Jim gets cuckolded by Cheryl - MF, wife-sharing, husb- voy, oral, cuck, TV-parody, cream-pie erotic story

Cheryl had an itch that she had had for a long time and
it was time something was done about it. Jim had not
been satisfying her in bed. His dick was just not big
enough to get the job done. One night after they
finished having sex Jim could tell that something was
bothering her and he asked her what was wrong. She
decided to come on out and say it.

"I'm not being fulfilled sexually," she told him. "Your
dick just isn't big enough to get the job done."

Jim didn't know what to say, he thought that he had been
getting her off all these years. "Cheryl what do you
want me to do about it?" he asked.

"I want to take on a lover," she said bluntly.

Jim was stunned. He then sat there thinking for a long
time before he said, "Well Cheryl, if this is really
what you want I can't stop you. I guess we can try this
but I want to be there to watch the whole thing."

Cheryl leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "Oh
thank you Jim!"

He then said, "Where are we going to find a lover with a
big enough cock for you?"

She thought about it for a while and then said, "There's
that new night club that just opened. We could go there
and I could get on the dance floor and see what guys
start dancing with me. If I can get some of them
grinding up against me I can then check out their
packages and find one that's suitable."

Jim replied, "Ok fine but we make sure he wears a

"Ok honey that won't be a problem. Oh Jim I'm so
excited!" she said.

They decided that this coming weekend they would get her
sister Dana to watch the kids at her place and then they
would go out to the night club. Cheryl told Dana all
about their plan and she agreed to watch the kids for
the night.

On the big night Cheryl got all dressed up and put on a
sexy black dress. "You look so hot honey," said Jim.
"I'm getting a little hard just looking at you." She
smiled at him and grabbed her purse as they got ready to

When they got to the club it was packed. Jim went to the
bar and ordered a beer for himself and a cocktail for
Cheryl. He found a table to sit at and Cheryl headed for
the dance floor. Jim could see Cheryl dancing from the
table he was sitting at.

It didn't take long at all before some guys started to
gather around Cheryl on the dance floor. A few of them
would take turns grinding up against her and Jim noticed
a few times where that she would rub their crotches with
her hand as they were "freaking" her from behind. After
a while she seemed to be dancing with one guy in
particular. Jim noticed that she leaned in and was
whispering something in the guy's ear. The guy smiled
and then leaned in to say something in her ear.

After a while she led the guy buy his hand over to the
table where Jim had been sitting. "This is Frank," she
said to him. "He is exactly what I was looking for and
is completely willing to do what we want. He is fine
with the idea of you watching." "Great," said Jim.

They left the club and Frank followed them home in his
car. When they got home Cheryl led Frank to the couch in
the living room and as he sat down she started rubbing
his crotch.

As he started to get hard in his pants Jim could tell
that he definitely had some meat in there. She got down
on her knees in front of Frank, unbuttoned his pants and
unzipped him. She reached in and pulled out what Jim
could now see was a monster cock and it wasn't even all
the way hard yet! She brought her head down and placed
the tip in her mouth.

As she started to suck on his huge cock he started to
get fully hard and Jim could now see his huge dick at
full size. Jim's dick was so small compared to the beast
and he was getting a hard on himself watching his wife
sucking on his big meat.

After a few minutes of Cheryl's head bobbing up and down
on his huge cock she pulled it out of her mouth and said
"let's go upstairs." She led Frank upstairs and Jim
followed. Jim took a seat in a chair in their bedroom
and Cheryl wiggled out of her sexy black dress. She then
took off her bra and panties and climbed on the bed as
Frank began to take off his own clothes.

As she lay back on the bed Frank climbed on top of her
and with his big cock in hand nuzzled the head at the
entrance to her cunt. He then started to slide his huge
cock inside her. In all the excitement they had
forgotten to have him put a condom on. By this point
Cheryl was too horny to care.

Jim watched as another man was sliding his huge cock
into his wife's eager pussy. This was too much for him
and freed his own dick and started pulling on it as he
watched this other man start to fuck his wife.

Frank started really giving her his meat and she started
to moan loudly. He would reach out and play with her
gorgeous tits from time to time, squeezing them as he
fucked her. He then rolled her on top of him and as he
fucked her he stuck his finger in his mouth to wet it.
He then reached behind her and slid his finger into her

This really set her off and she moaned louder as he
fingered her ass while he fucked her with his giant
manhood. Jim just sat there pulling on his dick and

After a while Frank pulled his finger out of her ass
and rolled her back over so he was on top of her again.
He banged her hard for quite a while, his big ball
slapping against her. It was obvious from her moans that
she was about to cum.

Suddenly Frank grabbed hold of her tightly and his body
shuddered as he started to pump his hot cum inside her.
She started to cum at the same time feeling his jizz
pumping deep in her body.

Jim watched as this other man had had his way with his
wife and was now filling her with his hot seed. This was
too much for him and he started to cum too spraying his
jizz all over the carpet and himself.

Frank and Cheryl lay there intertwined for a couple of
minutes and then Frank pulled his monster cock out of
her. He was still half hard and his cock was covered in
their juices. As he pulled out semen flowed out of her
freshly fucked hole.

Frank got dressed and wrote his number down on a piece
of paper and left it on the end table. He then went
downstairs and they could hear the front door close as
he left. Cheryl was lying there in bed looking totally
used still out of breath from the thorough fucking she
had just received.

After a few minutes she said "I'm sorry honey, I forgot
to make him wear a condom."

Jim replied, "I know honey, I realized it just before he
started to cum in you, but it was too late to do
anything about it."

"I hope I don't get pregnant. Baby come here and lick
his cum out of me to reduce the chances of me being
pregnant." Jim didn't like the idea, but he didn't want
his wife to become pregnant by another man.

He apprehensively climbed on the bed and place his head
between her legs. He could smell Franks cum and she
reeked of sex. Jim stuck his tongue out and started to
lick the cum up. He stuck his tongue far into her
freshly fucked cunt and got busy trying to lick all the
cum up. Cheryl moaned as her husband cleaned her.

Jim was now hard again and her slowly slid his cock into
her used hole. She was so stretched out from the fucking
that Frank had just given her. As he started fucking her
he was sure she could barely feel him at all after being
stretched so much by Frank's huge tool. She just lay
there as her husband humped her.

He could feel Frank's hot cum coating his dick as
rapidly fucked his wife. It felt so perverse and it
didn't take long at all before he came again adding his
cum to Frank's already inside her.

Afterwards she leaned over and said I love you as she
kissed him. They both took a shower and then fell
quickly asleep.
Jim gets cuckolded by Cheryl

Slave erotic fiction, not real

Slave erotic fiction, not real

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