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My name is Cedric. I guess I'm your typical nerd guy in this modern world, I play video games, watch superhero movies and TV, read comic books, and so on. As a result, I live a pretty sheltered life, as in I don't go out much, prefer to stay at home. I still live at home with my parents too, mind you I do have a job and make money, so I'm not some lazy ass kid like so many in this age we live in. I've never been one of those knockout guys who seem to attract women like flies. Only a few girlfriends throughout my teens and now early twenties. Same for friends, not many. My best friend though usually surprises people.

Her name is Lily, and she's black. Not that that's the surprising part, I'm not racist or anything! Far from it. I've known Lily since we were kids, she's always been my friend, but when we started growing up, people began to look at us oddly. You see, she's totally hot, big natural busty titties, hot booty that white girls can only dream of (but not overly huge) long hair, athletic build, was a cheerleader and soccer player in high school. I'm almost stereotypical white nerd, tall though, I have that going for me! We look so odd standing together, and her friends used to ask her why she hung around with me, especially once we were in high school. But she's a nerd like me, loves superheroes and movies and comic books, and she's never complained about me playing video games, she likes to watch rather than play. I've offered to teach her a bunch of times but she'd rather just watch. It baffles me honestly, because just watching gaming for too long drives me nuts! But hey, I don't complain.

I'd have to be blind to not notice how hot she was and is. But we'd never thought of each other that way. Well that's kind of a lie, once when we sixteen I went to her house and caught her changing. Felt like a total pervert spotting her through a crack in her door but like most boys that age, I couldn't help but look. Even at sixteen, Lily was a busty girl, and her fabulous girls were flying free! What a sight they were! I got hard very quickly but held my wits and took off before she sensed someone there (girls seem to be able to do that easily) and later that night, I masturbated thinking about her tits. That was the only time I'd ever thought of her sexually. I got my first girlfriend about a week later, so that may be why Lily was driven from my mind that way.

Fast forward six years, now we're both twenty-two, all that teen-aged crap is behind us. We've both had relationships (she more than me but that's not surprising) and none of them have been 'the one' as it's called. I don't sweat it, I'm still young, got plenty of time for 'the one' to come to me.

They story really begins when she comes over after being away for a while. She'd traveled to visit family elsewhere and was coming home. She'd come to see me, the house was empty as both my parents work. I had the day off. Lily bounced through the front door calling "hey Ced, where are you?"

I come out, and maybe it was because she had been gone for almost two months but I noticed how hot she was, first time she'd been thought of that way in my mind since my lucky break seeing her topless. As it was summer, she was dressed accordingly, tank top that made her big tits stand out, short shorts, flip flops. I felt a deep stirring as she hugged me and quickly dispelled it, lest I wind up creeping her out. "Welcome home Lil," I said.

"It's good to be home, I missed you!"

"I missed you too pretty lady!" I hugged her again. The compliment surprised me but she laughed.

"Where are your parents?"



"Not really, got the house to myself. Not that anyone's around. It's like ninety outside, anyone who's sane is inside in air conditioning."

"A perfect excuse for you to play video games right?" she laughed again.

"When do I ever need an excuse to do that?" I asked, laughing hard. She laughed hard with me. Eventually we wound up in my room. As I was about to turn on my TV and fire up my PS4, I spotted her in the mirror. She was standing sideways, looking at new games on my shelf, and well, you can imagine how she looks standing sideways! I felt the stirring again but unlike when I was sixteen, this time I was not so lucky.

"What are you looking at?" she asked me.

"Just making sure you don't mess up the order of my games again," I lied quickly. It was believable. I'm a Nazi when it comes to how my room is ordered and organized, and I've been known to snarl at people who don't put things back in the right spot. Lily would know, she's often the target of such snarls.

Lily only laughed more. "I bet you were checking me out," she joked. I bit my tongue to not blurt something out. She noticed my silence and smirked. "What, were you? When's the last time you were laid Ced?" she asked, a joke question we'd been using on each other since freshmen year.

"Too long, as usual," I joked back, willing my face not to blush. "When's the last time you got laid?" I fired right back.

"Too long, as usual," she shrugged. This surprised me. Now before anyone starts wondering, Lily's not a slut. She doesn't just fuck anyone who has her attention. But Lily's a total hottie, as I established earlier, and her not getting any was something I was unused to hearing. Her usual response to that joke is 'more than you ever will nerdy boy' it's said in fun and we both laugh about it. But her admitting she hadn't had any in a while was surprising. It made the stirrings get stronger, which I ignored.

"That's surprising," I said, sitting down so any growth wouldn't be visible.

"So you think I'm a slut?" she asked, suddenly angry.

"No Lil! Come on, when have I ever thought of you that way? Jeez, what's wrong with you today?"

Lily sat down on the bed, her anger gone. "I'm sorry, you didn't deserve that. When I was down with my family," she explained. "There were some hot guys. I'll admit, one night, while drinking, I got dared to flash some of them, and I did." Lily looked at the wall, which was good as she didn't see my face, which was probably longing. I hadn't seen those girls in years. I erased that face as she looked back. "And they loved it."

"Well duh girl, you're hot," I said, another standard line of mine, but this time meant with far more desire than ever. I don't know if she noticed that in my voice but she sort of chuckled.

"Thanks Ced. Anyway after the flash, a few of them got grabby, and I wound up belting one of them. Then they started with the slut comments, and more. It went downhill from there pretty quick, and I decided to leave. I don't know why their drunken insults stuck with me, but they did. I'm not a slut am I?"

"Lily please. It's completely unfair how women are shamed for having the same hormones as guys. You're not a slut by any definition of the word."

"Thanks Ced," she leaned across the bed and hugged me. I hugged her back and held her close, rubbed her back. She sighed. I was just considering whether or not I should try something when she pulled back. "You're a good friend."

"I try," I said, willing my cock to settle down. I hadn't had any sex in a couple of months, hadn't even masturbated, so I was pent up and could feel so. But I wasn't going to pervert on Lily, not when she was clearly feeling emotional! For Christ's sake, she was worried about being a slut, and I was thinking of fucking her like one! Some friend I was! To get such thoughts off my mind, I said "look Lily, forget those fuckers. They're lucky they got to see your tits! Then they get grabby and shame you when you don't want them to touch you? Fuck them!"

Lily laughed hard, falling back on her bed. Her tits, which I had just championed, were bouncing because she was laughing so hard. Almost instantly I started hardening up again and attempted to will myself to not do so. But this time, it was not as easy. She sat up and said, "don't ever doubt your ability to make me feel better Ced, you always do. It's why I came here."

"I try," I said again. "So, is that the deal with you not having any sex?" I asked, then wanted to bite off my treacherous tongue!

"That and no guy has caught my eye lately," she said, not offended. "I don't want jerks. And for the last few months, that's all I seem to attract, regardless of their race."

"Their loss Lily, their loss. You're... amazing" I said drawing it out and unable to help myself, I looked her up and down.

I think this time she must've sensed something because she didn't laugh. I clenched my teeth, waiting for a just-deserved "what the fuck asshole? You build up my confidence only to demean me yourself?" Or something similar.

Instead I got the last thing I ever expected. "You like?" she asked gesturing to herself.

"Yes," I replied, not trusting myself to go deeper.

"Well Ced, your words empower me. As a result, I think I'll give you something."

"No need for anything Lily. You being happy and confident is enough."

"I love you for saying that Ced but I want to do something nice for you, my best friend through thick and thin. I showed off for those drunk assholes. I am pretty sure I'd feel better showing you. Besides, you've never seen," Lily began playfully lifting up her tank top.

Not believing what was happening, I, like a total idiot, blurted out, "but actually I have."

She stopped. "What?"

Cursing myself, now I had to explain. "When we were sixteen, I saw you topless at your house. It wasn't on purpose, I didn't know you were changing, I'd just come to see you! And through the door, I saw you alright!" I forced myself to laugh. Great, I thought, now she's gonna kill me.

But again, I was shocked by her reply. "Did you like what you saw?"

Stunned I said, "yes. So much."

Lily smiled adoringly at me. "Glad. Honestly Ced, you watching me through my door, that thought is kind of turning me on."

I smiled back at her. "It turned me on then, I had to jack off to you that night."

"Oh did you?" she asked with a small, rather breathless sigh. "That's... that's an even bigger turn on."

Now I'm feeling outright horny for Lily and no longer have to deny it, I look at her breasts directly, cock growing. Lily brings her hands up to them, cupping them over her tank top. I can see her nipples, she's not wearing a bra. That only makes me harder. I look in her eyes. "Can I see?"

Without speaking, Lily pulls up her top, showing me her big, hot, dark black titties. Even better than I remembered! She was looking at my bulge in my shorts now, biting her lip. I reached out slowly, and when she didn't recoil, I knew it was going to happen. I felt her big, firm tits with each hand, and she moaned softly, coming closer. My fingers moved across her nipples, making her moan again, and she came and kissed me hard.

We feel back on the bed, our tongues meeting hotly, my hands pinching her erect dark nipples gently but firmly. Lily and I had talked sex a lot over the years, and I knew what she loved. She moaned in to the kiss, which I then broke to kiss down her neck, across her collar, and finally down to suck on the nipples I'd once jacked off to before.

Lily moaned louder, my hands, now free, were sliding down her body, and hers were moving too. I knew from our talks Lily, when truly horny, went for it, and this was one of those times. With a groan escaping my mouth full of dark nipple, her hand found my cock and began working it. My own hand slid down between her legs, under her tight shorts, finding her wet pussy, and beginning to rub it. More moans from her. "Fuck Ced, that feels so good," she whispered in my ear.

"So does that," I said meaning her stroking my cock. She stroked faster. I bit down on he nipples, not too hard mind you, and she gasped and shuddered. I went from nipple to nipple, sucking and biting each one, my hand between her legs moving faster. Lily was gasping and moaning in my ear, then she started sliding down me, smirking, She stood up and took off her shorts, no panties. I looked at her, completely naked, with pure lust. She then tugged my shorts off and then fell down on my cock, mouth first.

Now I'm not a giant, I don't have a pornstar cock or anything, but no women I'd ever been with had ever complained. Lily wrapped her lips around me and started going up and down with ease and skill. I groaned louder than I ever had. She'd remembered what I'd told her I liked for blowjobs and she worked me well. I reached down to tug her hair lightly, and she looked up with her beautiful eyes, winked, and then sucked harder. I leaned my head back, lost in the feeling of warmth around my cock. Lily pulled it out of her mouth and licked my root to head, making me writhe. She really did remember! "Fuck, Lily, do that again," I moaned.

Lily complied, doing it five more times before sucking again, sucking much faster. Knowing I was pent up from lack of release, and not wanting to cum yet, I leaned up. "Your turn," I said smiling. She gave me one more root-to-head lick then climbed on me, and I rolled on top of her. I kissed down her body, sucking both her tits again, then I went down and spread her legs, leaning in to lick her pussy.

Lily tasted really good, and she didn't smell bad, unlike my last girlfriend. I closed my eyes and began licking at her like an ice cream cone. She moaned as my tongue rolled across her clit and up and down her lips. "Oh my God Ced!" she moaned, squeezing her tits together. "My last man couldn't even tongue me that good!" I didn't answer but reached up to squeeze her tits myself, rolling her clit with my tongue more. Her back arched off of the bed, her moans louder and louder. I thanked God my window was closed and my parents were out.

She eventually pulled my hair and I knew what was next. I climbed up and knelt between her open legs, pushing my cock inside her. We both groaned and moaned together. Lily was amazingly tight! I gripped her legs and began moving in and out. Lily was tighter than any girl I'd been with, and that surprised me because I knew she was no virgin. She kept squeezing her tits as I began thrusting in and out of her deep, groaning as her pussy lips clenched at me. Lily pulled me down and kissed me, then we fucked in that position, looking into each others eyes. Eventually she moaned out, "doggy."

I nodded, pulling out of her. She turned over and bent her ass. I gripped her ass firmly and squeezed it before plunging my cock back in, resuming my thrusting pace. "Oh fuck yes Ced! Harder!" she begged. Now, even though I defended her when she thought she was a slut earlier, she wanted to be fucked like one now, and I wasn't gonna complain. I gripped two handfuls of her hot ass and began fucking away hard. I was moaning myself as I fucked her, Lily's moans non-stop.

"I should've done this years ago!" I panted.

"Yes!" she agreed.

Wanting something different now I pulled out of her and rolled her onto her side. Lily understood what I wanted and reached down hitch up her leg as I got behind her, thrusting back in, Spoon fucking was the hottest thing for me, always usually came to it in porn, and I showed Lily I thought it was still such but thrusting deep and hard, turning her head to look into her eyes, she moaned hard as I drilled into her pussy. Lily knows what I love, and with a smile, she slipped a hand down between her legs to rub her pussy fast while I drilled her! Oh my God, every hot position I'd ever had was coming true, hotter than ever! All I could do was fuck harder, harder than I've ever done with any other woman.

Lily, being fucked deep and having her clit stimulated, began moaning uncontrollably. I knew she was going to cum and I leaned to her ear. "Cum Lily," I whispered to her, again and again. She leaned her head back, almost screaming, and then she actually did scream and she writhed in my grip, her body jerking and shaking, as her pussy released all over my cock.

I fucked her through it, giving her maximum pleasure, then when she seemed to be losing it, I slowed, eventually stopping, listening to her moan. "Lily," I just moaned her name in her ear. She was still for a moment, just recovering, then she pulled herself off me, pushing me on my back. She kissed me hard, then straightened up, sitting down on my cock, and rolling her hips.

I could only groan as she rode me, her big amazing tits bouncing up and down. I tried to cup them but she wouldn't let me. "Just watch," she told me smiling teasingly, then moaning as she rode me up and down harder. I groaned, watching her ride me like a horse, groaning louder. I could feel the build up. As hot as this was, I didn't want to creampie Lily, we were unprotected.

"Lily, I'm gonna cum!" I managed to moan.

Lily jumped off my cock but then swept down and clamped her lips around me, sucking furiously. In all the girlfriends I'd had, I'd never gotten to cum in one of their mouths. They were always dead against it. But the knowledge I was finally going to sent me over the edge. With a yell I felt my cum shoot out of my cock, into her mouth, all the months of no release and all the wanting of her shot in one massive eruption.

Lily took it all, only losing a little out of one side, then she gulped it down with a smile. "Tastes good Ced. You must eat a lot of fruit," she joked. Then she climbed up on me and laid down, and we just laid together. Her big tits were in my face, which I loved. My hands rubbed her back before gripping her ass, which she moaned for. I don't know how long we laid there but then she spoke. "Want to play games now?" she asked motioning to my PS4.

I nodded. "Yes Lily, I do."

"If they become too frustrating, I can always blow the pressure off you," she promised with a wink.

I winked back and got up, not bothering to get dressed. My parents wouldn't be home until much later. Lily just leaned back and rubbed her satisfied pussy a bit. I picked a game I know is hard and frustrates me, just to see if she was joking or serious about blowing off any pressure. I think she figured that, and she winked promisingly.

And so there you have it, that's how Lily and I had sex for the first time. We've done it a few times since then. We're both still waiting for 'the one' and until those persons come, we have each other!
Nerd and the Black woman

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First time at an orgy

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