My Sister's Family - aunt,family,asstr,caffi erotic story

I whistled with cheerful excitement as I drove down the quiet, suburban road towards the home of my sister. Married with three kids, my sister Melanie had a nice, white-collar existence in a respectable home, though her and her husband were not quite as respectable as they seemed!

My name is Ian and I'm thirty-six years old. I'm average in height, well built and very physically fit thanks to my time in the army.

Melanie, my only sibling, is two years older than me and works as a PR Agent for a big Insurance firm in the city.

I loved visiting my sister because, to put it simply, she's incredibly hot and a complete nympho who I've been fucking for years! When Melanie was fourteen and I was twelve we lost our cherries to each other when our parents were out. We fucked throughout our teenage years a lot, whenever we had the chance. Mum and dad were out on Sundays so me and my sister would screw in either my bed or hers and we'd be totally shagged out by the time we'd collapse together on the sweat soaked mattress. We did everything - Melanie would suck my cock and drink my cum, I'd eat her out until she squealed orgasmically, I'd cum on her little titties, fuck her in the arse - everything! Melanie had a tent and we'd say we were going off camping in the fields outside the small town we lived in, and we'd screw like rabbits in the tent

Melanie went to college and at the same time she was graduating she fell pregnant. The father, Steve, married her and Melanie gave birth to a son. Her and Steve later had a couple of daughters and settled here, in this suburban home to raise their family. I joined the army meanwhile and stayed there until 12 months ago. Shortly after I'd gone back to civilian life Melanie invited me over to fuck her for 'old times sake'. We fucked several times, more and more frequently, and soon she let me in on the fact that her husband was aware of this! Steve was intensely turned on by his wife's incestuous nature and the couple were heavily into the swinging scene. They met up with other couples, hired gigalos and hookers, engaging in all sorts of wicked depravity. It wasn't long until Steve and me were servicing Melanie together. My randy sister would love getting fucked in the cunt and arse at the same time by her husband and brother.

I often wondered how Steve and Melanie kept their rampantly sexual lifestyle a secret from their son and two daughters, though I was about to find out that they didn't bother. Quite the opposite in fact!

I rang the doorbell to my sister's house and waited, the afternoon breeze ruffling my dark hair. I had my suitcases with me as I was going to be moving in. Steve and Melanie had good, well-paid jobs and the house was huge. Just out of the army, I had considerable savings myself but no roots just yet. I'd done a few menial jobs in our old home town for a year, occasionally visiting my sister for sex, and recently Melanie had insisted I move in with her. Having quickly set myself up with a job in the city, I was now here to live with her.

"Hi Ian," Steve said as he opened the door.

"Hi there buddy," I responded, and I shook hands with my brother-in-law. Steve was forty, tall with short black hair and a handsome face usually adorned with a pair of red-framed glasses that made him look like a stockbroker, which he was.

"Come on in dude," he said, stepping aside, "Here, I'll help you with the cases."


In no time at all the suitcases were sitting neatly in my new bedroom upstairs and I was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

"Where are the kids?" I asked Steve as he handed me a beer.

"They're out somewhere," my brother-in-law replied.

"Apart from Sally," said Melanie as she walked into the living room, "She's upstairs somewhere. Hiya Ian," she added, smiling sweetly as she bent down and kissed me. It was a slightly lingering kiss, as always.

"Hi sis," I replied, giving her a gentle pat on the buttocks.

"Nice trip Ian?"

"Yeah, easy enough."

"When do you start your job?"

"Monday," I replied, "So I've got all weekend," I added, smiling. It was Friday afternoon now.

"All weekend eh?" Steve said, "We can occupy ourselves, I'm sure."

He exchanged a sly grin with his wife.

Melanie was of average height, slim, with short wavy hair, deep brown in color. She was very pretty with sultry, dark brown eyes and a wicked grin that gave a hint of her depraved nature. Her tits were average in size but shapely and she had the finest arse and set of legs you'd ever hope to see! I couldn't wait to fuck the shit out of her again!

"Shame we're not all alone in the house," I said, sipping my beer, "I fancy fucking the hell out of you Mel!"

"Well, let's do it!" she said.

"But Sally's in isn't she?"

"Then she can join us," Steve declared, standing up and going to the door, "Sally!" he yelled up the stairs, "Gonna come down here honey? Uncle Ian's arrived!"

I was looking puzzled as Ian came back in and sat on the armchair.

"You haven't got your kids involved in your little sex games have you?" I asked, half-jokingly.

"Of course," my sister replied.

"It was the natural thing to do," Steve added.

"Holy shit!" I gasped.

"You're not shocked are you brother?"

"Not at all Mel! It's great...just, a little...weird. I'll get used to it though. So, what, do they turn up at the orgies?"

"Not really," Steve explained whilst the sound of scampering feet came from upstairs, "We just have our own family orgies in here! I've fucked both my daughters, as has your sister."

"What about John?" I asked, referring to my nephew, my sister's first child who was now sixteen.

"He fucks his sisters and me!" Mel grinned, "He's a good young fucker. And speaking of young fuckers?" she continued, looking towards the door, "Here's your horny little niece!"

In came Sally, the sweetest little girl you'd hope to see! I'd only seen her occasionally when she was little because I was in the army, and recently I hadn't seen too much of her either. I now looked at her in a different light of course, the idea of fucking an underage child - especially my own neice - turning me on considerably, bearing in mind I was super-horny to start off with!

"Hi Uncle Ian!" Sally greeted me, rushing over and flinging her arms around me and giving me a big kiss on the lips. She stood back, smiling.

"Hi kid," I said.

Sally, just nine years of age, had long golden hair, reaching her narrow waist. She was slender but with a little bit of puppy fat around her arse, with a beautiful face - huge blue eyes, a cute little nose and pursed red lips. She wore a pair of shorts that showed off her thin pale legs (she was about four-foot-nine, fairly tall for her age) and also a very tight T-shirt. My neice had no tits yet, but that didn't matter. Her pre-adolesence was turning me on! Just as exciting was the fact that I could stroke her legs and admire her nubile young body, my cock clearly stiffening in my jeans whilst this child's parents - my sister and brother-in-law - watched on excitedly.

"Are you gonna join in the fucking later Uncle?" asked my neice as she sat next to me on the sofa.

"I sure am honey! Is that what you and your parents get up to all weekends then?"

"Yeah! It's great. Most evenings too! Fucking is fun, I love it. Can I see your cock Uncle Ian? You look as stiff as a post there, I wanna suck your dick!"

I couldn't help but agree! I sat back and undid my flies, pulling forth my eight inch prick that throbbed erectly, riddled with veins, the head swollen and glowing purple. Sally whisked herself onto her knees in front of me and started stroking my prick. Then she clamped her little lips over the head and began sucking me gently, flicking her tongue over the head.

"What a good cocksucker you are," I told her, stroking her hair, "Oh yeah, Sally. What a hot little mouth you've got!"

"She's good 'aint she?" Steve said, proud of his slutty daughter, "She's been giving head for years now! I got her started on taking cocks in her mouth long before I deflowered her other holes. She does everything now, as does her sister Debbie."

"Where is Debbie?" I asked, watching intently as my youngest neice continued to suck my prick.

"Debbie's with her brother swimming," Steve replied, "They'll be home in a few hours in time for dinner. Then we can have an all-family fuck. Right now, it's time for me and your sister to get in on the action! The more the merrier!"

Steve stood and began to undress, as did my older sister. I enjoyed watching Melanie stripping, eagerly slinging her clothes aside just as she'd done when we'd fucked as teenagers. For a thirty-eight year old mother of three, my sister was still very beautiful with a great body, firm and slim and oozing sex-appeal. Soon she was naked, as was Ian, who's seven inch cock pulsed erectly from his groin. He went over to Mel, who was kneeling on the floor, and offered his cock. My sister sucked him off deeply, taking most of his organ into her mouth whilst frigging her cunt.

Meanwhile, I was lost in pleasure as I fucked Sally's face. She eventually got up and began to take off her clothes, smiling sweetly as I watched and masturbated. The pre-teen slut clearly knew the delightful effects her undressing was having on her randy Uncle.

First she slipped off her T-shirt. There was no need for a bra just yet, her chest flat, her nipples dark red against her pale young flesh. Then she pulled off her little white socks, then down came her shorts. Finally, Sally removed her floral-print panties so that she stood naked. Her cunt was bald, a tight little slit that held my attention for a few moments, before she gave a twirl and showed off her round little arse-cheeks.

"You're so hot darling," I told her, reaching out and stroking her legs, "So fucking hot! Here, sit down here, I wanna lick your cunt, then fuck you."

I stood and Sally quickly took my place, sitting on the sofa and spreading her legs. I stripped naked completely then knelt between my neice's legs. I lapped at her cunt, running my tongue up and down that hairless little slit and feeling the young girl sigh with pleasure. After eating her out thoroughly I knelt up and nudged her young cunt with my prick. Despite having been fucked by her dad and brother a lot, Sally still had a very pure, virginal appearance, and I was intensely turned on at the sight of my cock-head wobbling at the entrance to her young cunt. I began to push, slowly squeezing my cock up into her cunt.

"That's good," Sally sighed as my prick-head entered her, "Oh, Uncle Ian, yeah! Fuck it up me, like Daddy does!"

I began working my way up into her, sliding my steel-hard rod up and into her, Sally's puffy little cunt lips clenching my shaft tightly. Soon enough, however, I was fully in, wedged to the root in her nine year old cunt.

"What a tight cunt you've got honey," I told her, panting with pleasure, "Oh yeah, Sally! Mmmm. I'm gonna fuck you, you little slut!"

"Fuck me Uncle! Yeah, I love being fucked!"

I began to thrust, gently at first then a little harder, unable to hold back from pumping my hips quite forcefully. I was so turned on there was no chance of this being a gentle, laid-back screw. Sally clearly didn't mind, reaching round and grabbing my arse-cheeks and helping to pull me in to her. I barely noticed nearby as Steve lay on his back on the floor and my sister mounted his cock, taking him in her cunt, both of them fucking whilst paying a great deal of attention to me as I shafted their daughter.

"I'm cumming," I shortly announced, "Fuck...I can't hold back...uuhh, fuck! Yeah!"

My sperm erupted, exploding into Sally's cunt. She wrapped her legs round my humping pelvies, crying out "Yeah yeah yeah!" in her sweet little voice as I shot my load up into her.

"Fuck me," I gasped after I'd finished cumming, "What a climax! Oh yeah, Sally, you're hot! I'm gonna fuck you again, soon enough, and we'll take our time then."

"Sure thing Uncle!" the girl said, and gave me warm kiss. I slid out from her and we sat next to each other, frigging each other gently as we watched Sally's parents fuck on the floor. Melanie was riding her husband's prick faster and faster, Steve groping my sister's tits as he banged his cock up into her cunt.

"Come over here Ian," Mel said, riding away, "Let me suck your cock! I wanna suck my brother's dick when it's still coated in sperm and my own daughter's cunt juice."

I hurried over, giving my semi-hard prick to my sister to suck on. She deep-throated me whilst continuing to bounce on Steve's rigid prick. My brother-in-law came within a moment or two, crying out ecstastically as he blasted his cum deep into Melanie's cunt, my sister receiving the sperm into her womb whilst deep-throating my cock which was all but fully stiff again.

I staggered back, sitting on the sofa next to my naked little niece, Melanie meanwhile clambering off her husband. Sally and her mum changed places so that me and my sister frigged each other whilst Sally went over to her father. She sucked his cock, stroking his balls and licking his shaft so that his member, like mine, was soon stiff and ready for more!

"Time for some bum-fun," Melanie announced, standing up, "Come on Sally, get on your hands and knees so your Uncle Ian can fuck your arse."

"Okay mummy," Sally said, taking her father's cock from her mouth and getting on all fours on the floor.

"You can take my arse," my sister said to her husband.

"Okay," Steve said, "Ian and me can swap over before we cum though. I want to watch him cum up your arse honey. I'll cum in my daughter's shitter in the meantime."

"Righto," my sister smiled, then gave her husband a kiss before joining her daughter on the floor, on her hands and knees with her arse thrust out.

"What a pair of hot butts we have in front of us," Steve said, standing next to me as we jacked off our stiff pricks whilst admiring the girls before us.

"Damn right!" I agreed, "Mmmm! I don't know which is best, my sister's or my niece's!"

"Well, you don't have to limit yourself to just the one. Better lube yourself up though Ian, your sister can take cocks up her arse dry but Sally needs a bit of grease she's that fucking tight."


I grabbed some KY-Jelly that lay purposefully on the coffee table and applied some to my prick, greasing it up nicely. Then I gave it to Steve who likewise prepared his manhood.

Then, we got down behind our respective womenfolk. Sally's arse-cheeks were pale and slightly plump, a pair of delicious round buttocks flanking a tight pink little anus, clean and puckered. I edged up to her, nudging my thick, lubed cock-head to her arsehole and beginning to apply pressure. I entered her slowly, Sally holding up firmly as her sphincter was parted by my invading meat.

"Oooooh, Uncle Ian," she gasped, "Yeah, it's goin' up me!"

"You okay honey?" I asked, half of my eight-inch cock up her tight bum.

"Fine, yeah! Cram it all up my arse! Fuck it's good! Yeah!"

I held her slender young hips and pushed the remaining half of my dick into her, buried to the root in her rectum. The nine year old blonde babe bucked with delight as I began to sodomize her, sliding my slick shaft to and fro in her sphincter, packing her shit up to the back of her turd-tunnel.

"Oh honey," I murmered, "What a tight arse! You're even tighter than your mum when I first buggered her in our teens."

"She's still tight though," commented Steve, who had meanwhile planted his staff in Melanie's bum. My sister was taking her husband's prick easily, smiling with serene joy as she was fucked steadily in her arse.

"I can't wait to bugger Debbie too," I added, referring to my elder niece, "How old is she now?"

"She's thirteen," replied Steve, bum-fucking my sister with great zest, "She's one hot little slut, just like her sister and mum!"

"Don't forget John!" Sally commented over her shoulder, my prick meanwhile still being driven up her tight arse, "He's a horny motherfucker!"

"He sure is," Mel smiled, "For a boy that young he sure knows how to fuck!"

"That's cos he's had a lot of practise," laughed Steve, "You taught him all about sex, didn't you Melanie dear?"

"Yeah! I'll never forget that night when he was thirteen and I took him to bed and gave him a practical demonstration. John fucked me with such enthusiasm whilst I instructed him what to do! He loved it! He must have cum five times and by then end he was in control and almost teaching me new things, the randy little bugger!!"

For a few minutes the room was silent except for the sound of slapping noises, flesh on flesh, cocks plunging into butts.

As planned, Steve and me switched over. I slid my dong out of Sally's little arsehole, her anus now gaping open hungrily once it was vacated. Steve tugged himself free of Mel's bum and came over to Sally, inserting his pole into her bum to the hilt and proceeding to fuck her hard. Meanwhile I got in behind Melanie and fucked my prick into her arse. Once more there was a great deal of grunting and panting with pleasure. I hit my climax first, crying out with pleasure as I clasped my sister's waist and fired my semen deep into her bowels. I hung in there for a moment, both of us breathing hard, my dick leaking sperm into her bowels. Next to us, Steve began to orgasm, drilling his little daughter's arse with his throbbing weapon and shooting his cum deep into her guts. Sally was in heaven, arching her back and wailing with delight as her dad's jizz flooded her bum.

Shortly, we were all showering in turn, drying off each other and giggling at the thought of all the fun to be had ahead of us during my indefinate stay here. Then we dressed and, whilst I unpacked my things in my bedroom (Sally naughtily suggesting that I could sleep with her and Debbie whenever I wanted) my sister and Steve went to put on dinner.

I couldn't wait until Debbie and her brother John arrived home!

My other niece and nephew arrived hom at 5 o'clock, just in time for dinner. They greeted me warmly in the living room.

My nephew John was sixteen and took after his dad, Steve, in that he was tall and slim. At five-foot-eight he was almost as tall as me. His hair was shoulder length and dark brown, and he wore tatty jeans and a Nirvana T-shirt. He shook my hand and had a real air of confidence about him.

Debbie was thirteen and, like her sister and mother, a true beauty. She was about five-foot-four with frizzy brown hair currently damp from her afternoon at the pool with her brother. She was slim, her tits small and firm looking under the tight top she wore, her slender, toned legs on display on account of the (very!) short skirt she wore. Her eyes were deep brown and she had a wonderfully pretty smile. The teenager hugged me and planted a passionate kiss on my lips.

"Dinner time," Melanie announced, and we all hurried off to the dining room.

Sex, naturally, was all we chatted about during dinner. John loved boasting of how often he could cum, telling me in one day he'd cum in his mum and sister's cunt, arse and mouth once each - nine loads in all! I topped him by telling him I'd fucked his mum - when we were teenager - ten times in one day. Melanie insisted she was looking forward to being triple-fucked - a cock in her mouth, cunt and arse at the same time.

"You've done that before though haven't you," her husband said, "at some of the swingers parties we go to."

"Yeah," shrugged Mel sipping her wine, "But it'll be great to do it with my husband, son and brother! An incestuous sex-sandwich! The girls will like it too!"

Debbie and Sally agreed, and for no reason turned and kissed each other. It amazed me how some people would criticize such a supposedly 'sordid' set-up such as this, a whole family involved in mutual fucking, when all it produced was such affection and closeness. I noticed John often reached under the table and stroked his mum's thighs.

Melanie and me regailed the kids with our tales of fucking each other when we were younger. Steve meanwhile told me in great detail of deflowering his daughters, though John was quick to point out that it had been him, last year, who'd devirginated Sally anally, the little blonde girl eagerly confirming the story.

"But dad fucked my arse as soon as John had finished though," she added.

We finished dinner and made our way to the living room where, on Melanie's orders, we all stripped naked. Clothes were slung aside, draped over one of the armchairs, us six people - two men, one woman, two girls, one boy - all nude and horny.

"Right then," I began, stepping up to Debbie and massaging her shoulders as I stood behind her, my prick nudging her firm young buttocks, "I haven't fucked you yet Debbie sweetheart, so I think I'll start by shafting your hot cunt! I'm sure you're just as tight and hot as your sister and mum."

"Okay Ian," she said, squirming in my grasp with delight, "I wanna suck your prick first."

"Let's 69," I suggested, casually, and we got down on the floor. I lay back and Debbie mounted me, her tight young cunt, adorned with the barest amount of brown hair, in my face whilst she in turn took my solid cock into her throat. Her mouth was hot and wet as she sucked me off whilst I began licking at her youthful cunt. I could just about make out nearby other activities in the room. My sister lay on her back whilst John and Sally knelt between her spread legs and ate out her cunt together, Steve meanwhile kneeling next to his wife so that she could suck on his cock.

I got back to the matters at hand, digging my tongue up into Debbie's cunt, eating her out with great skill and causing her tender young body to writhe on top of me as I she in turn took an impressive amount of the throbbing meat into her throat. We sucked like that for ten-minutes before parting, my prick as stiff as steel and slick with saliva.

I glanced across the room and spotted Melanie being spit-roasted. My sister was on her hands and knees, Steve behind her fucking her cunt doggie-style whilst John knelt in front of her and fucked his mum's mouth. Sally was kneeling nearby and frigging her mum's clit and her own.

Debbie sat on the armchair and flung her legs apart, her pink slit exposed and inviting. Kneeling, I edged up to her and slid my pole up into her cunt, Debbie panting with joy as I impaled her fully just as I'd done to her younger sister hours earlier. I fucked Debbie hard, pumping my hips and leaning in to kiss her, our tongues thrusting down each other's throats as we fucked.

My orgasm was approaching so I cooled off by slowing down, taking my lips from my niece's and just gently fucking her as we breathed deeply, sweat forming on our naked flesh. Then I resumed my humping again, fucking Debbie to a powerful climax before my own hit me. My sperm erupted, shooting deep into Debbie's womb whilst she reached up and gripped my shoulders, lost in ecstasy herself as my cock pumped white fluid into her tight slit. Once I'd finished I pulled out and we fell back onto the floor, breathing hard.

"That was a good fuck," Debbie said, kissing me.

"It sure was," I agreed, stroking her tits, "There's lots more to come of course!"

"Absolutely Uncle!"

We watched the events nearby. Sally was the centre of attention, astride her father's hips and taking his cock in her tight bald cunt. John meanwhile was behind his kid sister, working his pole up her bum and sodomizing her, his cock-thrusts complimenting his father's, Sally clearly wracked with ecstasy at this delightful excercise. Melanie, finally, stood in front of Sally so that her daughter could suck her cunt. My sister climaxed whilst pulling on her nipples, Sally burying her face in her mum's twat and eating her out. Steve climaxed down below, shooting up into Sally's cunt, John cumming seconds later in his sister's bowels. Then they broke up, all sweaty and smiling.

"We're gonna have some fucking good fun aren't we Uncle?" John smiled at me.

"Sure are! I bet you lot have some hot sessions together as a family."

"Oh yeah, all the time."

"But now it's equal," Debbie observed, "We've now got three males and three females. Enough cock to go all round!"

"You up for seconds?" Sally asked me, gripping my semi-stiff prick and jacking me off.

"Give us a little while and I will be honey," I said, my cock already reacting in her little fist.

Melanie whizzed over to John and began stroking her son's prick, licking the spermy head as it inflated slowly. Sally meanwhile took charge of getting her dad up again.

"I'm ready!" I shortly announced, my prick rock hard in Debbie's mouth as she sucked me off.

"Me too," added Steve, his son likewise ready for an encore.

"Let's have some triple-action!" my sister declared, standing up, her nude body looking so fine in the evening sunlight that blazed through the window which in turn looked across at the large back garden.

We all agreed with this proposal. I laid back on the sofa, holding my cock in the air and watching as Melanie enthusiastically mounted me. She sank down onto my prick, taking me right up into her tight slit and shuddering with delight. With her daughter's watching on, knowing their turn would be next, Melanie beckoned John to come over and fuck her arse. The sixteen year old stud did so, hopping onto the sofa astride my legs, behind Melanie. He carefully guided his prick into his mum's anus, sinking his whole length up there and proceeding to thrust gently. I matched his pace, my prick gliding up into my sister's cunt at the same time John was sliding half-way out of her arse, then I slid half-way out whilst he buried himself to the hilt. Finally, over came Steve, standing next to the sofa with his heavy prick thrust into Melanie's face. My sister took it into her mouth and greedily slurped on it, sucking deeply that fine member whilst her cunt and arse were taken care of by myself and John.

"Mum's having fun!" Debbie observed, kneeling on the floor next to Sally, the two sister's frigging each other's pussies.

"She sure is," Sally said, "Wow! That looks like fun. I can't wait to try it!"

"Me neither. Having fun mum?"

Melanie couldn't reply, what with having a big dick in her throat, but she sure seemed to be having fun as she emitted muffled moans of delight as Steve, John and myself fucked her three holes until she was shaking with lustful delight. We soon bought her off to an orgasm, her body quivering as she was wracked with ecstasy, us three guys careful not to loose our sperm in her.

Satisfied, at least for now, Melanie gave the order to release her, and she staggered off the sofa, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"My turn!" declared Sally, and the hot little preteen slut clambered up onto the sofa, getting astride me and taking my long dick into her tight bald cunt. John shoved his prick up his sister's arsehole and, suitably double-fucked, Sally started sucking on her dad's prick. With Debbie and Melanie masturbating each other on the floor, young Sally was fucked in the sandwich for a good ten-minutes, her young body so hot and tender between us three humping males. Her cunt was so tight, especially with her rectum packed full of her brother's prick, and I came dangerously close to sperming up in her. Luckily I had good self-control and I was still in tact when my little niece pulled herself off the three pricks and staggered to the floor with her mum.

Now it was Debbie's turn. The delightful teenager had been to one of her parent's swingers parties and had been subjected to triple-penetration once before. However, like her mum, she was looking forward to the novelty of a purely incestuous sandwich, and in no time at all she was being fucked in the cunt, arse and mouth by me, her brother and her father respectively.

We grunted and pumped that hot minx, making her climax hard and noisily amidst our thrusting pricks. Steve came first, tugging his meat from Debbie's mouth and jacking off over her face, his sticky white sperm exploding over her. Debbie caught a lot in her mouth and gulped it down, the rest of the salty fluid sloshing over her pretty cheeks and nose, running down her chin and hanging in her hair. Steve moved aside and watched as I began to climax, pumping my semen into Debbie's twat. I clamped my hands to her firm adolescent titties and pumped my hips, driving my dick into her slit as far as possible and shooting my second load of cum into her cunt that afternoon. At about the same time John hit his climax too, humping his hips hard and spluttering with delight as he ejaculated his thick cum up into Debbie's shitter. The girl was glutted with semen as she pulled herself up, sperm leaking from her dripping slit and her gaping arse, her face awash. She sat on the floor, out of breath. Her mum and sister hurried over and licked the girl clean, Melanie licking her face of the jizz whilst Sally fussed around Debbie's cunt and anus, sucking the sperm from them. Steve, John and me grinned at each other, knowing how damn lucky we were to have such hot, slutty females in our family!

We all relaxed for the evening. Debbie had some homework to be getting on with, as did John, whilst Sally went to a friend's house. Steve and Melanie busied themselves with household chores whilst I finished unpacking then had a walk around the neighborhood.

After some supper, I was eager to get to bed and wondered aloud who wanted to join me.

"I will," Debbie announced, rushing over the armchair I was sitting on. She flung her arms around me. "I wanna fuck Uncle Ian all night!"

"Okay honey," I smiled.

"Me too," Sally piped up, "I know I usually spend Friday nights with you, John, but Ian hasn't fucked me that much yet."

"That's okay," her brother said, "I'll join mum and dad in bed if that's okay."

"It is honey," Melanie said, kissing her son on the lips and ruffling his hair, "You and your dad can give me some good double-fucking action this evening."

"That's the idea!" John grinned, stroking his mother's tits through her T-shirt, "Dad and me will fuck your cunt and arse at the same time, I know how much you like that mum you lovely slut!"

"And I've got two little nymphs all to myself," I said, hugging Debbie and Sally close to me, "Let's go to bed now shall we?"

"Yeah!" the girls cried.

"Right then. Okay Steve, John, Mel, I'll see you in the morning."

"We'll have a good, pre-breakfast fuck here in the living room," Steve announced, "That's how we usually start Saturdays in this household."

"Sounds good Steve. Okay, g'night all!"

Goodnights were said all round. My sister and Steve went to the master bedroom with John whilst I went to my room with Debbie and Sally.

It was a fairly sizable room with a large double-bed under the window and old fashioned looking oak-furniture. I shut the door and the three of us undressed, my prick already rock hard and thrusting upwards at the thought of humping the night away with two adolescent lolitas.

"Wanna watch me and Debbie get it on?" asked Sally, hugging her sister, both of them naked and looking delightful in the warm glow of the lamplight.

"Okay," I said, "A nice little lolita-lesbian show eh?"

"We love it," Debbie insisted, "I love sucking and eat out Sally's cunt. But it's nice to be watched too. Daddy loves watching, as does John, though we have to be careful not to get too hot with each other or John shoots his load before he can join in."

"Well, I'll restrain myself," I promised, sitting on a leather chair in the corner of the room as my two nieces got onto the bed. They lay alongside each other, these beautiful girls aged 13 and 9, kissing each other fondly and stroking each other's bodies. They frigged their pussies and tongued each other's mouths, moaning in delightful pleasure. I jacked off my stiff cock, enjoying the show, seeing how the two girls clearly enjoyed this. They almost seemed to have forgotten that I was in the room, though I would remind them of my presence soon enough.

Debbie moved down the bed between Sally's legs and ate out her little sister's bald twat, burying her tongue up that preteen slit whilst gripping her thighs to hold them apart. Sally panted in pleasure, her cheeks blushing red as she was gently rocked by a swift orgasm owing to her sister's hard working tongue. The girl's switched over next, Debbie flinging her legs apart as Sally knelt before her and dived in, tongueing Debbie's cunt. Sally was on her knees and elbows as she performed oral sex on her sister, the younger girl's arse thrust out in the air. I stood up, still masturbating my hard pole, standing at the foot of the bed and admiring Sally's bare little bum. Her anus winked at me, pink and bald, underneath which was her tight looking slit moist with cunt juice and Debbie's saliva. I walked to the side of the bed, near Debbie, her pretty face bathed in pleasure. I got up onto the bed and pointed my hard dick down at Debbie's face, the girl quickly opening her mouth and clamping her lips to my prick, just over the swollen glans. She sucked gently, flicking her tongue over the head and tasting my pre-cum, Sally not letting up down below in licking out her sister's cunt.

It was time for heavier activities now. The girls moved apart and I lay down on my back, my niece's jointly sucking my cock. One would suck on the head whilst the other ran her tongue up and down the shaft. Eventually Debbie moved aside so that Sally could mount me, holding my prick upright underneath her and rubbing the slick head over her bald cunt-lips. Then she lowered herself, ecstasy in her face as she sank down and impaled herself on my throbbing meat until I was buried to the hilt.

"You're right up her cunt Uncle Ian," Debbie whispered in my ear, "Right up your little niece's cunt!" She kissed me on the lips.

"I know," I panted, "What a tight cunt you're sister's got! Oh yeah! I'm gonna fuck Sally then I'm gonna fuck you honey."

Debbie thrust her tongue down my throat whilst Sally began to ride me.

"Oh Uncle Ian," she gasped, "You're prick is so big and stiff! It's right up my cunt, yeah! Yeah! You're just as good at fucking me as daddy or John! Fuck me! Thrust up to meet me! Yeah!"

I was incredibly turned on by such filthy talk from the child and I began humping upwards to meet her downward thrusts. Debbie meanwhile moved aside and turned to Sally, kissing her sister on the lips then nuzzling at her neck.

"Suck her little titties," I told the older girl, "Lick her nipples whilst I fuck her little twat!"

Debbie did so, sucking in turn on one of her sister's barely developed titties whilst rubbing and pinching the other one in her fingers, my prick all the while pummelling Sally's clasping cunt.

"Debbie?" I said, shortly, "I want you to get on my cock now. Sally, sweetheart? Can you squat over my face? I want to lick your cunt and arsehole whilst I fuck your sister's cunt."

The girls were only to happy to oblige. Sally dismounted me and Debbie swiftly got onto my prick, taking me into her cunt and settling down with me buried in her womb. Sally, meanwhile, stood astride my head on her tip-toes. She lowered herself, squatting, her pre-adolescent cunt and arsehole in reach of my tongue. I began licking her holes, pushing my tongue up into her cunt, then her rectum, Sally meanwhile facing her sister and able to kiss Debbie whilst the older sister rode my humping prick. We all moaned and grunted in pleasure, our bodies squashed and grinding up against each other.

After five minutes my orgasm was approaching. The days activities meant I was tired and only really up for one climax this evening, so I slid my tongue from out of Sally's cunt and asked the girls to move aside. I was soon kneeling up at the foot of the bed and admiring the naked girls opposite me, both clearly hungry for more fucking.

"What now dear Uncle?" Debbie grinned, leaning in and giving me a kiss.

"I want to fuck you up your arse," I told her, "I haven't fucked you anally yet."

"Okay," Debbie said.

"Can I have a go too?" asked Sally, "I like getting it up the arse!"

"Sure honey. I'll sodomize you first Sally, then Debbie. Then it'll be time for sleep, I am fucking exhausted!"

Debbie moved aside, frigging her cunt, whilst Sally got on her knees and elbows. I took some KY-Jelly and greased up my prick, then Sally's puckered anus. Suitably lubed up, I was then able to edge in behind my youngest niece and push my cock up into her arsehole. I sank myself deep inside her, pushing in further and further until I was wedged in to the hilt.

"That's good," Sally panted, "Yeah, Uncle, fuck my arse! I love it up the bum! John does too, he fucks me in the arse frequently. Dad's good at it too. I think your dick is a bit bigger than theirs though, Ian, but I can take it!"

"You're shitter sure is tight," I told her, thrusting steadily, "Nice and hot and tight!"

"Give it to her," Debbie urged me, frigging her cunt, "Fuck her arse!"

"Yes Uncle," Sally wailed, banging her bum back to meet my pounding meat, "Fuck my arse! Fuck it! My shitter needs fucking! Bang your prick right up my fucking arse!"

"I will honey," I grunted, holding her shoulders tightly, "I'm gonna bugger your fucking arse, I'm gonna utterly bum-fuck you honey."

My hips slapped against her pre-teen buttocks as I shafted her arse. My prick was throbbing and on the brink of orgasm within a few minutes so, to fulfill my promise to discharge my sperm into Debbie's anus I slid myself free of Sally's clasping pooh-hole. The girl moved aside and Debbie, in a flash, was on her knees and elbows in front of me. After briefly lubing her arsehole I squeezed my dick up into her rectum.

"Fuck it up me," Debbie urged me, "Fuck my arsehole just as hard as you fucked Sally's! Mmmmm!"

I held her waist and pulled her onto my prick, heaving my rod into her arsehole whilst she moaned in delight under my humping hips. Sally busied herself reaching under her sister and frigging her clit.

"I'm gonna fuckin' cum," I warned Debbie, "I'm gonna spurt it all up your bowels Debbie! Up your fucking arse!! UUUUH!"

My sperm rumbled up and shot forth, shooting far into the clasping depths of Debbie's guts. Her anus spasmed round my prick shaft, drawing out my climax to a good thirty-seconds, and I almost fainted as I continued bucking my hips and squirting jism into Debbie's bum.

Finally finished, I withdrew and fell back, head sinking into the plump pillow. The girls lay either side of me, all of us out of breath. One of us eventually flicked off the lamp and we slept together in the darkness.

I woke up in the middle of the night, sometime around two, as often happens when you're sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings. Sally was fast asleep next to me but Debbie awoke from my stirrings. Without a word she edged down the bed and sucked my prick, slurping quietly in the darkness until I shot my hot load into her throat. She swallowed, gulping down my jism, then kissed me on the mouth. Still not having said a word, we went back to sleep.

When I woke in the morning I was still on top of the bed-covers. I could feel something hot and wet over my prick, like little tongues, and I smiled as I opened my eyes and looked down. Like myself, Sally and Debbie were both nude and kneeling either side of my hips. They were sucking my prick, and had clearly been working on it for sometime because it was extremely stiff and glistening with spit.

"Morning girls," I said, the two girls giving me naughty smiles as the continued to lick and suck my dick uninterruptedly. Through the gap in the curtains I could see that it was a grey day outside, the sound of rain beginning to tap at the window. Not that I cared. This was a day to spend indoors, having fun with my sister and her family! The clock read 8:44AM.

After a few minutes Debbie took her mouth from my prick and kissed me on the lips.

"Ready to go downstairs?" she asked me, "For the Saturday morning fuck."

"Is that some sort of tradition sweetheart?"

"Kind of. We don't really have any rules or rituals for our fucking in this house, but dad likes a big get-together on Saturday mornings, like some families would have a family meal. It gets the weekend off to a good start."

"Sounds fine," I said, "Shall we go?"

"Okay. Coming Sally?"

"I will be cumming soon," she sniggered, and she gave me a kiss before we got up off the bed.

In the hallway I saw Steve going into the bathroom.

"Morning," he called.

"Morning," I replied.

"I'm going for a piss," Debbie said, "I'll be down in a second."

I watched as the girl went into the bathroom with her dad, presumably to take a piss whilst her dad was in the shower nearby. This family had no modesty! Sally and me then went downstairs and into the living room.

John was laying on his back on the floor, in front of the crackling fire that was set back in the big stone fireplace. Astride him was Melanie, my sister riding her son's prick which pumped in and out of her hot cunt. Her arse was thrust out, her buttocks spread and revealing her anus.

"Morning you two," I said, getting down behind my sister.

"Hiya," Melanie smiled over her shoulder, "Aaaaah, yeah!" she added, smiling joyfully as she felt my cock - dripping with Sally and Debbie's saliva - pushing up her arsehole slowly. I held her waist and heaved my hips forward, wedging my cock right up my sister's shit-hole. Double-fucked by her son and brother, Melanie was in ecstasy.

"That's good," she moaned, "MmmmM! Fuck me you two! John, fuck mummy's cunt, fuck it up me. Ian, love, fuck my shitter! Nnnng, yeah!"

"C'mere honey," I said to Sally, who was watching her mum getting double-dicked in front of her, "Give me your cunt to lick!"

Sally hurried over, thrusting her hips at me and allowing me to run my tongue up and down her slit whilst I continued to sodomized her mum, my sister.

"It's us!" Debbie cried as she skipped nude into the room, her father behind her.

"Let's get down to some fucking," Steve said, "Come on honey, why don't you get into a 69 with your sister, assuming she can drag her tight little cunt from her Uncle's tongue."

Sally moved away from me and got down onto the floor, Debbie getting on top of her, the other way round so that both girls were eating out each other's pussies. Steve knelt behind Debbie, bending over and licking her arsehole whilst just below that puckered orifice Sally slurped at Debbie's cunt. Then Steve knelt up and edge his prick up to Debbie's well-tongued anus, squeezing the head of his fat prick up there. Debbie was moaning with delight, her dad's prick steadily easing up into her bum whilst her little sister's tongue worked it's way up her cunt. With a couple of thrusts Steve had lodged his dick fully up his elder daughter's rectum and he began fucking her with long, slow strokes.

I watched all this with delight whilst continually bum-fucking Melanie, who was thrusting her tongue down John's throat as he fucked her cunt. My sister hit a solid orgasm, moaning pleasurably into her son's mouth, her anus spasming climactically around my thrusting shaft and coming close to prompting my orgasm. I held back though and soon, feeling the need to cool off, I withdrew from my sister's bottom.

"What a good double-fucking that was," she panted, dismounting John's cock, "Fancy giving me your prick to suck Ian? I like sucking cocks fresh from my bum! Steve? Whip that cock out of your daughter's arse will you and come and shove it up my cunt. I want you to fuck my cunt whilst I suck my brother's shit-flavored dick. John sweetheart?"

"Yeah mum?"

"Go and take your dad's place will you, fuck Debbie up the arse whilst she's 69-ing with Sally."


New positions were arranged. I knelt up and Melanie got on her hands and knees in front of me and deep-throated my soiled prick, sucking me down into her warm mouth. Steve withdrew from his daughter and came over to fuck his wife's cunt, spit-roasting her. Sally and Debbie remained in a 69 whilst John took his father's place and pushed his member up into Debbie's bum. We all fucked together, grunting, humping, moaning, shafting, working up a healthy appettite for breakfast.

My sister was damn good at sucking cock and she soon had my sperm rising fast. I pulled out of her mouth and masturbated in her face, watching as my thick sperm exploded and splattered all over her lovely face. She was coated in it, grinning with delight as her own brother's cum squirted all across her pretty visage. Steve's climax arrived soon afterwards and he banged his hips hard and discharged his semen into his wife's cunt.

The apogee of John's pleasure had been reached too and he hunched over and cried out in ecstasy, squirting his semen deep into Debbie's arse, the girl all the while exchanging oral pleasures with Sally who remained beneath her humping siblings. When John finished cumming and pulled out of his sister's bum, Sally craned her neck and licked her brother's sperm that leaked from Debbie's well-fucked shit-hole.

We relaxed and got our breath back, Melanie fondling my cock whilst Debbie sucked off her dad and Sally licked her brother's soft cock.

"I'm fuckin' starved," I commented.

"Well breakfast will be soon," Melanie told me, running her fingernails lightly up my re-stiffening shaft, "Let's have one more fuck!"


"Mmmm. Nice and hard again bro! I want you to see to Sally now, she hasn't had a cock this morning! Not in her cunt or arsehole anyway."

"Sure thing sis. Sally? Come here darling."

The cute litte nine year old hurried over and got astride me as I lay back on the floor. She sank her cunt down onto my prick, leaning down to kiss me on the lips gently.

"John honey," Melanie continued to her son, giving him a lewd kiss on the lips, "Go and fuck Sally up the arsehole! Your sister loves double-fucking, like any girl does!"

"Okay mum!"

John came over and used a little KY-Jelly to grease up his little sister's anus. Then he worked his prick up into her. I enjoyed watching Sally's pretty young face fill with delight as her arse filled with cock.

"You love it don't ya?" I smirked, kissing her little red lips, "You love getting two cocks at once eh honey? Your Uncles big dick in your cunt and your brother's in your arse."

"It's lovely," she panted, "Are you all in John?"

"Just about...Uuuuuh. NNG! There, all in! Right up your fucking arse sis!"

"OOooh, that's good. Double-fucked! YEAH! What are you gonna do mummy?"

"I'm going to suck on Debbie's cunt," Melanie declared, "whilst Steve fucks my cunt."

Debbie lay back and Melanie knelt between her spread legs, plunging her head down and licking her daughter's slit. Steve, meanwhile, got behind my sister and eased his dick up into her cunt. He fucked her at a slow pace, just sliding to and fro in her clasping cunt whilst Melanie lapped hungrily at Debbie's cunt, causing the teenager to moan in pleasure whilst rubbing her nipples which stood erectly on her small tits.

All the while I was humping up my cock into Sally's hot cunt, the girl bouncing on me and grinning with joy, John behind her and fucking her in the arse. Sally climaxed eventually, almost fainting in a passionate swoon as she was wracked with pleasure.

"Fuck me," she wailed, "Fuck me Ian, John, oh! OH OH OH! UUUUH! I'm cumming, motherfuck! Fuck! YEAH!"

"Me too," I cried, "I'm cumming in your cunt Sally! Aaah, fuck yeah!"

"Fuck me Uncle Ian, fuck me! Cum up my cunt! Uuuh!"

My sperm squirted out in thick pumps, flooding Sally's lovely young cunt. When my climax died away, John hit his orgasm, blasting his semen into Sally's bowels. He held her little shoulders as he banged his hips hard, flooding the blonde girl's bowels with his semen just as he'd done to his other sister earlier. We eventually withdrew from Sally and watched her flop, limp and sweaty, to the floor, a big grin on her face. John and me fell to kissing her and stroking her golden hair.

Steve had meanwhile had his wife and daughter switch positions, so that he fucked Debbie doggie-style whilst she licked Melanie's cunt. Shortly, my brother-in-law climaxed, crying out as he fired his cum into Debbie's cunt whilst the teenager dug her tongue into the hot moist depths of her mum's cunt.

"Time," Melanie sighed once this climactic end to the orgy had been completed, "for breakfast. Who's hungry?"

"Me," came five voices in unison.

Breakfast over with, we all headed off to the supermarket to get the weekly groceries. We also stopped into town where Steve took his three kids round some record stores whilst I went with my sister to some sex shops. We stocked up on dildoes, bum-plugs and the like. We also got sexy underwear and suspenders, some in petite size so they'd fit Debbie and Sally.

That afternoon, we convened in the living room once more. I was naked, sitting in the armchair, whilst Debbie - wearing a pair of red suspenders, garter belt and fingerless white lace gloves - knelt in front of me and sucked my cock. I was fully erect and running my hands through her frizzy brown hair whilst her head bobbed in my lap. John was sitting on the sofa, stroking his erect cock and watching a hard-core porn movie on the TV, currently showing a scene featuring a lovely black lady being deeply fisted in the arse by a big-titted blonde.

"Where's mum?" Sally asked as she came into the room. The 9 year old nympho was wearing nothing except a pair of knee high white-leather boots with high heels.

"She's getting ready," her brother replied, "Here sis, come and sit next to me and suck my cock like Debbie is doing to Uncle Ian."

"Okay," Sally smiled sweetly, and plonked herself next to John, leaning in and giving him a nice leisurely blow-job.

"Let's switch," I told Debbie, "I wanna eat your cunt out honey."

Debbie had been enjoying sucking my prick but she was equally happy about my suggestion. I moved aside and let her sit down so that I could get between her legs and commence licking her cunt. Her sparse pubic hair bristled my nose as I dug my tongue up into her wet slit, tasting it's moistness, her slender thighs clamping my head as she moaned with pleasure.

"Ta-daa!" announced Melanie as she entered the living room. We all looked up.

My sister was wearing a French Maid's uniform she'd purchased from a sex-store. It was great! It was the traditional set up, black and low cut, showing off her cleavage, the frilly white tufts at the end of the sleeves and on the hem of the short skirt. She also wore black, fishnet stockings and high-heeled stilettoes, her hair up in a tight bun.

"You look hot mum!" John said, "Real hot! I mean, you usually do of course, but wow!"

"Nice eh?" Melanie said, giving a twirl. Steve meanwhile strode in to the room, naked, erect and carrying a big strap-on dildo.

"Your arse looks good in that mum," John added as he admired Melanie's bum in the tight Maid's uniform, "I wanna fuck it!"

"Then fuck it," my sister declared. She got on the floor, on her hands and knees. Sally took John's cock from her mouth and let her brother get up and down onto the floor behind his mum. I'd stopped licking out Debbie's cunt and watched as my young nephew lifted up my sister's black dress, exposing her arse. She wore no panties and her bare, spread bum was on display. John's prick was glistening and slick with Sally's saliva and he had little difficulty in mounting his mum and sliding his member into her arse.

"Aaaah, son," crooned Melanie, "Mmmmm! I love your cock, I love it up my arsehole! Fuck it right up me!"

"It's all up there mum," John panted, cramming every inch of his solid meat into Melanie's butthole, "Right up your fucking bum!"

"Fuck me son! Fuck my arse. Ian? Ian, honey, kneel in front of me, I wanna suck on your big dick!"

"Sure thing sis."

I scooted over and knelt in front of my uniform-clad sister, who took my prick deep into her mouth and gave me a slurpy blow-job. I pumped my hips a little, holding her head in my hands and fucking her face.

Next to us, Debbie strapped on the dildo her dad had bought in. It was bright pink, nine-inches in length and slim. Sally got on her hand and knees, still wearing just her white boots, and Debbie knelt behind her. She lubed up her sister's arsehole with her tongue before kneeling upright and pushed the fat dildo into Sally's arsehole, the bright pink phallus easing into the little girl's rectum slowly until it was in to the hilt. Steve meanwhile knelt in front of Sally who began sucking on her father's cock, bobbing her head and blowing him whilst her older sister buggered her with the big dildo. Melanie was meanwhile receiving the same treatment, sucking my cock whilst being sodomized by her son.

The six of us humped like this for a while, the porn movie running in the background, the sounds of humping and fucking drowned out by those in the living room. There was a brief switch over after a while, so that Melanie was arse-fucked by Sally with the strap-on whilst sucking Steve's cock, and Debbie was arse-fucked by me whilst sucking John's cock. All us guys were careful to keep our sperm in check so that we were all intact and stiff when this enjoyable scenario came to an end for a further change of plan.

"I want a double-fucking," my sister announced.

"That's easy enough," I told her, "Who do you want in your cunt and who do you want in your arse?"

"I mean a real double-fucking," Melanie grinned, "I want two cocks in my cunt at the same time."

"Hmmmm," John smirked, "Tricky. It can probably be done though. Uncle Ian?"

"Yeah kid?"

"Wanna give it a go? Let's both cram our pricks up my mum's cunt."


I lay on my back, prick held aloft. Melanie removed the Maid's Uniform, leaving just the fishnet-stockings and high-heeled shoes on, mounting my hard prick and leaning forwards. Her son got in behind and squeezed his cock up into his mum's cunt alongside mine.

"Holy shit," he gasped, "It's going up! Fuck! Yeah, it's all up there."

"That's so gooood!" Melanie wailed, "Oh yeah, two pricks in my cunt at the same time! Uuuuuh! Fuck this is good!"

I kissed my sister hard on the mouth, thrusting into her cunt along with John, both our members slamming up into Melanie's cunt and giving her a thunderous orgasm.

Steve kept himself and his daughter's busy meanwhile. He had Sally get on all fours and Debbie strap on the dildo, Debbie then pushing the big plastic prick up into Sally's arsehole. Steve then got in behind Debbie and pushed his prick into her rectum, the girl in a delightful anal-sandwich between her father and younger sister. They humped together in a compact trio, looking over at Melanie who meanwhile was crying the house down with obscene cries of pleasure, hit by another orgasm by the two pricks pistoning in her hot cunt.

"I think I'm gonna cum soon," John later announced to me over his mum's shoulder, "Wanna give mum a double facial?"

"Yeah," I grinned at my nephew, "Let's splatter her fucking face with jizz!"

We eased out of Melanie and let her stagger to her feet and sit on the armchair. She was sweaty and tired but still had fire in her eyes as she eagerly waited for John and myself to come over to her. We stood side-by-side, jacking off our cocks directly in her face. The pumps were soon turned on, a tremendous explosion of cum as my nephew and me both came at the same time. The thick, slimy, salty sperm squirted hotly over my sister's face and she frigged her dripping cunt with both hands and cried "Yeah, cover me in cum, you lovely motherfuckers, jizz me, drown me in cum, mmmm!" whilst receiving her sticky baptism.

Spent, John and me moved aside and sat on the floor, watching as Melanie sat back and rubbed the slimy cum into her glistening face. Steve had watched this lovely show and was cumming hard, firing his cum deep into Debbie's arse who, in turn, was using the big strap-on to bum-fuck Sally, who was frigging her bald cunt and crying out with her own climax.

"Fuck me," Steve laughed, sliding his soiled prick from Debbie's arsehole, "What a fucking great day!"

"It's not over yet," Debbie said, pulling the dildo from Sally's behind, "We've got all evening yet! Then all of tomorrow...and so on!"

"Excellent," Sally grinned.

"I'm already looking forward to the next fuck!" laughed Melanie, beslimed with jizz from her son and brother.

"Well I'm fucking tired," John said, "But give us a while and I'll fuck you again mum."

"Okay honey," Melanie said, "Let's watch some porn, have a rest and start again."

"I'll get some wine," Debbie said, hurrying to the drinks cabinet and grabbing a bottle of white wine, "I'm sure we'll have our menfolk up and ready for more fun soon."

We had a few drinks and watched porn movies for a while. John, being a youthful lad of 16, was erect first and had his mum bend over the coffee table so he could fuck her cunt doggie-style. Watching this turned me on so I lay Sally down and mounted her in the missionary position and gently fucked her juvenile twat. Finally, with his own cock nice and stiff, Steve got into a 69 with Debbie, laying back with his daughter on top of him, licking her cunt thirstily whilst she deep-throated the powerful organ that had given her life.

This was all merely foreplay though. We were soon breaking up our coupling and preparing for more elaborate fun.

Debbie wanted to try a double-penetration now and, with some preparation, she successfully repeated her mother's achievement by fitting two dicks - her brother and father's - into her cunt. We made an attempt to try this with Sally but with that little minx being just 9 it was clearly going to be too tight to risk. However, we gave her a nice traditional two-hole double-penetration though, with Steve fucking the girl's cunt whilst I fucked her up the arse.

My sister still had sperm all splattered on her face and looked incredibly horny as, still in her stockings and stilettoes, she was directing the next set-up. She wanted a double-fisting and promptly got one, laying back on the sofa whilst Sally hurried up and sank one of her little fists into her mum's arse and her other fist into her mum's cunt. She worked both of her arms almost up to the elbow in my sister's two lower holes, Melanie almost fainting with pleasure.

Debbie was lucky enough, therefore, to have all us guys to herself. Steve lay back and Debbie mounted him, her father's prick sliding up into her juicy young cunt. I fucked my hard member up into Debbie's arsehole and, finally, she sucked her brother's prick. Melanie climaxed twice under the twin-fisting of her holes by her youngest daughter, Sally giggling as she pumped her little arms and driving her mother wild with pleasure. Steve and me climaxed together, my brother-in-law's sperm erupting into Debbie's cunt at the same time my jism shot up her tight shitter. John was still erect when we split up so he had Debbie sit on an armchair so he could kneel in front of her and fuck his cock up her cunt. Within moments he shot his load, adding his sperm to his father's in Debbie's womb. There was little chance of further action as we were totally spent, so we took turns in showering and dressing, freshening up and soon rendering ourselves as fresh and innocent as a church-going family of prudes!

That evening we had a big orgy in the living room late into the night. Myself, Steve and John all came three times each, the girls glutted with cum at the end of it. They were thoroughly fucked, the highlight of the evening being when Sally and Melanie strapped on dildos and fucked Debbie in the cunt and arse whilst us three guys masturbated all over Debbie's face at the same time. It coincided with the girl's orgasm, my beautiful niece climaxing hard, thick plastic pricks drilling her cunt and shitter whilst three loads of sperm were exploding all over her face and in her hair. My sister also managed to get some double-anal, taking my cock and that of Steve's in her bum at the same time, sucking on John's too for good measure. By the time we had our last ejaculations - mine in Sally's arse, John's in Debbie's mouth, Steve's in Melanie's cunt - we were all wasted.

Steve and Melanie went to bed together, like a normal couple, Sally went with John whilst Debbie accompanied me to bed. We were too tired to fuck by the time we retired at midnight, though we did wake up at 3:30AM, whereupon I fucked Debbie in the missionary position under the covers at a leisurely pace. I squirted my hot load up her cunt after fifty-minutes and we fell back to sleep in each other's arms.

When I awoke, on a bright Sunday morning, I was alone in bed. I clambered up, nude, and headed out of the room. I could hear moans of pleasure coming from the master bedroom so I went in to investigate, my prick stiffening at the thought of what was going on.

On the King-Sized bed was my sister Melanie being double-fucked by Steve and Debbie. The girl was lying down with a strap-on dildo fitted to her waist and shoved up Melanie's cunt whilst Steve knelt behind my sister and fucked her arsehole.

"Hey honey," Melanie grinned, "Come on over, join in."

"Find a hole!" Steve laughed.

I hopped up onto the bed.

"Sorry Uncle," Debbie said from below, humping the plastic cock up her mum's cunt, "I couldn't wait to get fucking and I didn't want to wake you."

"It's okay honey," I said as Melanie began to suck my prick, "I needed that sleep! I was fucking tired yesterday. Oh yeah sis, suck my cock. That's it! I'm well and truly rejuvinated now! Mmmm. Suck my fucking cock!"

Steve meanwhile held Melanie's shoulders as he drove his prick deep into her rectal passage.

"Where's John and Sally?" I asked no-one in particular, fucking my sister's mouth.

"Probably fucking," replied Debbie from below.

"We'll see 'em later after breakfast," said Steve. He was humping my sister's arse hard now, his climax clearly approaching. He closed his eyes and let out a long groan of pleasure as he spurted his semen into Melanie's shitter.

My own climax was not yet approaching just yet, so Steve retired and left the room, going downstairs to cook breakfast.

Meanwhile, I got behind my sister and planted my staff in her bum and fucked her arse. Debbie meanwhile repeated her previous actions of shafting Melanie's cunt with the strap on and, shortly, I added my cum to Steve's in my sister's clasping, buttery shit-chute.

We spent a moment recovering before parting, then headed on downstairs still in the nude for breakfast. We walked past John's bedroom on our way, just catching sight through the open door of the youth busy ejaculating over Sally's face and pasting the little girl's face in jizz. Those horny siblings soon joined us downstairs too.

The Sunday developed with the expected fuck-fests. We screwed our way through the day, having great fun and trying out some new stuff. Debbie had recently got into watersports and insisted on pissing on me. I squatted in the shower, masturbating, whilst the hot little slut urinated all over me. I can't say it turned me on a great deal, but it was an interesting experience and Debbie certainly had fun, especially when I pissed all over her then bent her over the sink and cunt-fucked her from behind until we both came. John had a real soft-spot for giving facials, and especially liked watching his mum and sister's swapping his cum from mouth to mouth with each other. It usually got him stiff again instantly.

On Monday I started my new job. It was nothing special but it was okay, it'd pay the bills and give me some spending money. I mainly looked forward to the evening, as did we all. I got home from work first, the three kids waiting for me in their parents bed. We had a good fuck together, me shooting my load into Sally's cunt whilst John came in Debbie's. We dressed and prepared dinner for Melanie and Steve, who worked for the same company and came home together at 6:30PM. After our meal we had a good fuck on the floor together, then relaxed with some supper before bed. We split into couples - Debbie and John, Steve and Sally and me and my sister. We rotated each night in no particular order.

The weeks went by, just getting better. I felt young again, insatiable, Steve, my sister and me all humping with my nieces and nephews. Sometimes we did new things, like getting uniforms for the girls (Debbie looked utterly adorable in a nurse's uniform!) and trying out a bit of bondage. Other times we were happy just naked and screwing like rabbits in all sorts of various positions.

It was a Saturday afternoon three months after I'd moved in with Melanie. I was in the car with my sister who was driving.

"Looking forward to this bro?" she asked me, concentrating on the road on account of the heavy drizzle and wet roads.

"Yeah," I replied, "It'll be fun. Have you met these people before?"

"Once, yeah. They're cool, it's really worth the drive. It'll be another half-hour though."

"I haven't shot my load since I fucked Sally's cunt this morning. My nuts are set to explode!"

"Well hang on in there Ian," Melanie laughed, reaching over and patting my thigh, "We'll have all the opportunities to fuck when we get to Dave's."

We were going to meet some people my sister and brother-in-law had got in touch with through an internet site for incest advocates. The people we were meeting, who lived about seventy miles away, consisted of a divorced father called Dave and his son and daughter.

Finally, we arrived at the large country home on the outskirts of a small town. My sister and me hurried up the driveway through the rain to the front door. Dave opened the front door ready for us and ushered us in.

"Hello again," he said to Melanie when we were in the hallway.

"Hi Dave," my sister said, kissing him, "This is Ian, my brother. Ian, this is Dave."

We said our hellos and shook hands. Dave was my age, thirty-six, with a fairly average, non-descript appearance. He seemed friendly and perfectly at ease, clearly indicating he shared his children with fellow incest-lovers like us a lot.

"Let's meet ths kids," Dave said, proudly, and led us into the living room.

The room was spacious with the coffee table and sofa moved aside so that the floor was clear, cushions scattered around, incense burning somewhere giving the place a floral smell. The two kids, Jenny and Ricky, sat on the floor, naked.

"This is Ricky," Dave said, "He's my son. He's twelve years old."

Ricky stood up and shook my hand.

"Nice to meet you," he said, sweetly. He was a cute kid, small for his age and slender with dark eyes and ruffled black hair. His prick was small and bald but currently semi-stiff. Ricky had been fucking his sister and indulging in his father's hobbies with other families for a couple of years.

"Hiya kid," I smiled.

"And this," continued Dave, "is my daughter Jenny."

Jenny was thirteen and had gone through a little growth spurt recently so that at five-foot she was a good half-foot taller than her brother despite the single year's age difference. She had long back hair and a chipmunk face, with pinched cheeks, big brown eyes and a cheeky little grin. I admired her nude body. She was average in build with a little bit of puppy fat giving her bum a chubby roundness to it. Her cunt was adorned with a small amount of curly black hair and her tits were beginning to bud, but only a little bit.

Melanie renewed her acquaintence with the children, kissing them and ruffling their hair.

"Let's get down to it right now!" Melanie insisted, "I'm so fucking horny! I can't wait to have Ricky fuck me, he fucked me well for a boy of his youthful age!"

"I get a lot of practise with Jenny," the child smirked, "Let's go for it Melanie! My prick's stiffening just looking at you clothed. Get naked dear!"

Melanie laughed and kissed Ricky, then began taking off her clothes.

"Let's fuck her together son," Dave said, undoing his shirt, "Jenny? Take care of Ian will you, I'm sure he can't wait to fuck your tight cunt and arse!"

"Damn right!" I confirmed.

Jenny lead me to a part of the floor near the fireplace and knelt down, helping me take off my clothes. Soon I was nude and I sat in front of the adorable child and we kissed, thrusting our tongues down each other's throats. I reached round to stroke her round little bum-cheeks whilst she gripped my thick, stiff rod in both her hands and masturbated me.

Eventually I had the girl lay on her back so I could lick her cunt, nuzzling my face into her furry little cunt and licking her slit which was already moistening. She reacted favorably, running her hands over her tender young titties and panting delightfully as I lapped at her cunt. I could detect Jenny approaching a climax so I bought my fingers into play, sliding two digits into her cunt whilst flicking my tongue over her clit, soon bringing the girl off to a prolonged climax.

"Suck my cunt," Jenny moaned, "Mmmm, Ian, that's good. Oh that's good. Lick my cunt! Yeah. Now fuck me!"

In a flash I got up and mounted the girl, easing my hard cock into her cunt and inserting myself to the hilt.

"You're a hot little minx," I whispered to her, kissing her wet lips, "Yeah, what a tight cunt you've got honey!"

"Fuck me Ian! Fuck me, fuck my cunt!"

I began to hump the girl, long, slow strokes, my prick burying up into her womb before I almost withdrew before plunging back into her again. Whilst kissing the girl hard on the mouth I could detect activities nearby. Melanie was getting spit-roasted, on her hands and knees, little Ricky behind her and fucking her cunt whilst Dave knelt in front of her to fuck her mouth. My sister was giving muffled moans of pleasure as she was dicked from both ends.

Back to myself, I was fucking Jenny quite hard now. My arse pumped between her spread legs, the teenage slut humping her arse off the floor to meet me and panting obsceneties into my ear.

"Fuck me, yeah, fuck my cunt. Drive your dick into me! Yeah! Uuuuh!"

"Jenny, honey, you're hot! You're so tight and hot!"

"Mmmm, your dick is good! I want it up me, right up my cunt. Fuck me!"

My orgasm was approaching after a few moments so I withdrew from Jenny's cunt and sat back.

"You coolin' off?" asked Jenny, sweetly.

"Yeah honey, I don't want to shoot to early."

"Nice idea. I ought to teach that to Ricky sometime, he blows his nut too early a lot. Look."

We looked over and saw the youngster in question in the throes of an orgasm, shooting his sperm into my sister's cunt whilst she continued to fellate Dave. Ricky finished cumming and slid his little prick from Melanie's cunt so that he could sit back and retrieve his breath and composure. Dave meanwhile slid his cock from my sister's mouth and went round behind her to fuck his prick into her cunt. He fucked her quite forcefully, Melanie urging her fucker on.

"Fuck me Dave, oh yeah, oh God you're cock is nice and hard! Fuck my cunt, add your sperm to your son's in my cunt!"

I turned back to Jenny, ready to fuck her some more. I had her get onto her hands and knees, her plump little bottom thrust out at me. Bending down I kissed and stroked her buttocks, bestowing a few pecks onto her tight looking little anus before I moved down to her moist cunt and licking it out. Then I was up and entering her cunt, easing my long pole up into her womb once more and proceeding to fuck her deeply and hard. Jenny climaxed under my powerful thrusts, banging her cunt back onto my humping dick.

"I'm cumming, yeah, fuck me! Oh fuck me, fuck my cunt. I'm cumming! FUCK! UUUUH!"

"Me too honey," I gasped, slamming my hips, "I'm gonna shoot up your cunt! Oh fuck, yeah, you little slut. I'm going to cum in your tight little cunt!"

Indeed, my sperm launched out of my cock, my rod pumping out it's thick creamy load up into Jenny's cunt. The 13 year old climaxed throughout all this herself, in heaven as she came whilst receiving my spunk into her tight cunt.

Just as I'd finished and was easing out of the child, I spotted Dave cumming, fucking my sister doggie-style. He reached under Melanie and clasped her swinging tits as he banged his hips, blasting his sperm into her womb. Then, like me, he withdrew and we all recovered from our activities.

Melanie came over and had a 69 with Jenny, us three guys watching and stroking our pricks as we watched Melanie and Jenny suck the sperm from each other's pussies. This revitalized Dave pretty quickly and he got in behind his son, bending twelve year old Ricky over and exposing his bare little arse. I'd never witnessed a bit of man-boy fucking before so I watched with some fascination as Dave sucked on his fingers and pushed the digits up into the boy's arsehole to loosen him up. Then Dave placed his cock-head to Ricky's tight looking little bald anus, easing forward and gently sliding his organ up into the child. The slender pre-teen boy had clearly been subjected to this a lot from a young age and furthermore clearly enjoyed it, his little dick hard in his pumping fist as his rectum slowly swallowed up the invading cock. Shortly, Dave was wedged up his son's arse and he proceeded to sodomize the child.

I was fully erect thanks to this sight, my prick hard in my pumping fist.

"Fancy a go afterwards?" Dave asked me, buggering his son.

"Sure," I replied, "I've never arse-fucked a boy before."

"It's delightful! Like fucking a girl of the same age really, but with a certain addition of extra kinkiness to it. My son's arse is so lovely and tight to, it'll take a lot of willpower not to shoot my load up here. In the meantime, Ian, why don't you fuck my daughter up the arse whilst she's in that 69 with your sister? The little slut can take it up the shitter just as well as her brother."

Jenny was on top in the 69 with my sister so I decided they wouldn't need to split up for this excercies. I got in behind Jenny, her spread arse pointing at me, Melanie underneath and licking out the girl's pubescent cunt whilst receiving the same treatment. I licked Jenny's arsehole, pushing my tongue up that tight orifice, so that it was a little dilated. Kneeling up, I performed the operation with no problems, Jenny's tight bum relaxing and able to take my invading meat. In no time at all my cock was wedged up the girl's arsehole, her moans of pleasure muffled by Melanie's cunt which the girl continued to suck on. Melanie meanwhile was able to occasionally take her mouth from Jenny's cunt to lick my balls and arsehole, adding to my pleasure as I sodomized Dave's young daughter. Her rectum was tight and hot and as I fucked it I could also watch the enjoyable sights of Jenny eating out my sister's cunt and, next to us, Dave fucking the tight little bum of Ricky.

After ten-minutes Dave withdrew from his son's arse. I likewise tugged myself free of Jenny's bum, the girl meanwhile dismounting my sister.

"Let's switch arses," Dave said.

"Okay," I agreed.

"I wanna fuck someone's arse in the meantime," Ricky said, "Hey Melanie?"

"Yes sweetheart?"

"Can I fuck your arse whilst your brother Ian fucks mine?"

"Sure can honey. Let's do it!"

Melanie got on her hands and knees and Ricky got in behind her and fucked his young prick into her bum to the hilt. Then I entered Ricky's arse, the sphincter tight and reluctantly parting to accept my prick which was quite a bit thicker than his dad's. Success was achieved though and soon my dick was wedged to the hilt inside the little boy, who was writhing ecstasy, fucking Melanie's shitter in the meantime.

Dave wasn't unnoccupied either. He had bent Jenny over a big cushion on the floor and was steadily sodomizing her, Jenny reaching under herself to frig her clit and yelping with delight as she masturbated, her father's prick all the while pounding up her rectum.

Us guys were able to hold ourselves in check for a while this second time around. For a full half-hour I fucked Ricky. He shot his load up Melanie's rectum eventually, humping his hips hard and crying out as he came.

"I'm fucking cumming," he splutted, "Oh Mel, I'm cumming up your arse! Up your arse! Fuck."

"I'm cumming too," I panted in his ear, "Your arse is so hot Ricky, uuuh!"

"Shoot it up me Ian! Shoot up my arsehole whilst I shoot up your sister's! Oh fucking hell, yeah!"

Melanie was frigging her clit and looking over her shoulder as she watched the sight of young Ricky banging her bum and filling her bowels with his young sperm, whilst behind him I gripped the boy's slender shoulders as I drove my prick into the depths of his bum and ejaculated. It took a while for us to finish our climaxes, Ricky bucking with pleasure in the sibling-sandwich he was wedged in, his cock spurting in Melanie's arse and causing his own clasping sphincter to tighten round my pumping prick.

"I've fucking filled your arse," I told him, "I've shot cum right up it you little sodomite!"

"And I've filled your sister's arse! Wow, what a cum!"

I pulled out of Ricky's arse and Melanie pulled herself forward, disengaging herself from her pre-teen bugger, the child slumping aside tired and happy. Dave was just cumming at that point too, the divorced father thrusting his dick into the depths of Jenny's rectum and ejecting his sticky load.

We all recovered and had a bite to eat. I agreed to drive home so Melanie could join Dave in having some wine. We watched some porn movies too. Dave had some good kiddie-porn, one of them featuring Dave himself frolicking with two identical twin brothers, aged no more than eight. The picture quality was sharp and showed lots of close ups of Dave buggering the little darlings until he ejaculated over the face of one of them, the other boy licking his brother's face clean of cum. Next up, Dave and an older guy double-fucked a girl of ten before cumming on her face and in her hair at the same time, the girl frigging her bald cunt whilst she was pasted by the two spurting pricks. Jenny herself was also in the movie, engaging in some lesbian sex with a woman in her early thirties, licking each other out then going to work on each other's pussies with strap-on dildos. In the final scene, young Ricky made an appearance, bent over and getting fucked up the arse by eight men in a row until he was glutted with sperm. I asked Dave if I could borrow the tape but Melanie pointed out that she already had a copy at her house!

Then it was time for more fucking. We humped on the floor, switching positions and screwing any hole available. At the end of the prolonged session Ricky and me gave Jenny a double-fucking. I shot my load up the girl's tight cunt whilst Ricky came in his sister's arse. Dave, meanwhile, fucked Melanie's cunt and arsehole thoroughly before he pulled out to masturbate all over her tits and belly.

Finally, we showered and dressed. Goodbyes were said and we all promised to do it again, Dave saying he'd come over with his kids to Melanie's house next time so our whole families could have a big orgy together.

Then, I drove me and my sister home. We were already horny again when we got back, and as luck would have it Steve, John, Sally and Debbie were all commencing a good fuck-fest in the master-bedroom, so Melanie and me stripped and plunged into the humping fray.

It was a week later, a Sunday. It was bright and hot outside and the family hung around the swimming pool in the garden. Steve and me, in shorts, lay on sun-decks reading newspapers and smoking cigars. Melanie, thanks to the privacy of the high fence around the back garden, sunbathed topless, wearing just a yellow thong as she lay on her stomach. She had on a pair of sunglasses and read an erotic novel.

The three kids were splashing about in the pool. John wore swimming trunks whilst his sister's had gone for the natural approach, swimming around naked. I was very much used to seeing those lovely nymphets naked but still, when they got out of the pool to use the diving board, I felt a stirring in my loins as I watched their lovely, nude bodies, lithe and glistening and dripping wet, their little feet leaving wet prints across the marble-effect slabs bordering the swimming pool.

We relaxed like this for an hour, enjoying a nice lazy Sunday. Melanie then turned over onto her back, her tits exposed to the sun.

"John honey?" she called to her son, who was busy having a water fight with his sisters.

"Yeah mum?"

"Could you come and put some sun lotion on me?"

"Sure mum!"

The boy clambered out of the pool and scampered over to his mother, the two girls meanwhile splashing about in the water with each other. I watched lazily, puffing on a Cuban cigar, as John knelt alongside his mother and squirted a thick white glob of sun-lotion into his hand. Then he applied it to Melanie's body, her fantastic, slim and firm body looking even sexier as her son's hand worked across her and leaving her glistening and moist looking. John naturally paid particular attention to her tits, rubbing those firm globes and lightly pinching her nipples and returning the sexy little grin his mum gave him.

"I have an idea I won't be sunbathing much longer," she whispered, reaching between her son's legs and squeezing his stiffening cock through his wet short.

"I'm horny mum," he replied, "I wanna fuck you."

"Well we can't do it here," she said, "Why don't we go inside. You don't need to dry off, I want you dripping wet whilst you fuck me son. I want your cock."

"And you'll get it mum you horny slut."

"Fancy joining us?" Melanie asked me and Steve.

"I'm too relaxed," her husband replied, smiling, "I'll just fester here if you don't mind honey."

"I'm up for it sis," I said. I put my cigar out, put the newspaper aside and got up.

Melanie stood, her body shiny with lotion and sweat, and walked hurridly up to the house and through the backdoor, John and me following.

"Let's double-fuck mum," John said to me, "Let's make her cum really noisily! It'll be fun."

"Okay kid," I grinned.

"Come on you studs," Melanie smiled as she lead us into the living room. She whipped off her thong and knelt down, John and me walking up to her and slipping off our shorts so that like my sister we were nude. Our pricks were rock hard and we thrust them into Melanie's face. She sucked my dick first, masturbating her son in the meantime whilst her head bobbed, my prick sliding past her tonsils as she fellated me with considerable skill thanks to all the practise the slutty cocksucker got. Then she jacked off my prick in her fist whilst sucking on John's cock. She did this for a few minutes, sucking us in turn, getting our pricks even harder and glistening with spit.

"Right then," she announced, "Ian? Lay down brother dear, I want you to fuck my cunt. It's been hot and wet for ages after laying out there topless reading that porn book! John? Take care of mummy's arsehole will you."

"I sure will mum."

I lay down, holding my long cock upright and watching as Melanie got astride me. She rubbed her glistening cunt slit over my cock-head, teasing me, before lowering her body so that my dick was right up her cunt to the hilt and her arse-cheeks pressed against my firm thighs.

Then, Melanie leaned forwards, her arse-cheeks spreading and revealing her sweaty pink anus to her son.

"Come and fuck my arse honey," she urged him, "Come on my little motherfucker."

"What do you mean 'little'?" smirked John, kneeling behind his mother. His thick, seven-inch prick was wet with spit and he managed to steadily ease his prick into her arsehole without much difficulty.

"Right up there kid?" I asked him, fucking Melanie's cunt from below.

"Yeah," replied John, "Right up my mum's arse! Holy shit it's hot up there, nice and tight. Mmmm! Let's fuck mum hard, Uncle Ian, let's not show her any mercy the fucking randy slut!"

"Damn right," Melanie panted, "Come on motherfucker, fuck my arse, fuck your dick up there. Ian, honey, shaft my cunt. Oh yeah, that's it, get a good rythym. Fuck me, fuck my holes! UUUH! UH!"

John and me had double-fucked Melanie - and my nieces - many times so we were good at working together in unison, shafting together. We achieved our aim shortly, my sister burying her head into my chest as she wailed and cried with ecstastic joy. Her climax almost caused her to faint, her sweaty body bucking and humping between us.

"Fuckin' hell," she cried, "Oh fuck, I'm cumming. Ooooh, I'm cumming, with my brother's dick in my cunt and my son's in my arse. Yeah! Yeah! GOD! I'm a slut, fuck, a slut, uuuh! UUH!"

She continued spluttering for a few moments, her body convulsing as John and me fucked her holes, and I kissed her hard and rammed my tongue into her hot mouth. I drank down her sighs of pleasure as her orgasm died away. John was increasing his pace now, pumping his mum's ravaged anus with his solid young dick, which shortly began to eject his sticky jism.

"I'm shooting my load now mum," he panted, holding Melanie's waist whilst slamming his hips, "Holy shit, I'm cumming, I'm shooting my cum up your arse mum! Fuck! FUCK! You slut, take my cum, here it is, up your fucking arsehole!"

Melanie was still kissing me hard but I could detect her muffled groans of ecstasy as she felt her shitter flooded with her son's sperm. All this delightful fuckery triggered my climax too and I thrust my cock up into the depths of my sister's cunt, still kissing her mouth as my prick fountained cum into her womb. My orgasm finally died away and Melanie took her lips from mine.

"Holy fuck," she smiled, "That was fun! Wow! What a good fuck!"

"It sure was mum," John agreed, tugging his softening prick from his mother's sperm-leaking anus, "Hey, you fancy a swim mum? You're all fuckin' sweaty now"

"Okay honey. Fancy a swim Ian?"


Melanie dismounted me and we all trecked outside, naked. Steve was fast asleep on the sun-deck but his daughters were still swimming in the pool. They beckoned us to hop in and we did, Melanie, John and me doing so, skinny dipping with the girls and cooling off in the water.

There was an interesting surprise the next weekend. Melanie and her daughters were spending the Saturday night away from home. It was some sort of business trip for Melanie, where she had to spend the evening at a works convention in Alaska, and she had two spare flight tokens so decided to take Debbie and Sally as a little treat for them.

"You mean you have interests and lives outside of fucking?" I asked, smiling.

"Some," Melanie replied, "but not many."

"Who are we gonna fuck then?" I asked.

"We'll be okay," John reassured me, "Dad'll take care of it."

So, Saturday afternoon, my sister and the girls left the house.

At 8 o'clock that evening the doorbell rang and I was invited to go and answer it. It did so, and standing on the doorstep was a gorgeous teenage girl.

"Hi there," she smiled.

"Hello," I replied.

"I'm Nina," she said, giving me a kiss on the cheek, "Shall I come in?"

Before I could reply the sweet brunette babe stepped passed me and made her way down the hallway into the living room, as if she'd been here before.

"Hmmmm?" I murmered to myself, intrigued. I shut the door and followed the girl, who I found in the living room greeting Steve and John warmly.

"Hey Ian?" Steve smiled over at me, standing and putting an arm round the girl, "This is Nina. She's the daughter of a friend from work who's also into the family-sex scene. Nina occasionally comes over from a change from being fucked by her brothers and dad. 'Aint that right honey?"

"Sure is," Nina smiled, sweetly, "There's nothing I like more than popping over here and having two guys all to myself, to fuck me to exhaustion throughout the evening. Or three guys, as is the case right now! Hiya stranger!"

"Yeah, this is Ian," explained my nephew John to the girl, "He's my Uncle. My mum's brother."

"Cool," Nina nodded casually. She was, I might add, a very hot little minx! Nina was fourteen years old, about five-foot-three and slender with firm looking titties under that thin cotton pullover she was wearing. She had on tight white jeans that showered off a very shapely arse. Her brown hair was tied up in a pony tail and she had sparkling blue eyes and a pretty young face, very youthful and radiant.

"Let's get down to fucking," John declared, unzipping his jeans. Like his father, he clearly enjoyed fucking Melanie, Sally and Debbie, but also liked a change once in a while. It was something I could go along with too, I thought, whilst beginning to undress.

Nina also stripped, revealing a lovely young body that had my cock stiffening immediately.

"Can I direct things?" Nina asked Steve.

"Sure," my brother-in-law told her, "Go for it. I know your dad can be a bit of a control freak during your orgies, at least when I've been there. Knock yourself out kid. Just tell us what you want to do."

"I wanna suck all your pricks," Nina smiled, wickedly, "to get a taste for you all. Then I want to be triple-fucked. I want all three of my holes plugged up with your nice big dicks! You can all spurt your loads then. I'm sure you'll be up for seconds and I'll think of something to do, eventually, whilst I'm being fucked."

"Sound's fine with us," I said.

Nina sat on the armchair and beckoned me over to her first. I did so, standing and thrusting my big dick in her face so that she could reach up and stroke it with both hands.

"What a nice big dick," she purred, "Just the same size as my dad's! Mmmmm. I bet it tastes good."

"Suck it honey," I said, "Suck it down into your throat."

She did so, taking a good five-inches into her pretty hot mouth and sucking greedily.

"Oh yeah," I panted, running my hands through the teenager's hair, "what a cocksucker! Oh yeah, that's good. Mmmm!"

"She's been sucking cock since she was 5," John smiled, jacking off nearby, "Her dad got her started early y'know. He deflowered her cunt and arsehole when she was 8 and she's been getting it regularly from her dad and two brothers ever since! Dad and me have been fucking her regularly for a year now too."

"The practise has paid off," Steve commented, "Nina's a real hot little slut 'aint you honey?"

Nina continued fellating me but reached round to give a thumbs-up signal to confirm Steve's comment.

Shortly, I slid my dick from her mouth and, after giving her a kiss, moved aside, stroking my steel-hard dick as John took my place. The youth's prick was soundly sucked and licked by Nina for a few minutes, the boy clearly enjoying it as much as I did. Next up it was Steve, who had to summon up a lot of willpower to pull his prick from the girl's mouth before blowing his load.

"Now it's time for my triple-fuck!" Nina grinned, "Okay, Ian? Take my cunt will you. Steve can have my arse and I'll suck your prick John. I want to drink your cum whilst your father and Uncle sperm up in my other two orifices."

I lay on the floor as Nina knelt astride me. She impaled her tight young cunt onto my cock and it felt fantastic! She was very tight, despite her sexual experience from a young age, and it felt so nice and hot in that cunt of hers. Steve oiled up his prick and got in behind Nina, sliding his stiff tool up into her arsehole to the hilt. Finally, John stood nearby and Nina sucked on his prick, bobbing her head and deep-throating him whilst Steve and myself built up a steady rythym and fucked the adolescent babe with our pounding cocks.

Steve held himself back well for a while but like myself and John he hadn't shot his load for hours since the girls had left that afternoon. His orgasm soon hit him and he pumped his hips, blasting his hot sperm deep into Nina's rectum. I went for it too, thrusting upwards into the girl's cunt and flooding her womb with cum. John was busy ejaculating at about the same time, Nina's cheeks sucking inwards as she drained the youth of his jism, noisily slurping down all his sperm whilst receiving mine and Steve's in her cunt and arse.

We disengaged from Nina who giggled delightfully, kissing us three guys and thanking us. Then she set about sucking and stroking our pricks in turn until they stood to attention and thrust at her, Nina's face full of lust as she eyed the three saluting penises waiting for her instructions.

"I want," she told us, "two dicks in my cunt at the same time. I've done it before with my dad and brothers, but not all that often."

"Let's go for it," I eagerly added.

So, as before, I lay on my back with Nina on top of me, my prick in her slick cunt. John got behind Nina and forced his cock into her cunt along with mine so that both of us were stuffed into her womb. The girl was delighted, in heaven and wailing with joy as John and me began humping into her.

"Fuck me," she gasped, "Oh fuck, ooh, uuuh! UH! That's good! Shit, I need to do this more often! Oh fuck me you two, fuck my cunt! Fuck my fucking cunt, fuck! UUUH!"

She would have continued uttering such delightful oaths had Steve not got bored of spectating and stuffed his dick into the youngster's mouth. Nina sucked hungrily on Steve's prick, despite it having recently been up her arse, deep-throating the guy whilst her cunt was still double-penetrated. She hit a powerful orgasm and almost fainted on top of me. When we slid out of her, Steve, John and me were all still hard and, seeing that Nina was a little too exhausted to give instructions, we decided to dictate what activity would be next.

"Let's fuck her arse," John said, "Let's bend the little slut over the coffee table, line up like it's a prison-gang-bang or something, and bum-fuck her in turn and totally fill her arsehole with our cum!"

"Good idea," Steve said, patting his son on the back, "You go first."

"Come on Nina," John commanded, "Bend over slut, we're gonna fuck your shit-hole."

"As you wish honey!"

As tired as she was, Nina was still eager for more cock. The fourteen year old girl shuffled over to the coffee table and bent over so that her cute arse was thrust outwards, her pink, puckered orifice winking from between her ivory white buttocks, slightly oiled and loose from earlier. John got in behind Nina and squeezed his cock up past her sphincter and into her rectal passage. He fucked the young lady hard and fast, gripping Nina's shoulders as he sodomized her deeply, both teenagers in ecstasy within a short amount of time. John's orgasm erupted and he almost convulsed with pleasure as he banged his dick into the depths of Nina's bowels and spurted his semen. Eventually he recovered, withdrew and moved to oneside, out of breath. I came up next, sliding my long pole into Nina's arsehole and fucking her, not giving her a break from the previous buggery. I fucked her arse solidly for ten-minutes until I shot my load, spraying a bowels with a foaming, sticky salute of jism. Within seconds of me withdrawing, Steve was up and shoving his dick into the girl's arse. He buggered her for five-minutes before he came, sperm running out of Nina's gaping arsehole by the time my brother-in-law finally withdrew.

We showered, dressed and relaxed for the evening. John was tired out and went to bed on his own, but Steve and me were up for more fucking with Nina. We took her to the master-bedroom were we gave her a double-fucking that lasted almost an hour. I shot my seed into the girl's cunt whilst Steve came in her arse (for the third time that evening). We then fell asleep, us two men on either side of our little lolita lover.

In the morning we all fucked again, John joining us in bed. We gave Nina a lovely cum-bath, fucking her cunt and arse thoroughly to get us heated up then laying her back and masturbating all over her nubile body. She was drenched, dripping with cum and rubbing it in with her hands whilst I fisted her cunt and made her climax.

We had a big cooked breakfast afterwards, in the nude, sitting in the garden and scoffing pancakes and sandwiches. Then we hurried into the living room and gave Nina another good fucking - Steve fucked her cunt, John fucked her up the arse and I fucked her mouth. We filled that teenage slut with sperm until she all but swooned with exhaustion and joy, cocks exploding in her young, naked body. Then she showered, dressed and bid us farewell on the doorstep, looking as bright and fresh as when she'd arrived the previous evening. She promised to return sometime in the next week and I couldn't wait! She was one hot little slut.

My sister and her family sure had some good contacts!

This was proved later in the week when one of Steve's colleagues came round to visit. He was a young Jamaican guy and accompanying him was his older sister Claire, a 27 year old professional porn star, very sexy, almost six-foot tall and with the most beautiful legs imaginable. We all fucked together in a big, interchangable orgy. I'd never fucked a colored lady before and it was fantastic getting acquainted with her lovely brown flesh as I shafted all her holes. We finished off the evening by giving the girls a quadruple fucking. Sally was first, that little pre-teen girl getting fucked in her cunt, her arse and having two big dicks to suck on. Once she'd finished, her mum took her place, and then Debbie. Claire was last, that lovely black lady receiving the honor of a four-way explosion of cum in and around her - Steve's sperm blasted into her cunt, John's in her arse and mine and her brother's in her face, our cum splattering all over her face and in her braided hair. We rested then fucked once again in a variety of different combinations.

We promised, naturally, to meet up again. Later that week, I might add, we got a present in the post, from Nina's dad. It was a home video, depicting Nina and her dad and two older brothers fucking the hell out of her. It was great, young Nina getting fucked, fisted, sodomized and cummed on in glorious color film! Like a professional movie there were plenty of external cum-shots, including one where the teenager got both her dad and two brother's cum spurting all over her face at the same time whilst her mum, a hot blonde with huge tits, ate out her cunt.

In one scene Nina had a slurpy 69 with a really cute 8 year old Chinese girl who, my sister informed me, was the daughter of another friend of there's. Steve and John boasted of fucking the Chinese girl and added, in the future, that I could expect to 'get to know' her (in other words, fuck!). This was only the start of my induction into my sister's little realm of incest-swingers! A hot underworld of family-fuck-fiends all interchanging their kids, their brothers, their sisters, their moms, their dads, and so on...

WOW is all I can say!

"Morning sis," I said to Melanie. She was in just a pair of white cotton panties as she stood at kitchen counter, putting on the kettle.

"Morning honey," she said.

"You're up early."

"Yeah, I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. Steve's still sleeping so I couldn't wake him for a fuck."

"Well, I'm here now," I smirked, standing behind her and massaging her shoulders. It was 6 o'clock on a weekday morning, dawn approaching.

"Fuck me here and now Ian honey," she whispered, "Bend me over this counter and fuck me!"

"I will sis. Let me suck your hot cunt first."

My sister slid off her panties and slung them aside, whilst I did likewise with my shorts. Kneeling down on the floor, I stroked Melanie's buttocks whilst she parted her legs a little. I could sense her cunt was nice and moist and from behind I could lean in and work my tongue up into the lovely slit.

Melanie shuddered and sighed with pleasure as I began eating out her cunt from behind, my jaw chomping as I dug my head up between her legs and tongued her cunt. My dick was very stiff and hard and, shortly, I stood up and Melanie bent right over the kitchen counter.

"Fuck me Ian," she hotly urged me, "Fuck my cunt!"

"Right away Melanie, you gorgeous slut!"

I rubbed my cock-head against her pink slit then entered her, slowly driving the entire length of my rock-hard shaft up into her cunt.

"Aaaah, yeah," Melanie crooned, "Mmmm! Fuck it up me, fuck my cunt!"

Buried to the root in her tight cunt, I held my sister's shoulders and began to steadily fuck her, my cock sliding easily in and out of her hole. My sister was a delightful fuck, humping back to meet my thrusts whilst squirming under my passionate fucking action. He brown hair hung sluttishly in her face as she gripped the kitchen counter, her legs shaky as I began to increase my pace.

"Oh yeah," she gasped, "Oh fuck, fuck me. I'm gonna cum...uuh...fuck me..."

"Just remember not to wake the others," I smiled, shafting Melanie harder whilst she began to climax.

"I'm cumming, oh fuck...uuuuh, yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"

"Me too sis," I announced, "Uuuuuuh, right up your cunt! Right in your cunt sis, fuck! YEAH!"

My prick fountained thick jism up into Melanie's womb, my fingernails digging lightly into her shoulders as I came in her. When I'd finished I slid out of her and stepped back.

"Nothing like a nice fuck before work," Melanie smiled, hugging and kissing me.

"Damn right! We'll never get back to sleep now, let's watch TV and have some breakfast."

"Okay dear."

I kissed her on the lips, my limp, spermy cock pressing against her firm belly. Then I turned to the coffee machine whilst Melanie hummed to herself and began grilling some waffles.

It was a Friday evening, a week or so later. We'd spent the early evening all screwing in the living room, looking forward to the weekend ahead for which there was little else but hardcore incest-orgies scheduled. The guy we'd seen the other month, Dave, and his children Jenny and Ricky, were coming over on Sunday so we were looking forward to that too. Nina and her two brothers were going to pop round that day too so we could introduce them to Dave and his kids. It'd be crowded that afternoon, loads of fucking! In the meantime, after our Friday evening fuck, my sister and her family and me settled down to watch TV and have supper.

As we did each night, we split up into couples before bed. I went to my room that night with Sally, who I had dress up in a little school uniform. My nine year old niece looked adorable in her long white socks, pleated black skirt (no panties though) and white blouse. With the door shut and a few candles lit I laid Sally on the bed, kissing her all over, running my hands across her body, her legs and then up her skirt and playing with her cunt, Sally was very keen, kissing me back and moaning delightfully under my attentions. The master bedroom was next to me and I could faintly hear Debbie being fucked hard by her father in there. Down the hall was John's room, the teenager in bed with Melanie and presumably fucking her good and hard judging by the distant moans of pleasure my sister was emitting. I ignored such distractions though as I gave all my attention to Sally.

"Wanna fuck me now?" the girl asked me, "I need your cock in me Uncle Ian!"

"Sure thing sweetheart. Keep your little uniform on, you look so fucking sexy you horny darling!"

Sally spread her legs and pulled her skirt up to her waist, exposing her pale thighs and bald cunt. I went down on her and licked out her cunt, running my tongue up and down her slit before I mounted her. I pushed my prick into her to the root, kissing her gently on the lips as I began to steadily fuck her. Being a foot shorter than me Sally seemed very small under me but I knew she wasn't as delicate as she seemed. My pace increased as I drove my cock up into her tight young cunt. She began bucking her arse up off the mattress, meeting my thrusts as I rammed my cock harder into her womb as my orgasm began to approach. I was unable to hold back as I fucked faster and harder, my lips clamped to Sally's lips as she drank down my sighs of pleasure. My sperm shot forth, geysering into the girl's womb, her little legs shaking with pleasure as my arse rose and fell between her thighs with my heavy prick spurting thick wads of jizz into her cunt.

Finally, my orgasm finished, and I withdrew and dismounted my niece and lay alongside her. I breathed deep and hard, as did Sally, but the little minx recovered before me and, with her skirt still hiked up and cum leaking from her pre-teen cunt, she propped herself up on an elbow and leaned over to kiss me hard on the mouth. Her little tongue flicked into my mouth and her delicate hand stroked my soft cock, soon restoring it to life. In no time at all her little fist was pumping a thick organ, the head of my dick throbbing and purple as Sally continued kissing me deeply.

"I want your cock," the girl whispered to me, in a sweet little-girl voice that contradicted the sluttish content of her speech, "I want your big dick Uncle Ian, and I want it up my arse!"

"That's where it'll go then honey," I told her, "Come on, onto your hands and knees, I'll fuck your shitter!"

Sally got on all fours, still in her school uniform. I knelt behind her, lifting up her skirt and pushing it up to expose her cute young bottom. I kissed her anus, licking it and pushing a digit into her bum. Having loosened Sally's arsehole, I knelt up and began easing my prick into her arse. Sally gripped the duvet and gritted her teeth as my long shaft dissapeared into her arse, her shit-pipe slowly filling up with my organ. Wedged in to the hilt I sodomized Sally with short, fast pumps whilst gripping her black school skirt. Sally lay her head on the bed to one side, closing her eyes and sighing with pleasure as I fucked her bum.

After about twenty-minutes my buttocks tightened as I hit my climax. My cock pumped forth a sizable torrent of semen deep into my little niece's shit-guts, flooding her bowels and causing her to tense with pleasure. My climax was prolonged and the spermy outpourings considerable bearing in mind the exhertions earlier that evening and it took a while until I'd finished unloading myself in my niece's pert little arse. I slowly slid my softening prick from out of Sally's arsehole and slumped down to the bed. Sally stripped naked from her school uniform, flicked out the light, and clambered onto the bed next to me, resting her head on my chest and falling asleep in my arms.

I fell asleep too shortly, and just as I nodded off I faintly heard next door Debbie moaning "Pull out daddy, cum in my face, that's it spunk in my face dad" and down the hallway, even fainter, Melanie wailing "Fuck mummy's arse John, uuuuh, I can feel your sperm filling my arse motherfucker!"

What a family I'd just joined!
My Sister's Family

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My Mature Aunt

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Mom and son xxx

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