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As usual. I was working away from home, and staying in a small pub with rooms where I had stayed several times before. That evening I sat in the bar having a drink and a bite to eat. At the table alongside me were three girls enjoying the evening. I say girls, but they were probably mid-twenties, although still young enough to be my daughters.
Several years ago I would have been checking them out. Trying to decide which one I fancied most and how could I get her away from her friends, which would gradually morph into some weird fantasy involving all three of them. They would have noticed this bloke looking at them spookily, finished their drinks and escaped as quickly as possible.
But, as I said, they were young enough to be my daughters, and I was old enough not to be a threat so, of course, we started chatting. I explained I was working away and staying here for several days, they said they were having a girls night out, not been here before, but were driving around and spotted a nice looking pub and called in for a drink. I bought us a round and we carried on chatting. As I finished my drink I stood up,
“Well girls, I’m going up. It’s been nice talking to you. Have a good evening.
“Wait John, stay a bit longer, have a drink with us.”
“Well I usually stop at two, but I suppose another glass of wine won’t hurt.”
I sat down and one of the girls went up to the bar.

I think it was the cold which woke me up. At first I wasn’t sure where I was, or even who I was. Gradually I realised I was in my hotel room, it was pitch black and I was lying naked on top of the bed. There was something sticky on my stomach, my bottom cheeks were stinging and I had a very strange feeling in my backside. I switched the bedside light on and I saw that it was a pool of drying spunk on my stomach! Had I had a wet dream? God, I hadn’t done that for very many years!
When I went into the bathroom I looked over my shoulder into the mirror and could see three or four stripes across my bottom. When I felt between my cheeks, my arsehole was so tender and greasy, what the fuck was going on?
Back in the bedroom I noticed my laptop open on the dresser opposite the bed. There was a post-it on the screen.
“Play the video.”
I sat on the bed and switched on the laptop. I opened the video folder and there was new file called “Play Me”. I opened the file and clicked the play icon.

The image opened with me, naked, on my hands and knees across the bottom of the bed. In front of me was one of the girls also naked, but wearing a strap on dildo. Behind me was a second girl, again naked and wearing a dildo. I assume it was the girls from the bar, but couldn’t swear to it, both were wearing glittering carnival masks and of course, were naked.
The first girl was holding the dildo against my closed mouth,
“Suck me, suck my dick!” The second girl slapped me across my arse,
“Suck her, suck her!” I still refused. I could see her looking around the room, she spotted my jeans lying on the floor, went over to them and pulled the belt from them. She doubled the belt into a loop and came back to me. With a full blooded swing she hit me again. I heard myself squeal and saw my mouth pop open, the dildo was immediately pushed in.
Crack! “I said suck her.” Crack! “Suck her fucking dick.” Crack! All completely unnecessary as I was already sucking at the dick.
The second girl picked up from the bed what I realised was a tube of lube and the third girl, I assume, moved the camera around behind me. I saw a squirt of lube onto the dildo and the cheeks of my bum being pulled apart. A greasy finger was pushed into my arsehole and I heard myself groan around the dildo in my mouth. The second dildo followed the finger and was pushed into me, more groaning. More lube was squirted onto the dildo and it was pushed further in.
The camera moved back to take in the full picture and I could see myself being fucked at both ends. One girl with her hands pulling my hips, the other girl holding onto my head. The dildo in my mouth was pushed further in and I started to gag,
“Careful, don’t choke him.”
“He’ll get used to it, I had to. There’s a trick to it.”
“I’ve heard you give a good deep throat!”
“Yeah. Your boyfriend taught me!”
“Ok girls, time to swap.” The girl behind the camera spoke for the first time. The girl behind pulled out with an audible plop and as the front girl pulled away from my mouth a stream of spittle followed her dildo. They exchanged positions and the girl now behind said
“Oh look, his mouth is open for you. I was hoping to give him a good spanking.”
“Go ahead, he’s not going to remember anything that happens to him tonight.” The girl behind slapped me several times with the palm of her hand. The other girl approached my mouth.
“Aren’t you going to wipe it off? It’s just been in his arse!”
“It won’t hurt him, and I told you he won’t remember. I bet you’ve sucked a few dirty dicks in your life!” She pushed the dildo into my mouth and holding onto my head started to mouth-fuck me. The second girl had greased up her dildo and was pushing it into my backside. On the video I watched myself being spit-roasted again.
After a few minutes, the camera girl spoke for the second time,
“My turn now. Get him onto his back.” The two girls disengaged and moved me onto my back at the bottom of the bed. The camera moved into closer to me and I saw my face for the first time. My eyes were open but completely vacant, the lights were on but no one was at home.
“Right John, can you pull your legs up and apart for me?” I did as I was asked and the camera focussed between my legs. I could see my arsehole, red and leaking lube, my bollocks and above them a rock hard dick. A third dildo came into shot and approached my hole. Without bothering with lube it was pushed inside a little and then all the way. I heard myself groaning. The camera moved upwards slightly to show my prick.
“Look how hard he is. He’s really getting into this. Give him a wank, make him come.” A hand moved in from each side, one started to wank me, the other started to squeeze my balls, not too gently by the look of it. After only a few moments my groans were becoming louder and a spurt of spunk exploded from my dick.
“Oh god I hope I caught that on the film!” The hand around my balls tightened and released, a second and a third spurt splattered onto my stomach.
“Yeah, I got those!” The hands released me and my dick fell onto my stomach twitching and leaking cum.
The image faded from the screen. A second image appeared, a sheet of paper with writing.
“If you want more of the same tomorrow night, call this number.” It was followed by a telephone number and signed with a heart and three xs.

I removed my hand from my throbbing dick, picked up my mobile and started to dial.
Evening with three girl

Becky in the Blizzard (Beckys life is changed forever when she gets snowed in)

Becky in the Blizzard (Beckys life is changed forever when she gets snowed in)

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