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Lisa Stiener was cleaning her son's room when she
found them. She pulled 3 hard-core porno mags from
beneath her 17-year-old's bed. She was floored by her
discovery. But, she realized, that this is about the
age when he should start to become interested in sex.
And she did have the "Birds and Bees" talk with him
some time ago. She wondered if he masturbated. The
thought of her growing boy masturbating sent a thrill
through her. Her eyes widened with surprise as the
thought of her son having sex started to make her

Just then the front door slammed shut and she heard
her son as he came upstairs approaching his bedroom.
She decided to confront him about the adult magazines.

Marty walked to his bedroom and froze when he saw his
mother standing beside his bed with his "secret"
magazines in her hand. He felt the color drain from his
face and his hands get all clammy.

Lisa looked at her pale son as he did a perfect
imitation of a boy with his hand caught in the cookie

"Sit down, Marty." she says firmly but without anger.
He sheepishly went over and sat down on the bed. She
sat down beside him.

"Tell me about these." she said to him.

"They're... not mine..." he attempted weakly.

"Marty Stiener!" she said sharply. His head slumped
down and he began to look pitiful.

"It's okay, sweetie... I'm not mad about these. Just
don't lie, okay?"

"Okay." he mumbled.

"Now, why do you have these?" Lisa asked, even though
she knew the answer perfectly well. Marty's face turned
beet red. He remained quiet.

She opened the top magazine to a picture of a naked
man and woman. The woman had her hand on the man's hard
cock. Lisa knew her little boy masturbated to the
pictures in these magazines and looking at one now made
her arousal grow.

"You like to look at the pictures, don't you?"

Marty, still red faced, nodded. She put her hand on
his shoulder and said softly, "Honey, its okay. Do you
understand? I'm not angry with you." He nodded some

"Do you play with yourself when you look at these?"

Marty, hesitated and then nodded again. She imagined
him taking his cock in his hand and jerking off to
these magazines. Lisa felt desire like she had never
felt before. Her little boy, who was only sitting a
foot away from her, was admitting he liked to
masturbate. She felt a perverse desire spring to life
in her. She wanted to see him.

"Its perfectly okay to do that, honey. Did you know
mommy masturbates, too?" she admitted with a thrill.
Marty looked up at his mother in surprise. He shook his
head no.

"Well, I do. I know what it's like. You feel horny and
you want to have that good feeling you get when you
have an orgasm, don't you?"

Marty's face started to return to a normal color. It
began to sink in that he wasn't in trouble. His mother
understood. He nodded more enthusiastically.

"So do I. It feels really good." She opened the
magazine up to another page and spread it out before
her son. It showed a large picture of a woman giving a
man head. Marty looked down at the picture.

"And pictures like this make you all horny. It's nice
to see naked girls and masturbate to them, isn't it? "

"Uh huh." Marty said with a little smile, remembering
the feeling of his last orgasm.

"But honey, these are just pictures. They are nothing
compared to the real thing." Lisa knew what she wanted
but hesitated. She decided to risk the straightforward

"You'd like to see a real girl's breasts wouldn't

"Yes!" Marty immediately piped up, not realizing that
his mother was talking about her.

"Good." Her hands went up to her blouse and she began
to slowly unbutton it. She looked at his face while she
unbuttoned, waiting to see his reaction.

When Marty realized what his mother was doing, his
mouth dropped open in surprise. His mother slowly
proceeded to unbutton her blouse. Marty got over his
surprise and now looked on with great interest and
anticipation. Seeing Marty's desire made Lisa's nipples
stand up at attention. She felt her pussy start to get
juicy. She finished unbuttoning and took off her
blouse, revealing her bra-covered breasts. Marty
smiled. His cock quickly got hard. Lisa saw the small
tent form in her son's pants. She caressed her breasts
through her bra while staring at the bulge in Marty's
pants. He watched every tiny move she made as his
desire grew.

"You're horny now, aren't you Marty?" He nodded.

"Its okay to say it sweetheart. Go on. Say it."

"I'm... I'm horny, Mom."

"Do you want to play with yourself?"

"Uh huh."

"Then go ahead. Pull down your pants and take your
penis out."

Marty hesitated. This was his Mom. Lisa saw his
indecision and undid the clasp on the front of her bra.
Her large aroused breasts swung free before her son's
eyes. Marty's hands went to his pants. He unbuttoned
them, unzipped them, and pulled them and his underwear
down to his thighs. His young erect cock sprang free.
Lisa caught a glimpse of it before her shy boy covered
it with his hands.

"You've got a nice dick, honey. Don't be embarrassed.
Take your hands away. Mommy wants to see it." At her
words of encouragement, Marty slowly revealed his hard
on to his mother.

She started to fondle her breasts while looking at her
son's exposed sex. His eyes became riveted to his mom's
hands touching her naked breasts.

"That's a good boy. Go ahead and play with yourself
now." Marty hesitantly took his dick in his hand and
began stroking it.

"That looks nice. Mommy likes to watch you
masturbate." Hearing that his mother actually liked to
watch him masturbate sent a wave of lust through him.
His cock erupted only seconds after he began jacking
it. White cum shot from him, arced through the air, and
splattered against his mother's exposed breasts.

"Oh!" Lisa exclaimed in surprise as the cum squirted
on her. Three jets of his cum splattered against her
breasts before he aimed his spewing dick away from her.

"I'm sorry, Mom! I didn't mean..."

"That's alright, honey. I don't mind. In fact, I liked
it." She looked down at her glistening breasts and then
back at her son's still hard dick. She slowly started
to smear his cum onto her nipples as she resumed
fondling them.

"Would you like to see me take the rest of my clothes
off, Marty?"

"Yes." came the immediate reply.

"Then take off all your clothes for me." As soon as
the words had left her mouth, Marty stripped as fast as
he could. Shoes, socks, pants, underwear, and shirt
went flying. Marty laid down on the bed with his cock
still standing at attention. Lisa stood up and slowly
unzipped her long skirt. While she began to undress,
she looked at her son's naked body. He still looked a
lot like a little boy, she thought. Except for his man
sized dick and small puffs of hair around his balls and
under his arms. She slowly slid her skirt down her long
sexy legs.

Marty took hold of his prick and began jacking it
again. Lisa smiled at him to let him know she liked
what she saw. Her skirt piled up at her feet revealing
her long stockings and bright red panties. She put one
foot on the bed and slowly rolled her right stocking
off. Lisa felt totally aroused. Her pussy was soaked
with juice. Marty stared at his mother's panty covered
crotch and watched as a wet spot grew on them. Lisa
rolled off her other stocking and stood before her son
clad only in wet panties. She took hold of her panties
and started to very slowly slide them down. Marty
stared as his mother's panties lowered and her pubic
hair came into view. He started to jack off furiously
to the sexy sight before him.

Lisa's panties cleared her dripping cunt and she let
them fall to the floor leaving herself completely naked
before her son. Marty's eyes looked at his mother's
exposed wet pussy. The brown hair around its lips was
soaked. With a little groan, Marty came again. He shot
cum all along his stomach.

"That's a good boy... a good boy..." Lisa said quietly
as she watched her son cum on himself. She smiled. When
Marty was finished and his dick began to deflate, Lisa
sat down beside him.

"Would you like to touch my breasts, sweetie?"

"Uh huh."

"Go ahead. Just be gentle." Marty took a breast in
each hand. They felt so nice and warm and soft. He
began to caress them and play with them. He looked up
at her face with a questioning expression as if to ask
if he was doing it right. Lisa smiled and nodded.

"That feels good, honey." She spread her legs and sat
on the bed facing her son so he could see her pussy.

"Would you like to watch mommy play with herself?"


"Say it then. Tell me what you want."

"I want to see you play with yourself." She put her
fingers on her pussy and started to caress the outside.
As Marty watched his mother begin to masturbate, his
dick started to grow hard again. Lisa saw her son's
dick start to rise again and slipped a finger inside.

"Ohhh..." she said as she entered herself. She
thought, "I'm masturbating for my own son!" Her finger
fucked her dripping snatch. She put another finger in.
Marty was fully hard again and he started to jerk off.

"Would you like me to do that for you, honey?" she
asked in a husky voice.

"Yes, mommy." He took his hand off and she put her
hand on. His dick was hot and pulsing. She loved the
spongy hardness of it. She loved the way her fingers
easily slid up and down his cum lubricated dick. She
was jacking off her own son! She fingered herself
faster, growing hotter.

"Would you like me to put it in my mouth? Do you want
me to suck it?"


"Say it baby!" she moaned. "I need to hear what you

"I want you to put it in your mouth and suck it,

"Ohhh baby, mommy would be happy to suck you." She
leaned over and opened her mouth. Marty watched
intently as his mother's mouth descended over his cock
and her lips closed about it. Lisa's head started to
bob up and down as she sucked on her boy's penis. Marty
was in heaven. The feeling of his mother's lips sliding
along his dick was better than he could ever have
imagined. Lisa loved the feel of his hard cock in her
mouth. The taste of his jism covered dick was better to
her than the finest wine. She started to cum.

"OHH, mommy's cuming baby!" she put her mouth back and
sucked him frantically as her fingers flew in and out
of her hole.

"MMMM... MMMM!!!" she groaned with her full mouth.
Marty looked down where his orgasming mother was
sucking him and his own orgasm started. Lisa felt her
son tense beneath her. She sucked eagerly as his cum
started to shoot in her mouth. It felt so wonderful and
tasted so good! She swallowed as he continued to pump
more into her mouth. His cock jumped and jerked as he
emptied his load into his mother's sucking mouth. Lisa
enjoyed every second. Feeling her orgasm washing
through her as she swallowed his spunk was
indescribable. Her own orgasm subsided and she sucked
out the last few drops of her son's cum. Her boy
collapsed back on the bed, gasping, and utterly spent.

Lisa crawled on the bed beside her son and put her
arms around him.

"Oh honey, that was fantastic! Did you like that?"

"Yes, mommy."

"Good. I love you so much. I like doing things like
this with you. Do you like having sex with mommy?"

"I do. I really, really like having sex with you."
Lisa felt a shiver of delight run through her as she
heard his words.

"I'm glad, baby. Now the next time you're horny, you
just tell mommy and I'll take good care of you."

"I love you, mommy." He put his arms around her naked
body and snuggled his head against her breast.

"Mommy loves you too, baby." She felt such love and
satisfaction. It was delightful laying with her naked
son, feeling his cum drying on her body and knowing it
was in her stomach. They just held each other for a


Several hours later, after they had parted and did the
things they normally did on a weekend afternoon, Marty
came up to his mother in the den.

"Uh, Mommy?"

"Yes, dear?"

"Uh, I'm... uh... I'm horny..." Lisa looked down at
her son's bulging crotch.

"Ok sweetie. Take off your clothes." They watched each
other as they both stripped naked. Lisa stood naked
before her son and began to play with her pussy.

"We can do anything you want to, sweetie. What would
you like to do with mommy?" Marty thought it over for a
minute while he watched his mother masturbate before

"Can I put my fingers up inside you?"

"You want to finger fuck mommy?"


"Then you certainly may." She sat down on the couch
and spread her legs for her son. Marty started out by
getting a close look at his mother's pussy. It was all
hairy and nice and juicy. He took a hand and started
touching the outside of it. He gently stroked it and
played with her lips. Then he took two fingers and
gently started to slide them inside.

"Ohh..." his mother said softly. "That feels nice,
Marty." She felt all warm and wet inside. He started to
slide the fingers in and out, having fun. Lisa watched
her son's fingers make love to her. It turned her on
incredibly. Her son looked up, "Am I doing it right,

"Oh yes, sweetie. You're doin' just fine. You're
making mommy feel so good." She smiled down at him and
he smiled in return and kept happily screwing her with
his fingers.

"Would you like to taste mommy, sweetheart?"

"Ok." he said uncertainly. He removed his shiny
fingers and kissed his mother's pussy.

"Use your tongue sweetie. Lick the lips and inside and
especially this little place right here. This is
mommy's clit." Marty began to tentatively lick her
pussy. The taste was a bit strange but it made him even
hornier and he loved the effect it was having on his
mother. She began moaning and thrashing her head from
side to side with her eyes closed.

"Yesss... Yessss... That's good. Keep going. That's a
good boy..."

Marty began to get a little bolder. He took longer,
deeper licks. He paid even more attention to her clit
with his tongue.

"Oh yess! That's it! You're going to make me cum! Keep
sucking!" She let out a guttural groan as her orgasm
started. Her cum crashed through her as her boy
continued tonguing her slit.

"OHHHOAAAHH!!" Lisa opened her eyes and saw her pretty
boy's face nestled between her legs as he gave her
head. It was one of the most beautiful things she'd
ever seen. Her orgasm passed.

"That felt wonderful, baby. Mommy's very proud of you.
You made me cum so hard! Thank you." She grabbed him up
and hugged the stuffing out of him.

"What would you like to do now, Marty?"

"Can you suck me now?"

Lisa nodded and smiled. She patted the couch as she
got up. Marty took her place. She knelt down between
his legs and took hold of his hard dick in her hand.
She liked her lips, bent over and gave the tip a little
kiss. She smiled. She opened her mouth and took him in.
Her hot, warm mouth enveloped him like a glove, making
him all wet and even harder. She slid her lips along
the shaft and tickled the tip with her tongue.

"Oh, Mom!" he moaned.

"Does that feel good, sweetie?"

"Oh yeah!" She sucked him long and hard. She felt the
end of his big dick hit the back of her throat each
time she went down. It was wonderful. She thought about
fucking him. Fucking her own son. The thought thrilled
her, but also gave her pause. She wasn't on the pill
and didn't have any other birth control around. But she
thought of how it would feel to have him inside her and
she just had to try it.

"Would you like to put your dick inside me? Would you
like mommy to fuck you?"

"Really?" She nodded.

"Yes, mommy, I would like you to fuck me."

She got up and put one leg on either side of her son.
She slowly squatted down, aiming her cunt for his dick.
She couldn't believe she was about to fuck her own son.
But she wanted it. Wanted it more than anything in the
world. She felt his cock touch her pussy and it felt
like an electric jolt of passion ran through her body.
She pushed further down and felt the tip of his cock
spread her pussy lips. She was almost cuming already.
She slowly slid down onto him. His saliva coated dick
entered her sopping pussy easily.


She slid down and down. Her pussy lips hit his balls.
He was completely inside her.

"Oh baby. You feel so good inside mommy!"

She started to move. Slowly. Her cunt slid along his
hard shaft, coating it with juices. He felt so big
inside her.

"MMM... MMM..." she said as she plowed her hole with
his cock. She started to move faster. Her cunt got
wetter, dripping juice onto her son's sperm filled
balls. She called out as she fucked him, "Oh, baby!
Mommy loves you! Mommy loves having your big dick
inside!" She fucked him harder and faster, pounding her
pussy on his rigid pole. She grunted with each thrust.

"UHN... UGHN... UGHNN!!" She was close. A huge orgasm
was building inside her.

"Are... Are you ready, baby? Are you going to cum
inside mommy? Do it, honey. Squirt it in me!" Her pussy
began clutching and sucking on his prick as she started
to cum. Her spasming pussy took Marty over the edge.
His balls tightened and his dick gave a big jerk as a
wad of hot cum erupted from it. Lisa felt his potent
semen shoot out deep inside her.


His dick lunged and lunged as it spat out load after
load of steamy sperm right in his mother's unprotected
womb. His strong seed flooded her ovulating pussy. He
came and came, filling her cunt with his incestuous,
white cum. He pumped what seemed like gallons into her.
Her cunt sucked his squirting dick, pulled in his
sperm, trying to draw it even deeper inside her. With a
final squirt, his balls emptied themselves in her. Her
tired pussy gave one more little suck before her own
orgasm faded. She collapsed on her son.

She was panting and enjoyed the feeling of their hot
bodies pressing together. She looked down to where her
boy's penis was still hard and still deep within her.
She loved it. She had her son's sperm in her. Maybe she
even had his baby. The thought was so wicked and
arousing she started to move again. She started to fuck
her own son, again. His dick moved in her easily,
sliding around on all the slippery cum and pussy juice.
Lisa heard her pussy making nasty noises as they
fucked. She felt the mixture of cum and cunt juice
running down her thighs. Her sweaty breasts heaved with
her heavy breathing and moaning. Her mind whirled with
the wickedness of what she was doing. Her pussy gripped
his tool tightly as she had another orgasm.

"OH! OH!! Mommy's cuming again, baby! Mommy's
cuu...uuumming!!" She thrashed about as she came. Sweat
and delight poured off her. Then she collapsed on top
of her son again, panting. Their sweat drenched bodies
gasping for air.

She looked down on her son's sweaty face and smiled.

"That was so good, honey! I loved it when you came in
me. Thank you."

"You're welcome, mommy." She kissed her son


Later that evening when it was time to go to bed, Lisa
asked her son, "Marty, would like to sleep with me?"
His face lit up.

"Oh yeah!"

"Come on then. Let's go to bed." She took his hand in
hers and they walked to her bedroom. She pulled back
the covers.

"Let's sleep naked. Okay, honey?"

"Sure." They both stripped down to their birthday
suits. Lisa laid down in the bed and spread her legs.
She looked at her son hungrily and said, "Lets have sex
before we go to sleep. Would you like that?"

"Yes, I would."

"Lick my pussy, baby. Make mommy all nice and wet." He
knelt between her legs and started tonguing her twat.
Her body responded quickly. Her pussy got all hot and
juicy, her nipples stood up, and she started to hear
herself moaning softly.

"That feels nice, baby. Lick mommy good. Do you like
the way my pussy tastes?"

"Yeah, mom, only..."

"Only what, honey?"

"It's... It's too hairy. I keep getting the hairs in
my mouth and they tickle my nose." Lisa couldn't help
but laugh.

"Okay, honey. I'll fix that later. For now, I think my
pussy's wet enough. Let's get that big dick of yours
all wet, too." Her son laid back and she leaned over
and took him in her mouth. Her mouth covered his
swelling prick. Her hot saliva coated his pulsing
member and made it all wet.

"Oh, Mom!... Can I put it inside you now?" She stopped
sucking and smiled a wicked little smile.

"Yess, baby. Put it in inside me!" She spread her legs
again and he maneuvered between them, his hard cock
pointing straight out. She took his penis in her hand
and guided him toward her hot vagina. He pushed forward
and the shaft sank easily into her juicy pussy.


He started moving his big dick around inside her. They
both looked down to where their bodies were joined.
Lisa watched as her son's dick fucked her, faster and
faster. He started grunting with each thrust. She
watched his sperm filled balls bounce all around as he
frantically pounded into her. She could tell he was

"Are your balls all full of cum, honey? Are you going
to shoot all your hot sperm into your mommy? I want you
to do it. Cum in me." The dirty words of his mother and
the exquisite feeling of her moist grasping pussy made
Marty start to cum. Potent semen rocketed from his
overflowing balls right into his mother's naked womb.

MMOMMMMY!!" Her pussy exploded with its own orgasm as
it was filled with incestuous semen. She pulled her son
tightly too her - trying to get him to go even deeper
inside her. His cum sprayed out everywhere in her hole.
He pumped and pumped filling her with his sticky white
cum. He emptied himself in her.

She held him for a while as he lay on top of her. She
whispered in his ear her love and satisfaction. After a
few moments his dick softened and came out of her with
a little pop. He moved beside her on the bed and
cuddled with her. She looked down at herself, imagining
all the sperm sloshing around deep inside her. She
placed a hand between her belly and vagina and caressed
herself. She pulled up the covers over both of them and
turned out the light.

"Can we sleep together all the time, Mommy?"

"Yes, dear. Of course we can."

As she snuggled down to go to bed, she once again
thought that she had actually fucked her own son and
even now had his sperm in her body. It brought a smile
to her face as she drifted off.


The alarm sounded the next morning. Lisa groggily
threw out an arm and turned it off. She sat up and
became dimly aware of the warm body in the bed next
her. He shifted under the covers - still asleep. She
pulled down the covers to expose both their naked
bodies. She reached out with her hands and took his
limp penis in her hands. She stroked it and gently
jerked it to life. He slept on. After she got him good
and hard, she took him in her mouth and gave him head.
Her lips played on his cock like a master musician
playing an instrument. He started breathing heavily in
his sleep and twitching. Then all of a sudden Marty's
eyes flew open as his cock started to cum. He looked
down to see his mother's mouth on his dick, greedily
catching and swallowing his erupting cum.

"Oh, wow!" His cock spewed his young sperm into his
mother's waiting mouth. She made sure not a drop was
wasted. After he was finished and she had swallowed it
all down he said, "That was great, Mom. You should wake
me up all the time like that." She chuckled.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it dear. Go on and get your
shower and start getting ready for school."

Marty got ready and came down to the kitchen for
breakfast. His mother was dressed in a robe. After
they'd finished, Lisa checked the clock and saw they
had a little time before the school bus was due to come
'round. She got up before her son and spread her robe
to show she wasn't wearing any underwear. She spread
her pussy lips with her fingers and said, "Would you
like to put some more of your cum inside mommy before
you go to school?"

His eyes glistened with desire and he said, "Oh yeah."

"Good. We'll have to be quick, though. The bus will be
here soon."

"Okay." They quickly went to the couch and Lisa
discarded her robe. Marty just lowered his pants and
underwear. She spread herself open for Marty and he
plunged in. He fucked fast and furious. Within just a
couple of minutes he felt the sensation.

"Going... to cum... Mom!"

"Do it, baby! Fill me up with your hot cum!" He shot
out load after load of white sticky cum in his mother.

"Ohhh that's good, baby. I love feeling you cum inside
me!" Marty filled her up with his seed. When he
finished, he stood up and pulled his pants and
underwear back up. They heard the bus come up the

"Oh, there's the bus, quick here's your lunch. Run!
Run! Love you!" Marty dashed out the door and caught
the bus. Lisa stayed naked and cleared up from
breakfast. She happily enjoyed the feeling of fresh cum
squishing around in her fertile womb and running down
her leg.


That same day, it was almost time for Marty to come
home from school. Lisa Steiner, his mother, waited
anxiously for her son, her lover, to arrive. She had
stayed home and remained naked all day. She kept
reliving the sexual encounters she had with her son.
She closed her eyes, thinking about her son's prick.
Lisa gently touched her freshly shaved pussy. She had
shaved herself this morning after little Marty went to
school and was very pleased with how it looked. She had
masturbated several times already and she was very
eager for her son to see it. Her clit stood out,
tingling and pulsing. Lisa gently slid a finger slowly
in and out as she tried to wait for her love. She
wanted to feel his hot cum shoot inside her again. She
wasn't worried about getting pregnant. In fact, the
more she thought about it and how dirty it was, she
actually began to like the idea. She wanted to conceive
from her son. She actually wanted her little boy to
father a child in her.

Finally, the front door opened. Marty stepped inside
and walked to the den. He saw his naked mother slowly
masturbating and stopped perfectly still. A smile
slowly spread across his face. His dick started to make
a tent in his pants. Lisa stared eagerly at her son's
now bulging crotch and started masturbating faster.

"Oh, Marty, what took you so long? I've been waiting
for you. Mommy's so horny. I want you to have sex with
me." He strode toward her, smiling unashamedly at her
now hairless pussy.

"Mom, you shaved it all off! It looks great!" Lisa
stared at the giant hard-on straining his pants.

"Thank you, honey. Now you don't have to worry about
getting hairs in your mouth and nose when you lick me.
Would you like to lick my naked pussy?"

"Yes, mommy, I would love to lick your naked pussy."
Marty lowered his head and glued his mouth to his
mother's wet cunt. Lisa squealed as his tongue thrust
out, probing between the folds of her hairless and
ultra-sensitive pussy. She clutched his head with both
hands and pumped her juice-oozing pussy against her
son's mouth.

She moaned. He lapped and slurped, tongue swiping the
hot pussy-dew from his mother's feverishly over-heated
slit. She relaxed slightly, a shameless smile of
obscene, sexual hunger washing over her face as her son
tongued her horny cunt.

"Oh, Marty, that feels so good! Unghh! Oh, Marty,
you're gonna make me cum! Suck my clit, baby!" Lisa
felt her pussy begin to spasm, her cleanly shaved fuck-
hole throbbing against her child's lips and dripping
her juice onto his tongue. Marty eagerly lapped his
mom's clasping little pussy more eagerly. He thrust his
tongue deep inside her slick cunt-hole, lapping up her
cum from the gushing depths of her hole.

He wrapped his lips around her clit. Marty sucked her
clit forcefully, puckering his cheeks to increase the
tantalizing feeling. Lisa humped like crazy, moaning
and wiggling in a delirium of incest.

"Ahhh, yeah, that's right, baby! I'm cummming!" She
thrashed about and moaned deeply as her body came. Her
son lapped up all the juice that ran out of her
orgasming body. After she came, she took her boy's face
from between her legs and kissed him hard on the mouth.

"That was great, baby! Did you like eating my naked

"Yeah, it looks really sexy too, mom."

"Why don't you take off your clothes?" Marty grinned
at his mother and rose to his feet. Staring at her
juicy, now hairless pussy, he took off his clothes. He
sat beside her and she quickly took his raging hard
cock in her mouth. She made it all slick and hot.

"Marty, would you like to fuck me now? I want to feel
it inside me." Lisa asked with obvious desire in her

"Yes, I would love to fuck you, Mommy. Can we try it
with you bending over?"

"Yes, baby." She repositioned her self. She stood up
and bent before him and used her hands to hold her butt
cheeks apart. He stared down at his horny and inviting
mother. Marty took his dick in his hand and positioned
it between the pouting lips of her throbbing cunt. Her
gorgeous face expressed pure lust as she felt her pussy
lips spread around his cock as Marty put his prick deep
inside her cunt. She started gasping as he thrust his
red-hot cock into the pliant wetness of her vagina.

"Deeper, Marty! Oh, darling, fuck me with every inch
of it!" Marty sank his dick deeper into the woman who
had given birth to him. He rammed his huge prick all
the way up her pussy, grunting as her tender-lipped
cunt sucked in all of her child's prick.

"Oh, Marty!" Lisa moaned with passion as her pussy was
fucked with all of her son's cock. She writhed
frantically, shuddering as his cock pulsed all the way
up to her womb.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Lisa's butt slapped noisily
against Marty's body. Marty settled into a hard,
driving fuck-rhythm, the sweat glistening on both of
their bodies as he speared his huge, rigid fuck-pole in
and out of his mother's gushing cunt.

"Faster!" Lisa pleaded. She wiggled and humped at the
same time, biting her lip and twisting her flushed face
from side to side as the incestuous pleasure mounted
steadily in her pussy.

"That feels so good, Marty! Mommy loves it, baby!"
Marty picked up his pace, panting hoarsely as he
speared him cock in and out of her pussy. Lisa's cunt
grew progressively gooier, her smooth, burning cunt-
lips repeatedly sucking and smacking tightly around her
boy's stiff, stroking cock.

"Ohhh! I love it. I love fucking my child, my baby!
Push it in me deeper!" Lisa's own filthy words drove
her and her son wild with lust. His penis pounded
relentlessly in her with nasty slorping noises. Mother
and son fucked with wild abandon. She reached behind
her and fondled his balls. She wanted the juicy seed
they contained up inside her ovulating womb.

"Are... Are you all full of sperm, Marty? Are, ughhh,
you gonna make a baby in me? Please, honey? Cum inside
your mommy? I want to feel it in me." The wickedness of
her words started the biggest orgasm of her life.

Her pussy spasmed and gripped as she came, contracting
wildly around Marty's driving prick as her juices
flowed out of her cunt. Marty slammed his cock to the
hilt in her pussy, shuddering as his balls drew up and
his ejaculation started. Hot gobs of cum streamed up
from his balls, making his enormous prick pulse and
jerk in his mother's pussy. His meaty cock spat its
potent and incestuous load into her cunt. Marty fucked
his mother harder than ever, groaning as his milky
white spunk rained into her womb. Eagerly, Lisa flexed
her fucking muscles around his cum-squirting cock,
helping her child shoot all of his goo into her cunt.

"YESSS! I can feel you shooting! Give mommy your
sperm! Make mommy PREGNANT!!" Her son came and came and
came. He shot all his baby making cum deep inside his
own mother, deliberately trying to impregnate her. His
cum coated her womb, filling every inch of it. Lisa
loved it. The thought of her child's sperm coupling
with her egg seemed so erotic and so right. She wanted
to be pregnant so badly.

Marty finally finished cuming and stood there with his
prick still in his mother - holding his potent seed
inside her. She straightened up, keeping him inside.

"I love you so much, baby. You make me feel so good.
You're a good boy." She put her hands where his body
joined with hers. He put his arms around her and held
her lovingly for a while.

"I love you, Mom." His cock eventually softened and it
and a bunch of cum splurted wetly from her body. She
turned and faced him. She took him in her arms and just
held him, contented and satisfied.


For the next week, Lisa and Marty fucked like rabbits.
Whenever they were in the house, they were naked. She
would deliberately tease him with her body - bending
over in front of him, playing with her nipples, licking
her lips with her tongue seductively. His cock would
always spring to attention and be ready for action.
They would then have dirty passionate sex. He would
pump even more of his incestuous cum in her shaved
pussy. As she walked naked about the house, it seemed
there was always fresh sperm running down her thigh in
a little line, and squishing naughtily between her
pussy lips. They slept together like lovers. He put his
sperm in her before he went to sleep and then put more
in when he awoke. When the weekend rolled around, it
seemed like they spent the entire time joined at their

On Monday, when Marty was off to school again, she
went and got a home pregnancy test. With eager,
trembling fingers she used it. When Marty got home from
school, she greeted him at the door naked as usual, but
grinning from ear to ear.

"What's up, Mom?"

She took his hand and placed it on her belly.

"Oh honey, I'm so happy! I'm going to be a mother
again! You've loved me so much and so well, we've made
a baby!"

"Oh Wow!" He moved his hand around on his mother's
completely flat belly, feeling where his child was


As the months past, Lisa and Marty continued to have
mad passionate sex. Her belly grew and grew. Looking
down and knowing her son's child was growing within her
only made Lisa even more horny. She noticed her breasts
had started to get bigger and knew they were starting
to fill with milk. She usually didn't pay too much
attention to her breasts during sex, but all that
changed now. The nipples had become very sensitive and
she loved how big they were starting to get as they
made sweet mother's milk for her incestuous child. She
or Marty often played with her nipples now, when they
were making love. He loved to suck them too, but no
milk had come out yet. They were growing big enough now
that she could actually suck on them herself. She often
did when Marty was at school and she was home
masturbating. It felt so good.

Lisa was naked in the den, when Marty waltzed in. He
was also naked and sporting a huge erection. The naked
mother immediately felt her pregnant pussy start to
moisten. She started to play with herself as she
watched her boy's hard dick bounce as he walked. Marty
hurried over and sat beside her on the couch. He leaned
over and took one ripe nipple in his mouth. He began
sucking and warm fresh milk gushed into his mouth. Both
of their eyes widened in surprise. She actually felt
the milk being sucked from her heavy breast. The
feeling was incredible. Marty got over his surprise of
actually having milk come out of his mother's breast
and swirled the little bit he had sucked out around his
tongue. It was very different from the cold milk out of
the carton, but quite good. Plus there was the fact
that it had come from his pregnant mother's breast. He
hungrily swallowed it down. The realization filled both
of them with desire. She put both hands on the breast
nearest her son and offered it to him. He happily put
his mouth back on it and began sucking. They were both
rewarded with the incredible sensation of fresh milk
streaming from her breast. She felt so turned on. She
plunged her fingers in and out of her pussy as she was

"Oh God that feels good! Suck on Mommy's breast, baby!
Drink mommy's milk! Oh your tongue feels so good!
Mommy's gonna cum!" Marty quickly switched to her other
breast and sucked out a big stream of his lover's milk
as her pussy began its convulsions around her
frantically pumping fingers. Her breast spewed milk
into her teenage boy's mouth and he drank it down.

"Want to fuck my tight, pregnant pussy now, Marty? Do
you? Right her on the couch?"

"You bet!" Lisa immediately withdrew her hand from her
sopping wet cunt. She twisted around on the couch,
bending over for him. Marty repositioned himself,
aiming the swollen tip of his fuck-tool at the dripping
slit of her cunt.

"Oh, yes, Marty, fuck me!" Lisa moaned. Marty pushed
and his large dick entered her.

"Ungghhh! OH, fuck, that's good! Slam it up my tight
little cunt, Marty! All the way in!" Marty thrust his
cock into her, her swollen belly weaving drunkenly back
and forth as they thrust at each other. He stabbed inch
after inch of his cum-bloated cock-shaft into the
slippery tightness of the mother's cunt.
Marty's rock hard cock felt so good up her pussy. His
meaty cock pushed her hairless pussy-slit to the
bursting point, making her tight, hot cunt accommodate
all of his cock.

"Ahhhh, yes! Fuck my pussy! Oh, please! Oh, fuck me
hard!" Lisa wiggled her ass skillfully encouraging the
horny youth as he fucked her clasping pussy. She humped
like bitch in heat, rhythmically pumping her gooey, red
hot pussy onto the womb-reaching length of his cock.

"Fuck my cunt, Marty! I said fuck my juicy, pregnant,
little cunt!" Lisa's voice was loud, nearly loud enough
to be heard on the street with the open windows. Lisa
didn't care. She pushed back at him, trying to make him
sink his massive cock even farther up her cunt. Marty
fucked his naked mother, panting as he speared his big
cock in and out of her wetly sucking pussy. Lisa shoved
her self back to meet his strokes, gasping as she
listened to her dripping pussy squish audibly around
the probing length of his prick.

"Haaaarder!" she pleaded. "Fuck me harder, Marty! Oh,
fuck me baby!" Marty quickened the speed of his
humping, grunting as he slammed his enormous cock
deeper and harder into the gushing sheath of the
mother's cunt. The naked couple humped in rhythmic
unison, their bodies slapping sweatily together as they
gave themselves to each other. Her pussy was
overwhelmed by the furious intensity of his fucking.

"Mommy's cuming, Marty! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my juicy,
pregnant pussy!" Her hairless fuck-hole spasmed
violently, spewing juice around Marty's hammering cock
as her fucking muscles contracted uncontrollably around
his prick. Marty fucked his horny, naked mother as fast
as he could, enjoying the rippling feeling of his
knocked up mother's cunt on his cock. Then he went
rigid, spearing his prick to the hilt in her cunt. Hot,
frothy, white prick-juice streamed up from his balls,
making his giant fuck-pole buck and pulse as it spewed
its sappy contents deep into Lisa's cunt. Lisa
whimpered with passion as she felt his cum rushing into
her cunt, bathing the inner walls of her pussy with
spurt after spurt of his love.

"Oh yes, baby! Let your little sister taste your cum
while she's still inside me! Give us your hot sperm!"
Hornily, she flexed her cunt around his gushing cock,
helping the sturdy young fucker shoot out every drop.
Marty emptied himself in her and then smiled down at
her. He slowly pulled his huge prick out of her wet
pussy and climbed off the couch. Lisa reached down her
hands to catch her boy's cum leaking out of her well-
fucked pussy. When a good amount had pooled in her
hands, she brought it up to her mouth. She opened up
her luscious lips and poured her boy's cum on her
tongue, savoring the dirtiness of the act. She
swallowed it down. Then she licked her hands clean of
the jism that still clung to it and greedily ate it.

She looked down at her bloated belly where her unborn
little girl was.

"Did you enjoy that sweetie? I know I did." she said
to her daughter.


While Marty was off to school, Lisa was preparing to
feed the newest member of the family, Samantha. She was
only a few months old. The infant squirmed delightedly
in her crib when she saw her mother come and pick her
up. Lisa's large milk-filled breasts swung freely as
she walked about the house completely naked. Lisa
carried Sammi to the couch in the den and laid her
down. She put a finger deep up inside herself hoping to
find some sperm left from the load her son pumped into
her that morning. She withdrew her finger and smiled
when she saw it was coated with her son's milky seed.
She smeared the spent sperm on the nipple she was going
to feed Sammi with. She always put sperm on her nipple
before nursing now. She was getting her daughter used
to the taste. She picked up little Sammi and took her
diaper off. She brought her tiny mouth to her milk and
sperm laden breast. The little girl immediately latched
on to her mother's nipple and started sucking,
swallowing milk and sperm alike.

"Ohhhhh..." Lisa moaned as she felt her daughter
sucking on her tit and feeling the milk streaming out.

Her pussy immediately began to moisten. She reached
down with her free hand and began to stroke the outside
of her pussy.

"That feels nice Sammi. I love it when you suck on
mommy's titties." she said softly. She arranged the arm
she was holding Sammi with so her hand was right
underneath the little girl's private parts. She placed
her fingers gently on her daughter's tiny pussy.

The dirtiness of what she was doing coursed through
her and her pussy immediately began to drip onto the
couch. Lisa put a finger up inside herself and began
sliding it in and out.

"Ohhhh... Ohhhh..."

Lisa began to move her fingers around on her
daughter's undeveloped cunt. Lisa looked down where her
fingers masturbated her own daughter. The sight of
something so wicked was such a turn on. She put two
more fingers inside herself and began to slide them
quickly in and out. Sammi continued to happily suck on
her mother's tit.

"Mmmm... mmmm..." Lisa murmured. She delighted in the
feel of her fingers plunging in and out and the feel of
her daughter's soft pussy lips beneath her dancing
fingers and the little mouth on her nipple.

Then Sammi, having gotten enough milk for now, stopped
sucking and released the nipple. Lisa was frustrated -
she'd always managed to get off before Sammi got
finished before. She laid Sammi down on the couch and
looked at her. She looked down at the little pink pussy
and noticed how inviting it looked. She'd never tasted
another pussy before and the thought licking her own
daughter's little slit filled her with such lust she
leaned over and put her face right over Sammi's little
exposed crack. She reached out her tongue and started
to slide it around the little hole. Sammi started
cooing happily. Lisa's fingers furiously fucked her own
hairless snatch. She enjoyed the feel of the little
girl's cunt on her tongue. In a fit of incestuous lust
she put her whole mouth on little Sammi's pussy. She
tasted so good. She could feel her orgasm starting to
build. She sucked on her daughter's slit and explored
the inside with her tongue. Sammi was grinning and
cooing like crazy.

"Mmfff... Mmfff..." Lisa moaned into Sammi's little
pussy. She felt her orgasm arrive as her pussy clamped
down on her fingers. "MMMMfmfmfmm!!!" Lisa moaned and
stuck her tongue up inside the little slit as far as it
would go. Spasms wracked her body as she came all over
herself. Her pussy rippled all along her fingers as she
tried to stuff them even further up inside. As the cum
spasms subsided, Lisa took her mouth off her daughter
and sat back. She scooped the happy baby up in her arms
as she said playfully.

"Whose a good baby? Yes, you are... You're such a good
baby, making mommy cum so hard... Yes you are."

A while latter Marty came home from school with a
smile on his face as he anticipated having sex with his
mother. She met him at the doorway still stark naked
and gave him a deep, long, passionate kiss right there
where anybody could see. Fortunately, no one happened
to notice even though some people were on the sidewalk
across the street.

"Come here you sexy boy." she said in husky voice. "I
want to try something new."

"Like what, Mom?"

"Take off your clothes and come to the couch." Marty
quickly stripped naked and was already sporting a huge
erection. Lisa sat down on the couch where Sammi was
laying. She sat Sammi up and told Marty, "Bring that
lovely dick over here."

Marty came over to his mother and stood before her,
expecting in a moment to feel her mouth on his hard on.
He was stunned instead to see her pick up little Sammi
and position her mouth at the tip of his dick. Lisa's
cunt was already sopping and on the verge of cuming
with the thought of what she was doing. Lisa moved
Sammi closer so her lips touched Marty's hard dick. As
Sammi felt the touch of skin against her lips she
thought it was time to eat so she opened her tiny
mouth, closed her lips around the tip of Marty's dick
and began sucking.

"Oh Wow!!" Marty exclaimed as he saw his
sister/daughter sucking on the tip of his dick. The
sight was unimaginable. His head swam with the
perversion of it. His cock throbbed. He felt his balls
tighten. He felt his orgasm starting only moments after
she started sucking him. Lisa gently took hold of his
prick to keep it still. Marty felt his dick lurch as
the first load of semen traveled from his heavy balls
to the eagerly sucking child. The cum went straight
into Sammi's mouth. She happily swallowed and resumed
sucking. Load after load of cum rocketed from Marty's
cock into Sammi's mouth. Sammi couldn't keep up. Hot
sperm leaked around her lips and began to dribble down.

Marty's balls emptied themselves into his daughter's
mouth. After he finished cuming, Marty sat down on the
floor. Lisa stripped off Sammi's diaper and laid her
down. She scooped up the cum from her daughter's lips
and chin. She then took her cum laden finger and began
to wiggle it up Sammi's incredibly tight pussy. She
took Sammi's cherry right then. Sammi whimpered for a
moment and then began to enjoy the feeling of a finger
wiggling around inside her. Lisa took her free hand and
stroked her own pussy once. That set her orgasm off and
she felt the waves of pleasure wash over her as she
looked at where her finger was deep inside the virgin
hole of her daughter. She loved the thought of her
finger bringing hot potent sperm up into her little
cunny where sperm had never been before. She threw her
head back and moaned with the force of her orgasm.


Lisa was in heaven. She was sitting stark naked on the
couch with her four year old daughter on her right side
and her teenage boy on her left. They were both naked
as well. Little Sammi had Lisa's right nipple in her
mouth and Marty had her left in his. They were both
happily sucking milk from their mother's boobs. Lisa's
eyes eased shut as she concentrated on feeling her
babies' mouths greedily suck on her milk heavy breasts.
She enjoyed it every time as if it were the first time.

Normally a mother's milk stops when the infant grows
enough to move onto other food and the demand is gone.
But the demand for Lisa's milky breasts had been going
on strong for four years now. She loved the feel of
having milk in her large breasts. Loved it even more
when she felt it squirting into her incestuous son's or
daughter's mouth. She loved feeling their lips on her
jugs and their tongues swirl around and tease her
nipples. It made her so hot and wet. Even now her pussy
juice ran out of her onto the towel she was sitting on.

"Mmmmm... that feels nice babies. Mommy likes it when
you do that."

With her left hand she reached out and found Marty's
cock. She took hold of his hard penis and began slowly
jacking it up and down. She noticed it was dry so she
put her fingers up in her pussy and moved them all
around. She coated them thoroughly with her own juices
and then moved her wet hand back to Marty's dick. She
lovingly glided it up and down along his meaty shaft.

"Oh Marty, you're so nice and hard."

With her right hand she reached out for Sammi's pussy.
When little four-year-old Sammi felt her mother's hand
reach down between her legs, she quickly spread her
legs so mommy could touch her easier. She loved feeling
her mommy's hands on her special place. She liked it
when mommy put a finger up inside her and moved it

Lisa rubbed little Sammi's pussy lips with her
extended fingers. A little love juice was coming out of
her pussy now and Lisa used it to get her fingers all
nice and wet. When she had, she took a finger and
placed it at the entrance of her daughter's love canal.

"Why Sammi, you naughty girl, you're all wet." Lisa
said teasingly. Sammi giggled. Lisa slid a bit of her
finger in, then back out. Each time she slid a bit more
in before she pulled back out again. Sammy was really
getting into it now. She began grunting and had a hard
time concentrating on sucking the milk from mommy's

As much as she enjoyed having her son and daughter
suck her milk from her large breasts, she didn't want
them to ruin their dinner so she had them stop.
Everyone got up and followed Lisa off to the bedroom.

Lisa laid down on the bed looking down at her son's
balls as he climbed up on the bed with her. She knew
they were full of his hot cum. She wanted to feel that
cum shoot up inside her. She didn't have to worry about
getting pregnant anymore. Since she gave birth to
Sammi, she had been on the pill religiously. She spread
her legs wide and invitingly.

"Marty, I want it. I want to feel your cock inside me.
Fuck mommy? Please?"

Marty was glad to oblige. He came forward between his
mother's legs and put his hard dick at the entrance of
his mother's shaved snatch. He leaned forward and
gently pushed it in.

"Oh, Mom. You're so hot inside." He began slowly
fucking his mother - moving easily as she was already
so wet.

"Sammi," Lisa said breathlessly, "come up here and sit
on mommy's face."

Sammi quickly scrambled up to her mother's head, put
one foot on each side of her face and squatted down so
her sweet little cunny was right on her mother's mouth.

Lisa reached up with her head and put her mouth on her
daughter's cunt, tonguing her little slit. Sammi
thought this was fun and grinned. She leaned forward a
bit so she could more easily see Marty's dick sliding
in and out. All of this was like a game to her. She
didn't understand what the big deal was, but it was fun
so she liked doing it.

"God that's sexy, Mom. Seeing you suck on her pussy
like that."

"Mmm hmmmm." was Lisa's only reply. Marty began
pumping faster. He moved his big rod in and out quickly
now. Feeling every lovely tingle as his mother's pussy
wrapped his dick in its warm, tight, hungry embrace.

"Mmnn good mmnn Marty... Fummmck Mummmy!" Lisa said as
she continued to suck and tongue Sammi's prepubescent
vagina. She moaned and felt her head swim as her slick
cunt was pounded and poked by her teenage son. She put
her lips all over Sammi's cunt, sucking and licking.
She loved the taste of little girl juice as she sucked
it out of Sammi, swirled it around her mouth like a
fine wine and swallowed it down.

Marty speeded up and started panting. He was close. He
rammed his pole in and out at a furious pace, eager for
release. His hot sperm churned in his balls. Precum
oozed out of him and mixed with his mother's juices in
her cunt as his dick moved deeper and deeper inside.

Sammi saw Marty start to go really fast and knew he
would squirt soon. She loved the taste of the stuff
that came out of him and tried to get some whenever she
could. Lisa felt Marty speed up as well and redoubled
her sucking efforts on Sammi's little pussy. Her tongue
found Sammi's clit and licked it furiously. Sammi began
to get a strange feeling. It was something she had
never felt before. It felt a little like she had to go
pee, but that wasn't it. It built up quickly and her
eyes widened with surprise as her first orgasm crashed
over her.

"Oh!!! Ugh!! Ugh!!" Sammi grunted and bucked as wave
after wave of pleasure rushed through her prepubescent
body. It felt like she was exploding. She felt her
little pussy spasming and sucking on her mommy's tongue
as it went deep inside. She didn't know what was
happening, but she loved it. Every part of her body
tingled. She felt so good! Her little pussy was cuming
like crazy. Lisa eagerly sucked every drop of little
girl juice from Sammi's spasming body.

"Ohhh Mummy! OHH!!"

Marty saw Sammi have her first orgasm on her mother's
tongue and it sent him over the edge. He pushed forward
with all his might as he felt his dick let loose. Wad
after wad of hot cum shot from his hard dick into his
mom's pussy. Lisa's cunt was soon overflowing with her
loving son's seed. Feeling Sammi cuming on her mouth
and Marty shooting his load deep inside her did it for
Lisa. Her pussy went into convulsions, trying to suck
more jism from Marty's cock straight into her womb.

"Ahhhoooohhh!" Lisa cried. Her cunt was pumped full of
incestuous sperm and her stomach was full of her own
daughter's pussy juice. Wave after wave coursed through
her as she continued to feel cum jet into her and juice
trickle in her mouth. At last, the waves subsided.
Marty's dick had emptied itself inside Lisa and little
Sammi sat down on the side of the bed with a dazed
expression on her face.

"What was that, mummy? It felt really nice."

"You had your first orgasm, dear. You came on mommy's

"I liked it! Can I have another one, Mommy? Can I?"

"Marty, would you like to suck on Sammi's cunny so she
can have another orgasm?"

"Hell yes!"

"Sammi, you lay down here on the bed. Would you like
to eat Marty's cum out of mommy's pussy?"

"Uh huh." Sammi said smiling and licked her lips.
Marty pulled his rapidly softening dick from Lisa's
pussy with a little slurping noise. Lisa scooted around
on the bed keeping flat on her back so Marty's cum
wouldn't pour out and positioned her crotch next to
Sammi's face. Marty came 'round the bed and got his
face between his little sister and daughter's knees. He
began noisily to lick her little slit.

Sammi turned her head to see her mother's pussy only
an inch from her little face. It was all red from its
exertions and had a tiny stream of milky looking cum
leaking from it. Sammi quickly leaned over and scooped
up the leaking cum with her tongue. She collected it in
her mouth and swallowed it down. She then put her mouth
on Lisa's pussy and began licking and sucking to get
the cum out. Lisa raised her head and looked down at
her angelic little daughter's face as her mouth was
eagerly working away at her cum bloated hole. What a
nasty and beautiful sight, Lisa thought. Seeing my own
daughter suck my son's cum from my pussy.

Lisa started moaning again when she felt her daughter
tonguing her. "Oh, that's it. Suck the cum from mommy's
pussy, baby. Suck mommy's juices! That feels so

Sammi was enjoying her father's attentions on her
pussy as well. She quickly started to feel another
explosion coming on.

"I'm getting...mmmm... that nice feeling
again...mmm... mummy."

"Oh yes, baby. Cum! OH! OH! You're making mommy cum,
too! OH!" Lisa and Sammi both felt their pussys begin
to contract and squirm.

"Oh oH Oh OH!" cried Sammi.

"Oh my God! I'm cuming! I'm cummmming with my
daughter!!" Lisa bellowed. Her pussy jerked and poured
out juice and cum. Sammi swallowed some of it, but she
was too wrapped up in her own orgasm to get it all.

In a few moments, Lisa and Sammi had finished
twitching. Sammi crawled up beside her mother as Marty
plopped down beside Lisa on the other side. Lisa looked
down at Sammi's little face as she cuddled with her.
Sammi was grinning from ear to ear and she had Lisa's
pussy juice all over her cheeks and jism on her chin.
She looked over at Marty who was lying beside her. He
had his daughter's pussy juice all around his mouth. He
too was smiling.

"I like cum orgasms, mummy." Sammi declared.

Lisa and Marty laughed.


The family decided not to go around the house naked
anymore as their furniture kept getting stained by cum
and pussy juice. Little Sammi had just turned 8 years
old. She was still a little girl in most respects. She
was still completely flat chested, although her nipples
were just beginning to grow. Her little pussy was still
as bald as the day she was born. Her birthday was
actually the next day, and that's when the big party
was scheduled with her little friends, but tonight was
a celebration for just the family.

"Happy birthday, Sammi!" Lisa exclaimed.

"Happy birthday, squirt." Marty said.

"What do you want for your birthday?"

"I want to feel Marty's dick cum in me." Lisa looked
at Marty who looked back at Lisa. Sammi wanting to get
fucked by her daddy was nothing new, but Lisa hadn't
allowed it because she was too little. She didn't want
Sammi to get hurt by Marty's big dick. But tonight was
a special occasion and, Lisa thought, maybe her little
pussy was big enough now to hold her daddy's penis.
Marty gave a little shrug to Lisa as if to say, "It's
up to you." Lisa gave out a little sigh and said, "Oh

"Yeayyy!!!" cried a delighted little 8-year-old girl.
She pulled off her dress lightning quick. Her panties
and everything else flew across the room leaving her
naked. She laid down on the floor and spread her legs.

"Put it in! Put it in!"

"Whoa there, young lady. Not so fast," Lisa said.
"Let's do this right. Get up off the floor and lets go
to the bed."

Sammi shot up off the floor and ran for the bed. She
threw herself upon it and called out, "Okay, I'm on the

Marty and Lisa just rolled their eyes at the
impatience of youth and started off for the bedroom.
When they got there, they stripped naked and climbed
onto the bed.

"Now Sammi, why don't start off by sucking on Marty's
dick for awhile. Make it all hard and wet."

"Okay." she replied happily.

Marty got on his knees and Sammi sat before him.
Marty's erect prick stood staring at her right in the
face. She reached a hand to it and held it as she put
her mouth on it. Marty watched as the head of his penis
disappeared between the lips of his own daughter.

"MMmmmm nice." He said as felt his prick enveloped by
a warm sweet mouth. Lisa sat right beside her daughter
enjoying the lurid display. Sammi's head bobbed back
and forth as she sucked on her brother's penis. Lisa
felt her pussy moisten as she watched her son's hard
dick slide in and out of his daughter's mouth.

"God that looks sexy, you two." Lisa said as she
reached for her pussy.

Sammi pulled Marty's cock from her mouth long enough
to beam a smile at her mother. Lisa started finger
fucking herself while she enjoyed the show. With her
other hand, she grabbed one of her breasts and guided
the nipple to her own mouth. She latched her lips on
her titty and sucked. A very nice feeling of having her
breast sucked accompanied the stream of fresh milk
shooting in her mouth. Marty saw his mother nursing
herself and leaned over to her. He took her free breast
in his mouth and sucked a long squirt of milk from it.
Lisa smiled as she felt milk flowing from both breasts.
She hummed with pleasure as she continued to suck milk
from her own boob.

Precum started down Marty's dick and was immediately
sucked out by Sammi. Marty, realizing if he let Sammi
continue, he'd shoot his load, pulled his cock from
Sammi's lips with an audible pop.

"Lay down now, honey. Let Marty suck you for awhile."
Sammi laid down on the bed and spread her little legs
wide. Marty knelt between them and began tonguing her
preteen pussy.

"Here Sammi, take mommy's milk from my mouth." Lisa
said. She put her nipple back in her mouth and sucked
out a long drink in her mouth. Then she leaned over and
kissed her little girl full on the lips. As Lisa opened
her mouth, the milk ran from her mouth to Sammi's.
Sammi liked the feeling of mommy's lips on her own as
they kissed. As she felt the milk run into her mouth,
she swallowed it down. What followed next was a
surprise to Sammi. She felt her mommy's tongue enter
mouth. Her eyes widened with surprise as she felt her
mother's tongue seek out her own and lick it. When Lisa
sat up Sammi smiled and said, "That was nice mommy. I
didn't know you could kiss like that."

"Lets do it again, honey." Lisa said as she drew
another long stream of milk into her mouth. She again
leaned over and pressed her lips to her daughter's in a
very passionate kiss. Again she opened her mouth and
let the milk run down for her daughter to drink. Then
both their tongues darted forward and began to lick
each other.

Lisa sat up again. She watched Marty suck his
daughter's little cunny. Sammi wiggled happily and
moaned as only a sexually aroused 8-year-old can.

"Okay Marty. I think she's ready." Lisa said. Lisa got
a couple of pillows and put them under Sammi's head so
she could easily look down at her widely spread pussy.

Marty got up and positioned himself between the cute
8-year-old's legs. Sammi looked upon Marty's swinging
dick with lust and hunger. She couldn't wait to have
that big dick inside her. Couldn't wait to feel his cum
inside her fertile pussy. She'd gotten her first period
2 weeks ago. A fact she'd managed to keep hidden.

Marty took hold of his cock and put it at the entrance
between his daughter's legs. When Sammi felt her
father's penis touch her pussy she gasped.

"Look at it Sammi." Lisa said as she put out her
fingers and played with Sammi's flat titties. "See how
big and pretty it is? See how much your Daddy loves
you? And look at his balls. They're so full of hot cum.
All for you. He's gonna put it in you and squirt his
sperm deep inside you. And you'll be able to feel it.
You'll feel it when it shoots up inside your pretty
little body."

Sammi's Daddy put his penis at her hole and gently
pushed. Her cunt lips parted and stretched obscenely.
Marty felt the little cunt grip his head in a very
tight and warm grip.

"Slowly... Slowly..." whispered Lisa.

Sammi stared down in rapt wonder as she watched her
pussy lips stretch farther than she thought possible.
He was so big! But it was going in! Slowly, bit-by-bit,
Marty would push in, then pull out a little, then push
in a little further. Sammi watched as little by little
her father's strong penis pushed up inside her. Lisa
was almost cuming without touching herself as she
watched the huge dick stretch and enter her tiny
daughter's pussy. Marty had difficulty not cuming then
and there. She was so hot and tight! It felt so good!

Sammi felt her daddy's cum filled balls touch her
butt. He had worked it all the way inside her! She felt
like she was going to burst. She was so full! When she
saw he had it fully inside her pussy started cuming.

"Ahh AHHH AHHHH!!!" Her pussy clutched and sucked on
the massive intruder, trying to get the sperm. Marty
almost couldn't hold out. The tight little pussy trying
to milk his penis almost made him shoot. But he held
off. Sammi's blissful orgasm soon passed and she smiled
up at Marty. Marty slowly began fucking his daughter.
He couldn't move very easily because she was so tight,
but he managed a slow steady rhythm. Sammi's pussy was
sopping. She felt her juices being squeezed out of her
overfilled hole and running in between her butt cheeks.
She felt so good and stuffed as she watched the dick
sliding in and out of her hole. She began moaning with
his thrusts.

"Ohhhh... Ohhhhh..." Marty sped up a bit. His dick
moved in and out of her.

"OH... OH... OH..." He fucked her gently but
passionately. Little Sammi's eyes remained glued to
where her daddy's cock slid lovingly in and out of her
child's pussy. She thought she could see her belly get
bigger and smaller as his big dick pushed deep inside
and then pulled back again.

"I'm ready baby... Ready for me to cum?"

"D... Do... Do it Daddy! Squirt... Squirt it in me!"
Marty lunged forward and buried his prick to the hilt.
His balls drew up and sent a big wad of hot potent
sperm hurtling out. Sammi felt the first shot of
incestuous semen come out deep inside her. Her pussy at
once began cuming.

"AHHHHHH!!!" Another wad shot out inside her. And
another. Sammi's tiny cunt started sucking on the
shooting dick. Sucking load after load deep inside her.
Rippling all along the shaft.

DADDDDEEEE!!!" Marty's dick came and came, pushing up
even further in his own daughter's fertile womb. His
strong seed flooded her tiny body, looking for her egg.
They found it.

"Daddy's getting me pregnant!!" Sammi thought to
herself. She loved it. She loved the feel of his cum
spraying inside her, of secretly conceiving. Her
biggest orgasm ever washed through her.

Lisa came from just watching.
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Spankig Sessions

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