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Hal Porter and his wife Deidre had been married for almost five years and everything was fine except for him having a problem with her tendency to over spend. Therefore it seemed only natural, when he inherited $10,000 from his deceased grandmother, that he didn’t want to see it frittered away. Consequently he opened an account in his name so that she couldn’t access it.

She was furious. The long list of things she needed for the home and herself had to be put on the back-burner – but not for long. Deidre had a plan.

Every time Hal felt a bit frisky she decided she’d charge him for her sexual favors. The more bizarre he wanted it – the more it would cost him.

One evening when he was paying her a lot of attention, giving her little kisses and rushing to do things for her, she knew he was horny.

“Are you feeling like sex tonight honey?” she asked.

“I wouldn’t say no,” he leered, stroking up and down her arm.

“It will cost you one hundred dollars for straight sex,” she said, “two if you want me to be on top and three if you want a blow job.” She looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, “five if you want to cum in my mouth.”

Hal just stood there speechless for a moment, “You want me to pay for sex?” he stammered, “That would make you a prostitute.”

“But a high class one,” she added.

“I’m your husband,” he cried, “And there’s no way I’m going to pay you for sex.”

“Well you’ll just have to jerk yourself off then,” she smiled, and switched on the TV.

Turning red in the face he made a quick exit and stamped all the way up the stairs to show his disgust. That night she decided to sleep in the spare room in case he tried to sweet talk her.

The next morning she got his breakfast but he pushed it aside and when he left for work he did not give her the customary kiss.

After three days he was getting desperate and she knew it and to tease him she drew up a menu with her prices and stuck it in his place at the supper table. He just tore it up in tiny pieces and went out for a drink.

Hal got very drunk and actually picked up a gorgeous blonde in the bar. She let him put his hand up her dress and it looked very promising until he located a cock almost twice the size of his. Completely deflated he staggered home, dropped into bed and mumbled curse words to himself until he went to sleep.

On the fourth night he tried to negotiate the price but Deidre was not open to cutting the rates. She was a hot property and she knew it. With a tight little vagina, magic finger tips, big tits and luscious lips, she figured she was offering good value for money.

In spite of her taunting him, by walking around the house half naked, Hal managed to hold out for almost three weeks. When he cracked he asked what it would cost him for the whole package and she said seven hundred. He shook his head in disbelief and asked if she’d take a check.

“I’m sorry, Hal, but I want cash.”

It was ten-thirty at night and he angrily threw on his jacket and went out to find an ATM machine. It rained on the way back and he got soaked but she looked so good when he entered the living room he was not about to complain. She was wearing a gorgeous blue see-through negligee but she slipped it off when he came through the door and directed him to the shower.

He was so excited when she climbed in with him, even though it was difficult for her to squeeze past his dick, that was erect and ready for action. Deidre turned on the water until the temperature was just right and then proceeded to soap up a big natural sponge. His body was twitching in anticipation, and when she proceeded to work it around his balls he closed his eyes and started to groan.

She did a thorough job from the crack in his ass to the tip of his cock and then she dried him off with a big fluffy towel. Hal was beginning to really appreciate having money in the bank.

Deidre led him by the hand back into the living room and asked him to lie on the sofa with his ass up on the arm. He obediently followed her instructions and she bent over and gently kissed the head of his bright red throbbing cock. She continued doing this for a while and gently massaged his balls as she was doing so.

Suddenly, without warning, she drove it deep into her mouth and held it there for a few moments. When she withdrew it he almost cried out in despair but in a fraction of a second it was back between her lips again and she began moving up and down his shaft in a steady rhythm.

Hal squirmed around on the sofa arching his back and enjoying every moment of her skillful manipulations. When he blew his load she continued to suck it for a while but then stood up and took a big swallow. Seemingly, as an aid to her digestion, she then started to bounce up and down on her toes like someone about to go into a gymnastics routine.

The sight of her jiggling tits proved too much for Hal, he quickly scrambled off the sofa with the intention of grabbing her and sticking his face between her soft warm bazongas.

Just as he was about to make bodily contact she took him completely off guard, and dancing out of his arms she took off up the stairs like a graceful gazelle. After gathering his thoughts and taking a deep breath he followed in hot pursuit.

When he burst into the bedroom she stood there, with her legs slightly apart, applying a dab of perfume to her hairy snatch. Playing Tarzan he quickly took hold of her and literally threw her on the bed.

Lying beside her he took her left tit into his mouth and, having moistened one of his fingers with spit, he made little circles around the other nipple. She began to make little whimpering sounds, and when he dropped his hand down and ran his finger gently up and down her wet crack, it turned into loud groans.

Deidre, was now writhing with passion and searching out his lips she poked her tongue in and out of his mouth. Suddenly she stopped and took a big breath, her body began to vibrate violently and she screamed “O fuck,” as she came, and then “fuck, fuck, fuck,” as he continued to wiggle his finger over her clit.

Although he desperately wanted to eat her out it seemed she wanted him on top of her immediately. Hal knelt between her legs, and although he felt the urge to ram his throbbing cock into her there and then, he decided to make her wait. However, when she yelled, “Fuck me you bastard – you can keep the money,” he quickly penetrated her quivering quim.

He kept driving his hard cock into her, as she spread out her arms and grabbed onto the sheets. Her beautiful tits were bouncing from side to side and her face was contorted as if in some sort of pain as he pounded her pussy relentlessly. When he felt his cum getting ready to blow he went faster and faster, and cried out, “you can have the fucking money – you can have all of it,” as he shot his load.

Bolts of lightning seemed to be searing though her whole body as she wrapped her legs around his ass and screamed at the top of her voice. Several minutes passed before she stopped shaking and he rolled off of her.

Lying on the bed looking up at the ceiling, Deidre took his hand and whispered,

“That was wonderful Hal, I’d love to do it all over again.”

“It will cost you.”

“How much?” she asked, cuddling up close.

“Well, as in a moment of unbridled passion I gave you the whole $10,000, why don’t we say $5000 and then we’ll have split my inheritance fifty-fifty.”

“That seems fair,” she giggled, “You give me a check for ten and I’ll give you $5000 in cash.”

“Cash !? Where the hell did you get $5000 in cash,” he asked, sitting bolt upright.

“Well – when you were being mean about your money and I wasn’t getting any sex I decided to peddle my assets to the neighbors – I’ve built up quite a good business, in fact I’m fully booked all next week.”
Cash for fuck (bitch,sex,erotic story)

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Past pleasures, cheat sex story

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