Family, and Fetish - sicilian,italy,blowjob,group erotic story

I was nearly done fixing my neighbor's broken dryer, sweaty as could be, as it was already unseasonably warm for an afternoon in April, Saturday to be precise, when the door to the laundry room opened behind me. I wrapped up the last of the repairs before standing up to face whoever it was, thinking that it was Daisy Eisenstein, the sultry soccer mom who had asked me to do this as a favor. When I turned around, though, it was her daughter, April, all of eighteen years and a likely candidate to equal her mother's beauty in the future, though as a ginger with freckles and fair skin, instead of the swarthier Daisy.

"Hey, April. I just finished fixing the dryer, so if you need to do laundry, everything should be in working order," I smiled in my usual friendly, if sometimes awkward, manner.

"Well, actually, Mom wanted me to ask you to join us for supper. Pesach is over and Shabbos is nearly over, so this is a nice chance to have company tonight. I think that she's lonely as ever, especially since her last guy moved out. So many relationships, marriages, divorces, husbands, boyfriends, and most recently, a fiance, all very rough on both of us. It's tough to find a man who can handle us, I guess," April spoke wistfully, making me feel genuine empathy for a moment in spite of my usual cynicism.

"Very sorry for both of you, but if I can perhaps relieve her loneliness and yours for a moment, maybe it will be worthwhile, plus I'm not exactly dating anyone myself. Tell me the truth, was that the ulterior motive behind this? A professional repairman could have fixed this easier, but your mother asked a neighbor, namely me. Not that I minded, of course. It's a pleasure to hang around here and spend time with the both of you," I assured April, who reached out a hand to touch my face, letting me shock her with a kiss to said hand.

"You kissed my hand? Damn! That's...corny, but sweet. You don't even believe in chivalry, or so you say, but you kissed my hand. Would you do that for my mother?" April asked me, curiously.

"Of course. I don't believe in chivalry, but I do believe in showering the worthy with affection. You're worthy and so is she. I watched you grow up, April. I like you. I always have. I like your mother, too. The only times that I've avoided you guys were certain events when she was married to or dating those dicks. What was the deal with that last one, anyway? He was horrible to her! Just God awful! Anyway, enough of that. I don't mean to make either of you feel bad and all that," I declared as I realized that I wasn't so fresh...I was sweaty and needed a shower like crazy.

"Worried about your sweat and dirt, Mr. Sabatini? Mom told me to tell you that the shower is free. Just strip and pop in, and well, we'll take care of the rest. No need to worry about what to wear afterward, trust me," April suggested, making me feel a little anxious, but also touched by her mother's gesture of true hospitality.

"Thank you, April, and tell your mother that I said, 'thank you' as well. That's very kind of both of you," I took my neighbor at her word, just glad that my daughter Bianca wasn't there to hear us...I'd never hear the end of it.

"You know, your daughter and mine did playdates for years and they've always been almost like sisters or cousins. I enjoyed babysitting Bianca, too, Caesar, just as you enjoyed babysitting April for me. I almost feel like 'Aunt Daisy' to her, you know," Daisy announced her presence, "And you're very welcome, dear. So, you'll stay for the first supper after Passover?"

"He feels like...'Uncle Caesar,' to me, too, if you ask me," April said as she hugged me tightly, getting her hands "accidentally" on my butt.

"I would be honored to do so, Daisy. And I'm honored that you think of Bianca and me as family that way. That is very sweet of you yet again," I answered, hoping that things didn't get too awkward due to April's brazen flirting with me, which I took to be simply a young woman's crush.

Then again, April got that honestly, given that Daisy slept with me various times in the past, especially when her marriages and relationships were on the rocks or she was between husbands and boyfriends. Since Bianca's mother walked out on me seven years before, leaving me (mostly) responsible for a child whose paternity was never entirely confirmed, I had simply squeezed in a sex life where I could (Daisy was just one example) and gave up on love! To be fair, I was never the model for fidelity, either, before Liz took off with Bruce, so this was hardly new. I had even cheated on Liz with Daisy a few times while married (and at least twice before the separation while Daisy was supposedly "happy" with her second husband Stewart).

The funny thing was that Liz never bothered with the formalities of a divorce, possibly so as not to burn her bridges with Holy Mother Church, so we were both serial adulterers as a result of our actions in the eyes of our religion. Liz sometimes used that as a loophole to cheat on Bruce with me. Given my personal hatred of him, I was more than willing to let her, as long as she knew that she had no hope of getting me back. I also made sure to remind her of how much she enjoyed my dick when she got it.

I was still never sure what Liz saw in Bruce (other than money and a "jetset" lifestyle) or why she never even fought me for at least joint-custody of Bianca, but I gave up on worrying about it. Liz saw Bianca only when it suited her to the role of a "loving mom," but the hard work of parenting was always too much of an obstacle to the luxurious life of dating a high-flier like Bruce. She remained my estranged, legally separated, and adulterous wife who sometimes visited her rube of an Italian, working-class husband and her suburban, middle-class daughter (at least that was how it felt at times).

Suddenly, I was snapped out of my thoughts by April handing me a towel. Daisy winked at me went to her computer to look up recipes that she could start up fast after sunset, when Shabbos ended. April just smiled and followed me to the guest bathroom, presumably to retrieve my dirty clothes for temporary storage. I was about to close the door to undress, but April's small hands stopped me, or rather, her voice did.

"Leave it cracked, please, Mr. Sabatini. That way, I can take your clothes through the crack. Remember, you don't have to worry about new clothes. We've got that covered, too," April reassured me, though I thought her choice of words rather odd.

I was fully undressed and closed the door at last, turning on the shower jets and starting to lather up, when I heard the bathroom door open yet again. Thinking that it was Daisy and perhaps April was complicit in a little plot to get me back into her mother's bed, I relaxed. I had figured it out, I assumed...This theory explained everything, including April's eccentric behavior. She wanted to make it easier for her mother to entice me into another tryst. Daisy must have told her about our various affairs in the past.

When my companion began washing me, using my tendency to close my eyes in the shower a lot, I simply let her do her thing and enjoyed it. Her touch was soft, smooth, and sensual as ever, and I began washing her body from memory, picturing that swarthy flesh under my hands, reveling in our shared caress in the shower. My favorite part was fondling her body, especially her bottom. I was confident that this was Daisy and that she simply wanted to resume our affair. Well, at this point in my life, I was more than ready to go along with that. Daisy was an excellent lover and none of her exes deserved her, to be honest.

It wasn't until I felt soft lips on my own, a sweet, loving, passionate kiss followed by more than a little tongue, that I opened my eyes and saw...April. She smiled at me and reached for my cock, her lovely hands stroking me as I stood paralyzed by shock. I started to protest, because April was virtually a niece or second daughter to me, but she was having none of it, her mouth closing in on mine yet again. The biggest jolt was when she kissed her way down my front to my dick, and then began sucking and licking my prick like it was the best flavor on the planet or something.

"Oooh, Mr. Sabatini...May I call you 'Uncle Caesar,' or perhaps Daddy? This's very big and thick, isn't it? No wonder Mom likes you fucking her so much! Right now, she's so horny and lonely that she'd take your dick in her twat and her mouth straight from my pussy...You want to see it, by the way? You've touched it now, when you washed me. You've also touched my ass, and I have to say, I loved how much you took your time, fondling my buns and my crack as you cleaned me back there," April told me between licks, sucking, and even kisses, especially to the head.

"Oh, God, April...this is...We probably shouldn't be...I mean, I babysat you...You're so close to Bianca that you're practically sisters! We're virtually family! This feels...Oh, damn! What would your mother say? Wouldn't she get jealous or something? Shouldn't we stop? Oh...shit, that feels fucking good! You're just like your mother that way!" I struggled aloud with the taboo aspects of screwing my neighbor's barely legal daughter who had been like a niece to me, especially when I had often been intimate with her mother.

"Relax, at this point, Mom would never believe that we hadn't gone all the way, so we might as well do so. Come on, Uncle Caesar...fuck the daughter just like you screwed the mother! Do your famous Roman namesake proud!" April teased me now about my being named after the great Roman dictator and womanizer.

"And here I thought that you two were plotting to get me back with her," I noted as I slid my cock inside April at last, noticing how snug and warm it was inside her eighteen-year old snatch.

"We were!" I heard Daisy speak as she pulled back the curtain to catch me pounding her daughter's pussy.

Daisy had a grin on her face instead of the expected scowl and she simply walked over to us to give both of us a kiss on the lips.

"April and I are lovers, Caesar. We have been for about a month now, since she turned eighteen and decided that she was tired of my misery and wanted to take her mother's love life in hand. Still, both of us needed a cock and April was eager to give her virginity to a man who cared about both of us. That man was you, of course. Who else in this neighborhood is even remotely in the same league as you? How does it feel, fucking my daughter's virgin twat?" Daisy teased me with a wink while jilling off to the sight of April taking my thick dick inside her.

"!" I confessed, feeling just how tight April was, but also caressing her buns as we fucked.

"We...have a proposition for you, but you definitely want to be sitting down for this one, so we invited you to supper, what we hope will the first of many such suppers, in fact," Daisy added with a gleam in her eye as I continued to ravish her daughter.

"OH...MY...G-D!" April screamed as she felt my cock now balls deep, hitting her good and hard from the back.

"Have your way with my daughter, Caesar, but remember that I get a turn, too!" Daisy made her own intentions for me crystal clear, "It's not kosher, but who cares? We're three lonely people who need love, right?"

When I started playing with the outside of April's asshole, I halfway expected a negative reaction, but I took the chance, anyway. Instead, April began moaning like crazy, so I slipped a finger inside her butt, which caused her to cream herself on my dick, leaking her juices all over me. She came yet again when I stroked her clit while fucking her twat and fingering her backdoor. When I added a second finger to her bottom, April screamed loudly and startled her mother, who quickly realized what was going on and jumped into the shower with us. It was crowded, but worth it, as Daisy started to probe my prostate as well, making it tougher not to cum inside April just yet.

We were like some kind of freakish beast from a mythology for a second, my cock reaming April while her mother fingered my booty and I gave her daughter three fingers in the tush for a moment. It worked, though, as April came yet again and I exploded into her pussy, shooting my spunk as far inside her cherry snatch as I could send it. Daisy withdrew her fingers, washed them quickly, turned off the shower, and then began drying us off before we did the same to her.

"In a little bit, when your dick has recovered, it's my turn and I hope that you don't freak out when April rims me. She loves to eat my ass and has wanted to do that while I'm fucked. I hope to return the favor, too, as we fully intend to make this a regular thing with, me, and her. If that's quite alright with you, that is," Daisy encouraged me.

"No condoms, either, please. We want that bareback lovin', Uncle Caesar! I even want it up my ass!" April urged me.

"Same here! In the backdoor! Darrell Roth, my ex-fiance, couldn't take that, kept lecturing me on its forbidden status. I reminded him that, strictly speaking, I shouldn't be sleeping with him at all by that standard, since it's outside of wedlock. I know my Torah, but I'm no better at following it than anyone else. That's what I get for dating a Modern Orthodox, right? I'm Reform and I'm lucky to stick to that! I'm definitely not kosher!" Daisy told me, adding, "As much adultery as I've committed, especially with you at times, I'm not going to deny myself a guilty pleasure like taking it up the butt from time to time."

"Oh, damn, girls! My dick is already starting to recover!" I noted as we walked out, naked into the hallway.

"Told ya he'd recover fast, didn't I, April?" Daisy winked at her daughter now.

"That you did, Mom! That you did! Oh, and if you're looking for clothes, too bad! I know what I said earlier implied that we have clothing for you to wear, but we don't. We simply mean to keep you naked all evening along, while we take turns jumping your bones. Then again, we plan to stay nude as well," April admitted to me with a blush, while taking my hand and leading me to Daisy's bed.

It wasn't too much longer before I was fully hard again, thanks to the prospect of screwing the mother while the daughter rimmed her. This was ultimate male fantasy territory, after all, especially doing a mother and daughter on the same bed. Bianca wasn't going to be an issue, due to one of her occasional weekends with Bruce and Liz, so it was just up to me to decide if I wanted to spend the night with Daisy and April Eisenstein, and quite frankly, I did. As I humped a very enthusiastic lady of the house and her daughter spread her cheeks to eat her ass, I refused to kid myself...I wanted to stay with them both. I wanted this as much as they did. I would listen very keenly to their proposal at supper and decide if perhaps they had the right idea for a shared future, evidently a menage a trois of sorts.

Daisy was very hot and bothered as it was, so she came in a hurry when April began licking her butt while I drove deeper from behind. I also ran my fingers lovingly through April's hair as she tongued her mother's booty, which just increased the adorable way that my neighbor's daughter looked at me between licks. There were actual tears of joy in April's eyes as she orally pleasured Daisy, licking that bottom like it was nobody's business and helping me hold her mother steady on several strokes. Daisy fucked back at me with a vengeance, too, putting her back and her hips into it with a vigor worthy of the voluptuous cougar that she was.

Daisy's pussy tightened with every lick as her toes curled, every bit of contact with my cock making her meet her daughter's tongue, while every such brush made cum yet again. Something about being intimate with April and me both at once really did it for her. Bottoming out inside her didn't hurt, either, as I struck on just the right day of the month. Little did I know it yet, but there was a reason why Daisy was so sensitive down there: April was about to get a brother or sister, courtesy of yours truly. Bianca and she would soon have a sibling in common.

At last, however, Daisy spilled the beans, and right when she was tightest, too, to keep from escaping in time, "By the way, I'm fertile as can be. Ready to become a Daddy again?"

Something primal inside me took over and I thrust several times to go as deep inside Daisy as I could, before pumping out my spunk in surprisingly good quality, given that I already filled her daughter with my jizz. As I pulled out of the gorgeous Jewish soccer mom next door, April moved her mouth down to suck me clean from her mother's juices, her eyes looking up at me with love and lust as she did so. She didn't act disgusted at all, which didn't surprise me, given that she had already taken her mother as a lesbian lover, anyway...Clearly, the taste of womanly fluids appealed to her, too.

"I would say that he's more than ready, Mom. He was always more loving, protective, and helpful to me than any of your exes were, including Dad, and you know it. Darrell never attended my soccer games or volleyball matches, but Uncle Caesar did, even if sometimes because he was there mostly for Bianca. If you couldn't attend, and I know that you often did, but when you couldn't go, Uncle Caesar just let me ride along with Bianca and him. He cheered Bianca, but he also cheered me. If he took Bianca out to eat someplace to celebrate, he took me along, too, you know.

"I don't know if he quite realized how that made me feel, but at times when your boyfriends, husbands, and Darrell all made me feel like nuisances, Uncle Caesar made me feel like family. I never felt like just a visitor, merely a guest. Liz sometimes acted as if she wanted to shoo me away, but Uncle Caesar always included me. Dad acted like he wondered at times if I was really his, and he often got grouchy with me, had to be talked into being a good father. Go to my marching band practice, my middle school basketball tryouts? Nope! Not gonna happen.

"But Uncle Caesar took Bianca, whose paternity he always doubted, and when he took her, he let me ride along. We were both allowed to ride shotgun, too. He treated me as if I were his niece or something, as we've noted in the past. Bianca always followed his example and treated me as a sister or cousin, too. She learned from him what it meant to accept people into your life and your heart. I only know about the paternity issue because she overheard Liz threatening to have her tested and Uncle Caesar countering by saying that she wouldn't know what to do with Bianca and how to reconcile her with her own easy life of luxury.

"That shut Liz up and she backed down, never even contesting custody again. If my father could have proven no paternity, he would have, but Uncle Caesar wanted to be her Daddy, and so he raised her mostly by himself in spite of his doubts. I worship him for that reason alone, not to mention how he treated me," April continued, as her mother joined her in sucking my cock and balls now.

"Yeah, don't think that I didn't notice, either, Caesar. How you treated Bianca and April both was in stark contrast to how my exes all treated April, let alone making time for someone that they often thought was just a silly neighbor girl. I had to set them straight a few times when they complained about April taking Bianca over for tutoring or slumber parties and vice versa. Sometimes, for instance, Nat used to gripe about April spending so much time at your place with Bianca, and one Sunday I told him, to his face, 'Well, maybe if you acted more like a stepfather to her, she wouldn't need a father figure like Caesar and a sister like Bianca in her life!'

"That really stung him, too, as he thought that he was behaving just as he ought to and I made it plain that he wasn't doing enough. He then accused me of sleeping with you, which made me fight back giggles, because I hadn't done that yet, but I already wanted to, and he had only doused the fires of my lust for you with gasoline by his comments. In fact, as you'll recall, that was the Sunday right before I took advantage of the block party to surprise and seduce you on your own marriage bed! It was ironic that it turned out that Liz had just been intimate with Bruce on that very bed earlier during that same party," Daisy winked at me while licking my taint. "Yeah, just two weeks before she had me served with papers for legal separation, in fact, and I left work early to find everything that she wanted gone without even a trace. I was luckier than some husbands, of course. She didn't want my home, because it was too suburban, too middle-class. She didn't want custody of Bianca, because our daughter would cramp her style. She didn't want April around, because she frankly thought do I put this, 'tomboyish' and 'clingy'? Now, April, my dear, you know that I don't think of you that way, but Liz did," I told them as I ran my fingers through April's lovely ginger hair.

"But that's just it...I am a tomboy and proud of it! I am clingy, too, and I have no reason not to be. I've always wanted you to date my mother, because I knew what would happen if you did. She would never be miserable again. I knew that you wouldn't consider her just a fling and I knew that she wouldn't get jealous of other women, either, including Liz whenever she feels like straying from Bruce's bed. She would especially know that it was just a hate-fuck with Liz, wouldn't you, Mom?" April told me with a kiss to the head of my dick.

"I've often fantasized about dating Caesar, sure, but I kept getting the sense that he wasn't available at the time for more than sex, so I took sex from him when I could get it. I still enjoyed the occasions when we all hung together. It felt like a family, you know, and almost as if we were a couple already, Caesar," Daisy told me as she sat up on the bed and lit up a joint, "Smoke a hit with me, both of you?"

"Don't mind if I do," I grinned, taking a hit of the weed before passing the joint to April, who inhaled with a vengeance.

"Now, that's a perfect kind of smoking after sex, if you ask me," April told me, as we all went under the covers to relax for a bit, "It helps you take it easy, and isn't that the point of Shabbos, anyway? You know, mellow out and not stress out so much?"

"Well, then, Shabbat Shalom, my dear girls!" I winked at them while we took more hits and French kissed each other repeatedly.

"I'm so fucking glad that you're not a narc type, like Stewart! He totally freaked out when he caught April with some weed, started giving her the third degree, as if we were in his congregation! I'm like, 'Dude, you barely have time to give her a pat on the back when she gets straight As and you've never been to Temple with us, but you think that being a Congregational minister entitles you to preach at her? You're her stepfather, not her pastor! Act like it!' He was always the biggest prig of them, wouldn't even have sex with me before marriage!

"Remember those times when I came onto you...yeah, that was me climbing at the walls from lack of dick! I married him too fast as a result, but it would have been faster if you hadn't fucked me those times," Daisy said as she snuggled up with me under the comforter, while April pressed against me from the other side.

"You know, I should have fucking objected when you wed his lousy ass! He was such a douchebag from day one! I should have grabbed, taken your hand myself, and put my own fucking wedding band on your finger," I commented off-hand, "I should have married you, years ago, Daisy. Especially knowing what I do now, that you weren't the jealous type. I should have known that before, since you didn't kick my cousin Sal out for cheating on you, and you never stopped coming back to me, no matter how many times I slept with Liz. Plus when you and I got it on before Liz left."

"Well, plus the fact that Mom never pressured you to divorce Liz and you've been separated from her for years. And the fact that she's now sharing you with me! Face it, Uncle Caesar, Mom is a very generous and amorous woman when it comes to sex. Perhaps more than her exes liked, but that was their problem, not hers. She didn't kick any man out of bed for stepping out on her, have you, Mom...though she's stepped out plenty herself," April observed with a devilish wink for us.

"That I have...that I have. But yeah, I wouldn't have been the most faithful of wives, but I wouldn't have expected or asked fidelity from you, either. Any of my men who were faithful were not because I asked them to be. I gave them plenty of chances to get some side booty, so if they didn't take it, that's on them. I swear to you, though, if at any point, you had offered me marriage to you, I would have taken you up on it in a hurry! Including at the wedding to the other men.

"It's not too late, though. I can still be your wife. That was what this supper was really offering you my hand in marriage, so that you could move in with us and we could both have my daughter on the side," Daisy explained ahead of time, "Deep down, that's part of why I picked so poorly, I think. I always knew that I would have you to fill in the slack and pick up the pieces. Subconsciously, these husbands, boyfriends, and such were all just placeholders for you, for when you came to your senses and asked me to be your bride."

"Then do it, Daisy! Marry me! I'll divorce Liz so fast her head will spin! I will make you mine! April and Bianca can be stepsisters at last, though I don't know how she'll take the news that I'm bedding your daughter!" I proposed to Daisy Eisenstein in bed while cuddling her and April both.

"Oh, I think that I'll be perfectly fine with it, on one condition," Bianca surprised me as she walked right into the bedroom and grabbed a hit of the joint.

"What's that...honey?" I adjusted to this shock.

"What do you think...Daddy?" Bianca answered, as she removed her shoes, her hat, her jacket (what was she doing with a jacket in high spring, anyway), and then the rest of her clothes, until she was naked as the day she was born.

"Make love to me, Daddy!" my daughter smiled as she climbed on my cock and I could feel the wetness of her twat on my dick.

"So...that was the one condition?" I asked her.

"No, this was," Liz now joined us, taking the separation document and a ready divorce form as well, and setting them both on fire with the lighter, "I had our marriage annulled on the grounds of fraud, so it's no longer binding, but I still want to be yours. The fraud was mine, baby. I was a horrible wife and I never planned to be a good one to you. I confessed my lies to the Church, they absolved me, and they gave me an annulment, or rather, they gave one to you. It's officially on your behalf, not mine, but I've worked tirelessly for it. Bianca wasn't yours, either, but she is now. She's not blood, but I know that she will always love you more than me. That's the price that I paid for being a rotten mother. I was with Bruce a lot longer than you think. He's her real, biological father. I needed a Daddy for her, though, preferably a Catholic one like you. Bruce was no more cut out for fatherhood than I was for motherhood.

"You weren't a perfect Catholic and I deliberately picked one with a wandering eye, so that I could rest easier at night doing what I've done. It still doesn't make my fraud, my intentional deception of you all along, justifiable. In fact, my actions mean that you were never cheating at all, though you didn't know it yet. How could you cheat on a sham wife, after all? Any guilt that you felt, however small, was undeserved. You did nothing wrong! It was all me!

'My penance was to devote my life to restoring my family, and I am undertaking that with the greatest of zeal. The fact that you were ready to divorce me shows me just how much I must have hurt you...You'd risk excommunication so that you could marry Daisy and treat her as well as she deserves. Good for you! She was always your real wife at heart, you know. The one who acted like a wife while I was slutting around with Bruce and his friends.

"My deal with Bianca came as more of a pact toward the end, you see. She heard my apologies and confession...and she understood and forgave me at last. At least from her end. However, I fully intend to pay my own penance in the best way that I can, even if it's not quite what the Church would approve. They said to 'restore' my family, and that's what I'm going to do. Oh, and I've kicked Bruce to the curb, even declining his marriage proposal in front of his friends and pointing out how many of them had slept with me behind his back. He was floored by that, I assure you of that!

"So, here's my amendment to your little plan, if you'll have me for supper. I want us to all live together, with me as your...mistress, if you're okay with that. I've been practically that at times, anyway, so sporadically have I shared your bed. You keep banging...OUR daughters, both of them...why not? And you take Daisy as your bride, as you should have done years ago. If you want a Jewish wedding or a Catholic one or an interfaith one...I will pay for it! Bruce gave me a handy amount of money over time and I've done well with it. The least that I can do is to help my former husband marry a woman who truly loves him the way that I should have done.

"Oh, and April, my apologies for how I treated you in the past! You're such a fine young woman that I know that you'll treat Caesar as he really deserves, with lots of love and affection. From now on, I'll treat you like a daughter, just as I will with Bianca. Imagine how the honeymoon will be for the five of us. You, me, Bianca, Daisy, and best of all, Caesar! You don't mind if I tag along, do you? I have some ideas for how to make it sizzling hot! Also, I'm fertile as hell next week, and I hope to see the four of us bred by Caesar, if that's okay with you guys!" Liz shocked us all to our core.

"A Jewish wedding, then. I've seen Daisy as the bride at one of those plenty of times, but she always seemed so she'll be at one and I plan to make her the happiest woman alive!" I assured my girls.

"You already have," Daisy told me with tears streaming down her face, "I'll be the best wife that you could ever have, I swear to G-d!"

"So, can I stay as a near concubine, then?" Liz asked me now, "I'll be there a lot more, I promise!"

"How about we discuss this over supper?" I said as Bianca rode me a few more strokes and I came deep inside my own daughter's silky twat...No matter how much she might be biologically Bruce's, she was MINE.

Supper proved to be very fruitful, a hearty dinner full of traditional Jewish foods, mostly to celebrate Daisy's joy at becoming my fiancee at last and seeing me take our daughters as lovers, along with my ex-wife. While it wasn't proper for a Jewish wife and mother to do many of those things, she felt justified because we were all reuniting as a great family, and if some sins had to be practiced in the process, so be it. We had lox, latkes, and matzo ball soup with some red wine and we ate heartily that night. We also had some great conversation as we worked out the details of our new polyamorous way of life.

The final celebration of the evening, though, was the "dessert," a celebration orgy where I took all four women in a reverse gang-bang. I held back cumming as much as I could for now, wanting to do each of them justice. I also rimmed each woman, more than once in fact. This happened more than a few times afterward, in fact, during that weekend. I also enjoyed each woman anally, at one point while Liz literally licked my cum out of Bianca's ass! It was April, though, who really had the most fun, especially when she made love to Bianca in front of us and showed her new stepsister just how much she loved her all this time.

We all crashed on the living room floor for much of the night, and that was where Bruce and his friends found us Sunday morning, his stunned look showing all of them just how impressed he was. He had a proposal of his own, and it was sure to shock us into our graves. We listened with awe, especially once his buddies confirmed that it was all true. Liz got a very strange look on her face as she considered it, but she didn't say a thing at first...We would all need some time to review it, I realized, even as Bianca and April dragged me to bed for a threesome and Daisy got out the strap-on that April had used on Bianca the night before in order to practically wreck Liz's ass in front of our guests.

One month later...

"Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech Ha-Olam, asher barah sasson v'simcha, chatan v'kalah, gila rina, ditza v'chedva, ahava v'achava, v'shalom v're'ut. Me-hera Adonai Eloheinu yishama b'arei yehudah u'vchutzot yerushalayim, kol sasson v'eKol simcha, kol chatan v'ekol kalah, kol mitzhalot chatanim me-chupatam, u'nearim mimishte neginatam. Baruch Atah Adonai mesame'ach chatan im hakalah," Rabbi Isaac Wiesenthal intoned as the final blessing of our nuptials, Daisy's to me.

Yes, we even broke the traditional bottle of wine and observed all of the other niceties of a proper, albeit Reform wedding in Congregation Ben-Jacob, just five miles from our new home, where six of us lived together. It was a very nice place, too, one furnished mostly from Bruce's budget, as were my wedding to Daisy and his to Liz. Our weddings were only three hours apart, which allowed us to share a reception. Liz actually had a proper Catholic wedding mass as before, so we had to rush to get to the somewhat quieter wedding, with Bruce's buddies as his groomsmen giving me knowing glances. Liz was already knocked up with another man's kid, whom Bruce was going to raise this time, but both of them could honestly tell the priest that they hadn't been intimate together prior to the nuptials.

Who was the father? It was hard to say, as his buddies and I had all been with Liz at her most fertile, but Bruce was too busy being pegged by Bianca to worry about that. It was part of his penance to his blood daughter that he would wear a cock cage and Bianca would have the key. Liz would only get to sleep with Bruce when Bianca gave them permission. The rest of the time he had to be "faithful" to Bianca and April, which meant "cowgirl" sex and peggings, plus plenty of eating my daughters out. Oh, and since he had already put the horns on me once, he would never get to do so again, so that ruled Daisy out, not that she even wanted him...or even his buddies.

"Baby, I'm a good Jewish wife. The Torah doesn't expressly forbid lesbian sex, not even incestuous, so I'm in the clear and I have no desire to sleep with another man anymore. You and our girls are quite enough action for me. As for you, you're a Catholic, not a Jew, so I make allowances for that. Besides, you're only sinning with Liz. Bianca isn't even technically your blood kin, nor is April, so it isn't incest, is it? Now, will you please shut up and fuck my ass?" Daisy winked at me as she offered me her bottom straight from April's and Bianca's.

His buddies got most of the action with Liz, of course, since I was usually busy enjoying my bride and our daughters, but it was a deal that worked out for all of us, including Bruce. Evidently, he wanted to be a cuckold, and Liz's confession had excited him, so we obliged him. The other men got to visit now and then, especially on the honeymoon, where they kept Liz busy while I plowed Daisy, April, and Bianca and my girls fucked each other wild, too. The price was perhaps a bit higher than Bruce thought, but then, he owed Bianca big time for neglecting his fatherly role with her while I picked up the slack for him. There had to be some punishment for a fucking deadbeat!

All in all, yes, I was a sinner and remain so, but even a sinner has rules and morals of his own, and mine paid off for me. I was kind to other men's daughters and their mothers, and the rewards for being so are just part of why it was worthwhile. The rest is simply that they're my girls, April, Bianca, Daisy, and, yes, even Liz. I could never let my girls down, could I? What kind of self-respecting Sicilian does that?
Family, and Fetish

Swinger Ski vacation

Swinger Ski vacation

Truth or Treat (Two couples find the fun really starts after the party)

Truth or Treat (Two couples find the fun really starts after the party)

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