Two best friends, buried affections, and hidden desires - ssbbw,slut,whore,xxx,melinda,bdsm erotic story

She cowered in the corner of the room, straining against the ropes that bound her hands behind her back and her ankles together. The chiffon and lace of the gown she'd been forced into rubbed against her plump thighs, the soft sounds of the material echoing in the empty chamber. Her tongue brushed against the red rubber ball in her mouth, the leather strap keeping it tight and in place, turning her cries for help into soft, pathetic mewls.

Her heart leapt into her throat when the door opened, her captor sauntering in with a smile on his face. "My darling..." he cooed, making his way to her and kneeling. "My sweet princess."

She shivered and inched away as far as she could, only to be met once again with the cool stone of her dungeon. Her captor reached a hand out and tenderly stroked her jet black hair. A gentle touch. A sweet touch. A lover's touch.

"No one will find us here, my princess." he purred. "It's only the two of us here. Forever." His hand, rough and coarse, drifted down, past her neck, her side, to her waist. The dampness between her legs grew as she pondered her fate...


Melissa Blair's eyes snapped open, and she shut off her alarm with a sigh. She was just seconds away from the good part...

She removed her hands from between her legs, taking the time to gaze at the clear, sticky fluid webbed between her fingers. "Fuck..." she hissed. "I barely got off..."

Her clock told her she didn't have enough time for a second round, so she rose from her bed with a groan.

Melissa hurried into the kitchen and set two pop tarts in the toaster. She set out her clothes for the day as they warmed; a pink vest top, black skirt, and black leggings. She'd just chosen her footwear, a pair of black Mary Janes, when the ding of the toaster and the smell of chocolate and marshmallow alerted her to breakfast.

Scarfing down the pastries, a quick shower and teeth cleaning later, and Melissa was nearly done. Squeezing her thick thighs into the leggings was a challenge, but not as much as getting the surprisingly tight skirt up past her round bottom.

'I really hope I haven't gained more weight.' she thought, pinching her waist. Slipping on the vest top and grabbing her school bag, she was out the door, making sure to grab her keys this time. She didn't want to ask the landlady for help getting back in again.


Collin Lewis tapped his foot against the sidewalk's dry, cracked concrete. From the buds snugly fitted into his ears, it would appear he was tapping along to whatever tune he was listening to. But really, he was just impatient.

Rapid, heavy footsteps made him pull out a bud, and his sour demeanor brightened considerably when the sight of his lifelong friend, Melissa came into view.

"Hey." she greeted, resting her hands on her knees as he caught her breath. "I'm not late, right?"

"Nope." Collin replied, a little louder than normal. Melissa motioned to his other earbud and he plucked it out. "Sorry. You're fine; about five minutes to spare."

Melissa and Collin were as best as best friends could ever be. Since their first meeting in grade school, where they'd bonded over a rather intense game of hopscotch, they'd been inseparable. She was the spicy to his sour, the optimist to his pessimist, the other half the other didn't know they needed, but we're glad to have. From the days of nap time and coloring books, to the days of rent and coffee shops, there was rarely a time they weren't together.

Squeaky wheel as and creaking metal alerted them to the bus's arrival, and they and all the other commuters filed on. As Melissa stepped aboard, one of the busgoers lowed 'Moo' under his breath. Collin's response was a swift, barely visible kick to the leg that had him howling in pain and Melissa smirking.

"My hero." she drawled, playfully batting her eyelashes. "But I was gonna hit him."

"You'd kill him." replied Collin with a smirk as he took a window seat. "And then he wouldn't have learned his lesson."


With a rumble like a wounded animal and a lurch like a sick one, the bus was on the move.

"Interesting look you've got going on today." commented Melissa, looking her bestie up and down. Sandals, blue jeans, and a gray sweatshirt with 'Bug someone else' written in black text, followed by a can of pesticide.

"Animals have their own ways of warding off the unwanted. I figure I can do the same."

Melissa chuckled. "Since when are you an animal?"

"In what way?" He followed up with a wink.

This sort of playful flirting was the norm for them. But that was about as far as they took it. Whatever feelings then had for each other that extended beyond friendship, they kept beneath the surface, and very well. It was rare to find friends like each other, and neither wanted to even remotely ruin that.

Melissa's eyes took in Collin as he shifted through his phone's playlist. The gray, she had to admit, complimented his dark skin, and his shirt, curly black hair looked even cuter than normal today.

'Something about Collin today, looks...nice.' Melissa thought. 'Extra nice. Did he shave? No, look at that scruff. He was probably up playing videogames all night again. Hm. Guess I'll figure it out later...'

Folding her arms under her large chest, she closed her eyes, and in no time at off, drifted off into peaceful sleep.


slap! "UNGH!" slap! "MMPH!" slap! "FUGOH!"

Her naked body shook in the leather cuffs of the wooden horse. Her massive, plump ass was exposed to the cool air of the chamber, and her pussy, pressed against the rubber coating of the edge, drooled and dribbled, her female juices sliding down, flowing past her legs and pooling on the floor.

"Louder, you slut!" shouted her captor, bringing the paddle down hard on her ass again.

"GLMPH!!" She bucked against the device, breath coming out in ragged gasps. Her hair clung to her sweat-soaked forehead. The clamps around her nipples pinched, the attached bells jingling with every movement.

She yelped in a mix of shock and desire when she felt a pair of fingers enter her slit, and began swirling. The fingers were thin and lithe, but the movements powerful and deliberate. Melissa groaned and strained against her bindings, wanting to be free from this humiliation, but at the same time, wanting it to go on and on and never stop, never stop, stop, stop...


"Huh?" Melissa blinked and looked around; all the students were beginning to file off the bus. Collin was shaking her, looking rather irritated. More than normal, really.

"I said, this is our stop. Geez, Mel. And you say I don't get enough sleep."

"Har, har." she replied, trying to hide the blush on her face. Who the hell has dreams like that on the bus?

The two had separate classes, but the same break period. At the front of the school, they shared a hug and goodbye, and, like always, promised to meet up for lunch.

Oddly enough, Melissa, for some reason, couldn't help but stare at Collin's ass as he walked away. 'Tight jeans.' she thought, before shaking her head and pushing that thought very, very far into the back of her mind.


Melissa suppressed a yawn as the gray, wrinkled teacher at the front of the room droned on about something she was sure she didn't care about. She wasn't entirely sure which class she was currently in. History? Economics? It was on her schedule, but she didn't have the energy to even pretend to be interested.

She glanced around and saw much of the class apparently shared her sentiment. Some were sleeping, others texting away, and one was even playing a game under his desk.

'When in Rome...' she thought, resting her head on her textbook as an improvised pillow.


She was lead to the altar in chains, pulled along by a giant of a man in a featureless executioner's hood. With wrists and ankles fettered, she had no hope to escape.

Her eyes widened as she saw the stocks come into view. Her steps faltered the tiniest bit, and she was pulled roughly, nearly falling on her face.

As she appeared, the crowd roared and jeered, eager, hungry to see this plump, womanly peasant receive the punishment they so felt she deserved. The torturer opened the stocks and undid her manacles, pointing at the stocks and ordering her in. With a nervous swallow, she complied; what choice did she have?

The stocks were practically slammed down on her, and she was locked in place. In one smooth motion, her dress was torn off, the crowd hollering at the sight of her bare, glistening cunt. Though she couldn't see behind her, she didn't need to; something hard and throbbing pressed against her slit, and she felt the tip of the executioner's massive cock gradually slide in...

"...and that will be all for today." Melissa jolted awake, face scarlet, but thankfully unnoticed by the teacher and class. She fidgeted slightly, totally aware of the dampness in her legs, and the pounding of her chest.

Two classes and two equally erotic dreams later and Melissa was about to lose her mind. A girl could only take so much before the damn broke, so to speak. A glance at her clock told her she was due to meet Collin in fifteen minutes.

"...That should be enough time..." she muttered, ducking into the bathroom.

Melissa checked, double-checked, then triple-checked the stalls to make sure no one was in them. She selected the farthest from the door, the handicapped one with the wide space.

"I can't believe this..." She was seriously going to do it in a college bathroom. Was she really that horny? Well, yes, she was. And it's not like it was the worst place in the world to do it. At least it was clean.

Melissa hung her bag on the door hook and sat down on the toilet, spreading her legs wide and moving a hand up her skirt. Her cheeks flushed and heartbeat sped up as she pulled aside her panties and slid a finger into her awaiting womanhood. A moan rose that she suppressed with a bite of her lip. "Uuuuugh..." Masturbating in a public felt so wrong, but so damn good at the same time.

As she worked her fingers, her mind drifted away again to one of her fantasies. Their sudden daytime appearance was staggering, but now she at least had the chance to do something about it.

She imagined she was bound to a bed, legs pulled back and tied to the headboard so her genitals were on display. A ballgag in her mouth to muffle her moans. Her captor, an unknown man, held a hitachi wand inches away from her cunt, the buzzing from the tool filling her ears. She nodded and begged through the gag, desperate for release.

Her fingers worked faster as her fantasy went on; the mystery man pressed it against her pussy, and she screamed around the gag, thrashing. She bucked her hips against the wand, moaning, pleading, all pretense of humanity gone, with only animal instincts remaining. Her master, the man in her head, pressed harder, and as she approached climax, a single word escaped her dry, thirsty lips.

She meant to say 'master'.

What she screamed, instead, was 'Collin'.


"Hey, Mel, you okay?"

Melissa wouldn't meet Collin's gaze. No, she couldn't. Not after the...'incident' in the bathroom. She ate her sandwich, pointedly ignoring the concerned way Collin stared at her.

"Mel...what's up? You've been acting weird today." He paused. "Well, weirder."

"Funny." Melissa retorted, a flash of her old self coming through. But when she saw that haughty smirk on Collin's face, her cheeks went pink and she returned to her lunch, hoping it would provide an adequate enough distraction.

"Okay, fine. Don't tell me." Collin let the matter drop. But he noticed Melissa was more than just acting strangely. Her cheeks were flushed, her breathing was faster than normal, and she was doing anything she could to avoid meeting his eyes. Was it something he said or did? No, she'd tell him. Being up front was one of her best traits, one of the major reasons he loved her so much.

He didn't know exactly when his crush on Melissa first developed. It could've been recently, or maybe even as far back as the grade school days. All he knew was that he loved her, more than anyone or anything in the world.

But it went so much farther than that.

Like so many other teenage boys who first discovered the Internet, he'd primarily used it for one thing. Porn. And his cyberspace travels had eventually led him to the world of BDSM. He was enraptured, entranced by the sight of women bound, gagged, helpless. As he grew older, so too did his fetish. But Collin knew how most of the world perceived his tastes, so he kept them secret. Even from Melissa. He had no idea how she'd react, and he didn't want to lose the best friend he'd ever have over such a perversion.

And yet there were times he couldn't stop himself when he looked at Melissa. His mind would wander, and envision; her as his submissive, helpless captive, ropes encircling her plump, curvaceous frame, sweaty, naked, flowing pink with desire, soft, plush lips opening wide and whispering pleas for release that both knew were lies...

No, he shouldn't. Couldn't. Wouldn't. Melissa was the best thing that happened to him, and her friendship the greatest thing she could offer. The last thing she'd want is her best friend to tie her up.

If he only knew...



Melissa glanced at Collin; she still couldn't face him directly, but she was always there for him. "What's up?"

"My asshole roommate brought home another girl." he grumbled, stowing away his phone. "So now I'm sexiled."

"Aw, poor baby." cooed Melissa playfully. "You can hang at my place for the night. My door's always open to the victims of dickbag roommates."

"You ought to open a shelter." Collin chuckled as they made their way to the bus. "Ms. Melissa Blair's Home for Sexiled Roommates."

The two shared a laugh, and Melissa thought, for a moment, things were normal. 'It was probably just a fluke.' she thought. 'I was meeting Collin for lunch and he just happened to...pop into my head. That's all it was.'

Since it was Friday, the students were looking forward to a long, relaxing weekend, an escape from the dread and doldrums of college. A too-long bus ride later, and they were back at Melissa's apartment.

"Okay," sighed Melissa as she kicked off her shoes. "So we made it through another week. Only like, God knows however many to go."

"Which I think calls for celebratory ice cream. What've you got?"

Melissa walked to the fridge while Collin hopped on the couch, grabbing the remote and clicking on the tv. It was Property Brothers; Melissa must've left it on the previous night. She was definitely a real estate major.

"Chocolate chip, rocky road, lemon sorbet..."

"That last one wasn't technically ice cream."

Melissa faced Collin and pouted. "Do you want ice cream or not?"

"I do. I really do. Rocky road, please." Melissa nodded and pulled out the carton, tossing it and a spoon to the brunette.

She got her own spoon and carton of chocolate chip, plopping herself down on the couch next to Collin.

"House Hunters is better." smirked Collin, earning a playful elbow jab from Melissa.

It was a mini-marathon on HGTV, and the two watched comfortably, cracking jokes, gag dubbing over the show, and generally enjoying each other's company. Before long, the cartons were empty, and they had drifted off to sleep, Collin resting on Melissa's lap, Melissa off in her own dreamland...


His hand was a blur as he struck with the whip. His captive cried out, her pained voice only making him harder. "Say it."

Hanging limply in her chains, she turned her head to face him. Sweat dripped down her naked body, giving her an almost ethereal glow in the dim light. Melissa lifted her head and glared coldly. "No."

Again his hand moved, the whip screaming across her luscious bottom, leaving behind red streaks and making the pale flesh jiggle. "OW!"

"Say it."

"Fuck you." she panted, ignoring the fire in her belly and the hardness of her nipples. "You...ungh..." She tugged on the chains, but there was no give. "You won't break me."

But he would. Even if it took all night. She knew he wouldn't give up. Not until she said the words he wanted to hear.

Again, and again, and again he struck, leaving behind harsher and deeper marks each time. Her constitution was weakening. Her stamina fading. And her desire...growing.

"W-Wait!" Her captor paused mid-whip, a smile forming on his face.


She said something unintelligible. Her captor walked over to her, to her front. Casting aside the whip, he used one hand to grab her chin and force her to look up at him, using the other to ghost against her bare slit. Unable to close her legs because of the spreader bar, she had no choice but to accept the touch.

"Say it. Louder. I want to hear you."


His thumb brushed her swollen clit, and she buckled, barley able to keep her balance.

"Say. It."

"Collin..." she rasped, drool falling from the corner of her mouth. "Please...fuck me."


Collin's eyes snapped open as the dream ended. The sun had gone down long ago, with only the moon as the source of light, just barely illuminating the room in a silvery hue. He could barely make out the silhouette of Melissa rubbing her eyes as she woke from her own nap.

"Uh...what?" asked Collin, thankful she couldn't see his blush, nor the erection he now sported.

"Thought you were mumbling in your sleep or something." Melissa yawned, shaking away the last few vestiges of sleep. "Something interesting happen in fantasy land?"

"No!" replied Collin, cursing himself for suddenly shouting. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he saw Melissa blink in surprise. "I was just a regular dream. Nothing big, really."

"If you say so." Stretching she got up and made her way to the kitchen. "I'm gonna get a snack before bed. You want anything?"

"No, thanks."

Melissa clicked on the light, and Collin immediately covered himself with a blanket. The last thing he wanted was Melissa asking why he had a rager.

Melissa was dealing with her own troubles. Another wild fantasy had her struggling to keep composure. 'Maybe I should get something I can eat in my room...'

"G'night." she said to Collin, scurrying into her room, barely catching her friend's goodbye.

She shut her door with a sigh, devouring her bagel in two bites. But it did nothing to quell her real hunger. Pressing her ear against the door, she listened. A few minutes passed, and then she heard what sounded like snoring; Collin was asleep.

"Finally..." she said.

Melissa crawled over to her bed and reached under the skirt, pulling out a large mahogany box. It was nondescript, and shut with a padlock. Anyone who saw it would just think it was an ordinary box. Only she knew the contents.

Spinning the lock, she opened it, and gazed fondly at the treasures within. A gag, a blindfold, some dildos, cuffs for hands and legs, coils of rope, a roll each of electrical and duct tape and a few vibrators, egg and regular-sized.

Melissa began to undress, starting with her socks, then skirt, then leggings, and finally, her shirt, leaving her in only her pink and black bra and panties. Her hands, shaking with excitement, picked up the cuffs and matching key. The sleek black of the restraints looked almost sinister in the moonlight, and her heart thudded in her chest.

Setting only the things she was sure to use on the bed, she locked and stowed away the box. First, Melissa slipped the ballgag into her mouth and fastened the strap behind her head, loose enough the leather straps wouldn't cut into her skin, but tight enough she couldn't push it out with her tongue.Next were the leg cuffs, which she clicked on with ease. Grabbing the electrical tape, she prepared for the next step.

The batteries were already in the egg vibrator, which she slipped past her panties and into her awaiting vagina. She then wrapped it to her leg with the electrical tape, ensuring she wouldn't buck it off. Biting her lip, Melissa turned it on, jumping straight to max.

A shudder passed through her, and her moan was silenced effectively by the gag. Making sure she had the key, she set it aside, slipped on the blindfold, making sure to tie it tight, and worked with her handcuffs.

After fastening one cuff around her wrist, Melissa pulled the chain of the legcuffs to her, passing one cuff under the chain and bringing around the empty cuff to her free wrist, and attaching it. She tested it, and smiled behind her gag at the tension. She was secure, in a perfect hogcuff.

Melissa had indulged in self-bondage before; this was familiar territory to her. With no one else to help her in her fantasies, she had to figure out ways to satisfy her urges on her own. A quick internet search led her to dozens of sites on the subject, and she'd ordered as many bondage supplies as her wallet could afford, and her collection only grew through the years.

The plus-sized brunette moaned as her vibrator buzzed away, the cold steel of the cuffs biting into her wrists. Her nipples stiffened and her breasts swelled at the feeling of helplessness; she tugged and tugged and tugged, but there was no way out. Not without the key.

In the darkness, Melissa allowed her fantasies to take hold. She imagined herself as a slave girl, bought by some corrupt, wealthy diplomat. He'd put her on display for his entourage, and they would greedily indulge on her sweet, wet softness, groping, pinching, spanking, defiling her, treating her like nothing but a piece of meat.

That fantasy soon bored her, however, and she turned to another. She envisioned that she had been kidnapped, in the hands of an obsessed stalker who saw her as naught but a conquest. He would whisper in her ear, sweet nothings laced with venom and deceit, telling her they'd be together forever, that she would learn to love him and the pleasures he'd expose her to, quite against her will...

Melissa groaned as an orgasm rocked her, drool seeping out from the corners of her mouth. The vibrator, unknowing of its owner's climax, buzzed on.

Fantasy after fantasy roiled through her mind, each taking her to a different place than the last. The star concubine in a sheikh's harem, forced to perform under threat of torture, a sexy, world-traveling spy, captured and interrogated for days on end, a maid who'd broken a priceless ornament and was to be punished, severely...

Orgasm after orgasm rocked her body, making the hefty girl scream and moan into her gag; were it not for the rubber ball blocking her, she'd have probably woken up the entire building. Or at least Collin.

Melissa's breath hitched as he entered her mind. Collin...what would he say if he saw her like this? What would he do? Would he recoil in disgust? Reject her, and the years of friendship they fostered? Leave her helpless and alone and wallowing in her shame...


Would he stay? Bring a fantasy to real life and take their friendship to a new level? Accept her, all of her, even the dark, forbidden side she kept secret from the world? Set upon her with fervor and lust, and...

She blushed fiercely. There was adventurous, there was kinky, and then there was Melissa Blair.

Deciding enough was enough and that she might as well get some actual sleep, she fumbled for the key. But the space where she had left it was bare. A jolt of fear passed through Melissa. Did she forget it in the box? No, she had made sure, and extra sure she had it with her. She very definitely remembered putting it on the bed so she could free herself. Maybe it was just a bit out of her reach.

She bounced on the bed slightly and shifted as much as her hogcuff would allow, searching for the key, when-


Melissa let out a gasp at the very soft, yet very distinct, very familiar sound of metal hitting wood reaching her ears.

The key had fallen to the floor. She was trapped.

She screamed into her gag, but all that came out was a soft 'Mmmmmph mmmn!'. Melissa gurgled as yet another orgasm hit her, and with the batteries fresh and her unable to even adjust the intensity, much less turn it off, she was in for a long, pleasurable night, whether she liked it or not.

Hours passed as she wriggled in the darkness, cursing herself for being so careless, so damn horny. Melissa lost count of how many climaxes she experienced. Her pussy was practically numb, and no matter how much she tried, she couldn't force out the vibrator. She could barely move, and her face was wet with tears. Melissa lurched as she climaxed again, moaning pathetically.

' me...' she begged mentally, desperate, defeated, barely tethered to consciousness.

Melissa's blood turned to ice and eyes widened behind the blindfold as she heard the doorknob jiggle, and the door slowly creak open...


Sleep never really came easy for Collin. Melissa said he was an overthinker, and it messed with his sleeping patterns. She was right, but it didn't mean he'd admit it.

He thought back to the dream he had earlier, torturing a bound and naked Melissa in a dungeon, making her moan and squeal and writhe. He could see it so vividly; her face flushed with want, curvaceous, womanly body slick with sweat, pussy running like a faucet as juices coursed down her thick thighs...

Collin groaned and covered his face. "What's wrong with me...?" he asked to the empty room. Bad enough he was having erotic dreams about his closest friend, but his erection had refused to go down since earlier in the evening.

Grumbling, and his eyes adjusting to the darkness to the point where he could make out the basic shapes, he got up. Making his way to the door, he pressed his ear against it. A few moments later, he sighed in relief. Silence.

He made his way back to the couch, and paused at the sight of Melissa's discarded shoes.

The room was empty. There was no one to see. And Melissa was a notoriously heavy sleeper.

And he really did need to satisfy some urges...

Collin scooped up a shoe and lied back down on the couch. Without even giving it a second thought, he pressed the opening against his nose, and inhaled.

The sweaty, stuffy smell of Melissa's feet reached his nostrils, and he sighed in utter bliss. His free hand drifted down to his still erect cock, and he began stroking, taking deeper and deeper inhales of his friend's shoe.

'How can one girl sweat so much?' he thought, stroking harder and faster. The scent of Melissa's feet was invading his brain now. He moaned her name, again and again, a chant to a benevolent goddess, until-

Collin bit down hard on his lip to stifle his moan, staining the blanket with his cum. He silently cursed himself, making a mental note to wash the blanket in the morning.

He gazed at the shoe in his hand, looking at the toe prints left behind from years of Melissa wearing them. The smell still clung to his nose. What would it be like, he wondered, to have the real thing, and not this echo? Melissa, tied spread-eagle, gagged, wriggling feet on display. He'd bury his nose between her toes and get heady at her smell before licking, savoring the wonderful taste...

Collin's cock grew hard in his hand again, and he began stroking as he pressed the shoe to his face again. It was gonna be a long night...


"Melissa, you okay? Normally you're up by n-oh my god."

The young woman's face burned with embarrassment and shame. He saw her. He knew. Her secret, her twisted, perverted secret was out. Her life was over. Her friendship with Collin, that was over. Which she felt was worse. She wished a hole would open up this very second and swallow her so she could escape this disaster. Actually, if she was wishing for things, she wished it was about twelve hours earlier, right before she cuffed herself and she decided 'fuck it' and went with a dildo instead.

"Melissa, holy shit!"

She felt the strap around her head loosen, and the gag was removed. Melissa groaned weakly and worked her jaw, trying to get the feeling back. "...tor..." she croaked.


"Vi...brator..." She hiccuped and moaned. ""

Collin found the vibrator's control taped to the brunette's leg and quickly shut it off. Melissa sighed wearily, turning into what she felt was her friend's general direction. "Thank...god..."

"Melissa, what the hell's going on!? Why are you like this?"

"...Key..." Melissa's voice was barely above a whisper. "On the...floor..."

Collin searched, and found the key just under the bed skirt. His hands were a blur as he unlocked and removed the cuffs from Melissa, and the plus-sized girl collapsed on the bed, overcome with exhaustion.

Melissa felt a tug at her head as the blindfold was pulled away. Her eyes were red and puffy from a long night of crying via overstimulation. But she couldn't look at Collin. She couldn't look at him ever again. She had to leave the city, the state, the country, find a new life somewhere, probably in Siberia where no one knew she was such a pervert.

"Are you alright?"


You wouldn't guess it from looking at him, with his scrawny frame and general distaste for any strenuous physical activity, but Collin had a considerable about of stamina. And yet, ironically, that stamina was currently being used for masturbating.

Collin groaned as he came again, and for the final time, allowing his hand to fall limply over the couch. He squinted his eyes as the morning sun filtered through the blinds, and he groaned, more out of shame than exhaustion; he'd been jacking off with Melissa's shoe the whole night.

That's when something clicked with him. He hadn't seen Melissa all night. Not to use the bathroom, or get a midnight snack, or even to catch a bad movie at two in the morning. Though, that said more about him than her. But still, he was worried.

Putting the shoes near the front door and tossing the blanket into the laundry bin, he made his way to her door. "Hey, Mel, it's morning. You alright in there?"

No answer. He knocked. Maybe she was still asleep. He wouldn't put it past her. "Melissa?" Collin knocked again. And again, no answer.

Sighing, and deciding apologizing would be better than getting permission, he entered. "Melissa, you okay? Normally you're up by n-oh my god." He froze in his tracks. He was prepared for a lot of things. To see her in the middle of changing, sleeping like a log, literally anything.

Except of course, seeing her half-naked, blindfolded, and bound and gagged on her bed.


"I'm fine." Melissa mumbled. She wasn't, really. Her pussy had been stimulated raw, her wrists and ankles were still stinging from her intense struggling, limbs like lead, and her entire body was one big ache. And none of that compared to how she felt with Collin seeing her in that state.

"Self-bondage, huh?" laughed Collin, both trying to diffuse the tension and draw attention away from his returning boner. "Th-That's pretty dangerous when someone isn't around to help."

'If someone else was around, I wouldn't have cuffed myself up...' thought Melissa.

Collin dashed out of the room and returned with a bottle of water. Uncapping it, he held it to Melissa's lips, and she gratefully drank. In only a few seconds, the bottle was drained.

"Thanks." said Melissa. Her voice was still a bit raspy, but her strength was starting to return. "Turn around."

Collin turned, and he heard the sound of Melissa pulling the vibrator out. He jumped a second later when a pair of batteries flew past him and crashed against the door. "Fucking things..." hissed Melissa.

"Can I look again?" asked Collin surprised the question had come from his mouth.

"...Sure, I guess."

Collin turned to face Melissa. She held her face in her hands, refusing to look at her friend. He'd seen her half-naked before, once at a sleepover when they were teenagers and she had taken off her clothes to change into her nightgown. He'd made a joke about her trying to seduce him, and she joked back, and the two collapsed into laughter before tossing the matter aside and watching TV.

Now he was seeing her half-naked for the second time, as a grown woman, and after a very...interesting encounter.

She'd definitely filled out since then. Curvier, chubbier, definitely sexier. How had he missed it before now? The underwear was definitely helping matters. A pink, frilly bra with an intricate flower pattern, and black panties with red lace. And her body seemed to shine from the night of orgasms. He wiped his mouth as he realized he was drooling.

"Mel..." he whispered. "You look..."

'Like a freak?'


Melissa lowered her hands and blinked at Collin in surprise. "Wha?"


What followed was the most surreal conversation the two ever had in their lives. With Melissa's shame gone and Collin assuring her that no matter what, they were still friends, best friends, the confessions flowed. Her discovering the world of BDSM and fetish, gathering her collection of toys, her experiences with self-bondage, and, most recently, her fantasies involving she and Collin. When she finished, she was ready again to be swallowed up by the earth.

Until Collin admitted he spent the night masturbating while smelling Melissa's shoe. And his confessions followed; his own discovery of the bondage world, his doomed attempts to find a girlfriend who shared his desires, and his own dreams and lust for his friend that grew greater and greater until he felt he was going to explode.

The two stared at each other once they finished speaking, feeling cleaner, more whole. Secrets and feelings they'd kept secret so long had finally been laid bare, and the two felt closer than they ever thought possible. Silence reigned in the apartment as each processed what the other had said.

It was Melissa who made the first move.

She pounced on Collin, crashing her lips against his. He accepted the kiss, letting her take the lead as she pushed her tongue in. Melissa sucked on his tongue and nibbled lightly before pulling away.

Collin blinked, dumbfounded and nearly out of breath as the kiss broke, his brown eyes locked onto hers of jade. "Wow." His voice came out in a whisper.

Melissa smiled and laid her head on Collin's chest. "Y'know, it's hilarious." she chuckled. "Years of combing through websites, keeping secrets, hiding this part of myself, thinking I'd be alone forever...and the ideal person was my best friend. Right at my side all this time."

"Life's funny that way." Collin ran a hand through her hair and lightly scratched her ear, making her purr. "The girl of my dreams being my best about lucky."

A wide smile broke out on Melissa's face. "So," she said, looking at Collin. "Spent the whole night sniffing my shoe, huh?"

Collin blushed and tried to defend himself, but was stopped when Melissa gave him another quick kiss. "Bad boy."

"You should talk." he replied once he regained his composure. "Bad girl."

Smiling, Melissa pulled herself up and pressed her wrists together. She batted her eyelashes at Collin, giving him a playful wink.

"So punish me, then."
Two best friends, buried affections, and hidden desires

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Life As A Willing Sex Slave

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Escort Meets Family

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