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Description: A young Asian Player (aZiaN PLaYa in street slang) lusting after and screwing the different Asian hotties in his life.

Chapter 1

Jenny Lin was perfect. She was beautiful, intelligent, great sense of humor, etc; very cliché, but in her case, very true. We made a cute couple and I was the luckiest guy in the world to be dating her throughout High School.

While they cautioned me against prematurely believing a High School romance would last forever, even my parents approved of Jenny. She was at the top of her academic class and wanted to go to Medical School. She was polite and deferential with her elders. And most importantly, she came from a respectable Taiwanese-American family and spoke flawless Mandarin.

Of course, none of that really mattered to me. I saw her pretty face, bright eyes and sleek hair. I saw her perfect breasts and silky smooth skin. And she happened to have a wonderful personality.

Of course, like all perfect girls, she was studious and had her own strong sense of morals. She didn't want to have sex before marriage. But we were a young couple in love. In many ways, we were far more mature than our age, but teenage hormones are a powerful force.

Jenny and I would make out on a regular basis, and after a year she would let me move my hands underneath her shirt. A year after that I got my fingers into her panties, and Jenny experienced her first orgasm from another person. She still didn't want to have sex, but she decided that maybe she would when she knew she was with "the one." She would wait until she got engaged.

Progress is progress. I kept pressing, and by our Senior year we would be getting fully naked, rubbing our bodies against each other and toying with the line between sex and chastity. Jenny learned to give me handjobs, and I delighted in giving her incredible orgasms with my tongue and fingers. She even began to give me tentative blowjobs. But full intercourse was the line that she would never cross.

I got a stretch limo for our Senior Prom, and after the dance ended and we were heading home, Jenny and I found ourselves making out in the back seat, all alone on one of the most romantic nights of our lives. Our tongues sparred with each other, mirroring the battle going on between our legs: attack, defend, retreat, attack again.

Jenny had worn a thong to hide the panty-line in her dress, and I'd slipped my fingers past the thin strip of cloth and was thrusting two fingers inside her velvet pussy. She moaned into my mouth while her fingers opened up my tuxedo pants and wrapped around my throbbing erection.

Suddenly, she gripped my rod tightly and her body trembled as an orgasm swept through her. She wailed out into our kiss and I felt my mind racing into overdrive. I maneuvered us until Jenny's hips were at the edge of the seat, and she was reclining back into the plush cushions, still in the throes of ecstasy.

I split her legs and lifted the hem of her dress up, and leaning over Jenny's unresisting body I positioned my hips at her entrance, lining up my erection with her still spasming nether lips. This was the moment. Grasping her narrow waist in my hands, I aimed and pushed forwards.

Dammit! At the last moment, Jenny's brain fought through her orgasm and caught up with what we were doing. She'd turned her hips and my pecker butted into her thigh, and then she was mumbling a desperate "no..." and pressing me away.

Dejected, I pulled up, extremely frustrated at having come so close to deflowering my beautiful girlfriend. But she was immediately apologetic and her hands wrapped around my shaft, tugging and caressing the object of her fear and desire.

I let Jenny turn us over until I was reclining back and now my butt was at the edge of the seat. She knelt on the floor before me and pulled my pants down to my ankles, then leaned down and sucked my rod into her mouth. Hopefully a blowjob would satisfy my burning lust.

I groaned happily feeling the sensations of her warm tongue and soft lips on my sensitive skin. Jenny did not resist when I slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders, and she moved her hands to help pull the dress below her bosom and let me stare at her tits while she continued blowing me.

Then she brought both hands back to my shaft, stroking and gripping in time with her licks. She brought as much determination and focus to her work on me as she would to any academic project. It was a pure matter of pride for her to be the very best at pleasing me, and I was enjoying the results of her handiwork (and mouth-work).

I felt the coiling pressure in my balls get more and more intense, pleasure shooting through me until I reached the boiling point. Jenny's eyes would flicker up to me every now and again, and when my face tightened into a grimace and I groaned out, she took me deeply into her mouth and started jacking my shaft quickly.

I exploded into Jenny's mouth, and she was swallowing everything I had to give her. When my hips started pumping with each jet of cum, she squeezed rhythmically with each pump and coaxed every drop out of me.

I sighed, happily, and sank into the leather cushions. Jenny fixed her dress, and then joined me on the seat, cuddling with me and kissing me tenderly. We rode the rest of the way in quiet bliss, just enjoying each other's company.

We shared a long kiss at her front door when I dropped her off, and then it was time for me to return home.

"FUCK!" I screamed out in frustration once I'd reached the relative safety of the limousine.

The entire house was quiet and dark when I finally returned. I went up to my room briefly, undressing down to my undershirt and pants. Then, barefoot, I went back downstairs and padded through the hallways until I came to a familiar door in the far corner of the house. I opened it quietly and tiptoed to the bed in the corner of the room. The female figure stirred a little when I lifted the covers and slid inside. I spooned in my body behind her, wrapping my arm around to cup a full breast, wonderfully firm with youth, and I pressed my erection against her butt.

Pei-Hua awoke more fully when my hand slipped underneath her panties and I started rubbing at her pussy. Soon, she was fully awake and turned onto her back. I paused to remove my clothes and drop them next to the bed. She dragged off her panties and then I moved back under the blanket, lying on top of her and settling my hips over her wet pussy.

Pei-Hua opened her legs, and as I stared into her eyes I positioned my hips at her entrance, pressing the head of my erection into the folds of her nether lips. Grasping her narrow waist in my hands, I pushed forwards, sinking myself into her welcoming wet tunnel.

I groaned in happy satisfaction, and leaned down to kiss Pei-Hua while my shaft drilled deeper and deeper into her body, finally coming to rest when it nudged up against her womb. I reached down to pull the hem of her shirt up to her neck, baring her round bosom to my gaze and my lips, and we began the gentle rhythm of sex.

I pumped into Pei-Hua's body while she wrapped her legs around my lower back, her whimpers urging me on. I watched her pretty face contorting in pleasure. Already, I was addicted to that sight. It gave me such a rush of power to see a woman's face blossoming before me.

I lowered my hands to Pei-Hua's hips, pulling her hips tightly against me with each thrust while she bucked back at me, and soon she threw her head back against the pillow, squeezing her eyes shut as she cried out her climax.

I was only a few moments behind her, and then I was unleashing a torrent of sperm into Pei-Hua's still shuddering pussy. We thrashed on the bed together, the blankets askew, until finally our orgasms subsided and I collapsed onto her sweaty body.

We kissed tenderly, and then I pulled out and got off the bed. I collected my clothes while she pulled the blanket over her naked body and watched me dress. I gave her a last smile before I went through the door and headed back to my own room.

Pei-Hua and I never even said a word.


My dad owned a very successful Import/Export company. As an only child to wealthy Taiwanese parents, I was raised in a rather privileged lifestyle, spoiled completely. We had a large home in a wealthy Asian neighborhood. I never had to do chores or learn to take care of myself; we had several servants to do that for us.

Our house was run by a woman called Mrs. Peng who had been working for my family for many years. She barely spoke any English, but when her husband died, my mom brought her and her daughter from Taiwan. From the time I was 5 years old, Ms. Peng was my surrogate mother, the woman who raised me and disciplined me. My real mother was more concerned with social gossip and interior decoration.

Mrs. Peng's daughter was three years older than me, the big sister I never had. She would always look after me, but I never doubted that we were different. I would run around and play and waste my time after school. She went to school as well and started to learn English, but afterwards she had chores and other servant duties. My parents would spirit me away on exotic vacations to other countries. Mrs. Peng and her daughter would stay and take care of the house. They lived to serve us.

I enjoyed my privileged life, getting all the toys I wanted and forgetting them just as easily. This was the way my world worked. By the time I was 15 I had begun to understand how the outside world worked as well. I was a popular kid growing up in affluent private schools, and a top tennis player. I was good looking and had my charm, and I threw the biggest parties. I also knew how to sneak beers out from under Mrs. Peng's nose. Respect and honor were demanded for my parents, elders, and teachers. But beyond that I could do whatever the hell I wanted.

I was 15 when I became a freshman in High School, and thus met Jenny Lin, she of the perfect face and sweet disposition. I was in love already. She laughed at my jokes, and soon we were eating lunch together every day. We dated in groups of friends, and for a while I was completely satisfied with my existence. I had it all.

But that year was also the year I first really learned about sex. Sex was word, a physical behavior academically understood from Human Growth classes and the Discovery Channel. But that was the year my hormones kicked in and I realized how much a girl's physical body would set my heart racing and a pang of desire in my gut. It was the year I discovered masturbation and the relief, if not joy, it brought me.

It was also the year I found out how far servants would go for their masters.

Mrs. Peng's daughter, Pei-Hua, was 18 now, and a Senior at my High School. She had her license and would shuttle me back and forth to school with her for that entire year.

One day, we drove home to find my father's BMW in the driveway. I was curious to see him, but Mrs. Peng jabbered at me in Mandarin, calling me into the kitchen for an after school snack.

I wolfed down the noodles she provided, and then she ordered me into my room to do homework. Like a good Taiwanese boy, I obeyed and headed for the stairs. But as I was passing my father's study, I heard an odd grunt waft out from behind the door. I stopped briefly, and then noticed that the door itself was slightly ajar.

My curiosity got the best of me, and I went to peer through the crack, kneeling on the floor. My father was in his office chair, rotated sideways and staring at the side wall, eyes unseeing. The heavy oak desk shielded me from seeing anything else. He grunted again and I felt the urge to go in and see what was going on.

But he did not look like he wanted to be disturbed and looked perfectly healthy, so I stood up to leave. But when I got up I was able to see over the top of the desk and now saw a black-haired head bobbing up and down in my father's lap.

Wide-eyed, I pressed closer to the crack to see as much as possible. It was then that the head suddenly rose up and I saw Pei-Hua's pretty face come into view. She didn't say a word but let my father guide her until she was leaning over the desk, her chest flat on its surface with her butt pointed back towards my father.

In the past few years, Pei-Hua had really grown up into that rarest of Asian beauties, the tall Asian with big tits. At 5'10", she would be taller than me for two more years and she had curves most Asian women could only dream of despite her slender frame. Her huge breasts (I'd later find out they were firm D-cups) squished pleasantly against the wood desktop. A tiny waist tapered out into a curvy hips and a drum-tight ass. And that gorgeous ass was something my father was salivating over.

He slid her jeans and panties to the floor, and then I had only a brief glimpse of his erection before he thrust his hips forwards and Pei-Hua let out a quiet shriek.

My own penis was harder than it had ever been in my life, and I stared, entranced as my father pulled back and then settled into a comfortable stroking motion. My mind went completely blank except for one thought: My father was actually having SEX with Pei-Hua.

Pei-Hua only made little moans as he fucked her, her eyes squeezing shut every now and again before she would open them and stare at whatever happened to be in front of her as her upper body slid back and forth a few inches with every push. But then her eyes flickered up for just a brief moment, and after a moment they locked onto mine. I had been discovered.

She gasped, but did not say anything, merely watching me for a few seconds while I watched her. The panic overtook me then and I fled to my room.

I sat on my bed, memory rewinding and replaying the scene before me. I had talked about sex with my guy friends, knew the concept of a blowjob. However, the words were thoroughly insufficient for the adrenaline rush of seeing it before me. My hands dipped inside of my shorts, and thumbing the crown I was soon pumping my own shaft as I repeated the scene in my head.

When I was done, I lay back on my bed. I had to find out more.


That first year with Jenny was happy and innocent. I dreamt about sex, but warnings from my parents and Mrs. Peng kept me grounded. I wasn't old enough to drive a car, let alone risk making a girl pregnant.

Instead, Jenny and I learned to kiss and fondle outside each other's clothing. Sometimes I would fantasize about her, but in general, I was a good kid, if a bit spoiled and demanding.

Pei-Hua and I had an unspoken agreement between us. We never mentioned it to each other or to anyone else, but we both knew that I was aware of her sexual activities with my father. It almost became a little game of sorts. Every so often, she would leave the door to my father's study or to my father's bedroom cracked open, and I would watch them. She always positioned herself so that my father could not tell. But sometimes she would even position herself so that I could see everything, giving her audience the best possible view. I think it turned her on even more to know that I was watching. But this was never said. Many things in our lives are never said.

For example, I quickly discovered that both my mother and all of the servants were aware of my father's extra-curricular activities. Sometimes it would be Mrs. Peng cleaning up the mess after my father was done as he had a thing for shooting off all over Pei-Hua's body. My mother and father always had separate bedrooms, and my mother never commented when Pei-Hua and my father would disappear into his bedroom for an hour at a time.

One time, before I was able to sneak a peek, my mother noticed the door was cracked open while Pei-Hua and my father were audibly screwing inside, and she closed the door discreetly before continuing along her way. Another time, when I was supposed to be asleep, my father came home late with another woman's lipstick on his neck. And still another time I caught him fucking one of the other maids of the house. This didn't even include his frequent trips to Taiwan on business and whatever physical pleasures lay there.

All of this went unsaid. And I came to accept this as the normal existence of men and women. As long as the family prospered, money and food were provided; this house and everyone in it belonged to my father.

I was expected to grow up and take over the family business. This was how my life would be when I became an adult.


It was my sixteenth birthday when Jenny first let me under her bra. The birthday party was in full swing, supervised by various parents but still a great deal of fun. My mother, Mrs. Peng, and Pei-Hua were scurrying about providing for all the guests along with nearly all of the other servant staff. Jenny and I decided to slip into my bedroom for a discreet makeout session. We kissed passionately and happily, and soon my erection was tenting in my pants. Jenny rubbed her hand over my crotch, outlining its shape. I begged her to go inside, but she apologized and I didn't want to push her.

My parents had already given me my new car: a lowered, chrome-rimmed, rice rocket of an Acura Integra. But then Jenny offered me an even better birthday present. She locked my bedroom door and then lifted her blouse over her head. I was already gasping in shock when she reached behind her back and I heard the clasp come undone. She removed the bra quickly, almost embarrassed, and looked down at the floor. I just reached my arms out to her and let her come and hug me before we fell back onto my bed.

I reveled in feeling her hard nipples pressing against my chest before Jenny kissed me and whispered in my ear. "You can touch them."

Eagerly, I rolled her onto her back where the soft, still undeveloped globes sank down until they almost seemed flat against her chest. I touched the soft skin, and couldn't resist tasting them. She giggled as my lips apparently were ticklish, but I sucked like a baby on her gentle swells and tongued at her nipples.

I kissed Jenny on her lips and then we enjoyed the simple pleasures of kissing once again, my fingers unwilling to leave her breasts. That was a nice birthday.


The next academic year, Pei-Hua started going to the local community college while still working for us. Our unspoken voyeurism continued, and every now and again my fantasies turned away from my girlfriend and to the beautiful servant girl living under my own roof.

On some level it was all surreal. One moment Pei-Hua was serving tea to Jenny and me while we lounged by the backyard pool, or she'd be vacuuming my bedroom. The next moment I'd find her aerobically shagging my father on the carpet.

For my seventeenth birthday, Jenny and I snuck away and were getting even further sexually, but it was what happened after Jenny had left that stuck in my mind. I was fingering Jenny's pussy, plunging fingers inside and tickling her clit. Jenny had a quiet orgasm, but she left me alone to finish myself off. We had been upstairs for quite a while, and she wanted to get back downstairs before our guests started gossiping about us.

She was going out the door when I groaned loudly in my frustration, and lay back on the bed. She'd closed the door behind her, and I extracted my hardness from my pants, gripping and tugging half in arousal and half in frustrated need.

My mind flashed to the pants of arousal and the expression on Jenny's face when she climaxed. Nothing thrilled me more than seeing her completely at the mercy of my ministrations and the sensations that I was responsible for. Sighing, I closed my eyes to enjoy the experience. Unbidden, a different vision then came to mind. Only days before, just hours before his flight to Taiwan, my father had fucked Pei-Hua doggy style on her bed. They were profiled to me sideways, so I could see Pei-Hua's large breasts swinging back and forth, the grunts and moans filling the room.

I sighed again, but not loud enough to cover the quiet bang coming from my doorway. I opened my eyes in surprise, and saw Pei-Hua staring at me with a hungry expression. Her eyes seemed to be glowing, staring down at my body and holding my attention such that I forgot my bare hand was still gripping my equally bare cock.

"Don't stop," she breathed in Mandarin, then pulled my desk chair out and sat down in it, still staring down at my erection.

I felt strangely embarrassed and a little nervous, and felt myself starting to deflate a bit. But Pei-Hua's expression was so intense I still felt the heat of arousal simmering inside of me. When I didn't move to continue, she slipped one hand into her skirt, and then her eyes went wide as she must have begun to finger her own pussy.

Pei-Hua reached a hand under her shirt and caressed a full breast from inside, my eyes locked onto the outline of her fingers denting the cloth. When she moaned in her own arousal, my embarrassment was forgotten and automatically I took up my stroking action.

For several minutes, we continued to masturbate and watch each other, and then Pei-Hua suddenly stopped and started stripping. My eyeballs bugged out as she began to do this, and I sped up the pumping motion on my own rod. I had seen her naked on a few occasions, but never so close up and never so blatant. Jeans hit the floor, the blouse flew into a corner, the underwear next and then I had a naked 20-year old Taiwanese babe rubbing her clit and pushing fingers inside of her own tunnel while sitting on my desk chair two feet away.

That just about did it for me, and as my forearm started to burn from the repetitions I moaned as I neared my peak.

"Cum," Pei-Hua gasped in accented English. "Cum on me."

I stumbled off the bed and stood up, my waving erection just inches from her face. The next time she whimpered, shaking her bosom, I hit the edge and fired a jet of cum right at her face, then gravity took over and carried it down to splatter against her deep cleavage.

Pei-Hua's eyes flashed when I exploded on her, and then she was gasping out her own orgasm, her mouth in a sexy "O" and a muffled wail ripping out of her throat. She coated her fingers with honey while I pumped jet after jet out of me and all over Pei-Hua's breasts.

When I was drained, I collapsed backwards and sat heavily on my bed. Pei-Hua was just humming happily and started to rub my cream into her porcelain skin.

We never talked about it.


I was midway through my Junior year when my father pulled me aside for a man to man talk. Over my life, we had spoken rarely. He was a dominant force in the house, if an unseen one. He was a disciplinarian, and commanded my respect. I loved and looked up to my father, wanting to emulate him in many ways. So when he wanted to talk, I was ready and willing. Of all things, he wanted to talk about Jenny.

The most important thing he wanted to know, had I nailed her yet?

"What?" I was in shock. But then he gave me a long winded speech. Jenny was an ideal young person: driven, academic, ambitious, and on a good career track. The problem was, she was a girl.

If he'd had a daughter, then that ideal kind of person would be exactly who he'd want his daughter to marry: someone who could provide for her and give her a life of leisure.

But I was the man, and I needed a woman who would support me, not be the provider. A woman who would put aside her personal ambitions to do what was best for her husband and for her family. And a girl who wouldn't have sex with her boyfriend was not going to be that ideal wife when we grew up.

My father didn't necessarily demand that I break up with Jenny. He just wanted me to consider his words. He was also a little concerned that I was a virgin. It meant that I did not yet have the courage and determination to TAKE what I desired. That was a quality I would have to learn before I could truly earn his respect.

I wanted my father's respect very much.


I began pressing Jenny about our future and about sex. And in some ways, we went through the worst few months of our relationship. But my heart still led me, and at heart I was still very much attached to my first love. I didn't want to hurt her feelings. To much Western sense of chivalry in me I guess.

I spent most of the year without getting any further physically with Jenny, and emotionally we were actually in reverse. Our friends noticed the strain, and I found myself spending more and more time away from Jenny and hanging out with my boys. We worked on our rice-rockets and tinkered with our computers. And we flirted with the aZiaN HoTTieS that constantly surrounded us.

I had made friends with many of them, but only now with my public Jenny- problems did any of them make any serious moves on me. My natural charm was warm and attractive, but the one thing holding me back from even thinking about going further was my virgin status and inexperience with any fully sexual matters.

Still, with my father's words ringing in my head and my other head trying to direct me as well, I found myself wanting to get to know the other girls a little better.


Before the school year ended my annual birthday bash was rolling around, this time the big 18. Jenny and I had a little tradition of sneaking away from the party and getting just a bit farther in our sexual relationship. But when we got up to the room, Jenny backed out and we got into a fight over the issue.

I really did love her, and my mind told me to respect her wishes. But she made me so damn horny and I couldn't help myself.

Jenny left to go back down to the party, and I resigned myself to suffer a massive case of blue balls or rub out a quick one. I settled for rubbing myself out, but then a new knock came at the door.

I stuffed myself into my pants then opened the door, hopeful that Jenny had come back to me. But instead I saw Pei-Hua standing in the doorway, her eyes large and luminous. "Happy birthday" she told me, then pressed a hand to my chest and moved me back into my room before closing my door and locking it firmly.

Pei-Hua wore a simple button-down blouse and skirt, her hair up with diamond stud earrings and a little bit of makeup. She pushed me back until I was sitting on the bed, and then very slowly, she began to unbutton the blouse, revealing a red satin bra underneath, pushing up her nice breasts and forming amazing cleavage.

The blouse came off, and then she turned around to slip the skirt off, bending over at the waist to drag the material down to the floor, where I noticed she was wearing red three-inch heels.

My mouth started to water, and then she stood up and told me to take my clothes off. I was out of my clothes so fast, and when I was fully naked Pei-Hua crawled onto the bed over me and lowered her face to mine. I nearly hyperventilated before she kissed me, but then we were pressed flesh to flesh flat on my bed as our tongues sparred and I was frenching my gorgeous servant girl for the very first time. All the while she was grinding her panty-clad hips against my erection, threatening to cause me to lose myself already.

All at once, the power of my position filled my veins. I was the master in this house, even though she was older than me. I was the one in charge. And with that adrenaline burst, I suddenly flipped us both over. My hormones were bursting out of me, and I unclipped Pei-Hua's bra and literally yanked it off of her body.

My lips went to Pei-Hua's naked breasts, full and firm and round and oh, so delectable. She moaned at my aggressiveness and arched her torso against my face, cramming as much of her boob into my mouth. I dry humped her for only a few more moments before I whipped her panties off, leaving Pei-Hua fully naked except for her earrings and red heels still on her feet.

Pei-Hua opened her legs, and as I stared into her eyes I positioned the head of my erection, fumbling a bit in my eagerness to become a man. Grasping her narrow waist in my hands, I pushed forwards, and after several hard and fast thrusts I was completely buried inside of my first pussy.

I groaned and drilled deeper into her body, and then all at once I was pumping her with reckless abandon.

Pei-Hua wrapped her legs around my lower back, criss-crossing her heels behind me. I watched her pretty face contorting in pleasure as I carved out her insides and I knew then that I had to see this look in her face again.

All too soon, overwhelmed by the heavenly feelings of my first pussy, I thrust a few times and then felt my rod expand and then burst, and I poured out a river of cum into Pei-Hua's trembling body.

She kissed me on the nose. It was fast, it was dirty, and neither of us said a word. I had become a man.

I wanted to do it again, but Pei-Hua told me I should go back down to my birthday party. She would let me do it again later.


Pei-Hua and I had sex every single night. Shyly, she began to teach me the skills I would need to know, and by the end of the week I was stimulating orgasms in her as well. I came in her pussy more times than I could count, but she also swallowed my cum, had it spray in her hair, and over every inch of her body as well. I even fucked Pei-Hua up her ass and got so turned on I did it again ten minutes later.

Sometimes I would return home from school and we'd have a quick screw before I went to my homework. Sometimes I would go out on a date with Jenny, then come back and take out my sexual frustrations on Pei-Hua's willing and eager body. It was just sex, and while I did my best to physically please her, I also understood that this was how my life was meant to proceed. If you want it bad enough, just reach out and take it.

The entire household was aware of our new physical relationship, and everyone approved of the arrangement. My father even spent more time with other mistresses outside the house to give me more time with the pretty maid.

There was no love. Pei-Hua understood her role and did her best both to please me and to get the most out of it she could. She was highly favored in the house, and as long as she remembered her place she would never have to worry for her own survival and comfort. But still, I became very fond of her, and with practice and experience I learned to become a tender lover with her. She was my rock, the warm heart (and body) I could always depend on.

The release from sexual frustration also had an extremely positive ripple effect on the rest of my social life. My emotional relationship with Jenny grew by leaps and bounds as we shared personal goals, hopes, and dreams. I no longer pressured her for sex, although we had our own more innocent ways of showing affection and physical lust. Anytime Jenny felt pushed a little too far, I was able to back off and simply return home into Pei-Hua's open arms.

Even beyond that, I carried myself with a new confidence and aggressiveness in my daily existence. I feared no one, not my teachers, not my elders, and especially not the members of the opposite sex. My charisma was amped up to the max, I was flirting with girls left and right, and seemingly they all could see I was no longer remotely nervous around them. I was a man who was getting laid on a regular basis, and feared no rejection.

It's a strange phenomenon, the more confident you are, the less you strike out anyways, so the more confident you can become.

I had always been a flirt, so Jenny barely noticed. But things began going even further after a large group date.

A hottie with blonde-streaked hair and an expensive fashion sense, Tina Chan, had been shadowing me for the past year. She was quite pretty, and her parents were friends with mine. But above and beyond that she had an absolutely killer body. Her parents had bought her the best silicon breasts that money could buy. She also had a tiny waist and a tight, perfectly shaped ass that was so small and firm it almost didn't exist. She was 5'6" and 100 pounds soaking wet (most of that weight was boob), and the last time I saw her soaking wet in a bikini I nearly blew my load in my swim trunks. The thing was that she had a bit of a reputation as a slut, and I knew for a fact that she had slept with at least one of my friends already.

One Saturday evening, we had all ended up at Tina's house, her parents gone on a early summer vacation, and with the alcohol plentiful, everyone had worked up a good buzz. Then my girlfriend Jenny decided she'd had enough, and once getting rather sober, decided to go home long before I wanted to leave. We argued for ten minutes, and finally I let Jenny go home alone while I stalked back to the party.

Several flirty comments led into one another, many more rounds got passed around, and by 3 AM there were only three of us left: myself, one of my buddies, and Tina who lived here. We finally decided to head home, and so my buddy and I staggered out to our cars. We both got in, and he backed away. But my car backed up only ten feet before my headlights illuminated Tina in her driveway. I stopped for a moment, halting my reverse, and then looked around to see that my buddy was gone. Tina crooked a hand to me, profiling her lingerie model's body and beckoning me to her.

The alcohol in my mind rubbed some of the rest out, and my memory skipped forward to the point where we were on the couch in her living room, my body flat atop hers while we kissed with a burning lust. Tina was wearing a skimpy halter- top that did nothing but tease me with the vision of her breasts, and with the "take what you want" mantra reverberating in my head, I had it quickly untied and the thin material was bunched up around Tina's waist, baring her bosom to my gaze.

Tina's eyes glittered at me through her blue-colored contact lenses, and then her miniskirt was tugged away and I managed to drag my shorts and boxers down to my ankles, leaving my bare erection to rub on top of Tina's shaved pussy and root around her wet juices.

We dry fucked for a few minutes while I tongue-fucked her mouth and she clawed at my back until my shirt came off and I kicked off my shorts until I was completely naked. The alcoholic buzz mixed with the adrenaline-powered lust in me, and then I simply slid her thong aside and slammed my dick into her in one huge thrust.

When I penetrated her, Tina's chest bounded up into my face and her head was thrown back and she screamed louder than any scream I had ever heard in my life. Her torso rubbed against my face, my cheeks heavenly encased in warm tit- flesh while she lifted herself up by her head and neck alone and shrieked while my hips began pumping.

Stroke after stroke we commenced, my fingers on her tits and my pelvis grinding against her engorged clit, a much larger nub than either Jenny or Pei-Hua possessed. I focused in on this magic button while I screwed Tina's lights out, rubbing at her until she shrieked in a loud orgasm and set her inner muscles spasming against my rod.

I had learned some control from my frequent sessions with Pei-Hua, and with a good grip on her waist I pumped Tina into a second orgasm, then finally I pulled out and crammed my meat into Tina's mouth, skullfucking her roughly until I groaned and spewed my load into the back of her throat.

Like a pro, Tina swallowed all I had to give and then kept sucking on me until I reached a new hardness. When I was re-energized, she stood up and took my hand, intending to guide me elsewhere into the house where we could continue.

But I was the one in control. We were passing her family's heavy oak dining table when I suddenly moved and pressed Tina's sweaty naked body flat against it, her feet still on the ground but her tits pressed to the tabletop with my hand between her shoulder blades.

I ordered her not to move while I broke her thong and flung it away. Then kicking her legs to the sides, I bent at the knees and with a hand pressed against her neck to keep her flat and helpless on the table before me, I guided my erection back into Tina's sopping wet pussy.

I fucked her for a few minutes, keeping her body prone while I banged away at her, and then I pulled her hips back a few inches until I could reach her clit with my hands. One set of fingers went to Tina's oversized and oversexed clit while my other set of fingers began to pry open Tina's asshole. She squirmed as my forefinger violated her nether hole, but she was unable to resist with my heavier weight pressed against her lower back and my cock carving out her insides.

Tina shrieked out one more orgasm while I dipped my fingers into her honeypot and coated the rim of her anal ring with the same feminine nectar. Then once she was done I suddenly slipped my palms to Tina's wondrous breasts, and tugging her by those orbs I lifted her into a vertical, standing position. Still gripping her by her woman globes, I pulled my erection out, then with a couple of aimed thrusts, pushed the head of my cock into Tina's asshole and then lunged forward to completely ream out her waif-thin body before me.

Tina was screaming louder than ever, a staccato moan-shriek alternation as I fucked her ass while we both were standing, one arm wrapped around her neck and upper torso while my other arm was wrapped around her waist and forcing Tina's body against my invading rod.

The only real words out of Tina's mouth for the next fifteen minutes were "Oh" and "Fuck" and "Me", but not always in that order. She babbled incoherently, constantly vocal and such a strange change from Pei-Hua's eternally soft whimpers. But finally Tina tripped off into a new climax, and then a minute later I was geysering up her backside, plugging Tina's ass full of my sticky juice.

The next morning, in my own house, Pei-Hua gave me a most enjoyable sponge bath, and afterwards she swallowed every drop I had to give her.

The next Monday at school, Tina and I never spoke about what happened between us. But the next Saturday I bought Tina a diamond necklace, and she gave me a very warm thank you blowjob. I knew it was not going to be the last encounter between us.


The summer flew by, and Jenny and I spent a gorgeous summer together. The highlight for me was when on an ordinary Tuesday; Jenny finally worked up the nerve to go down on me for the very first time. Her tentative sucking was a massive disappointment after the expert work of both Pei-Hua and Tina. But this was my Jenny, and I let that happy thought give me the pleasure I needed to finish.

Still, Jenny's innocent oral attempts on me were not going to satisfy my raging male libido by themselves. I still had Pei-Hua, and I even enjoyed the occasional passionate tryst with Tina once school, and our Senior year, started again.

Every so often, Tina would ask if I was thinking about leaving my girlfriend. I told her not to take things too seriously and brushed her aside. We were fucking on my terms, and if she didn't like it, or couldn't keep her mouth shut, then I could easily find someone else. I was a graduating senior, and not about to be tied down any more than I wanted. Still, the next time we hooked up I brought her roses, just to keep her happy.

One day, we passed Tina on the way to the parking lot. Tina wiggled her tits at me and said hello, and I returned the greeting with a warm reply. Jenny didn't comment once we got to my car, and we headed back to my place, ostensibly to do one of our final homework assignments together.

Once we did get back to the privacy of my room, I engaged in my usual attack of french kissing, tit groping, and desperate pleading to have sex. Jenny rebuffed me insisting that we finish our homework before I get my reward. Family honor still demanded that we get straight A's.

We only managed to go fifteen minutes before I realized I couldn't concentrate and started up a very serious conversation. We had never had a serious conversation about our future, although I got the impression that we were not going to wind up attending the same University. Eventually I wound up asking her an unusual question: "Who do you want to be ten years from now?"

Jenny's answer came immediately. "In ten years I'll be 28. With hard work I can get a full hospital staff position, or maybe even open up my own practice." Her answer was rehearsed, planned out, and stated with complete ambitious conviction.

"And where do you want me in this grand picture?"

"Oh... wellllll..." Jenny's hesitance clearly indicated that I was not as firm a goal in her mind as the career. "I assume you'd be working for your father. I would hope that we'd still be together and maybe even start a family once we're both settled."

I pictured the scenario, working late hours at the office and coming home to find a microwaveable dinner and a note from Jenny saying she got called into the hospital. It was a far cry from my parent's life, and the life I'd begun to picture for myself.

I sighed, deciding to end my inquiries and get to the makeout session as fast as possible. "Okay, it's something to think about. Now let's get our homework over with."


That night, Jenny left me with a deliberate and unsatisfying blowjob, along with a desperate craving for pussy that she would not be quenching. On a whim, I drove to Tina's place for an evening quickie. When we were both finished, I headed back home.


Well into the second semester, Jenny and I continued discussing the physical nature of our relationship, and finally when Senior Prom rolled around, I believed I had at last convinced Jenny to go all the way with me. I had demanded. I had reasoned. And I had whined like the petulant 18-year old I was. It wasn't that I needed the sex; I could get that from other places and other babes. But I truly wanted to make love, matching my physical desires to my emotional ones, clinging to the unreasonable hope instilled in me by first love.

Alas, it was not to be. I had to accept my post-Prom blowjob and move on. Tina had her own date so that option was closed as well. So I let the object of my emotional desire go and returned home into Pei-Hua's waiting arms.

Pei-Hua and I never even said a word.


Graduation was fast approaching, and with the Prom out of the way, I began to seriously look towards the future and college life. Academically, I ran through the last few weeks of High School on autopilot. Socially, I also started laying the groundwork for a fresh start.

Prom itself was a turning point in my relationship with Jenny. My father's words finally hit home, and I realized it was time to end my futile pursuit of Jenny. She got her prestigious scholarship and would be attending a University far away from me, and the realist in me knew our High School romance would not last.

Meanwhile, Tina and I would both be attending the same in-state University come fall, and the sexy vixen sensed her opportunity to truly land me once Jenny was out of sight.

The Tuesday night after the Prom, I found myself lying naked on Tina's bed, with an equally nude Tina curled up against my chest. The question I'd previously asked Jenny then came into my mind. "Who do you want to be ten years from now?"

Tina hummed for a moment, still thinking. "I dunno. I guess I just want to be comfortable." She got up onto her elbows and leaned over me, idly tickling at my chest.

"I want to find a man who'll take care of me. And in return, I'd give him kids and make sure he NEVER went to sleep unsatisfied." Tina grinned at me ferally.

I pictured the new scenario, working late hours at the office and coming home to find a warm meal and a warm bed with a naked Tina waiting to fuck away my stress. And when we got older, perhaps the beautiful young maid waiting for me. That was the life I'd wanted for myself. And Jenny wasn't in it.

I smiled at Tina and rolled her over, pinning her hands back against the headboard while she giggled and then strained her neck to kiss me. Round two was just getting started.


Wednesday at school I broke up with Jenny during the lunch hour.

We got into another conversation about our future. Jenny wanted to know if I believed we could last long distance. After all, we'd have the summers, winter breaks, and spring breaks to be together. I honestly answered that I wasn't sure, and that it might be better for us to move on, see other people.

Understandably, that didn't go over to well with Jenny the idealist, and the conversation started becoming more of a heated argument. In the end, I told her that I just couldn't make the kind of commitment she was looking for. Honestly, I think I still loved her. But we weren't married, or engaged, or even had sex yet. What did she expect?

I told her that I really hoped she got her career and all the success in her life that she deserved. But it was time for us to move our separate ways. So I told her I was breaking up with her.

Jenny was crying even before I walked away from her, heading in the direction of my next class. I'd only been walking for ten seconds when Tina came bouncing up to me and took my arm, flashing me her feral grin and trailing her tongue across her lip seductively.

I knew Jenny could probably still see me and Tina, but I refused the urge to glance back at her.

I was just too bad that Tina and I didn't have time for a quickie before class.


I came home in the afternoon rather sullen after the emotional impact of my breakup finally hit me. I planned to find Pei-Hua as soon as I got inside the house to ease my stress and ejaculate some tension out of my body.

I went to my room first to drop off my gear, and I had just set my book bag on the floor when Jenny launched herself at me, pinning me back against my own door and causing it to slam closed with a loud thump.

My eyes went wide with surprise but then Jenny was kissing me with a ferocity I had never experienced from her, and I felt her cheeks pressing against mine, streaked with her tears, while she attempted to devour my face with her mouth.

Lost in the delirium of Jenny's kiss, I instinctively reacted to the young woman who had been my girlfriend for years and returned the kiss with equal fervor.

Then suddenly, Jenny stopped kissing me and went to work on my jeans. She stripped both them and my boxers to the floor, still pressing my torso back against the door. My penis was half-hard but rapidly gaining strength in her soft hands.

She inspected it for a few moments, and just when I was starting to get curious she stood up and started pulling my shirt off.

Laughing a bit, I asked, "What is going on?"

Still inspecting, Jenny got me fairly naked then finally stood back, seemingly satisfied. "Have you had sex with her yet?"

"What? Who?"

"Tina. Since you dumped me this morning, today. Have you fucked her yet? Did she give you a blowjob?" In the meantime, Jenny started moving me around, forcing me to shuffle with my jeans still around my ankles.

"Uh, no. No, we didn't. No, she didn't." It was an honest answer. Jenny was the one who specified 'since you dumped me this morning'.

"Good." And then Jenny tugged me by the hands, yanking me around until I was sitting on my bed, completely naked except for my jeans and boxers still stuck around my ankles.

Jenny sank to her knees between my legs, and with both hands around my shaft, she breathed hotly onto my erection and then slowly closed her soft lips around it. Her small hand wrapped around the shaft near the base, pumping me while her lips and tongue went to work energetically. She was faster and more aggressive than ever before.

I let my head loll back, soaking in the sensations of Jenny's best ever blowjob. She didn't let up for the next five minutes, loudly slurping and tickling and tonguing me with enthusiasm, and both hands stroking at the hot skin around my rod.

I started gurgling as I got closer, and the noise seemingly made Jenny even more eager to get me off. Her hands clamped down so tightly around me, and in the final moment she let her fingers down to tickle at my balls.

At that stimulation, my balls loosed and I growled as the sperm raced up my shaft and fired into Jenny's sweet mouth.

She was ready for it, but after two shots her gag reflex kicked in and she pulled me out, and the next couple shots burst into Jenny's face.

I enjoyed the view for a minute, and then collapsed onto my back across the bed, physically sated and wallowing in the bliss after my orgasm. Only after I lay panting for a minute did I finally remember that I'd broken up with Jenny. So why did she just do what she did?

While I was pondering that, Jenny recovered herself enough to stand up and lean over me, still coated in white sticky globs. "Now don't go anywhere. I intend to have sex with you in a minute."

My eyes went wide at that thought. And despite having just cum, I felt a fresh youthful stirring back into my cock. And then Jenny went into my bathroom to clean herself up.

The thought of having sex wasn't what got me aroused so quickly. I'd had sex hundreds of times. But the thought of burying my dick inside the sweet forbidden pussy was more than enough to get my teenaged erection back to full mast.

When Jenny returned, all of her clothes were neatly folded, and she was carrying them. After dropping them neatly into my desk chair, Jenny did a quick pirouette to show off her splendid nude physique.

I watched the slight jiggle in her perfectly shaped breasts, and my jaw dropped when my eyes trailed lower down and I saw the freshly shaved bare skin over her labia.

Jenny caught my gaze, looked down, then looked back at me. "You like?"

"Oh, yeah."

And then Jenny was straddling my hips, holding my erection in her hands and looking at the purple monster. She had seen it many times, but there was a little bit of trepidation in her eyes as she pictured the thick shaft splitting her open.

My eyes were at our crotches, so close together and yet not quite together. I knew from experience that she wasn't that wet.

She looked back up at me, her eyes a little watery. "I love you," she whispered, barely audible.

I could see the fear and determination both in her eyes. She was willing to do this, but still afraid of the unknown. I looked straight at her and remembered all the good times. "Jenny, I love you, too."

And as I said it, she pulled my shaft upright and prepared to impale herself upon it. But I suddenly moved, using my superior strength and I flipped us over, Jenny shrieking, while I slid down the bed until my face was between her legs.

Jenny was still in an uncontrolled panic from the adrenaline rush of my surprise maneuver. So she was completely unprepared for my tongue to sink into her pussy and my lips to start humming at her clit.

She was instantly moaning as I licked and nibbled in her crotch. I listened to the aural aphrodisiac of Jenny's whimpers and moans and sheer delight at the things I was doing to her body. And when I brought my fingers up, the honey pouring out of her was proof that a dry pussy was no longer an issue. At the moment that I pressed a finger into her, Jenny's hips suddenly bucked up at my face and she screamed as she came.

My head rode the roller coaster of Jenny's bucking hips and quivering torso until finally she went slack and lay panting across my mattress. I got up, a shit-eating grin on my face. Jenny smiled back at me, and beckoned me back to her.

I stopped for a moment to wipe up my face, but then I returned to the bed and leaned over Jenny's body, my hips resting on the mattress between her legs.

Jenny reached up and took my face in her hands, smiling but ever so slightly nervous. She did not resist when my hard head started rubbing around her now wet folds. And when I finally found the right spot, I glanced back up into her eyes.

"Do it," she commanded.

So I did. With a practiced ease, I leaned in and the mushroom head popped through her tight entrance, and then with repeated shifting motions and gentle pushes the shaft began its descent into the great unknown.

Jenny visibly flinched when my dick came upon her barrier, already beginning to stretch it. I paused briefly, searching her eyes for pain and being careful with my first ever virgin girl.

She took a few moments to collect herself, then gritted her teeth and nodded at me. And at that signal I pulled back two inches, and then rammed my hips forward with all the strength I could muster.

Jenny screamed in pain as I tore through her, but my lips were immediately on hers and my hands tickled her breasts as I pulled back and then started in on some short, moderate thrusting motions.

Methodically, I rifled through every trick Pei-Hua had taught me as I continued to make love to Jenny, setting off nerve bundles and manipulating her body away from the pain and into the pleasure. It was my turn to be in command, and in a few short moments Jenny's scream of pain had turned into rapturous moans of ecstasy while I continued to pump in and out of her.

"Oh, oh, god. I never dreamed it would be this good," she whispered. And then after few minutes of her whimpers and moans Jenny shivered as her first coital orgasm rippled through her. She nuzzled her face against my neck and gripped my body tightly to her, crushing my chest down atop her while she rode out the wave, and then finally she settled back against the bed, limp with momentary exhaustion while I leaned up and continued to slowly grind my erection into her.

When she'd recovered, Jenny's focus came back to me, and she started tensing her muscles experimentally, and I watched her ab muscles tightening as she tried to figure out how to best caress my shaft directly. Every now and again she'd get it right, and when I felt myself building up towards my climax I started drilling her harder and harder.

Jenny's breasts were bouncing in rhythm with my thrusts, and I started grunting with the exertion. Jenny's eyes were wide imagining my explosion, and she softly gasped, "You're getting close, aren't you?"

I just nodded, and Jenny smiled. But then a look of panic suddenly crossed her face, and she was pleading with me. "Please, don't cum inside me. I'm not protected or anything."

The picture of my naked sperm embedding itself in Jenny's virginal, unprotected pussy came into my head, and my perverted mind was thrilled with the idea. I felt my balls about to loose and fill her pussy to the brim, but my brain caught up and at the last moment, I yanked out and with a hand jerking myself frantically, my cum burst forth into the air and splattered across the lower half of Jenny's tits. Subsequent shots hit her stomach and then finally just splashed down, coating Jenny's silky, naked pussy lips.

And then I toppled to the side, flat on my back next to Jenny's panting body. She rubbed at my jizz coating her tits experimentally, and then finally just rolled her head and kissed me tenderly. "I'm so happy my first time was with you."

There was an implied comment in the way she said 'first time', and I wasn't about to tell her that this WASN'T my first time. So I replied with a non-committal "ditto."

"It was so much better because it was with you," she told me. "I felt so intimate, like we were one person."

I didn't share her gushing sentimentality, but to help me fake the look I smiled and filled my mind with the happy notion that I'd finally fucked (er, made love?) to my loving ex-girlfriend (er, girlfriend again now? I'd said 'I love you' to her, so she must assume we're back together).

Jenny kissed me on the cheek again. "Seriously, that was fantastic. Everywhere you touched me was wonderful. Where did you learn all that?"

"Uh, read about it on the Internet."

"You pervert."

We got cleaned up, and then Jenny was heading home. It wouldn't have been proper for her to stay overnight.

My stomach growled at me, and I headed into the kitchen to find something to eat. My dad was in Taiwan and my mom was at a friend's house. But Mrs. Peng had already anticipated my needs, and after seating me at the dining table, she sent out Pei-Hua to serve me some wonderful home cooking.

I ate alone, my mind going back over every inch of Jenny's body in my mind, and over the recent memories of me ravaging her body as well. By the time I was finished with my food, I felt a fresh stirring in my cock. So when Pei-Hua came out to clear away my dishes, I reached out and touched her hand.

"Later," I said, indicating the dishes. And standing up I led the beautiful 21-year-old upstairs and to my bedroom. Finally, after bringing her to two back-arching orgasms, I was able to spurt my cream inside a receptive and willing pussy.

Pei-Hua and I never even said a word.


Chapter 2

Finally letting me fuck her put a brand new spark into the relationship between me and my long-time girlfriend Jenny. I was unwilling to use condoms, so she went on the pill so we could fuck enthusiastically without worrying about pregnancy. Our lovemaking sessions were still infrequent because of school and our efforts to avoid her strict parents. Still, we were able to remain a dating couple through the end of school as well as the summer before going off to college in different directions.

Of course, just because I was getting regular pussy from my girlfriend didn't mean I couldn't fuck the pretty maid I'd grown up with, Pei-Hua. Many a night I would talk with Jenny on the phone and do my best to arrange a get-together between our two bodies. But she wasn't always available, especially on a school night, so that meant I got to enjoy the wonderful world of sex right in the comfort of my own home.

And it definitely didn't mean I couldn't keep up my clandestine trysts with the hot babe at school, Tina. She was far less concerned with academics or community service. She could always be counted on for a quickie in the backseat or a blowjob in some partially-hidden corner. And besides, Tina would be attending the same school as me come September and we were simply laying the groundwork for a more honest relationship then. At least that's what I kept telling her. But Tina was a born gold digger and as long as I kept showering her with little gifts, she kept her mouth shut and her legs open for me. I was amazed Jenny hadn't found out yet, and in the end Jenny never did find out.

Quite often Tina would come by my house after school when we both knew Jenny was tied up with some extra-curricular activity. Pei-Hua would often be the one to open up the door for her. Like a good servant, Pei-Hua would keep her eyes down, greeting Tina in formal Mandarin. Then she would come fetch me.

It was a strange role reversal on those occasions. Just as I used to watch my father banging Pei-Hua through cracked-open doors, now Pei-Hua would often stay just outside my bedroom to watch and listen as I fucked Tina's lights out.

Sometimes I would envision possessing them both at the same time, and more than once I would find myself cumming as hard as I ever did in my life to the mental picture of the two beautiful young women locking lips together.

Still, I had to put up with Jenny's lovey-dovey attitude. She was blissfully unaware of my extra-marital style activities, believing her boyfriend to be the same caring, loyal little boy she grew up with. I knew the illusion would shatter eventually, but I'd keep up the façade for as long as I could keep tapping that perfect ass. But eventually, the summer did end, and Jenny went off to her prestigious University. She had some funny idea that we would still be considered a long-distance couple, and I chuckled at the thought of her trying to stay pure and chaste until she went back to visit me, her boyfriend. Yeah, I'd grown up to be a bit of a cad, but my conscience didn't bother me much.

So Tina and I were off to our own college together, ready to fuck each other's lights out without even the threat of adult supervision. And in a twist that was a surprise even to me, so was Pei-Hua.


My father insisted that unlike the common college freshman, no son of his would be sharing a room with a backwards American teenager. So over the summer my parents bought a small house in the sleepy college town. It was close enough that I could ride my bike into school if I didn't want to deal with finding a parking spot for my brand new Mercedes (a graduation gift; the Acura I got for my 16th birthday was just out of fashion by now). But it was still a comfortable 3-bedroom cottage, detached, and with enough room between it and any nearby homes that I could have a decent-sized party without too many noise complaints.

And of course, what the hell did I know about running a house? I'd never washed a dish or done a load of laundry in my life. I hadn't really thought about it until a month before school started, when my mother informed me that Pei-Hua would be joining me at school to take care of me. One room for me, one room for study space, and the third bedroom for Pei-Hua.

So Pei-Hua and I delighted in gaining some independence from our respective parents, and we christened the new home by having sex in all three bedrooms (my computer desk is quite sturdy), and I also folded her over the back of the couch and drilled her from behind that way.

Two days later Tina arrived on campus. She got her things piled into her dorm room, but instead of getting organized and unpacked, an hour later she showed up at my front door.

Tina's blonde-streaked hair was perfectly coiffed and her radiant smile was infectious. When Pei-Hua led her into the TV room she giggled and jumped onto the couch, straddling my waist and shoving her tongue down my throat.

Pei-Hua discreetly moved out of our sight (but I was certain she still could see us). So with our virtual privacy and with my hands pawing at Tina's back, I managed to slip the catch to her bra underneath the tank top, making my intentions clear.

Tina backed up just enough to smile at me and stood up, ripping her tank top over her head and then dropping the bra into my lap. Her silicon-tits were just as perfect as I remembered them, buoyant and round and set high on her chest over the tiny waist and short skirt. She went around topless as she opened her purse, pulled out a burned DVD (they were brand new technology back then), and went to my player.

She studied the equipment for a minute before figuring out how to properly get things working, then came back to me as the video first came on.

My eyes were on the wide-screen so I didn't really notice as she stripped off her skirt and thong. And then a soft electronica beat came over my surround speakers while the video revealed Tina's bedroom, apparently from a tripod- mounted camera.

Tina started to undo my shorts, but again I wasn't paying attention as two very beautiful girls walked into the frame and my attention was riveted to the screen. Tina I instantly recognized, but it took me a minute to recognize Jessica, one of her equally hot friends from high school.

My dick had a vague sense of where this was going, and was already stiff when Tina's hot mouth descended over it. I groaned happily at her warm touch, but also because at the exact moment Tina starting blowing me, the Tina on the screen leaned in and plunged her tongue into Jessica's mouth.

My eyes bugged out watching the lesbian scene unfold before me while Tina bobbed her head in my lap. The two girls quickly got undressed, and screen-Tina stepped behind Jessica's naked body to profile Jessica to the camera, rubbing hands across round tits and flat stomachs to direct my attention. The two girls looked so similar, with identically streaked hair, pretty faces, and surgeon-perfect bodies. While they rolled around the bed, kissing and fingering each other, I lost track of who was who on several occasions.

Eventually, the real Tina wanted to watch as well, and she stood up and turned around in my lap. My shorts and underwear had long since been discarded, and facing away from me, she lowered her hips down into my lap until she could sink me into her pussy.

Tina hit rock bottom, flat ass against my short and curlies, and then she leaned back against my chest so I could palm her tits. At almost the same time screen- Tina leaned across the bed so Jessica could shove her face into Tina's crotch and eat out her friend.

Together we fucked, both of our eyes glued to the television. The real Tina was just as aroused as screen-Tina, and so was I. I felt my balls already coiling tightly, pure lust pouring through my veins as screen-Tina raced toward orgasm. Her hips started bucking into Jessica's face, the round globes of her tits wobbling upright as she threw her head side to side and started screaming.

I watched as screen-Tina crested into orgasm, shrieking ecstatically while her thighs clamped tight over Jessica's head. That sight was enough to finish me, and with a firm grip on real-Tina's hips I slammed her down and pinned her against me while my cock erupted inside of her.

Real-Tina was fingering her oversized and oversensitive clit, and a few seconds after my hot cum splashed against her insides, she wriggled in my lap and called out her own climax, the Tina's real-voice and her screen-voice reverberating in stereo, eventually collapsing back against my chest to rest.

The video kept going, even though we were taking a break. Screen-Tina and Jessica switched places to swap spit and eventually end up with Tina returning Jessica's oral favor.

Half-hard, I was still embedded inside real-Tina's tunnel when she began to rotate her hips against me as we began our sexual activities anew.

Tina turned and fixed me with a giggle and a wink. Obviously she knew something new and exciting was about to happen onscreen. When she turned back to the TV, I followed her gaze just in time to see screen-Tina rotate Jessica's body, baring a beautifully formed ass right into the camera.

Screen-Tina then lowered her face, her black and blonde head blocking the view, but from the way she was moving my mind was able to picture Tina's tongue dipping down into Jessica's asshole. She spent a good couple of minutes tonguing Jessica, while low moans filtered back to the camera from Jessica's end of the tryst.

Screen-Tina finally pulled back and spread Jessica's asscheeks wide open, showing off a puckered rosebud, shiny with saliva. And at the same time, real- Tina lifted up and pressed her own wet fingers against her asshole, spreading her cheeks wide and verbally urged me to stick my dick into her.

I heard a muffled sigh flutter into the room, definitely not from Tina or the TV, and with a smile I positioned my erection upright, rubbing the wet tip around Tina's soggy cunt to build up moisture and also to ensure that Pei-Hua had a good view.

I watched the television as screen-Tina sank a finger all the way into Jessica's ass even while her head ducked to the other side to continue her tongue-lashing of Jessica's clit. And when real-Tina felt my mushroom head pressing inside of her tight anal sphincter, she suddenly lunged her hips down and my cock penetrated its way inside.

Real Tina moans mingled with Jessica and Tina moans coming from the TV, an aural delight of pleasurable sounds while I reamed out Tina's asshole. I even saw Tina blow a kiss in Pei-Hua's direction with an impish smile, then my eyes caught the slight movement as Pei-Hua ducked back into her hiding place with a little embarrassment. And then when Tina moaned loudly and clamped her ass- muscles around me, her entire body vibrating upon my shaft as she climaxed, I could feel my body ready itself to explode. With my hands grasping Tina's firm tits and using them to slam her light body down into my lap, I accelerated towards my own climax...

I already knew I was going to love college life.

Only twenty minutes after I blew my wad up her tight ass, Tina was walking a little gingerly but scoping out my house in detail. I put up with her remarks regarding my interior decorating skills. But then she made a few comments about moving some of her stuff into my house since she planned on spending more time here than in her dorm room. I put my foot down and said she'd be better off just having a travel bag. This was still my house, and we weren't married or anything, and I didn't feel comfortable with the idea of Tina moving in with me.

Besides, once school started, there was a wide, new selection of gorgeous women to go after. Why would I ever want to tie myself down with a steady girlfriend?

Still, over the next few weeks, Tina was at least happy that she could go around school with me in public. I was careful not to refer to her as a "girlfriend", lest I scare some potential hottie away. But Tina took what she could get from me.

And Jenny called me quite often. I wasn't very good at returning her calls, and I hoped that by November she would begin to figure out that I'd moved on. In the end, after I completely avoided her all through Christmas, Jenny finally gave up.


Classwork was classwork, something I excelled at by habit and I adjusted to academic life very quickly. The social world was completely different, however. Now, my classmates lived only a few blocks away from me. Now, group studying was possible simply by walking into a dorm lounge. And there was no parental supervision in sight.

I caught myself staying on campus until the wee hours of the morning, getting drunk about half the time. Pei-Hua would inevitably wait up for me, usually with a warm bowl of soup. Every morning, she had taken Mrs. Peng's place in kicking me out of bed and ensuring that I made it to class on time.

And of course, college women were physically better developed, more mature, and had far less hang-ups about sex than High School girls. I was a kid in a candy store with too many options. I swore to myself I would taste white pussy for the first time very soon.

Meanwhile, Tina and I hooked up with a crew of Taiwanese and Taiwanese- American students, ranging from new freshmen to graduate students. Soon my after-school evenings were spent drinking boba, smoking, and hanging out with the cool crowd. Tina, with her streaked hair, smokin' body, and giggly demeanor fit right in amongst the rest of the aZiaN HooCHieS. And with money to blow and a slacker confidence, I was quickly able to establish myself as one of the Alpha males, despite still being a first year student.

It quickly became clear among our group that Tina and I were fucking. We didn't try to hide it. But we both flirted so much with other people and spent enough time apart that neither of us was a deterrent to the other in finding new prey.

One particular hottie I set my sights on was a gorgeous senior named Cindy Wu. For some reason, I had a thing for older women at the time and she physically reminded me of Pei-Hua, from the voluptuous T&A to the slender waist and limbs. In temperament, however, she was much worldlier and decidedly more confident.

In a strange way, Cindy was the perfect blend of Pei-Hua and Tina. She had Pei- Hua's physical height and natural curves that inflamed my imagination. But rather like Tina, Cindy wore stylish clothing that showed off her physical assets without quite looking sluttish. She kept her hair neatly blended with auburn red colors, and like Tina she would wear colored-contacts to lend an even more exotic look, usually in green to Tina's blue. And most especially, Cindy carried herself with a fluid grace and self-assuredness that mesmerized me.

Cindy had just broken up with her boyfriend and while she said she wanted a comfortable, trusting relationship, she actually NEEDED some good no- strings-attached fun. As the quick-witted, smooth, new guy with youthful vitality, I fit the bill. It just took a little while to get her to realize that.

It started quietly, almost innocently. I would lightly hold the small of her back when escorting her through a door I'd just opened for her. Or I'd take her hand when helping her out of a car.

Cindy would sit next to me on a couch and over the course of an hour we'd inch closer to each other until our thighs were touching or I'd drape an arm around her while she rested a hand on my thigh.

Everyone noticed, including Tina. One night she had a fit over the attention I was showering on Cindy. But I explained that I just liked Cindy's body and wanted to bang her a few times. Tina, on the other hand, was a comfortable part of my life, and I had no plans to push her out of it. I promised Tina we would still be with each other years down the road. But for right now, I was young, energetic, and I wanted some variety in my life. She accepted it and truly made love to me that night, waxing romantically about our lives while I desperately pondered how much longer I had to listen to her before I could roll over and go to sleep.

And then upperclassman Alan took an interest in the hottest freshman girl on campus (Tina), and Tina's complaints disappeared in another week or so.

So I started to seriously pursue Cindy. At first she brushed me aside, but I figured she was just testing my resolve. But for a few days straight, I persisted, and laughing at my jokes she started to really enjoy my company. But still, she was an expert cocktease.

For a week my life fell into a strict routine. Wake up, go to class, finish my homework, and then visit Cindy. We'd flirt and get aroused, and I'd fight my way through all her defenses before going home horny and alone. Then I'd take out my sexual frustration on Pei-Hua, then pass out and start again the next morning.

As always, Pei-Hua was there for me when I needed her most. Never complaining, always caring. Not that I really noticed.


After far too long of my futile efforts, I decided to play my last trump card. I completely cut myself off from Cindy. I stopped visiting her. I ignored her phone calls. I hung out with small groups that didn't include her. The suddenness of my withdrawal was enough to get her attention.

Meanwhile, Tina had proved far easier to seduce, and after banging her, Alan dropped her completely and moved on to fresh prey. This put her in a rather pouty mood, and she came running straight into my arms.

Despite both our cultural inhibitions against PDA, during one Friday night party at a friend's house, Tina and I started making out heavily on a couch in full view of everyone, Cindy included. Everyone knew Tina and I had a thing, so no one really paid much attention... except for Cindy of course.

I managed to flag down the host and he gave me permission to borrow one of his bedrooms for a bit. So Tina and I slipped away for some nookie. I shoved my dick into the back of her throat for a little while. And then with her tube top folded down to reveal her round tits and her thong pulled to the side, I fucked us both to a quick and dirty climax.

When we were done, I promised Tina I'd take her back at my place after the party so we could get a full-on sex romp going.

We returned to the social circling and dancing, and then Cindy finally cornered me. In her imperious condescension she wanted to know what was going on. I told her frankly that I was definitely interested, but she didn't seem to be so I counted my losses and folded my hand. There were other girls who could occupy my time. So I spun on my heel and left her, a rather cold gesture on my part.

That didn't go over to well as she caught up to me and yanked me around. Then, in full view of the crowd, she muttered a harsh "Damn you" and then leaned up at me and shoved her tongue into the back of my throat.

Automatically, I kissed her until I'd dipped her back, her body neatly forming a curving C as her hair hung back and my arms burned from supporting her. Then standing her upright, I smiled and muttered, "Sorry, but I already made plans for later tonight."

I strutted over to Tina, and we got out of there.

Brimming with confidence, I was completely dominant as I fucked Tina roughly and literally attacked her body until she finally passed out from orgasmic overload. I left her limp and used body on my bed and went naked to get some tea from Pei-Hua to recharge my batteries a bit.

Tina was still passed out when my final erection penetrated her saturated pussy, and she woke up just enough to wrap her legs around my back while I palmed her tits, and she had one last orgasm before I filled her cunt with an extra load of cream.


I ignored the phone the first two times Cindy called me on Saturday afternoon. The third time she called, I finally picked up and agreed to see her.

We met at her apartment, a studio near campus she had all by herself so she could be a neat freak and keep everything organized. We talked enough to make our intentions clear, everything was casual and there was no pressure to have any serious romance.

Getting that out of the way, I still wanted to take her out to dinner. We cruised in my shiny new Benz, and Cindy was seriously into my car, in awe at all the bells and whistles. Some girls are not impressed by expensive toys; but then some girls ARE. Those were the ones I was looking for.

We went out to a fancy place downtown; Cindy dressed to the nines while I'd switched into a dress shirt, blazer, and slacks.

Cindy actually was twenty-one, and I apparently dressed older than the typical college freshman so they didn't check IDs, and we wound up having several cocktails to go along with our meals. Our dinner conversation was playful, and we actually learned quite a bit about each other now that we had the chance to be alone and talk for a good couple of hours.

Still, after several drinks we were both rather tipsy and ready to roll. I drove back towards campus carefully, and Cindy seductively told me that she wanted to see what my house was like.

I arrived home to find the house in order, and Pei-Hua brought some tea to us in the living room then exited quietly. I knew from past experience that she would still be nearby, if out of sight, in case I needed anything else from her.

The tea did a lot to help bring back motor control, but did nothing to sate the lust in our bodies. I finally decided to make the first move, leaning over her on the couch and pressing my lips to hers.

She returned the kiss eagerly, and then I was tasting the strange mixture of tea and martini on her tongue. The kiss deepened, and her hands snaked up around the back of my neck while my hand massaged her thigh.

When we broke for air, I asked, "Want to see the bedroom?"

She nodded quickly and we collected ourselves to head up the stairs. I let Cindy walk in front of me so I could check out her curvy ass, and I turned around only once to see Pei-Hua was clearing away our teacups.

I led Cindy into the bedroom while she commented politely on the décor. I very deliberately left the door opened a crack, enough for a hidden spy to witness everything that would be going on inside.

Cindy was still looking around at the drapery and artwork on the walls when I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her body. Very quickly, my lips were padding across the sensitive skin on the back of her neck, one arm clutched her torso back against the erection throbbing in my pants, and my other hand cupped a large breast through her dress.

Cindy moaned and turned in my arms so she could kiss me. And as our lips locked I shuffled us back across the room until the back of her legs hit my bed.

The weeks of sexual tension between us came to a boil as she suddenly had to fuck me. She got my shirt done quickly and helped me rip the undershirt over my head. My hands found the catches to her dress and slipping the shoulder straps, I managed to strip it down onto the floor.

We kissed again as my hands circled her back to remove her bra, and then her huge tits spilled out right in my face. She stood me up and started working at my pants, and once she got me naked she knelt down to suck my tool into her mouth.

I let her blow me for a minute, her hand pumping along my shaft before I remembered that I wanted to take charge of this encounter. I picked her up and literally carried Cindy onto the bed, yanking her panties off and then sinking my tongue into her pussy.

Cindy was quickly racing to climax, clutching the back of my head against her crotch as I ate her out. And when her hips began quaking against my face I knew that I had her. "Oh, FUCK!" she cried out, and then her whole body joined in on the trembling as the rush blew through her head.

She was still in the throes of first orgasm when I slid up the bed, aimed, and in one powerful thrust penetrated her still spasming pussy. I held myself upright above her, my palms planted onto her big tits while my hips pile-drived in and out of her tight tunnel. Cindy was screaming at me to fuck her, her eyes wild as I did my best to do just that.

Eventually, I lifted her legs up and pressed her knees back against her own chest, literally folding the girl in half while my cock sawed in and out of her. I was getting so deep that I felt my mushroom head impacting an internal wall inside of her with every thrust.

Stretching her legs painfully, I forced Cindy's feet to the mattress next to her head and thrust a few more times before she quivered and came again, her ass lifted off the bed and her mouth gaping wide in a big "O" as she howled out her release.

Seeing this condescending senior coed pinned beneath my raging body, and watching the pleasure I'd forced on her taking control gave me a serious power trip, and with a roar I fired both barrels of jizz deep into Cindy's wet box. She was still howling as she felt the warm splash inside her core, and we were both yelling so loud I almost didn't hear the soft whine just outside my door.

I was sure Cindy didn't notice anything as I dismounted her and left her panting on my bed, I glanced around for just a moment to see Pei-Hua's face just through the crack in my bedroom door.

I flopped onto the bed beside Cindy, catching my breath while she luxuriated in the feel of our warm, mingled cum leaking out through her damp pussy. She turned her body just a bit, and almost lazily sucked my limp dick into her mouth.

She moaned at the taste, and then sat up just a bit so I could watch her head bobbing up and down the re-energizing shaft, and so I could also see her heavy tits swaying with her every motion.

When I got hard enough, I directed Cindy onto her back, then straddling her chest I lay my cock in the valley between her big tits. She got the idea immediately, and seizing her own warm titflesh in her hands, she began to massage me while I made short thrusts in between the artificial tunnel.

Looking down at Cindy's panting face, her mouth still agape to let the head of my cock dip inside every now and again, I was suddenly filled with a tremendous desire to see globs of white jizz coating her porcelain features. I promised myself I would see that very soon.

I was rock hard after titfucking her for a few minutes, and then I slid back down across Cindy's body and squished my cock back inside her soggy pussy. I lifted Cindy's legs once again, and pressed them tightly together while pointed straight up. Eventually I let both her feet fold together over my right shoulder while I drilled her tight box.

My right arm held her legs in place while my left circled around and stroked every bit of skin I could reach, especially the hard nub of her clit trapped between her thigh-flesh. It was a matter of pride to bring Cindy to one more climax, and when she finally arched her back and whimpered a fresh orgasm, I let myself go and felt the cum begin boiling in my balls.

"I'm going to cum on your face," I grunted at her.

"Oh, yes!" was all that Cindy could get out before my next thrust turned her last word into a loud moan.

At the last moment, I exited her pussy, dropped her legs and re-straddled Cindy's chest, about to make my promise come true. With my own hand jacking myself off, I growled and then let fly my ejaculation directly into Cindy's face.

She shrieked as the hot cum splattered her cheek, and then she opened her mouth in the big "O" to capture as much of my spunk that way. I kept pumping my own shaft as three more large globs of sperm landed on her cheeks, and then dropped my pecker to let the rest of my fluid ooze out and dribble onto her tits.

When I was done, she craned her neck up to lick at my wet rod and suckle out the last few drops, and then I lay back against my bed next to her.

I glanced to the door for a moment again, but Pei-Hua was now gone. Neither Cindy nor I said anything for several minutes, until we'd both caught our breaths and the room became silent.

Still coated in my cum, now drying on her face, Cindy murmured at the ceiling. "I've never had a younger man before. Always thought they were too immature. Probably why I gave you such a hard time."

"No regrets?"

"Mmm, only that I didn't let this happen sooner." Cindy looked over and petted my chest. We talked for just a few more minutes, Cindy's condescension now becoming more of a concerned, mothering kind of attitude towards me. I had proved I was worth her time.

To clean up, we took a long shower together and she was very methodical in washing my body, and automatically my memory returned to Pei-Hua doing this same thing for me in a very caregiving manner.

There was something else Pei-Hua and I did in the shower on occasion, and I reenacted the scene by spinning Cindy around and doggy-fucking her against the shower door until we both came, mingling a fresh batch of fluids inside of her pussy.

Cindy spent the night with me, choosing to spoon herself against me, holding and watching over me protectively. I felt more relaxed and babied than I ever had before in my life.


For a few weeks, Cindy and I became a regular, if not very constant, item. She still was very focused on graduating and finding a new job. I filled my time with Pei-Hua and her welcoming company. And oddly enough, I barely had any contact with Tina for this time. This was a little disconcerting, and I missed her in a strange way. But periodically, Cindy would invite me to her place or come to the house to spend some casual time with me, and all my thoughts about Tina would float away.

Despite her very intimate attitude when we were together, Cindy didn't want to get into anything serious as she was still getting over her boyfriend. We could go for days at a time without seeing each other or talking on the phone. There was no pressure to always be together.

But on the few times we did get together, Cindy was slipping into her old girlfriend habits, as if the only way she knew how to be around me was to baby me.

The sex was brilliant, as Cindy went out of her way to please me in any way, even if it didn't mean her own physical satisfaction. Sometimes she would urge me to simply take her and blow as quickly as possible, the dirty and urgent nature of the quickie more of a turn on than actually achieving an orgasm. She thought nothing of blowing me and walking away without me returning the favor. The only thing she couldn't get into was anal sex, but I still had Pei-Hua on occasion for those urges.

But the biggest problem came in the way she wanted to use the resources of my house to take care of me. She wanted to cook for me, which meant she would end up butting heads with Pei-Hua on a number of occasions. It was Pei-Hua's kitchen and equipment, but Pei-Hua was only a servant while Cindy was the honored guest.

Pei-Hua always let Cindy have her way in the end, but I could see the simmering resentment underneath.

I'd also gotten accustomed to regular massages or backrubs in the bathtub with Pei-Hua; it was an intimate and regular thing between us, perhaps the only non- sexual intimate thing between us, and Pei-Hua really seemed to look forward to those times. But Cindy was also an expert masseuse and was eager to show off her skills with me. So Cindy was both cooking for me as well as soothing many of my physical needs, leaving Pei-Hua out of the picture.

All in all, Cindy would be a wonderful wife in accordance with my father's ideal. Intelligent, considerate, and always conscious of my desires. The only difference between her and Pei-Hua (the most significant difference) was that Cindy was upper-class and educated, and thus a suitable wife for me.

Pei-Hua would always be a servant, and for a while my heart went out to her and her situation.

Still, these were only fleeting concerns on my part. Cindy and I were light-years away from ever getting married. And I still had physical wants that took priority over any such 'social' concerns.


A few weeks after Cindy and I first got together, I finally got my first taste of white pussy. We met during a party at her dorm, and snuck away for a satisfying one- night stand. After spurting onto her naturally blonde pubic hair and watching her red-headed roommate lick it all up, we never saw each other again. And I certainly I wasn't about to tell Cindy about the encounter.


As usual, my birthday came towards the end of the academic year and was planned ahead to be a significant event on the social calendar. I was turning 20, and our entire Taiwanese crew would be coming to my house for a BBQ, good music, and plentiful alcohol.

I looked forward to catching up with Tina. I hadn't really talked to her in a few weeks, our relationship having simmered down to an "old friends" kind of arrangement. Ever since I'd picked up a steady girlfriend she'd drifted away to live her own life. She promised to bring a birthday present I'd find useful.

Cindy intimated that her birthday present to me would have to wait until our own little after-party, and I salivated at the thought of seizing her body in brand new ways. Maybe she was finally going to let me tap her asshole.

Pei-Hua had no tangible gift for me, but I was more appreciative of her than any birthday present that could possibly be offered. She was working her fingers to the bone to prepare for the party itself.

I helped out (a little) where I could, and only twenty minutes before any guests arrived, I wrapped Pei-Hua up in a warm hug and kissed her tenderly. She melted in my arms for a minute, and then with eyes downcast in deference, she asked to be excused so she could finish the preparations.


The party went off without a hitch, an impressive accomplishment as it was Pei- Hua's first time running one without my parents or Mrs. Peng's assistance or the house full of servants. The food was hot and plentiful, drinks served, music bouncing, and the two dozen guests were kept happy. Cindy whirled around me for a bit, but I was so busy being the host she eventually went to hang out with her friends.

As the birthday boy, I got to dance with every girl who came, including two white blondes Jack had brought with him. With a serious buzz, I had some excuse for copping a feel every now and again, and the girls just giggled at my touch.

Pei-Hua was constantly in motion, cleaning up and taking care of every little detail. She had dressed lightly in khaki shorts and a loose button-down blouse, her hair in an efficient ponytail. There were little dark spots of sweat at her collar and behind her neck, and she'd undone a few extra buttons to ventilate as she ran around.

Those extra buttons offered a nice expanse of her bosom, a sight that did not go unnoticed by my male friends. I heard a few comments about my beautiful servant girl, and just smiled proudly.

It was approaching midnight, the party having run for almost five hours when I felt my buzz starting to fade. I went inside from the patio, heading for the kitchen to refill my drink. I was just coming in the door when I heard a fearful shriek.

It got my attention right away and I looked across the room, shocked to see that one of my wasted friends had cornered Pei-Hua in a rather threatening manner.

"Come on baby," Frankie drawled, drunkenly. "Lighten up. I just want a look." He staggered forwards while Pei-Hua backed away from him, until her back hit the wall and she had nowhere left to run to. Frankie just leaned in and reached his hands out, one hand on her ass and the other reaching for Pei-Hua's bounteous bosom.

Pei-Hua sank to the floor, leaning against a wall and curled up in a clearly defensive posture, tears of fear already in the corners of her eyes. She did not scream again, but two of the other girls in the room yelled at Frankie to back off and leave her alone.

I took two big steps right at Frankie, and commanded in a low tone, "Get your hands off of her."

Frankie pulled back and looked at me.

"Aw, come on man. I just wanna see some tits, and hers look sooo tasty." Frankie leered and reached his hand out again.

I didn't give him another warning before my fist flew out and impacted with the side of Frankie's head.

He shouted in pain once, and then crumpled into a ball on the floor. Quickly, I stepped forward to help Pei-Hua up and I clutched her trembling body in my arms. With a warning glare at everyone else I ushered her upstairs to my bedroom, and after talking with her for a minute to make sure she would be alright, I told her to lock the door and stay inside until everything was over.

The living room was pretty quiet by the time I got back. Frankie was rubbing his head looking apologetic while Jack berated him for being so stupid. I caught the end of Jack's tirade. "You just can't touch another man's girl!"

Sobered up from the pain and adrenaline-rush, Frankie apologized. At that point, we all declared the night over and then everyone started to head home.

Tina gave me a reassuring smile, seemingly satisfied that I was in control of the situation, and then she left to head home. Cindy looked up at me longingly for a minute, her birthday present to me perhaps in her thoughts, but I waved her away to go home as well.

Right now, the only girl on my mind was Pei-Hua.


Finally, when the house had cleared out, I headed back to my bedroom. I knocked twice, and Pei-Hua's voice came back clearly. "Who is it?"

"It's me."

The door opened, and Pei-Hua's still fearful eyes glanced behind me to make sure that I was alone. And when I stepped inside and closed the door behind me, she suddenly melted against my chest, sobbing quietly into my shoulder.

I stroked her hair and held her tightly against me. "It's alright. Everyone's gone."

She clutched me for another minute until I felt her body relax, and then she was leaning up and kissing me fiercely with everything she had.

I was overwhelmed by the intensity of her kiss for a moment, and then she had unbuttoned her blouse and flung it away. The bra came next and her large breasts spilled out. In a few more frantic moments Pei-Hua stripped me as well and then herself and we were both naked, me flat on my bed and Pei-Hua on top of me, rubbing her nipples into my pecs and kissing me like there would never be a tomorrow.

She was still riding the high of an intense emotional experience, and without any further foreplay she lifted my erection vertically and impaled herself upon it.

I simply held on for dear life as Pei-Hua's tight pussy clenched my rod as she bounced up and down at breakneck speed. Her tits were wobbling everywhere and threatening to smack her in the face while she gasped and shrieked, louder than I'd ever heard her before.

She came to a screaming orgasm a minute later, a full-blown head shaking, body quaking, pussy spasming, ear-splitting orgasm, which released a deluge of honey into my lap.

That powerful orgasm seemed to calm her down tremendously, and she collapsed forward onto my chest, my erection still embedded inside of her.

She panted heavily into my ear, resting her head on the pillow next to me and resting her chest upon mine. She turned just enough to kiss my ear, and then whisper, "I am yours, completely. I want you to own me, possess me."

The fire in her voice spurred me on, and I rolled us over. Pei-Hua leaned back into the pillows, her eyes in flame as she spread her body before me. She was a receptive heaven just waiting for me to ravage her.

"I am your loving servant," she told me. "Take me, and do what you want to me."

Frankie had wanted to take Pei-Hua by force, and she had cried in fear. Now she was freely giving herself to me and demanding that I take her with the same kind of force.

I grasped her ass in my hands and with one powerful lunge, I speared my way into Pei-Hua's pussy. Within moments her body was shaking as my hips banged against her with each thrust, but like a coiled spring she bounced back at me every time.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" she howled at me, and I did just that. Over and over I plunged, careless to her pleasure, my mind only filled with my own satisfaction and the vision of her naked body trembling before me, her large breasts gyrating in rhythm.

I grunted and moaned at the tremors her tight tunnel was producing in me, and after a few minutes of machine-fucking Pei-Hua I slammed forward a final time, grinding my hips into her crotch as my pecker exploded inside of her pussy. Jet after jet of cum raced out of me to splash against her insides, and my gratification was only further intensified as Pei-Hua screamed out her own climax, the earthquaking inside of her tunnel coaxing even more spunk out of me.

I pulled out of her and Pei-Hua got up, taking my tool into her hand and kissing me with the same ferocity as when I'd first walked into the room. Then she dropped down and sucked me into her mouth, her talented tongue and my youthful endurance bringing back up in record time.

When I had reached a satisfying hardness, she kissed her way up my torso and then she was nibbling at my neck while she whispered, "I want you to totally OWN me. Every part of me. I want your cum in every hole and all over my body."

My blood boiled at her words. With a growl in the back of my throat I casually flipped her over, forcing her legs until she was in a perfect doggy-position at just the right height. White jizz was already leaking out of her worn pussy.

My cum-drenched rod was at diamond hardness, and with a brutal thrusting motion I aimed and plowed my dick into Pei-Hua's asshole. She howled in mixed pleasure and pain at my penetration, and she never stopped screaming like a banshee for the whole time I kept reaming her out.

For ten minutes my cock sawed in and out of Pei-Hua's anal chute, until her sphincter simply gave up on trying to close. And then I was firing both barrels deep inside Pei-Hua's backside.

When I finally pulled out, I watched enraptured by the sight of my cream oozing out of both of her holes. Pei-Hua sagged against the bed to catch her breath for a second before the next round.

I was exhausted after two such powerful orgasms, but Pei-Hua was insatiable. My nasty servant girl didn't even stop to clean me before she turned around and took my pecker into her mouth, and this time she blew me with lips, tongue, fingers, and full fists until finally she deep throated me.

I lay back, resting, and enjoying the bliss of a perfect Pei-Hua blowjob, and when her lips hit the base around my balls, I erupted directly into the back of her throat. She swallowed every drop, and even then she wasn't done yet.

Stroking and suckling on my dick until I got up for a fourth time, she shoved my cock into her cunt, then rode me roughly until I managed enough energy to flip us over and pound her while Pei-Hua's legs were wrapped around my neck. At last I pulled out and with her own hands jerking at my shaft, I blew my fourth ejaculation all over her D-cup tits.

Her stated goal of every orifice and all over her body complete, Pei-Hua managed to drag me into the shower to clean us both off. And miraculously I got one final erection while she was soaping up my crotch. Giggling happily, Pei-Hua just climbed on and fucked me to a final climax, what little sperm I had left embedding itself in her vaginal walls.

We returned to survey my ruined bed of soaked and soiled sheets. Pei-Hua said she'd clean them up in the morning, and took me back to her room to sleep.

Almost unbelievably, it was the first time I ever slept with Pei-Hua in my arms, and I felt in heaven as my eyes closed to re-join her in the dreamworld.

Damn, I love my life.


The next morning I was alone, having slept in on this weekend morning. I emerged from Pei-Hua's room to hear her cooking downstairs, and went to my room to take a shower and shave. I felt a little unsure of how the past night's events may have changed our relationship.

To be sure, we'd had sex many times. But there was a much stronger emotional impact this time. Instead of a physical release of tension for me from a willing girl, last night was much closer to an expression of love. Instead of Pei-Hua providing for my sexual needs, I was giving her what she wanted and needed, accepting a position as her knight protector in some way.

When I went downstairs, the awkward tension in me was soon smoothed away as she went about our daily routine per usual. Her actions toward me were the same as always, deferential and attentive. The only way I could tell there was anything different was in a new sparkle in her eyes.

The other significant difference came when Cindy dropped by in the evening. She had a belated birthday present to offer me, and after a very satisfying blowjob to get us warmed up, she excused herself to make me dinner.

This was typical and a part of our routine for the time Cindy and I had been dating. Pei-Hua looked a little put out by being muscled out of her own kitchen, again nothing out of the ordinary.

I was just outside the kitchen, on the couch watching the game, when Pei-Hua came out with a subtle, but unmistakably hurt expression on her face. And for some reason, that expression stirred some serious emotions in me. Emotions that were not nearly as fierce, but still the same kind of feelings that sank into my heart when I saw Frankie groping at Pei-Hua.

The anger in me simmered, and I went to Cindy in the kitchen. I told her that while I loved her cooking, she should remember that this was my house and this was Pei-Hua's kitchen. She had to understand and be respectful of Pei-Hua's domain.

Cindy looked at me with some shock, but covered it and we both went back to what we were doing. Pei-Hua eventually returned and began to give me a foot massage while Cindy prepared the food and threw a few green-eyed glances in our direction, and I'm not referring to her contact lenses.

Pei-Hua appropriately disappeared while Cindy and I had dinner. But there was a palpable tension in the air, and once the meal was done neither of us was really in the mood. Cindy decided to go home, and I readily agreed. I went to bed alone that night.

Unfortunately, the tension came back in little ways over the next two weeks. Cindy and I were able to put it aside enough to fuck a few times, but our tempers were getting shorter and we started having the first arguments of our relationship.

Cindy had been perfectly content to enjoy our casual, physical association before, but now she was pressing me about "girlfriend" status and asking me questions about the future that I didn't want to answer.

Finally, after two weeks of bitching and moaning, we both decided it wasn't worth it and we'd be better off just as friends. Besides, she would be graduating and moving on soon. It wasn't the best breakup, but I hoped she at least wouldn't go around bad-mouthing me to her friends, many of whom I still considered to be potential hookup material.

The night Cindy drove away for the last time, Pei-Hua came to my room and kissed me tenderly. Very softly, we made love several times, and she stayed in my bed overnight.

Pei-Hua and I never even said a word.


Chapter 3

The music at Shark's was pumping, a solid bass line that had every booty (or boo-tay for those aZiaNS trying to speak Ebonics) shaking and sending ripples of flesh into luxurious belly-dancer motions. Ever since I'd turned 21, this club had become my favorite hangout, and invariably I would be found here on a Friday night. The music was good, the accommodations plush, and the drinks always had a more than generous share of alcohol in them. But most importantly, Shark's was an absolute Asian hottie MAGNET.

The cover charge was pretty high, and every drink cost some serious coin. The valet lot was full of Benz's and Beemers and Lexi. The Aston Martin I'd picked up over the summer fit right in and was usually given a prime spot up front. The club was a ground zero for the hottest and sluttiest aZiaN hoochies looking to hookup with a rich boy, and the DJs spun a decent mix of hip-hop, dance, and Asian Pop.

I was a regular by now, a VIP friend of the owners, and I casually lounged at my reserved table with two gorgeous women who were wearing skimpy outfits and stroking my arms while we worked up a good buzz. A waitress snaked her way through the crowd - guys in designer jeans and expensive watches and hotties with miniskirts and streaked hair — dodging traffic and balancing her tray to bring our latest bottles and glasses.

I tilted my tumbler and felt the social lubricant pouring down my throat, but kept my eyes on the two babes beside me, and the wonderful exposed flesh they offered to my sight. Ji-yoon's tits were nearly spilling out of her tiny top, and Ji- hyun was rubbing them softly while she pressed her tongue between Ji-yoon's lips. At least I thought I had that order right. The names sounded very similar to me and I knew I would get them confused on occasion. Their English was heavily accented, and I didn't speak any Korean. But when it comes to getting laid, you can get pretty far with your eyes and a few hand gestures, not to mention the ability to drop a few hundred on expensive Korean soju. And names aren't really that important anyways.

Periodically, I would get up to dance with one or both of them. More often, I would sit back and watch them dancing with each other and exchanging warm kisses.

I briefly glanced across the dance floor to see Tina grinding her crotch into a tall, muscular bad boy. She'd hitched a ride with me on the way over here, but I knew she wasn't going to need me to drive her home tonight.

A few hours later, Ji-yoon was pressed into the car's passenger seat beside me, and Ji-hyun was in her lap while Ji-yoon massaged her friend's thighs and chest.

Thirty minutes after that, we were in the apartment the girls shared. Both of them were naked and sixty-nining in one of the bedrooms. An open bottle of Cristal I brought from my car was on the bedside table with a few half empty glasses nearby. The snow white skin of both girls was now flushed red from the evening's alcohol and exertion.

I downed the last of my drink, and then got up to get my own action started. I was going to make this fast and dirty, a true slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am (er, ma'ams, plural).

Stepping up behind Ji-hyun's tight ass, I lifted her hips up off of Ji-yoon's face and then leaned in to sink my dick into her warm snatch. She grunted as I began to slowly pump in and out of her, and I kept my pace slow so that Ji-yoon could still reach my swinging balls with her tongue.

Then after fucking her to one orgasm, I pulled out of Ji-hyun and shoved my meat into Ji-yoon's open lips to empty my load, blasting the roof of her mouth with my hot white spunk.

I got it up for one more round, Ji-hyun now riding my face and rubbing at Ji- yoon's tits while Ji-yoon rode my dick. This time Ji-yoon grinded herself to one orgasm, and then she dismounted just in time for Ji-hyun to bend over and take my erection into her mouth with her crotch still in my face. And when she managed to deep throat me I felt my balls let loose and I sent a surge of semen deep down her throat and into her belly.

We cleaned up and I kissed the girls goodbye, explaining that I had to get an early start the next morning. I didn't really, but I wanted to fall asleep with Pei- Hua tonight. So we exchanged phone numbers and promised to do this again sometime, then I headed home.

Thirty minutes later, after a quick shower, I crawled into the bed of my beautiful servant girl; she simply rolled over and spooned herself against me. And then we drifted off together into the bliss of sleep.

Pei-Hua and I never even said a word.


The years of college life had cruised by on autopilot. The academics were a given. I took for granted that I would pass and graduate with a decent GPA, then go to work for my father's company. Soon I'd get an MBA and seriously look towards taking over the company and letting my father retire.

Socially, on the other hand, I was maturing into the personality and temperament I would carry for the rest of my life. Those transitional years of young adulthood did so much to test the flexibility of my decision-making and life choices, until I really began to resemble the person I would be for the rest of my life.

In other words, I played the field, having several hookups and a few short term affairs. To be sure, I struck out quite often. But I also got laid frequently and had a few regular hotties to spend time with. But nothing intimate, nothing close.

When it came to females, a steady girlfriend just cramped my style. Cindy had been the first and only woman to even get close to that status while I was in college. On the bright side, once Cindy was out of the picture, Tina began to work her way back into my life, and the sex had only gotten better with experience.

I had several good friends, guys who were willing to hold my head while I puked into a toilet bowl. These were the kind of guys on whom I could count on, who would bail me out of jail if it ever came to that. I accepted them as a constant in my life, and took them for granted as easily as my academic future.

And I had my harem of female "friends", girls I actually talked to in addition to fucking them. Some graduated ahead of me and moved on with their lives. They were replaced by nubile, innocent freshmen girls just waiting for me give them the ride of their lives. They varied on a scale from purely platonic to drop- everything-and-fuck-whenever-the-urge-hit-me (Tina), but all were happy to flirt with me. So even the girls I took for granted. I got laid whenever I wanted to, with a pleasant variety of feminine treasures and open-minded girls who knew me and knew exactly what to expect (and what not to expect) of me. It was sex without emotion, and it was fun.

Pei-Hua provided my emotional stability. She was the first person I ever shared my daily life and daily stress with. She was the first person I ever trusted enough to expose my fears to. And she treated me with a love that made me feel like I was wrapped inside a warm, blissful hug. Pei-Hua, more than anything else in my life, I took for granted.

I could not conceive of a life without her in it.

One time I awoke from a stress-induced nightmare. It took me a moment to realize where I was and to understand that I was awake. And as the sweat trickled down my forehead and the trembling in my body started to go away, Pei- Hua turned me until my head was pressed to the bosom of her sleeping shirt, and she folded her arms around me, cooing softly until I was at peace.

Over the years, I engaged in several one night stands where after we had finished, I would invent a lame excuse, leaving the hot coed so that I could return home and sleep peacefully with Pei-Hua.

She held a lot inside, and although I urged her to make friends, she never found anyone else to confide in. There were a few other young couples living nearby who we became acquainted with. Except for one Asian family, none of them understood the real nature of our relationship. Rather than try to explain, Pei-Hua simply referred to me as "her man", and they accepted the explanation. We lived in an age where unmarried co-habitation was the norm, not the exception.

Pei-Hua would trade cooking recipes and decorating tips with the young wives and girlfriends. But like a loyal servant, matters of the heart were protected by family honor as tightly held secrets. For all that time, I never truly understood how much she loved me, or why. And she had no one else she could talk to about it.

Pei-Hua spoke on the phone with her mom, and we had regular visits to my parents' home. But even then, many details of our lives went unsaid, many of Pei-Hua's hopes and dreams undiscovered.

So she gave everything she had for me, and I reaped the benefits of her care and love.

My life had been pure heaven for almost three years straight. But if it had lasted forever, this story would be over.


It was the winter break of my fourth and final year at school. Per the usual routine, Pei-Hua and I packed up for nearly two weeks at my childhood home for the vacation. I was able to slip into my old bedroom, enjoy Mrs. Peng's cooking, and catch up with a few high school buddies.

Sleeping in late, no schoolwork, and a house full of servants to wait on me hand and foot. I always looked forward to Christmastime.

But for some reason, Pei-Hua was never enthusiastic about returning. I thought it was perhaps because she'd gotten used to running her own home and practically answering to no one. By returning, she went from top dog in our little home to lowly servant in a more sprawling estate.

I didn't actually understand until the real reason finally hit me in the face.

I had gone out for the day, meeting up with some high school friends to play football then get some pizza and a few beers. I returned home, dirty and a little sore. I was heading for my room to take a shower when I passed my father's study, and a familiar grunt wafted out from behind the door.

It was the specific tone in the grunt that caught my attention. I knew the sound.

And in abject horror I froze in my tracks.

It took me a moment to gather myself, processing the sounds, before I backed up a few steps. Then I placed myself just outside the door with my head cocked to the side, straining with my ear.

Already my experienced hearing had discerned what was going on, but my mind didn't want to believe the worst-case scenario flashing through my imagination.

Despite my fear, I had to know for certain. And the noises inside the study led me to believe they wouldn't be paying attention anyways. I chanced the handle, finding it unlocked, and opened the door just a crack.

The vision in my mind turned out to match the reality before my eyes. Pei-Hua's pretty face was pointed downwards as her fully-dressed upper body was pressed flat atop my father's heavy oak desk. But from my vantage point, I could see down the gap in her shirt to see the full flesh of her tits squashed against the surface, forming a very tight cleavage. And her skirt had been flipped up so that it rested against her lower back.

Pei-Hua was letting out quiet shrieks, keeping as muffled as she could while my father banged away at her backside. His eyes were only on the naked ass before him while he plugged away, grunting softly.

I could have started crying in that moment.

For a long time I stood there in silence, eyes unseeing the sex act going on just through the crack in the door. And despite the heart-pangs stabbing me in the chest and the moisture forming in my eyes, my brain understood; it wasn't like my father and Pei-Hua had never done this before.

But my heart rebelled for a reason I didn't quite understand. I'd never felt jealous before in my life. Tina screwed around, and it never bothered me. I had fucked over a half-dozen girls in the last year. And Pei-Hua had been my father's before I ever had her. So why the hell did this bother me?

Pei-Hua only made little moans as he fucked her, her eyes squeezing shut every now and again before she would open them and stare at whatever happened to be in front of her as her upper body slid back and forth a few inches with every push. But then her eyes flickered up for just a brief moment, and after a moment they locked onto mine. I had been discovered.

She gasped, but did not say anything. And as the sad realization spread across her face, I felt my heart melting away with the expression on her face. Pei-Hua looked more miserable than I'd ever seen her before, and when the tears started dribbling down her cheeks I couldn't take it anymore. I fled up to my room, desperate to scrub the sight out of my mind.


I took a long shower and changed, then stayed in my room for the next hour or so. I was lying on my childhood bed, staring at the ceiling, when Pei-Hua came to me.

Silently, she crossed the room and lay beside me on the bed, molding herself against my body and resting her head on my chest. Naturally, I responded to her warmth and began to wrap an arm around her, greatly desiring the affection and comfortability with her I had come to depend on.

But I stopped myself. I could see in her eyes while my father fucked her that she was doing her duty and regretting it. That was why she never wanted to come back to this house. I wanted to believe that I was different from my father. He took what he wanted; he took what was his right in our culture. But I guess I still had too many American morals in me. I felt like it was wrong what my father was doing to her.

And yet, I was doing the same. Pei-Hua wasn't my girlfriend. She wasn't even a

"friend with benefits" like Tina. She was my servant, and I couldn't help but feel like I was taking advantage of her.

I got off the bed, determinedly walking away. Pei-Hua reached out and snagged my hand, stopping my progress.

I turned to look at her, seemingly so innocent and young even though she was 3 years older than me, clutching my hand like her life depended on it.

I couldn't believe that Pei-Hua truly wanted me. I had blinded myself to the real situation, to my own inner fantasy. I was just like my father, screwing Pei-Hua whenever I wanted, taking her for granted, and never giving her what she really deserved in a man. I didn't deserve HER.

At that moment, my instinct told me to take out my aggression by fucking something into submission, or getting drunk. And I really didn't want to "use" Pei- Hua again right now.

I shook myself free of her grasp and left the room.

Pei-Hua and I never even said a word.


I was two drinks down, staring into the bottom of my third glass when a familiar voice sounded in my left ear.

"Oh, my god."

I turned my head, surprise evident on my worn face. My high school girlfriend, four-years of my life and love, stood right in front of me. She looked hot and yet proper at the same time. Four years of college life and physical maturity had been good to her. "Jenny?"

Jenny Lin stood back, her eyes glancing up and down my worn body, hunched over the bar like a dozen other drunken losers. "Wow, you look like shit."

I knew I probably did. My eyeballs were bloodshot and stress-bags in black must have been under my eye sockets. But Jenny... "And you, you look fantastic!"

Jenny simmered on that, and I noticed another girl just behind her. I vaguely remembered the other girl as one of Jenny's best friends from high school. They must have been catching up during the break from school.

I had just brought my gaze back to Jenny's face when suddenly her mouth hardened into a flat line. Without warning, her open palm whizzed out and slapped me, hard, across my cheek.

My head rotated with the impact and I spilled the drink in my hand. There was a delayed reaction as several seconds went by before I cradled my face in my hand and muttered, "Oww!"

"I gave you my virginity and then you just took off!" Jenny yelled loud enough for the entire bar to hear. "You didn't return my phone calls, my emails, nothing!"

I just gaped at her, still in shock and unprepared to respond.

"Fuck off and die!" Jenny yelled one last time and then stomped out of the bar, muttering a curse in Mandarin. Her quiet friend simply followed her and they were both gone.

I really was a complete jerk. I deserved that.

I sighed, then drained the last drops of liquid fire into the back of my throat.

Setting my morose thoughts aside, I signaled the bartender, holding up my glass.

"Another of these."


When it was time to return back to school, Pei-Hua and I made the trip in silence.

Despite her obvious desire to talk to me, perhaps discuss what was going on between us, it was not her place to make the first move.

Things didn't change either once we got back to our own house. She cooked and cleaned while I spent most of my time on the computer or in front of the TV.

When night came, she knew better than to come to me. But she did leave her door open as an invitation.

I didn't take her up on it, and continued to sleep alone.

Tina called me up two days after school started up again, but I wasn't in the mood. For some reason, no-strings-attached sex didn't really appeal to me. I had enough hidden strings binding me down as it was.

Of all places, I found myself in the library, studying. The tension in my own house was smothering me and I couldn't think when Pei-Hua was near. The conflicting emotions inside of me - desire to be with her and guilt at using her — roiled around my head until I was in agony nearly every waking moment.

I was walking through the library stacks, hunting for a book that should have been on an upper shelf when I literally walked into someone. I wasn't looking where I was going, and apparently neither was she.

So we found ourselves sprawled on the carpet, and I was repeatedly apologizing while she rubbed her head. She offered her own apologies and started crawling around to pick up her book.

I helped her collect everything back up and then we finally stood. I said sorry one more time, and she looked up me with a smile. "It's alright."

She had a tiny voice, and with the immediate crisis out of the way my male brain automatically sized her up. About 5'2", petite and Asian. Her black hair was in a long braid, librarian glasses covering an innocent face with no makeup. Simple jeans, loose and casual, and a demure sweater were fitting for a typical college girl, unusual to me after all the Azian hoochies I hung out with. The girl was definitely cute, but under normal circumstances I wouldn't have given her a second glance.

She gave me the once over, but with nothing left to discuss, she turned away and left.

Dammit, what book was I looking for again?


That same afternoon, I walked into my usual boba shop to get some milk tea. It was the same place I went to almost every day. To my surprise, the library-girl was the one behind the counter. I realized with certainty that I'd seen her many times before, but never really noticed her. But this time, I smiled and offered a


"Hello," she replied. "Your usual?"

"Usual? Am I here that often?"

"Just about every day." She smiled at me then started puttering around behind the counter, mixing up my milk tea.

"Well, there's got to be a few hundred regulars who are always here." I got out my wallet to pay.

She nodded, "True, but you're the only one who always pays with this." She held up my black American Express card. More in her element, this girl carried a quiet grace and confidence as she rung up my bill and gave me my drink. For some reason, I wanted to get to know this girl a little better.

"What's your name?"

She looked up at me for a moment, a quizzical expression on her face. "Karen," she finally offered.

"Well Karen, what time do you get off work?"

Suddenly, Karen got really nervous. I got the impression that she didn't have a lot of experience being asked out like this.

"I'm sorry. Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No, no. You just caught me off guard, that's all. Uh, we close at 10, but I probably can't leave for at least fifteen minutes after that."

"10:15 then. Can I give you a ride home?"

She looked at the floor nervously. Her innocence captured me. And she hesitated before answering.

I told her, "I promise I won't bite. Well, unless you're into that."

She giggled at that. "Sure, I'll see you then."


I actually pulled up at 10:05pm. The closed sign was up on the glass door, and Karen looked surprised when I rapped my knuckles against the glass. Perhaps she didn't think I'd actually come.

There was another girl with her, closing up the store. She said something to Karen, I couldn't hear through the door. And nodding her head, Karen removed her apron, grabbed her jacket, and then came outside.

She looked like she didn't know what to say, so I offered an "All set?"

Karen said "yes" in her quiet voice, and I led her to my car. Karen's eyes bugged out when I opened the passenger door to my Aston Martin. I held out my hand to help her in, and she clutched my palm tightly as she sank into the plush cushions before I closed the door and then circled around to my side.

I got in and flicked the switch to the seat warmers, and Karen couldn't help but run her hands over the wood trim or gawk at all the bells and whistles inside.

I let her marvel for a minute before she looked at me and realized that we weren't moving. "Oh, you need to know where we're going."

She gave me a quick set of directions, and then we were off. We made casual chit-chat about how her day went, and after ten minutes of driving I wondered just how far away she lived, and how the heck she got to work?

It turned out, Karen was just a first year student, living in the dorms. But her dorm was clear on the other side of campus, and she normally took a University shuttle bus or perhaps rode her bike.

I enjoyed the ten minutes we did have together, and stopped just outside her dorm. I asked if she was busy Friday night, and with a radiant smile that lit up my car, she said she was free.

We made a date.


Ji-hyun called me on Thursday, wondering if I wanted to pick up a few bottles of soju and spend my Friday night with the Korean babes. Rather coldly, I turned her down. I wanted my life to be more than a hookup, and I had a sweet, innocent girl to take out on Friday night.


The dinner with Karen went smoothly, after a rough start. Karen was nervous as hell when I picked her up, clearly interested but also clearly unsure of herself.

She wore what she thought was a nice outfit, although I reminded myself to introduce her to Tina and order Tina to take Karen clothes shopping.

Karen had only a dabble of makeup, and her hair was in the standard ponytail. I suppose I shouldn't have expected anymore from a young first year, fresh out of high school and not from the social crowd on top of everything else.

She seemed to sense her attire didn't quite match up to what I was used to, which only made her even more nervous about the situation. I saw her eyes searching mine in a panic that I was out of her league.

Thinking fast, I decided to skip my reservations at the fancy restaurant. She would be too overwhelmed by the formal setting. So we hit up a local Tex-mex sit-down chain, getting some ribs and salads. And I kept up a non-stop casual chatter so she wouldn't feel pressured into talking until she felt more comfortable.

And as the night went on, her answers to my questions went from one word to two, then five, and then complete sentences. After an hour, she finally managed to relax and we could enjoy our dinner.

We went to a movie afterwards, typical Hollywood blockbuster stuff which I figured would be safe. And after a pleasant evening, I took her home.

As the night progressed, I got the distinct impression that Karen was just an innocent virgin. She told me about her life growing up: A late bloomer in school.

Never had a steady boyfriend. And more focused on her academics than meeting new people.

Karen had still grown up into a fresh, pretty girl, if only she knew how to dress and maximize her assets. But I would have to be careful with her, and not put any pressure on her.

I sensed a chance to start my love life anew with her. A chance to rediscover the innocent love I'd had with Jenny so long ago and then threw away to get frequently laid.

I walked her to the front of her dorm. And just outside the door, I touched her cheek gently then leaned in and pressed my lips to hers. She gasped, and I could feel her heart racing through my fingertips at her neck. But it was just a soft peck, and she kept her lips closed.

I backed away and smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow, at work," I told her.

She nodded agreeably, and then I opened the door so she could go inside.

I turned away and started down the sidewalk. But before the door fully closed, I heard a giggly voice that definitely wasn't Karen's. "Ohmigod, is THAT his CAR?!"

Without turning I allowed myself a grin. Hey, I still had my ego.


Every day I picked up a milk tea or passion fruit slushie. Five times over the next week Karen was there, and we always had a few minutes to chat before I let her take care of the next customer.

We made a date for Friday night, a casual dinner and a trip to the local mini-golf course. We laughed and giggled putting around, only taking the game semi- seriously. I felt like I was fifteen again, in a very good way.

On the ride back to her dorm, Karen asked if I would like to come up with her.

Her roommate was out and she didn't want this night to end yet. Besides, it wasn't even 9 o'clock yet.

I agreed, and soon we found ourselves on Karen's couch, listening to the radio, drinking sodas, and immersing ourselves in the glow of puppy love.

She didn't resist when I leaned in to kiss her once again, and when our lip massages continued beyond the first minute, I took a chance and parted her tongue with my own.

Karen sighed happily as she kissed me back with fervor, and a decent ability that probably meant this wasn't her first French kiss. She wrapped her arms around the back of my head and pulled me to her, and then I was kissing her the same way kissing used to be before sex ever got in the way. Kissing was the ultimate, the joy, the pleasure.

But as my heart started pounding and the adrenaline rushed through my veins, old habits kicked in. I seized Karen's arms and pinned them back while I attacked her mouth with my own.

She moaned into my mouth and let me spear her mouth with my tongue.

Automatically, I reached down and lifted the hem of her V-neck, whipping it over her head and then kissing her again before Karen could really react to me. My hot hands went to her bare arms, stroking them as I moved my lips along her jaw line until I was planting little pecks at her neck while Karen held my head in her hands, gasping all the while.

The sensations and the thrill of what we were doing had Karen completely under my control, and she didn't even realize what was going on before I managed to unsnap her bra, slip the cups away, and then take a firm breast into my hand.

Her tits were bigger than I thought, solid B-cups. Her outfits hid her curves before, but her breasts were perfectly formed, firmed up with youth and capped by cute pink nipples. I tasted one nipple and she moaned as I suckled.

And then Karen was lying flat across the couch, me atop her with my erection grinding into her leg. She gasped and whimpered as we kissed and I played with her tits; but when my hands went to her jeans, in the middle of a moan, Karen mumbled a soft, "no..."

To my experienced ear, it sounded like a false 'no', a moan of pleasure when her body truly wanted me. So I kept going, and when her jeans popped open and my hands dipped inside of her panties, Karen moaned loudly while my palms rubbed at the firm globes of her ass.

But then a stronger 'no' came out of her mouth when I grabbed more firmly onto the waist of her jeans. Lost to the sex-lust, I kept going, tugging both jeans and panties lower until her pubic hair was just barely coming into view.

And then a blinding pain exploded in my temples, and I was physically moved against the backrest. My body went still with shock.

Karen scrambled out from under me, shaking her hand out from the pain while using her other arm to cover her naked bosom. "I said NO."

Collecting my wits, I looked up into a face that was more hurt than angry. "I'm sorry," I quickly said. "I didn't mean-"

"I'm not that kind of girl," she told me. Then she moved to grab her shirt and held it in front of her torso. "I thought you knew that."

"Karen, please."

"Just, just," she paused, still visibly shaken by the experience. "Get out."

All the weight of my guilt came flooding back to me. Pei-Hua, Jenny, and now Karen. I was a jerk. That was simply who I was. I used people, ignored the signs, and just took my pleasure.

With my head held low, I pulled myself together and then quietly left the room.


It was still Friday night when the landline phone rang. It rang only once, but then stopped as either the caller changed their mind, or Pei-Hua picked it up somewhere else in the house.

For some reason I decided to figure out which, and I picked up the receiver in the living room, but the line was already dead. I wondered if it had been Karen, calling but hanging up before I could pick up.

I furrowed my eyebrows, wondering what the heck just happened. But then I lost myself, miserable over my failure with Karen, and after a minute I began to wonder if I had only imagined the phone call.

And then I was stuck back in my own miserable mind, wondering what misguided decisions had brought me to this point.

I was much happier before I developed this stupid excuse for a conscience.

Previously, I had known my role, and I was comfortable with that. It may not have been what American polite society would want, but I didn't care much. The whole steady-girlfriend thing just didn't work for me. I was much better off being the playa and fucking around.

As long as the girl was aware of my intentions, I wasn't "using" her, was I? Pei- Hua had a role, and when she was with me, she accepted it and even seemed happy with it. Wasn't that enough? Who was I to say that my opinion counted more than hers when it came to her choices, and her decisions in giving me affection?

Laying my head back, I was drunk without a drop of alcohol in me, the world spinning in circles around my head faster than I could get a grip on it. Despite all my rationalization, I was finally faced with a staggering realization:

I was lonely.

I'd fucked a few dozen varieties of pussy in the last couple of years, but it was all physical pleasure and meaningless sex. And in that time a gaping hole had formed in my heart without me realizing it. And that hole had grown bigger and bigger until something in me cried out for someone to fill it and make me whole again. And that's a strange concept for a life-long player. But who would understand me enough to complete me? To satisfy me and yet still put up with me? Was I waiting for an angel to drop out of heaven and into my lap?

I was still staring at the ceiling when a warm body crawled across my legs, surprising the hell out of me.

My eyes snapped into focus, and there was a smiling Tina, perfect hair, blue- contact eyes, and pretty face, straddling my legs and sitting in my lap on the couch. How the hell did she get in?

"What were you doing?" she asked.

"Thinking," I answered automatically.

She pressed a finger to my lips. "Silly boy." Then unceremoniously she shoved her tongue into the back of my throat.

My body responded before my brain did, and I was kissing Tina back with a comfortable fervor. It had been a long time since we'd last hooked up, back before the Winter break.

She broke away for our kiss to moan a breathy, "Hmm, let's see if we can't relax you."

Tina slinked her way down my body until she was kneeling on the plush rug before me. My eyes gravitated to the perfect cleavage on display before me, barely covered by her scoop-necked shirt. But then my gaze went up to her face as Tina fished my half-hard cock out of my pants, then leaned down and took a long lick along the shaft from base to crown.

I growled happily as I leaned back to enjoy a patently wonderful Tina-blowjob.

She knew just how to play me, teasing my nerve endings with her fingers and the tip of her tongue. Her hand would tightly jack along my shaft, and then she'd back off to swirl around the head. For a moment I wondered if we should move into the privacy of my bedroom. But if Tina was willing, I wasn't about to do anything that would remove her mouth from my dick.

By the time she reached into my pants and squeezed at my swollen testicles, I was more than ready to blow. I hadn't gotten off since before I caught my father fucking Pei-Hua, and now weeks of sperm were boiling inside of me.

Tina sensed my impending eruption, and backed off until just the head was still in her mouth. Fisting my rod, she tugged on me until at last the pressure slacked from my mind, and a torrent of spunk flowed out of me and into Tina's waiting throat.

She swallowed quickly, every drop going down like a pro. But after the fifth and the sixth bursts even Tina had to pause to breathe and white droplets began to dribble out onto her chin. At last she gave up, closing her mouth and panting while jacking the rest of my jizz onto her pretty face.

When I was done, I sank into the couch cushions, a wave of relief cascading over me. All the tension that had built inside of me from Pei-Hua to Jenny to Karen was simply GONE. I understood now: the key to my happiness lay in the ecstasy of my orgasms.

Still in this meditative state, I heard a faint "Thank you" in Tina's voice, but it wasn't directed to me. Turning towards the kitchen, I saw that Pei-Hua had just handed Tina a wet washcloth and a few paper towels to dry her face off. She also dropped the paper towel down to her thighs, and I saw the wet reflection of what looked like a self-induced climax on Tina's part.

And then Tina winked at Pei-Hua, and returned back to me while Pei-Hua disappeared out of view once again.

Tina's feral grin was back, and she began a slow strip tease for me. Soon she was down to just her lingerie, a matching lace set that outlined her perfectly round tits, slender torso, rippled abs, and drum-tight ass.

My body was already charging up for another go, and by the time Tina bent over, facing away from me and touching her toes, my erection was back. Smiling upside-down at me between her spread legs, she reached up and dragged the panties down to her feet, baring her perfectly smooth pussy lips and a winking asshole. Tina was simply the most perfect, fuckable minx I had ever laid eyes on.

The adrenaline pumped into me, and I got off the couch. Seeing that I was in motion, Tina stood up and turned to meet me, but before she could react I seized her body in my hands and spun her around to sit on the couch. I planted her butt on the edge of the cushion, and then lifted her legs. Tina was quite flexible, and I managed to fold her in half until her knees were next to her ears and her feet sticking into the air above her head.

This put Tina's dripping wet pussy front and center, and with my shoulders trapping her legs back, I thrust my hips forward and buried my cock all the way into her.

Tina shrieked as I entered her then started giggling at my rough handling of her body. But as I got into my fucking motion she whimpered and moaned, letting me do all the work while her petite figure was folded and pinned beneath me.

My hands dipped underneath her legs to grab onto her firm tits, and Tina simply let her head roll back while I abused her body, fucking hard and fucking fast.

This wasn't love. This wasn't tender. This wasn't about an expression of affection.

This was FUCKING. This was SEX. And we were two consenting adults who just wanted to have a good time.

For perhaps the first time in my life, I started talking actively during sex. "Do you like that? I'll bet you love this? I can feel your cunt dripping out of control, Tina.

You're such a fucking slut! You love it, don't you?"

Tina barely had breath to mumble back. "Yes! I love it. Fuck your slut! Hit me harder! Take me! Take me!"

So I took her. We kept up the chatter and Tina responded to my aural stimulation, and with me carving her as deeply as I could go I counted three piercingly high shrieks of agony and ecstasy as her body quivered beneath me, completely at my mercy.

And when Tina's third earthquake set off inside her cunt, the ripples set me off and I was blasting away, coating her insides with a fresh layer of my cum. But still I wasn't done yet.

I kept thrusting to maintain the friction and listening to Tina's whimpers and moans while I whispered dirty thoughts in her ear had me still revved up. Fuck being the nice guy. Fuck trying to be considerate. I am a MAN, and this is who I AM. Tina was my willing fucktoy, and I was going to enjoy her body in every way I could.

Going for the hat trick, I pulled out of Tina's soaked pussy and lifted her light body into a new position. Her legs were weak from lack of movement and blood loss, being elevated for so long, and when I folder her over the armrest of the couch, she simply collapsed until only her hips held her upright on the armrest, her tits crushed into the couch cushion and her ass in the air.

She did not resist when my hands spread her asscheeks, smearing our mixed cum around her asshole. In fact, she called out, "Fuck my ass! Fuck your fucking fucktoy! Ream me out and slam me HARD!"

How could I say no to that?

For the next ten minutes, Tina's body was my property to do with as I pleased. I shoved my dick into her pussy to get it properly lubricated, and then I speared my way between her asscheeks and fucked out Tina's anal chute until it was stretched wide and dripping my sperm out of it. I'd dropped one load deep inside her bowels, then pulled out and jacked myself off all over her ass until both globes were coated in ribbons of cum.

I jerked Tina by her hair and kept a tight grip on her locks. At my command, Tina knelt naked at my feet and growled at me, her eyes wild and a big smile across her face. Her hair was no longer in place, instead she had long bangs in her face and strands of blonde streaks were sticking out everywhere. Her makeup was even running a bit from the tears that had streaked her face, dark eyeshadow splotches around her eyes now making her resemble a Goth punk chick.

She grinned before I pulled her head onto my half-erect shaft, and she suckled the last drops of sperm out of me.

This is my life. And I'm okay with that.


After Tina was finally done with me, I collapsed from complete and utter exhaustion. My brain was finally relaxing after the abuse I'd put it through, my mental energy gone. Every last bit of physical energy also fled my body, finally free from the tight coiled tension in my muscles. I felt like I could melt into a puddle of water.

With Pei-Hua and Tina's help, I managed to stagger up into my bedroom.

There, I let Pei-Hua draw me a bath, and I soaked in the warm water with my head and shoulders propped up so I didn't slip down. My head was angled so that I could see through the glass doors of the separate shower and watch Tina cleaning herself up, and Pei-Hua massaged my shoulders while I watched my fucktoy Tina soaping up her tits.

I left myself sag into Pei-Hua's strong hands and the soothing touch of her skin against mine. I realized that this was probably the closest contact Pei-Hua and I had in the past few weeks. And that was just about the last thing I remembered before I fell asleep.

There was a brief moment of consciousness after that, feeling both Tina and Pei- Hua helping me into my bed. I smiled warmly when Pei-Hua kissed my lips softly, and then both girls walked out of the room.

I didn't know it, but once I was asleep Tina and Pei-Hua got some tea. Then they settled in for their usual quiet evening to talk together, something they'd been doing with regularity for several months now.


It wasn't until Monday that I saw Karen again. I took a deep breath before I went into the boba shop, and sure enough, she was there.

Karen saw me the moment I came in, and that nervous expression from our first date was back on her face. She didn't say anything to me when I got to the counter, and I tried to break the ice by going through my usual ordering routine.

She went about filling my drink in silence.

I watched her move around, my memory filling in the sight of the curves hidden beneath casual clothes, and the perky breasts I had tasted only so recently.

When she came back and I paid, there was a rather pregnant pause between us.

We both knew what was coming next, and I could almost see the veins in Karen's forehead twitching in panic.

"I was going to ask if we could talk." Karen visibly froze when I said that. But I kept talking in an effort to try and relax her. "But I think you need a while to gather yourself together. Would it be better if I came back at 10?"

She nodded.

I grabbed my things, and gave her a meaningful look, then walked out the door.

Once back in my car, I let out a deep sigh. I knew the look in Karen's eyes. She wasn't ready, at least not for a boyfriend like me. And now that I realized who I really was, I wasn't the right kind of guy for her anyways.

We were from different worlds, even though we shared a cultural heritage. She was the studious, innocent type, used to spending her evenings at home; looking for the one true love she could settle down with in the end.

I couldn't even go two weeks without fucking a willing pussy offered up to me. My life was money, and socializing, and flirting with multiple girls all at the same time.

Karen and I would never work out.

I was going to have to find a new place to get milk tea.


Monday night, after having our "we're better off going our separate ways" talk with Karen, I returned home.

Emotionally, I felt empty. I felt like it was ME who wasn't good enough for Karen.

I was just a shallow man with a big pocketbook, and she was an angel. Inside I felt like crying, though I would never actually start doing it.

I found Pei-Hua in the kitchen, as usual. I walked right up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist and hugging myself against her back, resting my head against her shoulder. Her warmth spread through me quickly, filling me with contentment.

I felt her sag back against me, a happy sigh escaping through her lips as she leaned into my embrace. She turned around in my grasp, and then held my face with both of her hands flat against my cheeks. And then we kissed.

The kiss was slow, and tender, and passionate. And for a long time we simply stood in our kitchen, enfolding each other in our arms and softly massaging our lips together.

When we finally broke apart, many minutes later, I looked around at the appliances and the decorations and the whole HOME that we'd made together. The memories of everything Pei-Hua had done for me, from my first baby-steps into making love all the way through the past three years of tenderness. How could I have ever taken her for granted?

Pei-Hua had tears of joy running out of her eyes as she looked up at me and held me, perhaps as overjoyed by our reunion after my time of shutting her out. And then with a coy look, she took me by the hand and led me up the stairs, down the hall, and into my bedroom.

She lay me down on my bed, my back propped up by several pillows, while she stood next to me and began to disrobe. There was a casual way in which she got undressed, borne of familiarity like a long-term girlfriend or a wife. She wasn't trying to seduce me or tease. Her panties didn't match her bra. But for some reason, that unforced manner was sexier to me than anything else.

Pei-Hua wasn't a conquest I'd never seen before. There was no anxiousness to reveal an unknown naked female. She was my Pei-Hua, with a wonderful body I'd seen and possessed a thousand times. She knew exactly how to please me, and how I could please her. She had experienced my best sexual performances and also my worst. I feared no judgment from her, no performance anxiety. And yet, I was still going to get laid.

Pei-Hua smiled as she began to undress me. I knew she got a kick out of doing it for me, and soon we were both completely naked, her pussy moist and my erection stiff against my own stomach.

She leaned over me and kissed me, our tongues playing together before she nibbled her way down my chest and stomach before wrapping her lips around my engorged shaft. Her tongue teased and tickled at my balls, and then when the head started twitching of its own volition, Pei-Hua slid up my body and straddled my hips.

From my pillow-propped position, I had a great view of Pei-Hua spreading her nether lips and placing my mushroom head against her wet folds. Then she leaned in and pressed her lips against mine at the same moment she began to descend, and I could feel the new tension in her kiss as my shaft opened her up for the first time in a long while between us.

Pei-Hua and I never even said a word.

All the communication was in our eyes, and it was understood. A tender affection I'd never truly felt before flowed out of me and into her. Our souls were connected, positive chi passing back and forth between us, setting our nerves on fire and melting away the anxieties in our hearts.

Making love to Pei-Hua was the most incredibly intimate moment of my life, and when our orgasms came, they came simultaneously, the pleasure peaking in our one mind together.

So much of my life was a matter of me enjoying myself, a girl enjoying herself, and perhaps we could spend some time in each other's orbit to mutually get some pleasure out of it.

But this was different, and as my sperm embedded itself in Pei-Hua's inner walls, and my pecker felt the hot splash of her own nectar roiling inside of Pei-Hua's body, we were one person.

I couldn't imagine my life without Pei-Hua in it.

So even after all of my morose realizations that I was a jerk with an addiction to pussy... just a shallow fucker... here I sat, wondering if I was in love.

Was the player in me thinking of settling down?

That thought simultaneously thrilled me and scared the crap out of me. Deep down, most everyone wants to find someone special to spend the rest of their life with, and life in happiness forever. American social life was filled with miserable single adults wishing they could find romantic happiness.

But I sure as hell enjoyed screwing multiple girls, having flings, and being a bachelor. Settling down at my age, still in college, was a terrifying prospect.

Pei-Hua had collapsed against my chest, her big tits crushed against me and her head resting on my shoulder while I wrapped my arms around her, stroking her spine.

A moral clash came back into my head only minutes after a cathartic orgasm had seemingly wiped out that idiotic part of me. I still had some remnants of my Karen-mode.

But then my head and my own family reasserted themselves. I was me. I was the master of this house. And while Pei-Hua perhaps deserved more from me, she was still the servant girl and had shown no desire to make me settle, nor prevent me from enjoying other women.

I had the perfect life and only my stupid conscience had tried to ruin everything.

With that out of the way, the Azian Playa in me was BACK.

As if to prove my point, I heard a knock at the doorway.

Tina was leaning against the doorjamb, a mischievous grin on her face. Her hair was back in a bouncy ponytail, leaving two long bangs to frame her face. She looked over to Pei-Hua and my naked forms, still entwined on the bed together and asked, "Mind if I join in?"

Pei-Hua managed to turn her head and look over to Tina, a smile on her face.

She looked hesitant for one moment before wondering, "Now?" in her cute voice.

I glanced back and forth between the two girls; there was obviously something they'd discussed that I didn't know about.

Tina sauntered in, her hands going to her halter top and removing it, showing off a lacy bra that WAS designed for seduction. "I think this is the perfect time to spring this on him."

Pei-Hua looked at me, then with a deceptive smile I'd never seen on her before, she dismounted me and sat back on the bed, my cum still oozing out between her legs. I assumed she was going to back off and watch Tina fuck me.

Tina undressed quickly, although not without a little bit of flaunting to tease me.

But then her next movements caught me completely by surprise. Tina, now fully nude, climbed onto the bed, and then crawled directly over Pei-Hua's naked body until they were flat on the bed, chest to chest. And then Tina's head dipped down as the two women tasted each other's lips.

My eyes fully bugged out, and already I could feel the blood surging out of my brain and down my body to re-fill my dick. I watched as their tongues sparred, never dreaming that this could happen. I had always kept the girls in separate compartments in my mind. Pei-Hua was my girl of home. Tina was my plaything outside.

But now both were coming together in an intimate embrace, and when Tina began to kiss her way down, stopping to suck Pei-Hua's big tits into her mouth and hands, I felt like my heart was about to stop.

Finally Tina ended up half off the bed, her feet planted on the floor while her face buried itself between Pei-Hua's legs, and quite noisily she began to slurp up all of the mingled fluids inside of Pei-Hua's tasty pussy.

Upon hearing that sound, I could not resist myself any longer, and my cock was fully recharged.

I got off the bed and circled behind Tina. I bent at the knees, lined up my shaft, and plunged forward into Tina's juicy pussy.

She moaned at my intrusion, and picking up vocally where we'd left off on Friday, she lifted her head out of Pei-Hua's crotch long enough to say, "Fuck yeah! Fuck me, baby! Fuck your slut!"

I actually began to mutter loudly while I drilled her. "Hell, yeah! Take it. You like that? You like feeling my cock split you open? Is it deep?"

"Oh, yeah! Sooo deep. Fill me up, baby!" And then she returned her attention to eating Pei-Hua out. I reached down and thrummed my fingers against Tina's oversensitive clit, and was quickly rewarded when her legs trembled and her pleasure center exploded in orgasm.

Tina went nuts with her facial and tongue motions on Pei-Hua. Then surprisingly, Pei-Hua's moans switched into muttered Mandarin, joining our cacophony of sex talk. She began spouting cute curses and urging Tina on, telling her to suck on her clit, rub her tits harder, and shove that finger deeper into her ass.

Pei-Hua finally shrieked into a girl-induced orgasm, and then Tina turned her focus back to getting me off. She rammed her hips back and called out to me in guttural English, a sharp contrast to Pei-Hua's Mandarin urgings. "Come on baby.

Ready to fire away? Fill me up. Fill me so Pei-Hua will have to suck it out of me.

Don't you want to see that? Fill me! FILL ME!"

And so I did. I slammed my hips forward one final time, and then I fully unloaded into Tina's grasping pussy, filling her with a huge load of spunk that shot out in spurt after spurt.

Tina howled happily as she felt the warm fluids splattering against her insides, and she kept squeezing with her inner muscles to coax even more out of me.

And when I was finished she slipped forward and clambered back onto the bed, spinning around and lowering her steaming pussy down to Pei-Hua's lips.

Tina sat upright and facing back to me, rubbing her tits and tweaking her nipples for her own pleasure and my viewing benefit, and I watched as a veritable river of cum splurted out of Tina and down into Pei-Hua's waiting mouth.

It was a messy exchange, and several droplets formed along Pei-Hua's face while Tina rode her tongue and lips, finally bracing her hands down on Pei-Hua's heavy breasts. Tina's oversized clit was swollen and pulsing on its own while Pei- Hua licked and caressed it, and Tina's voice filled the room as she spat out nasty words in Mandarin to urge Pei-Hua on.

When there was nothing left and Pei-Hua had licked Tina into another orgasm, Tina finally got off and licked up all the leftovers from Pei-Hua's face, four hands pawing at each other's bodies while two sets of very different, but perfect, breasts rubbed against each other.

When the girls were done playing, we all fit into my oversized shower and cleaned up. They coaxed one last erection out of me, and with both girls on their knees they treated me to a dual blowjob, their tongues meeting in French kisses with my shaft trapped between both their lips, until finally I sprayed my last load into both of their faces.

After one final rinse, we all slipped naked into my bed, spooned all together. I held Tina's petite body against my chest, my hands clutching at her silicon pillows happily while I smelled her hair. And my Pei-Hua, always comforting, always giving, held on from behind me, slowly rubbing her still erect nipples into my back and stroking my arm, content in giving me so much happiness. I could feel the tangible warmth enveloping us, a bond closer than simple lust binding us together.

The hole in my heart wasn't bothering me so much anymore. Every guy, even the shallow players, need a little love. For some guys, one sweet girl like Karen would be perfect. But me, I had the great sex, the money, the red-hot nympho, and the caregiving lady of the house.

I had my cake, and I was eating it to. And I sure as hell wasn't going to let either of these two gorgeous women get away from me.


Chapter 4

"Come back here and fuck me!"

"I just did!" I lay flat on my back, worn out for the moment.

"I don't CARE about DID. Fuck me MORE! NOW!"

I knew I was technically in charge. But when a woman's screaming at you like that, it's hard to say no. And Tina had been an absolute nymphomaniac for our entire relationship.

At twenty-three, Tina's body was in its most perfect condition I'd ever seen. Her legs were long and lean. Her petite torso was slender and tight in all the best places, with rippled abs to show off how much she worked out. She'd redone her silicone tits to be bigger and even more fabulous. And her face had bloomed into the gorgeous face of an adult woman, calling the attention of everyone around her, male or female.

But right now, I was the only one around her, and she definitely had my attention. Tina shut her legs back together and slipped off the couch to the rug, and crawled past the coffee table until she was between my legs, still oozing my cum out of her box from the load I'd fired into her not 30 seconds ago. But despite having two orgasms of her own, she was far from done. And so, with her talented mouth working my poor cock over, she began to coax new life into my balls.

I couldn't recharge quite as fast as when I was a teenager, so it took a bit more prodding and the casual wrapping of her tits around my shaft before she was satisfied with its hardness. I settled into the couch cushions to get myself more comfortable, and then Tina was straddling my weary body, facing away and sinking herself back down onto me, my dick entering her with a squishing noise.

Ten minutes later, with my hands gripping her boobs and Tina screaming her fifth orgasm at the ceiling, I finally erupted up and into Tina's spasming pussy, coating her with a second helping of my white lava.

When we were done, Tina started dragging me upstairs to take a shower. "Come on, lazybones. Or we're going to be late."

I glanced over at the dress Tina was planning to wear to my family's annual Thanksgiving dinner, hung up on my coat rack. My father was going to be ogling my girlfriend all night... again.


In the time since high school, Tina had always been a special friend. Now, many years after our first fuck, and after many years of being "just friends", Tina had finally achieved "girlfriend" status.

Even after such a long time of fucking each other's lights out, we never tired of each other's body. And also, she helped fill that emotional void in me, offering up her companionship and energy every day. She was loving and affectionate out in public, places Pei-Hua couldn't go. She was such a regular fixture in my life that I felt comfortable just hanging out with her in a non-sexual way, and at last I even brought her home for family events.

My mom had been constantly pressing me about girlfriend prospects and had begun her innuendoes regarding me getting married. Being an only child means you're the ONLY one a mother can fuss over.

And while I did truly love Pei-Hua, there was no way my family could accept me having a serious relationship with my servant girl.

Tina was a logical choice. She was smart, educated, and came from a well-to-do Taiwanese family that had my parents' respect. We were quite happy together, and although I didn't feel like I was in love, I very much cared about her. And understanding the customs, Tina managed to tone down the physical affection when with my family. She got along well with my mother, flirted with my father, and instinctively understood the culture and her role in it.

And more importantly for me, Tina was not a jealous lover. She fully understood my playboy lifestyle and random hookups, as well as my intimate interludes with Pei-Hua.

Many a night would go by with one or the other woman masturbating while discreetly watching me pleasure the other, and we all engaged in a few more threesomes, much to my delight. However, both ladies seemed more interested in titillating me than having any true lust for each other. Still, the two women had developed a comfortable friendship like the one between my mother and Mrs. Peng.

Throw in my well-paying job for my father's company and the comfortable house, and I had the perfect existence, well on track to following in my father's footsteps.

My father's company was rapidly approaching our fiscal year-end. And as expected from previous experience, the final two weeks became a roller coaster of extreme highs matched by extreme lows, with stress and paperwork and fun with my ladies sprinkled throughout.

The extreme lows were all work-related. Even though I already knew my job- security was set as I was working for my father, I still had Asian expectations and pride to maximize profits and give a good showing. Besides, my father repeatedly bitched about me learning nothing useful and spending so much money on an MBA was a waste of time.

The extreme highs came from Pei-Hua, Tina... and Jessica.

Jessica was one of Tina's best friends from high school, although she went to a different school than Tina and I. Jessica had been growing up into her own woman during her college years and got into a big fight with her parents about independence and living in America instead of Taiwan. So instead of moving back home after graduation, she got an apartment with Tina close by to my new house back in our hometown.

Jessica also knew all about my relationship with Tina, and the two of them would talk endlessly until Jessica was fully envious of Tina and her rich, charming, and sexually masterful boyfriend (that's me).

The phone call from Tina woke me up on a Saturday morning... waaay too early on a Saturday morning. I cursed her out for a minute, but she waited me out and then promised me she would make it up to me. She gave me an hour to make myself presentable, and she ordered me to drink a lot of water before she arrived.

I showered and cleaned up. Pei-Hua, as usual, was already up and got me fed. We shared a tender kiss and looked at each other for a moment with that glowing look in each other's eyes, the kind of look borne out of many years of unconditional love. I was comfortable with our relationship, and wouldn't want to change a thing about it. She then returned to her household duties.

So I nonchalantly settled into the sofa and started channel-surfing. Tina did not exactly have a reputation for ever arriving on time.

A full 45 minutes after her so-called deadline, Tina finally arrived at my door with her friend in tow. They greeted Pei-Hua, then came in to flirt with me while Pei- Hua brought us tea.

I was reminded again of how Tina and Jessica looked so similar. They both had identically streaked hair, although with slightly different styling. Both had pretty faces and surgeon-perfect bodies: full tits, slender waists and small, tight asses. If you weren't looking closely one might even get the two of them confused. I still thought Tina was the more beautiful girl, but Jessica wasn't outclassed by much.

We chatted and dropped sexual innuendoes for several minutes. After Tina's comment about drinking water, I knew I was going to get laid. My only question was whether Jessica would be watching or joining in. Then Tina finally made her intentions clear. "So, where's our DVD?"

I knew exactly which one Tina was talking about, and exactly where it was. Back when I'd first gotten to college, Tina seduced me while we watched a video of her and her best friend Jessica exploring the Sapphic side of their relationship. Pei- Hua and I had even fucked several times watching that DVD together. But Tina had never asked for it before today. And I didn't know whether Jessica knew I had a copy or not.

"It's up in my room," I informed her.

"So what are we waiting for?" Jessica interjected, smiling at me with a sparkle in her eye.

Our trio went upstairs, and the moment we entered in Jessica had me sitting on the bed while she began to undo my shorts. Tina went around the entertainment center and I told her where to find the disc.

Jessica got me undressed before the video started playing, and she paused to first scrutinize my erection bobbing in her face. I watched her eyes examine me with lust flaming from her gaze, and then I groaned happily when she extended a long tongue out and licked the shaft from base all the way up to crown. There was really nothing better for a man than witnessing a brand new woman become acquainted with your body. That thrill of the unknown female did wonders for my brain.

And then Tina got the DVD working, and gestured to Jessica so they could stand beside the TV, and my vision was doubled. The figures on the big-screen differed only slightly from the real-thing before me. The two women were now more fully developed, with more defined curves that truly displayed them as women instead of young girls.

But then the Tina on the screen leaned in and plunged her tongue into screen- Jessica's mouth, and my heart nearly stopped when the real, live women mirrored the action in front of me.

I couldn't help but stroke myself idly while Tina and Jessica undressed each other along with the video. Then Tina stepped behind Jessica's naked body to profile Jessica to me, rubbing hands across round tits and a flat stomach to direct my attention. I nearly got whiplash looking back and forth between screen- Jessica's naked bosom and the real thing, automatically noting the heavier curvature and slight sag in real-Jessica's adult larger breasts.

The two girls then turned to each other and kissed with seductive familiarity, and as their hands roamed freely, purposefully, I automatically noted how accustomed they were to each other's body. Tina must have had a lot more experience doing this with Jessica than with Pei-Hua. The end result was a show beyond my wildest dreams, and I merely got out of the way when the two hot vixens began to roll around my bed, moaning up a storm until they were both sweaty and panting.

Finally, after much stroking and fingering and suckling, we came to the point on the video where screen-Jessica began to eat out her friend. Tina sat up next to me on the bed, leaning against the headboard, her legs splayed out to the side while she rubbed her own swollen, large clit that was packed full of pleasure nerves.

The real women followed the script on screen, and Jessica got into position between Tina's legs to give her some girl-expert loving. With an active tongue and a few fingers, both Jessica's soon had both Tina's squirming and moaning up a storm. And amidst the sexual pleasure, real-Tina leaned against my body, her eyes pointed in my direction but unfocused while her roommate tongue- lashed her pussy.

Tina reached out a hand and wrapped it around my erection, then tugged on it in Jessica's direction. "Go take her."

I glanced down to see Jessica's sweaty body knelt on the bed, her ass at just the right height for me to stand behind her. So getting off the bed and moving around, I took a moment to rub my palms against Jessica's perky ass, so similar to Tina's toned musculature and yet different. I savored the moment as my erection nudged beneath Jessica's hips.

She wiggled around, trying to capture me, until I finally placed the mushroom head against her wet folds. And with a firm grip on Jessica's hips, I leaned in to sink myself into a brand new pussy.

With our positioning, only Tina could still see the TV from her vantage point, but even she wasn't paying much attention while the three of us fucked in a line. But the audio worked fine, and five ecstatic voices filled the room with the noises of our lovemaking.

Jessica's clasping tunnel was extremely tight, and I had been quite worked up from the lesbian-loving show put on before me. Jessica and Tina had both had quick orgasms, and now with my hips increasing in speed Jessica had begun to ram her ass back against my thighs in an effort to get me off.

I heard screen-Tina build up towards a new orgasm, and real-Tina was following right behind her. And at the moment I saw Tina's hips buck up into Jessica's face with her back arched, I slammed myself forward all the way and pinned Jessica's light body to my crotch while my cock erupted inside of her.

"Aw, fuuuuck!" Jet after jet flew out to be stopped against the inner walls of Jessica's honeypot, splattering her insides with my messy cocktail.

When I chugged to a stop and finally pulled myself out, Jessica held her hand tightly over her crotch and crawled across Tina's body until she was straddling Tina's face. And then I sighed and watched happily as Tina began to munch our mixed cum from the wet pussy over her face. Jessica, for her part, squeezed her round tits with her left hand while she licked up the spilled jizz that coated her right hand.

At last, Jessica and Tina lay side by side across the bed, kissing and caressing each other's bodies while I stood beside them, my eyes watching their lips while Jessica's coy hand tickled between my legs. I knew this morning was far from over and there was a pleasure in particular I knew to expect on the video.

As if on cue, Jessica got to all fours, showing me her perky asscheeks once again while Tina oriented the two of them so I would have a perfect vantage point from my easy chair.

Then Tina leaned into her friend, her black and blonde head partially blocking the view, but I was still able to see a long tongue dip down into Jessica's asshole. A moan on the TV signaled that the same had happened on video as well.

Tina spent a good couple of minutes tonguing Jessica, and every so often I could see Jessica's wet hole winking back at me as she clenched and moaned at the appendage rimming her out. And right around the same time screen-Tina pulled away, real-Tina backed off and spread Jessica's asscheeks wide open, showing off the puckered rosebud, shiny with saliva.

I was rock hard and more than ready. I took my place behind Jessica's prone body and eased my erection back into her pussy, taking care to coat myself in her honey.

Screen-Tina was already fingering Jessica's ass, and I pulled back until I could place my cock at Jessica's nether entrance. And when she felt my hard appendage pressing it's way inside of her tight sphincter, Jessica pushed her hips back slowly to meet me while I stretched her wider than she'd ever been in her life. And once I got fully seated, my thighs flush against Jessica's butt-cheeks, I pulled slowly back and drawing a whimper out of Jessica. But then she was screaming more as I thrust my way back and all the way inside of her anal chute.

A fresh set of moans sounded off in the room, mixing with those coming from the TV, an aural delight of pleasurable sounds while I reamed out Jessica's asshole. She was repeatedly calling out "Oh, god... oh, god..." I wasn't sure which god she was praying to, but I kept plugging away in order to make her moan it again. The mantra was repeated on-screen and also by Tina, who had three of Jessica's fingers embedded inside of her tunnel.

I finally pressed my chest against Jessica's sweaty back, my hands seizing Jessica's firm tits and using them to slam her light body back into my hips.

And just when I felt myself speeding up along the final stretch to my orgasm, Jessica moaned loudly and clamped her ass-muscles around me, her entire body vibrating upon my shaft as she climaxed. At that sensation, I could feel my pecker ready itself to explode.

Tina got us started by shaking against the bed, shrieking her climax at the top of her lungs. Jessica, mid-orgasm, lifted her head up and screamed out as well, and then I was yelling too as the three of us joined in a chorus of ecstasy and blasted wads of cum in every direction. I felt the wetness of Jessica's nectar splashing against my thighs while I plugged her ass fully of my own sticky juices. And when Jessica flopped over to her side, her drenched face belied the fluids Tina had blown out as well.

And when we were finally done, I collapsed across Tina's sweat-soaked body, kissing her powerfully and enjoying the heaven my girlfriend had brought me.

When we finally broke for air, Tina flashed her radiant smile at me. Her eyes glittered, her teeth shone, and she was an angel in my eyes. Here was my girlfriend, always caring and affectionate. There was no jealousy, and in fact she brought me delectable treasures to devour. She pleased my parents, she pleased me, and she even got along with Pei-Hua. Perhaps if I did marry Tina, my life would be happy forever.

I would take care of her and provide her with the comfortable lifestyle she deserved. We would share a house, where she would be pampered as the lady of the estate as well as being rather convenient for our lovemaking. And in a few years we would pop out a kid or two, go to PTA meetings and mingle with the other young families.

Things did eventually turn out great. But of course things weren't going to be that simple.


Tina was surprised, but elated when I actually uttered the "M" word. After I showed I was at least willing to discuss marriage, our lives fell into a beautiful harmony. She began to open up to me like never before, baring her soul and letting me really get to know the innocent girl beneath her flashy exterior. She began spending more and more time with me, and Pei-Hua quickly become one of her closest friends as well. Tina even stopping seeing other guys, even though I would have let her. And she freely allowed me my own hookups when we went out to nightclubs and such. Those were just sexual releases for variety's sake. She knew in the end I would still be HER boyfriend. Emotionally, the two of us grew more in a year than we had in our entire lives before.

So one evening, as the sun set over the ocean at our favorite restaurant, I got down on one knee and proposed. The playa was settling down (sort of). Tina was delighted and of course said "yes".

Pei-Hua was the first person we told when we returned back to my house, and she congratulated us with warm hugs for the both of us. And like any girl, she immediately wanted to check out the fat diamond I'd put on Tina's finger. For some reason, I wanted to watch Pei-Hua's reaction carefully. After all, I still had a love for her, albeit a different love than what I felt for Tina. And Pei-Hua would always be my first.

Pei-Hua's smile was genuine, her face betraying no shock. Perhaps she had been expecting it to happen eventually, especially with how much time I'd been spending with Tina lately. But I knew Pei-Hua deep down into her soul, more through observation than anything else. And I could see a wistful longing in the back of Pei-Hua's eyes, no matter how hard she tried to cover it.

Tina took me upstairs that night and made love to me with as much passion and aggression as she'd ever done before in our lives. I went to sleep a happy and fully satisfied man, and Tina promised me she would do her best to make every night as blissful as that night had been.

In the morning, Tina left early, wanting to go to her place to call her parents, tell Jessica the news, and generally jump up and down like a little girl all day in excitement. She had so much to plan for her dream wedding.

I was still in bed, just sitting upright and reclining against the cushions while pondering the big step I had made and how it might change the rest of my life. I wasn't worried about becoming monogamous or anything. I had my father as an example to that. But this would mean I was stuck with Tina as well. Before, she had been a fucktoy, and then a girlfriend. If I got bored or things didn't go right, I could always break up with her like I did so many other flings scattered across my past. Even now, Tina was a fiancé, and theoretically I could still break the engagement. But once we were married, there was no such thing as divorce. That was how my family and culture operated.

I also glanced over at the phone. I would have to call and tell my parents the news so they could hear it from me before getting it from the gossips at the mahjong table.

I had just grabbed the receiver when a knock came at my door and Pei-Hua entered silently, carrying a tray with my morning tea. She saw my hand on the phone and bowing her head, set the tray down on the bedside table and then turned away.


To this day I'm not sure why I stopped her. She would have walked out the door and perhaps our lives would have always gone on the way they had before. But it would turn out to be one of the great turning points in our life together. Pei-Hua didn't turn back and look at me, and I watched from behind as a shudder of pain passed through her body from head to toe.

I reached out and touched her hand, then slipped my fingers into her palm and reached out my other hand to tug gently on her forearm. In my grasp Pei-Hua finally turned to me and sat down on the bed beside me until I could reach up and brush the tears from her eyes with my fingers.

We just stared at each other for a few long moments. I wasn't big on words and we had always shared an unspoken communication. Love, longing, heartbreak, and desire flashed through our eyes, and I could feel the fear radiating out of this beautiful girl.

Finally, Pei-Hua spoke in soft Mandarin. "Will I lose you?"

I had always taken for granted the close but unspoken relationship between us. But now the thought of not being with Pei-Hua, being separated in any way from her tore at my heart and scared me more than anything else had ever done in my life.

I leaned in and kissed her firmly, pouring my love, true love, into the kiss and expressing it to her as hard as my mind could work. I finally pulled away and looked into her eyes. "Never."

And then we were kissing again, firmly but gently, and I drew her body closer to mine. She finally lay down beside me, one leg thrown across my body while we contentedly kissed for what felt like forever.

I felt so happy in that moment, perhaps happier than I'd ever felt since that first night I'd slept overnight with Pei-Hua in my arms after the fateful birthday party with the Frankie incident. Here I was, only a few hours removed from getting engaged, and I was basking in the bliss of cuddling with a woman who was not my fiancé. Some might find this strange. But this was how I'd felt for most of my life.

We probably could have lay on the bed for hours, simply kissing and cuddling and never saying a word to each other the whole time and our lives would have been perfect. But an innocently affectionate relationship was not what either of us wanted for the rest of our lives. So almost to prove the point to ourselves, Pei- Hua's hand slipped beneath my pajamas and while the blood rushed down my body I pulled Pei-Hua's shirt over her head.

Very quickly, we got fully naked and when Pei-Hua straddled my hips, I found that she was already soaking wet. With a practiced ease she held my cock and then mounted me in one motion, and we both groaned in relief at the achievement of penetration.

I held us still at that moment, and more sure of myself than I'd ever been before in my life I reached up to touch her cheek. "Pei-Hua, I love you."

Those were words I'd never before spoken to her, but I meant every syllable. She cried and returned the expression, and then she was kissing me over and over again, pausing to moan "I love you... I love you..." to me with every other breath, switching to English and Mandarin, and any other way she could think of to express the emotion back to me.

Tears still in her eyes, Pei-Hua finally sat up. Rather casually, Pei-Hua lolled around my hips, rocking slowly and carving her own insides with me. I reached a hand up, fingers tracing her huge tits and teasing the nipples right in front of my face. And then she leaned down to kiss me again while flexing her legs and beginning the up and down fucking motion we'd both become so accustomed to.

After a few minutes, with my hands jacking her hips, Pei-Hua's pants became louder and breathy, a thin layer of sweat starting to appear on both our bodies. And with a couple of well aimed thrusts I sent her over the edge and she crested into a small orgasm, wailing her love for me into my ear.

She was still trembling when I rolled us over and then sunk my cock back into Pei-Hua's quaking pussy. She wrapped her arms around my back and hooked her feet inside my ankles, hugging me close to her body and enjoying the intimacy of our lovemaking. I nibbled around her neckline as I continued to make short thrusts into her willing body.

"You're so good," Pei-Hua moaned in Mandarin.

"I had a good teacher," I reminded her in English.

And then she wasn't able to speak any longer, her breaths coming in very shallow and faster than before. I sped up my pumping motion, grinding my crotch down against hers until her clit was trapped between our rubbing bodies.

And then Pei-Hua did something with her inner muscles that was indescribably overwhelming for me, and all at once I sped up to ramming speed and I could feel the pressure in my balls suddenly burst. Pei-Hua was moaning loudly right into my ears, and then her moan reached its highest pitch and her entire body shook as a tremendous orgasm overtook her.

In that same moment, as Pei-Hua squeezed tightly around my invading rod, my balls went slack as they relieved the pressure, and I was yelling to match her moaning as my sperm poured out of me in a river of jizz that flooded Pei-Hua's grasping pussy. Together we cried out and thrashed against the bed, always tightly pressed chest-to-chest and rolling together to ride the waves of our ecstasy.

It was one of the most intimate and heartfelt lovemaking sessions of my life. And as we collapsed together, we both mumbled words of affection, verbalizing and making fully real how much we cared about each other while I began to go limp inside of her body, but never wishing to exit it. Our love no longer had to be unspoken. And I spent the next hour reminding Pei-Hua with every word I knew how much I loved her.


Despite everything, my world would come crashing down if I ever attempted to marry Pei-Hua. I had tentatively brought up the subject when I was much younger, and my mother promptly told me I was only infatuated because she was my first. And besides, my parents would disown me for the shame that would be brought upon me if I ever married a servant girl. All my credit cards gone, the family honor. I'd have to start over like a poor immigrant. And I'd become way too accustomed to my comfortable life to not find another way.

Now perhaps I had found my way. I was in love with two very different women in two very different ways. With Tina I could share the world. She would be my very public wife: going to social events, family functions, business dinner parties, etc. She was an amazing lover and quite adventurous, and I knew I would always be sexually satisfied.

With Pei-Hua I had a down-to-earth soulmate kind of love. I could be quiet with her, and comfortable, yielding myself to her undemanding love and care for our home. She even got along well with Tina.

I've said it before: I have the perfect life.

Our wedding was the usual over-a-thousand-guests extravaganza. Tina was a gorgeous bride, and all four of her dresses each cost me a fortune. A ten-course lobster banquet for 1100 people is no drop in the bucket either. My parents were exceedingly proud of the lavish event, my father sparing no expense. Mrs. Peng couldn't be prouder. And Tina even made Pei-Hua a bridesmaid.

The lavish event got started at 9am and didn't finish until 2am the following morning. We sweated out the interminable tea ceremony, and Pei-Hua had to massage my back muscles during a break from all the bowing. But the sheer volume of red envelopes we collected made me feel much better about the whole thing.

The banquet went on and on incessantly, and by the time my drunken relatives started singing karaoke I signaled the emcee to get this thing over with. Finally at the end I popped the champagne in an explosion that our guests would never forget.

Towards the end of the marathon wedding, my joints were locked stiff after standing for so long. My muscles ached beyond belief. By the end of the night, Tina and I were barely able to stagger into my bedroom. Pei-Hua kissed my cheek and whispered a Chinese proverb of hope and luck for us, then she closed the door to give us our privacy.

I'd like to say that our wedding night was a whirl of passion, scaling the heights of pleasure. But I could barely get erect. Tina was determined to consummate our marriage, and after she blew me for ten minutes, I was able to turn over and thrust into Tina's willing body, finally spurting after just a few more minutes of pumping.

The next morning, Pei-Hua was the first to congratulate us, bringing us a lavish breakfast to rebuild our strength before we had to head to the airport for our honeymoon.


Two nights into the honeymoon, Tina seduced a gorgeous hula girl and brought her back to our bungalow. That chick could do the most amazing things with her hips and proved extremely flexible. And watching Tina suckling my semen out of the hula's girl's asshole was like a dream come true.

And two weeks later when we finally came home, the first thing Tina did was send me into Pei-Hua's bedroom while she limped into her own room, her legs, thighs, crotch, and ass still sore from the extreme pounding I'd given her.

Pei-Hua showed just how much she missed me, and I didn't come out until three hours later. There were many words spoken between us, filled with tenderness and affection.


The next few years flew by, the happiest years of my life up until that point. I was comfortable in my daily life and comfortable in my heart and mind. I almost had it all. I'd been promoted and was pulling down some serious bank. I had a loving wife (and a loving mistress) and a luxurious home. We'd even hired two servants to let Pei-Hua relax. Neither Tina nor I could seriously think of her as a servant any longer. She was a part of our family, and when we took a vacation to Europe, it was all three of us, together, traipsing around the some of the most romantic spots in the world.

The only thing missing from the equation were children. And my mom gave me no end of grief for our current lack of grandchildren. It was because of this that the first cracks in our marriage began to show.

Tina had been off of her birth control for six months now, and I'd certainly been filling her up with a large volume of babymakers. We both got tested, and in the end, the medical issues were all with Tina. The doctors told her she would never be able to have children, and it hit her pretty hard.

My mom wasn't much happier about the situation. I was her only son and her only chance for a grandchild. And the constant nagging from my mother was driving both Tina and I absolutely nuts.

My parents were hosting a hot pot at their estate for the Lunar New Year. Many relatives were invited, and of course my little family would be joining the festivities. Now losing your temper in public is a huge shame. Better to hide your true feelings for a more appropriate time and a more private situation.

But even my mother managed to lose her cool when Tina finally snapped back at her. The two of them just happened to be in the same corner of the dining room, Tina having gone to refill my plate for me. Per usual, my mother made a snarky comment in a polite tone. Her words were polished with honeyed class, but they still pretty much attacked my wife's suitability to be a member of her family and actually insulted Tina's parents, blaming them, as if they had committed some evil in their lives to result in a barren daughter.

The words were enough to set Tina off, already rather high-strung by the situation to begin with. I won't go into the details but the screaming wasn't pretty, and the ride home was a bit awkward.


For a little while, Tina spiraled into a depression, and for the first time in our lives she refused me sex, preferring to hole up in her own bedroom and hide from the world. It was as if she understood the futility of making love to me, knowing that the act would not lead to the desired conclusion. The laid-back, never stressing and always playful woman I married was but a shell of her former self, and I was helpless to do anything about it.

In the end, as always, Pei-Hua was the emotional savior, in more ways than one. She would talk gently to Tina, and the two of them would disappear for hours to shop or get coffee or just walk around. Pei-Hua was a fantastic listener, and she brought a warmth and understanding support to my wife that I had never learned. I was just the man of the house, and dealing with emotional women was almost regarded as against the rules of our culture.

My father dragged me out of the house to play golf or loaded me up with extra work to keep my mind away from the silly emotions of women.

And one day when I came home after a late night filled with paperwork, I found the friendship between the two women in my life had blossomed into a deeper love for each other than I thought possible.

Previously, Tina and Pei-Hua had swapped a few Sapphic kisses or engaged in a little oral pleasure on each other during our occasional threesomes. But these were borne out of a desire to excite me more than any real lesbian love toward each other. Pei-Hua, at least, had always been a pretty straight girl, her only bi-tendencies coming up when she pleasured Tina as an act of pleasing me.

But this day I came home just on the tail end of what appeared to be a massive lesbian sex romp between my two loves. Tina's room had been completely trashed, as if the two of them had fucked each other over every possible surface in the room. And when I arrived, Tina's naked ass was atop a leather ottoman, but her shoulders and head were on the floor. Her firm, round tits were proudly pointing up and out, her slender body coiled with tension as bolts of pleasure shot through her body over and again.

And Pei-Hua's equally naked body knelt on the other side of the ottoman with her face and fingers busying themselves in Tina's crotch. Her more hourglass figure still beckoned to me, with the gentle curve of her hips and her larger breasts jiggling with her every movement.

Their bodies were covered in a fine sheen of sweat, thighs glistening in the light from multiple layers of orgasmic fluid. And finally, Tina's legs wrapped around Pei-Hua's head as she shrieked out her final orgasm, her body quivering and her abs rippling, until at last she went limp and slid off the ottoman to collapse in a heap on the carpet.

Through heavily-lidded eyes, Tina saw me and cracked a smile, her face the same impish pixie that I remembered, full of nymphomaniacal energy and joy. For at least a few moments, the happiness was back. And as usual, Pei-Hua had been responsible for it all.

And a new idea formed in my head.

Surprisingly, it was Pei-Hua who spoke up to me first. She grinned at Tina, and cocked her head back towards me and the erection that had formed in my pants. "Sorry, honey. But it is your own fault you came home so late. You'll have to save it until after dinner."

I didn't even mind. My brain was already racing with plans, consequences, and counterplanning.


It was that night while we were having dinner that I made my decision. Pei-Hua had still cooked, but nowadays she joined us at the table, already an equal in the privacy of our home. So it was when we were all together that I solemnly ordered Pei-Hua to stop taking her birth control.

Both girls froze at that moment, shock evident on both their faces. Tina was the first to crack a smile, and reached her hand out to hold Pei-Hua's tightly in support, beaming happily at her friend.

Pei-Hua just looked at me, still in disbelief, her eyes lit up with hope that I wasn't making any jokes. Her hand was squeezing back at Tina's fiercely and I figured I should say something more before she fractured Tina's bones.

"Pei-Hua, I want you to be the mother of my children. My family will understand. And whatever the consequences I am prepared to deal with them." It was a command. I had not discussed the matter with my wife or with Pei-Hua, and the issue was not open to discussion either. But I could tell by the looks in their faces that they would not be disagreeing with me in any case.

Pei-Hua was almost trembling with excitement. She had never desired to take another lover besides me, and had previously resigned herself to a childless life. But now one woman's hopes for a family could possibly come true.

I could visibly see the weight lifting off of Tina's shoulders, the guilt at her inability to give me children perhaps washing away with this opportunity. And with her usual lightning-fast decision making, Tina was ready to jump right in.

Tina reached out her other hand to me, pulling on both of us and tugging us away from the table. "Let's get started right away."

Tina didn't let go of us until we all got to my bedroom. I looked around for a moment, seeing how much had changed over the years. My bedroom was neat enough, but it was no longer kept in the pristine condition designed to help my seductions. Old sweats were thrown over the armchair and the closet doors were still open.

My ladies, too, had changed as we grew together as a family. Tina was in a loose shirt and sweatpants combination, her hair in a simple ponytail. She had been my familiar wife for years now, the honeymoon phase of discovery long gone. She was dressed without the usual pretense of stylish but less comfortable attire, and looked at me with a relaxed expression instead of the seductive excitement she used to. But when she ripped the shirt off and her perfect boobs popped into view, I remembered the hot babe I had married.

On the other hand, Pei-Hua had steadily converted from plain servant attire and had built up quite the wardrobe, Tina's influence no doubt. The two of them were frequent shoppers together, and I had the credit card bills to prove it. One night, long ago, the two of them had seduced me while wearing identically sexy lingerie. And now it was Pei-Hua who wore the elegant silk wraparound, a garment that Tina was now spinning off of Pei-Hua to reveal her naked body to me one sliver of skin at a time.

We all knew that Pei-Hua's body might take a while to adjust being off the pill. But practice makes perfect.


The Ritz was less than an hour from our house. But the three of us still checked in for a week's vacation, and we had no intention of leaving the resort grounds for that entire week. In fact, we intended to spend as much time in our suite as possible. It was to be seven nights of being pampered, with room service, professional masseuses, our sheets changed daily, and the gentle sound of the ocean crashing against the cliffs just outside.

We checked in, had the bellhops bring the mountain of suitcases up to our suite, then immediately got naked and soaked in the oversized whirlpool bathtub smack in the middle of the master bedroom.

Tina took charge from the beginning. After all, the entire thing had been her idea. And when Tina took Pei-Hua into her arms and kissed her passionately, I couldn't feel any more confident in the choices I had made in my life. Then the two of them turned to help me out of the tub and dry off.

Tina was the first to dry off and gleefully jumped onto the California King bed. And while Pei-Hua continued to dry me off, Tina turned herself around until she was flat on her back, but with her head at the edge of the bed while she looked back at us upside-down.

I moved next to the bed, placing my balls right onto Tina's face while she giggled and extended a long tongue out to ensure I was perfectly clean. Pei-Hua just leaned over and kissed me tenderly, allowing my hands to roam her upper torso and caress the firm globes of her tits while we made out, and while Tina took my semi-hard cock into her hands.

Tina was still upside down when she shoved my erection into her mouth, and I accidentally squeezed at Pei-Hua's nipples when she did that. Ever so slowly, I began to fuck Tina's face and enjoy Pei-Hua's warm embrace.

Once I was sufficiently hard, Tina snaked out from under me and then got Pei- Hua comfortably situated against the headboard. Then she positioned me just in front of Pei-Hua so that I could recline back against Pei-Hua's chest. And while Pei-Hua rubbed her nipples into my back and massaged my shoulders, Tina got down and re-give my pecker a tongue bath.

Between the two of them, I was soon a melting puddle of flesh with four hands and Pei-Hua's legs caressing every inch of me. Every muscle in my body relaxed, except for the most important one, which was iron hard while Tina bobbed her head up and down in my lap. She was blowing me slowly, intent only on building the suspense and pleasure, teasing me without ever letting me get too close to build up the maximum amount of sperm in my balls.

I already felt the warmth coming from between Pei-Hua's legs as she split her legs around me and rubbed her thighs into my sides. But she was content to wait while Tina's lips and tongue continued to fondle my erection. It turned out to be the longest blowjob of my life, fully fifteen minutes of nonstop sucking and licking until I was sure Tina's lips were raw. But she'd achieved her goal: my balls felt the size of grapefruits.

When Tina got me to move up, Pei-Hua shifted until she was in a more natural missionary position. And at Tina's direction I turned over to hold Pei-Hua's legs open to me, my cock purple from engorged blood and trembling of its own accord. I had just fitted the head between Pei-Hua's spread pussy lips when Tina leaned down to swirl her tongue around Pei-Hua's nipple. I was sure she'd be giving her mouth a break but she kept going, and smiling for just a brief moment, she bit down on that nipple gently and causing Pei-Hua to gasp and buck her hips in reaction.

That movement of Pei-Hua's hips thrust her at me and Tina tugged at my ass at the same time, and in a flash I was buried to the hilt inside of Pei-Hua's sopping wet tunnel.

Tina finally relaxed, collapsing to the side and idly stroking at Pei-Hua's body with her fingers while I began my pumping motion. And then Tina just laid her head on the pillow to watch and rest.

Pei-Hua crossed her ankles behind my back, and with husky swear words she urged me to fuck her. Her hips were rolling and her chest arched up into my face while she used her powerful inner muscles to caress my shaft directly.

I was already at the brink of orgasm after the masterful blowjob Tina had given me, and Pei-Hua could easily read the tension on my face. She grinned and warned me not to hold anything back, and after a few more thrusts, I slammed my hips forwards and held that position as deeply as I could go, where the end of my cock split apart and gushed its load of spunk directly into Pei-Hua's waiting womb.

Afterwards the three of us cuddled together between the sheets and drifted away to rest. We were in no rush, and had many more nights to find our pleasure.


The six days after that became a microcosm of all our combined sexual experience and experimentation. I filled Pei-Hua's womb with cum from every direction, plugging her full with babymakers at many an opportunity. But we still had enough spunk to go around wasting it on other pursuits. I thrust between Pei-Hua's big tits until I blasted all over her face. And I wasn't going to pass up and opportunity to explode inside of Tina's hot body either.

I reamed out Tina's ass in the whirlpool, and slammed her tits into the shower door while I drilled her pussy from behind. We even fucked standing up, Tina suspended in the air with her hands gripping the shower rod and me driving upwards into her cunt from below until we actually broke the damn thing.

I plundered both girls while they sixty-nined. We screwed while one was riding my cock and the other riding my face. I drilled Pei-Hua's asshole sitting up while Tina munched on her rug from the other side. I titfucked Tina's heavenly pillows while Pei-Hua shoved her tongue and three fingers into Tina's backdoor.

My favorite was an evening where the two of them lay right on top of each other, kissing and rubbing their breasts against each other while presenting two pussies and two assholes for my selective pleasure. We spent the entire night like that, the two of them exchanging positions occasionally for comfort while I filled all four holes with my cum.

I bent Pei-Hua over the vanity so she could see our reflection in the mirror. Tina wrapped her legs around my waist while I pinned her against the bedroom door, making it rattle constantly with our thrusting motions. I plugged Pei-Hua on the desk and Tina rode me on the open windowsill for the whole world to see.

In between I drank a lot of fluids and rested while both of my insatiable nymphomaniacs would take turns pleasuring each other and drinking mingled cum out of various orifices. And by the end of the week, I'd lost three pounds and we went home more exhausted than ever.

But I was sooo happy with the way my body ached.


A month later we got the first pregnancy tests. Pei-Hua was going to be a mother.


We waited several months until we could be certain the pregnancy was going well and to determine the baby's sex before making any announcement. I finally brought both Tina and Pei-Hua to visit my parents, and informed them that Pei- Hua was carrying my unborn son.

Our culture is a funny thing, full of contradictions and exceptions, and subject to the strange workings of fate. Even in the land of the free, a girl brought from Taiwan as a servant would always be second class. Pei-Hua would never be considered worthy of being my wife, no matter how much we loved each other. And if she had mistakenly become pregnant in any other situation, she would likely have been forced into an abortion, or else cast out of the house to raise her child on her own, considered invisible to the family she'd lived with for so long.

But my wife was medically incapable. And now that Pei-Hua was carrying perhaps the only grandchild my parents would ever have, she was considered Mother of my son, a place of honor in the family.

My own mother was overjoyed at the idea of finally getting a grandchild, and a boy even at that. And Mrs. Peng was even happier, both for our family's continuation as well as the fact that it was her grandson as well. Strangely enough, our two families were being united even closer together.

That was the day the living arrangement of my own little family became permanent and public. Pei-Hua was no longer a servant of the family, no longer drawing a salary or subject to the orders of anyone but myself. In Mandarin, she would be referred to as "second wife", with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of her station.

Mrs. Peng would make all the arrangements. My little family would need a new housekeeper.


Mrs. Wang had been a friend of Mrs. Peng's family back in Taiwan. She was not yet 40 years old and quite deferential to my mother and Mrs. Peng when they brought her to my home. But once they were gone, she immediately sized up the household and with Chinese sternness began to get things organized.

Still, Tina was the official Lady of the House and Pei-Hua had been used to running the household her way, so the three ladies butted heads for a few weeks before getting used to each other completely.

The first order of business had been seeing to Pei-Hua's physical comfort, as the highest household priority was our unborn child. Pei-Hua wasn't used to being pampered so much, but she enjoyed the attention nonetheless.

A month later, Mrs. Wang's daughter Chia-Yu arrived to join her mother. The girl spoke decent English, and I knew she would improve with time and practice. But what got my attention more was that Chia-Yu was a young, 18-year old flower of a pretty girl. Her doe-eyed gaze, dainty features, and porcelain white skin screamed out softness and tantalized my dirty libido. She held the skinny frame of a child not yet fully grown up, but the full swells of her breasts and hips called out to my attention. But despite her youthful innocence and attractiveness, memories of my father swam through my brain.

The vision of Pei-Hua, crying softly while my father fucked her over his desk had stayed burned into my memory. My concept of the "normal" existence of men and women had been tempered since I was young. True, as long as the family prospered, money and food were provided; this house and everyone in it belonged to me. But that didn't mean I would take them against their will. Too much American in me I guess. But I wanted to be a player, not a tyrant.

Chia-Yu's time was spent almost entirely with Pei-Hua. I could see a mentoring relationship growing up between the former servant and the current teenaged maid. And one of the first tricks I did catch was seeing how Chia could become invisible when I went to make love to my second wife. Chia wouldn't leave the room, but instead melt into the background and listen intently while I pleasured Pei-Hua's body, a female orgasm considered to be quite healthy for the baby.


Several months later, Pei-Hua was too pregnant to travel, so Tina and I slipped away for a vacation all our own. I got quite a kick out of walking down the boulevards of Rome, surreptitiously watching my gorgeous wife turning heads left and right. She obviously enjoyed the attention as well, and sometimes we would go for walks together just to see how many men she could distract until they walked into something.

Those little strolls were always a turn-on for both of us, and we would retire to our hotel room, horny as hell and ripping clothes off each other as fast as possible.

One afternoon, Tina braced herself against the open windowsill, looking out across a gorgeous Venetian canal, feeling the cool breeze drift in and blow through her hair. She was bent forward, naked from the waist down, her wet pussy lips calling out to me.

I stepped forward, my eyes locked onto the target as my torpedo thrust forward, easing into my wife's slippery slopes with ease. She pouted and moaned, driving her hips back at me while I thrust forward, my hands pinning her hips tightly to me with each push.

My hands slipped underneath her shirt, palming her tits until I bit down on the back of her neck at just the right moment, my vixen screaming out her orgasm while I kept fucking her, prolonging her orgasm as best I could.

After further screwing, Tina sensed when I was getting close. She knew exactly what she wanted, and slipping off my cock she sank to the floor and wrapped her breasts around the shaft, closing them around and titfucking me aggressively.

For the past few days, I'd become addicted by the sight of my swollen dick sliding back and forth between Tina's soft titflesh, having her licking the tip while she tweaked her own nipples and calling for me to cum until I finally blasted my jizz all over her face.

Tina had promised that I would never go to sleep unsatisfied. And as long as she was around, Tina would never break that promise. One evening, we cuddled on our balcony, Tina sitting on my lap while we wrapped ourselves in one big blanket. "We have some fun, don't we?" she asked me.

I leaned in and nibbled on her neck. "We sure do."

We were in still in Venice when Tina caught the eye of a dark-haired, big- breasted Italian beauty at a café.

Two hours later, Tina was suckling my semen that was leaking out of the Italian girl's asshole, and I knew I was living my dreams come true.


When we returned home, I first went to Pei-Hua's room to kiss her and check on the baby. She was awake and sitting up in bed, and I held my hand against her naked belly to feel the gentle kicking coming up from inside of her.

Then with whispered Mandarin, Pei-Hua told me just how much she missed me and ordered me to lay down on the bed next to her. She produced a blindfold and informed me that while she couldn't really have sex with me anymore, her mouth worked just fine.

So I lay back and held Pei-Hua's head in my hands while she licked and suckled me with an expertise borne of many years' practice. With the blindfold over my eyes, my sense of touch was magnified until I could practically feel every nerve ending in my pecker firing off individually as her fingers and throat massage me.

I could feel my balls beginning to coil, but then the arousal was put on hold as I felt her warm mouth leave me to be replaced by the cool air. I was only out in the open for a few moments before the wet warmth of an inviting sheath sank its way down around my shaft, and I groaned at the feeling of such a tight pussy wrapping itself around me.

But I also sensed something was off dimly in the back of my brain. The tunnel so tight, so constricting around me unfamiliar. Then Pei-Hua was mumbling in my ear and removing my blindfold, and I blinked before seeing the warm smile of a naked Chia-Yu in my lap.

My surprise wore off after a second, and I looked to Pei-Hua and kissed her tenderly in appreciation. Then I beckoned to Chia who lay her chest down upon me, tiny nipples rubbing erect against my pecs as I kissed her for the first time, tasting a new flavor experimentally as I had done so many times before.

And as Chia sat up and began to ride me, tentatively at first and then with more aggression as Pei-Hua leaned in and tutored her in the fine art of pleasing a man, I thought back to how the circle of my life was nearly complete.

I had the home, the wife (two actually), and the pretty young maid. I had my father's business to inherit, and soon a son to raise in my own image, like my father had done before me. Jessica had recently broken up with her boyfriend and Tina wanted the both of us to go and cheer her up with a thorough soul- cleansing fuck.

I had the perfect life.

And my birthday was coming up soon. And you know how good things always happen to me on my birthdays.
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