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Daisy was 20 yrs old and got a summer job as a secretary for a architectural firm her boss Matt was a great guy he was great to work for on top of all that it didn't seem to bother him that Daisy was a male to female transexual.

Daisy was 5'7' tall 130 lbs she had brown curly hair she had 34 c cup tits and really nice ass she was all women except for her little she cock between her legs. But unless she came out and told people they thought she was all women .

She had been working for matt for about a month now and she loved it he was such a easy going guy she was very attracted to Matt but knew he was married so she tried to keep her flirting to a minimum. One after Daisy and Matt were having lunch in his office Daisy was really flirting with matt and as they sat next to each other matt put his hand on Daisy's thigh they looked at each other and Daisy leaned in and began to kiss matt passionately they were heavily making out now hands wondering each others bodys Daisy grabbed matt's huge cock witch was now bulging at his pants and unzipped and released his big cock anf began to rub it Matt looked at Daisy and said i dont know if we should do this.

Reality hit both and Daisy stoped rubbing his cock and ran out of the office. Daisy had lunch at her desk for the next few days avoiding Matt as much as possible. Then Matt paged her to come to his office Daisy went in to the office and matt said look about the other day I haven't been able to stop thinking about you and walked towards Daisy and began kissing her they were slipping each other tongue and were embraced feeling each other's bodys matt eas rubbing Daisy's tits this turned Daisy on and she was rubbing his thick cock as they kissed Daisy uzipped his pants and pulled his cock out she just wanted to suck ot so bad so she dropped to her knees and put matts cock in her mouth and began to lick it tip down to his balls all Daisy could think about is putting this big cock in her ass she stood up anf looked at matt i want you to fuck me she said matt bent her over his desk and lubed ip his cock and Daisy's hot shemale ass and began to slowly work it in anf out of her ass.

Just then the door flew open to his office matts wife Liz stood there looking at her husband fucking another women. What the fuck she said but a part of her also was inteaged with the fact that her husband was fucking Daisy and decided to join the fun she came around the desk took off her pants and spread her legs and said to Daisy eat my wet pussy u sexy whore then then Liz realized oh this one got a dick oh you sexy shmale eat my pussy bitch so there they were matt was fucking Daisy's ass while she was e liking Liz's pussy everyone moaning with pleasure Daisy could feel matts cock getting bigger in knew he wad about to cum Liz kept asking her husband ate u ready to cum cum in that tight ass i wanna see u cum in this bitches ass eventually matt couldnt hold back any more and he shot jtes of hot cum into Daisy's tight ass Daisy was moaning with pleasure.

Liz looked at Daisy and said you're cock work i want u fuck my pussy liz went down on Daisy's little shecock and began to suck it it didn't take long before Daisy's cock was hard and Liz straddled her cock and sat on it and started riding Daisy's cock matt and Liz made out while Liz fucked Daisy Liz rode her cock and Daisy knew she was about to orgasm liz I'm gonna cum moaned Daisy and with that she filled Liz's pussy full of she cum after matt and Daisy liked Liz's pussy and ate the cum that was running out Daisys job eas not the same after that and she would continue to fuck matt and Liz for the whole summer
Cum and pussies

The boyfriend's dad fucking me

The boyfriend's dad fucking me

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Cum swap fest

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