cunt stretched
around her son's dick, the friction becoming intense. Her engorged
clit rubbed along the shaft, sending shivers of ecstasy through her

"Oh, baby! Oh, God, Paul!" she yelped softly, grinding on her son's
dick in a frenzy. "You feel so good inside me! Ah, I love to feel your
hard dick in my cunt! Oh, baby, I'm fucking you! Mommy's wet cunt is
fucking your hard dick! Ah, baby, baby, my pussy is so fucking wet
and hot ... your dick is so fucking hard!"

Suzie pounded her cunt up and down, throwing her shoulders back, her
tits straining out. Paul cupped them, his fingers digging into the
firm flesh, her nipples burning against his palms. Paul was making
strangling sounds, gripping his mother hard, his eyes staring at her
cunt sliding on his prick.

She leaned over her son, bracing herself with her hands on each side
of his head. Her ass twisted and pounded in a frenzy. Her hair swirled
around her twisting face. Paul let go of his mother's tits and watched
them jiggling above his eyes, seeing her nipples straining. He
clutched at her rippling butt cheeks hard, grunting with the downward
thrusts of his mother's consuming cunt.

"Faster, Mom!" Paul urged.

"Are you about to come, baby?" she asked, her ass slapping up and
down. "Is your lovely big dick going to spurt in my wet cunt? Is your
cock going to come inside your mother?"

The very thought of her son squirting his incestuous load into her
thirsty cunt made Suzie come on the spot. Her ass began to plunge up
and down faster, making grinding motions. She stabbed her cunt time
and again onto her son's hard dick, squealing as it went deep into

She shook and squealed as an orgasm began swelling inside her pussy.
Paul was no longer holding his mother's ass cheeks. He threw his arms
about her waist and held her tightly, his face buried between her
creamy tits. Suzie clawed at the sofa above her son's head, her ass
whipping up and down frantically, her cunt riding his humungous dick.

"Oh, baby," she whined. "My cunt is on fire, darling! Mommy's cunt is
going to take all your come, baby! Mother's cunt is going to suck your
dick off! Oh, Paul, can you feel Mother's pussy fucking you! And now
I'm coming! Oh, shit, am I coming, my cunt is coming. Oh, God, it's so
fucking good!"

Paul couldn't stand the tightening sensation of his mother's cunt as
she exploded into orgasm. Each wet clutch of his dick brought him that
much closer to release.

"Now!" Suzie shouted. "Come in me now Paul!"

With a wild groan, Paul felt his dick gush, sending boiling spurt
after spurt of thick, creamy come up into his mother's cunt. Time and
again his dick spewed, spraying and filling the soft, yet tight,

The spurting of her son's come into her sent Suzie into a series of
quaking orgasms, orgasms that shattered her, making her yell out with
their intensity. She forced her convulsing cunt hard onto his
squirting dick, grinding as she shrieked her ecstasy to the world.
Suzie and her son

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Incest stories, twins and mom

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