Cheating, consensual sex - cheating, consensual sex, blowjob erotic story

I loved playing X-Box, and was pretty good at it. I could play three sports with relative skill. I did so-so in school, and could have done much better if I'd really tried. I had over thirty sexual fantasies per day. I dreamed about owning a car, but couldn't afford one. I worked to make a little spending money, but not enough to put on a résumé. And, I had a sister, though I suppose that's not something that you could call being average.

I wasn’t all that muscled up although I had abs. I was a lean boy with dark blue eyes, pale lips and light freckles on my light skin. I had come about with a height of 6’1. My older sister, Sara, was blonde like me. She was beautiful. She had light blue eyes and pale pink lips. You know that hourglass figure women get after childbirth? Well, she had it. Her boobs had gotten from matured C-cups to small D-cups. She added some weight to her figure after her marriage, although, she was still 5’6.

Still, it's important, because I was average in another way. I paid no attention whatsoever to when her birthday was. It was made easier for me to forget, that is because she had married her high school sweetheart two months after graduation and moved out, at which time I got her room, which, of course, was bigger than mine had been. I had settled into it happily and, to tell the truth, didn't miss her all that much.

That sounds cruel, but it wasn't really. It was more of a survival kind of instinct, which the average guy has inside him, whether he knows it or not. That had been eleven months ago, and I was also average in-so-far as my attitude about things had changed since then. Life seemed complicated to me, which was also normal. Especially when you have a sister. For those of you men out there who have a sister, you are quite aware that there are several phases that brothers go through as they grow up.

First, you compete with her for resources in the family. Maybe that's not a phase, exactly, since it lasts the whole time you both live in the same house. Actually, come to think of it, that happens later too, once in a while, but that's a different phase. Anyway, then there's the phase where she's a pain in the ass, whether she's younger, or older. Doesn't matter. She either wants to tag along, or lord it over you.

In either case, she's a pain in the ass. Then there comes a time when you notice her as a female, as opposed to just a sister. She grows breasts and all the other things you become acutely aware of that make a woman a woman, and, more than likely, she's the one you're most likely to be able to get a peek at when she's naked. It's not exactly that you think of her as your sexy sister. No, rather it's that she's sexy, and happens to be your sister. So there is some male interest there, though you'd never admit it to anyone. After all, she is your sister, and brothers just aren't supposed to think that way about their sisters.

Then she starts to show interest in boys, and eventually she goes out with them. You, of course, get to see her get ready for these dates. That secret knowledge can be invigorating and excruciating, not to mention dangerous. Say, for instance, that she's getting ready for a date and everything is going well. Her hair is working, and she has the right outfit, and her makeup is going on just the way she wants it to. You, as her brother, may be ignored to the point that you can actually stand in the room with her, as she sits in her bra and panties or, if you're extremely lucky, just her panties, and have a conversation with her while you stare at her good parts.

Exhilarating! She's looking her best, which you'll remember for later, just in case you need to ease the pressure in the old tube snake. On the other hand, if things aren't going well as she gets ready, you'd probably be better off being thrown in the lion cage at the zoo at feeding time, when they're out of food. You don't even have to be in the room to feel her rage at times like that, and she looks for any excuse to vent her anger. And, since she can't vent at the parental units, guess who is left?

Anyway, whatever happens, you're there when she comes back home. Again, it can be euphoria, or disaster, depending on what happened on her date. If you're like most brothers, the single thing you want to do most is be in a secret place where you can see her undress. This is because you want to see if her bra is still on. You can always hope for the pinnacle of peeping pleasure where she drops her skirt, or jeans or whatever, and is no longer wearing panties.

That's good for the next hundred jerk off sessions. Not to mention how good it is for blackmail evidence, should you need that in the future. And, if you have a sister, you'll always need blackmail evidence, sooner or later. It gets complicated, though, depending on who she went out with. If it was a guy you like, or respect, then her coming home without panties is just fine. On the other hand, if the guy's a jerk, a bare bush brings the blood to a boil.

Not that there's anything you can do about it. She won't listen to her brother's advice on who not to date. That would be common sense, and we all know how much common sense women have when it comes to picking a guy. Which brings us back to Jordan. I’m Jordan. I had done all the normal things guys do as his older sister, Sara, grew up, and dated and all that. It was complicated by the fact that she was a cheerleader, and therefore sought after by many a horny guy. My life was made a little easier by virtue of the fact that she seemed to have reasonably good common sense most of the time. I based that on the three times I actually got into position to see her undress after a date.

Two of those times she was wearing her bra when her top came off. All three times she had on her panties and she didn't treat them like they were evidence of something she didn't want their mother to find in the hamper. Then Randy Metzger set his sights on her, and everything went to shit. Randy was one of those guys who tries to get in every girl's panties, whether he likes her or not.

He had actually been heard to say 'Put a flag over the ugly bitch's face and fuck her for patriotism's sake.'

I knew the guy was lower than whale dumplings, and he even mentioned that, casually, while Sara primped for their first date.

'You know Metzger is a turd,' I said helpfully.

'Takes one to know one,' Sara had responded.

'Come on, Sara,' I said seriously. 'I mean it. That guy is a snake and I'll be worried about you all night.'

Sara had turned to my, her gaze level.

'First of all, it's none of your business.' She had turned back to the mirror, but kept talking. 'Second, he's the captain of the football team, and has been offered a scholarship to State to play football.' She stopped talking long enough to expertly apply lipstick. She kissed her image in the mirror. 'And thirdly, I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself.' She looked at me in the mirror. 'Now get out of here you pervert. As you can plainly see all I have on is my bra and panties.'

It had gone downhill from there. For who knows what reason, Sara had decided that Randy was going to get out of the ‘fuck 'em and leave 'em business’. She wasn't stupid. She knew his rep. But the way she dealt with it was to keep her legs closed. She let him play just a little, but wouldn't let him do anything that involved semen coming out of his prick. I knew this because I overheard her talking to Karen Singleton during a sleepover when Karen came over.

Randy, of course, claimed he fucked her brains out every time they went out, which everybody pretty well knew was horse shit, but wanted to believe anyway just because Sara was a stone fox. And, oddly enough, it seemed to work. When he couldn't get in her pants, he tried harder and harder until she extracted a ring from him. Even then she didn't let him fuck her. She started blowing him then, but he didn't crawl between her silky white thighs until their wedding night.

I, your humble author, know this, because it’s all in my head, and some of it, Sara told me. I knew this because, well, that's the rest of the story. So about now you're saying 'Well get on with it!' Don't be impatient. It takes time to tell a story well. Okay, okay, calm down, I'll get on with it.

Anyway, suffice it to say that I didn't like my brother-in-law, before or after we were related. You could say it was one of those 'He's not good enough for my sister,' things. You'd be right. Randy Metzger wasn't anywhere near good enough for Sara. But she married him anyway. Which is why, after I moved into her room and took it over for my own, it was easier to put her out of my mind as a jerk-off fantasy, which made it easier to forget her in general, which made it easier to forget her birthday.

Now, after a year of college, during which Randy got drunk way too often, and missed practices, and destroyed somebody's property and got kicked off the team and lost his scholarship and knocked up Sara, they had moved back to Hendersonville and were living in a rental house that his parents owned. Sara got a job, while Randy looked for one and stayed home with the baby. Even so, I got to see a lot more of him than I had ever wanted to.

Which was why I thought life was so complicated. I had to be nice to the guy, because he was family. He was an idiot, but he was family. Now, I was trying to kill monsters in my X-box, and my brother-in-law was sitting on the bed behind me, drinking one of his father's imported beers. I was pretty sure I’d be blamed for that, at least in the beginning.

'Hey, so what are you going to get Sara for her birthday?' Randy asked.

'Birthday?' asked half of my mind.

'Don't tell me you forgot your own sister's birthday!' crowed Randy. He liked to make fun of me. I couldn't figure out why a guy with a year of college would want to hang around with an eighteen-year-old kid. Unless, of course, it was to be able to make fun of him.

'Of course I didn't forget it,' I said, my face turning red. 'I'll get her something.'

'Yeah, sure,' Randy sneered. 'Hey, I know what you could do. You could donate a night of babysitting for us so I could take her out on the town. You know, I'd wine her and dine her at someplace special, someplace expensive, and we could do some dancing and we wouldn't have to worry about the kid because you'd be there with him.'

I wasn't stupid. With Sara as the only breadwinner in the family, the asshole was spending her hard earned money, showing her a good time on her birthday. Still, I knew my sister well enough to know she loved dancing, and getting away from the baby someplace other than work might be nice for her too.

Of course I, being eighteen and having that scatter-brain sort of existence, didn't think to tell Sara about the idea. Her turd husband suggested it to his wife, and, three days before the birthday in question, she called her little brother. Me, of course.

'Hi squirt,' she said when he answered the phone.

'Hey Sara,' I gave my standard greeting. 'What up?'

'Well, Randy wants to take me out on the town for my birthday and when I told him I didn't have a sitter he thought you might be willing to stay with your nephew that night?'

Sara also believed that she could change me from the, 'I think your husband is a prick,' kind of guy I was, to someone 'less judgmental.' What that means to us men is 'blind to the truth.' Why women think they can change men is beyond those of us who are men, but they always think they can.

My first impulse was to be angry that the turd had stolen my birthday present idea before he could suggest it. Then I admitted to myself that it had been Randy's idea, and that made it harder to be pissed off about it.

'Uh, sure, Sara. I'm kind of strapped for funds for a present anyway. I could make it your birthday present.' I said that in a voice that would have suggested I was asking a question, rather than advancing a good idea.

'I know about being strapped for funds, squirt. That would be wonderful,' said Sara.

And the thing was that she sounded like she thought it would be wonderful, like it was something that did qualify as a present something that would mean something to her. And that made me feel pretty good about the whole thing.

Sara went on. 'If you do that for me, I can afford to get a new dress and get all fixed up and that would just be wonderful.'

It was quiet as she waited for a response, which of course, I didn't make. What guy would respond with excitement to the idea that his sister was going to go out and buy a dress?

So she went on. 'Um, I hate to ask, but Randy's going to be looking for work, and I have Wednesday afternoon off, so I could go shopping then. If I had a sitter then, too.'

I thought about it. The babysitting part wasn't any big deal, but I had plans.

'I think I'm supposed to mow Mrs. Ethridge's lawn Wednesday afternoon,' I said. 'I'll call her and see if I can do it in the morning.'

'Are you sure?' Sara asked.

'Yeah, I'm sure it will be OK,' I said. 'Besides, now that you're getting all old and decrepit, you might need more time to get from the parking lot to the store and stuff. As your brother I need to be sensitive to your needs.'

It was a good dig, and I, being eighteen, was proud of it.

'Well, let's see, little boy,' she came back strongly. 'I'm going to be twenty, and that makes you a whole two years younger than me, which means I need to get your babysitting services out of the way before you have to start using a walker yourself. OK, it's a deal! Be there at noon. That's when the sun is right up there overhead in the middle of the sky. You think you can remember that squirt?'

Why, oh why were women able to turn a good dig around on a guy without hardly trying?

'I'll set my sun dial,' I said.

But I wasn't upset, really. She sounded pretty happy, and that brought out the old impulses I had felt when she was sitting in front of the mirror, getting ready to go out on a date, and everything was going well. I, like many brothers, enjoyed it when my sister was happy.

It was almost exactly noon when I hopped off my bike and bounded up the old wooden steps that led to the big porch that went around two sides of the house. Even though it was my sister's house, I knocked. I looked at it more like it was Randy's house, and my sister was just staying there. Her smile, when she opened the door, was both wide and genuine. Like many sisters, she loved her little brother—and had for some time—even though she was only now getting to the point in her life when she could admit that to others.

That smile, and her appearance, made my nuts tighten. She was dressed in shorts and a tank top. The shorts I remembered, though they were much tighter now than when I had last seen her wearing them. I didn't think about it, but having a baby does that to a woman. Had I been a sister, instead of a brother, I would have been impressed that she could still get into those shorts. I stopped paying attention to the shorts almost immediately, though, because she wasn't wearing a bra, and her nipples telegraphed themselves through the tank top making it impossible not to notice them.

They were perched on top of breasts that were larger than they had been before the baby, which I had noticed in the past, and which made a man just want to reach out and grab onto, like they were a life preserver in a man overboard situation. I didn't realize it, but my fingers actually flexed as I stared.

'You're early!' she said, ignoring the fact that I was looking at her chest.

Most men did. My eyes slid to her face and I knew that she knew where I'd been looking. Discomfited by being caught, I stammered. 'Uh, no I'm not. I—I'm right on time.'

Sara, in that maddening way that women have of ignoring an uncomfortable man just smiled. 'Thanks so much for doing this, Jordan. I really appreciate this. Having some time to shop is really precious. Okay. Jamie's asleep in his room so he should be ok. Just go check on him a couple of times, but other than that, make yourself at home.'

'Sure. Have a nice time,' I said, feeling silly.

She turned and actually ran toward the back of the house, returning with her purse. She had put on a bra. I wondered if she'd met me braless on purpose, but shook my head. That made me feel even sillier.

'Thanks again, Jordan. You're a big help!' My sister said and gave me a quick hug and kissed my cheek.

That, of course, brought her breasts up against my chest. Her hips bumped mine too, pressing directly against the half hard prick in my pants. I realized with a jolt that it was half hard and blushed. Sara didn't seem to notice, and waved as she went out the door, leaving It open behind her. I smiled weakly at my sister, and stared at her as she walked to her car, wondering if she could tell I'd gotten turned on by her. I couldn't believe how good she looked in such a simple outfit. Suddenly I missed seeing her every day around the house.

After getting something to eat and checking on my nephew, who was sleeping soundly, I sat on the couch and turned on a “daytime drama' as I liked to call them. One of my favorite authors wrote stories about a little Korean man who could do almost anything in the action adventure arena, and his young white protégé, who was even better at fighting the forces of evil. The old Korean man loved his 'daytime dramas' and got testy if he had to miss them. I, however, wasn't much interested in what I saw on the tube, other than the fact that there was a multitude of gorgeous young women acting like sluts all the time. I was fantasizing about being on top of one of those sluts when the door banged open and Sara came in grinning from ear to ear.

'That didn't take you too long,' I said.

'I can't believe my luck!' Sara said setting the bag down on the kitchen table and taking her jacket off. 'They were having a sale, and I found this amazing dress at thirty percent off. And all because you let me go find it. You want to see it?'

This, of course, was not high on my list of things to do on a Wednesday afternoon, but I knew better than to say so.

'Uh—sure, why not?'

'Oh, I'm so excited!' she gushed.

She dropped her purse on the table and, taking a bag, ran to the back of the house, where I knew her bedroom was. I tried to catch up on my soap opera fantasy, but she was gone now, replaced by an older woman I couldn't get excited about.

'Okay!' came his sister's call from the back of the house. 'Come see it.'

'You're not coming out here?' I asked.

There was no answer, so I got up and trudged down the hall to the bedroom across from where little Jamie was sleeping. When I turned the corner and saw my sister, I almost fell down. She had waited until she saw me and then twirled, one arm above her head, holding her long dark blond hair up, in an old cheerleader dance move. That much was familiar to me, as was the smile on her face. But nothing else was familiar at all. I had never seen my sister like this before.

The dress had a skirt that was made of wispy see-through cloth that was dark purple. It looked like the stuff figure skaters wear that blows in the wind as they speed around the rink and was arranged to look as if it were tattered and torn. As she twirled, it clung to her hips and fluttered, all at the same time. Her front was covered, if you could call it that, with a thin strip that went up over her belly button, but had a hole exposing that little indentation. Then it swept to the sides and was molded to her breasts as if it were paint.

It somehow held up those big beauties and pushed them together, making what looked like an acre of cleavage before two thin cords went on up and around the back of her neck. It was completely backless, and went so low around her lush buttocks that it promised a peek of cleavage back there if she wasn't careful. She had put on some shiny dangling earrings and a touch of lipstick that was a similar shade as the dress, but lighter. It somehow made her lips look lush and full. She was barefoot, which made her look shorter than usual somehow.

All in all, she looked like a fairy princess. She came to a stop facing me, still holding up her hair, and posed, hipshot.

'So what do you think?' she asked grinning.

'Wow.' My voice broke, even trying to say that one little word.

'Just wow?' She asked in a mock pout.

'I think I need to sit down,' I said, aware that my prick was reaching its maximum potential in my pants, and no doubt would be showing horribly.

I bent forward slightly and turned, looking for somewhere to sit. When I didn't see any place except the bed that only made things worse and I actually thought about leaving the room.

'Oh, I see,' said Sara with a little giggle. 'Well, I guess it passes the boner test.'

'Sara,' I moaned. 'It's not funny!' I felt my face flushing and knew it must be bright red.

Sara took pity on me and turned to look at herself in the mirror. Her hands smoothed over her breasts, trying to erase non-existent wrinkles. She noticed that her nipples were both hard and prominently visible.

'Uh oh,' she said.

Her turning had allowed me to 'shift my perspective', so to speak, and my prick was now lying up and across my pubes. It still made a crosswise bulge in the front of my jeans, but my sister's attitude about it had put me a little more at ease.

'What?' I asked.

She turned and pointed on long manicured fingernail on each forefinger at the fat little bulges on the tips of her breasts.

'Jamie has made them bigger, the greedy little thing. The dress has a foundation bra in it, but it doesn't cover them. They stick out like a sore thumb!'

I stared. The image of a sore thumb in my mind led to an image of that sore thumb in my mouth, which led to the image of those fat nipples in my mouth. I groaned and turned away again. Sara had felt a little thrill of taboo pleasure streak through her when I first looked at her in the dress. If her own little brother was turned on, then other men would be helpless.

Now my reaction to her prominent nipples sent another set of shocking tingles through her. She looked critically at her little brother and realized that she hadn't really paid any attention to him, that’s me, since she'd gotten married. A year had made a big difference in her life—she'd learned some very difficult lessons concerning her husband—and she was shocked to find that that year had made a big difference in her baby brother as well.

She let her eyes roam over my chest, which was much wider than it had been a year ago, to my slim hips. I was turned sideways to her and my butt was tight, but rounded just the way she liked a man's butt to be. I was taller too, much taller. She shook her head. I had turned into a hunk of a young man while she wasn't looking!

And I was responding to her as a man too. That might not have been so important to her, save the fact that Randy had been ignoring her, mostly, ever since she had gotten big with his son. She'd stayed just as horny as ever, maybe even more so as her belly swelled, but Randy lost all interest in her after about the fourth month. She'd worked hard to get back in shape after giving birth too, but that hadn't made much difference. She knew how hot blooded her husband was—she'd played off of that sexual desire for over a year just to bag him. Since then she'd had more than second thoughts about what she'd 'bagged'.

More than once she'd remembered her little brother warning her that Randy was no good. Now that very same little brother was looking at her the way she'd wanted Randy to look at her. These thoughts flitting through her brain happened at light speed, and she didn't really have time to reflect on them. But they affected her face and when I finally turned back to her, ashamed that I'd been so out of control in front of my sister, I saw the strange look on her face and mistook it for disgust.

'I'm sorry Sara,' I pleaded. 'I just wasn't ready for you to, I mean, I didn't realize that—Oh shit. I'll just leave. I'm sorry.'

Sara felt something like shame shoot through her body now. She'd teased me, and I had reacted, well, like any man might have reacted to such teasing. She felt a rush of affection for me.

'No! Wait. It's my fault,' she said. 'You didn't do anything wrong.'

'Yes it is my fault,' I moaned. 'I'm your brother, for pity's sake.'

'Okay, yes, you're my brother. That's okay. But, you're a man, too. You can't help that I teased you and you reacted to that. I don't know, but I think maybe I would have been hurt if you hadn't.'

'Really?' I asked, hope making my voice crack a little. 'You're not mad at me?'

For an answer, Sara took her hand down, letting her long hair fall to her shoulders. She stood with equal weight on both feet now, hands at her side.

'Jordan,' she said softly, 'tell me something, and be honest.'

'What?' I said, feeling like this could be a dangerous situation.

'Forget that I'm your sister for a minute. Tell me, do I look sexy in this dress?' she asked.

I stared at her. She'd just looked in the mirror. She had to know she looked sexy as all get out.

'Uh, yes, definitely,' I hazarded.

My body language shouted that she looked sexy, and that sent that taboo thrill back through her body. She felt her nipples tightening and was afraid her milk might let down. That would make a mess of her brand new dress. For the first time she thought about that little problem, but for some strange reason didn't think it would pop up on her date with her husband.

If other men leered at her, she could deal with that, and she didn't expect Randy to leer at all, now that she thought about it. But having me think she looked sexy was different somehow. It made her feel special, beautiful, desirable in a way that no other man made her feel, at least not lately.

'Thank you,' she said softly. Her hands came up to her hips because she didn't know what else to do with them. She felt a compulsion to tell me how she felt.

'Jordan, if I tell you something, do you promise to never tell anyone? Not your friends, not mom or dad; no one—ever?' she said with a serious tone to her voice.

'Um, okay, sure. What?' My voice sounded worried.

'It makes me feel good when you look at me like that,' she admitted. 'It makes me feel pretty and sexy. It makes me feel like a woman.'

I stared at her. It was like my fairy godmother had appeared suddenly and waved her wand and this beautiful princess was giving me permission to have that boner in my pants.

'Really?' I asked, astonished. 'Even though I'm your brother?'

'Really,' she said firmly. 'I haven't felt like this for a long time.'

'But what about Randy?' I asked.

'He doesn't look at me like that much anymore,' she admitted, still feeling the compulsion to admit to me that I had been right and she had been wrong. 'I think maybe I made a mistake marrying him.'

It was deathly silent after her statement. She worried, wondering if I would suddenly grin and yell 'I told you so, you stupid bitch!'

But I didn't. 'I'm sorry Sara. That must really suck.' I said instead.

'It's not so bad,' she lied, suddenly feeling very lonely. For the first time she had admitted to herself that she had chosen badly when she 'bagged the quarterback'. She was amazed that she had admitted it to me at the same moment. 'It helps, though, knowing that you still think I can look sexy.'

I groaned. 'Damn, Sara, I've thought you were the sexiest woman alive for years now. You had to know that.'

She grinned. 'Oh, I knew you kept coming into my room to talk whenever I was half dressed. I just never knew how good that made me feel back then. I've learned a lot in the last year, Jordan.' Her grin faded a little. 'I made my bed, and now I have to lie in it.'

I, who was sitting her bed, looked up. 'Let's not talk about you lying in bed, okay? That dress is hard enough on me.'

Sara laughed and tousled my hair. 'You're so sweet,' she giggled. 'Why couldn't I have fallen in love with a sweet man like you?'

'Because I'm one of a kind,' I said, grinning.

Things had been defused and I was able to tease her now. I liked the feeling. Most men don't know a woman they can flirt with harmlessly, and it was a lot of fun to do it.

'So, what are you going to do about those?' I pointed one finger at her chest.

'Oh, I'll just put in some nursing pads. Just the way you looked at me almost made me squirt. Wouldn't want that to happen on my date, now would I?'

Visions of streams of warm white milk staining her dress flitted through my brain and my prick gave a lurch.

'Um—you could just feed Jamie before you leave. Then there wouldn't be anything left to leak,' I suggested.

'And show off my fat ugly nipples to a bunch of strangers out on the dance floor?' Sara arched an eyebrow.

'I don't know about fat, but no way are they ugly,' I sighed. My eyes grew concerned at my outburst.

Sara smiled, though, feeling more pleasure at being complimented. She had the sudden urge to be naughty. 'I guess that's not a terrible plan, all things considered. Maybe I should try it and see if it works.'

'Yeah,' I sighed, feeling like I had dodged a bullet. 'Good idea.'

'So, go get Jamie up and bring him here,' Sara said.

'Now? Me? Here?' I croaked.

'Of course now, silly. He'll be hungry when he wakes up anyway. What's the matter, you've seen me nurse him before, haven't you?'

'Um, no. I think I'd remember that,' I said in a voice low.

'You are the sweetest thing,' her voice tinkled. 'Well, we're family, so don't be embarrassed. You've been trying to get a look at my boobs for years. Now's your chance.'

I turned around and adjusted myself again on my way to the nursery. I got there to find my nephew awake and making little sounds as he stared up at the carousel of baby toys suspended above the crib. The baby's eyes went to me, his uncle, and his face moved as he started to cry.

I picked him up and held him awkwardly, afraid I'd drop the little thing or something. I carried the baby in my two hands, arms outstretched, as if carrying something I didn't want to get against my clothes because it might get me dirty.

Sara laughed when I came into the room. 'You need lessons in holding a baby,' she said in mock anger. 'Go get his diaper bag. I can't believe I left him here with you alone. I thought you knew more about babies.'

'Give me a break here,' I said. 'I guess I never paid much attention before.'

'That's because you quit coming to see me,' she said.

'That's because you moved away,' I retorted.

'I've been back for months now,' she came back.

'Okay, okay, I'm sorry.' I left for the baby's room again and snatched up the diaper bag. 'Okay, now what do I do?' I asked when I got back

Sara laid Jamie on the bed and expertly changed his diaper, which was wet, but not soiled. She gave a running commentary on why she was doing everything she did. The baby fussed the whole time.

'Why's he crying like that?' I asked.

'He's hungry. Men are always hungry,' she said. 'Especially when a woman's breast is involved.'

She finished up, dropping the old diaper in a wastebasket nearby.

'Now he's all ready to eat,' she said. 'Hold him while I get ready.'

She picked up the baby and thrust him in my direction, showing me how to cradle the baby up against my chest and pat his little back. Then she stood back, reached behind her neck, and brought the two little strings to the sides. The cloth covering her breasts fell, revealing the tops of both breasts. The foundation bra clung to and held the bottoms of her breasts until she pushed at the material, which then fell to her waist. My fairy princess stood in front of me, topless.

I gulped as I stared at two large, round, soft looking breasts. Her areolas were huge, covering a third of the tip of each breast. Those areolas were dark, but the nipples protruding from each were even darker. There was a strange look on her face as he stared at them.

'See, I told you they look awful,' she said.

My mouth was dry and I had to swallow before I could speak.

'I don't think awful is the word I'd use,' I sighed.

'They look deformed or something,' Sara complained.

'They look beautiful to me,' I said.

'You're just being nice,' said Sara, loving the feeling of her brother's eyes glued to her naked breasts. She really did think they looked bad, with their oversized areolas and heavy swollen appearance.

My mind couldn't keep up with control over my mouth. 'If Jamie's not hungry, I sure am,' I gasped.

Sara didn't bat an eye. 'Well, let's just see then.'

She reached for Jamie, who came happily and latched onto a fat nipple before she even sat down on the bed. She cradled him in her arms and looked up at the ceiling, a look of pain on her face as the tingling of her milk letting down shot through her nipples.

'What's wrong?' I asked anxiously.

'Nothing,' she said, looking at me again. 'It's normal. There's this kind of exquisite pain when he sucks.' She looked at my wide eyes, which were darting back and forth between the breast Jamie was slurping at, and the other one, which was exposed. 'Get me a pad out of the diaper bag. My other one is going to start leaking any second now.'

I fumbled with the bag, not knowing what I was looking for exactly, but trying to find something that looked like a pad to me. I found package of round cottony looking things that reminded me of coffee filters, except smaller. I pulled one out and held it up with a questioning look on my face. Sara looked at me, her eyes half closed as the baby sucked strongly.

'Press it to my other nipple,' she ordered.

'Me?' I gasped.

'Yes, you,' she said.

I actually tip-toed to the edge of the bed. Then I couldn't decide whether to lean over or sit down beside her. I chose to lean forward and tentatively approached the naked nipple that was now within reach.

'Hurry, I feel it starting,' she said.

Just as I got the pad within a couple of inches of the nipple I saw dots of white well up from different places all over the dark nubbin and form fat drops that threatened to fall off the nipple. I licked my lips unconsciously as I dipped the pad under the nipple to catch a drop and then pressed gently against the nipple. It felt very strange to be so close to her naked breast.

'Thank you,' she said.

'This is weird,' I said, barely above a whisper.

'I though you wanted to see them all these years,' she said, her voice was serious.

'I did,' I said simply. 'I just never thought I'd get to. That's all.'

'Do you really like them?' she asked.

'You have no idea,' I said.

Her hand came forward and the back of it brushed up against his hardness.

'I think I do have some idea,' she said smiling.

The only noise for a few seconds was Jamie, slurping noisily and making little grunting sounds as he sucked.

'You really don't mind that you turn me on?' I finally asked.

'I love you, little brother. Nothing can ever change that. You and I have a special bond, and we always will, no matter what. I could divorce Randy, but I can't divorce my baby brother,' she said, looking up at me with large eyes.

I stared back at her. 'You're really thinking about divorce?' I asked, concern in my voice.

'Not really,' she said, looking down at the baby. 'This date we're going on will tell me a lot about whether trying to save things is worth it or not. I keep hoping he'll grow up and become a man. In a lot of ways you're more of a man than he is, Jordan.'

'I'm sorry,' I said.

'Time to change over,' Sara said, changing the subject as well.

She manipulated the baby to the other breast and I stepped back, staring at the one that had been emptied. I could tell a difference in it. It was still large and round, but less swollen looking somehow. The areola on that one had gotten smaller too, and was now only a couple of inches in diameter. The nipple looked crinkled, but was wet. Without being told to, I swabbed at the thick rubbery protrusion with the pad.

'That feels good,' said Sara, smiling at me.

My cock was about to break through my pants by the feel of things. I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing and kept swabbing the nipple, even though it was dry now. Jamie spit out the new nipple and Sara sighed.

'He's done. He eats better at night than he does in the daytime. I'll have to express the rest.' She looked up at me and her eyes slid down to my crotch. 'You'd better go on home now, Jordan, and take care of that little problem you have before it does lasting damage or something.' She grinned at me.

I blushed, knowing that she knew exactly how I would 'take care of' my boner. But she wasn't disgusted by it, and that made me feel somehow free in a way I'd never felt before.

'Yeah. I'd better go,' I said, backing up.

Sara laid Jamie on the bed and stood up. She made no effort to cover her naked breasts. 'Don't I get a goodbye hug?' she asked.

'You've got to be kidding me,' I croaked.

She came to me, her hips swaying somehow and put her arms around my neck, pressing her naked breasts against my chest.

'I really do love you, little brother,' she murmured. She kissed me on the lips, gently, but quickly. 'Thank you for this wonderful treat today. It was fun being naughty.'

I gulped, but couldn't say anything. My hands had automatically come to her sides and her naked flesh felt hot and soft under them. Sara, with a gleam in her eye, bumped her mons against my erection and then pushed me away.

'Now, go on. I'll see you Friday night, about five?'

'Yes ma'am,' I said by reflex.

Sara's laugh filled my ears as I turned and fled.

Neither of us was laughing that night, however. Sara waited up, eager to show Randy her new dress, but he called, drunk and said that he was staying out late with his friends. It ruined her mood and just before he hung up she heard a male yell 'It's your turn to buy a round, Randy.'

Before she went to bed she pulled up their bank account online and saw where he had pulled another fifty dollars out of the ATM. She went to bed knowing that fifty was gone. She was going to have to take measures soon. She worked too hard for Randy to piss it all away on booze. For me, it was entirely different. I went to bed early, with the unconcern of youth, thinking about what had happened that day. Contrary to my sister's assumption, I hadn't masturbated when I got home. Instead I cherished the sexual high I was on and nurtured it until bedtime, thinking back to what her breasts had looked like, and how close I had come to touching one of them skin-to-skin.

But the primary thing I thought about was that she had shown me those breasts on her own, offered them to me in a sense. I tried to make that feeling last as I finally wrapped my hand around my rock hard penis. He lasted about forty-five seconds.

Friday night came and I looked forward to seeing my sister in her new dress again. When I got there Randy was already dressed and ready to go, and was sitting in an easy chair, drinking a beer and watching a basketball game on TV while Sara finished getting ready upstairs. I called out when I came in the door. Randy waved my way and I heard Sara call back to me.

'Come on up for a minute, Jordan.'

I bounded up the stairs and went to her room. When I walked in, she was sitting at her vanity, hands up in the air, putting the last touches on her hairdo. She was dressed in panties. Black panties. That was all. She glanced at me in the mirror and laughed when she saw my open mouth.

'You've seen me almost like this. Hand me my dress, would you please, Jordan?'

I reluctantly pulled my eyes from her dark tipped breasts, so round and beautiful and saw the dress lying on the bed. I picked it up and by the time I turned with it to her she was standing, facing me. She took the dress, lowered it to the floor and stepped into it gently, bending over. I found myself bending to one side to see her hanging breasts, like ripe fruit on a tree. Sara looked up and saw that I was staring at them as she pulled the dress up over her hips and toward what I gazed at.

She stopped as the dress got just below her breasts. 'You want to touch them don't you, little brother? That's a no-no, you know. Looking is one thing, but touching is another.'

I looked. In fact I stared. While I was staring I licked my lips.

Sara arched an eyebrow. 'Oh, so you want to taste them? That would definitely be a no-no.'

My eyes pled. I thought she was going to cover them up, but then she whispered, 'Okay, okay, but just one little taste.'

Then she grinned and shoved her left breast toward me. I couldn't believe it as my mouth descended over the stiff dark nipple and I gave it an exploratory suck. My sister rasped in a breath and her hands came to the back of my head, holding my lips on her nipple.

'Ohhh that feels so nice and naughty. You know, if I hadn't already fed Jamie you'd be getting a mouthful.' She said.

Then it was over and she was kissing me on the lips. Not a sisterly peck, but not a long spit swapping kiss either. Her eyes were hot as they looked into mine.

'I like being this naughty,' she said.

Then she pulled the dress into place, tucked a couple of nursing pads in position and pushed me toward the door. When we got to the living room, Sara had to go stand in front of the television to get her husband's attention. When Randy finally saw how she was dressed he whooped, jumped up and said he was ready to go. He put an arm around her, his hand landing on her round ass and pulled her toward the door.

'We'll be back around one,' he said. And they were gone.

It was quiet in the house. I realized my dick was stone hard. And that it had been stone hard all the time since my sister had let me suck her nipple. With a sigh, I sat down on the couch and started watching the rest of the game Randy had been watching. I was asleep when they got home. Sara woke me up when she came in the door. I looked at her questioningly as she was alone.

'Randy's drunk on his ass again. This was just another excuse for him to go out and get wasted. Can you come help me get him inside?' Sara said.

Together we got him in the house and down the hallway to their bedroom. Sara asked me to help get Randy undressed and while we were doing that, I saw I could see down her dress to her beautiful breasts. Sara looked up once and grinned as she saw where I was looking.

'Have you been thinking about me tonight?' she said softly.

'Yeah. I couldn't help it,' I murmured.

I pulled Randy's pants off, his underwear getting tangled in them in the process. I stopped, staring at Randy's penis. It was tiny. Well, maybe not tiny, but I realized my own penis had to be at least twice as long and much thicker too. Sara reached out and flipped her husband's with her finger.

'I guess this thing won't do me much good tonight. Help me with my dress?' Sara turned her back to me and I untied the knot that held it up behind her neck.

She was facing the mirror and she let the dress slip down off her breasts. I noticed that the nursing pads were gone. Her nipples were hard and standing out. I gulped at her image, dressed again only in black panties. She saw me looking over her shoulder at her image in the mirror and reached back for my hands. When she found them, she brought them under her arms and to her breasts. Her meaning couldn't be mistaken. Automatically my hands cupped and covered her breasts, squeezing. She sighed, let me fondle the heavy globes for a few minutes and then turned around to face me, reaching her face up for a kiss. That kiss made me stone hard again.

'Help me with my panties?' Sara said, her voice low.

It almost made me laugh; the incongruity of her asking for help with something like that. 'You really need help with them?' I couldn't help but ask.

'I want help with them,' she said, just as softly and very seriously.

Again I gulped as I kneeled. My face even with her mons. Very slowly, I reached up and began to slide them down. Inch by inch her sparse blonde pubic hairs came into view. Then I saw two drooping vulva peeking out between her legs. She leaned into me, brushing those blonde hairs against my nose. I couldn't help myself. It was something I'd wanted to try my whole life, and I had dreamed of doing it with this very woman.

My tongue licked right between those dewy vulvas. She gasped and pushed her pussy harder into my face.

'I was thinking about you tonight too,' she breathed. 'I was thinking about you being hard for me.' She pushed me away and, as I stood up, she sank to her knees.

'My turn,' she said in a low voice.

Her hands went to my belt, then the button of my pants and I heard my zipper slide. I felt her hands on the waistband and felt it scrape gently over my hips. She pulled my shorts down with the pants. I sucked in a breath as I felt my stiff penis catch in the cloth, trying to bend, but not being able to. She jerked and my pants cleared my dick suddenly. It bounced upward and bobbed, pointing right at her wide eyes.

'Oh my,' she said, her voice slurred. 'I had no idea.'

'What?' my voice was trembling. 'What's wrong?' I looked at her face, trying to see if she was disappointed or something.

'Oh, Jordan,' she said, her voice still low and passion filled. 'Nothing is wrong. No, baby, nothing is wrong at all. I just had no idea you were so big.' Her voice trailed off and she licked her lips. Her head tilted sideways as she stared at his cock.

I started to ask if that was okay as her hand came up and grasped my penis. My question turned into a groan. Her other hand was busy between her legs, moving quickly. I began to feel an orgasm coming on quickly and tried to fight it down. Her hand felt so wonderful, but it would all be spoiled if I splattered all over her.

'Sara?' I began. 'I feel funny, I mean, something's happening.' I tried to pull away.

Sara let go of my cock, but her hands went to my butt and she held them. She looked up and smiled at the look on my face. 'I'm sorry, baby, I should have remembered you're not used to this.' She stared at my cock again and licked her lips. 'I'd really like to taste you, but I don't want what's about to happen to go to waste.'

She stood up quickly and grabbed my hand, pulling me toward the bed. Randy was already snoring on the edge of the king sized mattress. Sara sat down on the other side and pulled me between her legs. She pulled my head down toward her as she leaned back and I had to put my hands on each side of her to keep from falling on top of her husband. I looked down and saw my enlarged cock just an inch away from her luscious pussy.

I had to ask. 'What about Randy?'

'Randy hit on one of the waitresses all night long. He got drunk so fast that he only danced one time with me. I danced with strangers all night long, Jordan, just so I could dance. They all wanted to touch me, to kiss me, to fuck me, Jordan. But I couldn't do that. They didn't love me. They were just horny. Randy's worthless as a husband, but he's the only man I ever let between my legs.' Her hand stroked me gently. 'And I thought about you. I love you, Jordan, and you love me. You care about me. I want to do this with somebody who really loves me. Randy had his chance to have me tonight and he threw it away. I want to be loved tonight. I need to be loved tonight. But I won't make you do anything you don't want to do. Do you want to make love with me?'

My throat was tight. All I could do was nod.

'Then let's just release a little of the pressure,' she said and her hand pulled my cock. I gazed speechless as my prick was pulled and she nestled the head between those pouting labia.

'Push, Jordan,' she commanded.

I pushed, and like a knife into butter, my rampant prick slid into my sister's aching and dripping wet pussy. I felt the heat just before my cock exploded, sending long ribbons of silvery cum into her pussy. I groaned as I felt like my whole body was going to collapse and flow through the stiff tube plugging my sister's sex.

'Mmmmmmmm,' she moaned, licking my ear. 'Good boy. Shoot me full of your man stuff, Jordan. Oh, yeah. What a beautiful spurting prick you have. Urnghhh, I'm starting to leak. Suck my nipples, baby, but leave some for Jamie, okay?'

I sagged as my arms went weak and I fell onto his sister's soft lush body. Her arms went around me as she held me close. Something made me push as hard into her as I could. I was surprised to feel that I was still hard. I felt the wetness on my chest that she had been warning me of and pushed up enough to capture one fat nipple in my mouth. An explosion of warm sweetness filled my mouth as I suckled at her breast. I moved back and forth, licking and lapping as each breast produced beads and streams of milk.
“Oh fuck, Jordan. Oh goddamnit,' she murmured again. 'I knew your pretty prick would make me happy as soon as I saw it. And your mouth feels so good on my breasts.'

Strength flooded back into my arms as I realized I was going to get to keep fucking my sister. I raised up and pulled almost out of her before sliding back in deep.

'Ooof,' she gasped 'Oh baby, you are so long. I feel you in places nobody has ever touched before.'

I pulled out again and powered back into her, feeling the tip of my prick mush into something soft and hard at the back of her tunnel. She moaned again and as I continued my long deep strokes. She began to pant and then whine until she was making long loud keening sounds. I looked worried as I glanced over at my brother-in-law, not three feet away. Then I looked down and saw a nipple bobbing in front of my face. I dropped my head to suck and was rewarded with the sweet warm taste of something completely new in my mouth.

She went crazy under me as I got both nipples squirting and making a slippery mess between our bodies.

'Oh yes. Oh wow. Oh, Jordan. Oh shit. Argshh!” Sara wailed as her pussy clamped down on my stiff cock and she slammed into an orgasm bigger than she could remember—ever. 'Oh yes, Jordan. Oh, baby. You gotta cum again, baby, you gotta squirt in me, sweetie. Oh, Mamma, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!”

Surprised, I realized I could cum again and I began banging Sara's defenseless pussy as hard as I could. My dick swelled even more as my nectar flowed. My balls tightened and my cock belched thick sticky ropes of sperm into Sara's wide open pussy. Had I known she and Randy were trying to have another baby, and that she wasn't on the pill, I might have been able to ejaculate one more drop of potent sperm into her hot box. But I didn't know that. She didn't tell me then. She didn't tell me until four months later as she bared her now swelling belly and told me to run my hands over the bulge there.

Four months after that night

'Wow,' I said in awe. 'Your skin feels so silky. There's really a baby in there?'

'Not just a baby, squirt,” she smiled. 'Randy and I were trying to have another baby, but it didn't seem to be working. He kept going out and getting drunk off his ass all the time, and then he couldn't perform. I finally got him to go with me to have some tests done, but after I got pregnant I forgot all about them.' She looked me expectantly.

'What?' I said, still letting my fingers play across the swell of her belly.

'I got the results today,' she said. Again, she stared at me.

'Okay,' I said, wondering what was going on.

'And the results say Randy is infertile,' she said, her voice dead calm. 'After he got me pregnant with Jamie, he got injured in practice, and that, combined with all that drinking made him sterile.' She began undoing the buttons on her blouse. She was naked under the fabric and her perfect, now larger breasts swayed as she bared them before my confused eyes.

'You mean? You mean that my? You mean?' I stuttered.

'I mean this is our baby. I'm through with Randy. He wasted a good thing with me, and I'm not going to put up with it any more. I filed for divorce today, right after I got the test results and found out that you were the father of this baby. He can go off and get hammered and chase waitresses all he wants now, except he'll be broke. I transferred all our money to a new account, and he's not on it. When he tries to buy his buddies drinks tonight his bank card won't work anymore.' She was pulling at my clothes. 'And I'm going to spend time with a man who loves me, and who I love. From now on, you're my man, Jordan.' Now we were naked and she was pulling me into her. 'And I want lots of children, Jordan, so we need to practice a lot, because after this one is born, you need to make another one with me.'

And then we did practiced.


I wanted to stay with my sister when she told Randy about the divorce, but she insisted that it was between the two of us and she didn't want Randy taking out his anger on me. So, against my better judgment, I left. But I couldn't go home. After all that had happened, I had to hang around the house. I hid in the bushes and waited. I didn't have to wait long. Randy's car screeched to a halt halfway on the driveway and halfway in the yard and he got out yelling. He didn't sound all that drunk to me.

When he charged through the door he was yelling, wanting to know why his ATM card didn't work and the machine simply insisted that the account was closed.
I crept up onto the porch and hovered by the door, which Randy had not closed. I heard Sara tell Randy about the divorce, and to find someplace else to sleep that night and from then on. Randy didn't cotton to the idea of divorce at all. He was adamant about it not taking place, in fact. He made this known with his fists, screaming at the woman who had frustrated him as a teenager and now disrespected him to his face.

I heard the first two smacks as Randy set about 'teaching the bitch a lesson' as he put it. He only got in those two blows. Randy, who had been in the prime of his life when he married Sara, had squandered not only her love, but his health and physique as well. Alcohol had robbed him of his muscle, his sense of balance, and his ability to think quickly on his feet.

When he felt someone grab his shoulder and spin him around, he had just enough time to see my face and then that was blocked out by my knuckles, which were lined up in a row, part of my fist. That fist landed square on Randy's nose, crushing it. There are literally hundreds of thousands of nerves in the nose, and when they all go into overload at once it is almost catastrophic to the brain. Randy saw stars and his brain exploded with those stars into unbelievable pain.

But Randy had not lost his combative instincts. What had made him a great high school quarterback still served him, well enough. He shook off the pain and rage blinded him.

'I'll kill you, motherfucker,' he slurred through bloody lips.

He reached down into his boot and pulled a sheath knife. Then he attacked me. It was too bad for Randy that his killer instinct was all he had left. A killer instinct still requires a body to do what the mind wants, and Randy's didn't. I had shot a glance at my sister, who sat on the floor where she had fallen after being hit. Her face was pale and her hands were covering her baby—their baby, protectively. There was a perfectly clear print of a palm and four fingers on her left cheek, an ugly red color that promised to bruise badly.

I was motivated to punish Randy for a lot of things, but top on that list was that hand print. I beat Randy almost to death. I ignored the knife, which was stupid, but continued to pound Randy's broken nose, which was brilliant. Randy was so out of it that he couldn't bring the knife to bear effectively. The one lucky swipe he made scored my arm and drew blood, but that was about it.

Meanwhile Sara called 911 and calmly notified them that her husband was trying to kill her little brother with a knife. By the time the police arrived, Randy was sitting on the floor, waving the knife more in an attempt to keep me away from him, than to try to kill him. He was a thoroughly beaten man.

Sara was interviewed, and explained that she had just told her husband about the divorce she had filed for. The cops had seen it before. I simply said that when I heard Randy start beating up a pregnant woman, I decided to stop him. I said that if that meant I had to go to jail, then fine, I would.

The sergeant laughed. 'You worked him over pretty good, I'll say that. But you were stupid to take on a man armed with a knife. He could have easily killed you. On the other hand, it isn't against the law to defend yourself, or those weaker than you.' He turned to Sara. 'Sorry ma'am, no offense meant.'

'No offense taken,' she said sweetly.

'Only man going to jail tonight is that one,' the sergeant said, pointing to Randy. He looked at Sara. 'Assuming you're willing to press charges.'

'You bet I am,' said Sara, a dangerous look in her eye. Nobody had ever laid a hand on her in anger, and she was dead set to make sure nobody ever did again.

It took several months, but Randy got ninety days in the county jail for assault with special circumstances—those being that Sara was pregnant when he assaulted her. He had, unfortunately, regained his bravado by the time they locked him up. He had hired his own attorney, who was demanding a paternity test on the baby and making all sorts of noises about Sara being an unfit mother.

His bravado went with him into lockup, which did him no good whatsoever. He lasted a week, and was found dead in the exercise yard, a homemade knife still lodged in his kidney.

His lawyer tried to send Sara a bill for services rendered to the family, and was told on the phone that, 'Hell hasn't frozen over yet.' It's possible that the words 'Fuck off and die,' were also said, or something quite similar. He was offended, but couldn't do anything about it.

Sara's signature wasn't on anything in his files.

I graduated from high school and moved in with my sister to help with the children while she finished an associate’s degree at the local junior college. I had my own bedroom, but it was for show only. I never slept in it. Instead, I slept in the big queen bed with Sara. We almost always slept naked, because we almost always engaged in hot, torrid, taboo sex every night.

It was decided that, once she had an associates in accounting, she could support us both while I went to either a trade school or JuCo myself. After that we’d see what their options were. A lot would depend on how many more children Sara had. It can take a lot of money to raise children, depending on what kind of lifestyle you want to live.

Then again, we had the love in our lives that we'd dreamed of, and that love was the center of our lifestyle. It was likely things would remain that way.
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Wife fucked with repair man

Wife fucked with repair man

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In praise of chubby and fat older women

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