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After High School I needed a job, I could not decide in what field I wanted to work, I tried the military but didn't like the feeling I got when I talked to the recruiters. So I went to work for circle K as assistant manager

As there were fewer stores on the south side where I lived, I had to go to the north side. After traveling to many different stores, and parts of the north side, finally getting my own store on north May Ave.

The building behind me is where many of my customers came from. My Barber, Dentist, Lawyer, and even my Girl Friend all from that building.

When I met Kathy, she gave me a cute huge smile, she was shy but with confidence. I finally asked her out and she said yes. We spent a few times just sitting in her or my car in the parking lot of my store; sometimes driving around listening to John Denver. That was one of the best summers I ever experienced in my lifetime. Just moved away from home, had a good job, my own Car, silver (1972 Pontiac Grand Prix). A hot ass woman.

What can I say about Kathy...She had mid back length brown hair, brown eyes, lovely smile C tits, 5'1' lively.

Come to find out she was just about at divorce completion, had poured herself in her work. She had like 500 hours of comp time coming to her. Driving around lake Hefner Stereo blastin out, Runnin on Empty (Jackson Browne), africa, 99, (Toto) Allen Town (Billy Joel),...Life's Been good to me so far, (Joe Walsh).

I would call Kathy up, meet her at the store, and off to stars and stripes park. We would park on the road, walk off the path put down a sleeping bag, make out till she couldn't stand it no more, she would have to pull her tits out, and smother my dick in tit meat, looking up at me from the bottom of the sleeping bag before devouring my cock to the base as she swallowed, milking my dick with her throat, massaging my balls with her tits on the down stroke.

Kathy never left a job unfinished. She would look up at me and beg me with her doe eyes to cummmm. I fucked up in to her mouth and when I shot my load she would look at me suck on the head and jack me off with her tits as she hummed 'Mmmmmm Hummmmmm'.

Other times she would lay on her side and I would just shove my cock rite in her pussy, groping her tits she would look back at me and pull me in for a backward kiss, we would grunt in to each other's mouth, not wanting to stop kissing as we both cummmm.

If anyone ever knew what we were doin in that sleeping bag,...they never said anything...!

Kathy would come to my store late at night at quitting time and we would make out in my car, we would get so hot that she would lay down, on her side, in the seat, prop her ass up on my console, I would first eat her sopping wet pussy till she cumm in my mouth, well hell I had to, then clean that up with my mouth, & somehow I would shove my cock deep in her pussy, she would tease me....does that feel good honey, do you like it ? I'd say 'Oh I Love your Fuckin Pussy'!

She came to my store late one night, I was in the back doing stock work, I was on a ladder, she pulled my zipper open and sucked me in the store, then she said here, fuck me, she climbed up on the ladder a few rungs till her ass was sticking at my face,...I groped her ass and licked her from the top of her ass to the tip of her clit,...stopping to bury my tongue in her pussy my nose in her ass,...she smelled good then I shoved my tongue in he ass as far as I could!

she stepped down, bent over the ladder, pulled up her skirt, and said fuck me...I shoved it in her pussy pulling her ass to me hard using her hips! I shoved in till I hit bottom and she pushed back grinding on my cock....she was sopping wet,...she said what are you doing? Fuck me...I let my cock soak for a minute, squeezing my ass making my cock expand against her Cervix...!

I then pushed her over the ladder rung till she was almost touching the ground, I pulled out grabbed her hair,...pulled her towards my cock,...shoving my cock in her mouth and down her throat,...fucking her face...her ass was at face level so I made her spread her ass cheeks and ate her ass n pussy,...she was cumming with my cock in her throat..

when I pulled out she gasped and i pulled her up,...I told her to get on the other side of the ladder and sit on the step that was just at sitting she stuck her butt out towards me her feet came off the was so erotic to see her ass sticking out of that ladder, she raised up n I pulled her hair back so that the ladder rung was just at the back of her neck...then I shoved my cock in her pussy,...she grunted, uhhh,...uhhh as I hit bottom!

She said 'NO Alan' my ass honey...I want you in my ass. her great C-cup tits were sticking out in to the air...I pulled my rock hard cock out of her steaming,. soaked pussy and, I put my cock against her ass and closed her cheeks around my dick like a hot dog and slid it up n down a few strokes. Teasing her and getting her all wet.

she reached back, spread her ass cheeks apart. I mean she was gushing, my cock was soaking fuckin wet.

My 8' cock was hard as a rock...I put it at her brown hole and pushed slow but firm...she pulled her checks apart and I sunk in. Oh fuck...the heat, the grip on my cock. I've never felt something like that before, she squeezed down on my cock and I squeezed back to her while watching her hole move in and out against my rock hard shaft. I moved forward till I was balls deep in her, oh fuck she was wet, hot, tight.

Kathy let go, of her ass and reached up to the step just above her head for support we both grunted. She reached between her legs to feel if I was really all the way in side of her ass. She said to me'Ohhh Honey....your in my ass!

It was our first ass fuck. I'd never done it, and her X-husband said it was dirty. I don't know about you, but my dick, It washes....!

Kathy massaged my balls as I pulled out and shoved back in many times. 'Oh Alan', Fuck my ass honey' ! I could not help myself, I drove in with such force she had to grab the ladder again with both hands I still had her head pulled back by the hair...she screamed pull my fuckin hair 'Fuck My ASS'...she raised up her legs up n down trying to match my thrusts!

My Balls were boiling my toes were curling I leaned over and lay on her back and grabbed her tits, mauling them as I fucked in and out of her tight ass... I started spewing a huge load up n in her ass filling her bowels full of my boiling cummm, I pulled out on the third squirt, till just my head was in her ass, using her ass to jack me off 2, 3 .4 short strokes then back all the way in.... I turned her face to me and kissed her,,..mingling our juices,...the taste of her ass n pussy on my lips and in my mustache.

Kathy said: 'Oh(Squirt) God(Squirt) Alan(Squirt) I'm Cummmin...I reached around and shoved my finger in her pussy and drug it across her clit on my way out..then in circles, she went in to a slow guttural moan and said to me everytime I hit bottom....'Im.....Cummm innnn'....'im cummmi...nnnn' FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEeeeeee.

Kathy looked so good with her tits hanging down, her skirt shoved just above her ass, I stepped forward her ass was still resting on the ladder, my dick still buried in her ass.

she turned and kissed me as she ground her ass in small circles to my groin. I stayed in her for as long as I could, massaging her tits and making out with her.

We could, and would kiss for hours. She told me I was naughty, bringing up some cummm from her pussy to rub on my lips...I licked it off...sucked her finger and kissed her again...she asked if I liked it...I said delicious!

When i was done Cumming my cock stayed hard, then it hit me, i needed to piss real bad...i told her i need to take a piss...i started fucking her ass again,... butt instead of holding back...i released all my piss up her ass,...i have never pissed while i fucked!,.Damn she felt so good...

Kathy asked 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING' ? I told her i was filling her ass with my piss n Cummm! I reached around and pinched her nipples and groped her tits sawing,.. in n out of her ass while i was filling her with my squirting yellow liquid...i reached down while kissing her,..Grunting in to her mouth filling her bowels and fingered her pussy alternating stroking her clit.

shoving in n out of her ass listening to the liquid sloshing around in her ass...after relieving myself in her ass it started feeling better again n i couldn't help but to cummm again.

Letting go of her head she fell forward, she did, i pulled her ass back a little where her thighs were resting on the ladder,...started pounding her ass again...she started screaming Im Cummin im fuckin cuminnnnn oh your makin me cummm so full im cuuummminnnn Fuck me Fuck me FUCK MEEEEEE!!!! AHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh...

She told me Alan, so full i cant hold it...i pulled over a trash can that was in reach and put it under her ass...i pulled out of her ass,...stepped around the ladder and reached through the ladder pulled the can up to her ass,..she leaned forward,..i told her to clean my cock....she said no... so i pinched her nose closed. Kathy opened her mouth to breath and protest...i shoved my cock in her mouth, just as she started pissing my piss out of her ass,..i leaned forward fucking her face n watching her empty my piss from her ass,... i reached down and spread her pussy lips open n pinched her clit,...she screamed into my cock, and started pissing out of her bladder.

She started Grunting like a pig...but then again so was i....i knew she was cummming again!

as she was finishing up evacuating her bodily fluids in the trash can i kissed her forcefully, deeply erotically. savoring a good woman that i had found!
Big ass to mouth

Fucking it on camera (cukold,xxx,porn)

Fucking it on camera (cukold,xxx,porn)

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