Story of a New Years spent with my new girlfriend - porn,sex,xxx erotic story

"Matt, you've gotta relax, man. Stop moving your head."

"Sorry?" I said, spacing out and turning my head to look at her.

"Keep your head still!" Meg snapped.

She was taking me to a family New Years' Eve party tonight, and she had been trying unsuccessfully to trim my beard for me for the past half an hour. I was sitting on a chair in her bathroom, shirtless and with shaving cream all over my face, while she stood there with a razor blade and a frustrated look on her face.

She sighed. "Look, we're getting nowhere with this, and I've got shit to do. Just trim your beard a little, and then call it quits. I need to shower and put makeup on. Think you can do that for me?"

I smiled at her. "I'll do my best, love."

She leaned in and kissed my forehead. "Good. Leave a little stubble on your face. I like you like that. Goes with your hair and earrings." I was currently rocking a short military Mohawk as my hairstyle (and still am as I type this). I had also recently got earrings, tiny little black studs, nothing too flashy. I thought diamonds would look kinda douchey, so I opted for those instead. They kinda completed the Mohawk look and helped with my rockstar image. My name is Matt by the way, and I'm 22 (as I type this anyway, I was 20 at the time this happened). I played guitar and occasionally bass in a band. I was also a car junkie and an avid snowmobiler in the winter. I'm about 5'9", dark hair, greyish-blue eyes.

Now before I continue the story, let me tell you about Meghan, or Meg as she prefers to be called. We have something of a history, and it's kind of a long story so I'll sum it up. As stated earlier, I had been going through a tough time and had stopped seeing my old girlfriend Olivia, or Liv as she went by. She was in the same graduating class as Meghan, and all three of us went to the same high school. They both graduated the year before me though.

Now to say I had a thing for Meghan while growing up is a bit of an understatement. My mom knew about it and often referred to Meg's mom as my future mother-in-law. And Meg herself was well aware of it all throughout our childhood. Our parents were best friends, so I hung out with her a lot. She was the first girl I ever kissed. We were in a corn maze years and years ago around Halloween one year with a large group of friends. She partnered with me and unbeknownst to me, led me away from everyone else to a secluded part of the maze. She kept getting closer to me and remarking how we were "all alone here", and asked me if I had ever kissed a girl before. I said no, still completely clueless, and she said "Well guess what, you're about to", and just sort of came at me, and that was that. Neither of us ever told anyone. I also took her to a multiple school dances in high school. There had always been a mutual attraction between us, but we never dated until now. I was too much of a pussy to grow some balls and ask her out. Then I met Liv when I was 16 and fell for her, but my crush on Meg never truly went away. I would never have acted on it while dating Liv, but still.

As for looks, Meghan has always been a very pretty girl. With a pretty hot body to match. She had brown hair down to about mid-shoulder length, light blue eyes, and light freckles running across her cute nose. She stood roughly 5'3" and was in decent shape from playing volleyball in high school and college. Her legs and ass were to die for oh my God.....and she also had a bellybutton piercing and maybe B or C cup boobs. I consider myself a butt guy if you haven't guessed haha. Alright, now back to the story.

I smiled to myself as Meg smirked and left the bathroom. We had only been together for about 3 months, but considering how long we had been really close friends, it might as well have been our whole lives. I finished trimming my beard, leaving about what I would consider a 2 to 3-day beard, and wiped my face off with a towel. I walked upstairs to Meg's room where she had laid out my outfit to wear that night, a nice button-down shirt with a dark pair of jeans. I walked in to find her combing her hair and applying blue eyeshadow, making her gorgeous eyes pop. She was wearing a stunning pink dress that stopped mid-thigh and showed off her shoulders and pretty much her entire bare back. Needless to say I could feel my pants tightening.

She smiled at me in the mirror and motioned to the back of her dress where it wasn't entirely zipped up, "Do you mind? I think I've come undone."

I walked over and zipped it up, nuzzling her neck from behind and putting my hands on her waist.

She laughed and pulled away slightly, "Uh uh. Watch the makeup, hun."

I buried my face in her hair. Whatever fragrance she had used smelled amazing. "Oh my God, you smell good." She smirked in the mirror and turned and kissed my cheek in response.

We left for the party about an hour later. I loved her family, and still do. We played multiple rounds of beer pong with Meg's older brother Dan and her older sister Erin (who is on a whole different level of sexy and has been featured in some of my other stories alongside her sister). Meg is the youngest of three by the way. We watched the ball drop at midnight in New York City and unsurprisingly, Meg made sure to plant a long tongue-filled kiss on me.

Meg and I wound up leaving to go back to her house at about 1:30ish. Her parents had left a little before us, saying they were going home and going straight to bed. Erin and Dan both had their own places and no longer lived at home. We were both a bit drunk. It probably wasn't the greatest idea for either of us to drive home, looking back. Especially me, being underage at the time.

Anyway, we got back to her house and all the lights were out. Which was a good sign, meaning her parents were asleep. I wish words could describe how badly I was hoping to bang her.

We walked inside and both collapsed on her living room couch. Meg reached across me and grabbed the remote from the coffee table, kissing me hard in the process. She pulled away with a sexy smile and turned the TV on, tuning into the news at Times Square. It always amazes me how many people go there for New Years. It must be a clusterfuck.

We sat there for a few minutes cuddling and watching in silence, until Meghan stirred and got up, walking over to the fridge. "Beer?" she called over her shoulder.

"Please," I replied, fixing my jeans and hoping she wouldn't notice my boner. But then again, maybe I did want her to see it.

She returned a minute later holding a Corona with a slice of lime in it for me, and a wine cooler for herself. She handed it to me and leaned in and pecked my lips, sitting down on my lap facing the TV. I took a sip of my beer and set it down on the coffee table, wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her in closer. She smiled at me and drank some of her wine. I could feel my dick growing again and tried to fight it, praying she wouldn't feel it pressing against her through her dress.

She clearly could though, and with a knowing smirk, she put her drink down and got up and turned around, sitting on my lap again but facing me this time. She leaned in close and kissed me gently. She pulled away after a few seconds with her hands around my neck and said with a smile, "You seem so nervous, Matt. Stop it."

I was terrified, truth be told. I wanted to fuck her but was afraid I wouldn't perform well enough. I wasn't about to tell her that though. Neither of us were virgins, but we hadn't had sex yet as a couple. So I just sort of stammered, " know......I, uh......shit."

She laughed, "Oh stop it! You're so cute." She smiled and kissed me again, a little harder this time, turning up the intensity and adding a little tongue. She bit my bottom lip gently and pulled away finally, and whispered, "Why don't you stay here, I'm gonna go put something more comfortable on. Something with, shall we say, easy access." She winked and got off me with a smirk.

She has to be drunk, I thought to myself as she walked upstairs to her room. I knocked back some more of my Corona and watched TV, trying to relax. God, she's hot. I can't believe she's actually mine.

I'm pretty sure my heart stopped when she walked into view a few minutes later. I totally choked on my beer, that's for sure. Meg had changed out of that sexy pink dress and into gray basketball shorts and a black and green polka dotted bikini top. And god only knows if she was wearing anything under the shorts. Her bellybutton piercing glinted in the TV's light as she came over to the couch. She stood in front of me, clearly teasing me, and leaned down so we were at eye level. With a smirk, she whispered, "Like what you see, huh?"

I stared at her in disbelief. "How the fuck did I manage to score you?"

She laughed and swigged her wine cooler. "By being you, love." She pushed me back into the couch and straddled me, sitting down on my lap, facing me again. She just sat there for a minute, her hands together around my head, more or less trapping me there, not saying anything. She just stared into my eyes with a playful smirk on her face, knowing damn well she was driving me crazy with lust, probably deciding exactly what she wanted to do to me. She finally said quietly, "So, Matt, I checked. My parents are both completely asleep. They're both out for the rest of the night. We've got the place to ourselves. So guess what....." she ran her tongue across her lips and leaned in and kissed me for about 3 seconds, before continuing, "......we.......have a lot of things to do before they wake up."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Neither could my boner. Meg must've seen it in my eyes, because she laughed and said, "I told you not to be nervous! You need to relax, man. Really. You know me well enough by now."

I tried to speak, but she cut me off by shushing me and putting a finger to my lips. "Shush. Not another word from you, mister. Just follow my lead, ok? And for fuck's sake, relax, dude!"

I snorted and she said with a naughty smile, "Good man. See? You're learning!" Before I could do anything, she had pulled me into a crushing grip and more or less shoved her tongue down my throat, pushing me even further back in my seat. I was kissing back for all I was worth. God, what a hell of a kisser this girl was. She certainly knew a few tricks when it came to making out. She broke the kiss suddenly, with a wet smack, and moaned into my ear. She took my hands and placed them on her ass, and the kissing resumed. She added lip biting this time, driving me crazy and making me wanna just pull her shorts down and stick my dick in her right then and there, clothes still on and all.

She finally pulled away with another audible smack from our lips breaking apart and said, "There, I think that's got your blood going enough. Come on, get up." She stood up suddenly and pulled me to my feet, taking my hand.

"Where are we going, shmeggy?" I asked with a smirk, calling her my nickname for her since kindergarten. I could never pronounce her name back then, so I called her that and it just kinda stuck.

"You'll see. It's a surprise."

The surprise turned out to be her hot tub on her porch. Despite it being January, it was a nice night, even with patches of snow on the ground, maybe 45 degrees. Meg let go of my hand and stopped to kick off her basketball shorts, hanging them over the railing. She turned out to be wearing a black thong underneath. What an ass this girl had, damn! She came over and pulled me into a rather violent kiss, fumbling with my jeans button and zipper while we were still lip locked. She finally pulled away, breathing fast and shallow, and pulled them down with my boxers around my knees. I kicked them off and just left them in a crumpled heap on the deck. I could see lust in her piercing blue eyes as she kissed me fiercely yet again, biting my lip a little harder than was necessary, which actually felt amazing and may or may not have drawn blood.

My shirt came off a few seconds later. I was now completely naked, and thanking god that I was in decent shape. I could see Meg checking my body out with satisfaction. I picked her up and kissed her heatedly for the millionth time and carried her over to the hot tub, her legs wrapped around me. I've always enjoyed hot tubs, but this was a first. We sat down in it and continued kissing violently, hot water up to our necks. I was completely naked, and Meg still had a bikini on.

I broke the kiss off and stared into her eyes as I reached behind her and untied her bikini top. She only smirked as it fell away, scooping it out of the water and tossing it over to where my clothes lay. I grabbed her boobs and squeezed, making her tense up and moan softly, her eyes closed. I leaned in and kissed up and down her neck, making her moan even louder and arch her back.

She hissed, "Oh my god, you're driving me crazy!"

I stopped and rose to eye level with a smirk. "Yeah well payback's a bitch, sweetheart." I kissed her mouth quickly and stood up, putting her at a very convenient blowjob height. I jerked my thumb upward and said, "Get up."

With a smirk, she obeyed. She leaned in and started French kissing me while I fumbled blindly for her thong, also making sure to grab that amazing ass of hers in the process. I slid the thong down to her knees and she kicked it off and tossed it with the rest of our clothes. I finally had her naked, something I had fantasized about for years. Carefully, almost sadistically, I ran a finger down her stomach and grazed her clit and vagina with it, but not sticking it in, hoping it would torture her.

Sure enough it did. She squirmed and moaned, her knees buckling. I started rubbing the outer lips of her vagina with my finger, slowly running it up and down, teasing her, all the while looking her dead in the eye with a sadistic smile.

She was like putty in my hands now. She shuddered and moaned, "Matt, for God's sake, stick your fucking finger in it, ohhhhhhh."

I obliged, making her grit her teeth and close her legs. "Oh right there. Keep going! Faster!" Her knees were shaking now.

I added another finger after about 10 more seconds, and a third another 15 seconds after that. She was on the brink of orgasm, her pussy was swollen and dripping wet. Then I stopped without warning.

She was clearly loving it, and opened her eyes and looked at me with disgust. "Seriously? You're really gonna do that to me?"

"I am, love," I said with a smirk. "Why don't you do something about it?"

She didn't reply, but got on her knees and smirked up at me. I knew what was coming and grabbed the wall of the hot tub for support.

I groaned loudly as I felt my cock enter the gates of heaven, the gates actually being her lips. She had taken the entire thing in her mouth but took it out quickly and hissed, "Shhhh! Shut up! You wanna wake my parents up?"

She popped it back in her mouth, making me throw my head back and grit my teeth, suppressing a moan again. She added tongue next, swirling it around the tip and making my knees almost give out. "Oh my godddddd," I moaned, looking down at her, her head bobbing.

I was getting close now. But she took it another step further, deepthroating me and humming, making my cock vibrate. "Jesus," I groaned. She pulled it out of her mouth almost all the way except for the very tip, torturing me in return now. She kept it in like that for about 5 seconds, just long enough to drive me nuts. Then she pulled it out completely and blew on the tip. The cold air on the head of my dick was a whole nother planet of sadism. Where the fuck did she learn to do that? Then she stopped. She fucking stopped. Leaving me hanging. Ugh.

I opened my eyes in time to see her take my hand and pull me down so I was sitting in the hot tub again, still with a raging boner. With a sexy smile, she stood up and straddled me, looking me dead in the eye as she lowered herself onto my junk, facing me, inch by agonizing inch. I swear she put it in slowly to torture me. I was only average size, maybe 5-6 inches, but it literally took a solid 20 seconds for me to go all the way in.

Her blowjob was already ridiculous to begin with, but sliding into her pussy was a step up on the intensity scale. It was literally about a 13 out of 10, burying myself in her balls deep, surrounded by hot water. She exhaled slightly and smiled at me as she started grinding her hips on me. It was all I could do to hold her waist and restrain myself. I gritted my teeth and tensed my leg muscles as she picked up speed, riding me now instead of grinding. Going into the warmth and tightness of her vagina and coming back out to be greeted by the hot water was just beyond description. I opened my eyes and grunted, pulling her closer and thrusting back gently. She moaned loudly and pulled me in closer, grabbing the back of my head and shoving it to her chest. I took a boob in my mouth and sucked like my life depended on it, squeezing and kneading the other with my hand. My other hand was on Meg's back to steady her. I stopped briefly and looked up at her. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her mouth was open in a silent scream.

It was a miracle I hadn't gone yet. It had only been about 3 or 4 minutes of actual penetration up to this point but still. I managed to grunt quickly, "Meg, honey, stop." She opened her eyes and looked at me in surprise, then understood. She got off me, my dick sliding out of her, coated in her juices. She stood up and bent over slightly, grabbing the railing of the hot tub. I got up too and took her from behind, the water up to our knees. I was expecting my knees to give out with every thrust, but I held on, my balls tightening gradually. I held her by her waist and tried to thrust slowly and control myself, looking down and watching myself penetrate her.She finally turned her head to look at me and moaned, "Harder. Please!" That unleashed the animal in me. I reached around her and grabbed her tits and held on for dear life, plowing her like a fucking wild animal. She screamed in pleasure and grunted, "Yes!" Her ass was shaking with every thrust and driving me wild. I finally grabbed her hair with one hand and pulled it gently, the other still holding her boob, and gave her neck kisses. This was too much for her. She wailed and came violently, turning her head and yelling into my ear.

That unfortunately sent me over the edge too. I groaned and gave one last violent thrust inside her, and my cock exploded in her. Wave after wave of cum erupted from it, still buried inside her. My legs actually did collapse this time, and I fell against the side of the hot tub, taking Meghan down with me. She lay next to me, both of us panting like dogs and trying to return to our senses. The hot water felt soothing. She finally rolled over and lay her head on my chest, and looked up at me, still breathing like she'd just run a marathon, and grunted, "Thanks."

I kissed her forehead in response and wrapped my arms around her with a smile but didn't say anything. We lay like that for a few minutes until Meg yawned and shakily stood up, taking my hand and pulling me to my feet. We got out of the hot tub, and I dried off and dressed while Meg drained it. She dried herself and dressed quickly, then walked over to me and threw her arms around my neck, pretty much shoving her tongue down my throat with no warning. I was surprised but kissed back. She finally pulled away and led me inside. I looked at the clock. 3:30 AM already. Shit! I was expecting her to lead me to her room so we could both go to sleep but she led me instead back to the couch in the living room.

Without a word, she lay down on the couch and pulled me down on top of her. The kissing resumed. With plenty of tongue and moaning from both parties. I ran a hand through her hair, still wet from the hot tub, and started kissing down her neck, making her moan and dig her nails into my back and wrap her long, toned legs around my waist. She must have been wearing some sort of perfume because she smelled amazing. I stopped kissing her neck and just buried my face in her hair, taking in the scent and closing my eyes.

I was nearly about to fall asleep like that, still on top of her, when she crawled out from under me and stood up. "Bathroom," she said, and left. I sat up and put my hands behind my head, closing my eyes again and reminiscing. I heard the bathroom door open again a minute later and footsteps going into the kitchen. Then I heard the fridge open and shut and bottles being opened. She emerged holding drinks for us, 2 bottles of Sam Adams. That's what I liked about Meghan, how she could pound alcohol like a guy but also be seductive for me when the situation arose. She sat down next to me and kissed my cheek, handing me mine with "Happy New Year."

"Thanks babe. Same to you." We drank in silence. She finished hers and put her head back with a sigh, closing her eyes. I put my arm around her and she leaned her head on my shoulder. Then without warning, she got up and said, "I'm gonna go put pajamas on, be right back."

And in typical Meg fashion, she came downstairs a few minutes later wearing yoga pants and a tank top with no bra underneath. Her butt in those pants was just glorious. She walked across the room and sat down on my lap facing me without saying anything. I put my hands on her ass and held her like that, looking at her with a smirk.

She was staring at me and said quietly, "Matt."

"Yes, shmeg?" I said innocently.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Of course, love."

She leaned in closer. So close I could see flecks of color in her stunning eyes. Quietly, she asked, "Do you remember the first time we ever kissed?"

The question caught me off guard. I sighed contentedly and took my hands off her ass. I put them behind my head and leaned back into the couch, looking up at her with a serious expression on my face. "I'm never gonna forget that, Meg. I'm serious." My mind drifted to that corn maze all those years ago. "I was fucking terrified. I thought you were gonna tell people, and my friends were gonna harass me!" I laughed.

She smiled. "Well now that we're together, I think you should know I was waiting to do that to you since like grade school. I knew damn well you hadn't kissed anyone up until that corn maze in October, and I wanted to be your first one." She laughed and ran her fingers through my hair, stroking my Mohawk. "It was so silly, I know. But I knew you liked me even back then."

I smiled and laughed softly. "I always have, baby. Not gonna lie." I paused and sighed. "Just wish I had the balls to ask you out when I was younger."

She smiled again. "Why the hell didn't you? It would've been an instant yes! I cannot tell you how often I cried to my mom over you through middle and high school, over if you liked me or not, and how long I waited to hear those magic words come out of your mouth." She smiled nostalgically and lovingly brushed a hair out of my eye. "You were always a good looking kid even back then. And you had the cool, badass factor, what with playing the guitar and snowmobiling and all. I came to all your concerts and music gigs. I was always hoping you'd write me a song, or ask me to come for a snowmobile ride one winter. Believe me, Matt, when you finally asked me on a formal date in September, my mom was ecstatic. I think to her, it was more or less a marriage proposal."

I laughed. "You couldn't possibly imagine how long I spent practicing what I was gonna say. I had it written on a note card and stood in front of a mirror for hours! To be honest, I thought you were gonna say no, and say I was just a friend. I was terrified, Meg. Really, I was. My heart rate must've tripled when I finally got you alone to ask."

She smiled again, "I could tell you were going to ask me to be your girlfriend. I thought you were gonna pass out! I was going to just say yes and save you the trauma of getting the words out!" She laughed, her cute nose wrinkling.

I couldn't think of a reply, so I just laughed. I lay down on the couch, pulling Meg down with me. She laughed softly and got on top of me at eye level. She slowly leaned in, breathing softly, her eyes darting between mine and my lips, and pressed hers to mine softly. She held the kiss for about 5 seconds, then suddenly sat up, pulling me up with her. She sat in my lap and resumed the kissing, amping up the passion now. I could feel another hard-on growing, so she must've too.

Meg bit my bottom lip and inhaled sharply, pulling away and looking over her shoulder. "We have to do this fast, my parents are within earshot," she said, fumbling with her tank top. She pulled the straps down past her shoulders and slid it down below her boobs. I just sat there fondling them and enjoying the view while she slid her yoga pants down to her knees. Even in the dark, I could see her pretty blue eyes filling with arousal as she fumbled with my jeans, yanking them down to my thighs with my boxers. It all happened so fast. I was expecting foreplay but she just skipped it entirely and jammed my cock into her snatch, putting a hand over my mouth to stifle my moan as it went in. She pushed me back so I was lying down on the couch and lay flat on top of me, closing her legs completely and thrusting wildly. The sensation was unbelievable. I was in heaven again for the second time tonight. She had a hand over my mouth to suppress my moans of pleasure, and had her face buried in the pillow directly next to my head. I could hear her moaning into it as she thrusted and grinded away, my hands on her waist, and her tits bouncing in my face. My eyes half-open, I took one of her fingers into my mouth, sucking hard on it as my orgasm built up inside me. I finally busted about 2 minutes later, groaning and thrusting my hips uncontrollably up into her. She pulled her face out of the pillow and forcibly shoved her mouth to mine, mostly to shut me up. Even after my orgasm subsided, she held the kiss, grabbing the sides of my face and pressing herself close. I pulled away and grabbed her tits with my hands, crushing them in my grip. She smiled seductively, and pulled me in for another long kiss.

She finally broke it off and rolled off me, breathing heavily. I could feel her heart racing. She pulled up her tank top and adjusted the straps so it was on properly, before snuggling up to me and closing her eyes. I pulled her in to snuggle and kissed her forehead, feeling her breath on my neck. It wasn't long before she started snoring, and I knew we were done having sex today. I smiled to myself and dozed off, one hand stroking her long, dark hair, and the other rubbing her back.

I woke up and checked my watch: 7 AM. Crap, not much sleep. I looked at Meg, still sound asleep in my arms, which were numb by now. That's the pain in the ass about cuddling and sleeping. For the girl, it's warm, cozy, and secure. But for the guy, it leads to dead arms, an awkward boner, and a faceful of hair all fucking night. Relaxing, my ass.

Meg finally stirred about 15 minutes later. She opened her eyes with a smile. "Morning, love," she said. She got up and went to the bathroom, then upstairs to check on her parents. She came back a few seconds later, "They're still asleep. Hungry?"

"Starving." I smiled. Meghan smiled in return and led me to her kitchen. She made me her specialty, chocolate chip pancakes, one of my favorite breakfast foods. She didn't eat anything herself, but sat across the table from me with a smile, watching me rip into them. And dear god, they were amazing. I finally finished and she took my plate with a smile, putting it in the dishwasher and coming back to plant a kiss on my lips. "That's for good morning," she said pulling away.

Her parents came downstairs shortly after. Meg gave no indication that anything had happened between us last night.

I was walking out the door to leave about half an hour later, Meghan following me. I opened the car door and turned to say good bye. I pulled her into a hug and we kissed lightly a few times. Meg finally whispered in my ear, "I'm feeling a bit daring. You see, Matt, I don't appreciate you torturing me like you did last night in the hot tub, sending me to the brink like that and not finishing it, like a gentleman. You've gotta be punished for that. And I think I know just the thing...." And making sure my open car door blocked her from view of her parents, she dropped to her knees and fumbled with my jeans.

I was in shock. "Meg!" I hissed, "Jesus Christ! Are you nuts? What if they see you? What the hell are you d-ohhhhhhh" I moaned as I felt my cock sliding into her mouth. She didn't do anything with it though. She just held it there for 10 seconds. I had to resist the overwhelming urge to throat fuck her. Then she took it out of her mouth and stuck it back in my jeans, zipping them up with a wink. I couldn't believe her. "Are you shitting me, Meghan?" I said. "You've gotta at least finish me off now!"

She winked. "Nah. I'm leaving that for you when you get home. You can think of me when you jerk off!" She smiled and kissed me. "Have fun with that. That's your punishment. Your hand instead of me."

I laughed. "You really are evil, shmeggy. I love you." I hugged her and got in my car. "I'm gonna remember that. Prepare yourself." She laughed as I threw my car into reverse and reversed it down the driveway. I honked as I pulled away, watching her in my rearview mirror. I smiled to myself as I drove home.

I got home about 5 minutes later. No one was home so I decided to take care of my needs right then and there. The last thing I wanted was blue balls! I busted in about 30 seconds, thinking of Meg and what she did to me last night. I'll leave it to your imagination as to what position I was fantasizing about fucking her in. I still need to think of a way to get her back for giving me a half-blowjob. Until then, I'll just bone her all I want.
Story of a New Years spent with my new girlfriend

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An anal sex story

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