Sexpandables - Anal, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Bondage erotic story

Alright, so... hi there, I'm Jocelyn. I'm from Colorado and in my mid-40s, divorced and my kids are both in college, so I'm pretty much by myself. On the other hand, I run a quite successful real estate business which keeps me busy enough. What little free time I have I like to spend with my friends from church. So, in other words, I might have a rather normal American life.

As far as sex goes... well, there isn't really that much to talk about. I don't go out much and don't necessarily need a man in my life. I guess when I have to sum it up, then I'd say that sex isn't all that important to me. At least, that's what I had said if you'd have asked me a couple of weeks ago.

In my line of work my phone is ringing constantly. It's my most important business tool, and so I don't spend much thought about when or where to answer it - it's a natural reflex. So when one day, I was out early to prepare a house for a potentially interested couple, I got a call from an undisclosed number, I wasn't very surprised by it; it happens all the time.

"Hi," said a female voice on the other end of the line. "So, where were we?"

"Hi," I replied, pausing for a moment to think who it might be that called. Did I forget an appointment? Was there a conversation that got interrupted?

Before I could say anything else, the voice continued: "Ah right. You were going to tell me how wet you are."

I was speechless. My first impulse should've been to hang up, but at that moment I was so confused and taken aback, that I couldn't get a clear thought formed in my head. Was this woman flirting with me? Having phone sex with me? Or did I misunderstand something?

"Put a finger in your pussy and hold your phone against it so I can hear how wet it sounds," said the caller determined. That was more than clear, and everything within me told me to just hang up. But... god, now that she mentioned my pussy, I had to admit, I was getting wet. The thought of this stranger telling me what to do, wanting me, finding me desirable without even knowing me, turned me on more than I cared to admit.

Quietly, I went to a remote room of the empty house I was in and pulled up my skirt enough to let me reach inside my panties. My fingers touched my pussy only slightly, but that was enough to confirm that I was indeed getting wet. I gasped almost inaudibly into the phone.

"Didn't you hear?" the voice said again. "I want to hear your wet little twat suck in your fingers."

I didn't dare to answer. Somehow, I thought that as long as I don't say anything the whole thing wasn't real, as if I didn't admit it then. Like there was no way for anyone to tell whether I actually did these things she told me to or not.

Trembling, I pushed down my panties - nice, soft green panties that I had a matching bra for, and which always made me feel really good - pushed them down until I could feel the cool air against my labia. Holding the phone close to my crotch, I crooked index and middle finger of my other hand and pushed them up inside my pussy.

Quietly they slid in. I heard no noise coming from between my legs and almost felt disappointed, when suddenly the silence was interrupted by the faint voice coming from the phone, almost inaudibly. "Come on," she said, "you know how to make that pussy squirm."

Defiantly, I moved my fingers faster and faster, probing myself deeper and getting more and more horny at that, until the fingers were covered in slick juice all over, spreading it out across my labia. Now, there were faint sucking noises coming from my crotch every time I pushed in or out. The woman moaned satisfied.

"Mmh, very good," she said. "Now lick them clean. I want to hear your greedy mouth suck your cunt juice off your fingers."

I gasped. Part of me wanted to just go on playing with my pussy, another part of my wanted to throw the phone away and hide in shame, but the biggest part, the one that finally won, just wanted to obey this mysterious stranger and follow her instructions.

So I brought the phone back up to my ear and began to lick my wet fingers. I don't usually do that, and so the taste of my - or anyone's - vaginal secretion was unfamiliar to me. However, it was not unpleasant, and so soon I had my fingers both in my mouth, sucking at them like a child would suck a popsicle. I smacked my lips a few times, making sure the caller could hear me well.

"Hmm, you like your own pussy in your mouth?" she said while I ran my tongue in between the fingers, licking them clean. I didn't answer her and instead sucked a little harder, acting like my mouth was too full to reply.

"Mh, very good then," she continued, "make sure those fingers are all wet from spit, so you can get them into your ass."

I stopped. No, I thought. I'll never do this. I've never done this, and I certainly won't start with it now. This is where I draw the line.

"Come on," the voice said harshly, interrupting my thoughts as if she had read them. "You know you want to, your little asshole is already itching for it, and just thinking about it makes your pussy juices run down your legs."

Fuck, I thought. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck, yes! I did want to do that! Why did I suddenly want to do that? Where are these feelings coming from? What was going on with me?

Almost mechanically, I reached behind me and bent over slightly, leaning against a windowsill while I ran my fingers across my butt, my nice round butt that I was so proud of. The tip of my middle finger was already poised at my anus, as if it had never done anything else, and I finally held my breath and pushed against it.

The sensation made me gasp for air. It was dirty, it was painful, it was... wrong... but at the same time, it felt soooo hot. I never knew how warm it was inside my ass, how good it felt to get it penetrated, how... how much of a slut it made me feel. How much it made my pussy water.

I must've started moaning without realizing it, being focussed on the sensation from my finger in my asshole, when the voice talked to me again: "Yes, that's it," she said. "Take it deep up your little whore ass, and start fucking it. This is how you need to be fucked, only in your asshole, like a dirty whore."

I pushed my finger in and out, spurred on by her words. Whoever she was, the lady could talk dirtier than anyone I had ever met. "Nice and deep, with both fingers," she directed me. "That's how you like it, don't you?"

I bit my lip, trying to be quiet, but pushed my other finger into my ass, just like she requested. The sensation was more than I could stand. "Uuuhhhhhhhh," I groaned, feeling stretched hard and painful, my asshole burning from the intrusion.

"What was that?" she said, slight mockery in her voice. "I didn't hear you, ass slut. Did you say you like it?"

I shuddered, moving my fingers slowly in and out, trying to reach deeper with some unknown urge. "Oh my god," I whispered, immediately regretting it.

"I can't hear you, whore," the voice replied, louder and more demanding than before. "Speak up!"

"Y-yes," I whispered into the phone. "Yes..." The fingers in my ass stopped moving as I felt I had crossed a line into a scary and unknown territory.

"Yes what?" she asked, not letting me off the hook that easily.

"Yes, I like it," I replied, my voice hoarse like I had not spoken in years.

"You like what?" she prodded, almost taking a sadistic delight in my emotional upheaval.

"I... I like it in... in my ass," I replied again, getting more and more quiet towards the end. I took a deep breath, and repeated: "I like it in my ass," trying to sound as confident and in control as I could.

"Then fuck that ass!" she commanded, harsh and loud. Without hesitation, I pushed my fingers fast and deep into my anus, fucking it like I had fucked my pussy when I was at my horniest.

I couldn't believe how good that made me feel, I couldn't believe how fucking wet my pussy was getting and I especially couldn't believe I was doing all this because a stranger on the phone told me to. "Uh yes," I moaned into the phone, "god yes, this is soo good."

I gasped and groaned, having forgotten everything about my surroundings when I suddenly saw movement outside of the window. The couple had arrived!

I panicked, throwing the phone on a counter while I pulled up my panties, straightening my skirt all the while not knowing what to do with my two sticky fingers now.

Smiling, I opened the door, avoiding having to shake their hands while I rushed them through the house, giving them the shortest estate tour ever, while I made damn sure not to hang up my phone.

When they left, about 10 minutes later, slightly bewildered and confused by my apparent lack of interest in selling the house, I caught my breath, leaning against the door I had just closed behind me. From the phone I could hear giggles.

"Haha, mmmh. I take it you didn't want me to go while you were busy?" the voice said.

"God, I... I'm sorry," I answered hurriedly. "That was..."

"Shut up," she interrupted me. "Shut up and spread your legs. You'll rub your little clit now harder than you ever have before, you hear me?"

I swallowed hard and nodded, spreading my legs as I sunk to the floor, my right hand pulling up my skirt and pushing my panties aside, immediately starting to rub on my clit.

"Hard," she reminded me. "You want to cum, after all, don't you little slut?"

"Y-yes," I replied.

"Good," she said. "Then take a picture of yourself, like you are now. Make sure your hand is at your cunt while you do."

I swallowed again. "B-but... I just want to come..."

"You're not allowed to, until you have taken a picture of the horny little ass slut that you've become. Now do as you're told," she commanded.

I paused, wide-eyed. She wouldn't know if I did or not, would she? I considered just acting like I obeyed her, just to get this over with, and finish myself. But something in the back of my mind actually wanted me to obey. I wanted to be told what to do, to have her guide me, use me and, yes, abuse me. And a picture won't hurt, right?

I turned on the camera on my phone and held it as far away from me as possible. Click. Click click. Jocelyn, with her skirt up her waist, her legs spread and her right hand at her fucking wet pussy, on the floor of a client's home. Click. With a finger in her pussy. Click. Two fingers. Click. Pulling her tits out. Click. Both tits hanging free. Click. Her nipples harder than she had thought possible. Click. Is that pussy juice on the floor there? Click. God, how deep does this pussy go?

Moaning and trembling, I finally pulled up the phone again. "I... it's done," I said.

"Hard now," she replied. "Fuck it hard."

"Yes!" I said, and thought. Finally I'm getting to masturbate. My fingers slipped wild across my clit, rubbing it so fast that I was afraid my arm would go stiff. This is what I wanted all along? Fucking myself on the floor, being ordered around by a stranger, used like a whore?

I came. God, like I came. My legs clenched tight, my hand squeezed painfully in between, not wanting to let go of my clit just yet, but the orgasm raced like electricity through my abdomen. I groaned, bending forward, loud into the phone, my hair flinging wildly into my face.

"Good slut," the voice on the phone said. "Well done."

I gasped, too much out of breath to respond. "T... thank you," I said finally.

"Well then," she said, "remember this."

I paused, puzzled. Was that it? Is that everything? Did I... would I even want more? Shouldn't I be glad it's over? Why did I feel like this? Why did I want it not to end?

"Wait," I said. Can I see you again, I thought. Can I get more? No words seemed to be able to come across my lips though.

"Yes?" she said, slightly amused.

"Do you... can you call me again? Some day?" I asked. Tomorrow, I thought. Tonight. In an hour. Soon, please soon.

"Mmh, do you want more, little slut?" she asked, keeping me on edge.

"Yes," I whispered. "Yes, I do. I want more. So much more. Please..." What was happening to me? I was begging like a little teenage girl.

"Very well, then," she said. "For our next time, do not wear underwear, and bring a toy."

"B-but..." I said, "but I don't know when our next time will be."

"Exactly," answered the caller and hung up.

Chapter 1

The next time, it turned out, was soon. I was at home, in my office, just having gotten out of my work dress and put on more convenient clothes. While I dressed, I started to wonder about her instructions. Should I already not wear underwear? What if I was going out? Or at home, wearing pants? Surely, I could wear panties in my pants?

Absently, I ran my hands across my breasts, eyeing them in the mirror. And what about a bra? I squeezed one of them, letting go only to watch it fall. They were really nice for my age, I concluded. Still firm, nice and round, not too saggy. What if I could never wear a bra again? Would I get old woman's tits?

I sighed. Alright, I thought, no bra for now. I put on a nice, wide sweater that was bulky enough not to show whether I was wearing something underneath or not. And pants then. I really like track pants, but wearing them without panties felt... so wrong. I spent maybe fifteen minutes, naked from the waist down, holding my track pants in one hand, my panties in another, trying to decide. Then, the phone rang.

Unknown caller, again. Trembling, I pushed the button and held it to my ear. "Yes?" I answered, my voice shaking.

"Where are you?" the now familiar voice of the mysterious woman asked.

"At home," I answered, whispering without really knowing why.

"Good," she said. "Do you have your toys ready?"

I looked around, panicked. "Yes..." I said, pausing. I didn't really have any toys, but I didn't want to disappoint her right away.

"What are they?" she asked.

I held my breath, hurriedly going through my apartment on tip toes, looking for anything that would qualify as a toy. "Ah," I said, my eyes wandering across my dinner table, sofa, mantelpiece, kitchen counter... "B-bananas," I said quickly, staring at the fruit bowl on the counter.

"Mmmh, kinky," she purred, "so that's what you prefer?"

I breathed in hard, nodding, even though she couldn't see me. "Ah, yes," I replied, uneasy.

I hoped she thought I was too shy talking about my preferences when I was really just clueless and inexperienced, which made me feel much worse, especially at my age. How could this woman make me feel like this?

"Good then," she continued. "I hope you're following my other advice and don't wear any underwear?"

This time I answered more confidently. "Yes," I said.

"Take a picture," she said sternly, "and send it to my email."

"B-but... I..." I stuttered, suddenly feeling very uneasy.

"Do you want us to continue or not?" she asked sharply. "Because if you do, then do as you're told."

I paused. "What about those other pictures?" I asked, not knowing what to say, trying to stall her.

"Those were for yourself," she replied. "But these are for me."

I sighed. "Yes, Ma'am," I said finally, resigned.

"Good," she replied. "The email is"

I held the phone out in front of me, turning on the selfie camera and clicked. I made sure only my chest, covered by the sweater, and my naked legs were visible. Then I sent it off.

"Mmmh," she said a few moments later. "Now, to prove that it's really you, I want to see the banana in your pussy."

I swallowed hard. I'm really going to do this, I thought. I'm going to be in some fucked up relationship here, exposing myself to a stranger who might potentially be dangerous, if I continue like this.

For a minute I was just frozen, thoughts and feelings racing chaotically through my head. What if she's insane? What if she'll use whatever she's got against me? What if she's a crazy stalker and will come after me? What if she's a cop? Is this illegal? But fuck, WHY DO I WANT TO DO THIS SO DAMN MUCH?

Calm down, Jocelyn, I thought. For some reason this woman gave you an incredible orgasm just a short while ago. It's only normal that she'd want something in return. So, if you want to keep her (and god, do you want to keep her!), you'll have to make it worth her while. This is going to be a relationship, and you're both in it.

I finally pulled myself up on the kitchen counter and spread my legs slightly, spitting in my hand and rubbing it across my labia. All that thinking and hesitating had toned down my arousal quite a bit, but I was determined now. The end of the banana pushed at my pussy, held open with my other hand. I moved it, slowly, in and out, getting it deeper and deeper inside, feeling it stretch and fill me.

Finally, when it was halfway in, I pointed my phone at my crotch, took a snapshot and sent it off.

"Mmh, such a good girl," she replied a little bit later, breathing harder herself. "I bet you're curious about what I'm doing."

I swallowed. "Yes," I whispered.

"Hmm, so what will you do if I'll tell you?" she asked cheekily.

"Anything," I replied, not quite knowing where my determination was coming from. "I'll do anything."

"Is that a promise, slut?" she asked sternly.

"Yes," I answered eagerly. "Yes Ma'am, I'll do anything."

"Well," she began in a sultry voice as she began giving me a detailed description: "While you were trying to get that banana in, I went into my kitchen and got myself something to match. So right now, there's the thick, green end of a nice slick cucumber sticking out of my wet cunt, waiting for me to fuck myself with it. And if I was there, I'd sit with it on your face and have you bite in it and hold it between your teeth while I'm riding you, impaling myself on this long veggie right above your fucking mouth."

I shuddered. The thought of her doing that to me had me move the banana in and out of my pussy again, almost automatically.

"Do you hear that, slut?" she asked. "I'll use your fucking face as I like it, just as I'll use everything else of you for my pleasure. Your tits, your cunt, your asshole, they're all mine to use, you understand?"

God, that banana reached deeper than I thought it would. Yes, I thought, yes, please use me, I'm all yours. All my life is just to serve you in any way I can.

"Did you hear me?" she asked again, louder this time.

"Y-yes," I answered startled.

"I can't hear you," she yelled at me, even though I knew I was loud enough.

"Yes Miss," I said again, slightly louder.

"I want you to say it loud and clear, you understand?" she said sternly. "LOUD and CLEAR!"

"I... I can't," I said squeamish. "I've got neighbours, and they..."

"Fuck your neighbours," she interrupted. "They better know what's going on. If you're my slut, you can't hide it from them, or anyone."

I swallowed once more as my heart sank. Could I really do this? I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "YES, ALL OF MY WORTHLESS BODY BELONGS TO YOU," I yelled finally, feeling strangely relieved. "YES, my cunt, my ass, my tits, my mouth, my whole slutty existence. Everything is yours. Use me as you please."

She moaned, breathing harder as she began to speak again, slightly out of breath: "Good then, fuck yourself with that banana," she said. "Nice and hard."

"Yes," I replied.

"Yes what?" she asked sharply.

By now I had gotten the idea of how she wanted this to go. "Yes, I'm fucking my wet pussy with this banana, deep and hard," I said loudly, not caring anymore who might hear me. The stupid chick from next door or the old couple across the hall might as well hear that I'm getting some for once.

"And you like being used that way, having your hole taken advantage of like an obedient whore," she continued, breathing heavier.

"Oh yes," I answered, my voice loud and shrill by now as I was rubbing my clit hard with my other hand while the yellow fruit slipped in and out. "God, I love being a dirty whore that you can just use like this. I don't deserve it."

She gasped, groaning for a while without saying anything more. I was busy rubbing myself as well, feeling terribly close to cumming. "Please," I begged finally, "I need to cum so bad."

"Mmh, you little stupid whore," she gasped, "is your dirty piss hole itching so bad that you can't hold it back anymore?"

I shook my head, even more aroused from her words. "N-no," I stuttered. "I-I just need to cum..."

"Only if you let it all out, slut," she commanded. "I want you to come so hard you'll squirt all over your house."

I shuddered. I didn't know if I could do that. I've never come so hard as to actually squirt something out and I actually thought women were faking it when they did. But I obeyed, as good as I could. I felt myself get close, rubbing and fucking, right up at the point where I would just clench my legs and press hard on my clit. And then I just... didn't.

I stayed spread, wide, slapping and rubbing my clit hard as I pulled out the banana, instinctively. Something welled up inside of me and I felt... I felt like I needed to pee?

I panicked. This can't be it. This feels just wrong. I stopped and caught my breath and then the feeling was gone. Suddenly, I was sad and ashamed.

"I... I'm sorry," I stammered, tears streaming down my face. What was going on with me? I'm not usually that emotional. "I think I messed it up."

From the other end I could hear her voice. "Mmmh, so you didn't let it go, huh?"

I shrugged. "I don't know how... I just needed to pee all of a sudden."

She sighed. "So?" she asked. "So you piss. Are you suddenly too good to piss for me?"

I sat there, startled. "N-no," I answered obediently. "I... just... it just... I didn't know what to do."

"Then piss now," she commanded.

For a moment I didn't know if I heard right. "What... right here?" I asked. "I'm in..."

"You heard me," she said, louder. "I want to hear your worthless cunt pee. Right now."

I blushed and hesitated, then held the phone down at my crotch as I spread my labia. At first it felt like I couldn't go and I sighed relieved. Then, a small sputter came from between my labia. I wanted to hold it back, but then remembered my promises and resigned, defeated, as I let my pee run down on my kitchen floor, splattering all over the place.

From the phone I heard her moan again. "Mmmh," she said. "Very good. Now listen closely."

At first it was silent, and then I heard a similar splatter coming from her end. It splashed and rippled like it would never end. Finally, her voice came on again. "All of this would've been in your mouth," she said. "So to give you a good taste, you better get down and lick yours up. I expect pictures until next time."

Silence. She had hung up.

Chapter 2

I didn't get another call from her for a few days, until I thought all of this was just a dream, or she may have abandoned me. I had obeyed her orders all that time, not wearing underwear any more and always keeping a toy with me.

The toy was just a carrot, since I had never found the courage to buy myself a real vibrator or something else. Also, I could always act like I had it with me to snack on, so that made me feel a little more confident.

Every time my phone rang, my heart made a little jump. I got nervous and very aware of my surroundings. Especially when the caller was unknown my hands began to shake and my voice gave up on me. After a week, I had gotten back to some sort of routine. I was just out preparing a client's home for an open house when suddenly, I got the call. The call I had been waiting for.

"Y-yes," I said, answering the phone that said "unknown caller".

"So, where were we," the familiar voice asked.

I took a deep breath. "I... I was going to tell you how wet I am?" I said, a little insecure.

I heard a faint laugh coming from the other end. "Mh, good to know you still remember that," she said.

I smiled, feeling a little more secure now. "I'm Jocelyn," I said, trying to establish something of a friendship with the woman who's name I didn't even know.

"Bullshit," she said, suddenly getting harsh again. "You're not Jocelyn. You're a lowly, dirty whore. You're a little fuck slut with no rights and no name. You're Jocelyn's horny little cunt hole. You're Jocelyn's whore ass. You're Jocelyn's stupid little slave mouth that's only good to swallow whatever she'll get in it."

I swallowed hard and nodded, even though she couldn't see me. "Yes, Ma'am," I replied. I hesitated, too scared to say anything, but eventually asked: "And... what should I call you?"

She laughed. "Well, tradition has it that I'm your mistress, but fuck tradition. You can call me Missy."

"Yes, Missy," I whispered, smiling a little. I already loved the name.

"Now, where are you?" she asked.

I looked around, as if I was aware of my surroundings for the first time. "I, uh, in someone's house," I whispered, even though there was nobody around.

"Okay, who else is there?" she inquired.

"Nobody," I said, shrugging. "It's just me."

"What, are you breaking in or something?" she laughed.

I giggled quietly. "No, it's... I'm preparing their house for sale, there's supposed to be an open house..."

"Shut up," she interrupted me sternly. "If I need you to blabber on, I will tell you. Now did you bring your toy?"

I paused a minute, slightly hurt by her rudeness, then remembered who I was to her. "Yes," I answered truthfully.

"What is it?" she asked.

I had hoped she wouldn't, as suddenly I was quite ashamed of my choice of toys. "A... a... a carrot," I stammered almost whimpering.

She suddenly burst out laughing. "Mmmh, kinky," she said. "Anything else?"

I hesitated, then said: "No, I don't have anything..."

"Mh, figures," she said gruffly. "Well, let's see then. Who lives in that house?"

"Uh..." I said, taken aback. I thought for a moment, then answered: "A couple, man and a woman, two kids. A boy and a girl."

"Mhm," she replied. "How old?"

"Ah, they're... late 30s, I think? The kids are in high school, the girl's a senior, I think, the boy's a little younger," I answered.

"Hm, then go to the girl's room first," she instructed me. "She's probably a lot more sloppy in hiding her toys than her mom. Search her bed and drawers."

I stared at the phone wide-eyed. The lady was instructing me to burglar my clients. For sex toys! Slowly I walked down the hallway to the girl's room.

Almost mechanically I opened her door and got down on all fours, crawling to her bed and searched her mattress, pillows, the drawers of the night stand. Then, behind the bed, where it was backed against a wall, I found something long and round. I pulled it out and finally held a strange, green, weirdly shaped dildo in my hand. "Uh," I said, "I think I found something."

"Good," Missy replied. "What is it?"

"A dildo, I think," I answered.

"You think?" she said sternly. "What, have you never seen a dildo before?"

"A... I... well, this one is kinda strange..." I stammered.

She sighed. "Send me a picture," she commanded. I obeyed. After a moment, I heard her voice again. "Hmm, kinky," she said. "The girl likes extravagant cocks, or maybe it's a joke from her friends. It's a dragon cock. Well, at least that's what they call it on their website. Mmh, and they have dog and horse cocks too. I'll have to get you one."

"I... yes, Missy," I answered. "As you wish."

"Good," she said, pleased with herself. "Now lick it until it's clean."

Obediently, I put the bulbous head of the dildo in my mouth and immediately took it back out, retching from the taste. "Uhh," I gagged.

My mistress laughed. "Mmh, just as I thought," she said. "Teenagers don't like to draw too much attention to their masturbation, so I guess little miss sunshine never bothered to sneak it into the bathroom to clean it. You'll do it for her now. With your mouth."

I obeyed and put it back in my mouth. The dildo wasn't very big, barely 4 inches or so, which made it easy to fit. After a while, I got over the taste too. There was the faint taste of pussy, which was similar to my own, but something else there told me that her pussy wasn't the only place the girl had used this dildo in.

"Hey," I hears Missy say as I was still sucking on the green cock. "Hm, if it's the one I'm looking at here, then it should have some kind of hose at the back, and a syringe or something. Looks like it can squirt too."

There was indeed a small transparent thin hose attached to the back of the dildo, but I didn't find anything to plug it into. "Mmmphff," I moaned, my mouth full of green dragon cock. "Ah, there's something, yes," I replied, taking it out. "No syringe, though."

"Hmm, we'll have to get you one," she said. "Alright, now let's go to the back door. Are you excited? I'm excited, I didn't know dildos like that existed."

"I... uh... yes Missy," I said, slightly confused. I walked back down the hallway to the back door of the house. "What am I doing here?" I asked.

"Grab a chair and open the door," she said. "Then start masturbating."

I swallowed hard, coughing on my own spit. "I... but... what if someone sees me?" I asked.

"I'm glad you're following along," she replied. "Now get your ass in motion."

I opened the door and peeked outside. The house had a nice glass screen door through which I could see their backyard. Nobody was there, of course, and the neighbours across the yard seemed to be out as well. To the left I could see a dog running in a different yard, but didn't think much about it.

I pulled a chair in front of the door and held it open, then sat down, spreading my legs towards the door and pulling up my skirt. God, how did I get that wet already? I closed my eyes and immediately pushed the green dragon thing into my sopping twat, all the way in. I became a little disappointed at its small size, feeling not nearly as deep as I would like it to be. I began moving it in and out, moaning slightly into the phone when the friction made me feel more and more aroused.

"Mmh," she said. "Now don't forget about that carrot, your ass needs tending too, doesn't it?"

I took a deep breath. "Yes," I whispered into the phone. "Yes, it does." I reached into my handbag and pulled out the plastic bag with the carrot in it, holding the small dildo in my pussy as I took it out and pushed the orange vegetable into my mouth. A few long licks, and it was slick all around. I slid further down on the chair until I sat right on the edge, pulling my legs up and then placing the thin end of the carrot against my dark tight anus.

With a groan it went in, widening me further and further as I pushed it all the way up my asshole. This, now, made me fully horny, and I began to fuck my little ass harder than my pussy, sending shivers through all of my body. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone watching me.

"F-fuck," I whispered, freezing. There was a young woman in the backyard with the dog, probably waiting for it to finish its business while she leaned against the fence, browsing through her phone. At least, that's what she was doing, because suddenly she must've become aware of me and just stared, narrowing her eyes to get a better look at me. I spread my legs right in her direction, green and orange sticks plugging both my holes.

"T-there's someone watching," I whispered into the phone.

"Well, what're you waiting for?" Missy replied. "Go and invite them over. Make sure you please them."

My heart started racing. Slowly I put down my legs again, hoping secretly that the lady would just go away. I straightened my skirt and opened the back door, stepping outside. The girl smiled at me a little uneasy.

"Hi," I said as I walked up to her.

"Hello," she answered in her best valley-girl voice, acting bored. She might be around 20 or so, so maybe she even knew the owner of the dildo that was still in my pussy.

I cleared my throat. "Did you... did you like what you saw?" I asked her, avoiding eye contact.

She shook her head. "Nothing," she said. "I didn't see anything. I swear."

I smiled, feeling a little more confident now. "Well," I replied warmly. "Would you like to?"

She stared at me silently, not answering, but not trying to get away either, so I slowly pulled up my skirt, inch by inch. She looked at it mesmerized as more and more of my legs became visible, with the strange transparent tube hanging down between them. Finally, the thick end of the green dildo became visible between my legs and soon thereafter my labia with the thin patch of black pubes above.

She looked between my legs, then up into my eyes, not saying a word. Her hand reached across the fence and almost mechanically touched the end of the dildo, holding it and moving it in and out as she leaned in closer. I shuddered. The first time someone touched me that intimately in long, long years, and it was a stranger out in public. I got incredibly turned on.

I moaned and began to breathe hard, leaning across the fence to feel her closer when we suddenly kissed. I don't even know who started it, it all just happened so fast, but it felt like the right thing to do. My lips touched hers and I felt her warm skin against mine, tasted her tongue in her mouth and breathed in her scent.

God, I wanted so much more. She seemed determined now as well and finally climbed the fence over to my side, immediately getting down on her knees and pushing the dildo faster up inside me. I gasped, spreading my legs as I leaned against the fence, trying to give her better access.

She noticed the carrot suddenly and gingerly took the short end between two fingers, turning it as it stuck deep inside my ass. I moaned even louder. The fucking slut was fucking both my holes, I thought. Nobody had ever done that! The thoughts and feelings overwhelmed me and I came quickly, shaking and out of breath, sliding down the fence until I was at level with my new lover. I smiled at her and kissed her again, feeling my pussy leak some of the cum that I still instinctively held back.

"Please," I said, "let me repay you." She bit her lip and looked at me with a mixture of excitement and reluctance. I carefully ran my hands underneath her jacket, caressing her breasts through her sweater. She closed her eyes and let out a small gasp, shifting uneasily in her jeans. My hands wandered lower and began to unbutton her pants. She let me pass.

When I had them undone, she slowly got up to make it easier for me to pull them down. I was so hyped up and aroused at that point from all the new things I experienced. For the first time I would see another woman's underwear up close, and touch her intimately. She wore a simple white thong that already had a tell-tale dark spot right in the centre. Shifting it to the side, I revealed her wet pussy.

She had larger labia than I did, and sticky pussy juice was already stringing between them and the thong. She was shaved the way most girls are her age, but seemed to be a little sloppy about it, with long brunette stubble growing back all around her mound. At first I just touched her slit, feeling her soft, slick pussy against my fingertips. Soon, though, I moved my head closer and started licking her along the slit, like it was the most natural thing to do.

She was a little shorter than me and her crotch was conveniently at level with my head, so I didn't have to stretch at all to reach even the far end of her twat. At first I licked off all the juices that had already accrued, the taste now a little familiar to me and a lot better than sucking on the dildo earlier. She bent over and held onto the fence, spreading her legs a little further and squatting slowly down onto me, probably trying to get me to lick deeper.

I tried. With one hand I held her pussy open, spreading her with my fingers, while my tongue pushed deeper inside her, licking into the warm, soft, wet recesses of her little cunny. That got her squirming, but after a little while I could tell she needed more, and so finally I slid my index and middle finger up inside her. They entered without any hindrance, almost as if getting sucked in by her tight wet hole.

Suddenly, a little ways behind me I heard a voice call. "Kaylee?" a woman said. I froze, hearing my young lover hold her breath as well.

"Y-yes mom?" the young woman called back across the fence.

"What're you doing over there?" the woman asked. I kept perfectly still. It seems like she could see the girl, but the fence must be hiding me and what was going on between her legs.

"Uh..." Kaylee replied, shuddering. "I threw Bowser's ball a little too far and had to get it, and there's nobody at home over here anyway."

"Well, come on back, you know how they are!" her mother said.

"Yes mom, in a minute," Kaylee replied, getting ever more nervous. Suddenly I could feel a warm trickle forming around my fingers that started running down my arm and along her legs. The girl was peeing herself!

"Are you alright, Kay?" her mother asked, now sounding a little closer.

"N-no mom, please, just give me a minute..." Kaylee pleaded. "I... I've had... a little accident..."

The woman sighed. "Oh Kaylee, again? Really?" she said, sounding annoyed.

"Please mom," Kaylee continued. "I'll be right in, just... let me clean up and please don't look..."

I heard the woman huff, but she seemed to leave again, since Kaylee slowly began to relax once more. "I... I'm so sorry," she whispered. "Sorry sorry sorry."

I remembered my instructions and what I was there for and instead of an answer began to lick up the wetness between her legs while my fingers started to push up inside her. The girl squealed surprised. "You... you'll fuck me anyway?" she asked, gasping for air again.

"I'm here to please you, Miss," I replied, my fingers slipping in and out her dripping twat.

"Oh god," she moaned. "Oh my god... Can you... can you do it like... in my butt?"

Obediently I licked a finger of my other hand until it was covered well in saliva, then reached around her and placed the fingertip against her tight dark anus. Carefully, I probed her, sliding it in only until the first index. She groaned, trying hard to keep quiet and failing.

I continued fucking her pussy with my fingers while I slowly pushed deeper up into her asshole with my other finger. It was very warm, almost hot in there, which was nothing I had expected. Her response was unfamiliar as well, her pussy just starting to drip again, like she had a weak bladder. I ignored it and just fucked her diligently, like an obedient little fuck slut, until she came soon.

She dripped harder and harder, sinking to her knees until I had to pull my fingers back out, then leaning against me, completely out of breath. "God," she whispered. "God, that was incredible." She blushed suddenly, realizing we were still strangers. "I... I've got to go," she said quickly, grabbing her pants. Halfway up, she paused, looking down at me. "Thank you so much... I... can I call you maybe?"

I smiled and reached into my jacket. She left, clutching one of my business cards. I might have gotten another caller.

Chapter 3

"Unknown caller." My heart jumped. It has been several days since my last call from Missy, and god, was I missing her. I had bought myself a new phone and had started to gradually get everyone to use my new number so I would have the old one just for her. However, it might still be someone else calling. "H-hello," I answered the phone.

"Let's go out tonight," I heard her familiar voice. My heart jumped again. Would I get to see her, finally, after all? Where would we meet? What would I wear?

"O-okay," I stammered, not sure if my excitement was showing. "Where are we going?"

The address she gave me was somewhere in downtown Denver. It was a longer drive there, but I wouldn't complain, being excited as I was. She told me to be there at 9 PM and send an email when I arrive.

I breathed hard when she hung up, my heart pounding in my chest. A thousand thoughts were racing through my head, the loudest of which was: This is getting real. I am going to meet this person, going out on a date. Am I gay now? Is that a lesbian thing? What... would she be like? What would I do? What if someone I know sees us? And god, what am I going to wear?

For some reason I was more nervous meeting her than I had ever been dating a man. I was determined to make myself as presentable as possible, but at the same time didn't even know what that meant with a woman. Would she even care about my boobs, my butt, my lips? Would I care?

No, I thought. I don't really care all that much what she looked like. It was her personality, her voice, her... dominance... that made me all soft and wet with her, and her looks were secondary. So I figured, I would just wear something that would make me feel good about myself.

I have a yellow dress, something like a tube dress, but with very short sleeves, that for some reason always is the first choice I think of when I want to dress up. It's tight, and fits me just so very well that it looks as if it was made to my measurements. Aside from that, it was cut just deep enough to show the amount of cleavage that keeps you wanting for more, and in the back it was slit until just below my butt cheeks, so that if I bent down in a certain position, it'd flash my panties. And yeah, I've practised that position.

Not that I could wear panties, mind you. I didn't ask, but I just assumed that Missy's rules still applied, and so I just wore the dress and a pair of red high heels, some long pearl necklace and matching earrings and a little bit of tan lipstick and modest make-up. Also, as usual, I made sure to keep my new-found green toy in my handbag, the red one that matched the shoes.

It was a cool Saturday night when I drove down into town. I had brought a jacket, just in case, but kept it on the seat as I was comfortable in the car. My GPS led me down South Broadway and I turned into a parking lot when I arrived at the address.

Strange. There was no restaurant around, and on the whole this looked like the seedier part of town. In fact, right across the street was an adult book store. I took out my phone and sent an email to Missy.

Seconds later she called. I had put on a bluetooth earpiece that I had bought just so I could have my hands free with her. "Are you there?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied and nodded. "But I don't know if I'm at the right place, there's..."

"Go into the sex shop," she interrupted me harshly.

I swallowed. This was not what I had imagined, but after all, last time she said I'd have to get some toys, right? "Yes, Ma'am," I said quietly. "What am I looking for?"

"A bigger toy, to begin with," she said. "Look for one that you think will fit you, then send me a picture."

I took a deep breath, then got out of the car and locked it, putting my jacket on. It wasn't all that cold, but suddenly I felt very exposed and vulnerable, and the jacket made me feel a little more hidden and protected. I crossed the street quickly and opened the door with shaking hands.

It was the first time I've ever been to an adult book store. I had no clue what the protocol was in these places, how I should act, what I should behave like. Inside, I passed a desk with a big, bored looking young woman behind it who didn't even look up from her tablet as I walked in. Several men were staring at aisles upon aisles of porn DVDs, everyone avoiding everyone else's gaze.

I looked around quickly and then hurried down an aisle that had more dildos on offer than I had ever thought possible. I don't know why, but for some reason I had always assumed that this was such a small market that there were maybe two or three different models, and so I was mesmerized at first at the assortment of colours, sizes and shapes.

I didn't have much to go by. My husband had been... average, I guess? I don't know. It had felt good, and I didn't think I'd need anything bigger, so I weighed a penis-shaped purple dildo in my hand and took a picture of it, for Missy.

"Alright," she said. "Now take one that's at least two inches bigger. You're not allowed to go any smaller than that. And you can keep this one as well, but I don't think you'll ever use it."

"Y-yes Ma'am," I whispered, afraid someone would hear me. The last place I wanted to be when they catch me talking to invisible people was this sex shop. I did as told and choose a larger, black dildo, which was vaguely penis-shaped as well, but smooth and straight, with a stylized mushroom head on top. I swallowed hard when I looked at it, not expecting two inches to make that much of a difference.

"I-I've found one," I reported back, clutching both of the packages tight against my chest.

"Good," Missy replied. "Go pay for them, and ask where the booths are, and if one of them has a hole."

I was confused, not knowing what she was talking about, but I didn't want to get into a discussion around here, so I just went up to the front desk again. The young woman took a moment to realize I was waiting for her, then she looked up from her tablet game and nodded. "Those two?" she asked, pointing at the plastic cases in my arm.

I nodded back, handing them over reluctantly. What would she be thinking about me? Does she compare sizes to women? Or maybe not, she didn't look like the kind of person who cares much about her job. "That'll be 47.68," she said.

I nodded, taking out my purse. When I grabbed my credit card, I hesitated. Did I want this to show up on my account? Would anyone care? I went through my cash fold, already knowing that I didn't carry enough money to make that purchase. Sighing, I handed over the card. Who would get a look at my account anyway, right?

"A..." I croaked as she completed the purchase. I cleared my throat, then tried again: "Ah, sorry, but I was wondering where the booths are?"

She raised her eyebrows. "Over there on the back, around the corner," she replied, pointing.

I nodded. "Ah, and... does one of them have, like, a hole?" I asked again.

She smirked, suddenly sizing me up. "Mh, you're looking for a party, huh?" she asked. I just stared back at her, trying not to look too confused. "Booth 7 is the one you want," she said. "House rules say you need to have a film running at all times, but they make exceptions for women, especially when they're good."

She handed me back my card and a plain, black plastic bag with my purchases in them. "Th-thank you," I said, almost dropping my purse as I tried to put everything back in my handbag. With trembling knees and beating heart I walked down to where she had pointed.

There was a separate area of the store that was only dimly lit, with a few pink fluorescent lights, lined on both sides with red doors that looked like they would lead to bathroom stalls. Each door had a small lamp above it, and a number. I figured the ones that were lit were occupied, so I headed for No. 7. It was locked and the lamp was on.

I stood there, waiting, suddenly feeling like I was on display. There were moans coming from behind the closed doors, all from erotic movies, I assumed, when a man came into the booth section as well, standing a little ways from me, waiting as well. While I was still wondering why he wouldn't just go to any other empty booth and what was so special about this one, another guy showed up, waiting behind the first one.

I grew mighty uncomfortable, but didn't dare to speak to Missy, afraid they'd notice. Suddenly, the booth next to No. 7 opened and an older man came out, still zipping his pants. I stumbled back, trying not to touch him as he passed, when No. 7 opened up as well and I looked into the eyes of a young guy, maybe in his 20s, with faintly asian features. He quickly looked away and hurried down the line of people and I went inside and shut the door behind me.

Catching my breath, I leaned against the door from the inside for a moment. "I'm in the booth," I whispered into my earpiece. The smell of the place was very distinct and took my breath away. It was sharp, slightly sour, tart, with a hint of disinfectant and cleaning perfume. In the dim light I could see paper towel dispensers, a waste bucket with several towels in them, and a leather seat with a screen above. To the left and right side were small metal sliders at waist height.

"Good," she replied, "does it have holes?"

"I think that's what this is," I said, touching one of the sliders and pushing it. It was slick and sticky, and I noticed some dried stains underneath it, with a few fresher ones running down the wall. Behind it was an opening that led into the adjacent booth. "Yes..." I said dryly, starting to realize what was going on in here.

"Very good," she said satisfied. "Now serve every one that comes through there."

I paused. This was not what I had expected. She wanted to... use me. Abuse me. Turn me into a cheap whore. Worse than a whore - just a free bitch that anyone could have a go at without so much as a wink and a nod. I grabbed my handbag tight, my feelings in an uproar. All my self respect, all my dignity, everything I thought I was revolted at this. But god, just the thought of it made me so goddamn wet, so... hungry for sex! I caught myself drooling a little out the side of my mouth, when suddenly I could see a penis coming through the hole from the booth next door.

I stared at it in shock, as if I had never seen one before, then held my breath and touched it gently. It was half erect, and I could feel it grow harder and stronger in my hand, when suddenly I began to jerk it slowly.

Jocelyn, I thought. What are you doing? You're rubbing some stranger's cock in your hands! Who knows who it is, or where he's been with that? What if it's some nasty old guy? Or a dirty homeless man? Or a teenager? Would they let teenagers in here? What if it's your ex-husband? Or a neighbour? A client?

Carefully, I put down my bags and then dropped to my knees. The cock in my hands was now erect and I heard slight moaning from the other side. Leaning forward, I kissed the head gently, then let it slide into my mouth.

Jocelyn! What are you doing??? What would your mother say? Did she raise you like that? What would you say if one of the kids did this? What would your clients say if they heard about it? Or your friends at church?

I felt the cock run down into my mouth, rubbing against my gum while my tongue played with the head. Then I started taking it deeper, until it hit the back of my mouth, where it made me gag. My head began to move back and forth, trying to give him a the feeling of fucking me while I sucked at him gently.

I let go once more, my hand rubbing along the now slick shaft, jerking him a little before I put him back into my mouth. I kept sucking, kept jerking, kept taking him deep until my lips felt numb and I finally heard him breathing harder, soon followed with the sensation of something creamy and wet in my mouth, tasting... sour and tart, and making me gag.

"Remember to swallow," I heard Missy say who must've been listening in all this time. "You're here not for your own pleasure, but to serve. And good sluts swallow it all."

I swallowed hard, trying to get the harsh taste out of my mouth as quick as possible, when I heard the door of the other booth open and close, soon followed by another dick sticking through the hole.

It was a little smaller than the first, but thicker, and this time I started right away with my lips. He was breathing heavily and from what I could see he was a big guy, his belly keeping him from getting it all the way through the hole. I licked and sucked around his head, jerking him with three fingers while I took him as deep into my mouth as I could.

He came quickly but copiously, filling my mouth with hot sperm that tasted slightly better than the first time. I tried to swallow while he was still pumping it between my lips, feeling some of it run out at the side of my mouth and down my chin. I let it drip, licking the rest of it off his nut and swallowing it down.

On the other side of the booth, someone opened the second panel. Apparently I could serve two people at once in here, and the other ones were getting restless. I let go of the fat cock, which spilled some more as it pulled back, and turned to the second hole, where a really nice, long black cock was coming through.

It reminded me a little of my husband, except much longer, and I eagerly began sucking it, this time experimenting how far I could get it down my throat. He was a little aggressive about it as well, and thrust inside of me when I was already gagging, which pushed me beyond my boundaries. I learned that past the gag reflex, there was at least another inch, or two, that it could go down.

God, Jocelyn, how quick you've gone from self-respecting businesswoman to slutty cock-sucking whore. Have I always been like that? Was this what I secretly craved? Serving as a cum bucket for anonymous men?

The black guy took a long time to come, and when he did, it wasn't much. I rolled it around my mouth for a bit, trying to get the most of it and then, on a whim, let it run down my lips, enjoying the thought of looking messy from cum.

On the other side, another cock was already waiting. It was flaccid, and circumcized, and I gave it my best to bring it back up quickly. I began to get the hang of it, keeping an eye on the second hole while serving the first, and when a new cock appeared there, I tried to jerk it a little with my hand while my mouth was occupied.

He came in me, again and again, and I gargled his cum, making sure he could hear me well and clear. The other one was jerked so well that it just shot its load against the side of my head as I turned to face it. I didn't care. I didn't care and I actually enjoyed getting messed up from loads of cum, wearing it like a badge of pride.

Two more cocks. Two more mouthfuls of cum, rubbing the wet heads against my face afterwards, making sure to get the last drops on my skin. I sucked harder, deeper, faster, not caring anymore about my dignity or how tired my lips were. When I had to take a break, I used my hands, letting a few of them dump their messy stinking sperm on my face, getting a few splotches on my deep cleavage and pretty yellow dress.

God, I liked this. I unpacked my new big black friend and sat it on the slippery floor beneath me, quickly pushing it into my dripping - actually dripping - wet labia and riding it while I turned my attention back to the seemingly never ending row of new cocks sticking out of the walls. I began to ride the thick dildo deep up my cunt while I refined my technique, getting them to cum faster and faster, more and more into my wide open mouth.

I am Jocelyne's cum-guzzling whore mouth. Anyone can cum in me, dump their load down my throat and use me like they could never use their wives, or girlfriends, or anyone. I am a 44 year old public fuck toy, and a bigger slut than you.

Finally I came too. I came hard, with someone's cock in my mouth, unable to enjoy it, just riding it out while I continued serving more and more men. Soon, I came again. And again. The big black dildo reached up inside me to places I didn't know existed, but I barely noticed it, focussing only on my mouth, when suddenly, an enormous orgasm just swept over me, out of nowhere, leaving me gasping for air on the floor, leaning against the seat while my pussy was twitching hard, gushing around the slick black rubber cock inside it, making me shake so hard I couldn't move for a while.

I just lay there, exhausted, catching my breath, watching the cocks retreat one by one. I wanted to get up, wanted to serve, but my body didn't obey me anymore. I am Jocelyne's totally fucked up nervous system.

When I could move again, I was still craving cum, licking some of the residue off the wall underneath the holes while I sent a message to Missy. "I'm done," it said.

"Very good," she wrote back. "Send me a picture and wait for further instructions."

Weakly, I held my phone in front of me, snapping pictures. Jocelyn, her hair all messy. Is that really cum sticking it together like that? How did that get there? What's all that goo around my lips? God, my dress is soaked? Never mind the makeup, it's running alright. I could probably rub all of that into my tits and they'd be nice and shiny.

I sent the pictures off to her, waiting, sitting in the quiet of the booth, revelling in the feeling, the smell, the memory. I am Jocelyn's new found hunger for cum.

Chapter 4

A few minutes later, the phone vibrated. I answered, hearing her familiar voice in my headset: "Mmh, you've been a very dirty girl," she said. I swallowed, scrolling through the pictures of myself covered in the semen of more men than I could count, more men than I had ever had in my entire life, all in one night.

"Now go out," she instructed me.

I just stared at the phone, with my cum-covered face looking back at me from the display. "I-I-I need to clean myself up first," I whispered back, surprised she didn't think of that. Were there any bathrooms here?

"No need," Missy replied cheerfully. "Tonight, we'll show the world what kind of slut you are, won't we?"

I stared at the phone like a deer might stare at the headlights of an oncoming train. I can't possibly go out like this, I thought. No, certainly not. Doing all this anonymously, and without getting seen was fun and all, but this is where I draw the line.

"I... I can't..." I replied weakly. Why did all my resolve melt away so quickly when I was talking to her?

"What's wrong? Someone broke your legs, girl?" she asked. "Come on, let's have some fun!"

Okay, it's just a quick walk across the street, and then I'll be in my car, right? Just, like, 10 yards? And it's dark. Nobody's gonna see. It won't be so bad. "Alright," I sighed, gathering my handbag and pulling myself up by the chair. My knees were still weak and hurt a little from all the kneeling, and my heels were killing me now.

I took my jacket and hesitates for a moment, not wanting to stain it with the cum on my dress. Then I called myself a fool and just put it on. It'll all go into the washer anyway.

Sneakily I opened the door. The neon-lit corridor outside the porn booths was empty, and I hurried through the store and out the door as fast as I could, not looking left or right and hoping that nobody would take a closer look at me. Something ran down between my cleavage and made its way down to my belly button, but I tried to ignore it.

Outside, I hurried across the street. It had started raining and the asphalt was slick and shiny, but luckily there weren't many cars on the road, so I made it across easily. When I had reached my car, I leaned against the door for a moment, catching my breath and fumbling my keys out of my pocket. "Alright," I said into the bluetooth, sounding maybe a little more annoyed than my position with Missy would allow. "I'm out."

"Mmh, go down the street," she said absently. "Like, it should be to your left, when you exit the building. There's a Light Rail station not far from there. Take the next tram."

I stared at my car for a moment with my mouth open, then looked around perplexed. There was indeed a station about a thousand feet down the road. "But... but... it's raining," I said. "And I'm all... I'm... I need a shower." I shuddered, not knowing what I was afraid of most - the people who hang around the Light Rail at night, or that they might see me like this.

"Okay, let me get something straight," Missy said, very slowly. "You can get out of this any time. Your call, just hang up. But as long as we're doing this, you do as I say. This is not a country club meeting where everyone has a fucking opinion and needs to be heard. This is me, telling you what to do. And this is you, doing it. If not, then just walk away."

I leaned with my back against the door of the car, clutching my handbag tight. Rain was running down my face, feeling almost like a shower, and if I closed my eyes, I could pretend like it was washing me clean. What was she doing to me? What was she trying to do? If I obeyed her, where would it stop? What other things would she tell me to do?

"Why... why?" I stammered.

"Why what?" she asked.

"Why... why are you telling me to do this?" I said with shaking voice, suddenly feeling like a child who got abandoned by her parents.

She paused for a moment. "Why do you keep doing it?" she asked finally.

"I... it makes me feel... different. Fresh, new, like... like I can be someone else for a moment and not have to play... a certain role," I replied.

"Well then," she said warmly, "then this is you not playing a role. And you've just given head to a bunch of strangers. Don't you want to know what else you're capable of?"

I swallowed, suddenly tasting the tart flavour of cum on my lips again. She was right. I wanted to know. I wanted to feel. I wanted to see what life could be like outside the confines of my comfort zone. In a strange way, my obedience to her made me free.

I started to walk, one foot in front of the other. The neon lights of the light rail station were beckoning me and through my newfound resolve I couldn't even feel the pain in my feet anymore. The closer I got to the station, the more I walked upright, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I suddenly had reason to be proud; proud of myself, proud of my womanhood, proud of my sexuality, proud of my sluttiness.

There was nobody waiting for the tram, and I felt both strangely disappointed and relieved at the same time. "I'm there," I talked into the bluetooth.

"Okay, don't worry, there's one scheduled to come by in a few minutes," Missy replied.

I sighed and resigned myself to waiting. "Hey, do you know how many cocks I've sucked?" she asked me suddenly.

"Uh, no..." I replied.

"Not a single one!" she laughed. "Isn't that strange? Well, not to me, but maybe to you. Never cared for guys, me, dunno what all the fuss is about. I mean, no disrespect, you obviously seem to enjoy them, I just never got into it, I guess."

I was confused. Was this some kind of test, or was she just trying to make conversation? It seemed an odd topic for a dinner conversation, but then again, we weren't having dinner, and I did just give a lot of blowjobs. "Yeahhh," I replied. "I... I do not mind. I enjoy it all, anything you think I need."

"Ah, don't be like that," she giggled. "Did I get you spooked? Well, sorry about that. I just can't handle discussions. Doesn't mean you need to watch your step around me now, though. And it's okay to admit that you liked it. Or that you didn't, whatever. I just had the feeling you really did."

I swallowed again. "Yeah," I said, trying to sound more confident, but actually pretty relaxed. "Yeah, I did enjoy that. It's nice, just letting it all go, just being... sexual, for a moment." I moaned gently.

"Mmh, I knew you would," she said. "And it's no shame admitting to it either. You'd be surprised what little sluts all your acquaintances are if you all would just talk about your preferences more often."

I giggled quietly, thinking about my "acquaintances". The pent-up neighbour woman from across the street? Or all my friends from church? My decent clients, just looking for a prim home for their family. It was fun, imagining them all as sex-hungry perverts for once.

Suddenly, the train rolled in. I braced myself, standing alert in front of the door as it swung open. "Get on and offer yourself to anyone who would have you," she ordered. I stared wide-eyed, but hurried to get on before it left again, without much time to think about her words.

Inside, there were only a few passengers. Two or three bums were sleeping on some of the seats, and a young woman with her headphones on was ignoring me. When I turned, my eyes fell on my reflection in the window of the train: I was soaking wet, my yellow dress clung to my body tight and became see-through in parts, showing very clearly that I wasn't wearing a bra, for instance, and if I looked closely, I could see a dark triangle where the dress stretched across my crotch. Jocelyn, if you weren't so classy, you'd look like a hooker.

I slowly went to the back of the car, where a young guy in a leather jacket was sitting. He was maybe 19 or 20, with all the attitude of a rebel, having come 30 years late to the rebellion. I walked up to him and smiled my brightest, whitest smile. "Hi," I said. "I'm Jocy."

He looked up at me, raising his eyebrows. He had nice eyebrows, I thought. Black, like his hair, which was cut in a nice, wavy style that made him look fashionable without trying too hard. "Okay," he replied, acting bored.

"Do you want me?" I asked.

"What?" he answered confused.

I leaned across his seat, making sure he got a good deep look down by cleavage, my breasts hanging full and heavy underneath me. "I said: Do. You. Want. Me?" I repeated myself, slowly and distinctly.

To my satisfaction he stared at my breasts, and so I reached over and ran my hand carefully across his crotch, feeling his pants already bulge hard at his zipper. With surprisingly nimble and calm motions I quickly unbuttoned his pants and opened them as far as I could, releasing his hardening cock from the confines of his shorts. He had a nice dick, strong and hard, not too long, but not too short, just a good sized, straight, hard piece of meat.

I licked my lips and got to work. Kneeling down in front of him, I pulled down my dress underneath my breasts, wrapping them around his cock, slick and wet, and began to rub it between them. He gasped and moaned slightly, looking around but getting more confident with me and after a moment enjoyed the treatment.

I bent down my head as far as I could, kissing hole at the end of his dick with my lips every time it pushed out between my tits, licking it lovingly from time to time. Thinking back to my time in the booth, I became hungry for cock again, but restrained myself, wanting to see if my breasts would do the trick.

And they did. After a short while, he squirted his cream up around my neck, where it ran back down onto my tits. I hurried to catch the rest of it with my lips and got a slight taste of sperm, just enough to make me want more of it. I just hope he's got it in him, I thought. I needed a real man now, fucking me like a real woman.

I smiled up at him, letting him see what little cum I had collected in my mouth and swallowed it, stroking his shaft gently with my hands. He gasped, watching me fascinated, enjoying the treatment so far and obviously up for more. His hand reached down to my breast and grabbed it, squeezing it tight and feeling its shape and weight. I shuddered. This was the first time a man touched me like that in a long while. So long that I had forgotten what it was like, what feelings it stirred in me. Hungrily, I descended on the cock again.

Sucking it in my mouth I felt him grow hard again after a minute or two, growing longer and longer down my throat while my head was bobbing relentlessly up and down. Once I had him all hard again and standing on his own, I pulled myself up. "I want you to fuck me," I whispered close to his ears. "Can you fuck me like a real woman?"

He bit his lips. I could see his mind working, trying to figure me out, when suddenly he seemed to have come to a conclusion. He pulled up my skirt and I turned around, trying to sit down on his lap so I could ride him better. He grabbed my hips, confidently now, and directed me, the head of his dick rubbing between my legs. He seemed to be more of a man than I had given him credit for.

Suddenly I paused, startled. No, I thought, this feels wrong. Is he really doing that? Without any hesitation, he had grabbed his shaft and directed it up between my buttocks, where it pressed hard against my anus, slick and wet from saliva.

I had not expected this. He was going to fuck me up the ass, right here, in this dirty train, use me like a dirty whore. God, but the thought made me turn into water, dripping out between my labia, and just as his cock split my tight sphincter open I thought: Yes! Yes, this is how I want to be fucked!

I groaned, feeling him enter my asshole, the first man to ever go there. His cock was warm and firm, not tepid and soft like the dildo, or cold and hard like the vegetables. It was a new, different kind of feeling, with new thoughts running through my head. Yes, I thought, this man is really taking you up the ass, Jocelyn. You're getting your asshole fucked, finally, finally, after all these years. And you never knew what you had been missing.

I leaned back and sat down, feeling it run all the way up inside me, filling me nice and deep. My pussy was watering like I've never experienced before, juices literally running down my labia and onto my asshole and I squealed, for joy and lust, riding him, feeling my tits bounce freely and not giving a fuck about who might see us. Let them see me! Let them all see what a good fuckslut I was! I am Jocelyn's virgin 44 year old asshole, getting fucked open in public for all to see!

The sound must've alerted the girl a few seats away, as she suddenly turned her head, looking at me. I smiled at her, continuing my ride of that wonderful hard dick, my breasts jumping with every thrust. She cautiously moved towards me. "Hey," she said, "are you alright, Miss?"

"Oh yesss..." I said, breathing hard. "Mmmmh, this is the best thing I've had all day. Or all year. Hell, all my life!"

She gasped when she came close enough to get a good view of what we were doing. "Ohmygod," she whispered.

"Mmmh, don't tell me you don't ever dream of it," I said to her. "You know you want it, you know you crave it, you know you just want to be a slut sometimes. I just act on it now." I didn't know where the words were coming from. I sounded like Missy's speech had left a lasting impression on me, and I figured she was right: Everyone might want to be a little slut, just nobody ever talked about it.

She let herself fall on a seat across from us and for a while just watched me as I held onto the back of the seat in front, pulling myself up and pushing back down onto the young man's dick, over and over again, impaling my ass on his shaft. He moaned, like he was tasting a fine wine, while his hands rubbed my nice, round, thick buttocks and guided my movements up and down, up and down, drilling his prick smoothly into my hot, tight asshole.

"Mmmmh, you like how I'm fucking your tight ass?" he asked.

"Oh yesss," I replied gasping. "You fuck me so good, just like I need it. Just like a woman needs to get fucked." I purred, as the words kept turning me on even more.

"Mmh, that's right," he continued. "A real woman needs it up the ass, while your cunt just drips open and empty down on my cock."

I licked my lips, looking over to the girl again, and to my surprise she had begun masturbating. Stealthily, with her hand underneath her skirt, but with obvious rubbing movements she was jerking herself off while watching us. That spurred me on even more.

"Mmmh, oh yes," I groaned in my deepest, sexiest voice. "My worthless empty cunt doesn't deserve getting fucked like this. It's only good for pissing."

"Oooohhh," the woman moaned. God Jocelyn, I thought, that's not raunchy anymore, that's downright nasty! Where are all those words coming from? Was it because you know that Missy's listening? Is she even still listening? No time to check your phone now, it's time to fuck!

I reached between my legs and started frantically rubbing my wet, slippery clit with my whole hand, pressing hard onto it while my ass got taken raw and deep from behind until I finally yelled with lust and ecstasy, coming harder than I ever came before. The cock in my ass became a fountain, pumping splotches of sperm high up my bowels, until my ass felt like it was filled to the brim with liquid.

I shook and shivered, holding onto the seat, afraid to fall over and laughing about how my limbs were suddenly out of my control and just started doing whatever they wanted. It took a few moments for me to calm down again, while the woman clenched her legs tight and enjoyed a much quieter orgasm than me.

Finally, I pulled myself up, feeling his dick fall out of my ass, followed by a trickle of cum as my sphincter didn't close all the way, adjusted to its girth. I closed my eyes and revelled in the feeling, having had so much sperm tonight.

Straightening my shirt, I got out at the next stop, handing out my number to my two new chance encounters before I took a taxi back to my car. I never bothered to tuck my tits back in, feeling like I owned the night, and everyone should just see me like that. I definitely had a sex deficit, but I was filling it back up quickly.

Chapter 5

Even though I do most of my work from home, I've got a small office in an office condo downtown from where I'm living, mainly to have a place to meet clients and store papers. It was a few days after my night out in Denver, when I was sitting there with a couple, going over the estimate of their property and what the best price to set it would be, when the phone rang again. THE phone. The OTHER phone, Missy's phone.

I stared at it for a moment, and then smiled at them embarrassed as I excused myself, having to take "an important call" and went, maybe a little too hurriedly, out into my entrance area, leaving them for a moment with the photos and numbers on my desk. My heart was beating harder than I had expected and I was still in an emotional upheaval from what I had done that night, what I had become, swinging from exuberant confidence in myself and my newfound sexual freedoms to crushing self-doubt and painful revision of my own self-image.

"H-hello," said a voice on the other end, that didn't sound like Missy at all.

"Uh, hi," I answered. "Who is this?"

"Ahm... you gave me your card, remember?" the voice said. "I'm Kaylee."

Kaylee, I thought. Was that the name of the girl on the train? Or the girl in the garden? "I... Kaylee, yes," I replied, faking recognition. "What can I do for you?"

She sighed deeply, sounding quite nervous and meek. "I just, ever since we... you know... met, I can't get you out of my mind any more, and so I wondered if we could, like, meet somewhere, or something?"

"Sure," I said more confident now. "You want to come by or...?"

"Uhm, I don't have a car," she said shyly.

"Ah, no problem then," I said smiling. "I can come by your place. What about in an hour?" I asked, checking my wrist watch.

"Sure. Yes, that would be great," she answered. "You know where it is still?"

She must be the girl from the garden, since she was the only one whose place I've been at before. I probably still had that file around somewhere on the property next door I was selling at the time. "I'm sure I'll find it again," I said confidently.

"Great," she said relieved. "In an hour then."

I hung up and held the phone to my chest for a moment, breathing deeply. What am I getting myself into? And what am I getting that girl into? What was happening to me? I would have to contact Missy before that meeting, if only to see if she approved of me meeting with someone.

Ten minutes later, and I had wrapped up the couple in my office, trying to get them out quickly so I had still time to get prepared and, hopefully, get another call. Just as they had left, I sent an email to Missy, telling her about the girl that called and asking what she thought about it. It didn't take long for my phone to ring again.

"So," Missy said when I answered, "you found a little slut for yourself?"

I paused, not knowing what to say. Was that what Kaylee was to me? I had no clue how to define our relationship; we only met once, briefly, after all. "Uh," I said finally, "I... I don't know. Actually, that's why I wrote. What should I do with her?"

Through the phone I heard her laugh. "Well, what do you want to do with her?" Missy asked. "This one is your slut, not mine."

"I... I kinda thought it... she... is ours," I replied, confused and a little hurt that she didn't think of us as a unit.

"Hmm," Missy said. "Maybe. But as part of your own training, you'll now have to learn how to use someone yourself. Make her yours. Tell her what you want. Get her to do it. You might learn something about yourself, and maybe even about her."

She had hung up and I stared at the wall of my office with the phone still at my ear. Thinking about Missy, about Kaylee and about being with that girl and having her stirred something in me, and to my surprise I noticed that tingling sensation between my legs.

I lifted them up on my desk as I was reclining my chair, starting to play with my clit as my mind was racing through all the possibilities, all the dirty, naughty things I wanted to do. Fuck her ass again, harder this time, with something bigger. My fingers moved to my own anus and slipped inside, giving me that stinging, stretched feeling.

Fuck her pussy, I thought. Fuck her pussy hard, see how much she can take. I rubbed harder, faster, my labia starting to water as I moaned. And then tie her up, I imagined. Make her get down between my knees and just serve me there forever, with her mouth, her fingers, everything.

To my own surprise, the thought made me cum, hard and loud, and I froze for a moment, listening intently if anyone was around who might have heard me. Finally, I put down my legs and straightened my clothes again, getting out of the office and into my car.

I had found Kaylee's address in my contacts and was parked in front of her house 30 minutes later. While I was still wondering if I should go out and ring the door, she suddenly came out, peeking at my car and walking over to it cautiously. When she could see me sitting inside, she smiled and waved.

She looked good, better than I remembered her. Her hair was blonde now, and about shoulder long, falling down on a light blue jersey sweat jacket, matching her pants. She wore some pink tennis shoes with it and had a similarly pink handbag slung around her shoulder. I unlocked the door for her.

"Hey," she said quietly as she opened the door. "Can I get in?"

"Sure," I replied smiling. She climbed into the car and I slowly drove off.

"So, where are we going?" she asked.

I shrugged. "Well, you wanted to meet," I answered. "I thought you might want to tell me first why."

She stared for a moment quietly ahead through the windshield. "I just...," she started, then paused again. "What we did there, back in the garden," she sighed, "I've never done anything. Never done anything like that with a woman. With anyone. I mean, I've had... boyfriends... but not like that. And I thought, maybe there could be more." She looked at me sideways, smiling shyly.

I drove quietly and slowly, just straight ahead but my mind was racing. I knew what I would want from that girl. I knew about some of my fantasies. But the one thing I didn't know, the thing I tried to figure out and should have had figured out way before I picked her up, was: What role would I want to play with her? Who would I want to be in that relationship?

We came to a halt at a stop light when a sudden calm came over me, and I began to speak not knowing where my words came from.

"We're women," I said. "We're women and we live our whole lives as women, but we still don't know what it means to be a woman." I turned my head and looked at her. "Maybe all we need is each other to figure it out. Maybe all we need is to come together, women, young and old, and figure out what we are."

She stared back surprised, not knowing what to make of it. "What do you mean?" she asked confused.

"I mean, we always have someone else to tell us what we are. When we're with a man, we look to him for guidance. When we're out, society tells us, in no uncertain terms, even without words, what we're supposed to be like. When we're by ourselves, we're still judging us through the eyes of others. Even now, here, between the two of us, you're looking for me to tell you what we should do, and I'm waiting for you to explain a relationship, a mutual feeling, that maybe can't be explained. And I want to find out what all of that is."

She nodded, slowly. "I think I understand," she said. "Not, like, math or something. I think I feel the same way. Maybe everyone feels the same way? I don't know, but yeah... I think I understand."

The light must've turned back to green but the angry honking of the cars behind us sounded far away and irrelevant as we looked into each other's eyes.

"Let's make some rules, for this," I said finally, remembering my relationship with Missy, remembering especially how her rules gave me some sense of security and reassurance. Rules were important, I had learned. Rules may be wrong or right, but they provide a fence, a balustrade, on which one can lean onto.

Kaylee nodded. "Yes Ma'am," she replied, her voice no longer that of a bored young girl, but of someone... different.

I closed my eyes. "Number one," I said. "No more underwear. You are to be prepared at all times."

"No more underwear," she repeated.

I opened my eyes and looked at her. "Well..." I said, expectantly.

She stared back, her mouth slightly open, looking embarrassed out the window where cars passed us left and right. With shaking hands she unzipped her jacket and pulled up a t-shirt she was wearing underneath, trying to unhook her bra.

"Number two," I continued. "You are to keep a toy on you at all times."

"Always keep a toy on me," Kaylee said, finally able to open the bra and started to strip it off, her small round breasts barely visible under the shirt.

"Number three..." I paused. One and two were easy, they were Missy's rules. What would my own be? Do as you're told? Would that not make me her Missy? Would that not make me define what she would be? But wasn't there freedom in that, too? Freedom to do things each of us otherwise would not be comfortable doing? Like Missy's orders gave me the freedom to act out my deepest, darkest desires without feeling guilty for them. Like maybe Missy felt free to make me do those things since she wasn't the one doing them, after all?

Kaylee looked at me, her bra in her hand, waiting. "Panties?" I said, raising my eyebrows.

She blushed red from shame, but obeyed, pushing her pants down as good as she could on the car seat, stripping off her light blue thong. Her pussy looked naked, all shaved and tight, just as I remembered it. Quickly, she pulled the pants back up.

"Number three," I began again, "you are to do as you're ordered. No questions, no delays, no refusal."

"Yes Miss," she said, sounding strangely relieved.

"Number four," I continued, starting to drive again, the words coming suddenly all by themselves. "No holding back. We are women, we have no shame before one another."

Kaylee nodded, repeating herself once more: "Yes Miss."

"Masturbate, then," I said suddenly, feeling goosebumps on my skin and my nipples harden under my blouse. Where did that come from, I wondered. Why did all of this make me so aroused?

Kaylee swallowed hard, but didn't reply. Instead, her left hand slid inside her pants, between her legs and she closed her eyes, moaning softly in the seat next to me.

"Number five," I said, interrupted by her gasps. "Number five; wherever we are, whoever we are, as a sisterhood, we will always be there for one another."

The girl moaned louder, her other hand running inside her jacket, caressing her breast. I had to stop at an intersection and a SUV pulled up on her side, with a young woman driving it. "Pull down your pants," I told Kaylee. "Make sure she can see what you're doing."

Kaylee stared wide-eyed at me, then at the other driver who didn't seem to notice us. Slowly, she pushed her pants down, just barely enough to leave her crotch exposed. Her hand moved back between her legs, where she was trying to rub herself while covering her slit with her palm at the same time. I slapped her wrist. "No shame, remember?" I said.

She nodded slowly, looking at me as she rubbed harder on her clit, no longer trying to hide anything. Her two fingers slipped in between her labia, rubbing harder and faster, she had her shirt pulled up to show her tits as she played with her nipples. I looked up, and met the eyes of the other driver, staring at us. I smiled, while Kaylee gasped and moaned, suddenly bucking up against the seatbelt, holding her breath for a moment, then releasing it slowly while I heard something quietly prattle between her legs.

"N-no shame," she gasped, almost inaudibly, as her pussy trickled down onto the floor of my car.

Chapter 6

I was still not sure where to go, so I drove aimlessly around town while Kaylee sat quietly there, her jacket still open and her breasts exposed, revelling in the afterglow of a newfound freedom and self-awareness. The more I watched her, the more I wanted a piece of that too, until I finally couldn't hold onto myself any longer and pulled up into the parking lot of a dance club. I turned the engine off and looked at her, mulling the words over in my head.

"I want you to fuck me as hard as you can," I said finally, my face feeling like a rigid mask that was hiding the boiling lust underneath.

She looked back, surprised and speechless. "But, how am I going to do that?" she asked.

I started adjusting my seat, lowering the back part until it was almost flat and even and then turned around on all fours, my hands resting on the back seats while my butt was pointing at the windshield. "I don't know. I don't care," I replied. "Use your fingers, your tongue, anything. Just fuck me, and do it now."

Hesitantly, she put her hands on me, first running them across my skirt, from my waist all over my tight, round butt and down my legs. She timidly started pushing it up, helped by the smoothness of my pantyhose that would ease the tight-fitting skirt across my buttocks. I felt myself get aroused and excited at the new, unfamiliar situation, a sense of freedom coming over me with the thought of being able to just request sex from my new, young lover, just when I want it.

I bit my lip when Kaylee started to try to take off the pantyhose and impatiently reached around and tore it hard along my crotch line, freeing my naked pussy. Her fingers carefully examined it, as if she's seen it for the first time in her life, gingerly parting my flower petals and finally, gloriously, entering my wet, hot fuck hole. "Oh god, fuck me," I pleaded, going crazy for lust, needing it more than I ever had needed it in my life.

She began to push her fingers in and out, sloppily, fucking me almost mechanically, but I didn't care. I was too wound up and needed it too bad to complain and the mere act of it was almost enough for me to come. "Oh hell yes!" I squeaked, "more, deeper, gimme more!"

She grew bolder and reached deeper, trying to get as far into my pussy as she could with her two fingers, then took a third one along, figuring out that the more fingers she inserted, she deeper she could fuck me. I didn't care and only wanted to get it hard and deep, the world around me disappeared and I just felt her fingers and my wide, wanton cunt. I even drooled a bit out the side of my mouth when she finally gave me all four fingers deep into my wet twat, pushing them in past her knuckles and fucking me deep. Still a little too careful, but deep nonetheless.

Just thinking that this young woman, who barely has had any lovers in her life had her hand up my cunt, fucking me with the same fingers that she would shake a neighbours hands, eat her dinner with or write her college papers with sent shivers all over my body and made my pussy twitch like I've never experienced before.

I came, quickly, my pussy shaft convulsing around her slender hand, keeping it in a tight grip while I bit the headrest of the back seat, using it to muffle an orgasmic scream. Kaylee quickly pulled out and I was left with a gaping, twitching cunny hole that felt like it needed to pee soo bad.

"Hey," I heard a voice coming from the window on Kaylee's side.

Startled, the blonde girl looked around and saw another woman calling us from a sedan that had pulled up along our side. Kaylee rolled her window down and answered: "Yes?"

"Hey," the woman said again, "this is not the Caravan Club, is it?" I quickly pulled by skirt back in place and tried to slide as inconspicuous as possible back into my seat.

Kaylee shrugged. "I really don't know," she said. "I'm here for the first time."

"So, do you know where it is?" the woman kept asking.

My friend shook her head. I looked over at them. From what I can see, there were two young women in the car, both of them in heavy make-up and dressed up for a night in the town - not very tasteful or sophisticated, but maybe enough to get them where they wanted to get.

On a whim, I opened my door and got out, rounding the car and walking slowly up to them. "Hey," I said. "I'm sorry, but we're not from around here. Me and my friend were just cruising the neighbourhood, looking for a nice place to go. But maybe together we can make it worth your while."

The women didn't say anything right away and just looked at each other for a moment. I estimated them to be in their early to mid 20s, both weren't athletic and slightly chubby, but the driver was a little taller than her friend. They wore tight fitting, short dresses with deep cleavages and had their hair pulled tight up into some simple updo. "What do you mean?" the driver asked finally. She wore a pair of black-rimmed glasses and stared at me over their rims.

I smirked. "Well, it seems we're all out to get laid tonight," I replied, marvelling at my own boldness and wondering where those words, and the courage to say them, were suddenly coming from. "And so why not skip the dancing and drinking and all that other bullshit and just go straight to the point?"

I must've peeked the other woman's interest, because she scooted over to our side and peeked across through the window. "So, where would we do that?" she asked.

I shrugged, looking across the empty looking parking lot. "What about right here?" I said, and just to confirm it opened my blouse and pulled my breasts out. They stared at me for a moment, and finally the driver opened her door slowly. I pushed it wider and climbed inside, my hand immediately reaching between her legs.

She smelled of perfume and lipstick, and had a soft, warm body that I rubbed my naked breasts against. My left hand crawled underneath her skirt while I leaned onto her, kissing her softly, surprised at how sweet she tasted. I finally reached her panties and began to rub hard across them, grabbing them and pulling them aside. My fingers felt a nice, smooth warm slit underneath and a small patch of pubes just barely noticeable at my palm.

I dug deeper until I hit her clit, starting to rub it hard, getting aroused by her deep breaths and little gasps, watching her facial expression change from embarrassment to surprise, to delight.

Besides us, the smaller girl in the other seat had met Kaylee, who diligently played with her breasts, freeing them of the confines of her tight dress and sucking on her nipples eagerly, munching on them with her teeth.

I started fucking my lover, driving two fingers hard up her chubby little twat and crooking them inside, moving them in and out of her while she was pinned to her seat. Over on the other side, Kaylee was doing the same. The other girl was a little more adventurous, though, laying her seat back and putting her legs on the dashboard as she was pulling up her skirt high enough to give us both a good look and Kaylee an even better access to her crotch.

She was a lot less shaved than my girl, with a wide, black bush spreading all across her pelvis. Undeterred, Kaylee bent down between her legs and began to lick on her, pushing the same fingers that were inside of me just moments ago into the other woman's cunt.

"Oh yesss," she groaned while mine was breathing faster and faster, her tight little twat getting wetter and hotter. "Stick them in my butt," Kaylee's girl begged, and soon a long groan indicated that she got what she was asking for.

Her friend came quickly around my fingers, squeezing them between her legs as she bucked and tossed her head, then sinking into her seat with a long, deep breath. Kaylee was still munching cheerfully at the other girl's muff, her fingers moving swiftly into her ass, which the girl seemingly enjoyed.

I kissed my new lover a little bit and licked her pussy off my fingers, feeling her soft warm body against mine until finally Kaylee's fingering showed the desired effect and orgasmic noises came from the passenger seat.

A few minutes later all four of us shared a bottle of champagne that I had gotten from a nearby store and were laughing and giggling, sitting on the hoods of our cars in the parking lot. My lover's name was Amanda and her friend was Sheryl, we had learned, and we all joked about how crazy all that was, but how good it felt.

"The only thing is, I gotta pee now," Sheryl sighed.

"Yeah, I get that same feeling too every time I come," I nodded, grinning sheepishly. For a moment, we just stared at each other strangely, then I finally stood up and leaned against the side of my car, spreading my legs and pulling up my skirt. A quick glance around made sure nobody else was watching when I just let it run out, peeing straight down between my legs, some of it running down my thighs but most of it actually coming out in a pretty steady stream.

The other women watched me, trying not to show any emotion, but unable to hide their curiosity. Finally, Sheryl squatted across from me, pulling up her skirt as well and letting her piss run out and mingle with mine on the asphalt. When she was done, she reached between her legs and licked her wet fingers clean, while Kaylee eagerly came between mine and offered to clean me with her tongue.

When I brought her back home it was already late at night and we felt drunk, more from excitement than what little bit of champagne we had, excited from our trip, excited at the prospect of many more adventures to come, excited at our new sexual freedom and excited from having found two more girls to call.

Chapter 7

I stared at the phone. It's been an hour since I wrote an email to Missy, and I haven't heard back from her. She usually calls me back right away, and even though an hour didn't seem like a terribly long time, it was unlike her to not reply.

I was sitting in my office, not really doing anything except stare at the phone and the wall across from it, a million different feelings rushing through me all at the same time. Thinking back at my "date" with Kaylee the night before, I suddenly had conflicting emotions. It all seemed perfectly normal and easy at the time, but in hindsight, it got crazier the more I was thinking about it.

What were you thinking, I told myself. Meeting a girl that could be your daughter, asking her to fuck you in your car on a parking lot, where anyone could've seen you... Jesus Christ, Jocelyn, where was all that coming from? And then, THEN you even come up to two complete strangers and forcibly seduce them into sex with you and your new girlfriend... Fucking hell.

While I marvelled at my own courage and briskness, the afterglow of last night's encounters nonetheless started to arouse me again and while my legs involuntarily pressed tighter together, making my pussy tingle just a little bit more, my mind still called me a reckless, stupid and dangerous whore. God, I needed Missy to sort all this out.

When the phone finally rang, I almost got a heart attack. "God, I'm so glad you called," I answered it, my hands shaking.

"I... I'm glad to hear you too," I heard Kaylee say on the other end.

"Oh," I replied, pausing for a moment. Damn, I didn't expect to hear from her. Trying to get my thoughts in order and regain my composure, I finally said: "So... how are you?"

She sighed. "Not so good, to be honest," she answered. "Well, I... my mom saw us drive off together and when I got back home, she started all these questions, who you are, if I'm gay, and so finally I said, 'so what if I am'?" Her voice broke up and she paused for a minute, and when she continued, it sounded like she was choking back some tears.

"I... anyway, I think I need a place to stay, at least for a while, and maybe a job, and since you're..." she paused again, and I could hear her take a deep breath. "I mean, you're doing that, right? Helping people find homes? I was wondering if you could help me find one."

I sunk into my chair, playing absently with a strain of hair. "As a sisterhood, we'll always be there for one another," I said quietly, repeating the fifth rule I had set up just the night before, more to myself than to her. I don't know if she heard me or not, but all I heard was her breathing over the phone.

"Alright," I said finally. "Can you come over to my office..." I asked, then remembered that she didn't have a car. "Ah. Nevermind, I'll pick you up in... an hour? Two? How much time do you need?"

She sounded like she wasn't sure herself. "Uh, an hour is alright," she said. "I... should I bring my stuff?"

I shrugged. "Yeah, bring a few things," I replied, not knowing what to do with her either. "We'll sort this out."

"Fuck," I hissed as I put down the phone. "C'mon Missy, just call me back, please?" I pleaded to an empty room. I sent another email to her, saying how things have changed suddenly and that I really, really need her input.

A few minutes later, the phone rang. I held my breath as I answered, hoping for Missy, but expecting Kaylee to call again.

"Alright, what's up?" I heard the familiar cheerful sound of my mistress' voice. It sounded like she was chewing something.

"Oh thank god," I said relieved. "You don't know how happy I am to hear from you."

"Yeah, cut it short," she replied. "You said there's something up with your slut, so what's the problem?"

I explained the situation in a few sentences, trying to stick to the general facts and keeping it as short as possible. "Alright," she said finally, still munching. "So what do I have to do with it?"

I was dumbfounded for a moment. I didn't know what I had expected from her, but I had thought she was something like a friend, or a guidance, to me. "I... I don't know what to do," I admitted finally.

"Mmmh," she said, and I heard a sucking noise. "Well, okay. I don't know what to do either. It's your life, your people, your money, your home, I can't tell you what to do with it. You'll have to make your own decisions, and own up to them. And it sounds like you've started doing that already."

"But..." I said, trying to gather my thoughts. "But I have so many different emotions about it, I feel so lost. She's so young, and I'm... I'm not. All of this is new to me, I've never been with a woman. And what about her parents? Her school? I barely know her. And I don't even know what I was doing... what I was doing back there."

I suddenly felt tears well up within me, coming from a strange place of desperation and disappointment. "Okay," Missy said finally, her voice a little warmer than usual. "Here's the thing: I started something with you, and that somehow got the ball rolling into a direction where it could become something much bigger. But that's your ball, I'm not there with you, I can't influence the situation."

"What I would do, in your place, is just follow the ball, see where it goes. Take whatever happens and make the most of it. I don't have a fucking clue about what I'm doing either. I'm just doing it. And you've finally started doing something too. So go on, keep doing it, see where it goes."

I sniffed a moment, rubbing a tear out of the corner of my eye. "Can I... can I continue to... get in touch with you when I need some advice, though?" I asked, feeling like a daughter that was moving out of the home, maybe like Kaylee was feeling right now.

"Sure," Missy replied in her usual, cheerful manner. "I didn't have any plans on leaving you to your own devices. You're still my little fuckslut."

"Yes Ma'am," I replied obediently, feeling suddenly immensely comforted by that title and her words. If all else fails, I thought to myself, I'll still be her slut and she'll still have use for me. In a strange way, that thought made me feel better than anything else.

I didn't even notice that she had hung up, feeling so relieved and hopeful, my head suddenly full of ideas. Barely an hour later, I stopped by Kaylee's home. She came rushing out as soon as she saw me drive up, wearing some worn-out jeans, a white t-shirt and a blue jacket, carrying a small sports bag.

She tossed the bag on the back seat and climbed in, sitting quietly next to me. "Just drive," she said in a flat tone.

I drove on, heading back to my office. "So, what happened?" I asked finally.

"They said..." she started, seemingly emotionless. "My parents said that they don't approve of my 'lifestyle choices' and as long as I'm staying in their house, I better lead the life they intended for me."

I nodded. "Which is?" I asked.

She shrugged. "Finish college, I guess," she replied. "Get a job, work 40 hours a week, find a husband, shit out some babies, become a mum, fuck them up as good as I can and then die, stupid and ignorant, never knowing what life could've been like."

That thought seemed much too mature for a girl her age. I looked at myself in the rear view mirror, small wrinkles around my eye, a few tiny grey streaks in my black hair. Divorced, single, only now discovering my sexuality. I'm the 44-year-old that Kaylee didn't want to be, and I couldn't help myself but agree with her.

"Well," I said finally. "For the time being, you can stay at my place. We'll see how things go in the next few days." I looked at her sideways, her face motionless, her eyes staring straight ahead. "Did you come prepared?" I asked.

"What?" she replied, looking at me upset. "This is a bad time for those games, I just got thrown out of my home."

I raised my eyebrows and looked back sideways. "They're no games," I answered calmly. "They're the rules. It's because of those rules we agreed on that I'm here to help you, because we're a sisterhood. So what about honouring the other rules?"

She bit her lips but said nothing. Finally, after a while, she pulled up her t-shirt, showing her small, perky breasts, uncovered. I nodded satisfied.

Her slender fingers then opened the belt of her jeans, trying with some difficulty to get the tight pants down while still buckled into her car seat. She was still wearing a thong, but took it off quickly, and didn't bother to put the pants back on, sitting naked from the waist down besides me. I suddenly felt very proud of her.

She began to masturbate, slowly, her fingers running between her prominent labia, caressing her little joy button as she began to squirm in her seat, closing her eyes and gasping almost inaudibly. It seemed to calm her down and she stretched it out all the way until we arrived at my office, where she finally stopped, looking around surprised, as if she forgot where she was.

"Where are we?" she asked.

"My business," I replied. "Let's go inside and have a little chat."

I got out of the car and into the parking lot, walking over to her door. As I opened it, she hurriedly tried to put the jeans back on. "Tststs," I said, clicking my tongue, "there's no need for that."

She blushed crimson red and looked down, letting her blonde hair cover her face. "Y-yes, Miss," she mumbled.

I helped her get out of the car and walked her across the parking lot into the condo, smiling at the few people who stared at us as we passed. Kaylee kept her head bent down, her hair shielding her from her surroundings while her naked crotch and legs showed little goosebumps, from excitement or cold, I didn't know.

We finally arrived at my place, I unlocked the glass door and we crossed the small reception area into my office. She stood up straight and breathed relieved as I closed the door behind us and rounded my desk, sitting down in my chair. I folded my hands in front of me on the desktop and looked at her, smiling. "Well," I said finally. "Aside from us becoming roommates, what else do you think we are?"

"Anything you want, Miss," she said, keeping her chin up and looking straight at me.

"Anything?" I asked, smirking. I liked her attitude a lot, she seemed much stronger than I was at her age.

"Anything," she nodded, still standing straight. "I'll do anything."

"Well, then let me introduce you to your new place," I said, leaning back in my chair. "Get down underneath the desk."

She nodded and immediately got down on all fours. My desk was very simple, with a large glass desktop and four steel legs on each corner, so she easily crawled underneath it from the front and I could see her approach through the glass top. I spread my legs in my chair, my black pubes all damp and moist from the time in the car when my pussy was salivating over her.

I didn't need to say anything, her head moved in between my legs all by itself and soon I felt her eager tongue lick all across my pelvis, trying to reach as deep into my pink pussy as she could. Her blonde hair made a nice contrast to my dark brown skin and I couldn't help but admire the sight for a moment, before I slid further down in my seat, lifting one leg over an armrest to give her even better access to my steaming grotto of lust.

Her wet, slick tongue darted forward, penetrating my pussy deeper than I expected, licking inside me, fast and nervous, slurping in between as her mouth began to water. "Uh yes," I moaned slightly. "Mmmh, just like that."

Remembering what I liked from the night before, I soon felt two of her long, slender fingers enter my hot, dripping hole, fucking me straight and fast. Then another, and another, until I had all four of her fingers inside me again, this time with her lips sucking at my clit.

I felt a familiarity with her that I had not felt before with anyone, a common bond that made me bolder, hornier, more relaxed, and soon I grabbed at her hair while my pussy did something it never did before: It started gushing. Just a little, but with every thrust of her fingers, clear liquid began seeping out and drip onto my seat.

For a short moment I felt her trying to jerk her head back before she remembered her duties and sucked, harder than before, trying to make up for it and slurping my cunt juice into her mouth. That sent me over the edge. A whimper, getting steadily louder until it became a shrieking moan, escaped my chest and I felt my pussy convulse around her hand, as if I tried to pull it even deeper inside.

She finally jerked her fingers out hard and an incredible amount of liquid followed, gushing at her, feeling like I had to pee. Without hesitation, she tried to catch it with her mouth and sucked it greedily down, making me shudder all over my body. This little horny slut, I thought, this dirty little fuck whore was swallowing everything that came out of my pussy, while I felt like I was peeing into her mouth.

And suddenly, without knowing where it came from exactly, that thought became overwhelmingly compelling and arousing. I sank back into my seat and just let my pee run freely out. Looking down, my eyes met with hers while she opened her mouth wide, letting it get filled with my piss before she closed it again, swallowing.

She nodded, looking sternly back up at me, as if to confirm her pledge from earlier. Anything. She'll do anything.


Silence. I listened into the darkness, only to hear her breathing, distant and faint through the phone.

"Missy, can I talk to you?" I asked, pleadingly.

She groaned, lazily. "Mmh, what is it?" she asked.

"I... I don't know what's happening to me," I stammered. "Something... something is changing. And I don't know where it will lead..."

She wheezed, letting out a long huff. "Gee," she said finally. "Does anyone know? Everything's changing all the time, everyone is. None of us know where any of this will lead, but you know what? The difference now is that you're in charge!"

I clenched my teeth, swallowing hard. A strange feeling tied a knot in my stomach. "I don't... I don't know if I want to be in charge," I said finally, my voice just a hoarse whisper. "I was... you were... I like you being in charge..."

"Well, I am," she replied. "And being the one in charge, I tell you to step up your game and take responsibility for your actions. Remember what you are?"

"Your slut," I said, repeating the words that I had said so many times, confident and like a ritual.

"Right, but you know what else?" she asked. "You're my slut because you WANT to be, NOT because I tell you to. THIS is what you want to be, kiddo. You are exactly the woman you always wanted to be."

I stared up, into the darkness, the silence, at the ceiling where the faint beam of a street light cast a grid. Outside, in the kitchen, Kaylee was rummaging around. I mulled Missy's words over in my head, taking them in, letting their meaning sink into my soul, my body, my being.

Almost automatically, my hand wandered between my legs. I combed through my pubes with my fingertips, gingerly tracing my clit and labia, absently, just for the comforting feeling it gave me.

"So what do I do?" I asked again. Was she even still there? Why does she not hang up? I was even boring myself with my self-doubt, my long silent thoughts, my ever-repeating questions.

"Wellllll," she said finally, stretching the word, rolling it on her tongue. "Maybe it's time to pass on the calling?"

Silence. She had hung up.

Chapter 8

"Miss Gayheart, this is Miss Franco for you," Kaylee said, standing by the door to my office. She was wearing the cream-coloured business dress we had picked out for her, her hair made into a tight updo, her pose straight and attentive and only the high heels, deep cleavage and a little too short skirt would hint at her being not your typical secretary.

It's been four weeks since Kaylee moved into my apartment, and two weeks since she started working for me. College, we decided, was something she could revisit some time in the future, but for now, she wanted to follow the path we both started walking down. And that path included her being at my beck and call for all of my personal needs. Anything.

The woman she introduced was standing in the reception area where Kaylee worked now, waiting shyly to be called in. I nodded, smiling at my young lover, then at "Miss Franco". "Please come in," I said cheerfully.

The first time we met Sherri Franco was when she had come to one of our "Callings", as we called our girl's club meetings, which we held now infrequently at shifting locations, whenever I had an empty house for sale somewhere. I think she was one of Amanda's co-workers, but wasn't too sure about it now. She immediately got into what we were doing and couldn't get enough of it, her persistence and eagerness was outstanding. So I finally decided to take her under my personal wing, which is why she was here today.

Sherri stepped in cautiously, blinking as she entered my office. She was wearing a plain white blouse and a light blue skirt, her long black hair pulled back in a short pony tail, which made her cute round face with the thin glasses all the more striking. "H-hello Miss," she said, moving towards a chair but waiting for my word before sitting down.

Outside of the Callings, one of the unspoken rules was to act like we didn't know each other, especially when strangers were present, and even though we were among ourselves, Sherri tried to be as diligent as she could in following the rules. "I'm Miss Gayheart," I smiled, looking up at her. Playing along with our little game was somewhat amusing and silly to me, but I tried not to act too relaxed. "Since you want to work for me, let's get a few things straight first."

Sherri nodded and smiled back, still acting very nervous. "Yes, Miss Gayheart," she replied. As far as I remembered, she was about 28 or 29, single, no kids, and had a womanly, short, shapely figure. Her legs weren't the longest and her waist not the most slender, but she wore her heels and business outfit with dignity and pride.

I leaned back in my chair, putting one leg over the other. "Good," I said. "I selected you because you seem to have no problem following orders, is that right?"

She nodded again, standing just a little more upright. "Yes, Miss Gayheart," she said. "I have never had a problem following orders, so please feel free to rely on me."

"Alright then, let's talk about your attire first," I continued, starting to size her up. "Open your blouse."

Sherri blushed and a small gasp escaped her lips. "Yes, Miss Gayheart," she replied as her hands quickly undid the first two buttons, showing off some of her chest. "Like this?"

I sighed. "It's a start," I said, looking into her eyes. "But not enough. Your breasts must be in full view. And don't even think about wearing a bra, that's the first rule."

She nodded, already knowing about the rules. "Yes, Miss Gayheart, I will make sure not to ever wear a bra," she said obediently as she opened her blouse a bit more.

I was waiting until her small, but firm breasts were in full view. She was a little bigger than Kaylee, but also sagged more, which made her blush. "Like this, Miss Gayheart?" she asked bravely.

I eyed them for a while, then nodded satisfied. "You've got nice breasts," I said. "I was hoping you would, but I couldn't tell so good from the pictures you've submitted. Keep in mind that we have no shame before one another. Now turn around."

She quickly spun, stopping with her back facing me. "Is my backside to your liking as well?" she asked, talking towards the opposite wall, not daring to peek back at me.

I shrugged. "I don't know," I said. "I can hardly see much of it from here."

"Shall... shall I come closer?" Sherri asked, looking back over her shoulder with a small smile on her face. Instead of an answer, I reached across the desk and slapped her butt, a lot harder than she had anticipated. "Bend over," I said.

For some reason, this woman brought out a side in me that was previously unknown to myself. I became aggressive, demanding, perverted ideas running through my head about what I would do to her, what I would make her do. I felt a lot like Missy must be feeling with me.

During the last weeks I had not heard from Missy any more, and truth be told, I was quite busy getting accommodated, learning to live and work with Kaylee, showing her what to do, getting her set up and, more than anything, exploring every little inch of each other's bodies, every secret little desire in each other's minds.

"Yes, right away Ma'am," Sherri mumbled obediently, tearing me from my warm, wet thoughts and memories as she was bending at the waist and pushed her butt towards me.

Grabbing my scissors I began to slowly cut open her skirt, from the bottom almost all the way to her waistline. In line with the rules, and just as I had expected, Miss Franco wasn't wearing any panties either. Between her legs I could see her long, puffy slit, crowned on all sides by neatly trimmed black pubic hair.

"I just bought this out..." she whimpered when she heard the fabric tear.

"Shut up," I said, slapping her again, this time on her naked butt. "I'll pay you extra for the outfits you're going to wear from now on, and they'll be a lot more revealing than this." Spreading her buttocks slightly, my eyes were resting on her holes for a moment before I sat down again. "Very good," I said satisfied. "Now turn over and look at me."

I heard her exhale as I sat down. "Yes, right away," she said, turning around.

"So," I said, smiling at her. "What did you think your duties would be working for me?"

"Well, I, um... I thought I would be helping you, like a personal assistant or secretary. Was I wrong to think that?" she asked, looking down at her exposed breasts.

"You will be helping me alright," I replied laughing. "But you'll be helping me with a lot more intimate matters, many of which include your whole body and full dedication. Are you up for that?"

Slowly, she raised her eyes again, until they met with mine. It looked for a moment as if she was having second thoughts, as if this new, unknown and frightening thing we were doing was too much. I saw the same doubts in her eyes that I was wrestling with myself. Was this prostitution? Were we just depraved? Was all of this just an excuse for us to have the sex we never could have? Or was it more?

"Yes, Miss Gayheart," she said finally, nodding. "I'm happy to be able to help someone like you." A soft crimson colour crept up her cheeks, making her look cute and innocent.

"Good," I smiled, unfolding my legs and spreading them slowly towards her. Through the glass top she could see my skirt sliding upwards, revealing my curly black pubes and wet labia. "Get down on your knees and take care of that, then."

Sherri's eyes widened, but she dropped to her knees and crawled towards me until her face was right in front of my crotch. "Thank you, Miss Gayheart," she muttered before she started to lick slowly along my labia.

I moaned, finally feeling her tongue at my wet pussy. "Mmmh, very, very good," I purred. "You learn fast, and I appreciate your eagerness. If I didn't know better, I'd even say you like it..."

She blushed slightly. "I... I have never done this before, but I said I would follow your orders, Miss Gayheart. So I must do this."

She licked again, slowly, reaching my clit this time. I groaned, feeling the tip of her tongue playfully running across my little lust button. "Uhhh, yes... yes, you must," I replied, trying to keep my composure. She certainly was eager, and seemed ready for the task I had in mind for her. "Now let's see about the business..."

I called for Kaylee, pressing a little button on my desk phone. Almost instantly, my girlfriend and assistant came rushing into the office, discretely closing the door behind her. As she stepped closer, her eyes kept wandering to Sherri's exposed butt.

In a vain effort to hide, Sherri buried her face into my wet pussy, licking a little faster and sliding her tongue inside my damp hole ever so slightly. I let out a muffled gasp of surprise, before I nod at my assistant. "Is Mr. Schmidt in yet?" I asked.

Kaylee nodded. "Good, then make sure everything is set," I tell her.

The girl nodded again, and instantly knelt behind Sherri, licking long and shamelessly all across her labia and anus. The woman's eyes shot open in shock and she stopped licking my pussy for a second as she looked up at me, as if to say something. Thinking better of it, she resumed licking, her tongue sliding back over my labia and clit as she moaned slightly at the assault on her backside.

Making sure to leave her nice and wet, even probing her a little with her tongue, Kaylee finally let go of her again, got up and straightened her dress before she opened the door. Moments later, the new client entered.

"Mr. Schmidt, so good to see you," I greet the older, heavyset man that entered my office. He was wearing the same cheap, shaggy looking suit he had on the last time I saw him, and looked slightly nervous and excited at the same time as he came closer.

"Nice to meet you again, Miss Gayheart," he replied in a deep voice.

"Please, enjoy yourself," I said invitingly as I was sliding a little further down in my hcair, making sure my little desk slut was licking me deeper inside.

Sherri looked over her shoulder and whimpered as she looked back up at me. "Miss..." she started saying, but then stopped herself. Reluctantly, she went back servicing me while Mr. Schmidt opened his pants behind her, pulling out an average sized, but thick cock and began pressing it against her butt.

She gasped and whinced, obviously not used to get taken in her ass. Next to them, Kaylee was kneeling and helping the big man get an erection hard enough to be able to split the tight, unfucked ass of my new whore open. I heard sucking noises as she used her willing mouth on his cock, and then a loud, long whine as Sherri finally got his cock into her tight slick anus, splitting her open painfully.

"So," I said in a businesslike voice. "How is our deal going?"

He groaned as he begins fucking her, his shaft going deeper and deeper with every thrust until he's all inside the slender, athletic woman's asshole. "Uhhh, this one has a good little ass," he moaned panting. "I think we have a deal then."

Munching my clit between her lips, Sherri whimpered and moaned into my muff, sending small vibrations through my crotch. She slowed down on her licking, gasping for breath as she seemingly felt herself being pushed closer and closer to the edge.

Running my fingers through my pubes, I began to rub my clit hard as I watched the man grunt and groan, eventually shooting his load deep into Sherri's asshole. Her eyes widened at the unexpected sensation and she began to shake herself, her body being rocked with pleasure as she came.

I waited for the man to catch his breath, while Kaylee, diligent as always, was cleaning his cock with her mouth, leaving no drop of cum go to waste. Finally, he sighed and signed the papers I had prepared on my desk, leaving us without another word.

Only when he was out the door did I allow myself to fully enjoy my new little slut, rubbing my clit frantically while she tried hard to keep up with her licking. Kaylee had buried her face between Sherri's buttocks, continuing her duties at her ass, catching every drop of cum that was running out of her. Sandwiched between the two of us, the woman became our shared little slut.

I watched her, her pretty little face looking up at me, making me want to soil her so bad, to corrupt her, use her, abuse her and make her mine that the thought finally sent me over the edge. With a loud moan, I came, clenching her head between my legs tight, feeling thick, creamy cum ooze out of my cunt.

She licked it happily, her face a little messy as she looked up at me while Kaylee probed her ass, scooping the rest of the cum out of her. "Is this what every day is going to be like, Miss Gayheart?" she asked, a soft smile on her lips. "Because I think I like it."

Chapter 9

Looking down at Sherri, I saw her lipstick smeared from my pussy juice and her mascara running. "Mmh, I think you're going to love it here then" I said, "because right down there is where you'll be working from now on."

She smiled and kissed my clit. "As long as it's your order, Ma'am, I'm more than happy to be of use to you down here. Shall I keep going or are you okay for now?"

I ran my fingers through her hair gently, caressing it for a moment, then held her head in my lap while Kaylee still made some sucking noises around her ass. "Mmh, I'm good for now," I purred, smiling.

She smiled as well and closed her eyes, resting her head in my lap. "Then I shall sit here and wait for your next order; it's my job after all to follow your orders."

I grinned a little. She was more willing than I had anticipated. Even though Amanda said she would be "very eager", I didn't expect her to be that much of a slut. Something within me stirred, wanting to try and see how far she was willing to take it. "You seem to like that," I remarked, looking down at her.

She blushed softly. "I can't help it," she replied. "When I first walked in here, your eyes told me I was going to be unable to say no to you. It would just feel wrong."

I smirked, then got a naughty glimpse in my eye as I spread my legs towards her. "Mmh, then open your mouth," I said cheekily.

She looked up at me a little confused but nodded. "Yes, Ms. Gayheart," she said as she sat back and opened her mouth, ready for whatever I would ask of her.

"You want more of this cunt, slut?" I hissed, spreading my labia with both hands, giving her a good deep look.

She blushed deeper. "S-slut," she muttered as her eyes locked onto my pink butterfly. "Y-yes, Ms. Gayheart, I want more of your wonderful pussy. Please keep allowing me to service you."

I was breathing out slowly, closing my eyes as I relaxed. This part had become almost routine with Kaylee, ever since I had her under my desk the first time, but it was embarrassing and risky with a new woman, and I suddenly felt very nervous. She was looking up at me, wondering what was going to happen, when finally the strange feeling within me won over and a thin stream of pee shot straight at her, hitting her against her cheek.

She gasped, not sure what to do. The warm liquid sprayed across her face and got into her hair as it ran down her chin and began to soak her blouse. For a moment she looked like she was going to back away from it, but then she eased up and began to rub it onto her skin.

I groaned, watching her. "What're you waiting for?" I asked, a little too harshly. "Swallow..."

She nodded, whimpering, as she opened wide and began collecting it in her mouth. And then, looking up at me, with all the obedience of a truly devoted slut, she closed her lips and swallowed it. Just as I felt a strange rush of excitement and power from her devotion, she opened her mouth again, drinking and slurping at the lessening trickle between my pussy flaps. Finally, as the stream subsided, I leaned back relaxed. "Mmh, seems I was right," I say. "You are the perfect match for this job."

She finished with one last gulp and then licked her lips. "I... I never thought I would do something like that. I didn't dislike it..." she replied, blushing, embarrassment, confusion and satisfaction playing across her sweet face, looking innocent despite her age and the wet pee stains. "Why was I the perfect match?"

I smile as I looked down at her, soaked and messed. "Mmh, because secretly you're a dirty little slut who's not afraid of anything, regardless of how dirty. And you're willing to obey, which is a rare commodity these days." Grabbing my handbag, I finally asked casually: "So... want to go out for lunch?"

Sherri got to her feet, looking down at herself. "Like this?" she asked. Her white blouse was wet and stained yellow from piss, her skirt was torn and flapping a little along her left side, her makeup smeared and messy. "Should I not get cleaned up first? Oh, and sorry about the puddle, I can clean that up before we go too, if you want," she said, eyeing the mess on the floor.

I nodded at Kaylee, then leaned against my desk. "Good," I said. "Clean it. With your tongue."

Sherri looked down and finally went back on all fours again, diligently lapping up the few drops of cum and the puddle of piss on the floor underneath my desk. For good measure, and just to see how far I could take her, I thumped her nose into it, pushing her head down with my heels at her neck. I felt, suddenly, like Missy must feel with me, only more immediate, more... visceral. Frightened at my own thoughts, I quickly stopped and composed myself.

Meanwhile, Kaylee had returned from the lobby with a leash hanging from the thin, frilly collar around her neck. Ever since she's started working for me, the idea of wearing a collar that would designate her as my slut was so arousing to her that she had bought herself a whole assortment when we finally got down to it. In her hand, she carried another leash, with another collar, this one wider and made out of studded leather. I took it from her and, just as Sherri was sitting back up, began to fasten it around her neck. "I... I am getting a collar?" she asked surprised, but obviously aroused at the thought. Running her fingers across the tight leather strap, she muttered: "T-thank you..."

"So, where do you plan on eating?" Kaylee asked, standing by the door.

"The grill," I replied as I slung my handbag over one shoulder, pulling Sherri's leash with my other hand. I slowly walked out of the door, my heels clacking on the floor and I grabbed Kaylee's leash as well as I passed her. Pulling the two women behind me as we exited my office, I walked them out of the building. The regulars in the office condo were already used to see me and Kaylee like this, but they still turned their heads at Sherri, messed and revealing as she was. Nobody said a word, though, our reputation was preceding us widely now.

The grill was a Mongolian restaurant which offered some "exotic massages" on the side. It was just down the block and I've had a little deal with the owners, since some of their girls were attending callings as well and I helped them out with their rent. I decided to just walk the short distance, exposing Sherri to all the strangers that were passing us by. Cars slowed down as the drivers rolled down their windows to stare at her, customers peeked through the shop windows as we were walking past, mothers ushered their kids off and the few pedestrians got out of our way, but stayed close to be able to catch a glimpse of her wet, perky breasts through her open blouse or her round butt, dripping cum down her legs, exposed from the slit in her skirt.

"W-where do you plan to eat today?" Sherri asked shyly, her hand still at the collar.

"There's a really nice, classy restaurant down the street," I replied cheerfully. "I usually have business meetings there. But as for where I plan on eating..." I looked at her sideways, grinning. "Probably between your legs," I finished.

She gasped, taken aback. "Oh. I had no idea you would be giving me such a pleasure," she said. "I thought I would always be between your legs. You're far too kind to me Miss Gayheart, thank you very much." She blushed, keeping her head down so she would not have to look at people as we passed.

"Ah, you got the wrong idea about me," I laughed, slapping her breasts cheekily. "I treat my employees well." Kaylee smirked and nodded, then rushed forward to open the door for us as we arrived at the Mongolian restaurant.

The waitress was greeting us with a smile and led us to a small separee, where a table was reserved for me. Kaylee pulled out my seat and I sat down, nodding gracefully as she took a seat next to me. Sherri, not knowing what to do, was pulling out a chair for herself. "Ah, what're you thinking?" I asked, slapping her "You're on the table, of course."

Squeaking slightly at the slap, she nodded and began climbing onto the table. Laying down on her back, she spread her legs towards me, giving me a good view of her pussy for the first time. Her pubes were longer than I had thought, as she seemed to not trim them very often, forming a nice thick triangle above her puffy, long slit. Kaylee was already busy preparing her, pulling her blouse wide open and her skirt up all the way. Meanwhile, the waitress was back, asking for the order, not even flinching at the naked woman on the table.

I tell her to bring our usual and she nods and leaves, already knowing the procedure. In just a moment she is back with some sticks and a drink. I thank her, then pour some of the sparkling liquid across Sherri's pussy, leaning in to lick it off her labia as I began to suck her clit. She gasped hard as she arched her back up. "Oh god," she moaned happily, running a hand through her messy, auburn hair. "That... that feels wonderful Ma'am."

"Mmmmh," I groaned, my lips closed around her clit, sending tiny vibrations through her crotch. I began to slip my fingers into her wet, hot pussy, probing her deep.

She was gasping hard and closed her eyes, enjoying the treatment. "Yes...," she begged. "More. Please more. It feels so wonderful Ma'am."

Looking up, I could see her hands wander to her breasts, tweaking her nipples to add to her pleasure. Kaylee moved in to assist her, her slender hands running along Sherri's breasts while I pushed mine back into her twat, licking long and wide across her pelvis. I loved the feeling of her frizzy pubes tickling my tongue while Kaylee started sucking in her nipple, pulling at it with her lips.

I pushed my fingers faster and faster into her, crooking them slightly to rub against her spot. She must've already been significantly aroused, because it didn't take much for her to cum, writhing and gasping on the table. "Yes! Oh god... yes!" she cried out as her body was shuddering, panting and moaning in bliss. "T-thank you for this..." she whimpered as she tried to catch her breath.

"Mmmh," I said smiling, "now let's have our appetizer." Kaylee moved in closer to me between her legs, seemingly excited. "Let it flow, slut," I whispered, harshly, up at Sherri, patting her creamy cunt.

Sherri whimpered, not quite sure what I meant. Finally, she began to pee, hoping on a whim that it was the right thing to do, her stream coming out towards us. Kaylee caught it greedily in her mouth, gargling on it before kissing me and letting it run over to myself, where I swallowed it finally. Her piss was watery, faint, still noticeably salty, and I began to take little sips right from the source, letting it sprinkle across my face a little. We indulge ourselves on Sherri's leaking cunt while the waitress returned, placing a little bit of warm rice on her breasts, crotch and belly and pouring some gravy across it.

Using the sticks, I took little bits of rice and dipped them into her pussy, savouring them long and slow, licking across her as I did. Kaylee seemed to enjoy her even more and began to lick all over her skin, up from her crotch to her armpits. The girl had developed a real knack for all things sexual and an insatiable curiousity. "M-my armpits," Sherri giggled embarrassed, almost trying to move away from Kaylee's head. "I had no idea people liked that place."

"Mmh, you have no idea," I replied, raising one of my arms until she could see that I wasn't even shaved under there. Ever since the callings began, I became bolder and more confident about my body and finally stopped shaving altogether, making a point about not conforming to whatever beauty standards society was putting on us. Kaylee, eager and obedient as ever, followed suit and it's become a common thing among the women attending our callings, even though it wasn't an official rule.

My young assistant leaned in to lick my armpit as well, smiling happily at me before turning back to Sherri and sucking a little rice off her nipples. Her pussy began to drip more with juices and pee as I continued to dip into it, twisting and turning the sticks inside her until I finally slipped two fingers up into her tight, hot asshole, fucking her fast. "Please don't stop," she begged again, her pussy soaking with juices. "My ass feels amazing!"

I nod and let some saliva drop down onto my fingers, lubricating them as I pushed deeper and faster inside her. "Mmmh," Kaylee moaned next to me. "Finally the desert."

Looking up, I saw a few male patrons surrounding us, led there by the waitresses who knew about our little secret desires. They all had their pants open and their cocks in hand, stroking them as they were watching us, ready to cum. As I kept on pounding Sherri's ass with my fingers, the first one stepped up to her side and came hard onto her tits, his stingy sperm running across the rice and skin. Soon, he was pushed aside by a smaller guy, who tried to aim for her head but hitting her armpit instead.

Kaylee moved in to lick it off, while two more guys took his place, one of them dumping his load across Sherri's crotch, a few drops of cum hitting my cheek as well. I smirked, not giving him a second glance as I looked up at her, watching the other guy shoot his creamy nut butter into her greedy open mouth, letting himself get sucked clean. To more guys, two more shots of cum, across Sherri's face and hair, messing her up even more than my pee already had. She moaned, letting the sperm sit in her mouth for a moment, enjoying the smell and taste.

Kaylee and myself finished eating the rest of the cum-soaked rice off her body, licking her moderately clean but making sure to leave splashes of sperm all over her face and tits. Shuddering and moaning, Sherri smiled at us happily. She looked like she was torn between getting drunk on cum and wanting to let it dry on her body to be marked with it, just like she got marked with pee.

We finally gathered our stuff again and helped Sherri off the table. Her legs were a bit weak and she needed to hold onto a chair for support, but was good again in a minute. "Thank you for taking me out, Miss Gayheart," she said gracefully. "I had a wonderful time."

I nodded. "Good," I said. "Then we'll see you at work tomorrow, or at the calling later." And with that I walked Kaylee back to my office, leaving it to my new slut to find her way back home as soaked, used and exposed as she was.

Chapter 10

The Calling, later, was the first one we held at our new, secret hideout. Mr. Schmidt, true to his word, had signed over the deed to a nice, inconspicuous little storage compartment in the industrial part of town after his special treatment from Sherri. And so we met, around 30 women, young and old, strangers, friends, co-workers, all of us united by a single, strong purpose: To get back our sexuality, to discover what it means to be a woman.

We had been holding meetings like these for the past two months now in different locations, and our circle of participants had steadily increased. So much, that we were constantly running into space issues and my previous strategy of using empty houses that I had for sale just didn't work anymore. So I finally took the leap and bought something larger for us, that wasn't too expensive, in no small part due to the power of my bargaining skills.

As usual, I had Missy on call, she liked to listen in to the meetings and give me occasional instructions. After all, I had her to thank for having set all of this in motion, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy her presence, her guidance and the dominance she held over me. She pushed me to my limits, made me do things I was uncomfortable with and helped me get over myself.

As usual, Sheryl was there. Since we met her on the parking lot, she had been joining us and been at every meeting since the beginning. Being quite the social butterfly, she did most of our recruitment. I don't know what she tells people about us, but whatever it is, it seems to spark their curiosity, as the large circle of attendees attested. Tonight, she had brought another new girl, Tabby, who was a co-worker of hers.

Tabby was a heavy, thick, round young woman with a pretty smile, big brown eyes and a weird little flowery neck tattoo, only partly visible under the loose top she was wearing. She looked shy, but curious, and took a seat next to Sheryl in the circle of chairs and sofas that I had put up. Having access to a lot of furniture that my clients didn't want certainly had come in handy to make the large empty room more comfortable.

“Hello everyone,” I opened the Calling. “I see many familiar faces, but a few new ones, so let me first reiterate the rules of these meetings: First, this is a Calling. You're here because you want to be here, you can leave any time if you're uncomfortable and there is no obligation that comes along with it.”

“Okay, rule number one,” I said, repeating our well-known tenets, like a ritual. “No more underwear. You are to be prepared at all times. Number two, always keep a toy on you. You all got your toys?” I asked into the round. Everyone nodded, some wiggled little dildos or egg vibrators, some just patted their handbags or smiled knowingly. “Good,” I continued. “Three, do as you're told. No questions, no delays. Four. No holding back. As women, we have no shame before one another.”

“Five,” I concluded. “Number five: We are a sisterhood. Wherever we are, whoever we are, we will always be there for one another.”

“… always be there for one another,” mumbled the group, repeating after me. They liked that. Hell, I liked it too. It was nice, it gave us a feeling of purpose, of security, of belonging. It was powerful. Missy liked it too, she giggled in my ear.

"Okay," I addressed Tabby finally. "As this is your first time here, let's start with you. What brings you here?"

Tabby blushed. "Well, I... I've got this thing, where... I can't have an orgasm without a vibrator." She avoided eye contact, but continued. "I've had this conversation with a friend a couple of years ago, where I told her that I never had an orgasm, and she took me shopping to get one. It works great for me, but I still can't get one without, and I think it's ruining the sex for me and my... boyfriend. I really want to enjoy it just as much without one, and I really tried but... it's not working."

I nodded. I could really use your help now, Missy, I thought. "Well," I replied, looking deep into Tabby's dark, brown eyes. "Get undressed then."

She looked around embarrassed, but slowly got up, pulling the black top over her head reluctantly. Her hesitation gave me a little time to think, and to my relief, Missy finally started speaking again. "Well, that little bitch's got some problems," I heard her say through the earpiece, quite matter-of-factly.

Meanwhile, Tabby had finally stripped off her clothes. She had long, saggy breasts, which she tried to cover with one arm while the other reached down to her crotch, her hand across her pelvis. She had a big, round belly and the cutest belly button I've ever seen, and I had to get a grip on myself as I started fantasizing what I'd like to do with her.

"No shame, remember?" I said to her, smiling my sweetest smile. "Go ahead and show us how you do it with that vibrator."

Tabby stared at me wide-eyed, the same shocked expression almost every woman would get on her first Calling. Quietly, she pulled a smooth, pearl-coloured vibrator from her handbag, looking around embarrassed when Sheryl got up to give her more room on the sofa they both were sitting on. Tabby sat down, laying on her back, running the almost pointy tip of the toy between her legs, turning it on high.

A loud buzz was the only noise we heard as we all watched fascinated while the young woman ran the white stick along her slit, parting her shaved pussy slightly to run it tighter across her clit. She gasped, breathing harder in short, shallow bursts, her body shaking slightly from excitement.

"Tell her she's not allowed to come," Missy suddenly whispered in my ear.

I got up, walking over to Tabby. She had her eyes closed and didn't notice me approach, so she startled when I spoke suddenly. "Do not come," I told her. "You can please yourself, but you may not come. Yet."

She nodded, looking up at me with a fearful expression. "Y-yes Ma'am," she replied, freezing.

I ran my fingers slowly along the woman's thigh, feeling her leg muscles tense and tight at my fingertips. She seemed very stressed. "Now how else have you tried to make yourself come?" I asked, echoing Missy's suggestions.

Instead of an answer, Tabby put the vibrator aside, running three fingers of her hand across her clit in a slow, up and down motion, stroking it, while her other hand cupped her breast, playing absently with her nipple, pinching it between forefinger and thumb.

I knelt down beside her, my lips close to her ear, whispering. "First off, don't stress yourself out," I said warmly, understanding the frustrations she was dealing with all too well. "Wanting to get something by force is the safest way not to get it at all." Those were Missy's words, not mine, but they worked nonetheless.

Tabby nodded, slightly calmer by my gentle caresses of her leg, her breathing getting deeper and slower. "Now there's a million ways to have sex, and a million ways to please yourself, and many times you don't even need an orgasm to be completely satisfied, so it's okay to just do what feels good." My hand moved further up her thighs, touching hers as I reached her pelvis.

"Sex is only for pleasure, there's no competition, and nothing to achieve," I continued as I was running my hand across her beautiful, soft, warm belly, circling the button with my fingers. "So as long as you and your partner are satisfied, it really doesn't matter what you do."

She nodded again, closing her eyes as her fingers ran harder and faster across her clit, stroking it now only for the enjoyment, for the sensation it gave her. I knew the sentiment, feeling like it could go on forever, tingling all over my body, my little hot button sending shocks and waves of warmth all over crotch, tummy and legs, giving me those thoughts... oh, those thoughts. Fantasies of men, of women, of scenes and situations, things that are done to me, things I would do. Some of them dark, some of them sweet, some of them... so wrong, but oh so right.

"Now there are places inside you," I whispered again, my hand reaching down to hers, gently moving it further down between her legs, dipping a finger in between her labia and motioning her to do the same. "Places you can touch, places you can explore, places that sometimes only the right person, or the right toy can reach," I continued, pushing both one of her fingers and one of my own slowly up into her warm, slippery slit.

She shuddered at the touch, not daring to open her eyes, but at the same time not trying to stop me. I reached deep inside her, crooking my finger slightly upwards until I began to rub along the walls of her vagina, twisting and turning it inside her, guiding her hand to do the same. I didn't know if I hit the right spots or not, but when I carefully pulled my finger back out, she continued exploring, slipping a second finger of hers inside while her other hand pressed hard on her clit, rubbing it only in small, slow circles.

I smiled, watching her for a moment as she squirmed. "Now make her beg," Missy giggled into my ear.

I stopped. "Would you like a toy in your pussy?" I asked Tabby.

"Oh god yes," she moaned, pushing her fingers in and out as deep as she could reach, trying to get deeper.

I slapped her. “You're not allowed to come,” I reminded her. She gasped and stared at me with wide eyes and a mix of disbelief and embarrassment on her face. Slowly she nodded.

I smiled and looked at Sheryl, who reached over to give me her rabbit vibrator, turning it on. It began to rotate, buzzing loud, worn out from the many uses it had seen, but Tabby didn't mind. She took it, placing it at the mound of her muff and pushed it in eagerly, back and forth, going deeper inch by inch as she groaned louder and louder. She seemed lost in a world of her own, oblivious to her surroundings, just wanting to explore and play with herself.

I watched happily as she squirmed on the sofa, churning the vibrator inside her, playing with her clit as she fucked herself, not as fast and hard as I would prefer, but deep and intense. "Remember," I purred, smiling at her. "You're still not allowed to cum."

She nodded, whimpering, tossing her head from side to side as I raised her leg, making her spread wider, my fingers running underneath her, caressing her soft, wide butt. "Now remember, there are a million places where you can play with yourself," I continued, stroking her buttock gently. "And you don't need to cum to enjoy them all.”

I paused, then grinned cheekily, placing my index finger, still slick from her cunt juices, straight at her anus, slipping it inside. I pushed firmly inside, turning and wiggling, drilling it up her hot little asshole as she gasped for air, groaning loud, pulling the vibrator out and running it across her clit, shuddering all over her body.

Just as her body began to tremble, and I could feel her stomach muscles tense, building up to climax, I stopped once more, keeping my finger in place, but not moving it any more. It took her a moment to realize that something's changed, but then she looked at me again, puzzled, intrigued, and shaking wildly from excitement. I grabbed her hand with the vibrator and kept it away from her.

“P-please,” she whispered, avoiding eye contact. Her nipples had grown hard and erect and her areolas seemed to have hardened and shrunk in size. Her whole body was tense.

“Finally,” Missy joked. “Let her dangle a little, the slut. Orgasms need to be earned.”

“Please what?” I asked, my fingers perfectly still, my hands covering her holes so she couldn't touch herself.

Tabby swallowed hard. “Please,” she said again, even quieter than before. “Please, I need to...”

Moving my head closer, I breathed lightly across her skin, smiling enigmatically. “You need to what?” I asked.

“C-come,” she replied, almost inaudibly. “I need to come...”

“Mmh, you think you can orgasm without a vibrator now?” I asked cheekily.

She nodded. Her limbs were shaking uncontrollably, her chubby bits swaying in a way that was so very appetizing. I bit my teeth, then pulled out my finger, took the vibrator away from her and slapped hard across her tits. Too hard, but I didn't care, and she had other things to worry about.

Like her life depended on it, she began to rub her chubby slit furiously, frantically, with both hands pressing hard against her mound. I watched as she squirmed, bucked, her body thrown from side to side by a wave of climaxes, when in between them I just pushed her legs apart and forced the thick, slick vibrator into her asshole, fucking her viciously as she came, giving her a hard, harsh treatment during her most vulnerable, most exposed, most embarrassing moment.

She screamed. She squealed. She scratched me, thrashed with her arms, grabbed my clothes, the sofa, anything she could hold on to, then rubbed herself even more, even harder, until she fell limp from exhaustion.

Kissing her labia, I slowly pulled the rabbit back out, licking up some of the white, creamy juice that came pouring out of her pink hole, enjoying the sweet taste of her cum.

I looked around, where the women in the circle were watching us fascinated, and more than a little turned on. Some of them were touching themselves, slightly, still a little ashamed, but every one of them looked like they would've liked to be in Tabby's place right now. I smiled. “Don't you love it when they're all horny but trying to act decent?” Missy giggled in my ear, as if she could just see what was going on. “Maybe it's time they learned a very different lesson.”

“So many women are like Tabby,” I finally addressed the group, after listening to Missy's quick and short instructions. “And unnecessarily so, as there is no shame in pleasing yourself and enjoying your own body. So today, I've got a little homework for all of you, until our next Calling: Make a stranger come.”

I tried not to grin at their shocked stares, when I explained: “Every one of you needs to make an anonymous call to a total stranger, a woman you don't know, and tell her to please herself. Give her instructions. Tell her exactly what to do, all the things you like. Then see what happens.”

They looked at me incredulously. This was a step further than the cozy little tea party we'dbeen having, and we set out into risky terrain with this, so many of the women understandably were not quite sure if I was serious. “You want this to be just a little local group?” I asked. “You want to keep among yourselves? I don't think so.”

“We've got a very special thing going here,” I continued. “Every one of you is here because someone told her about this special thing we're doing, and how it changed their lives. And now it's time to pass on that Calling. You will change the life of another woman for the better, because we're a sisterhood, and we're there for one another.”

“Now, of course there are rules,” I sighed, trying to alleviate some of their fears. “And these should be fairly self-evident, but I'll make them clear nevertheless. No guys, obviously. Just call women. If you get to a guy, just hang up. Also, no underage girls, and if a woman hangs up, do not call her again. But in the end, you'll all be surprised how many willing participants you will find, and how easy it is to get them to collaborate.”

I nodded, to confirm my point. “And now,” I concluded, “I'll bend over and spread my legs, until I feel someone's tongue between them. And the rest of you can watch and play with yourselves. Nobody say they didn't go home satisfied...”

Chapter 11


A woman. The last three tries were all guys, so I sighed relieved. “Hi, so where were we?” I asked seductively.

“Who is this?” she asked confused.

Since I've been giving everyone at the Calling “homework”, I figured it was only fair that I included myself in that as well. I had been looking up instructions on how to make calls anonymously, and then began dialing random numbers with area codes far enough away to make me feel safe in never having to run across my new “acquaintances” accidentally.

“Mmh, right, you were going to tell me how wet you are,” I continued, not heeding her question.

“What?” she replied.

I paused. That was not how it was supposed to go. Why did it work for Missy and not for me? Maybe I wasn't forward enough?

“Put a finger in your pussy and...” I stumbled, trying to remember what exactly it was Missy had told me in her first call. It seemed ages ago, and almost like it happened to a different person. “...Tell me how wet you are,” I continued.

A click. She had hung up. With a sigh I put the phone down, closing my eyes. Nasty, nagging doubt started creeping into my mind. That pretty vision of spreading my own new found sense of liberation to many other women seemed to fall flat on its face, confronted with the reality of actually doing it. Was I crazy, and all my friends were just indulging a madwoman's fancy?

A knock on the door pulled me out of my dark brooding. “Miss Gayheart?” Sherri said, standing attentively at the door. I waved with one hand, motioning her to come in, while I picked up the phone again with the other. A new number, a new chance.

“Hey,” said a female voice.

Good, I thought. “So, where were we?” I replied, trying to sound more casual and business-like.

“Uh, I think you have the wrong number,” she answered cautiously.

“Hm, I think you were going to tell me how wet you are,” I said, disregarding her objection.

“You definitely have the wrong number,” the woman concluded, ending the call.

“Shit,” I hissed, throwing down the phone in frustration. Pussies, all of them. In my thoughts, I began to curse every timid woman on earth, everyone who didn't seem to be open to new sexual experiences, everyone… Everyone but myself.

Sherri stood perfectly still, watching me attentively. “Is… is everything alright, Miss Gayheart?” she asked meekly, watching my struggle.

“No,” I yelled back. “Everything is not alright. They're hanging up on me, those stupid… cows.” I spat out the last word in disgust.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” she asked, smiling her nicest smile.

I shrugged, looking out of the window. Outside, the sun was just creeping over the flat roof of the building across the yard, casting the empty parking lot in between in a soft, orange glow. “It's alright,” I said, trying to calm down. “I'm just frustrated.”

She nodded. “Is it a woman?” she wanted to know.

I shrugged again. “I guess,” I replied. “Several women, more like. The whole of womanhood. Right now, they're all getting on my nerves.”

She stepped closer. “What would you do to them?” she continued, keeping her smile.

That took me aback. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, impulses were stirring, dark thoughts, desires. I had regarded them as background noise for a while now, and never given them much attention, but this young woman and her line of inquiry brought them forth. Closing my eyes again, I shook my head, trying to shake them off as well. “Nothing,” I said quietly. “It's nothing.”

“If it helps you, you can pretend like I'm them,” she offered undeterred.

I turned and looked into her eyes. Her expression was earnest, concerned, almost eager. She was poised and ready for anything that might be coming, no matter what. It was the look of total dedication. I knew it from myself.

“I… I'm not sure,” I said hesitantly. My hand twitched, and I could feel my heart beat faster, even though I didn't even know what it was that I wanted to do so badly. I just felt it was wrong, dangerous, troubling. I didn't want to go there. “I don't think you want to go there,” I finished.

“I do,” she said sternly, unbuttoning her neat, white blouse. “Whatever you need from me, it is all yours. I am at your command.”

I closed my eyes once more, breathing in deep. “Come closer,” I finally said emotionless, as I got up.

Bravely, she took a few steps forward, looking straight into my eyes. Was she expecting something special? Or was she bracing herself for whatever may come? I didn't know. I shuddered in horror at the things I wanted to do, wrestling with myself. Then again, I thought, she did offer herself, didn't she? And if she doesn't like the treatment, it's her own fault, and she's free to just go on her merry way. I took a deep breath, and then hit her straight across her face, hard, with my flat hand.

The strike was stronger than both I and she had expected. It sent her reeling and made her catch herself on a chair to keep from falling over, and made my hand sting painfully. Her hair now hung loose over her eyes, and she looked up at me with a look of defiance, biting her teeth and pushing herself back up. “More,” was all she said.

I hit her again, with my other hand, once more in the face. She swung around to the other side, but quickly regained her posture, looking at me sternly, trying hard not to make a single sound. She wanted this. It was raw, dirty, violent, and she wanted it.

“You stupid bitch,” I hissed. There was anger in me that I've never known before. Maybe it was there all along, and only needed a vent, and Sherri was going to be that vent. In my mind, she had become everything I ever despised, everything I had ever wanted to strike out against, but was too timid, too restrained, too 'civilized' to do. Every entitled college student, every stupid uneducated office worker, every whore, every smug client, every wannabe posh woman, who's never satisfied – they all became embodied by her.

“You stupid bitch,” I hissed again, pulling at her hair this time, grabbing her blouse with my other hand, tearing at her collar. “You stupid little dirty cow! You want to get punished, yes? You want to get it rough?”

With both hands, I ripped her blouse apart, tearing it open at the front and then pulling it halfway down her back until she could barely move her arms. Her small breasts were perky with excitement, her nipples harder than I had ever seen.

I pulled open a drawer and took out a roll of package band, and with some difficulty tied it around her breasts so tight they turned slightly blue. “There you go,” I said finally, slapping across her nipples. “Stupid cow has some udders now, too. Now bend over!” I commanded.

She hesitated, looking around undecided, until I impatiently grabbed her messy hair again, pulling her hard down on the desk, where I pressed her head sideways on the glass top while I pushed up her skirt rough. Her soft, white butt, with the little dark curls inside her crack, stuck out against me. Slowly, meditatively, I pulled the thin, white belt off, that held my dress together around the waist, folded it, and then brought it down violently on her buttocks, with a loud crack.

She wailed. The belt almost immediately left a red streak, all across her rack. I hit again. And again. She tried as hard as she could not to make a sound, but a little whimper would on occasion escape her lips.

I had worked myself into a frenzy. With escalating force, I brought the belt down on her butt, until both halves were criss-crossed with streaks of varying colours – red, burgundy, purple, crimson. Looking up, I suddenly noticed her drooling on my desk, while the tell-tale shimmer of wetness clung to her pubes and a few trails of it were already running down her legs.

“So that's what you want, huh?” I asked. Did I mean her, or myself? I wasn't sure anymore. With one fluid motion, I swung the belt up from underneath her, hitting her square between the legs. She wailed, but moved her feet somewhat further apart, keeping herself steady and in place. I swung again, this time aiming straight at her slit.

Crack! Her cunt got hit by a whip that must've stung worse than a thousand needles.

I grabbed her wrists and wound the belt around them, pulling it tight, making sure she could no longer use her hands. Then I used my phone to call Kaylee into my office.

She entered, paying no attention to the girl that was strewn across my desk and looking at me for instructions. “Lube,” I said sharply. “Lube, gloves, strapon.”

She nodded and left, returning just moments later with the items I had requested. I pulled up my skirt, fastening the straps of the dildo around my waist while I handed the pair of red rubber gloves to Kaylee, who put them on. Then I squeezed a copious amount of lube on Sherri's red-glowing butt and the thick purple shaft of the strapon that Kaylee and myself had picked out for ourselves. Without hesitation, I slid it into Sherri's soft, wide butt.

She groaned as it went in, her dark star-shaped anus getting split open from the round, thick head of the dildo. I grabbed her waist and moved my hips a few times to and fro, fucking her sore ass slowly, until it was stretched wide enough to easily accommodate the dildo. Then I pulled it back out and grabbed her by her hair, dragging her with me as I rounded the desk to sit down on my chair.

The strapon stood up vertically from my crotch, and I pulled her ass hard down on it, until she got it into her asshole once more, taking it all the way, pushed in by her own weight.

As she sat on my lap, I pulled her legs up, spreading them wide towards Kaylee, who came between them, kneeling down and running her gloved fingers along Sherri's muff. “Dig into her dirty little fuckhole,” I told my assistant. “Make her feel what a sloppy cunt she is.”

Kaylee looked back up at me with a wicked smile, rubbing some of the clear lube over her right hand, and then slowly, but firmly, pressed her fingers tight into Sherri's dripping wet fuck hole. The woman moaned deeply, unable to hold back any longer, as both of her holes got filled to the max. My lover's fingers slid inside until the knuckles, which were always the hardest to get in. She pushed, fiercely, giving Sherri no quarter, until her slender, gloved hand finally disappeared all the way inside the black-haired, welted twat.

The girl squirmed and twisted between us, torn between pleasure and pain, needing to cum and passing out. We held her in a vice, stretching her, but not stimulating her any further, keeping her right on the edge.

“God,” Sherri gasped. “God, please. I can't stand it any more.” Her voice sounded hoarse and desperate.

I acted like I didn't hear her, keeping her in place on my lap. “Please, Miss Gayheart,” she pleaded again. “I need to cum, please!”

“You what?” I asked boredly.

“I need to cum, I need to cum,” she whimpered, “Please, I did everything, I let you do everything. Just let me cum!”

“So that's what you want,” I concluded. “Getting abused and treated like a dirty whore. That's what makes you cum?”

“Y-yes,” she admitted quietly.

I paused. Kaylee looked up at me, waiting for a sign. The woman on my lap continued to whimper. Finally, I nodded. “Pull it out, hard,” I told my assistant.

Kaylee yanked her hand back out of the woman's cunt, while I reached around and slapped on her clit hard, patting it, squeezing it, rubbing it, treating it rough and mercilessly, until her entire body shook convulsively and she gushed cum all over the strapon and Kaylee's chest.

My lover moved in and diligently licked it all up, as she likes to do, then discretely withdrew back into the entrance, leaving us catching our breath. Sherri slid off my crotch and knelt on the floor, almost in a fetal position, while I took the belt off her wrist and let her regain command of her limbs. “A-are you feeling better now, Miss Gayheart?” she asked finally, looking fearfully up at me.

I cocked my head, looking down, deep into her eyes. “Are you?” I asked back.

Chapter 12


Another woman. Maybe the third time was a charm, I thought, taking all my courage together. “Hi,” I said, trying to sound cheerful and not as nervous as I had become.

“Hi...” she replied.

Something seemed off, but I couldn't put my finger on it. “Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes...” she said. “Did you call me earlier?”

I paused. Did I redial a number by mistake? I might have. “Uh, why?” I asked, cautiously.

“You… you were asking me something. I couldn't talk at the time,” she replied.

I took a deep breath, my blood still boiling from the matter with Sherri earlier. “And so you hung up on me, bitch?” I hissed. Bitch? I almost laughed. Really, Jocy, I thought. You're going to insult people now.

“I… I'm sorry Miss,” said the woman on the other end, sounding genuinely apologetic. “I'm not going to do it again.”

“Good,” I said. “So where were we?”

She didn't answer right away. “I'm in the bathroom now,” she whispered finally.

“And...” I asked expectantly.

“A-and… and I…,” she stuttered, struggling for the courage to talk to me. Finally, she whispered: “I am very wet, Miss.”

“How do you know?” I asked, starting to enjoy this little game.

“I… I had reached into my panties, just now,” she answered, trying to sound confident, but at the same time as inconspicuous as possible. I could only presume she wasn't all alone in that bathroom. Maybe she was at work?

“And you're still wearing them?” I asked.

She swallowed, afraid she would say something wrong. “Y-yes,” she admitted finally.

I gave Sherri, who still stood at the ready by the side of my desk, a sign to come closer, while I continued my play with the strange woman on the phone. My submissive, masochistic assistant stepped up without hesitation, still bearing the welts and bruises from our previous encounter almost with pride. I pointed down between my legs, and she immediately understood, dropped to her knees and came crawling underneath my desk.

“Then I want you to piss in them,” I said into the phone. “Let's see how wet you can really get.”

Language, Jocy, language, I thought, but then shrugged it off. I had done worse, more depraved things, so why was I so embarrassed to use dirty language? Looking down, I saw Sherri waiting expectantly between my legs, where my skirt was shifted up just enough to show some curly black pubes around the hint of my slit.

Very casually, I began to pee, forming a pool on my leather chair and then hitting Sherri's face as she moved in closer and the stream began to swell up and get stronger at the same time. Eagerly, she opened her lips and caught what she could, making little gargling noises as it filled her mouth. Amazed, I watched her, wondering how much she could hold without swallowing or letting it run out, while the woman on the phone started breathing harder, with little moans in between.

“I… it's done,” she said, “it's all wet,” just as Sherri swallowed her first, big gulp of pee, getting sprayed across her face as she did.

“Well,” I said, with my own pussy fountain still running strong, “then take it off and stuff it into your stupid whore mouth.”

She swallowed hard. “Yes, Miss,” she replied obediently, but with fear in her voice. For a moment I heard nothing, while Sherri continued to drink down anything I let go on her, slurping and sucking the rest of it off my chair, my pubes and my pussy lips. The girl knew exactly what her place was.

A muffled sound finally came through the line. It sounded like she was trying to talk, very quietly, with her mouth full. The thought of this unknown woman, munching on her own piss-filled panties, made me wild.

“Very good,” I said to her. “That's the way I want you. Now start rubbing your clit hard, and don't worry about your moans anymore. Nobody can hear you.”

I reached down with my left hand and combed through my pubes with my fingertips, flicking at my own little bean. Sherri licked me, gently, her skilled tongue darting into my moist, warm opening, teasing me just a little too much while I rubbed my burning hot cherry.

“Fingers now,” I said, both to the woman and Sherri. “Two fingers, hard and deep inside. Fuck yourself good!”

My obedient slut didn't hesitate. She pushed two fingers hard into my pink butterfly, hammering her wrist fast and mercilessly against my opening. On the other end, the woman moaned incessantly.

“Mmngh,” I groaned, panting into the phone. “I hope you're doing as you're told, slut. Now use three fingers, reach into that pussy deep and far and make sure you get them all nicely covered in your juice. You'll need it.”

While I was still talking, I felt a third finger enter me. Sherri was digging around inside me, twisting and turning her hand, her fingernails caressing all sides of my vagina, I tilted my desk chair far back and spread my legs wide, placing them on my desktop and just let her do her job.

The girl did not disappoint. She eagerly explored me, every little crevice of my twat, licking and tasting it with her tongue, feeling, touching and caressing it with her fingertips, thrusting, pounding and fucking me with her fingers. I found it difficult to speak, let alone hold the phone, my left hand moved between my breasts and pussy up and down, switching between my clit and nipples, trying to play with them all.

“Uhh,” I gasped. “Now get up and turn around, and push your wet fingers into your ass. Do it!” I said harshly to the woman on the other end. Sherri's fingers swiftly slid out of my dripping wet pussy, leaving it slightly agape, and without hesitation pushed into my anus, which already lay ripe and ready in front of her. The intrusion made me yell.

Alarmed, Kaylee suddenly entered the office, staring at us with a slightly hurt expression. She didn't mind using Sherri for both of our enjoyment, but she seemed to feel left out. Keeping Sherri's head firmly planted on my crotch, I motioned my girlfriend to come closer. “You want to get some?” I asked, looking deep into her eyes.

She nodded. “Come here then,” I said invitingly, holding out my hand. Kaylee walked towards us, looking a little too self-conscious. When she had reached my side, I took her hand and looked into her eyes for a moment, smiling. She understood.

I pulled her closer and gently backed her against the desk, where she lifted herself onto the desktop, facing me. Her short, pink skirt slid up momentarily as she spread her legs, resting her high heels on my arm rests. The familiar, rosy, brunette pussy of my young lover opened up before me, and I frantically tried to figure out how we all could get pleased.

Sherri looked up at us expectantly, her fingers resting in my anus. On the phone, I could still hear the other woman moan, though slightly less so, as if she was waiting for the final push. “Go ahead and piss, with your fingers in your asshole,” I said into the receiver, but Kaylee understood it just the same. Moments later, a thick, warm stream burst out of her cunt and rained down on Sherri, sprayed all over my crotch and dress and soaked the floor beneath us.

Our submissive assistant turned a little to the side, bathing her face in it before she drank and swallowed anything she could catch with her mouth. Her other hand ran across Kaylee's wet muff, slipping in between her dripping labia and finally entered her ass as well. She began to fuck us simultaneously.

Through the phone, a loud groan confirmed that my anonymous acquaintance had just managed to finish herself off in the bathroom. I heard her spit out the panties and breathe heavily into her phone. “God, that was incredible,” she whispered cautiously.

I only listened to her half-heartedly as she went on to thank me for 'the greatest orgasm of her life', while I kicked off my shoes and lifted my leg to run my foot along Kaylee's pussy. On a whim, I dipped my toes into her warm, soft hole, playfully probing her.

To my surprise, she responded eagerly. Her hands pulled her labia wide on both sides, signalling me to get further in, if not making the passage easier as well. Was this a thing? Could I do that with my… foot? “Can… can you call me again?” the woman on the phone asked timidly as I didn't respond anymore.

“Mmh,” I replied, moving my leg ever-so-slightly forward. It felt strange, pushing into her twat with my toes, but Kaylee immediately began to gasp and moan loudly. “I might,” I said, trying to concentrate on several things at once. “But if you really want me to, let's put down some rules first...”

Another push. Almost all of my toes were inside her now, only the smallest one was still visible. “Number one, no more underwear. Be prepared at all times.”

“Uh, okay,” she replied, a little taken aback by my brazenness. But then, she must have figured that if she wanted something from me, she might have to put up with my demands, so finally, she said an affirming: “Yes, Ma'am.”

“Good,” I said, as Sherri did her best to push into Kaylee's ass at the same time. I had much more strength in my legs than I did in my arms, so I tried to be careful not to hurt my girlfriend as I pressed my foot in further, the last of my toes disappearing behind her labia.

“Number two,” I continued with the woman on the phone. “Always keep a toy with you. You would've needed one just now, and you'll need one again.”

“You're so right,” she giggled, immediately falling back to whispers as her voice echoed in the bathroom.

Kaylee slid forward against me, sitting on the very edge of the desktop, her stomach heaving and spasming from the wild, crazy signals that her crotch sent out through her body. “Ffffuckkk,” she groaned.

“Three,” I said, “do as you're ordered, no questions.”

“Yes Ma'am,” was the reply again. Something gave in. My foot pushed easier into my girlfriend now, and I started to move it back and forth, fucking her hard.

“Four,” I continued, “no holding back. There is no shame with one another.”

“Mhm,” the woman said affirmatively. Kaylee squirmed on the desktop, writhing from pain and pleasure, enjoying the treatment more than I had thought she could.

“Finally then, five,” I concluded. “As women, we'll always be there for one another.”

I pulled out my foot. Kaylee screamed hard, gushing pussy juice onto me, her ass still getting penetrated hard by Sherri, who by now was concentrating more on her than on me. I smiled, satisfied, and hung up. My girlfriend sunk back onto my desktop, catching her breath, while the assistant licked my foot, lovingly, cleaning it of her wetness. This was going better than I thought.

Chapter 13

Missy called, later that day. I had almost begun to wonder, if she was still interested in me at all, but she acted like no time had passed in the long days since last we spoke. “Hey there,” she said.

“Hello,” I answered.

“I was bored,” she began chatting away, “and you seem like the perfect distraction.”

“Y-yes, Ma'am,” I replied. “I'm always ready for you.”

“Aaaw, so formal?” she joked. “Got something stuck up your ass?”

I sighed. “I'm sorry,” I said. “I… I don't mean to waste our time with my problems.

“C'mon fuckpuppet,” she said cheerily. “Let it all out. It'll make you feel better, and when you feel better, you can serve me better. So go ahead.”

I swallowed hard. What was I going to say? I didn't even know what I was feeling anymore, what I was worried about, what I wanted, needed, desired. “I'm so confused,” I replied, feeling pathetic.

“Confused about what?” Missy asked.

“I hit a woman today,” I finally admitted. “Hit her hard.”

“Ah, was she coming on to you?” Missy inquired, slightly less impressed than I thought she would be.

“N-no, she… it was all part of a… understanding, between the two of us. She wanted me to, offered it, and I… I just…” I paused. You just what, Jocy? You just slapped her hard across her face, tied her down and fucked her up the ass while you made your girlfriend fist her? Isn't that what you did? “I hit her,” I repeated. “I used her, abused her, mistreated her and it… it just...”

“Feels good, doesn't it?” Missy said wistfully.

“Fuck,” I exclaimed, relieved. “Fuck yes, it does! It does feel good. Why does it feel good?”

“I guess because you're a lot tougher than you think you are,” she replied. “Or because you're just a sadistic whore, one or the other.”

I nodded. “Isn't that wrong?” I asked. “It feels wrong. I mean, I think it does. It feels good, but wrong at the same time.”

“Well, that's what makes it good, doesn't it?” she mused. “It wouldn't be any fun, if it wasn't just a little bit wrong to begin with. And, you know, as long as everyone enters willingly, I don't see a problem with it.”

“Right,” I admitted, relieved. “You're right.”

“Of course I am,” she laughed. “And now, get your big black rubber cock out. It's your ass that's on, now.”

Chapter 14

The next Calling was on a Friday. When I arrived, accompanied by Kaylee and Sherri, a group of women had already gathered on the driveway, chatting and making contact. The crowd parted when we walked to the front door and I smiled at everyone, a little overwhelmed by the response. I unlocked the door and went in, while my two companions stayed outside, waiting.

For a moment, I just took in the silence of the empty building. Then, frantically, I emailed Missy. Please, I prayed, please make her call me back.

Someone must've heard my prayers, because only moments later, the phone rang. Hastily, I put on my earpiece, then answered. “What's up, fuckpuppet?” she asked, a little annoyed.

“Th-there's a whole crowd outside, wanting to attend,” I answered, whispering slightly even though nobody was around.

“Well, I guess there are more out there who are longing to experience what you're experiencing,” she said quite matter-of-factly.

“But… but what am I going to do with them?” I asked, feeling overwhelmed.

I could almost see her shrug, when she answered: “Nothing. You don't have to do anything. Just let them do whatever they want to do. That's what they're here for, after all, right?”

I nodded. “Can I… can I keep you on? Just… for backup.”

“Sure,” she said. “That might be fun.”

I brushed my hair a little into my face, in order to conceal the headpiece as good as I could, re-arranged a few chairs that needed no rearranging, took a deep breath, and then opened the door. “Welcome to the Calling,” I said.

The early arrivals entered, but soon we ran out of places to sit, so when I opened the meeting, many women were just standing at the back, trying to get a glimpse of what was going on. I was nervous, and I think my hands were shaking slightly, when I stepped in front of them all.

“I see many new faces,” I said, “and I can only assume you all heard the call when a stranger contacted you with instructions on how to please yourself. So, just to make sure we're all on the same page, let me familiarize you with our little gathering.”

Missy's voice was constantly in my ear, she kept talking about something which made it hard to concentrate. When I paused, she paused, and for a moment I wondered confused what she wanted from me. Was she bored and just tried to be irritating? Then, calm and clear, I heard her again. Her instructions made me shiver, hesitate, push me to the edge of what was comfortable to me. I stared at the assembled crowd, and then took a deep breath, and obliged.

“Rule number one of the Calling,” I said loud, as I unbuttoned my blouse. I could see the eyes of the women get bigger and bigger, the more my breasts became visible. “No underwear. You are to be prepared at all times, and it would just get in the way.” I pulled the front of my blouse wide open, pushing my tits out, almost defiantly, being painfully self aware at this moment, aware of their size, their shape, their droopiness, and yet… this was what we were here for, wasn't it? To become familiar with our own bodies again, to prove to ourselves that sex and attraction were for everyone.

I tossed the blouse aside, rotating my skirt until I could access the zipper easier, then pulled it down. “Number two,” I said, “as part of being prepared, make sure you keep a toy on you.”

The skirt dropped to the floor, and I casually ran my fingers through my pubic hair, as if to make sure it was still there. I opened my handbag, pulling out the big, black dildo that I had bought following Missy's instructions at a time that seemed like an eternity away. I held it in my arms, clutched between my breasts, nibbling at its head for a moment. It was too big to be really comfortable, I had learned, but sometimes… sometimes too big is just big enough, and sometimes, pain is better than comfort. Sometimes.

Some of the women, already familiar with the procedure, pulled out their own toys. I smiled. Maybe it was just weird what I was doing, but at least I wasn't alone. There were others here who liked it just as much as I did. “Rule number three,” I said. “Do as you're ordered, no questions.”

Some of them mumbled along, like a sermon. For some strange reason, they seemed to like this. The rules, I realized, were something of a build-up, one more exciting than another, like sex, moving toward a climax. I looked to my sides, at my two assistants, motioning them to join me. Kaylee and Sherri both didn't hesitate and without further instructions began to take off their own clothes as I continued.

“Four, we don't hold back. We have no shame before one another.” Proudly, I looked at my two younger companions, who stood by my side, underlining the point about shame and its absence. “Because...” I continued, savouring the moment, like a drawn out climax.

“Because, as a sisterhood, we'll always be there for one another,” I concluded. They repeated after me, loving the sisterhood aspect, the whole thing. If I wanted, I thought, I could make them do almost anything. Then again, there were Missy's instructions. “And so,” I said, turning around and trying to look each one in the eyes. “Come and take me.”

I closed my eyes and slowly knelt to the floor, sitting down, stretching myself, until I lay on my back. It wasn't long until I felt the gentle touch of fingers on my skin. The first was just gently rubbing my belly, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy, while soon another set of fingers joined, playing with my left breast. The unknown, the anonymous, the mystery made all this all the more exciting, and so each new set of fingers sent sweet shivers all over my skin. My breasts, my nipples, my neck, my thighs, my crotch, all of it got massaged, caressed, loved.

It wasn't long before I felt someone's tongue between my legs. Was it Kaylee? I thought. Would it matter? Maybe it was one of the newcomers, tasting another woman's pussy for the first time in her life? Maybe it was an experienced lesbian. Maybe it was someone who used to be a client, someone from church, someone from the neighbourhood. It mattered not who it was, it mattered that it could be anyone, and the thought turned me on incredibly.

More licking, along my arms, my tits, my thighs, until I was practically melting. Kisses, so many different lips on my lips, some soft, some hesitant, some probing my mouth with their tongue. Then, the familiar smell of pussy, shortly before someone's labia touched my mouth. I reached up and got a hold of her hips when I began to suck and slurp greedily, with a sudden, raging, ferocious thirst for cunt.

I sucked her harder, sloppier, harsher than she must've expected, going rough on her clit and munching intensely on her whole twat. She came faster than I anticipated, only to be replaced with a fresh, chubbier and hairier one. My mouth was sucking up pussy juice like there was no tomorrow, my fingers starting to play with their holes as they hovered over me, getting acquainted with loose slits, tight asses, small cunts and wide gaping fuckholes. One girl started to drip as I probed her, practically raining cunt water on my face. I kept her until she had come several times and I was practically drenched in her juice and smell. This, I thought, is what I should bathe in every night.

Four fingers now, fucking me. Someone was pounding into my cunt like a jackhammer. I spread my legs wide, as if to dare them to go further, harder, deeper. Her hand was twisting, turning, trying to squeeze all of her fingers into my hungry hole, getting them in until it was too tight for the knuckles. Then, with a sly twist, she flipped her hand and brought it in all the way, filling me up. My loud groans were stifled by someone else's cunt, pressing down on my mouth. I sucked and got fucked by dozens of women, who would pass you on the street without getting noticed. One of them had her hand in my cunt. One of them let me suck her pussy with a finger up her ass. One of them had showered me in twat juice. And all of them watched.

I came, long, deep and intense. My body was completely out of control, twitching, spasming, writhing. I opened my eyes involuntarily, but all I saw were blurred shapes around me. Maybe I passed out, or maybe this was just what it was like to have an enormous orgasm. When I regained my senses, women around me were playing with themselves or each other, pleasuring, kissing, licking and fucking, while my two friends were at my side, caressing me. I felt at home.

Chapter 15

After the calling we drove Sherri home, and then returned to my office for a moment, to get some things before we went home. During the drive, the craziness of my experience was running over and over through my head, and became ever more crazy with each iteration. This was growing out of control, I thought. Group sex orgies now. What next?

Missy stayed on the phone the whole evening, even though she didn't say much anymore, so when we arrived at the dark office building, I snuck off to my room and began to speak to her, while Kaylee was busy outside.

“I'm afraid,” I whispered.

“Afraid,” Missy laughed incredulously. “Afraid of what?”

“Of what I'm going to do next,” I replied. “Of what I'll become. Where does it end? Where do I draw the line? What is the thing I won't do? I don't know anymore.” My voice had become bland and I was choking back tears.

“Ah, come on,” Missy started, “don't be...”

She got interrupted by my office door suddenly opening. In the bright light that shone through from the entrance area stood Kaylee peeking into the dark, unlit room.

“What're you doing?” she asked concerned.

“N-nothing,” I answered. “Just got a call.”

“A call?” she said, looking back at the reception desk where my business phone was laying, then squinched as she saw the other phone in my hand. “On that phone?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I replied impatiently. “It's a private matter.”

She seemed startled. “B-but,” she continued, “but that phone… The contract was cancelled last week. You never made any calls with it, and so I just let it run out… How can you get a call on that?”

At first I didn't quite understand her. Cancelled? I eyed the phone in my hand, where it still said 'Unknown Caller'. Or did it?

My head spun. Think, Jocy, think, I told myself, but the strange, distant giggling in my ear made it impossible. For some reason, Missy found this incredibly funny and kept laughing louder and louder. “What… what is happening?” I said, both to me, to Kaylee, and to Missy.

“Well, isn't it obvious?” Missy replied among stifled laughs. “I'm surprised it took you so long to figure that out.”

“What?” I stuttered. “Figure what out? What is going on?” Somewhere, far away, I think Kaylee said something, but it seemed like she was suddenly speaking in another language, and through a thick wall of mattresses.

“Ah, come on,” Missy said. “Think, Jocy, think! Your phone's not working. I'm not calling. It's all right there in front of you!”

I stared at the phone. The screen was blank. It was off, none of the buttons worked, and it seemed like the battery was drained. I couldn't even turn it on.

“Do you want me to say it?” Missy asked, slightly annoyed.

“Say what?” I replied, my voice suddenly loud and shrill.

“I am you,” Missy stated calmly. “You are me. You're the caller.”

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Anal sex with captain ass

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