Cum Craving Grannies part 3. - granny,black,mature erotic story

"Fuck grammy, you are such a cock hungry slut. Does grammy need a good hard fucking tonight?" I heard him say. My hips pounded hard at his fingers and I lovingly sucked at his cock. "Yes, yes I could use a good fucking tonight, and obviously so can this horny bitch. But I'll finish off in her mouth. I'll keep her mouth as my cum dump. Keep her addicted to cum." He explained to himself. I concurred completely!

Pulling his dick from my face and positioning himself over me I waited in anticipation as his cock neared by cunt. Please God, yes, let me get fucked tonight, and every night after. Fill my pussy with cock and my mouth with cum, I heard myself begin to pray to myself. Ohhhhhh! Fuck. He just drove it straight into me, hard and fast! My pussy was filthy soaking wet and accommodated him easily, but Christ, it had been years since I fucked a cock. Toys, sure, almost every day, but a real cock was different. My mouth opened wide and I gasped out loudly. I almost opened my eyes! Damn, control, woman, control. I settled back down and convinced Robert that I was still asleep.

Robert slowly began to pump his hard rod in and out of his Grammies cunt. Heaven, pure heaven. Fuck me boy, fuck me and never stop I thought to myself. I spread my legs wide and enjoyed the first fucking I have had in years. Please Robert, I thought to myself, please come in here every night and fuck your grammy. I will drink wine every night so you can fuck your Grammies face and cunt every night. I'll be your sleeping grammy cock-sucking cum guzzling fuck slut. The thought made me wild and I began to pump back with my hips against his cock as it ground in and out of me, continually picking up the pace.

Oh Christ, I came hard. My cunt exploded on his cock. I bucked and heaved and moaned. I felt like a queen, well fucked and satisfied. "Fuuuck. The bitch came. The fucking slut came hard. " I heard Robert say and felt as he pulled his still hard dick from me. Standing beside me once more I loved it as he stuck his pussy juice covered cock back into my mouth. I eagerly resumed my sucking. "Grammy, you nasty little fuck whore, I think you need a cock in your cunt as much as you need a belly full of cum. I've got lots of hot sticky cum for you to guzzle down tonight you horny fucking slut." He finished and grabbing hold of my head with both his hands began to pump his cock fast and deep into my mouth.

I felt as his cock began to vibrate and soon was enjoying the pulsing of his semen as it ejaculated directly into my mouth. As he extracted his penis from my face I opened my mouth wide to show him the gift that he had bestowed upon me and then slowly slurped down the precious fluid in small mouthfuls, each time opening my mouth again so he could see as I devoured his cum. As I savored eating my grandson's load of semen he would occasionally stick the head of his cock against my lips and squeeze a little more cum out of his dick and onto my lips. I would eagerly lick this up and add it to the goop already in my mouth.

Having eaten all the cum and in my well fucked satisfied state I rolled over to my side. My legs, ass and cunt were exposed to Robert's view. I felt as his hand explored my bum, legs and pussy. "Mmmm, ya, great ass she has." I heard him say. "Next time I am going to fuck her in this position." I smiled broadly, enjoying the lingering taste of the semen on my tongue. I couldn't wait for the next time!

The next morning Robert once again entered my room. I expected to be awakened to a warm nudge on the shoulder and to be fed my morning goop. But I was surprised when I felt what was obviously his penis pressed against my lips once again. I maintained my state of sound sleep, not wanting to spoil the wonderful relationship we had, in which my stepson fucked me and made me suck his cock and eat his semen without knowing that I was aware of this. Feeling his cock slap against my mouth as he was clearly stroking himself directly over my face I offered no resistance Then he pried open my jaw and slid the head of his cock within. Not sure what his intentions were I was shocked when he began to slap my face, lightly at first, and then more forcefully. I knew I could not pretend to be asleep anymore so opening my eyes I pretended to be shocked. With his cock just in the entrance to my mouth I exclaimed in a muffled voice "My God Robert, what are you doing?", maintaining my innocence to what was going on.

With a broad evil smile, looking me straight in the eyes, Robert responded, "Just giving you your morning goop feeding of course, grammy dearest." And with these words he exploded in my mouth.

At first I tried to maintain my state of shock, but as the hot smelly cum began to seep down my throat my desires and needs got the best of me and I began to gulp wildy at all that wonderful precious goop that was filling up my mouth. "Suck it all down grammy, you know that you want it." Robert teased.

Between gulping semen I exclaimed "Oh my God, I can't believe that you just came in my mouth!"

"But you love cum grammy dearest. You love gulping hot goop." He responded, with an evil laugh.

Gulping down the last of his cum and licking my lips clean I said "I can't believe you have been feeding me cum these last few days. And that you put your nasty cock in my mouth. You are a disgusting boy. A bad boy!" I stated accusingly.

"I think I can squeeze a little more cum out of my cock." He teased in response.

"Give it to me!" I demanded, and opened my mouth and thrust out my tongue to receive it. Slapping the last few precious drops of semen out onto my tongue I eagerly gulped it down.

"I still have a drop or two on the end of my dick." He said, forcing me to reveal my inner slut.

"You are evil." I said. And then stuck out my tongue and licked at the end of his cock.

With a broad smile Robert pulled up his pants and simply turned and left the room.

Taking some time to leave my room, trying to assess the new nature of our relationship, I put on some fresh panties and a housecoat over the nighty I had worn the evening before and entered the kitchen, where Robert was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee before him. Without looking at Robert I poured myself a cup. Then I apprehensively sat myself at the table across from him. Without looking up I shyly explained "Robert, this is wrong. I am your grandmother. I did not know that your 'secret sauce' was semen. When I was married I ... I never did that ... I never ... tasted your grandfather's ... you know. Anyway, I think this is wrong."

"Wrong for me to put my cock in your mouth and cum down your throat?" Robert played with me. "Or for you to eat my semen?"

"Well, to cum in my mouth, of course." I replied "But, I mean, well ... now I need the semen. So, I guess, I suppose, if you were to ejaculate in a bowel and leave it out for me, I could still, you know ... well, um ... eat it."

"You like cum don't you grandma."

"Well yes, I like it. I loved the taste the first time I tried it. But I didn't know what it was."

"And now you need it. Confess, you are a cum addict."

"I don't know about that!" I stated in an offended tone. Then backing down I whispered "Well, I guess I do need it. But just a little, a few times a day. You wouldn't deprive me of that would you dearest?" I pleaded, at this point looking up at him and taking his hand in mine, imploring for his understanding.

"I can feed your addiction more than three times a day grammy, I can give you unlimited amounts of cum!" He stated boldly, making my eyes light up and open wide. I squeezed hard on his hand with delight. "But your days of free cum are over. No more cum in a bowel. The only way you will ever eat cum again is from the end of my cock."

Feigning outrage and yanking my hand from his I exclaimed "You are a horrible boy! A dirty nasty horrible boy. Never."

"Well, then your secret sauce eating days are over I guess. I might as well just pack up and go home." He said and began to push his chair back and rise up.

Seizing hold of his hand I said "Well, we need not be so hasty. I am sure we can reach an understanding." With a long pause I added "OK, you can jerk off, and when you do, I will let you cum in my mouth. This is horrible and nasty, but really, what choice do I have."

Smiling at me Robert lead me on. "Grandma, I am not going to jerk off so that you can satisfy your addiction for cum. The only way you are going to get another mouthful of cum is if you earn it."

Removing my hand off his again I quizzically inquired "What ... does that mean?"

"Grammy, you are a woman, and were married. Obviously you know what a woman can do with her body to get a man hard and make his cum. This is all I ask. This is what I demand of you."

"I am your grandmother. I am 56. You are 18. How can an old lady like me possibly use my body to stimulate and satisfy a young man like you?" I asked.

"Grammy, you have more than you know. I have been admiring your body. There are still lots of good miles left in you. With a little effort on your part you can still get gallons of goop out of my testicles. I'm not saying you are perfect, but, you known, any port in a storm. You might want to act fast, convince me I want to give all my cum to you, before some young little honey seduces me and takes me away." He laughed.

I knew exactly what he meant. Sure, if he had a woman his own age to fuck, I would be yesterday's newspaper. But I was the only woman at that point of time in his life. And young men are incredibly horny and need to cum constantly, and will take any tits, ass and pussy they can get. Yes, I would not lose this opportunity to be the port he visited every day. But I did not want to appear too eager or aware of his intentions. So I continued to play coy.

"Well, you know that grammy needs three feeding a day. More if you can offer it. But what can I possibly do to get you hard again and make you cum?"

"Well first of all, you do have a sweet little gown on, but I can barely see it under that big puffy housecoat you are wearing. Why don't you remove the housecoat."

"Now?" I inquired.

"Absolutely." He responded. "I can get hard again this morning no problem. I just need a little ... motivation."

Standing up I removed the housecoat and put it over my seat.

"Nice, now, why don't you show me your legs. You showed me yesterday. Sexy legs. Don't be shy, raise that skirt up - over your hips."

Lowering my hands and taking the edges of my nightie in my fingers I slowly pulled the material upward until it rested on my hips, revealing my bare legs and my white panties. I stood there holding up my nightie for my grandson as I watched him also stand up. I then watched as he removed his own pajamas, getting nude before me. Then sitting down he spread his legs and let his limp dick hang between his thighs, tantalizing teasing me. "Pretty panties, but so unnecessary." He continued. "Remove them and show me what you hide under there." He teased.

"I never!" I exclaimed.

Taking his limp cock in his hand and waving it before me he completed my statement "You never get to eat cum again, yes, I see where this is going."

Placing my hands on my panties I pulled them off.

"Now raise up your little slut skirt again grammy." He prodded.

Shyly, slowly, I raised my skirt, until it cleared my hips. My bare legs and brown bush were fully visible to him.

"Now that is what I am talking about!" He exclaimed and clutched his cock in his hand. I saw that it was beginning to stiffen up. "Nicely trimmed little bush you have there grandma, very sexy. Now do a little spin around for me and show me that ass of yours."

Hesitantly I slowly spun around and let his eyes dwell on my bum. Though pretending shy my true fear was that he would be disappointed with my aged butt. I was relieved when he exclaimed. "Fucking nice ass gram's, why have you been hiding that from the boys for all these years. I bet all the single guys your age in the church would love to be tapping that!" His words actually made me blush and I was slow to complete my turn. I was so happy that my grandson liked my bare ass. That meant that I probably had many more months, if not years, of getting my belly full of semen every day.

Turning fully around and dropping my nightie I asked if he had seen enough, trying to sound a little disgusted by what he was making me do. In fact I was quite turned on, and I noticed that he was as well, his cock continuing to swell with each show I presented. "Not quite enough Grammy. You sure teased me yesterday, hanging those big soft breasts down in the garden and letting them get all wet and perky!"

"I beg your pardon young man, I never tried to ..."

"Ya, ya, ya. You want the cock grammy, show me your tits. Now, or no cock for you!" He demanded.

As my nightie had no way for me to lower it and reveal my breasts, hesitantly I pulled the entire garment over my head and threw it to the floor, now standing before my grandson completely naked. I noticed as his penis suddenly sprang fully to life. "Fuck grammy, God you have just great fucking tits. Bring that sexy little fuckable body over here, show me how tasty your tits are in my mouth." He commanded.

Now at his beck and call, I walked over and raising my breasts in my hands offered each to him to suckle. Stroking his fat thick hard cock, Robert enjoyed sucking on my one nipple and then the other. I hadn't had a man suck my breasts in many years and the feeling brought my pussy suddenly back to life. She ached for cock again and I felt as she began to flow her love juices down my leg. Robert groped at my ass, and then felt my bush, as he sucked on my eager nipples.

"Mmm, great fucking tits grammy, a real treat." He then ran his fingers into my crotch. I instinctively spread my legs slightly apart as he ran his fingers up into my snatch. Looking up at me he teased "Ah, I see, this isn't all for me to get hard and cum for you so my goop guzzling grandmother can get her fill of semen. You have a horny cunt grandma. I cunt that wants to get fucked I bet!" He teased.

"Please Robert, don't say such things." I pleaded.

"You want cum now grammy? I'm near cumming again."

"Oh yes, Robert, yes, please, please feed me cum." I begged, with his fingers up my snatch and my tits at his face.

"On your knees bitch, and beg like a slut. Show me what a nasty cum crazy skank whore my grammy can be when she needs her belly filled with cum!" He commanded.

Falling to my knees without hesitation I lifted my tits upward and jiggling their flesh for his amusement I begged like the whore he was training me to become "Grammy needs her cum feeding darling. Cum for grammy and let her lick you clean. Grammy will be your slut if you just feed her cum over and over every day! Please baby, fill Grammies mouth with goop."

"Don't tell me bitch, show me! Now suck cock, suck it good and deep, show me what a great cock-sucker grammy can be. Convince me that you deserve my goop. Suck my cock like a professional whore and show me what you are willing to do to get as much goop in your belly every day as you can get."

Pushing my head forward I surrounded his cock with my mouth. Beginning slowly at first, trying to recall how to properly suck a man's cock, like riding a bike, the technique quickly returned to me and soon I was the eager cock sucking whore that he desired me to be. "Oh fuck ya bitch, you sure know how to suck cock, that's for damn sure. I am going to be putting that mouth to lots of good use." Though his words were demeaning and disrespectful to say to a grandmother I didn't care. His words also meant that I could anticipate lots of belly fulls of cum so long as I remained eager and willing to suck cock at every opportunity. Considering my love of cum, my fate to become his cock-sucking slut was evident.

Without looking up I just focused on sucking his cock, eagerly awaiting my next mouthful of cum. I did not have to wait long. Pulses of hot jism entered my mouth and flowed down my gullet. When I had sucked him dry I looked up at him shyly and simply said "Thank-you."

Stroking my hair and rubbing my cheek as he slapped his cock against my face he said "Oh ya, you are going to make a great cum guzzling slut for me grammy. Now get up and make us some breakfast, nude that is, and then let's get you some real sexy clothes." Making his meal, nude to the world, I wondered what he meant. Soon thereafter I found out.

Showering and getting dressed he brought me to various stores in town and had me try on snug fitting dresses that revealed my legs and cleavage, and then tiny skimpy slutty looking negligees. He said he wanted me to look sexy when we went out together and to keep him turned on when we are alone. I agreed completely with his line of thinking and eagerly sought his opinion on the best outfits to wear. The girls at the stores tittered as I showed off my body in my new revealing clothes to the obviously much younger man but I did not mind. Eat your hearts out girls - That's right, old broad here, gonna get fucked tonight by this young stud of a real man!

Yes, it was true, I just realized. I was most probably going to get fucked again tonight. And this time without having to pretend I was asleep. Now I desperately wanted to return home! Making me wear one of the skimpy little outfits to return home in Robert ordered me to go to a liquor store, as he was too young to buy booze. He told me to get a 40 of vodka, saying we were both going to get fucked up that night. He commented as we wandered the store on how many men were staring at my bare legs, my ass wrapped in the tight dress and my tits, half hanging out of the dress. I said that they were probably all wondering why the chubby old broad was walking around with such a young man in such an inappropriate dress. Leaning toward me he whispered in my hear "Nope, it's because they all want to fuck you. And yet I'll bet none can guess that it is me that is going to be fucking you tonight." He teased.

"Robert, please."

"You telling me you don't want to get fucked tonight grammy. I bet that your cunt is as eager to be fucked by my cock and my cock is eager to fuck your cunt. Tell me if it isn't true grammy."

As Robert looked at me intently I was unable to utter a word of protest. "Ya, as I thought. You are my cock sucking cum guzzling little slut aren't you grammy? The only way you are getting another mouthful of cum tonight is if you beg me to fuck you. So give me a big wet sloppy kiss right here and now and tell me you are my slut and beg for me to fuck you tonight, or no cum for you."

Staring at my grandson, then looking around to make sure no one could see us, I grabbed his neck and pulling him down planted a long passionate kiss upon his lips. "Grammy is your cock sucking slut. Fuck her cunt tonight darling. Fuck her cunt every night if you want to. Just cum in her mouth as many times a day as you can." I begged and pleaded. I had probably never uttered more truthful words about anything in my life.

Staring back down at me he raised his hands and began to fondle my tits through my dress. "You are so fucking hot grandma. You got my cock rock hard again." He said. Looking around to make sure no one was watching I put my hand over his groin and squeezed the big hard cock I found there.

As I rubbed and squeezed at the big fat cock that I found there I responded "Fuck grammy all you want darling."

"Oh I am going to my horny little fuck slut, but first I am going to need this sucked off again so I can last through the fucking."

Robert continued to rub my tits through my dress and I eagerly continued stroking his stiffy through his pants, not even caring if anyone saw us now. "Anything you want darling, grammy will obey your every command. You know that I am addicted to your cum now. You know grammy will do anything your order to get her cum feed. You know that you have made grammy's cunt hungry for cock again and needing to be fucked. You know that I am your obedient little whore now and you can make her do anything you want now. Anything."
Cum Craving Grannies part 3.

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