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As I said before, after my son was born, Vanessa's sexual appetite changed, where as before we did the usual sexy things, sex outdoors, and dressing up. The there was the role play, 'MY WIFE THE CALL GIRL'. But this was different, and it was unexpected. read on ...

Remember my wife, the Call Girl?
Well as I said before, after the birth of our son, my wife Vanessa’s hormones seemed to go mad, and her sexual appetite grew, experimenting and playing out fantasies as well of course as roll play, as demonstrated in “My wife the Call Girl”

It was a Friday night, and we had decided to go out on the town, first a meal, and then onto a club or pub. Vanessa came down the stairs looking drop dead Gorgeous, wearing a short black evening dress, commonly known as a little black number, I could see the lacy tops of her hold up’s as she descended the stairs, at the bottom she slipped on her black high heels, as she leaned forward and bent her knee to slip one on, her short dress rode up at the back, and bared mum, the thong must have been pulled into her cheeks, as it wasn’t visible.

I moved over towards her and stroked the left cheek of her bum, she stud up with a start, she hadn’t heard me close the gap between us, and it made her jump. The she laughed and said, behave, we have a table booked, she put on the other shoe, and pulled her dress back down over her bum and straightened hers up. The dress was backless, and so she had no bra on, this was very noticeable, as her nipples were on display, not hugely so, but noticeably so.

We arrived at the Restaurant at 8pm, and we were shown to our seats straight away, it was busy, as there were a couple of small parties going on around us, one 50th birthday, one girls 21st, and a hen party, this was the slightly noisy one. We ordered our food, and the waiter poured the wine, then left the bottle, and removed himself, not before he had a good look down the front of Vanessa’s dress. Which he didn’t even appear to hide.

As we sipped our wine and chatted, I noticed that Vanessa was peering over my shoulders as we spoke, I just had a quick look around, to see what had caught her eye, but there was just the Hen party behind me. Then out of the blue, she changed the subject. She asked me, if you had a choice of any of the women at the table behind you, which would you pick? Pardon, I replied. You heard me correctly she said, which one, she asked again. Bit of an odd question to ask your husband darling, I said. Just hypothetically, she said, which one, then she leaned across the table, and I tilted my head so as to allow her lips close to my ear. Which one would you like to fuck? I sat back in my chair, and stared at her in amazement. A smile came to her lips as she took a sip of wine. Go on she said, which one and why?

I twisted slightly so I could look without it being obvious that I was staring, after a few looks I returned to looking at my wife. So which one she asked. I think the one with the short blond hair looks nice, she has an attractive face, her boobs, from what I can see look ample, she has nice lips and from here that’s all I can see, but yes, I think her, she suits the short hair too. Wow said Vanessa, how odd is that? What is odd I said, that you picked the same one as me. What do you mean I asked? Well I chose the same one she replied. You chose a woman that you think that I would (then in a whispered) fuck I said. She just smiled and drank more wine. I noticed that whatever she was thinking, was arousing her, because her nipples were now very obvious and protruding nicely.

The waiter arrived with our starter, and he too noticed the nipple erection through Vanessa’s dress, so much so, that he gave us the wrong plates, then he left, Vanessa smiled as she swapped the plates around. Are you cold I said, she looked at her own nipples, laughed and said, no not at all Darling. As we were eating our main course, the Waiter had found as many opportunities as possible to come to the table and gaze upon nipple erection. But it made me proud, she was my wife, and those babies were mine to play with. He could only look in envy.

I felt a slight kick under the table, and with a mouth full of pasta, I looked up at Vanessa, she was indicating with her head, for me to look at something, I followed her gaze until it was to the side of me. The woman with the short blond hair, was walking past me, in the direction of the bathroom. She had a wonderful figure, not thin yet not fat, curvy with nice hips, she was wearing a dress, dark blue, the neck line was square, and showed off the tops of her boobs, the bottom was cut at an angle, high on one side, and low at the other, the high side was at the top of her thigh, and the low side just below her knee. As she passed our table, I noticed that Vanessa was watching her every inch of the way, and I am sure that the Woman noticed also, as she gave a sideways glance and little smile as she went bye.

Yes, said Vanessa, defiantly the one, I laughed and agreed with her, very sexy I said. And we continued to finish the dinner, a few minutes later, the woman returned, I could now have a full on front view of her, she had largish boobs, she had a lovely leg and I’m sure that the other one watched, but only the one was visible. She was very curvy thin at the hips, but fuller from the boobs and again from her hips to her thighs, owl glass type, but a proper woman figure. Vanessa was taking in this sight also, as I glanced back over at her, I saw her give that smile again, and looked up, the woman returned the smile, and then smiled at me also.

We left the restaurant and made our way to a club close by, it was raining now, so the closer the better. It wasn’t a loud mad music and arms in the air type of club, the music was actually music, 70’s music, and you could hear one another speaking, it reminded me of the old disco’s (please bring them back someone) we found a booth, and the waiter came around, we ordered a bottle of wine, she also brought some snacks. We sat back and sipped the wine. Something came on and Vanessa started moving to the beat, dance she asked. Ok I replied, and we hit the dance floor, after a few tracks, we returned to our booth, we filled the glasses again, which emptied the bottle, I waved the empty bottle in the air, and within a few mins, another arrived.

We were both feeling a little giddy now, and we started kissing, the booths were reasonably private, only open to the dance floor and visible to the bar. We got more passionate, and tongues began to slip in and out of each other’s mouths, I slipped my hand onto Vanessa’s knee, and up her thigh, the dress was now where in touching distance, then I felt it just over her crotch, I slipped my fingers onto her pussy, and found that it wasn’t covered, she had no nickers or thong, my penis twitched with excitement, as we continued to kiss deeply, all I could taste was wine on her tongue. She slipped a hand onto my crotch, felt my stiffening cock, and took it in her hand, through my pants and squeezed it. Down boy she said, as we broke away from kissing, lest not get carried away now, this is very public.

We charged our Glasses and continued to drink, we were having a laugh over something, when a group of women passed our booth, through the half-light I noticed the blond from the Italian restaurant, they walked passed and were seated at a booth opposite and to the right of us, Vanessa also noticed the part, only of 6 or 7. We were watching them really without knowing we were, as we kept up our banter. A few of them got up to dance, the all-Girls together dance, but without handbags between them. Nothing like seeing a few women gyrating and swinging their hips and boobs in time to a good tune. Vanessa excused herself and headed for the ladies’ room.

Upon her return, I did the same, I walked to the loo, the men’s was across the dance floor, so I scooted around the edge, as I passed the few ladies dancing, I couldn’t help but watch the blond, she was really in the mood, swinging herself like no one was watching, but they were, me for one. When I got to the loo and stood in front of the basin, let my fly down and began to pee, I noticed that there was an amount of pre-cum which came out first, I must have been a little more aroused than first thought, I thought to myself, with an inward smile.

I finished, washed my hands, and made my way back to the booth, but as I looked across at our booth, it was empty, no sign of my wife. I looked over to the bar, then thought, she must have gone to the loo again, women and bladders ha ha. But when I arrived at the booth and seated myself, as I

glanced around, there on the dance floor, along with the small Hen group, was Vanessa, gyrating away with the best of them, she was chatting away to the blond as she did so, they kept leaning into one another, as words were exchanged, and laughs erupted from the group. What the hell I thought, as long as she is enjoying herself, I’m not much of a dancer anyway. After a good half hour, she returned to the booth, very hot and sweaty. Wow that was good she said, reminded me of dancing around my hand bag with mates, back in the day.

We were now on our third bottle of wine, and it was getting on a bit, some of the Hen part were getting up to go, as they passed they waved goodbye and smiled at Vanessa, the only two left, were the blond (who I discovered was called Charlie) and a rather tall thin lady with a fantastic bum, which wiggled so sexy in her tight jeans. They both got up and collected their things, and headed for the door, as they arrived at our booth, the tall lady turned to Charlie and in a slightly tipsy state, planted a kiss on her lips and said Night huni see you next weekend, and walked away.

Charlies asked if she could join us, and we both agreed in unison, she sat to the left of Vanessa, who was facing me on the curved seating. Are you not going with your friends I asked? No I’m good for a while yet, but didn’t want to sit alone, so I hope you don’t mind, I nodded. I offered her a glass of wine, and she accepted. After a few sips, she asked Vanessa. Another dance? I like this tune. Vanessa accepted and the strode onto the dance floor, they were dancing closely and chatting away as they did so. I was feeling the effects now of the wine and the heat. 2 Tunes played and they danced their hearts out. When they came back, both were damp with sweat.

Charlie was telling Vanessa about the mad things they had done to the bride to be, and it was funny, but she kept putting her hand on Vanessa’s knee as she told the story and laughed, Vanessa exchanged these touches and seemed comfortable with it. I asked Charlie where she lived, she leaned across Vanessa, to reply, and as she did, she placed her hand high up on Vanessa’s thigh, once again the hem of my wife’s dress was up under her bum. And only just covering her pussy at the front, if indeed at all. Charlie told me where she lived, about 20 miles away, and she was a dental nurse in town. She leaned back towards he seat and as she levelled with Vanessa’s face, they made eye contact, that stopped them both moving at all, just for a few seconds, no one spoke, and no one moved.

In the silence, and even the music seemed to go quiet, there was connection between them, Charlies put her other hand on the back of Vanessa’s head, and gently pulled her forward and kissed her, one small kiss on the lips, then let her back again. Vanessa leaned in, this time without assistance, and returned the kiss, and also pulled back, then they both leaned forward, met and as they did, Charlie said something to Vanessa, Vanesa opened her mouth a little, and her tongue protruded, Charlie too it between her lips, and sucked it into her own mouth, and they began to kiss deeply, Charlies hand moved from its position on Vanessa’s thigh, up towards her pussy, Vanessa grabbed Charlie’s hand and stopped it, putting it back on her thigh. I heard her say, slightly breathless, not here, too public.

I was shocked, horny as hell but shocked, Charlies whispered something into Vanessa’s ear, and Vanessa replied, then Charlies said something else, Vanessa pondered the question, she looked up, then looked at me, then replied to Charlie, Charlie said something else, and they both nodded to one another.

Vanessa leaned towards me. Darling, Charlie asked if she can come home with us, you can see what just happened, and I would like to peruse it further, if that is ok! I stuttered in agreement, then she said, there are ground rules though, she isn’t sure about you penetrating her, come to think of it, I’m not sure I would like that either, but we will see. So you can watch and you can join in, but only fuck me. Ok Darling? I was speechless, well almost, I got the word “yes” out, and told my cock to calm down.

We finished our wine, and headed to the door, outside it was still raining, so we hailed a cab, we dived into it and gave the driver the address, only 10 mins by cab, we pulled up outside our home. Wow said Charlie, nice place. we entered and took off our wet jackets. Vanessa took Charlie’s hand and led her into the lounge, we have a huge L shaped sofa, and the sat down in the middle. Drinks and mood music Darling said Vanessa. No sooner said, then it was done, I lit the feature gas fire and lowered the lights.

I noticed that my wife’s nipples were erect again, I wasn’t sure if it was the rain, or the anticipation which was to come, but regardless, they were magnificent. I placed a couple of drinks on the coffee table next to them, and they both took a good swallow of the Brandy. I stood with my back to the fire. Charlies leaned into Vanessa and said. Now where were we, and smiled, Vanessa also smiled and with that they began where they had left off, the kissing became deep and very tongue orientated, Charlies put her hand on My wife’s boob, and moved from one to the other, cupping them, then rubbing the palm of her hand, over the nipples, which caused Vanessa to moan a little with a sight of approval.

Vanessa leaned back into the sofa, allowing Charlie to lean across her body and take control, my cock was already stood to attention, as my bum gat hot with the fire. I watched as Charlies hand came down onto Vanessa’s thigh, and stroked it’s way upwards, I could plainly see her pussy from where I was not sitting, in the “lazy boy” her little black number was somewhere up behind her back and the front not covering her thighs at all. Charlie stroked her way into Vanessa’s crotch, and then I heard her say. Mmmmmm no knickers, naughty and sexy, Vanessa let out a little murmur, and flinched, and as she did so, her legs parted a little. Charlies was really into kissing, I thought she was going to devour Vanessa, her head was going from one side to the other, tongues were being sucked and loud kissing noises were erupting from between them.

I saw Charlies hand moving up and down on Vanessa’s pussy and Vanessa was emitting sounds of pleasure, Charlie eased away from kissing and pulled Vanessa forward, she was trying to unclip the top of the dress, the eye clip is hard to undo, so I walked around the back of the sofa (my cock sticking right out, making my trousers look like the proverbial tent). as I put my hand on top of Charlies, and she retracted hers. I undid the clip, and lowered the zipper, Vanessa looked up at me and gave a smile, her lips and chin were glistening with moisture, saliva from kissing.

I moved away and sat at the end of the sofa, a good 4 feet away from them. Charlie pulled the front of Vanessa’s dress and Vanessa wriggled her shoulders free from it, the top dropped to her waist, revealing her gorgeous boobs and nipples. Charlies smiled with delight, and said, Gorgeous tits and nipples you have here babes. And with that went down onto them, she was taking great delight in flicking the nipples with her tongue, holding the boob with a hand and feeding the nipples into her mouth as she massaged them one at a time. Vanessa had her eyes closed and was smiling, head thrown back her hair all messed up as she ran her fingers through it. Charlies other hand, was
between Vanessa’s legs, and I could see the movement, she was finger fucking my wife, now and then I heard a squelch, as juices came. I moved along the sofa, and stroked Charlie's back, her neck was damp, but not with rain any more, she was hot with passion, I stroked her neck, she didn’t rebuff my touch, I found her fasteners, and started to unclip her dress, which was most certainly impeding her movements, as I undid the last clip she whispered, pull it off me. I did this, I pulled it off her shoulders, and it sat on her hips and around her waist. Her tits were free, and her nipples were as erect as Vanessa’s were. I put my hands under them and cupped them, feeling the nipples with a finger, and rubbing the tips of them. Vanessa was looking me in the eye and half smiling, half flinching to the finger fucking and nipple sucking she was getting from Charlies.

Charlie's lifted from Vanessa’s tits, still with fingers working in Vanessa’s pussy, she knelt on the floor in front of Vanessa, and put her head between Vanessa’s thighs, Vanessa had spread her legs as far as possible to allow Charlie full and easy access to her pussy, and Charlie's took all the advantage of this she could. I came around the side of my wife, and knelt on the sofa, I began kissing her, I could taste wine, her mouth was wet, her face was wet, her lips slippery with Charlie's Saliva as well as her own, as I kissed her, deeply trying to duplicate the kissing Charlie's had inflicted upon her tongue and mouth. I was fondling at tit and nipples, I moved my head to her tits, I love my wife’s tits and nipples at the best of times.

As I worked my tongue and mouth on her tits, I was watching Charlie sucking, licking and finger fucking Vanessa’s pussy, she was working away, the noises that were being made, due to Vanessa’s juices flowing were amazing. Charlies looked me in the eye, from between my wife’s thigh’s, my God I thought, this has to be the sexiest, most sensually arousing scene anyone could wish for, my cock was ridged, and I could feel cum in my underpants. Vanessa took hold of my head, and pulled me, making me move upwards towards her, I knelt next to her. Her hand went onto my erection, she had her eyes closed and she was thrusting small thrusts with her hips into Charlie’s face.

She unclipped my trousers top, and as she did so my zipper gave way to the pressure my cock was putting onto it. She eased it out of my under pants, and I pulled both trousers and trunks down to my knees, then she took hold of my cock and started to masturbate me, she tested the bell end with her finger, and found pre-cum all over it, she rubbed this in with thumb and finger. Then without warning she began to thrust, jerk and shout, she was shouting, I’m coming, tongue fuck me, finger fuck me I’m coming, her grip on my cock was painful, almost cutting off circulation, then she rose off the sofa, her bum in the air, as she exploded I could hear gurgling noises and the sound of someone struggling to breath, I looked down, and Vanessa had locked her legs around Charlie’s head, and was forcing her face into her pussy. As the climax subsided, Vanessa eased the hold on Charlie's head, Charlie was still licking her pussy, but this was too much, Vanessa pushed her head away, and just lay there shuddering and twitching.

I could smell her cum. as Charlie's pulled away, and rose from her knees, smiling, her face wet through with cum, her dress fell the rest of the way off, to the floor, revealing a trimmed pussy, the pubic hair was shaped into a heart, just above her pussy, it was short and neat, otherwise she was smooth, as she turned around to pick up the discarded dress, I noticed a tattoo on the right cheek of her bum, it was a cupid, with arrow bow and all. She caught me looking at it, Drunken night in Benidorm she said. What was? pipped up Vanessa, who was slowly getting her breath back, this tattoo I said, touching Charlie's cheek. Nice tattoo, as far as they go she said, we had a giggle.

Vanessa rose from the sofa, I noticed her hand trembling, are you ok? I asked, oh my God am I, and she smiled at Charlie, she too removed the little black number from her waist, and let it hit the floor, she was about to remove her Hold up’s, but Charlie grabbed her hand, leave them on babes, you
look so sexy just wearing those. She said. Charlie laid down on the sofa, and pulled Vanessa down with her, have you ever gone down on a woman before? Asked Charlie. Vanessa replied, no, I have dreamed about it, fantasize about it, watched films with lesbians, I have been so turned on that I have watched and used my vibrator, but actually doing it No. Well said Charlies, all those nice feelings I have just given you, you just do to me, what you know makes you happy, and it will do the same to me. They began kissing, Vanessa laying onto of Charlie, I began stroking Vanessa’s bum as she wiggled back and forth, their pussies rubbing together.

Then Vanessa worked her way down Charlie’s body, fondling her tits, her tits were big, bigger than I had expected, but not too large nipples, or so I thought, as soon as my wife started working on them, they came to life, my God, long large hard nipples, the wetness of my wife’s saliva making them glisten I the light. These were obviously sensitive, because Charlie threw her head back, and reeled with pleasure, oh yes babes, yes suck them hard, she said to Vanessa. And Vanessa did so, Charlie pulled Vanessa’s head down onto her tits, I was stood right next to them, watching this awesome sight. I had discarded my trousers and was stood only in my Trunks, shirt open, my cock was erect and there was a distinctive wet patch at the tip in my trunks.

Vanessa slipped a hand down between Charlie’s thighs and the sound Charlie let out was one of approval, with a short thrust upwards. Charlie turned to see me standing there watching the scene before me, she smiled and winked, as her face changed in expression, depending what My wife was doing to her. She reached out a hand, and took hold of my cock, gave a good grip on it, then let go, she put her hand on the waistband, and tugged downwards. I helped remove them. I stood with my cock pointing at her, she took hold again and began to put it back and forth, pulling the foreskin right back over the tip, then back off it, watching every movement. If Vanessa made her jerk with pleasure, I felt it in the movement on my cock.

I knew that I wouldn’t last long, I had been dribbling pre-cum for over an hour or so already. Vanessa moved down into position between Charlie’s thighs, Charlie's threw one leg over the back of the sofa, and the other one around Vanessa’s head, knee bent so as to hold her in place. I heard the licking begin and Charlie's grabbed my cock so hard as she tensed with sensual pleasure, her nerve ends electrified, her eyes wide open, and her tongue licking her lips, I looked down and could see that Vanessa was also finger fucking Charlie, This sight and Charlie's pumping was amazing enough, but when she pulled me towards her, inverted the hold on my cock, and pulled me to her face, well, she flicked the tip of my penis with her tongue, and then opened her mouth and pursed her lips around the tip, closed her lips tight and then worked the tip with her tongue, then she sucked hard as she pumped me. I felt my knees go weak, my breathing speed up and the juices began to surge, I felt a little light headed as me cum shot up my shaft, she pulled me out of her mouth, just in time to see me cum shoot over her tits, she pumped me dry, then let go. Closed her eyes and laid back, to enjoy my wife’s attention.
And the night is still young…
My Wife's Fantasy

First time anal, sex story

First time anal, sex story

My slut wife

My slut wife

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