Cum Craving Grannies part 2. - granny,old lover,mature woman erotic story

After showering I considered what I should wear for the day. I wanted to encourage Robert to jerk off as frequently as he could through the day. Robert was going to help me with my gardening and so knowing that we would have privacy I decided to put on a short skirt with undies and a loose T-shirt with a deep open neckline and no bra. I knew when I bent forward that my tits would hang down for him to fully see. While when I spread my legs I knew that he could look up and see my panties.

After eating our regular breakfast we went outside. The morning gave me many opportunities to flash my grandson, letting him see his Grammies hanging tits and her newly awakened horny cunt, concealed by the cloth of my white panties. He seemed thrilled at every opportunity to check out my body and it made me wish that I once again had a man in the house to fuck me. I tried to focus on the garden, but all I could think about was the wonderful taste of the cum that he had fed me that morning and the night before.

My mouth salivated at the thought of getting another feeding. Walking up to my towering grandson I placed my arms around his waist and pressing my tits and hard nipples against his belly I asked "Darling, when are you going to go make more special sauce for grammy? My mouth is watering just thinking about eating more of your yummy sauce." I said as I opened my mouth wide, like a baby bird waiting for its feeding. "You can't make grammy wait so long between her feedings. Please go make me more sauce now darling." I begged.

"OK grammy." He said. "God, you sure do love sauce don't you grammy. Let me go get you more right now." Five minutes later he called me to the door. Entering the house he explained with a frown "So sorry grandma, I made a fresh batch, but it spilled all over the floor." Looking down I could see his fresh load shot over my kitchen floor. I knew this was a test to see how big of a cum guzzler his grammy was. I would not disappoint him.

"Oh my God, such a waste!" I exclaimed. "I ... just can't let this happen. I need the sauce, I need it now. Grammy will go crazy without lots and lots of sauce to eat every day." And then I did what I knew he wanted me to do. I got down on my knees and began to lick up each and every drop of cum off the floor. As I did so he kneeled before me, staring down my top at my hanging tits, my nipples bare and exposed, my tits flopping about as I eagerly licked at the floor.

"You sure like goop, I mean, secret sauce, don't you grammy?" He said. I could discern the mockery and teasing in his voice.

"I love it darling, you are an amazing chef. Is goop what you call it? I love your goop darling!" I exclaimed.

"Yes, you sure are a goop guzzler. You love goop so much you'll even lick it up off the floor." He added, the irony is his voice evident now.

"Oh yes, waste not want not. I would lick up goop off of anything!" I teased in response.

Standing up and walking around me as I continued to lick his goop up off the floor he kneeled behind me. I knew that he could see my bare legs and the panties around my crotch. Bent over and licking up cum with my panties exposed made me get horny as hell and I wished desperately some man, any man, was behind me, ripping down my panties and thrusting his cock into my snatch. I could feel my panties getting wet but did not care if he saw.

Helping me to my feet I gave Robert a big tight hug and thanked him profusely for my feeding. I then prepared Robert and I a regular lunch, after which we resumed gardening. The day got very hot and I began to sweat profusely. The thin white T-shirt became damp and the sweat caused the material to cling to my breasts. The outline of the shape of my tits and the contour of my nipples could easily be seen, though I pretended to be unaware of this. Robert appeared to delight himself in watching my tits sway inside my shirt as I bent over and worked the garden. I could see a big hard-on appear within his pants but pretended not to notice. Hmmm, such a nice looking cock he had in his pants. A young man with a cock that could cum on demand and get hard ahead moments later. I realized how much I missed cock. I wanted a cock in my life again. I wanted to suck cock, and get fucked by a cock. At that point I wanted any cock at all. And Robert's cock looked beautiful under his pants, all hard and needing to cum again for grammy. I wanted his cock. I wanted my grandsons cock. My pussy grew wet at the thought.

As the day neared its end I decided to explore an idea I contrived while looking at Robert's dick to get him to cum more for me. In this case, more specifically, to cum on me. I announced that I needed a long hot shower and that I intended to open a bottle of wine tonight as I definitely earned it for my efforts. After supper I opened the wine and I sipped my drink as we sat together on the sofa chatting. I had on only a slinky teddy but wore over it a long lace gown that covered the teddy completely. With the gown wrapped tight around me Robert couldn't see that the teddy only came down to above my knees and that the thin transparent material that covered my breasts could easily be pulled down with the flick of a finger. But for now I kept the thicker gown tightly wrapped.

Soon after supper Robert offered to prepare me another serving of his famous goop and to refill my wine while he was in the kitchen. "Yes please Robert, and hurry please. I am desperate for more goop. As I said, I think I am an addict now and would do anything at all get my goop feedings." With a broad smile Robert took my glass and left the room. He soon returned with my glass refilled and a small bowl of warm slipper goop. Handing me both I opened my mouth and let all the goop in the bowl flow into my mouth and down my throat. Handing him back the bowel I just smiled upwardly at him and resumed drinking my wine, letting the wine and cum combine in the back of my throat and in my belly.

Each time my glass emptied I would get up to refill my own drink. And each time I did so I deliberately let my gown fall open a little. Soon my teddy could be seen beneath the gown. I pretended not to notice as Robert's eyes rolled over my bare legs and exposed cleavage. "Oh wow, I am soooo tipsy ... Ooooh." I said. I told Robert not to mind if the wine put me to sleep as I wasn't use to drinking, and once asleep, I was a very deep sleeper and couldn't be woken, so to just leave me where I fell to sleep.

I spread my arms wide in a deep yawn, causing my robe to fall to the side, completely revealing my teddy to Robert's view. With my eyes half closed I watched as Robert's eyes explored my bare legs and my chest. I knew that he could see the outline of my breasts and my large dark nipples through the semi-transparent material. I spread my legs wider to provide him a view of my panty covered crotch. My pussy grew wet at the prospect that I might be able to tempt Robert into cumming on me that evening and leaving me a feast to enjoy eating up after he went to bed. To encourage him further I then pretended to fall asleep. I almost let the wine glass slip from my hand. Robert quickly recovered it and placed the glass to the side. I began to gently snore.

"Grammy, you awake grammy. Are you awake?" He whispered. I did not respond. His hand stroked my hair. It slid down my arm. I felt his hand descend onto my bare knee. There is lingered, unsure. Then his hand slowly crept up leg. Then descending between my thighs. My legs spread apart at the gesture as I let out a soft breathing snore. I felt a hand push up my teddy and another begin to rub up and down over my panties. The panties were soon pushed to the side and I felt fingers explore the soft brown hair of my bush. I then felt the panties pulled even further to the side and then as fingers began to rub the soft moist flesh surrounding my vagina. A finger poked at my vaginal opening curiously.

Then I felt Robert stand up and heard the sound of his zipper come undone. I heard his pants hit the floor. I heard the distinctive sound of a penis being slapped and stroked. I heard as he moved closer toward me. My nostrils were filled with the scent of his cock. The strong smell of a cock that hadn't been washed since it last came. The smell of a manly sweaty scrotum, containing two testicles that needed to ejaculate. The thought made my vagina grow wet. Wet with the thought of a hard cock so close. Wet in anticipation of where on my body he was going to shoot off that amazing load of semen.

Kneeling beside me I felt as he rubbed his cock against me. He rubbed his cock on my arm. He pressed his cock against my shoulder. And then he went after what I knew he really wanted. His hand shot down and came to rest on one of my breasts. He rubbed the boob. Lifted it. Squeezed it gently. Tried out the other tit. Then carefully, ever so carefully, I felt as he pulled the thin material down over my chest. There. Now the boy had what he wanted. He got to see the bare tits that he had been jerking off so furiously every day thinking about. They would be his tits now.

He fondled each of my breasts, lovingly, exploring the curves, caressing the soft flesh. He played with my nipples and enjoyed teasing them until they stood erect and stiff. Tonight I was a truly evil woman. I was seducing my grandson into jerking off onto me so that I would have a full dose of raw semen straight out of the cock. I knew I was evil but couldn't resist. I wanted, needed, to taste his warm fresh semen. I deserved it. And it wouldn't hurt my grandson to jerk off while playing with his grandmother's tits and bush. Just a little innocent fun that neither of us would ever confess to. So no damage done.

Then he rose higher on the sofa, standing beside me. He began to more roughly grope at each hanging pendulous breast as I could feel him slowly turning my face toward him. I could smell his cock strongly now. It must be directly before my face. Oh God, the ecstasy - I felt as Robert began to rub the head of his cock across my face. Onto my cheek. Over my nose and forehead. His sweaty balls slapped against my lips. I could taste the salt of his bag sweat on my mouth. I wanted to thrust out my tongue and lick at his sweaty manly bag and suck those balls into my mouth but I resisted the urge. I figured that he would cum onto my face or over my tits and waited with anticipation for either. But then he slid the head of his cock onto my lips. I almost died. He rubbed the head back and forth, back and forth, trying to work my jaw open.

I wanted this more than he did. I pretended to snort and my mouth opened as I snored lightly. Using gentle force Robert pushed the head of his cock between my lips. I opened my mouth willingly and took his cock into me. He began to slide his cock in and out of my mouth as he groped at my breasts. I spread my legs instinctively wider. I could feel that the panties were still pulled tightly to one side and that my vagina was still bare to his view. I lay there in heaven with my tits and pussy bare to my grandsons view and enjoying his face fucking me with his cock. He began to moan out as he approached climaxing.

"Fuck grammy, you are one hot bitch. You eat cum like a slut and don't even know what it is. These are the biggest nicest tits I have even seen. I love your bit fat tits grammy. Beautiful tits teasing me all day long, making me want to stroke off and cum all over them. Hmmmm, soft legs, wet horny cunt, not bad for all old broad. Hmmm, fuck, so good in your mouth, I need my little bitch to suck when I fuck her face, but this is a good start. We'll work on your cock sucking skill. Gotta get you drinking more often. Passed out in bed. Where I can fuck you. I think you would be a great fuck. God grammy, wanna fuck that cunt, going to cum now, Christ, can't resist any ... longer."

And then my life was complete. I felt gush after heavenly gush of my grandson's semen shoot deep into my mouth. I gulped and gulped all the perfect warm slippery cum down. I hadn't experienced this in a great many years, and now that I had it again I never wanted it to end. Pulling his dick from my mouth he slapped his softening pecker against my extended tongue and lips. He squeezed out the last drips of cum onto my tongue and I eagerly swallowed it down.

Putting his cock back in my mouth and just leaving it there to rest for a while he then softly fondled on my breasts and said "That's the best blow job I ever had and you weren't even trying. You sure do love gulping down my load. I'm going to give you as much cum as you can eat every day, and I'm going to cum in your mouth every time you get drunk. I'll teach you to be my cum gulping little whore, little whore with her big fat tits and her horny fuckable hairy cunt. An insatiable appetite for semen, just what I want in a woman. Willing to swallow my load as many times a day as I need to cum. I'm going to make you eat cum until you realize what it is and then you will come crawling on your knees to me for more. I am going to make you beg for cum and offer to be my slut to get it."

With his soft cock still filling my mouth I lay there shocked with his words. I thought this would all stay innocent and secret. But he planned on someday making me aware that I was swallowing loads of cum every day, and then, having made me addicted to the cum, making me serve as his slut to get my daily fill of semen. As he pulled his dick from my mouth and raised up my teddy over my breasts and readjusted my panties and the lower skirt of my teddy, I contemplated if I could accept being turned into my grandsons cum guzzling fuck slut. Well, as I already knew I couldn't resist any opportunity he presented me to eat cum. And I couldn't live my life without it now. So I resigned myself to my fate as a fuck toy for a young buck stud. Wasn't so bad a fate I figured, as far as fates go!

The next day we relaxed at home, watching TV, playing board games and just chatting about life. I wore a tight pair of shorts and T-shirt without a bra. My grandson could not keep his eyes off of me and I received numerous cum feedings throughout the entire day. As night approached I said that I thought it would be nice to enjoy another bottle of wine. I saw his cock move in his pants with the suggestion of wine. Yes, I knew I would have a cock in my mouth again tonight and another direct feeding. I couldn't wait for Robert to ejaculate directly into my mouth again. And this time, when he placed his cock in my mouth, I would subtly begin to suck upon it. If he wanted grammy to suck on his cock, then grammy would be his willing cock-sucker.

Stripping down in preparation for my shower I stood nude before the mirror. I wasn't bad for late 50's I thought. My breasts had obviously lost some of their firmness, but they were large and still quite round. My nipples still got very hard even at the slightest touch or breeze. My hips were wide, and I had a bit of a belly, but my legs had stayed firm from all the gardening and my ass still held up well for my age. Any man my own age would be glad to fuck me. As for my grandson, I knew young men. They needed to jerk off multiple times a day, and in the absence of anything else, the sagging tits and round ass of an older woman would have to do. And because he hadn't known me much growing up, I wasn't so much a grandmother and just some available woman who liked to eat cum.

As I showered I could not resist thinking about how he so freely stuck his cock in my mouth the night before. How he had exposed my tits and groped them, exposed my pussy and rubbed it. How he came in my mouth and how I eagerly swallowed down his full load. The thought that this would happen again tonight made my vagina get hungry and for the first time in many years I desperately wanted a man to fuck me. Any man, I thought, any man at all. With all the cum I was eating, all I knew was that I needed to start getting fucked again.

Exiting the shower I considered what to wear. I decided to be daring and simply wore a thin nightie that came down to my knees. I did not wear a bra or panties. I made sure that my body would be easy for Robert to gain access to. Exiting the room Robert stood shyly in the hallway. "I have brought you another goop feeding grammy." Holding out his hand, he offered me his cum covered fingers. He had obviously just jerked off into his hand and now was offering to me to eat. I felt honored at the thoughtful gesture! Grasping his wrist I thanked him profusely and began to lick and suck each finger clean. I saw as he eagerly watched me suck his fingers, knowing that he was imagining me sucking on his cock. Soon enough Robert, I thought, soon enough.

Sitting on the couch with my glass of wine I beckoned Robert to join me. I told him how wonderful the day had been together with him, and how much I appreciated him constantly preparing me new goop through the day and feeding it to me. Robert gave me a big broad smile and said that it was his pleasure to do so for such a wonderful grammy. As I polished off each glass of wine Robert was quick to offer to refill it. Within the hour I began to swoon, the bottle empty. Robert offered to help me up to bed. I wasn't sure of his intentions but would surely play along. Helping me up the stairs and into my room, like a gentlemen Robert tucked me in the bed, kissed my forehead goodnight, and turning off the light closed the door behind him as he left. I deliberately moved toward the edge of the bed and positioned my face so that I was as close to the edge of the mattress as I could comfortably manage. I rubbed my wet pussy as I pictured him putting his cock into my mouth. I suspected I would not have to wait long for his return. I was correct.

Soon after I heard Robert open the door. "Grandma, are you awake?" He gently said. With the lack of response I offered he turned on the light and approached beside the bed and repeated the question. I did not respond. I felt his fingers across my face. I opened my mouth slightly. He slid a finger between my lips and I sucked it gently. Withdrawing his finger from my mouth I felt as he slid his hand down under my gown. He fondled my tits, hanging off my chest. I heard his zipper come down. His pants drop. I felt his hand motion my head off to an angle toward him. His finger entered my mouth again. I opened my mouth wide for him.

Then, yes, yes, perfect. The head of his cock was rubbing against my lips. I would not disappoint him again. As his cock slid into my mouth I gently closed my lips around his young hard perfect penis. Robert began to slowly buck his hips. Grammy was soon sucking cock. Hmmm, fantastic, I had forgotten how delicious sucking cock was. Of course it was my grandsons cock, my 18 year old grandson, but if he wanted his grammy to suck his cock, and so long as we kept it innocent with Robert thinking I was asleep, then that was fine. Besides, I wanted the cum. Needed the cum. Deserved the cum. this point I knew that I would do anything, absolutely anything, to get that cum. The thought that I was a cock-sucker and a cum guzzler made me feel like a slut. I liked the feeling and I felt as my vagina became sopping wet.

Under the covers I began to squirm and spread my legs. The motion had the desired effect. With his cock still in my mouth Robert pulled the bedsheet down over my body. His hand slid up my leg and pulled my nightie up over my hips. My legs parted wide at the suggestion. There he found my sopping wet cunt. He rubbed his fingers through my bush and over my pussy. He slid a finger into me. My hips gyrated and my legs spread apart wider in response. My mouth clenched tighter around his cock and grammy began to suck on his meaty dick furiously. Christ I needed to be fucked, so desperately needed to be fucked, even if it was my grandson. He rammed more fingers into my hungry twat and I began to fuck his fingers by pulsing my hips and legs. I swallowed all his cock into my mouth.
Cum Craving Grannies part 2.

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Grandma's Horny

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