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My name is Sandra, and my husband Ed and I are 34 years old and live in a nice suburb of Houston with our one year old daughter. Ed is gainfully employed in the banking industry, and although I also had a good job as a systems analyst, I was able to quit when our daughter was born.

We met in our senior year in college and have had a picture-perfect marriage for the past 11 years, at least until seven months ago when I got pregnant with our second child. This second pregnancy, coming so soon after the birth of our first child, created a lot of mental pressure on Ed. Even though he was well-employed, the loss of my income and the looming cost of another child, coupled with other pressures in the troubled banking industry, had caused him to become severely depressed.

His employer has an excellent wellness program, so Ed was under the care of a psychiatrist who prescribed antidepressant medication. The medication and therapy sessions seemed to be helping him, but the medication also had some serious side-effects, at least as far as our sex life was concerned. This medication caused erectile dysfunction and a loss of sexual desire. This was a big deal since we had been accustomed to having sex at least five times per week from the time we started dating. I tried everything to get him interested in sex again, but even sucking his soft cock wasn’t enough. He just could not respond sexually to me either emotionally or physically.

For some reason, probably due to my hormones, I had developed strong sexual needs in my seventh month of pregnancy, and I tried to satisfy myself by masturbating every day. I also tried to stay in shape by exercising every day, and that’s how the events in this story started to unfold. I took walks every evening after Ed got home, and before we ate our dinner, and since it was summer it stayed light out until at least 9:00 PM. We had a nice jogging/biking trail near our home, and I just loved my long walks in those beautiful surroundings.

One evening I was out walking and came upon a young man sitting beside the trail fixing the tire on his bicycle. I didn’t recognize him at first, but then saw that he was Josh, the 20 year old son of our next door neighbors. We had lived next to them for 11 years, and I watched Josh grow from a nine year old boy to the near-adult that he was today. He and his parents often came over to our pool in the summer. And I had seen him develop to his present six feet two inch height and 180 pound weight. He was a handsome young man with dark blonde hair and muscular frame, and I knew that he was a big bicycling enthusiast. I stopped in front of him and said, “Hi Josh, sorry that you’re having trouble with your bike.”

He looked up and said, “Oh hi Mrs. L., I got a flat but I should have it fixed soon.”

I stood there watching him work and then noticed something that made my temperature rise. He was sitting cross-legged on the ground next to the trail, and I could see the lumps of a very large cock and balls in his tight biking shorts. He had not been to our pool as much in the past several years since he was spending more time with his high school and college friends, and he always wore baggy swim trunks when he was there. I had not noticed how big his cock was becoming. I kept standing there talking with him, just so I would be able to stare at his large genitalia.

At one point Josh looked up at me and got a concerned look on his face and said, “If you don’t mind me saying so Mrs. L., you look pretty uncomfortable standing there. You seem to be favoring your back, and I know that you must be in some pain carrying that baby.”

I was a little surprised that he would make such a personal comment and I said, “Well, that’s very perceptive of you Josh. But how would you know how I’m feeling?”

Then he said, “Oh sorry, no offense Mrs. L., but I’m in college studying to be a physical therapist, and we’ve recently been covering the subject of prenatal massage therapy. So we’re learning how to give massages to women in your condition. Just let me know if I can help.”

Now I remembered that he was in the physical therapy program at a college in our area, and felt bad for being so short with him. So I answered, as I stood there looking at his gorgeous cock lump, “Thanks for the offer Josh. I’ll talk to Ed about it and see if it’s okay with him. After all, a massage can be a very personal thing.”

Then as I was turning to continue on my walk, Josh said, “I’d be happy to help, and besides, we need to practice our massage skills to prepare for the test. It would be my pleasure to help you, and they have taught us to handle massage sessions in a professional manner.”

I could hardly believe the effect Josh was having on me just from seeing his big cock bulge. My pulse was racing and my pussy was getting wet. I have never cheated on Ed, but I had enough other cock before we were married to know that his dick was a below average five inches, and Josh’s cock had to be bigger than any I had ever seen or felt in my pussy. I don’t think Josh would have affected me this way if Ed and I were still having frequent sex, but now I found myself lusting after a 20 year old college boy, with a very big cock.

By the time I got home I had decided that I wanted Josh to give me a massage, and the best times would be during the day when our daughter was napping, Ed was at work and Josh might be home between classes. I also wanted to talk with Ed about it and get his blessing. I really felt bad for Ed due to his severe depression and erectile dysfunction, and didn’t want to add to his distress by meeting with Josh for a massage behind his back. Although, I wasn’t sure that Josh would even be interested in a pregnant 34 year old woman with a huge belly.

After dinner and putting our daughter to bed, I explained to Ed that I had seen Josh on the trail and that we had talked about Josh giving me a massage. Then I continued, “My back has been killing me for the last several weeks, and I could really use a good massage. But I wanted to know how you felt about it since a massage is very hands on and can be revealing.”

I could tell that Ed wasn’t feeling well, but he seemed to perk up a little and said, “We’ve known Josh since he was a little kid and I’m sure that he will treat you respectfully. And anyway, he has seen you in your skimpy bikini dozens of times over the years, and I don’t see a problem with it. You deserve a little physical attention since I’ve been out of commission for the last seven months, so just enjoy it.”

It was a little surprising to me that Ed agreed so readily to allowing Josh give me a massage, and I couldn’t be sure that he had thought it all through. It was also unclear whether there was a hidden meaning in his comment about me deserving physical attention, but I was happy for his good attitude about it. Ed always wanted me to dress revealingly for him, and liked it when other men paid me attention. So maybe this was an innocent extension of his attitude. I still didn’t have any plans of trying anything with Josh, but just the potential for it when receiving an intimate massage gave me a little caution, even if Josh said that he would be professional about it.

I must admit that I am very good looking, and before becoming pregnant I was five feet six inches tall and 115 pounds, with D-cup tits and a full, round ass. My jade-green eyes also contrast well with my short, perky-cut brunette hair. And now at seven months pregnant and nursing our daughter, my tits are a very full DD-cup and my ass is a little fuller. My belly is also very big and I have gained a few pounds otherwise, but I thought that I still looked pretty good for my age and condition, and that my curves were sexy.

Josh was excited when I called him the next day to accept his offer of giving me a massage. It just so happened that he had time available between classes that day at about the same time our daughter would be down for her afternoon nap. He agreed to bring his massage table over so I could be at home while my daughter was asleep. I decided that the best place to set up the table would be in my bedroom, which had a large open space between the bed and the mirrored wall of closet doors, and easy access to the bathroom so Josh could run warm water in the sink to heat up the massage oil.

During my conversation on the phone with Josh he explained, “To avoid putting too much pressure on the fetus and the mother, it is best if the mother is not massaged in a prone position on her belly or in a supine position on her back. The two appropriate positions for prenatal massages are either in a lateral recumbent, left-side-lying position with pillows in various areas for support, or in a kneeling position by the bed. In the kneeling position the mother places her knees on pillows on the floor for support, and then rests her upper body on the bed. One other thing I have to be careful of is to avoid touching pressure points on the wrists and ankles due to the risk of causing contractions.”

I had just finished breast feeding my daughter and putting her down for her nap the next day when Josh arrived and set up his table in my bedroom. He was wearing a simple tight t-shirt and a pair of tight, white shorts, which showed off his muscular body. I had decided to try the side-lying position on the table first, but I was starting to get a little nervous about Josh seeing me almost nude. So I asked, “Josh, how do you suggest that I be dressed for the massage? Do I wear my bra and underwear or what?”

Josh smiled and said, “Well Mrs. L., it will be easier for me to give you the best possible massage if you aren’t wearing your underwear and bra. We can cover those areas with towels to preserve your modesty, but that will still allow me full access for massaging you.”

He turned his back while I took off my underwear and bra and lay on my side on the table, and I covered my breasts and mid-section with light blue towels. I was facing the mirror and Josh strategically placed a few pillows for support. It really felt strange being almost totally nude in front of this young man I had known since he was a little boy, but my very wet pussy was telling me that I was enjoying it. I just hoped that Josh wouldn’t be able to smell my arousal.

Josh turned on some soothing, new-age music on a small CD player that he brought with him, and then stood behind me to start massaging my neck and shoulders. I mostly closed my eyes, but by squinting I could still see him behind me in the mirrors. The warm oil and his muscular hands felt wonderful on my neck and shoulders, and with the music and his massage I was feeling very relaxed. He slowly moved down and lifted the towel a little so he could rub all of my back, and it felt so good when he moved his hands to the sides of my big tits. He stopped his downward movement at my lower back where most of my pain was, and then gently ran his hands over my belly, all the way from the bottom of my heavy breasts, which he rubbed slightly, to just a little under the other towel and below my belly button, just short of my pubis. I kept my eyes closed and said in a dream-like voice, “Oh Josh, everything you’ve done feels so wonderful. That really seems to be a good program at your school, and you have just the right touch.”

Then he said, “Thanks a lot Mrs. L., but I still have a lot of area to cover. I haven’t even started your legs yet.”

Being in this situation with Josh rubbing my almost-nude body, it seemed a little silly for him to still be calling me Mrs. L., so I said, “Josh, why don’t you call me Sandra or Sandy from now on. You’re in college and a mature young man, and I’d be more comfortable with it that way.”

I could see him smile in the mirror as he said, “Thank you Sandra, I’d like that.”

After massaging my belly, he moved his hands to my back, and focused his attention just under the towel and on the top of my ass cheeks. He stayed a little bit away from my ass crack, but he was actively massaging the top half of my ass. Then he moved down to my legs, and worked his way up from my feet, which really felt good, up my calves, and then to the backs of my thighs. I was still watching him with squinted eyes, and as his hands worked up to the junction of my ass and thighs, I could see a bulge growing in his shorts. The towel had moved up a little and I was certain that he could see my puffy, hair-covered labia from behind. I probably should have pulled the towel down a little, but I liked knowing that just the sight of my pussy was having that affect on him. He continued massaging further up and was soon rubbing the lower half of my ass, but still staying away from my crack and pussy. That bulge in his shorts was now curled around his thigh, and I was curious about what it would look like in the flesh.

It looked like he was finishing up the massage and it seemed to be a good time to initiate a little titillating discussion about the experience. I was feeling very aroused when I said, “Everything felt amazing Josh, and I have to ask you a question. How do you keep yourself under control when you’re massaging a woman like me? Some of your contact was very intimate, but I still got the feeling that you were holding back a little with me.”

Josh looked a little embarrassed when he replied, “To tell you the truth Sandra, you are the first woman I have ever massaged privately. My other training has been with men and women volunteers at the college, in a classroom setting. So this is the first time I’ve ever been alone with a woman during a massage, and you being pregnant makes it even more of a new experience. And honestly, we have been trained to massage in some areas where I didn’t go today, but I wasn’t quite sure how far I could go without offending you. And as far as being in control is concerned, I have to admit that some of my thoughts aren’t totally professional. You are a truly beautiful woman Sandra.”

I gathered my thoughts and made it obvious that I was staring at his bulging crotch as I replied, “Thank you Josh. I really appreciate hearing that you think I’m beautiful, because I don’t feel that way with this big belly. And don’t feel bad about being a little aroused, because I was definitely aroused by what you were doing. And if you want to massage me again, I think next time I’d like you to massage me in all areas.”

He blushed a little, and after looking briefly at the towel covering my breasts and flaring his nostrils, he replied, “I’m glad that you enjoyed the massage Sandra. Next time I’d be happy to give you the full treatment, and I really enjoy doing this for you and being with you.”

Josh then turned his back so I could get off of the table and put my robe on, and that’s’ when I saw what he was looking at a few moments earlier. The light blue towel covering my breasts had two big dark blue spots where my milk had leaked when I got aroused during the massage. And I could also see a wet spot on the table from my soaking wet pussy. His flaring nostrils meant that he had smelled and likely had seen my juices earlier. So this had been a very arousing afternoon for both of us, even though nothing sexual happened.

I was still aroused by the massage after Josh left, so I masturbated myself to two orgasms before my daughter got up from her nap. And then that night after Ed and I got into bed, I told him all about the massage in graphic detail and how turned on I got, and even about the huge cock bulge in Josh’s shorts. I was starting to give him even more details in hopes of stimulating his soft cock when he said, “Oh fuck Sandra, I can see how much you have been missing out on the sex we used to have, and the next time you meet with Josh I’d like for you to get the full massage and whatever that entails.”

He surprised me giving his permission so easily and I asked, “Are you sure about this Ed? If his massage gets any more intimate, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself from fucking him. From the way he was looking at the milk-soaked towel, I’m sure that he’ll want to suck milk from my tits. And if he does that, I’ll definitely want him to fuck me. So are you sure about this? And if you are okay with it, how did you mentally get comfortable with it?”

Ed then responded, “Well Sandra, I feel so bad that I am unable to respond to you sexually, and I know that you have needs. And I have to admit that the one thing that gives me any sexual pleasure these days is the thought of you fucking another man, and especially a man with a big cock. I have to admit that I started reading porn stories to see if that would get me hard, and I eventually found that cuckold stories were my favorites. From those stories, I have developed a desire to see you fucked by a big cock.”

I said, “Holy shit Ed, are you saying that you would want to watch me fuck another man.”

He responded, “To be honest, I would even want to participate by sucking his cum from your pussy, and maybe even sucking his cock clean of your combined juices. So if these massages lead to sex, I would eventually want to be involved.”

This was an amazing turn of events, and I could hardly believe that my husband could be thinking this way. But at the same time, his comments were turning me on, and my pussy was wet with the thought of Josh fucking me. So I said, “Okay honey, if you are sure about this. I won’t go into this expecting to be fucked, but if the situation develops that way, it’s nice to know that you approve.”

I called Josh the following morning after Ed left for work, and found out that he was available again the next day at the same time as before. We made arrangements for him to come over again. I was excited when he arrived and we got his table set up in my bedroom. I took off my underwear again and placed the light blue towels across my breasts and waist. Then I reminded Josh about our previous discussion saying, “Josh you did an excellent job on my last massage, but as you said you were holding back. This time I’d like you to give me the full massage.”

He was smiling as he applied the oil and started rubbing my neck and shoulders. Then he worked his way down my back, and when he got to my lower back he said, “I just want to warn you that I will be removing this towel now, so I can continue to massage your lower back and buttocks.”

I nodded my agreement, and after the towel was removed, I knew that you would be able to see my hairy, puffy labia from the rear. I was on my left side with my legs slightly spread, and I knew that my pussy was perfectly framed by my curvy ass. He applied a lot of pressure to my lower back and then started rubbing the top of my ass. This time he let his fingers rub down through the crack of my ass as he moved his hands in a circular motion. His fingers were rubbing my asshole and were very close to my labia, and it really felt good as he massaged my ass cheeks. My eyes were mostly closed, but I looked in the mirror and could see Josh staring at my pussy, and the lump in his shorts seemed massive to me.

He finally moved back down to my feet and was soon massaging the backs of my calves and thighs, with his hands moving ever closer to my pussy. As he reached the top of my thighs at the crease of my ass, his fingers grazed my pussy, and I could feel that his fingers were soaked in my juices which had been leaking down my thighs. The aroma of my pussy juice was very strong, and I could see his nostrils flare as he concentrated his hands on my upper thighs and ass. Then as he started moving up to massage my belly, I said, “Oh Josh, everything you’re doing feels so good. I know that you will be removing this other towel over my breasts, and I think it’s only fair for you to be nude if I’m lying here totally nude in front of you.”

Josh smiled and didn’t hesitate as he first took off his t-shirt and then his tight shorts. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and his beautiful cock swung into view. His uncircumcised cock was rock hard and had to be at least 10 inches long and between six and seven inches around, and his huge, egg-sized balls were hanging heavily in his hairy scrotum. He saw me staring at him in the mirror, and smiled as he began rubbing my swollen belly. He had soon worked his way up to my breasts. He didn’t hesitate to oil them up and move his hands in a circular motion around both breasts, and both of them started leaking milk. He had been standing behind me which is why I could see him in the mirror, but then he moved to the other side of the table with his crotch right in front of my face.

I was surprised, but definitely happy and aroused as he leaned down to suck the milk from my tits as he reached over to rub my lower back and ass. In that position I only had to move my head a few inches to take the head of his thick cock into my mouth. His foreskin was oozing precum and I loved the taste and texture of his chewy skin, and the way his thick cock filled my mouth. I continued sucking his cock as he sucked my tits, and I reached out to fondle his dangling balls which were heavy in my hand. He finally started to finger fuck my sloppy, wet cunt as he rubbed my ass, and I was in a rapture of lust. I pulled away from his cock for a moment and said, “Oh fuck Josh, let’s take this to the bed so you can suck my pussy while I suck your huge cock.”

He helped me off of the table and onto the bed in the same position that I had been in on the table. Now we were in a side-by-side 69 position, and I spread my legs and sucked his cock into my mouth again as he covered my labia with his mouth. We sucked each other this way for what seemed like a long time, but was really only about 15 minutes. Then Josh pulled away from my pussy for a moment and said, “Sandra, you are the sexiest woman I’ve seen or been with. There’s just something about you being pregnant with lactating tits, and your pussy is so wet and tastes so sweet. I’ve just got to fuck you now, and I can’t wait to feel my cock in your hot, wet pussy. I know that I need to be gentle with you and not pound your cervix, but I’ve just got to fuck your sweet cunt.”

I stayed on my side as Josh moved behind me and pushed his huge cock into my wet pussy. This position would allow us to control the amount of penetration, and he slowly started moving in my wetness as he reached over massaging my leaking tits. This was my first fucking in seven months, and it felt so good being fucked by a cock that big. His cock was twice as long and over twice as thick as Ed’s little dick, and it was easily the biggest cock I had ever had in me. He fucked me for at least 10 minutes, which was a long time given how aroused we both were and me previously sucking him. But finally he stiffened up and gently pressed his huge cock head against my cervix as he flooded my pregnant pussy and womb with his massive load of young cum, and I had the most intense orgasm of my life.

After Josh pulled out of me I had him, lie in front of me again so I could clean his cock of our fuck juices with my mouth. He was reluctant to suck his own cum from my pussy, but I wanted to try to save as much of it as I could for Ed anyway. We then separated and I said, “Oh fuck Josh, that was an amazing massage and fuck. And I have a surprise for you. You might be worried about Ed finding out about us fucking, but he already told me that I could do it if I wanted to. And even better, he wants to be here when we fuck again and he wants to participate by sucking your cum from my pussy, and even cleaning your cock with his mouth. So let’s find a day and time when we can do this again when Ed can join us. I’ll talk to Ed about it tonight and also see if he wants to clean my pussy of the semen and sperm you just pumped into me.”

After Josh left I put on my panties with a panty shield so I could save as much of Josh’s cum as possible in my steamy cunt. When Ed came home I think he could tell that I was very happy about something, and after we got the kids to bed I sat close next to him on the couch and rubbed his crotch saying, “Come on baby, let’s go up to bed. I have a surprise that Josh left for you in my pussy. And from what you told me a couple of days ago, I think you’ll really like it.”

We got on the bed in a side-by-side 69 position and then I removed my panties and the shield. I know that he could smell the strong aroma of my now stale, well-fucked, semen-filled pussy, and without saying a word he covered my labia with his mouth and started sucking me. I also leaned over and started sucking his soft cock, and I was surprised that for the first time in seven months his dick was getting hard. He couldn’t seem to get enough of my cum-filled pussy, and he even reached around to pull on my ass which held my pussy even tighter to his face and mouth. I continued sucking his dick and was surprised, that in addition to getting hard, he shot a huge load of his pent-up cum into my mouth for me to swallow.

After we pulled apart I just laid there amazed as his cock finally started softening and I said, “Damn Ed, those cuckold stories you were reading really did turn you on. Your dick got hard and you flooded my mouth with cum, just from sucking my sloppy pussy, knowing that Josh had fucked me and filled me with his young seed. Does this mean that you will be able to start regularly fucking me again? Where do we go from here?”

Then Ed said, I’m not sure that I will be able to get hard in the same way we did before I started taking this medication. But I am certain that I’ll get hard watching and participating while you fuck other men, especially if they have big cocks. I can’t really explain how this change occurred in my sexual psyche, but I’m really turned on by the idea of being submissive to you and your lovers. I just loved the taste, smell and texture of Josh’s stale cum that I sucked from your pussy, and I’ll bet that it will taste even better if I taste and swallow it when it’s fresh. I know that those big cocks will give you much more pleasure than my little dick does.”

I was happy that Ed was able to get some sexual enjoyment after so many months, but I was surprised that he was basically conceding that other men should be fucking me to give me pleasure. It was even more surprising that he enjoyed being submissive to me and men with big cocks. Now I know that this sounds selfish, but if that was Ed’ new attitude towards sex, then I would just go with it and enjoy it. There’s no question that Josh’s big cock felt so much better in me than Ed’s little dick. It felt so good having my pussy stretched, and then feeling his cum spray right into my cervix. It also occurred to me that Ed was talking about other men, plural, and not just Josh fucking me. I was looking forward to having Josh invite some of his big-cocked friends to join us in bed.

It was exciting to call Josh on Saturday morning and tell him all about what happened with Ed and our conversation about him wanting me to continue fucking not only Josh, but others as well. Josh also liked hearing about Ed sucking my cunt clean of his cum, and he was looking forward to being dominant with him and feeding him more of his cum. I invited Josh to come over during our daughter’s nap time on Sunday, and I wanted him to bring a friend. My only stipulation was that the other guy had to have at least a nine inch long, and very thick cock.

We had decided that Ed would take his place in the closet until things got started on Sunday. Josh arrived right on time with a friend he introduced as Peter, who was also in his massage class at school. There was no pretense of them giving me a massage, and Josh didn’t even bring his table or any of the other things he would need to give me a massage. I welcomed them into my bedroom, and I took off my robe, leaving me totally nude, as they removed their t-shirts and shorts. I wasn’t disappointed with Peter’s cock, and he was already hard and at least as long as Josh’s 10 inches and even thicker. Both boys gasped approvingly as my naked body, with the big belly, huge tits and puffy, hair-covered labia came into view. I lay on my back on the bed with my knees supported by a pillow to take the pressure off of my lower back, and motioned for the boys to join me.

Each of the boys lay next to me on their sides, and I could feel their rock-hard cocks leaking precum on my thighs as they leaned over and started sucking milk from my tits. They also started rubbing my belly in long soft strokes, ending with their fingers in my wet cunt. As they were draining the milk from my tits I reached down to stroke both of their huge cocks. At one point Peter pulled away from my breast for a moment and said, “Oh fuck Sandra, you are so beautiful and sexy. I have dreamed about sucking milk from a pregnant woman like you, and your swollen belly is so hot. I could hardly believe it when Josh offered me a chance to come here to suck and fuck a married woman as beautiful as you. I don’t understand how your husband can share you this way, but I’m sure glad that he is.”

We continued in position with them sucking my tits, until I couldn’t take it anymore and needed to feel a cock in me. So I said, “Okay, I’m going to roll onto my side and I want Peter to fuck me first since I haven’t felt your cock in me yet. And don’t be surprised when Ed joins us. He wants to see me being fucked by big-cocked young guys and even join in, so enjoy sinking your fuck meat into my pussy.”

Peter stayed behind me and started pushing his big cock into my pussy from the rear, while Josh stayed on his side in front of me and continued sucking my tits. It felt so wonderful having my pussy filled with a long, thick cock at the same time milk was being drained from my breasts. Peter was gentle with me and I could feel his cock softly pushing against my cervix as he bottomed out in me.

From my position I could see Ed as he opened the closet door and moved towards the bed. He was totally nude and his dick was hard as he stroked it. He then climbed up on the bed behind Peter, and I could feel Peter flinch a little as Ed sucked his balls into his mouth. It was still a mystery to me how Ed could have developed his hunger for cock, balls and cum so quickly, but it turned me on knowing that he was sucking the balls of the boy while he was fucking me with his big cock. Peter didn’t last very long this first time, and I could soon feel his big cock throbbing in my pussy, and a big load of his young cum shooting into me. He stayed in me until his cock started to soften, and then as he pulled away, I could feel Ed’s lips cover my labia and start sucking out Peter’s cum.

Peter just leaned back in amazement watching Ed swallow his cum. Then, as Ed pulled away from my pussy, he took Peter’s cock into his mouth to suck and swallow all of our combined juices. The boys changed sides and Josh started fucking me from behind, and as Peter moved into place to suck my tits, Ed moved with him and continued sucking his cock. This was the beginning of several rounds of fucking and sucking, and each of those boys flooded my pussy with three loads of their potent semen before the afternoon was over. It felt so good being repeatedly fucked by those big cocks, knowing that my husband not only approved, but was participating by cleaning me and sucking their cocks.

This meeting with Josh and Peter was just the beginning of years of me being a whore to those boys. Josh eventually brought over seven different friends from his class and the neighborhood, and we had fuck sessions with at least three boys at a time at least twice a week. I was getting a reputation of being the neighborhood whore with those boys, but I didn’t care so long as I could continue getting all of that hard, young cock. With his new found happiness at being my cuckold husband, Ed’s depression went away and he was able to stop taking the medication that caused his erectile dysfunction. But even though our sex life could have gotten back to normal, Ed still preferred to be a cuckold to me than to fuck me as we had done in the past.
Ed The Pregnant Fucker

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