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Through a little round window on the second floor there's a perfect view of the shed. I stood there on a sunny afternoon and watched John close the old latch on the door. He wore a simple white t-shirt and dark jeans looking younger than his true age. We moved out to Vermont 3 years ago and there was something in the air that made both of us take on a new life. We wore simpler clothes and delighted in simpler things. Perhaps we had to because the nearest town was half an hour away. Most of the time we only had each other for company along with the stray cats that came around every once in a while. John liked to give them names from Star Wars. Even then I could see the little orange tabby cat called General Ackbar slinking around the side of the shed probably stalking a frog.

I didn't plan to go to the window at that time, but I was glad I walked by and saw John. From my view I could see him pull off this shirt and turn on the water hose. His skin glistened with sweat highlighting the curvature of the muscles on the upper half of his body. John wasn't exactly athletic, but just naturally thick and sculpted. His chest and stomach were covered in a thick dark layer of hair that I loved laying against. He bent forward and poured running water over his head to rinse himself off. Even though I had been inside all day in the AC, the sight was refreshing. I wanted to be under that water with him, close enough the see streams of water run down his body. But I stayed at the window lusting after my John.

When we lived in New York I desired to touch John whenever we were outside. We lived in a 4th floor walkup with no outdoor space, so I was limited to public spaces. In the summer we would lay out in Central Park flirting with light and teasing touches. When no one was looking, I would run my finger along the length of his cock through his shorts, slowly making him hard. My favorite part was tracing the shape of the head of his cock and the ridge between it and the shaft. In my sundress I'd squirm, wishing everyone else would just disappear. I fantasized about being in a field with him where we could fuck openly. I'd get on top of him to give him a view of my large bouncing breasts and the sky beyond me. Out here, I didn't have to dream about it. John and I had sex wherever we wanted and not even our loudest sex could disturb our distant neighbors.

Before he was done, I ran down the hallway to my bedroom to change my shirt. The short sleeved button down I was wearing would not do for what I had in mind. I pulled out a tiny white tank top from my drawer and took off my top along with my bra. The tank was smaller than I remembered or maybe my breasts were larger. Already I could see my dark nipples pressing against the fabric of the top and hoped John would appreciate the sight. The white tank was a nice contrast to my dark golden brown skin and I made a mental note to wear more white. I looked good—sexy and carefree. My 36D breasts felt free and unrestrained as I rushed out of the house barefoot and eager to feel the sunlight on my skin for the first time that day. I spotted John by the shed and ran to him, fully aware of the very animated jiggle of my tits.

"Do you need some help?" I asked approaching a now smiling John. Water dripped off of his dark lashes. He looked so handsome and oh so delicious when wet. I took the hose from him and held it high as he let the water rush over his face. Since moving, John discovered his love for gardening and spent nearly every Saturday morning and afternoon fiddling with the yard and the small vegetable patch on the side of the house. It made his natural scent earthier and drove me wild with desire.

"We're going to have so many beets and beans, we won't know what do you with them," he said wiping away the excess water from his face. I dropped the hose down by our side and looked into John's eyes shining in the sunlight. They were dark just like mine, but while mine were large and almond shaped, his were smaller and more mysterious, tucked under heavy thick brows. He kept talking about the beans and the beets, but all I wanted to do was kiss him. His lips were wet and calling to me. "Are you even listening to me or are you just staring at my lips?" John knew very well that I was indeed insatiable and thought about sex more than anyone else we knew.

Just this morning before he left bed, I pulled him back in and told him not yet. I woke up feeling tender and wanted to feel John all over me before the day started. I wrapped my arm and my leg around him, locking him in my grasp as we laid on our sides. In my cotton panties, my legs were free to rub against his hairy legs. Soon enough his hands were all over my too. Between our minimal clothing, my t-shirt was the first to go. John knew the quickest way to make me soaking wet was to suck on my nipples—hard. When he slipped his hands into my panties he found a very wet pussy and couldn't resist fingering me as a trembled against him. He later fucked me on the edge of the bed until my legs and my pussy were sore from the pounding.

Standing before him now I was ready to go again; I'd always be ready for him. I leaned in to kiss him with the serene sounds of nature and running water in the background. I stepped into him and the dry cotton of my top came in contact with his still wet chest. With his arm he pulled me in closer as he tongue reached further into my mouth. I knew one of the fastest ways to make John hard was to offer my full lips and my tongue to him. He sucked and nibbled on my lips as I felt his cock rise beneath his jeans. Slyly, he took the water hose out of my hand. I felt the water wash over my bare feet right before he put his thumb over the nozzle and sprayed the water in my face. I screamed with a playful shock as he laughed heartily.

I jumped away from him and wiped the water from my face. "You beanhead!" It was the first insult that I could think of. We played in the yard like children. He chased me with the hose, soaking me from head to toe. I came at him wanting to wrestle the hose out of his hands, but he wouldn't let me win. "No fair," I protested. "You got me all wet!"

"I'm already wet, plus you needed to cool down." He dropped the hose. My top was soaked through and my large brown breasts and even darker hard nipples were clearly visible now. He couldn't help but look. "You came out here oozing with sex. Didn't I fuck you good enough this morning?"

"You did, that's why I'm back. I'll always want more."

"Don't I know it..." John stood back a bit taking me in. We both stood there in wet jeans. This would have never happened in New York, I thought. Here we had space to run and to scream without being stared at. And best of all I could remove John's jeans right there.

"If you're tired, I could just treat you. You know...suck on you just a little bit." My hands traveled to the button of his pants. My fingers were a bit slippery, but not incompetent.

"Not a chance, your pants are coming off too." He dropped his wet jeans and stepped out of him along with his underwear. His cock sprang upward and I couldn't help but smile. Seeing John naked against the light of day had to be one of the best sights I had the pleasure of witnessing. I took a mental snapshot to keep it for later. I would have loved to go on my knees for him and taste his earthy skin. Still clothed I lightly gripped his stiffening cock and went in to kiss him. Suddenly, John turned me around and wrapped his arms around my waist.

With my backside pressed against his front side, his hands began to explore my body. He cupped my breasts and squeezed the wet fabric of the thin tank top. I was wearing way too much, but I loved the novel feeling of his hands over the soaked top. He found my nipples and tugged on them through the top making me arch my back and cry out. It didn't take much to make my nipples hard and stay hard. I felt his breath on the back of my neck as he pulled on my nipples harder, rolling them between his fingers making me moan deeply.

I covered his hands with mine encouraging him to squeeze my tits harder as I shoved my ass against his cock. It was time to get these shorts off. He helped me drag the wet jeans down my long smooth brown legs along with my simple black panties. From down below, John looked up and smiled before kissing my thighs. Anytime his mouth was anywhere near my bush, my body went haywire. I watched with anticipation as his kisses rounded toward my inner thighs. Usually when John went down on me I was on my back, laying on our bed. I didn't know how long I would be able to stand when he kissed me there, but I was willing to try. I kept my wet top on as he put his hand between my thighs to open them up a bit. I held my breath as he lunged tongue first between them.

As his tongue found my clit, my hands went to his head. I needed to steady myself and at the same time I didn't want to let him go. It didn't take him long to have my knees buckling beneath me. Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, I felt John's hand traveling up my inner thigh. Two of his fingers penetrated me and I instinctively spread my legs wider. He twisted his fingers upward in a corkscrew motion as the tip of his tongue flicked against my swollen clit. I called out his name, wanting to tell him just how good he was making me feel, but the rest of the words never came. When his fingers left me, he dove in deep to taste all of the wetness that was seeping out of me.

When he was done I pulled him up to have a taste of his lips. There was still a hint of spearmint in his mouth, but mostly the taste and smell of my pussy all over him. We did something very similar that morning right after I sucked the cum out of his cock. We loved tasting each other on each other. John picked the water hose back up again and poured it over me. He stood behind me again kissing the back of my neck as the water ran over my tits. With his other hand he guided his cock into my pussy from behind. This position, though insanely pleasurable, was always a bit of a challenge for us. John was taller than I was and although my legs were long, I came nowhere near meeting his height. I pushed up on my tippy toes to receive the full length of his cock.

To aid us, I braced myself against the side of the shed as he fucked me. He pumped his 7.5 inch cock into my slick pussy as our wet bodies slapped against each other loudly. I pushed back against him as I stood on the balls of my feet. I was slightly bent over with both hands on the wall. With every thrust my breasts jerked beneath my wet shirt and moans escaped from deep within me. We weren't fucking for long before John told me he was about to cum. I held steadfast for him as his pace began to quicken. I wished I could somehow see him fuck me--especially the movement of his hips, the swing of his balls, and the look on his face when he erupted inside of me.

I pulled John in with all of the vaginal muscles I could control. When he came he held onto my hips until every drop of his cum left him and entered me. My knees were locked in place and my body was still shaking as he pulled out slowly. I stayed in place for a while, arrested by the small aftershocks vibrating through my body. My breath was still heavy as I opened my eyes and began to come back to myself. John came up behind me and kissed my shoulder before finally pulling off my shirt. "I just want to be completely naked with you for a while," he said softly as he wrapped his arms around me. It was now late afternoon and the sky was begging to glow a warm orange. We silently watched it deepen in color holding each other in the afterglow. It was all so gorgeous and once more John had satisfied me.

"And how long will that last you?" he smirked seemingly reading my mind or maybe the grin on my face.

"Mmmm, until tonight perhaps," I teased. We kissed each other gently, gathered our clothes, and walked hand in hand back to the house in the nude.
Outdoor sex stories - Hot couple

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