Cum Craving Grannies part 1. - granny,black,mature erotic story

There is a lady I frequently see at Church. She is older than I, late 50's I guessed. Sandy brown hair to her shoulders. She dresses stylishly, suggesting that she came from money and still possesses it. She is pretty enough for her age, and her figure, though well rounded, remains very feminine. She often sits at the back of the church behind all the other church goers, alone with the exception of a young man that others say is her grandson.

Though they seemed like a typical grandson and grandmother, something struck me as odd about them. I would watch them carefully from the corner of my eye as the priest droned on. They sat close, too close. Her hand often appeared to be over his lap or groin, and even appeared to be moving back and forth or up and down from time to time. And she often laid too far back in the narrow bend seat, with her other hand seemingly positioned over her own legs or crotch. And I noticed during prayers that she would lower her face very far downward for praying. After some such occurrences I noticed her mouth move in a manner that suggested repeated swallowing. And I observed how her tongue would repeatedly lick at her lips and she would swallow again. I also noticed how she would smile at the boy who would appear to check her face and sometimes raise a finger to swipe something from her cheek or chin. She would then quickly engulf his finger between her lips and eagerly suck his finger clean of whatever it was that he had found clinging her to face. After she gingerly swallowed down what he had offered she would open her pursue and apply a fresh coat of lipstick, smiling to him sweetly afterward with her newly coated bright red painted lips.

Now they might have thought that they were fooling folks with their innocent demeaner, but I had sucked off enough cocks in my day and had swallowed down enough loads of goop to know when a man was feeding a load of semen to a woman. And I knew the look on a woman's face who was enjoying the deliciously tasty process of swallowing it all into her belly. So one day after church when she was attending alone I introduced myself and invited her to tea. Once seated and with our drinks in hand I confronted her and said that I knew what she was doing and that unless she confessed all to me then and there that I would be informing the priest of her actions and have her expelled from the church.

She had been a long-time church member and was held in high esteem and the threat of revealing her little secret caused her to break down and begin to plead emphatically for me not to tell. With a little more pressure she agreed to disclose to me her entire story. Below I tell it to you, essentially in her words as she told it to me. And because she was such a co-operative and naughty lady, I kept their little secret just that, and now often sit in the back with them positioned beside the boy. Not having to sneak peaks any more now I diligently watch as she extracts his penis from his pants and strokes through the church hour. I watch as she forces up her dress to reveal a pantiless bottom and enjoy watching her slide a dildo hidden in her pursue into her older but still evidently very horny snatch. And then I watch as well when the boy is ready to cum and as she drops down her head to have her cheeks filled with semen. When I am feeling naught I also raise my skirt and let the boy run his fingers over my legs and through my hairy bush and offer to hold his cock and stroke it while she is busy dildo fucking herself. And from time to time I have even lowered my own head and sucked briefly on that delicious young cock. I have never been able to resist the temptation to take a young man's cock into my mouth when presented with the opportunity!


I was delighted when my daughter called and asked if my grandson could stay the summer with me while he looked for work, having just finished high school and turning 18 earlier than year. My husband and I had broken up many years ago and my only daughter had moved all the way north to Michigan, and so I seldom got to see her and her son. I was married young, and so was she, so though I was a grandmother I was only 56 years old. I had never re-married, making my church and the related activities the focus of my life. I guess I could have found another man. Though I had gained weight over the years, up to a size 14 now, I thought my curves were still appealing enough to catch a fellow if I had wanted. Many men would stare at my calves or my chest, which had grown to a respectable DD with the extra weight I had put on. But I could never find the energy or enthusiasm to build another long-term relationship. I missed the sex, terribly some days, but my heart was broken from the divorce and I remained alone. So the prospect of companionship and getting the opportunity to bond with my grandson was warmly welcomed.

Robert was a strong tall sturdy young man. Handsome and charming with a few pimples, we hit it off right away. I would take him to movies and make dinner, while he would accompany me on long evening walks and help me with my shopping. His only habit that shocked me was his never ending need to masturbate. I guess this is normal for men his age, but I wasn't acquainted with the process. I saw him once stroking himself when he failed to fully close his bedroom door. And I would find the underwear and sheets stained in semen when I would do the wash. But, boys are boys, and I accepted the behaviour, never raising attention to the matter.

One morning after he ate breakfast and heading out to look for work I gathered up the bedsheets to do the laundry. When I pulled down his blanket I saw that his bedsheet was covered in semen. There was a big thick pool of it in the middle of the bed. I hadn't seen a man's ejaculate in many years now, but knew clearly what it was from the sight. Scooping up the sheet and carrying it down the stairs the semen spot was on the top of the sheet, barely an inch from my nose. The manly smell of cum filled my nostrils and reminded me of how I used to love licking up and devouring my husband's semen many years before.

Staring at the cum and pulling the sexually impregnated fragrance deep into my nostrils while remembering back to how much I loved eating cum I felt my vagina tingle and get suddenly wet. Holding the bedsheets in one hand while standing at the bottom of the stairs I shoved the other hand down my pajama bottoms and began to finger my clit. Living my life alone I masturbated frequently and had many toys in my room to arouse myself with, but this was different. My vagina was on fire and the sight and smell of the still wet and thick pool of semen just under my face made me begin to rub my clit furiously.

I felt myself about to orgasm and as I did so I unconsciously thrust the bedsheet toward my face and wrapping my lips around the cum soaked material began to suck and lick at it furiously, sucking up and gulping down all those precious and delicious cum juices. Once my orgasm was complete I looked down at what I had done. Oh my God, I had just eaten my grandson's semen. I had licked and sucked it off the bedsheet and swallowed it all down eagerly. I felt so ashamed. I started the wash and stared at myself in the mirror. What kind of woman was I? I was a woman of God, a good person, a caring grandmother. I said to myself that I was simply caught up in the moment and that it meant nothing and that I would never do it again. But I could still taste cum on my lips and in the back on my throat. I thought of how fantastic is was to taste semen again. I licked my lips hoping the flavor would last the rest of the day. I was a bad woman and would most certainly go to hell for this.

As the days passed, I tried to forget about the taste of semen, but my grandson jerked off so much he left semen everywhere. I would find it on his bedsheets in the morning. When he went for a shower I would inspect his discarded underwear and they were often coated in the stuff. When he went to the bathroom and suspiciously took too long I would inspect the room afterward and often find the toilet lid dripping of semen. I tried to ignore the smell and sight of cum throughout my house, but found that I now masturbated constantly and could not resist rummaging through the house looking for where more semen might be.

I couldn't take it any more, and one day, I crashed. I watched as Robert went to the shower in his towel. I entered his room. I inspected the underwear that he had just removed. Christ. The inside front was covered in thick cum. How was a woman supposed to resist this temptation. With my ability to resist completely shattered I began to rub my clit and placing the sweet scented cloth to my lips I licked up a big gob of semen. It felt like heaven on my tongue and I savored the flavor as I let it slowly slide down my throat and into my belly. I licked up the remaining blobs of ejaculate and then placing his soaked underwear in my mouth began to suck the cum out of the material. I loved the taste and wanted more. I heard the shower running and thought of his naked lean young body and the thick hard prick that generated all this beautiful tasty lovely cum.

After that I was addicted to Robert's cum. Each day I would scramble through the house seeking cum sources to lick, suck and eat. In the morning I would get on all fours on his bed and lick and suck at the bedsheet, desperately trying to fill my mouth with the flavor of cum. Once removed I would quickly steal his underwear. Those pairs especially soaked in cum I would hoard away in my room, buying him new one's to replace them. Sucking and licking the underwear I would then place them under my blanket and pillow, letting the thick heavy aroma of semen fill my room as I collected more and more pairs. And after he used the bathroom I would make an excuse to use the facilities myself. It was a happy day indeed when I would find cum dripping from the toilet seat, or when the seat was up, covering the toilet rim and dripping down the side of the toilet, or splattered on the floor around the toilet. Locking the door and getting on my hands and knees I would carefully eat up all the cum I could find, licking it up off the toilet seat, even off the toilet bowel and rim and licking it up off the floor. I scrubbed the bathroom frequently to make the task less vulgar, but no matter how dirty the bathroom was, not a drop of cum would be ever wasted again. With underwear and bedsheets much of the cum was already absorbed. But in the bathroom it was just sitting there, proud and beautiful, white and milky, presented on smooth porcelain, a delicious dish for my eager mouth and belly.

I tried to be a good grandmother and keep my grandson innocent to my obsession with eating his cum. I would let him jerk off frequently every day, as he was already doing, and he would never be any the wiser that his grandmother was running around behind him sucking up his cum as quickly as he deposited it. I got back sexual passion in my life, he got to play with himself all he wanted, and no harm was done.

But as time passed by the problem occurred that I wanted a better source of fresh cum. The cum I got to lick up was either already largely lost in a cloth material, or was lost down the toilet. I knew my grandson's penis could generate prodigious amounts of perfect young tasty cum every day and so I contrived ways to get my grandson to jerk off more often.

I noticed that he would sometimes stare at me in a manner that made me feel as if he were exploring my figure. He didn't seem to be making an acquaintances in my town as we spent most of our free time together. And he was a horny young man. So though much older than him, I guess I did present a female target. To test my theory on some days I would wear a short dress that revealed my legs, or a low top that exposed my ample cleavage. His rate of gawking at me did increase substantially. He seemed to particularly eye my cleavage when I leaned forward. This I knew I could use to my advantage. I started wearing more revealing clothes when we were alone in the house, often simply not wearing a bra under a thin T-shirt or wearing a blouse without a bra and with the top buttons undone. I would deliberately let my tits bounce as I walked and bend down forward frequently in front of him to offer him a deep view of my hanging cleavage. He was very interested in my bust line and this definitely created a marked improvement on his frequency of jerking off and therefore the volume of my cum ingestion.

The other consequence of my provocative behaviour was that I noticed that he now had a tendency to jerk off in more places throughout the house and that many of these places tended to be focused on me. It must have added to the excitement for him as perhaps he imaged what my breasts looked like bare as he stroked himself. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen and this seemed to be a particular area of focus for him. Sometimes I would find semen on the kitchen floor, the kitchen counter or the dinner table. He would cum on various plates and in coffee cups that he knew I tended to use. I found that he had also started to cum in my bedroom, on my bedside table, in my bras and panties, and over my pillow and bedsheets.

He was a very naughty boy, behaving in such a despicable manner with his grandmothers belongings. And I loved it! Finding cum on the kitchen floor or on a plate I would quickly lick it up, enjoying my extra and unexpected treat. I removed the underwear of his I had been hoarding in my room and washing them replaced them in his bureau, not wanting him to discover them. I didn't need them anymore anyway, now my pillow was saturated with his semen as she jerked off frequently upon it. Of course I never mentioned these episodes to him as this would have been embarrassing. So the fact that he was shooting his load all over my possessions and that I was eagerly gobbling up the cum as I found it remained a secret.

So now I had more cum to savor and enjoy but my evil and dirty mind continued to contrive more ways that my grandson could produce deposits of his semen specifically for his grandmother to feast upon. One day when I returned home I noticed semen on the glass dining table. Rather than gobble it up right away, as was my normal habit, instead I asked my grandson to prepare us lunch. Sitting with my sandwich beside the cum pool as we ate I deliberately drew attention to the liquid. "Oh dear," I exclaimed, "I am losing all the sauce from my sandwich!" And as he watched I deliberately slid a finger through the liquid pool and then raised my finger to my mouth. I saw that his eyes almost burst as I licked the semen from my fingertip. "Mmmm, God, that is delicious Robert. You are a phenomenal chef! How did you make that incredible special sauce? Do you have any more for your grandmother to eat?"

" like it? You want more?" I heard him stutter.

"Like it, I love it. How do you make it? Promise to make more for grandma every day!" I pleaded.

An evil smirk came across Robert's lips. "I can't tell you how I made it grammy and it is a secret recipe I learned while flipping burgers one summer. But I do promise to make more of it for you every day."

"Thank-you so much Robert, I absolutely love it! " I exclaimed. He then watched as I leaned forward and licked the remaining semen from off the table. "Mmm, delicious!" I added. "It would make an excellent breakfast side dish, or after supper dessert."

That night as I sat on the couch watching TV Robert entered the room and announced that he had prepared some of his secret sauce for me earlier that day and had kept it refrigerated for me and asked if I wanted it now as a dessert. I said most certainly and waited eagerly while he went to the kitchen to fetch my cum feeding. Robert returned, holding a small dish and a spoon. "Here is your secret sauce grammy." he said with an evil but seductive grin as he sat down beside me. I said "Grammy is tired. You feed it to me please." And laying back on the couch I opened my mouth wide and stared up at Robert, waiting for him to feed me his goop. Sitting down beside me Robert scooped up a spoon full of the sauce and placed the spoon between my lips. Staring into my grandson's eyes I closed my lips around the spoon and then he pulled the spoon slowly from my mouth. My grandson had just deposited the first load of his semen into my mouth. I smacked my lips and licked my mouth as I let the cold fluid slowly run down my throat, savoring the nice big mouthful of semen. Immediately I wanted more.

"Mmmm, God, even better than at lunch!" I exclaimed. "More please." I begged, opening my mouth wide again for my grandson. I gulped down the second spoonful. And the third. Disappointingly, that was it. I took the spoon and bowl from him and sucked the spoon clean and licked the bowl out. He watched enthusiastically as my tongued lashed at the inside of the bowl eagerly seeking every last drop of semen.

"You sure like secret sauce grammy." He said.

"Oh yes, grammy loves your secret sauce darling. But I am still so hungry for more. You made that earlier today. Can't you go into the kitchen now and quickly whip up some more for grammy?" With a grin he said that he would be back soon, and true to his word soon returned with a fresh bowel of secret sauce for grammy. Spoon feeding me the cum that he had obviously just jerked off to produce I praised him on his skills as I enjoyed the second batch of semen. "Oh ... my ... God! This is absolutely to die for! So much better fresh darling, so warn and smooth and tasty!"

"I'm so glad you like it grammy, I love feeding it to you!" Robert exclaimed. I told him that from now on I always wanted it served fresh, and that he had better have more ready for breakfast, as my appetite was still not satisfied. I said that grammy would now need some for breakfast, lunch and supper every day as a minimum and ideally as often as possible. Robert smiled and said that he would work hard to ensure that I got all the secret sauce that he could prepare for me. Enjoying the remaining evening together I was delighted when Robert brought me one more serving of his special sauce before I retired to bed for the night. Laying in bed I could not resist the urge to rub my clit and pussy to orgasm, thinking about the three feeding of cum I had been served that night, and knowing that now there would be many more to cum ... come. No more having to suck underwear and lick toilet bowels for me!

In the morning I was surprised when Robert entered my room and nudged me awake. "Time for your morning special sauce feeding." He announced. Oh, I thought, breakfast in bed, how nice. In his hand he held a small bowel. Placing it on the bedside stand he helped me to sit up. "Oops." He announced. "I forgot the spoon. Oh well, I will just have to finger feed you." Robert explained with a broad smile. Running his finger through the cum he offered a big gob to me. I eagerly and willingly opened my mouth to receive my prize.

Placing his finger in my mouth I clamped my lips around it and sucked off the cum as he extracted his finger. "Mmmm, delicious." I said. It was. Nice and fresh and still warm, just how I loved it! He had obviously just finished jerking off into the bowel for me. "More please." I begged. He fed me more cum on his fingertip and I gladly sucked it and swallowed down the reward. After a half dozen finger loads of cum the bowel was empty. Disappointed I took the bowel from him and began to lick it out. "More secret sauce soon?" I pleaded. "I think I am addicted to it, I need all I can get." I added.

"That's the idea." He said under his breath as he got up and gathered the bowel.

"What was that dear grandson?" I inquired.

"Looking back he replied "I said you will get another belly fully soon grandma."
Cum Craving Grannies part 1.

Cum Craving Grannies part 1.

Cum Craving Grannies part 1.

I fucked my old mom

I fucked my old mom

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