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My wife and I have a wonderful sexual relationship. Which is to say we enjoy good physical sex but also a lot of fantasy play too. Melissa understands my desire to have "Variety" in my sexual life, even though I value my marriage to her very much.

My wife's family is from New England and, living in California, we don't get to see them as much as we might like. Last summer, Melissa's little sister Cindy came west to check out colleges. She is just 18 and cute as a bunny! She looks a bit like the vintage porn star Shauna Grant. You know...that innocent midwestern look? A pretty face sprinkled with freckles and a body to die for. We took her to the usual SoCal haunts...Hollywood, Disneyland and, of course, the beach.

Well, at the beach, little red haired Cindy was the star of the show! Her small but very firm tits and her fully developed rear end had every guy on the sand checking her out all day long. Me included! Melissa had told me her little sister was still a virgin but was seriously dating a fellow back home with whom she had done some "Petting." Of course this got me thinking about what kind of "Petting" she had engaged in. So, one night while we were in bed, I asked my wife about it.

"Has Cindy told you any specifics about her petting experience?" I asked.

"Oh, I knew you would get around to that." She quickly replied. "She said she had given 'Gary' a hand job while he felt up her panties."

"Did he come? I mean, where did he come?" I couldn't help but reply.

"He came on her panties." Melissa quietly told me. "He shot all of his come onto her white panties while she finished jerking him off."

By now, I was hard as a rock trying to visualize the scene in the back seat of this boy's car. My wife's little sister with her skirt pulled up and her tiny white panties just barely covering her virgin pussy stroking this young boy's cock until he spewed all of his sperm onto her underpants. I shoved my cock deep into Melissa's pussy and she continued to regale me with deliciously dirty details.

"She didn't let him fuck her!" She whispered, "No, she wouldn't let him take off her panties. Her little pussy has red hair and she told me she shaved the lips but left a tuft of red hair above. She let him fondle her little tits but never let him take off her bra."

I was all hot and bothered now and gave Melissa a long series of ball jarring strokes before splashing my seed into her smooth pink pussy. That was a satisfying fuck!

The next day we had a barbeque and little Cindy tasted red wine for the first time. She really seemed to like the Pinot Noir I'd selected for the evening and it served to loosen up her mouth! I watched Cindy's fresh young face as she giggled and talked on and on about her fun trip to California and how much she was looking forward to coming out here to go to school. She was wearing a little red tube top and a short denim skirt. From time to time, I got a brief look at Cindy's panties. I kept thinking about shoving her into the pool just so I could see her reaction...and her wet panties!

Afterwards, Cindy went upstairs to take a shower. Melissa and I embraced in the kitchen and she whispered into my ear: "My little sister is hot, isn't she!"

"You know it babe." I needlessly answered. I figured there was no sense denying my infatuation with her little sister. There wasn't much more I could say about this without offending my wife so I sat down to watch some TV while she went upstairs.

Later, we were in bed together snuggling. I ran my hands all over Melissa's nice rounded ass cheeks and, yes, thought again about her virginal little sister sleeping nearby in the spare bedroom.

"I have a little surprise for you honey..." She began. With that she reached over to the nightstand and retrieved her cell phone. She fiddled with it for a moment and then held it up for both of us to see. It was a video of the guest bathroom with you know who in the shower. After just a few moments of water running, out stepped her gorgeous little sister Cindy...completely naked! Her body was pink from the hot water in the shower and she just glowed! Little Cindy's pretty little tits were covered with rivulets of water and her strawberry colored nipples were poking out at the camera. Just below, her little red haired pussy was on display! Melissa's hand reached down for my cock which was quickly hardening from this unexpected stimulation. She began to lightly stroke me as her little sister's video continued.

Cindy reached for a towel and began to dry off, eventually turning around to display her teenaged ass! It was something to see! At one point, she reached down to dry her feet and her never before seen or touched asshole came into view! Just a simple tight pink ring of flesh, it seemed to call to me. I grunted when I saw it and Melissa reached over for the lubricant we keep on the nightstand. With her palm all slippery, she again began to slowly slide her hand up and down my cock. She handed the phone to me mentioning, "There's a little more coming in a few seconds"

My wife was now able to caress my balls with her other hand while I watched the wildly exciting movie unfolding before me. Was there more coming? I'll say there was! Little Cindy sat down on the stool there in front of the bathroom cabinets and took out a safety razor! Oh my god! She used some of my Edge gel and then began to shave her virgin pussy! Her legs were well apart now and she put her knee on the seat of the chair and carefully drew the razor up her soon to be hairless young pussy lips until they were completely smooth. Satisfied with the job she'd done, Cindy pulled on her little white panties and then her pajamas.

I was thrilled with this unexpected treat from my wife but she had one more surprise for me that night.

"Happy Anniversary baby!" Melissa told me as she produced a simple pair of white cotton panties from beneath her pillow.

"Are those...?"

"Yes they are. My little sister's panties! Here, take a whiff. Do her panties smell good? Are you ready to come in Cindy's little panties?"

At that point I drank in the scent of Melissa's little sister's virgin pussy and then began to thrust my come striving cock directly into Melissa's hand with little Cindy's panties right there waiting for my sperm. They didn't have long to wait!

"Oh, that's it Jeff! Come in Cindy's panties! give her virgin panties all of your hot spunk! Go ahead and fuck her little virgin pussy! She shaved it for you Jeff! She spread her legs and showed you all she has...don't make her wait!"

Melissa redoubled her efforts now, stroking my bloated hard on firmly while softly caressing my balls below. She then touched my cock with her sister's little white cotton panties and I began to come. My balls exploded and I began to blissfully ejaculate hot cum into Cindy's panties as Melissa continued to jerk me to completion. I was overwhelmed by the experience and didn't really know what to I kept quiet.

It looks like Cindy is going to go to UCLA next fall and I'm thinking maybe she would like to room here. You know, at least for a while. Wink wink!
My wife's little sister

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Fake taxi teen orgy (teen sex,young,group)

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