Young Wife's Interracial part 2 - inter,black,bbc,wife,cuck,negro erotic story

She responded "well... yes"

"and... where was it?" Not expecting the answer I got.

"I got my clit pierced when I was younger."

We both paused for a minute. I looked at her. "Wow, I don't mean this in a bad way. I could never picture you doing that!"

She laughed "Yeah, I have taken it out in more recent years when I got my crazy side out a bit"

I was extremely curious at this point. Had to know more! Also, I was already thinking about what it looked like and what it looked like with a big black cock driving into her pussy. "So what did you have? A ring, barbell or something like that?"

"I had a few things, at first it was just a ring and then later on got a barbell with a spade symbol."

"Oh cool! I loved that you had a piercing on your clit before. It's pretty cool" I said. I wondered why a spade symbol but figured it was something girly or something.

A little while later we were relaxing after dinner. We had a few glasses of wine. When Ashley drinks, the alcohol affects her quickly. Our conversation was growing to a dirtier conversation as the drinks were going. I eventually asked "So... did you date many white guys after your episode from the club?"

She looked at me with a grin on her face. "No, I actually started associating black guys with being turned on after that. The more I saw black guys the more wet and turned on I would become. It felt like my body was taking control of me."

She took a few more sips. Sat back and said can you get me a cigarette? I did and brought it over to her right away. She lit a smoke up and was relaxing. I could tell she was thinking "what's on your mind?" I asked.

With the wine hitting her she was a bit more open and direct with her answers "Just about my piercing."

"Oh yeah? What about it?"

"Well... I got it to show my appreciation for black cock as a guy I would regularly fuck asked me to get one for him" as she relaxed and took a drag of her smoke with a smile.

"Wow... really!? You got it for a guy?"

"Yes, I did, I was becoming very submissive to this guy I was dating. He would be really rough during sex and very demanding. In a way that I really liked it at the time. He would face fuck me, slap my face and tell me what a good little slut he is and how I was his white whore to loan out if he wanted."

I was blown away right now. Extremely hard and eager to hear more though! I could not believe the girl I loved and how close we have got was such a whore for a black guy but with me she was definitely the dominate one. Made me wonder a little bit and wish I could be the dominate one. I asked "wow, you can be very different, I would never guess you were like that at a time. Did you do anything else?"

She had a lot of wine by this point so she was very open. "You know my tattoo's I have... well one of them is a symbol I got for my dedication to black cock as well!" She then proceeded to show me the one above her pussy by undoing her pants and pulling her thong down a bit. She had about 4 tattoo's. One on her wrist saying dream how she became a hair stylist when her family insisted she got a more typical job with benefits and a future. One on her upper back left shoulder with a moon and her symbol Virgo. Another decorative flower on her ankle. And lastly the one she was pointing to was just above her pussy in the pubic region, it was a decorative flower with a symbol in the middle that kind of looked like a spade with a Q in it softly.

"I said this tattoo? As I softly touched the one she was point at just above her pussy" I never thought anything about it, just thought it was a cool decorative piece like the one on her ankle.

"Yes, that one."

"Wh... why is that a way of showing your dedication to black cock?" I was quietly saying.

"I was requested to get this tattoo from the guy I was with at the time, Terrell. He asked me to get this tattoo on my pussy to show it was for black cock only. The symbol in the middle is called a queen of spades symbol. It represents a woman who is dedicated to black cock and serving black cock." Ashley than came over to me, put out her smoke and sat beside me. She said "Don't worry baby, I'm not for black cock only anymore... it was just in my past." And then she undid my pants to release my rock hard dick. "See baby, you like it too... I know you like my past and the stories of how this pussy got fucked by black cocks." She then slowly started jerking my dick.

Keep in mind she had a lot of wine in her so she did not have a filter anymore. I was currently speechless and so horny! To think her pussy will always have a reminder of her ownership to black cocks! She than said as she was slowly playing with my dick "Baby... you know how much I love you but those black guys fucked me so good. In a way you never could but I still love you" she felt my dick twitch in her hands "ooh... you like that don't you? The fact that you cant fuck me like a real man?" She was testing me and I was passing every time. My dick started twitching a lot and I was moaning. She just learned I was her submissive without a doubt and enjoy it.

"Why don't you put that little dicklet away and lick my pussy like a good boy?"

I did as fast as I could. I started pulled down her pants and her thong the rest of the way. I starting lapping her pussy as fast as I could. "whoa, easy little dick. Learn to treat this pussy right. Start slower" I began slowly licking her pussy all the way to the top than bottom. Working my tongue in her hole too. "That's a good boy! You're such a good pussy licker."

Ashley than said "Kiss my tattoo in respect to my black lovers to show me how you respect this pussy is a black cock pussy."

I was shocked! I could not believe she said that to me. I was so turned on so I did as she asked as humiliating as it was.

"That's a good boy, but you forgot to say something" she said.

"Say what? Sorry?"

"Thank you to me and I know your pussy is meant for black cock!" with that she slapped my face lightly.

"y... ye.. Yes... S.. Sor... Sorry." I kissed it again, "Thank you! I know your pussy is meant for black cock!"

With that she laughed. She than pushed me off and said "get me another drink little dicklet!" Without hesitation, I did. "While you are up grab me another cigarette!"

When I came back I gave Ashley her drink and gave her package of cigarettes to her. She lit a smoke up and said "Now you are a good boy! Take off your clothes, I might reward you if you keep being good!" I did right away. "Now dance for me dicklet." I began trying to dance (like a white boy none the less). She was laughing! "Now shake your ass like you're a girl!" I began twerking or trying to twerk. She laughed so hard. "Now lick my pussy again you sissy!"

I began licking her pussy while she clearly had no filter. "Your pathetic! Your little dick doesn't satisfy me like a real man! Keep licking my pussy and don't forget to kiss my tattoo!" I did just that, kissed her tattoo as well. "Are you forgetting something?" right after I kissed her tattoo.

"O... oh... sss...ssorrry." I kissed her queen of spades symbol again and said "Thank you, and your pussy belongs to black cock!" trying to eagerly please her as I really wanted a release and to be able to fuck her tonight!

"That's better! Don't forget that! Now go to the bedroom little dick!"

I got in the room and laid on the bed. She came in. Said "You are such a little slut, aren't you?" Treating me like I was her in the past.

I said "Y... Yes I am!... I would do anything for you!"

She laughed. "Okay... anything? How about I piss right in your mouth! When I was with Terrell he would piss on me to show his ownership and to degrade me so maybe I should do that to you? What do you think? Unless you don't want my pussy that is."

I was beyond horny at this point but was not sure about that last one. I wanted her so badly though "ugh... I suppose so... If that's what you want?"

She quickly said in a loud voice "suppose so?!?"

"Sorry, yes you can!" I sheepishly said.

"And why is that?" she exclaimed!

"Ugh... because I am yours?"

"and...?" she said staring at me.

"And your pussy belongs to black cock!"

"good boy, missing one last thing, something about you!"

"And... my little white dicklet is too small to satify you?" I said.

"YES! PERFECT! Now you are understanding how I feel and what I put up with!" with that she smiled and climbed over me. Placing her pussy straight above my face while I laid down on my back standing up. "Now be a good boy and open your mouth." I followed her instructions. A few little drops came out. Perfectly aimed into my open mouth. "Mmm... is that good?"

I stayed quiet again not realizing I was supposed to respond.

"Well..." as she nudged me

I quickly realized "Sorry! Yes, it was amazing! Thank you!"

She than continued. She started to fill my mouth "what a little slut you are. You better get used to this... You are my whore after all! SWOLLOW! NOW!"

I took a big gulp. Without hesitation, I said "Thank you!"

"There we go! A little motivation, I appreciate that! After you lick my pussy I will let you put that little excuse of a dick in me. You're such a wimp!" She than sat down right on my face with her big ass forcing me to lick it and get every last drop.

"Okay. I'll lay down and let you try to fuck me" I was soo hard and horny I could hardly wait. "Get that little dick of yours ready!" Without hesitation, I was on top of her and guiding my dick in.

"Is it in yet?" she exclaimed!

"Ugh... yes!"

"No, I meant all the way in... is it?" as she was laughing a bit

"Yes... it is. Can I do anything?"

"No... just get off, your dick is pathetic! I wish I had some BIG... BLACK... COCK right now. They would make me feel filled up hitting places you don't even begin to touch!" as she looked at her nails. "You almost done? I think you should kiss my tattoo again before you keep fucking me as a reminder!" as she shoves me down.

I kissed her queen of spades symbol, about to blow my load, "Thank you and your pussy belongs to black cock!"

She had a huge smile on her face as I came back up to put my dick back in. "Wow, you are a very good boy and fast learner" she said excitedly. "You can cum with your little dicklet."

I did just that and started cumming like I have never before. I did not know what came over me but I loved being treated like this and being in full service to her! As I finished I rolled off of her.

She looked down and then at me. Shaking her finger at me. "Nonono... you are not done sissy. Lick my pussy clean and get me off since that excuse of a dick does nothing for me!" I jumped down and starting lapping up my cum and licking her pussy. "it's not like you have much of a mess to clean up with the little sprinkles you shoot" she said. With that being said I just kept licking harder and faster. Working my fingers in after a bit to get her to cum. She said "God I wish I had black cock again!" "Lick my pussy whore!" "Don't stop, lick my pussy that belongs to black cocks!" and eventually she was screaming as she came. I never saw her cum like that before!

After that we both fell asleep exhausted from the evening and our new-found love. I was wondering if this was just because she had drunken a lot or if it was going to be a new thing.

Chapter 3: Growing and learning the roles

The next week neither of us said anything about what had happened the evening where Ashley told me about her piercing and her queen of spades tattoo. Every time we had sex I could not keep my eyes off of her tattoo thinking about how different she was with Terrell her previous "Owner."

One thing I began to notice is she never once called my dick a cock. She always called it a dick, penis or something other than a cock. I eventually asked her why that was when we were having normal sex. She asked me to put my dick in now. So I asked her "Why do you never call it a cock but always a dick?"

She said "well... I have always thought of a cock of big, massive, powerful which I associate with black guys. For white guys I think of them as a dick."

"Hmm... never thought of it that way. Interesting."

"Now would you put your dick in me and fuck me? Or do I have to get a cock to fuck me?" She said in a hurry.

"No, sorry!" I quickly slid my dick in her eager pussy.

"Now fuck me, PLEASE, I really need to get fucked! Use that little white dick and fuck me if you can!"

I could tell she was horny now as she has not said that sort of thing for a few weeks. I started going pretty hard with constant encouragement. "Harder," "Faster," "Come on, Harder," and so on. Ashley eventually came so I did as well. After I pulled out she pointed down and said "I want you to clean my pussy up." Without hesitation, I went down on her and cleaned her up (Keep in mind she has not asked me to clean her since that evening when I found out about her tattoo and clit). She started moaning and face fucking me with her pussy and her hands behind my head. In no time, she was screaming and cuming. "wow, that was a good one, much better than the first one with your dick."

I was just moving my head up from her than she said "Aren't you forgetting something?" I was not sure if she meant to kiss her tattoo or not. Sure, enough she said "Don't forget about kissing my Queen of Spades."

With that said I quickly went back down and kissed the Queen of Spades tattoo just above her pussy in the pubic area. "Thank you and your pussy belongs to black cock." She had a huge smile and let me clean go to the bathroom and clean my face.

After sex, we laid there relaxing. We chatted for a bit and I confessed "I find I really like your other side of you and how controlling you can be." Taking a deep breath and relaxing. "Would you mind if I ordered a few toys and stuff for us to use?"

She looked at me puzzled, "sure? What did you have in mind?"

"Not sure yet, but let me surprise you!" Then I kissed her for a bit.

The next day while I was at work I went online and googled "queen of spades." I started seeing lots of women who were into black guys and the devotion to the lifestyle. I eventually saw a thing called "Cuckold." I read more about it and it turned out to be a man's women who sleeps with other men, hence making him a "cuckold" to her. I kept reading about this and what others did. Eventually I found myself extremely hard thinking about it and Ashley taking a huge black cock in front of me. I could not believe I was thinking about how I would want to watch her.

I than began to look for a big black dildo. I was reading reviews and came across one called BAM. It seemed to very popular and excellent reviews. I decided I would order that. I also looked for something sexy for Ashley to wear. Found fishnet stalking's, a corset, and other items. Found a few temporary tattoos like her tattoo as well, thought why not it could come in handy so I ordered some spade tattoo's.

Than after looking more I saw something called penis extenders. Got me thinking... maybe I could have a cock instead of a dick for her. So I looked further and found lots of options. I went straight for the biggest and blackest one I could find. It was 12" long and said it would add up to 3" to your girth. I thought surely this would be too much for her but ordered it anyways since I ordered the Bam dildo that was a huge black dildo to work her up to it.

Later that evening I was so worked up from everything I learned that I was rock hard all night. I was in an extra cheerful mood which Ashley took notice to. We had dinner and laid down on the couch together to watch a movie. After a bit into the movie I was lightly humping Ashley without even realizing it. She looked at me and said "wow, something got into you today."

I smiled at her and then kissed her. She kissed me back. Then sat up and said "Get up, I want you to take your dick out and stand in front of me." I hoped right up and did just that without hesitation. When I got undressed my dick was super hard and ready to go. She looked at me than grabbed it aggressively. Gave it a few quick jerks but only with her thumb and a finger.

I let out a huge moan "Ooooohhhhhh..."

She laughed "wow, that quick eh?" than gave a smirk at me. "So you like that my pussy is for black cocks and you have a little dick that cant even come close to fucking me good shorty?"

"Ugh... yes... yes I do"

"And what would you do if I decided to call up a black guy right now and fuck him right in front of you? Would you be a man and stop me, fuck the shit out of me and show me who is boss? Or would you sit there like a little sissy while a real man fucks me and owns my pussy in a way you can't?"

I kept quiet. Not sure how to answer this and a bit shy.

"Well... which is it? I know the answer but want you to say it"

"I... I..." pausing "I... ugh... wouldn't stop you" thinking back to what I read today about being a cuckold.

"That's what I thought. Your pathetic. He would be a foot taller than you anyways so not like you could do anything. You would just have to be a little sissy." After she said that I was still standing there with my dick in the air in front of her. She than told me "get down, do your job and lick my pussy right now. It's all your good for!"

I got down right away and starting licking her pussy. Working it up and down as she taught me to. "That's right, lick it all. Try to fuck my pussy with your tongue. Get it right in there." I stretched out my tongue as much as I could while I bobbed with my head in and out. "That's right, that's where black cocks belong and this is all your good for!"

She then pushed my head down further to her ass. She never let me touch her ass before, despite trying. "Lick my asshole right now! Tongue fuck my asshole as well!" I was so horny and excited by this that I started to right away. She kept pulling my head in. "This ass has only ever been fucked by black cocks and I plan on keeping it that way!" I was shocked she said that. I never thought she did anal or anything before.

After she pulled my head up again to her pussy. "Lick my clit for a bit while I think about a real man!" Then after a little bit she said "put your mouth over my pussy. I need to show you who is boss." Without notice she started pissing in my mouth. "That's it, drink it all! I don't want you to miss a drop. Remember you are my whore."

She then said "get up, put that dicklet in me, lets see what it can do today." I grabbed her and quickly put my dick in. It slid right in no problem. I thrusted maybe 5 times and I came! I was so disappointed because I wanted to enjoy it more but was so worked up. She laughed very loudly "hahahaha, really? You came that quickly? You're so pathetic whimp. I really should call up a real man to fuck me! Maybe you will learn a lesson!" She than slapped my face, "get down there now! The least you can do is clean my pussy after that pathetic attempt you just did!"

I quickly got back down and eagerly cleaned her pussy up. She said "did you enjoy the little droplet of cum you shot? I should really show you how much cum a real big black cock cums and fills me up!"

Before I was done, I knew to go to her tattoo and kiss it "Thank you and your pussy belongs to black cock!" She smiled.

A week later the shipment came of all the stuff I ordered. I held out the dildo and thought WOW, this can't possibly fit. Then I got to the penis extender and was shocked. There is no way you could have sex with that. The temporary tattoos were there and the lingerie as well. I knew we would have a good night that night.

That evening I cracked a bottle of wine with dinner. We drank and Ashley asked "What's the occasion?"

I said "You will have to wait, I got a BIG surprise but I want to keep it that way for now" (I actually meant that literally). She said "Great, I loved surprises!"

With that we kept eating dinner and enjoyed the evening having a few bottles of wine!

I than asked her, "do you want your surprise now?"

She said "Yes! Please! I'm very excited."

I said "Okay, well it would be better if we blindfolded you to start." We than put on the blind fold. I checked a few times if she could see anything. I lead her to the bedroom. I than slowly undressed her and laid her down on the bed.

"What kind of surprise is this?" she asked puzzled.

"You will like it, it's a big surprise." Then I began licking her and working her up. Kissing her nipples and licking her clit. Eventually I slid my dick in for a little bit.

"This isn't a big surprise... I have felt this before and nothing about it is big" she said.

I laughed "no, this isn't the surprise, I am just working you up." Then I went and grabbed the BAM dildo. It was massive, so I started licking her clit again. Then I slowly pressed it against her working it in.

"ooooooh... My god! This feels good!" as she quivered when it was only a quarter in (right about where my dick would end but was much thicker than me). I slowly moved it in and out working it further in. After a bit, it was all the way in! I could not believe my eyes! Here she was taking this 12" black dildo all the way and grinding back. "Oh my god! This feels soo good! Please keep fucking me with it! I'm cumming!" With that she came and not only just came but squirted as I pulled the dildo nearly out. "Keep going!" So I kept going and she kept squirting more and more each time the dildo was almost out.

She calmed down and I said, that wasn't even the best part. I left the room. Then I yelled in "You can take the blindfold off now." When I came back into the room I had the penis extender on. I felt like a monster wearing it! Couldn't believe this is what some guys had!

She was shocked! "What is that?"

"It's a penis extender, goes over my dick and we can both enjoy a bigger dick... or COCK I should say!" I was standing their jerking it like it was my own.

She looked at me, looked at the extender, looked back at me with a grin. "Okay, we can try that! It looks like a perfect size and similar to the old big black cocks I would take!"

I was shocked. This was a perfect size? Really? No wonder she called my penis a dick and not a cock. I came over to her and started kissing her again. She said "please fuck me with that cock." I slowly slid it in, in amazement that she was able to take the girth! I kept working it in and she was thrusting away like an animal. I worked it all the way in so that my dick was finally in her as well. I sat there in awe admiring her beautiful pussy stuffed to the max.

"Well are you going to fuck me? I'm waiting..." she said.

So I started thrusting, it took a lot more effort because I was moving 12 inches back and forth now instead of just a few. She was loving it and screaming. "Fuck me with that black cock, you can do it sissy!" With that she started cumming again. She was jamming herself back against the cock as I was thrusting at this point. Finally she turned over and said "Take me in doggy now like a real man!" I started fucking her from behind. She said play with my tits and rub my clit. Unfortunately, I was short so I was not able to reach well. "Oh right... you're a little boy... just try to fuck me whimp!"

After about 5 minutes of that she was squirting again! Even harder! At this point we were both exhausted. "I'm good for now! That was a great surprise. You can now fuck me a little bit! It's so much better than your little white dick!"

I pulled off the extender and was rock hard. Playing with myself a bit she noticed. "Did you want to try to use that tiny dicklet on met now?"

"Yes... P..Please!" So I slowly glided it in.

"haha... hold on, first kiss my pussy and queen of spades!"

So I stopped, kissed her pussy slowly, it was so stretched and wet. Then I kissed her Queen of Spades tattoo. After that I moved up to put my dick in. She suddenly stopped me, stuck her hand out. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

"Yes, right... sorry! I was so excited I forgot. Thank you and your pussy belongs to block cocks!"

"That's better! Don't forget that... I think you know why now!"

Then I started to put my dick in. It slid right in no problem. Felt nothing. She started laughing really loud "it's in? Wow! Now you can see why I need black cock! Look at your little dick, I can't even feel it."

I thrusted harder but felt like it was hopeless. She just kept laughing. She then said "okay... well if you are going to take a little bit go get me a smoke first." I got up grabbed her pack of cigarettes and came back. She lit one up and said "Okay, continue trying to show me what your little white dick can do!" I put it in and she was so loose from the big black dildo and extender that I knew I was doing nothing for her. She was just laying back relaxing. She would ask every now and then "You done yet?" while she kept smoking. Eventually I was able to get off and shoot my load in her. She said "FINALLY! That little dick came! Now clean my pussy up while I finish my smoke!" With that she shoved my head down with both hands on my head.

While I was licking her clean again I found the cum just fell out no problem from her being stretched open. When I finished, I knew she was in a dominate mood so I remembered to kiss her Queen of Spades symbol this time and say "Thank you and your pussy is for black cock!"

She just laughed again. "You are really learning your place."

We calmed down and then watched some TV for a bit than went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up with her straddling my face. "Time to wake up!" with a wet surprise in my face as her pussy was already soaking wet. "Start licking now... I'm still horny from getting fucked somewhat properly for once!" I started licking like a mad man right away still not being able to say a word. "That's it! Get me off! Now!" Then she let out a sigh of relief as she got off quickly.

"While I am here I also need to piss but I don't feel like getting out of bed... You don't mind, do you?" she said.

I was silent, mostly because my face was still covered by her pussy and thick hips.

"Okay... good, I'll take your silence as an okay! Open up wide, I really have to pee!" she said. She started pissing straight into my mouth right away. "Don't miss a drop, I would hate for you to have to wash the bed!" She was really gushing now. "haha... you really are good for something, aren't you?" Her peeing was slowing down now. I was thankful as I was having a really hard time keeping up, pretty sure I got it all over my face though. "Perfect... Now lick it clean... do your job whimp!" I was trying to lick every last drop to please her as much as I could. "Goooooood boy!" As she stood up she looked at my face "You have a mess to clean up! It looks like it went all over your face!"

"I'm sorry! I tried to get it all, you really had to go though!" I said back.

"It's okay, just work on it!" she replied.

With that I got up and went to the shower to get cleaned up. I was still so horny from the night before and everything that has been happening. I found myself in a trance by Ashley. Loving every moment and wanting to serve her better every moment.

As I was about to get out Ashley said "leave the shower on sissy!"

In my head, I was thinking "wow, she never carries on after sex... I wonder what has got into her... will she start always being like this?"

Then when I got out and dried off I said "Hey babe, it's one for you."
Young Wife's Interracial part 2

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My Milf-wife with strangers

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