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Denise found a seat at the rear of the bus, in the very back row. She was thankful that the bus wouldn't be crowded. Only about thirty kids would be making the trip to the state fair, and this huge old bus had room for twice that many.

Most of the kids were already crowded together in the seats in the front and the middle of the bus. With luck, she'd have the back of the bus all to herself and the trip down to the state fair would be pleasant instead of an ordeal. She'd brought along a half-dozen new teen-romance novels to read. She hoped to get lost in a good story and completely block out this trip she'd been forced to take by her parents.

'You need to socialize more,' her mother was always saying. 'It's not normal for a girl your age to spend all her time with her nose in a book or doing her chores. You need to meet some boys, to go out on dates, have some fun.'

It did no good to tell her mother that she enjoyed doing her chores, that more than anything she enjoyed reading her romance novels, that she much preferred the boys in her books to the flesh-and-blood boys she went to school with. The boys in her novels were all so chivalrous, so non-threatening. The boys at school, on the other hand, were crude and dirty-minded. The flesh-and-blood boys had only one thing on their minds -- how to take advantage of a girl every chance they got. And real boys all carried that hard weapon between their legs, that masculine appendage that gave Denise the shivers even to think about. She didn't dare mention to her mother that she was scared to death of boys, and her mother wouldn't listen to her excuses.

So now she was forced to go on this darned old trip to the state fair with a bunch of Young Farmers Club kids she didn't know. For her own good, according to her mother.

Her twin brother Tim was up front somewhere, gabbing with some new boyfriend he'd made a few minutes ago. All the other kids had paired up, mostly boys with boys and girls with girls, although a few boys and girls had taken seats together and already looked ready to start necking. The boys and girls were all eyeing each other, and Denise knew that by the time the bus arrived at the state fair grounds sometime early tomorrow morning every girl except herself would be paired up with some boy with a tented crotch. And God only knew what would happen in the barns at the state fair, where all the kids would be spending their nights, sleeping with the animals, and probably acting like a bunch of animals.

'And where do you think you're taking that mutt, young lady?' said the bus driver, his voice booming through the bus and silencing all the kids.

Denise looked up front, along with all the other kids. A blonde girl wearing skin-tight shorts and a bikini halter had just entered the bus, leading a large black dog by its leash. Denise recognized the dog as a black Labrador and even from the back here she could tell it was a male.

The girl tugged on her long blonde hair, some of which fell over the front of her shoulders and onto her half-naked tits. Her tit-cups hardly captured more than her cherries.

'I'm bringing him along,' the girl said. 'Isn't it all right if I bring him along? I didn't think it would cause any problem.' She spoke in a pouting tone, puckering her lips. She balanced on one bare foot, rubbing the toes of her other bare foot up and down her tanned calf.

'I'm not supposed to let any animals on this bus,' the driver said. He was a fat, middle-aged man in a gray uniform, and he was sweating heavily in the summer heat.

The blonde girl leaned over, petting her dog on the head. Her tits bulged as they dangled and nearly escaped from their tiny cups. 'But he's such a good dog. You won't even know he's here.'

The driver gawked at the girl's tits as if he were hypnotized by them. 'Well, I don't know...'

'Please, sir, he won't be any trouble at all.'

The girl leaned close then, as if she were going to kiss the driver. Instead, she whispered something into his ear.

The driver flushed, streams of sweat running down his chubby cheeks. 'Go on,' he said. 'But you'll have to keep him at the back of the bus. And we aren't making any pit-stops for him. Is that clear?'

'Yes sir,' the blonde said, smiling as she began to lead the dog up the aisle. 'He won't be a bit of trouble sir.'

The boys nearly fell out of their seats to get a closer look at the half-naked blonde as she paraded up the aisle, her tits wobbling.

Denise almost panicked. For a moment she had the urge to jump out the window. The blonde was coming straight toward her. She sat there frozen and helpless, however, as the blonde sat down right next to her.

'The old pig,' the blonde muttered under her breath for Denise's benefit. 'Sit, Romeo,' she said to the dog, and the Lab obediently planted its black haunches on the floor.

The driver yanked the door lever and the bus door sealed itself with a sucking noise. He started the bus. Without bothering to turn around toward the kids, he started shouting. 'Now listen here, ladies and gentlemen, and listen good. It's four o'clock now, and I'm supposed to deliver you to the state fair before midnight. That means we're gonna be making just two stops, one at seven and one at ten. If you've gotta go, you just hold it -- it won't kill you.'

Several kids snickered.

'And I don't want any trouble,' the driver continued. 'You don't give me any trouble and I don't give you any trouble. I'm not being paid to be a chaperon or a baby-sitter. My only job is to get you kids down to the state fair. So just don't hassle me and you and me won't have any problems.'

A few kids shouted: 'All right!' Several other kids applauded. The driver rammed his shift lever into gear and the bus roared as it started forward. As the bus gathered speed, the kids began talking faster and louder among themselves and soon the bus sounded like a school lunchroom inside.

The blonde turned to Denise. 'I'm Peggy, what's your name?'

Denise told her.

'Sexy name,' the blonde said. 'And this handsome boy is Romeo.' She stroked the dog's head.

'Nice dog,' Denise said. She felt tight and uneasy.

'You don't know how nice,' Peggy said, giving Denise a suggestive expression. 'I mean, Romeo's a real special boy.'

Denise smiled, almost giggled, mostly out of nervousness. She had no idea what Peggy was hinting at, nor did she want to know. She picked up her book from the seat beside her and opened it.

'What's that?' Peggy said.

Denise showed her the cover of the book.

'Please Let Me In,' Peggy said, reading the title. 'Hmm, sounds pretty interesting. So, you like dirty books. Well, so do I.'

'It's not a dirty book,' Denise snapped. 'It's a romance. There's nothing dirty in it.'

Peggy looked stunned for a moment. 'A romance, huh? That's one of those books where all the good stuff happens between the lines. It's all there, but you just have to use your imagination a little more to find it.'

'I'd like to read it now, if you don't mind,' Denise said, and she shoved her nose into her book.

Her eyes traveled along the lines of print, she turned the pages, but nothing her eyes saw registered in her mind. She wasn't reading, just going through the motions of reading. How could she read with Peggy just about sitting in her lap and with that big hound gazing up at her with those moony eyes? She was uncomfortably hot, too. All the windows were open and the wind whirled through the bus, but it was a hot, humid wind that failed to cool her off.

'Christ, it's hot,' Peggy said, as if reading Denise's thoughts. 'My skin is sticking to the seat. What I wouldn't give for a nice cool stream to go skinny-dipping in right now. Do you like to go skinny-dipping, Denise?'

'No,' Denise said, offended that Peggy had suggested such a thing.

'I do,' Peggy said. 'We've got a nice private stream on our farm. Me and Romeo go up there just about every day during the summer. A lot of the neighbor boys come up there, too. Sometimes it gets pretty wild.'

Denise didn't say anything. She didn't know for sure what Peggy meant by wild, but she imagined the big-titted blonde dipping down into the stream, as a dozen red-faced farm boys watched her.

'Hey Denise, give me a few of those candy bars you brought along.'

Denise looked up to see her twin brother looking down at her. She was a little shocked to see that Tim had taken off his shirt and shoes. All he wore now was a pair of threadbare jeans that fit him like a tight skin. His sun-bleached yellow hair resembled the tousled mane of a lion. His eyes moved away from her and roved up and down Peggy's obscenely clad body.

Denise shot her hand down into her overnight bag and pulled out three or four candy bars, which she thrust up at Tim. 'Here.'

The boy reached for them without looking, wrapping his fingers around them as he ogled the blonde. 'Thanks,' he muttered.

As he stumbled barefoot down the aisle to join his new friends, he glanced over his shoulder a few times -- at Peggy.

'Cute,' Peggy said, watching him. She turned to Denise. 'Is his equipment pretty nice?'

Denise felt herself flush. 'I don't know what you're talking about. He's my brother -- my twin brother. I don't know what you're talking about.'

Peggy grinned. 'Lucky you. Your brother, huh?'

Denise sighed with exasperation and buried her face in her book, trying to block out everything around her. She couldn't read, though. She was too riled up. The trip was ruined. Peggy would not leave her alone. The heat was unbearable. She could smell the dog, along with the scent of sweaty teenagers.

She peered over the seat ahead of her. She couldn't see too many of the other kids, but she was certain that she was the only person on the bus besides the driver who remained decently dressed. The boys she could see all had their shirts off, the same as Tim. Most of the girls wore the scantiest shorts and had rolled their T-shirts up under their tits to make their bellies and backs bare. Every girl and boy she could see were barefooted. They were all sweating, and the bus smelled like a high-school locker room.

'He had a nice bulge,' Peggy said, as if to herself. 'I bet he's really hung. I'd love to see him without his pants on. All girls should be so lucky to have a twin brother like that.'

Denise refused to acknowledge that she'd even heard Peggy. Her heart was pounding and she felt as if she would suffocate, trapped between Peggy and the wall of the bus. The worst part of it all was that Peggy seemed to be able to see into the deepest, darkest parts of Denise's mind. The truth was, Denise knew what Peggy was talking about. The truth was, Tim was hung like a horse. Denise spied on him every chance she got, watched him piss in the barn yard, watched him sneak out behind the shed and jack off, followed him and his girlfriends into the woods and watched from secret hiding places as he fucked them.

Tim terrified her. That huge cock he wielded between his legs horrified her. How could any girl endure the torture of being fucked by that big cock? And yet, as much as Denise was terrified, she was fascinated, she was excited, she was in love. All the boys in the romance novels she read had Tim's face, Tim's body. She envied every girl Tim had ever fucked.

'Wanna change places?' Peggy said. 'So I can sit next to the window for a while?'

Denise agreed, thankful to be out of her corner at last.

Peggy slid Denise's overnight bag out of the way on the floor and pressed her back into the corner, leaving one bare foot on the floor and plopping the other one up on the seat. The wind coming in the window grabbed her hair and pulled it out the window where it flew in the breeze like gold streamers.

Denise moved away until she was sitting in the center of the long rear seat of the bus and could look straight down the aisle. She pushed her overnight bag out of the way and allowed the black Lab to move into the space between her and Peggy. Peggy had her legs spread, and the dog sniffed the crotch of her shorts.

'I can't take much more of this heat,' Peggy said. 'I'm about ready to strip completely.' She reached under her tits and shoved her fingers up under the cups. She pushed up, and the tit-cups slipped off, letting her large tits fall out and jiggle. The string halter hung around her neck like a necklace.

Denise couldn't believe it. She just stared at Peggy's naked tits. The cherries were very large and full of erect bumps. The nipples stood up like fingertips.

'Don't worry,' Peggy said, grinning mischievously. 'Nobody can see me here behind the seat. If anybody starts coming back here, let me know, huh? Except for maybe your brother. I wouldn't mind giving him an eyeful.'

Denise was speechless. She watched with increasing disbelief as Peggy unsnapped and unzipped her shorts and lifted her ass and legs to slide them off. Peggy wasn't even wearing panties. She dropped the shorts on the seat and settled back down with a sigh, spreading her legs so the her left foot rested on the floor and her right foot on the bus seat. She had a very hairy blonde pussy that opened slightly as she spread her legs, revealing the wet pink meat between the furry lips of her cunt.

'Oh, that feels good,' Peggy mumbled, curling her toes sensuously. Then she reached between her legs and pulled open her cunt, dug her fingers into the spongy cunt flesh and hauled open the hairy pussy flaps to reveal her worm-like clit and her seething fuck-chamber.

'Peggy, oh God!' Denise muttered, so shocked she couldn't think of another word. She watched a few trickles of clear fluid leak from Peggy's fuckhole and dribble onto the black vinyl bus seat.

The black Lab let out a small whimper and lapped up the cunt juice from the seat. Then he sniffed Peggy's open crotch as if it were the best thing he'd ever smelled. Even Denise could smell Peggy's cunt now -- that pungent, musky female scent she'd smelled so many times coming from between her own legs, that smell that always managed to permeate her own panties after she'd worn them only a few hours.

'Make love to me, Romeo,' Peggy moaned. 'Lick me, lover boy.'

Her toes curled as the dog mashed his wet muzzle to her open pussy as if he wanted to fuck her with his snout. As he started to lick, growling quietly, Peggy lifted her bare ass off the seat, thrusting her pussy at him, her eyes rolling drunkenly as she fed him her dripping cunt.

Denise was sure she must be dreaming. At any moment she thought she'd be waking up from this nightmare bus trip and this unbelievable scene before her. Her subconscious mind was surely causing all this. Over the years she'd had dirty fantasies about getting her own pussy licked by an animal, especially by a dog, but she'd buried them deep in her subconscious, ashamed of herself completely. Now these suppressed memories were surfacing.

'Oh, Romeo, you lick so good!' Peggy breathed, rotating her loins as she rubbed her open pussy against the dog's fat, slithering tongue.

Cunt juice dripped from Peggy's crotch, splattering on the black vinyl seat. The smell of pussy was becoming stronger, and Denise began to feel a little dizzy, almost high on the aroma.

I've never smelled anything in a dream before, Denise realized, and she looked down the aisle, beginning to believe this wasn't a dream at all. In the seats closest to the back, girls and boys were necking. French kissing. The boys had their hands on the girls' cunts, on their tits, and the girls were squirming as if trying to get away. By leaning forward, Denise could see that one girl had her hand inside a boy's pants and was jerking it as the boy kissed her and played with her tits under her T-shirt. Most of the boys seated with boys and the girls seated with girls had stopped gabbing with each other and were watching the boys and girls who were making out, shouting dirty comments and poking fun. The bus driver focused straight ahead on the road, ignoring the kids completely.

Denise almost jumped as someone stroked her hand. It was Peggy's hot toes.

'Play with my foot,' Peggy whispered. 'Lean over and suck on my toes. It drives me crazy.' She gasped as the dog lapped up and down her cunt slit.

Denise just stared in shock, unable to believe any of this. Despite the very real smell of cunt in the air, this had to be a dream. It just had to!

'Come on you little bitch,' Peggy hissed. 'Suck my toes!' She clawed at Denise's forearm with her toenails.

Denise didn't know why she did it. Maybe because she was scared out of her mind. Maybe because she was so weak with shock that she would have obeyed anybody's orders, performing like a zombie. Whatever it was, she slid as close to Peggy as she could. Peggy raised her leg, pulling her knee toward her voluptuous tits. Denise took hold of Peggy's naked foot and started to lick and suck the blonde's wiggling toes.

'Oh baby, yessss!' Peggy hissed. 'Oh God, this feels good. Lick me, eat me, suck me!' Peggy sounded as if she'd lost her mind.

Denise thought she'd pass out. The scent of cunt down here was suffocating. And she could smell the dog, too. The dog kept growling quietly and grunting as he licked. His tongue slurped obscenely. He sounded as if he'd never be able to get enough of the taste of Peggy's seething cunt.

'Oh God, I feel tingles all the way up in my asshole!' Peggy moaned. 'My cunt's gonna melt. Oh shit, this is great! Keep sucking my toes, bitch. It makes the feeling that much better.'

Denise drooled all over Peggy's foot. Peggy's toes tasted salty. The scent of hot cunt excited Denise. She'd never really smelled a girl's cunt from so close before. In the locker room at school there was always that faint aroma of cunt in the air, the mingled cunt-scents of all the girls, but it was nothing like this steaming scent pouring out of Peggy's excited pussy. The smell almost made Denise want to take a taste of Peggy's cunt.

'I'm getting close,' Peggy whispered. 'Oh I wish it would last, but I wanna come, too. I need that feeling. Oh God, do I need that feeling!'

Denise slithered her tongue between Peggy's toes, chewed on Peggy's bare foot. She was beginning to enjoy doing this. She didn't want to have to stop. And she knew what Peggy was talking about when she said she wanted to get that feeling. She loved that feeling herself, loved to jack herself off until her toes curled with that raw, melting sensation of orgasm. One of her darkest secrets was that she liked to jack off, that she jacked off six times a day sometimes. She couldn't get through her romance novels without jacking off at least once every chapter, sometimes twice. Always when the handsome, chivalrous boy brushed his lips against the heroine's flushed cheek in one of those novels, Denise would manage to bring off her young cunt in seconds.

A slick pool was forming on the seat under Peggy's wiggling ass, and Peggy rubbed her ass in it, sliding on the seat.

'I'm so hot!' Peggy breathed. 'I'm so fucking hot! Oh, I wanna come!'

Denise watched the dog's tongue slither into Peggy's gaping fuck-cavern like a snake sliding into its hole. Peggy's pussy appeared to open up more and more as the dog licked her, and her gaping pussy quivered and contracted, sucking at the dog's tongue from time to time.

I wish that were me, Denise thought. I wish that was me sitting there getting my pussy licked by that big dog. Oh God, that must feel good!

She sucked hard on Peggy's sexy toes, inhaled the scent of Peggy's cunt, watched the dog's tongue fuck in and out of Peggy's seething cunt. And she realized that her own cunt was on fire, was throbbing maddeningly, that her panties had pulled up like a gag between her swollen pussy-lips and the material was working up and down in her cunt slit and against her clit as she rhythmically squeezed her legs together. Her loins whirled inside with hot tingles and she moaned out loud.

Peggy was humping, driving her crotch against the dog's muzzle, fucking herself on his slithering tongue. Her toes curled in Denise's mouth.

'Suck my toes!' Peggy moaned. 'Lick my pussy! Oh God, I'm gonna come!'

She came with a final explosion of hot cunt juice, which ran out of her pussy and dribbled onto the bus seat. Her body jerked rhythmically and she gasped with each spasm. Her toes clutched madly, nearly tearing the inside of Denise's mouth.

Denise bit hard at the spasming girl's hot toes. She clamped her own legs together so hard that her thigh muscles almost cramped. An itchy tension mushroomed inside her own pussy, her toes tingled in her shoes, and she started to writhe with orgasm, nearly blacking out as the hot sensations surged through her cunt.

It feels so good, Denise thought. It just feels so good! This was the first orgasm she'd ever experienced while doing anything with another person, and there was something hotter and more intense about it, something more satisfying than any other orgasm she had ever felt.

She squirmed on the bus seat, working her legs against each other, sucking on Peggy's toes, nearly passing out as the sensations pulsed through her loins and her brain. She slid her hand down, rubbing it in the warm fuck-slime that had run out of Peggy's cunt, and she couldn't help sniffing it. Then she spit Peggy's toes out and tasted Peggy's slick cunt juice.

The pussy juice was tart and sweet. It tasted like the fluid that came from her own cunt. She'd never produced so much of it though. Maybe if she got licked off by a dog, she would. She lowered her lips to the seat and lapped up the cunt juice until the dog started lapping it up, too. Then she sat up, suddenly horrified by what she'd been doing. It was as if she'd temporarily lost her mind.

As she straightened herself, she realized that she'd glimpsed something, something she had to get a look again. She leaned to the side again slightly, peeking under the dog's black-furred abdomen. His prick was standing up out of its sheath -- red and wet and quivering. What shocked her was not that the dog had a hard-on, but the size of the Lab's cock. His cock looked to be five inches long, maybe six -- the size Tim's had been a few years back, before it had surged in size like a growing cornstalk. She'd never seen a dog with such a thick and long cock.

'Hung like a horse, isn't he?' Peggy said, sitting up straighter. 'When a girl's got a hung dog around, she doesn't always have to go chasing after the boys to keep her satisfied.' She gave Denise a dirty grin as she played with her own tits.

Denise shook her head, unable to believe Peggy, unable to believe the size of the dog's cock, unable to believe what she, herself, had just done. She looked up front.

A girl was leaning out into the aisle, her eyes rolled back, her hair dangling toward the floor. A boy was clutching her, his hand down her pants and pumping as he apparently fucked his finger inside her cunt. More boys and girls had paired up now and were sharing seats. Half the kids were engaged in necking or kissing or groping, Denise expected at any moment to see a boy rip off a girl's shorts, pull out his stiff cock, and ram it up her cunt right there in front of everybody. Things were getting out of hand, but the bus driver just stared straight ahead, driving them down the highway.

'You look a little lost,' Peggy said. 'Like this is your first trip to the state fair or something.'

'It is,' Denise mumbled.

'Lucky girl,' Peggy said. 'It's always best the first time. Ain't that right, Romeo?' She stroked the Lab's head.

Denise watched in stunned silence as Peggy caught the dog's cock between her bare toes and started to jack him off.

The dog's long tongue dangled as he panted, dripping spit on the seat between Peggy's spread legs. Peggy no longer leaned back in the corner, but sat facing directly forward, her feet on the floor, one foot under the dog's lower belly so she could stimulate his slippery cock with her toes -- the same sexy toes Denise had been sucking on only a few minutes ago. The dog let out a low growl, and he started to hump, fucking his cock between Peggy's toes. Giggling, Peggy moved her other bare foot under the dog, catching his cock between her feet and letting him fuck between them.

Denise didn't know how to react. She was appalled by what Peggy was doing, and yet she couldn't take her eyes away from the dog-cock fucking between Peggy's feet. A clear fluid leaked from the dog's cock, getting Peggy's feet slippery. Denise noticed a musky, animal aroma in the air now, apparently coming from the Lab's excited cock.

Peggy stroked the dog's head. 'You beautiful sexy boy you. You just can't get enough of rubbing that hot prick of yours against something, can you?'

The dog let out a little whimper, lapping at Peggy's tits, then sniffing some more at her cunt.

'Isn't he a doll?' Peggy said, glancing at Denise. 'You wouldn't believe how hot his prick is. God, the feel of it between my feet drives me crazy! Oh, I wanna fuck!'

Peggy suddenly slumped in her seat, kicking her legs up in the air and spreading them wide. She braced her bare feet up on the back of the seat in front of her.

'Take me, Romeo,' she moaned. 'Oh God, fuck me!'

The dog rose up, prick flexing crazily, and grabbed Peggy around the waist, sinking his claws into her smooth flesh for a good hold. He humped at the air as he moved close to Peggy's crotch, jabbing at her pussy mound until his pointed prick found the entrance to her fuck hole and sank into her cunt, disappearing between her blonde-furred pussy-lips like a red snake.

Peggy writhed, her eyes rolling crazily. 'Oh Romeo, oh God, yes!'

She stroked her hands down the dog's sleek black flanks, down his lower back, caressing him with trembling fingers as he fucked her. Her toes clutched at the back of the seat against which she'd braced her feet, getting the black vinyl of the seat slimy with lube from the dog's cock.

Denise could hardly breath. She was scared out of her mind. What if the other kids came back here and found out what was going on? Within seconds the entire bus would know. Denise would never live the embarrassment down. How could Peggy do such a thing?

The dog fucked faster, dripping dog-spit all over Peggy's wobbling tits. His prick fucked in and out, a red blur between Peggy's swollen cunt-lips. A rapid squishing noise came from Peggy's cunt as the dog pistoned his prick inside it.

Peggy reached over and grabbed Denise's hand, squeezing it fiercely. 'God, I can hardly stand it!' Peggy's eyes looked glazed, drugged. 'Oh Denise, the feeling, it's incredible!'

This isn't happening, Denise kept repeating in her mind. This can't be happening. She winced as Peggy squeezed her hand even tighter, and she knew for certain that this was happening.

God, this was embarrassing! Even though Peggy was the one performing this filthy act with the dog, Denise felt her own face burning with shame. The shame came from deep inside Denise, from the part of her mind where she hid her deepest secrets. How many times had Denise imagined getting fucked by a dog? How many times had she jerked off, pretending that the finger in her cunt was the prick of a dog -- or of some other animal? Too many times to remember. And there slumped Peggy, naked and panting, legs up in the air and spread, acting out Denise's deepest, darkest fantasies.

'Oh God, I'm coming,' Peggy whispered, and she nearly crushed the bones in Denise's hand as she squirmed with orgasm, her cunt clutching madly around the dog's pistoning cock. 'Oh Denise, it feels so good, oh yesss!'

Denise squeezed Peggy's hand in return, sympathetic to the other girl's pained pleasure.

As Peggy's spasms continued, she clutched the fucking Lab between her thighs, slowing his humping. The dog whimpered, trying to fuck faster. Peggy jerked a few last times and pushed the dog away from her, forcing him to pull out.

'Sorry, boy,' she mumbled.

The dog whimpered, humping at the air, his prick red and dripping.

'Poor boy,' Peggy said. She glanced at Denise. 'Help him out, huh?' She started to pull on Denise's hand.

'Hey wait,' Denise said, but it was too late.

Denise suddenly found herself being jerked hard toward Peggy. She fell on her side in Peggy's lap, felt the warmth of Peggy's large tits as they pressed down on her cheek. Her head rested in Peggy's lap. The scent of Peggy's cunt made her dizzy and weak instantly.

'Blow him,' Peggy said. 'He loves blow-jobs.'

Denise stifled a cry as the dog's hot cock rammed against her lips and cheeks, drooling cock-slime on her. As much as she was horrified by what was happening, as much as she wanted to fight and break free, she dreaded even more the rest of the kids discovering her back here like this.

'Open up,' Peggy said. 'Think of it as a candy cane.' She pinched Denise's cheek until Denise was forced to open her mouth.

The big dog-prick slid into Denise's mouth, searing her lips and tongue, jabbing at her tonsils and making her gag, oozing fuck-lube down her throat.

'Suck him!' Peggy hissed. 'Suck him off!'

The dog's cock tasted salty and bitter, musky and bestial. Denise tried not to swallow the hot fluid leaking out of it, or the slick fluids she was being forced to suck off the dog's prick. She was tasting not only the dog's cock, the dog's fuck-lube, but the juices from Peggy's cunt. Only moments ago this quivering cock had been fucking between the spasming lips of Peggy's pussy. And now Denise had that dog cock in her mouth -- tasting it, eating it, sucking on it.

Denise couldn't quite believe it. Even though the dog's sizzling prick pistoned between her lips, making them tingle and itch, even though it rubbed more tingles into her tongue and the inside of her mouth, even though his prick jabbed her tonsils and made her gag -- Denise kept telling herself that this wasn't happening, that this couldn't be happening.

'Use your tongue,' Peggy said. 'Lick it just like you'd lick a boy's cock. Romeo loves it, just like the boys love it. Come on, baby, suck that stud off.' She pushed on Denise's head, jerked on it, forcing Denise's mouth to work up and down on the dog's cock.

Denise's eyes ran tears. Snot ran from her nose. The smell of dog-cock and cunt made her feel drugged. Her brains were being shaken loose as Peggy jerked on her head.

'Suck it!' Peggy hissed. 'Suck that cock!'

The dog's cock flexed, quivered, seemed to get hotter and hotter, harder and harder. Denise feared the bone-hard fuck rod would split open, that its veins would burst and spurt hot blood into her mouth. The bottom side of the dog-cock kept rubbing heat and sensation into Denise's tongue and tingles streamed down her throat. Her entire mouth seemed to be pulsating, her lips swelling, getting tighter and hotter. She realized suddenly that she was sucking, sucking like a baby sucking its bottle. It was almost a reflex. She tried to stop sucking and she couldn't. As the dog's cock fucked in and out, her lips munched around it, her tongue flapped.

'That's it.' Peggy said. 'Make him feel real good and he'll give you his jizz. It's a real treat, girl -- sweet as syrup fresh from the boiler. Come on, baby, suck him off, make him come.'

The dog fucked her mouth faster, growling, whimpering. One of his hot paws was braced on Denise's neck, his claws digging in. For some strange reason, Denise enjoyed the feel of his paw on her neck. She made a tight ring of her lips, starting to enjoy the feel of his cock fucking her mouth, starting to enjoy even the taste and smell of it.

'Come on, boy, give her your jizz,' Peggy said. 'Squirt it right down her throat.'

Denise closed her eyes, sucking, munching, aware of an intense throbbing in her cunt. She tried to visualize cum spurting from the dog's cock and down her throat. She had seen dogs spurt jism before, had secretly watched Tim and some of his buddies jerk off dogs while laughing hilariously. She'd seen that grayish-white dog-cum spurt in long sticky strands -- and she'd always wondered what dog-cum smelled like, what it felt like, what it tasted like. But she'd never had the guts to try to find out.

The dog let out a moaning yelp. His prick swelled, growing longer and fatter, turning harder than steel. As his cock swelled it began to vibrate. Then the dog-cock flexed hard and suddenly Denise's throat was flooded with steaming cum. She started to choke on the bitter dog-cum, her head filled with the peppery scent of jizz.

'Swallow it!' Peggy said. 'Don't waste it. Swallow it!' She spoke in whispers, but her tone was commanding.

The dog fucked his cock in and out, squirting more and more slimy jizz into Denise's mouth. She had no choice but to swallow the stuff. It was either swallow it or choke to death on cum. The dog kept whimpering, kept humping, kept shooting stream after stream of hot fuck-slime -- and Denise glugged it down, sucked it down. At first the alkaline taste, the slimy feel -- like swallowing hot oysters -- made Denise think she was going to vomit. Then, suddenly, she was liking the taste, the texture. Suddenly she was hungry for more dog-cum, and she sucked vigorously, slurping down the hot jism as fast as the dog shot it. She drained the dog before she'd had half enough, and she sucked hungrily on his wilting cock as he whimpered as if in pain. As his cock escaped her mouth, her lips smacked together and she moaned.

'You little bitch!' Peggy said, pushing Denise away, forcing her to sit up. 'You almost chewed my dog's cock off.' She petted the Lab's head. 'There, there, boy, feeling better now?' She peeked under him at his wilted cock.

Denise watched with her as the dog's cock slid back in its sheath like a retreating eel.

'I guess you didn't hurt it any,' Peggy said, giving Denise a disturbed glance. 'It still seems to work. If I'd have thought you were gonna try to bite it off, I wouldn't have let you suck it, bitch.'

'Let me?' Denise said, outraged. 'You forced me to do it!'

'Oh, go read one of your dirty books,' Peggy said. She slid back in the corner of the seat, resting her head against the window frame and letting the wind blow her hair. She crossed her arms and closed her eyes and appeared to fall asleep almost immediately. She had her right foot up in the bus seat and her left one on the floor. Her dog lay on the floor with his muzzle resting on her foot, sleeping like his mistress.

Peggy's blonde cunt-bush stared Denise in the face, its lips pulled apart slightly and revealing the pink wet cunt meat between them. Denise took off her shoes and socks. For a moment she played with a fantasy of fucking her toe up inside the bitch's crotch and watching her squirm awake. It was a sadistic and wicked fantasy that Denise felt slightly ashamed of.

The sound of a girl gasping pulled Denise out of her own thoughts and made her look down the aisle. She couldn't see the girl making the noise. All she could see was the girl's bare foot, toes clutching at the air and quivering. The girl's foot shivered and she continued to gasp for several seconds before she sighed loudly and her foot went limp. Almost every boy on the bus was standing up in their seat and trying to get a look at the girl who'd been making all the noise. A few boys jeered. Others laughed. The relative silence that had filled the bus as the girl had spasmed and cried out her pleasure gave way once again to gabbing and laughter.

Denise thanked God that she and Peggy were at the back of the bus, that their shameful carrying on had neither been heard nor spotted. The kids up front were too busy necking and watching each other neck to bother with two girls and a dog far back in the bus. Denise opened 'Please Let Me In' and tried to read. She couldn't absorb a word of the book into her mind. Her thoughts whirled through her head.
Schoolgirl Beastilaity

Marriage with my son, indian sex story

Marriage with my son, indian sex story

Cousins learning new things about each other

Cousins learning new things about each other

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