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Unfortunately, for longer than I care to remember there has been no intimacy between me and my wife. Thankfully, the remedy for this problem came last night when I did my best to make her feel special. I've learned through the years from my massage therapist that there is healing on many levels with the power of touch. So, I did my best to apply those massage technics liberally with lots of TLC to my wife's hands and feet. It worked magically to break down the barriers that had been in place for such a long time. Her mood dramatically changed and soon her entire body craved physical attention. I was more than willing to give her anything and everything she wanted to make her feel special and loved.

We retired to the bedroom where I added more mystique and romance by lighting several candles and putting on her favorite piano music CD. We then both disrobed and laid down next to one another on the bed. My wife seemed very anxious for me to give her a private massage in places where we had not exchanged touching for a long time. I prepared to do so by lubricating my right hand with a special mixture of cocoa butter lotion and baby oil gel. As I laid on my left side, my well lubricated right hand was in a good position to begin caressing her on the exterior folds of her sex. The minute I touched her I could feel the heat radiating from her excited condition. Her clit was very swollen and felt like it had doubled in size. The engorged head extended out from under the sheath that normally kept it hidden. As I gently massaged her there, she moaned and slowly arched her pelvis up and down in rhythm to the beat of a drum that resonated from deep inside a primordial part of her brain. These basic instincts started to take over her higher consciousness functions. I could tell that there was no turning back for her at this point. She craved for me to do whatever it would take for her to reach that illusive climax she had not experienced for over a year.

The fingers of my right hand went into a multitasking mode. My thumb and index finger concentrated on stimulating her engorged clit, while my two middle fingers plunged in and out of her dripping pussy, and my pinky finger would occasionally brush further south to the rose bud of her ass. All of this stimulation drove her frantically to a place she has not gone to for many years. Decades ago, during her early experiences with sex, she expressed a deep desire about a fantasy that she knew could never become a reality because of her moral beliefs. So, she had occasionally settled for parts of that fantasy that were doable within the confines of her moral boundaries. This compromise gave her a taste to some degree in fulfillment of that oh so taboo urge - which was to have all of her holes filled simultaneously with the cocks of three men.

That fantasy again triggered in her this night during my hand massage of her sexual zones. Out of the blue she demanded that I fuck her from behind in the "doggy" position and that I stick my cock all the way in her ass!! I remembered how I did promise to myself this evening that I would do whatever it took to satisfy her desires. So, as she got up on all fours, I obediently positioned myself behind her. I put a good measure of that special lube lotion on my cock and then placed it liberally to her rose bud. I took careful aim as I positioned my love tool at the center of her ass. Slowly, I applied pressure and with significant force I saw that the head of my cock began to pass through that amazingly tight sphincter. She urged me to go slow because my cock was unusually hard and enlarged. That was because of the two brass love rings I had just slipped on all the way down to the root of my cock. These rings work nicely to keep my tool engorged to the max.

Just after the head of my cock disappeared from my view, she begged me to stop as she adjusted to being penetrated and stretched by my rock hard member. In a strained and stammering voice she explained that because it had been so long ago since we had done this that she needed for me to proceed very slowly. After a minute or so, she gave approval for me to press forward. I obediently pressed forward and when half of my cock was in her she again asked me to stop to give her a rest. Eventually, she gave the green light. I proceeded to slowly push further in. It didn't take long before my cock was totally lost from view as it was now deep in the bowels of that taboo place. She was so sexually excited to have me all the way inside her ass. She frantically started to rub her clit with her hand. Her moaning turned into a shriek after a minute or two as she experienced a massive orgasm!

Her cumming caused that sphincter to clamp down on me like a vice. This made me super excited. I was beyond belief that my rock hard throbbing cock had penetrated that tight ass hole so completely. I was so hot from this crazy moment that it only took four or five slow strokes in and out of that hot ass for me to explode! I forcefully erupted filling her ass with spurt after spurt of my hot cum! We then both collapsed in a heap onto the bed and laid there spooning for a long time as we basked in the "afterglow."

Once we regained our composure, we agreed that we had a fantastic time together and wished for much more action in the "cuming" days. It seemed that our famine was finally over and that we were ready to begin a new chapter of lovemaking in our seemingly hot and cold relationship . At least that's my hope
Anal Education

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Fat lesbian lovers

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Vaginal and oral sex at bussines trip

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