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I am attending a large high school in Massachusetts and love english class. I am a young 17 years old and my teacher is a early 30's hott ssbbw. She has got to be 5'6" and about 400 pounds and soo curvy. She has long blonde hair thats always in a bun and shows her neck and shoulders. She wears glasses but not the old folks kind, the sexy smart kind.

One day I got into trouble and had detention the next day. I reported to detentiona dn I was the only one there and to my suprise she was in charge that day. She was suprised cause I am always well behaved in her class. Maybe its cause I have a crush on her and am just figuring out bbws and ssbbws are it.

We started talking and she asked if I needed a ride home after school since my motorcycle was being worked on. I said yes I would love one if it wasnt out of her way, she said she didnt mind. We finished up in detention and walked out to her car and she got in and the entire side of her car had sunk almost to the ground and she unlocked my door and noticed I had a hard on the side of the empire state building. She said now buckle up I wouldnt want you getting hurt with me. I said I dont think I could get hurt with you and then turned bright red realizing I had said it out loud. She said whats that suposed to meen? I said well nevermind, as she smiled and looked at my lips.

She drove extremly slow and we chatted the whole way home and she asked if I was dating anyone at the school. I said no to be honest I would get alot of slack if I did, she asked why? I said well cause I prefer larger women and you know how kids are. She said really you are the first person to ever admit to liking big women. She said we are called bbws and ssbbws. I said whats that meen. She explained and said even on the internet there are communities for women of size and men who love them. I said no way, she said lets taka a detour to my house and I will show you. I said that would be awsome.

We got to her house and walked in and she turned on the computer and took off her sweater to reveal that she was wearing a silk tank top and her broad soft shoulders and rock hard nipples were showing. She saw me staring at them and said its a little cold in here hu? I said no actually I am very hott. She said ok now just go onto the net and type in "bbw" She leaned over my shoulder as I did and the first one was a porn site. I gasped and said oops wrong site. She said no its ok See I told you. There are plenty of those sights too. She said I will be right back I need to use the restroom. While she was gone I looked at her picture folder and saw there were a few nudes of her in there and I almost came. I couldnt stop staring at them and she came back quietly and saw me looking at them.

I all of a sudden heard her say "you like what you see?" I turned around and she was standing there bare naked. I couldnt speak all I could do was stare at her massive body and belly. She said now you cant tell anyone about this but since we are both single and you are graduating soon and going into the army I thought we could have some fun. I said yes maam as I stared. She said follow me. We walked into her bedroom and she started to undress me. As I was fully nude and rock hard she said well you really do like ssbbws dont you. I said yes I do. She said well lets see how you taste and got onto her knees and started sucking me off. It was the best blowjob I had ever had. I was on the verge of cumming and told her I was going to and she kept going till I had spent my entire load into her throat. She said I bet you nver thought I love to swallow cum hu? I said no maam I had no clue. She asked if a kiss would be out of the question since she just swallowed, I said no thats ok. We started making out as my hands explored every crack and crevise of her massive body.

I told her to lay down it was now her turn, I laid her on the bed and spread her creamy white legs and went down to eat pussy for the first time. It tasted soo sweet and I couldnt get enough. She started moaning and screaming soo loud and cumming over and over again and as she did I got rock hard again. She begged me to sop and come up and fuck her.After she came 1 more time I stood up, and laid on top of her as then sat up.

As I sat up she reached down and put me inside of her. I started pumping harder and harder as I saw her belly and tits shaking from the pounding she was reciving. That got me soo excited. Her belly was slapping her tits and my belly it was soo big. All of a sudden she said now call me maam now!. That got me soo excited I called her maam and knew I was going to cum. She said now cum all over me BOY I pulled out and started jacking off all over her belly,tits and face. She said boy that was a good start hu. I said you want to continue? She proceded to say ohh you arent going anywhere just yet BOY. She said I am a domm and you will do as I say got it BITCH. That was a first , a woman calling me a bitch and it making me hard. I said yes maam. She said good now eat my pussy again and dont stop you BITCH BOY.

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Fat sex teacher

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