Bro and Sis adventures - incest,family,stories erotic story

Mike and Liz Lyons stepped off the bus that carried 32 of Liz's fellow high school seniors and ten chaperones for Liz's high school class trip.

Mike was Liz's 22-year-old brother. He had agreed to be one of the chaperones to give him something to do this weekend while his fiancée' worked with his mother on their upcoming wedding.

Mike was a quiet guy. He stood just over 6'2" with short dark brown hair and a full beard. He was a little awkward looking with a thick forehead and eyes that always seemed to be looking off into nowhere.

Riding with Liz and so many of the other high school girls had been difficult for Mike. His high school days were not his fondness memory. He never really fit in and didn't have a girlfriend until he met Christy at church near the end of his Senior Year.

Christy and Mike had fallen in love and were now getting married. And Mike was anxiously awaiting their wedding night as Christy had kept her virginity, and thereby keeping his, intact throughout their four years of college. Fortunately for Mike she did agree to perform some oral sex on him and often relieved him with much needed hand jobs when they were together. But that had been her limit. And now that they had graduated college and were nearing their wedding day Christy had cut even that off, saying that she wanted their wedding night to be something special.

Liz, on the other hand, was not a virgin like her older brother. But the 18-year old was a taskmaster when it came to making someone earn the right to be sexually active with her.

Liz had grown up as the proverbial 'ugly duckling'. She was tall and gangly with a not very attractive face. As a result she had often been teased by boys and girls alike for her looks and flat chest.

She was the last in her class to develop, but when she did over the summer between her sophomore and Junior year her body changed dramatically. Liz was tall: standing about 5'10", with long sexy legs and a perfect ass. Her B-cup breasts were round and firm and her face had an exotic beauty that many of the boys liked.

While Liz enjoyed her transformation, she remembered the hurt caused by those who had teased her for so long. And she took pleasure in getting back at them whenever she could.

Liz often asked boys out and teased them with promises of what she would do with them, only to leave them hard and horny to go home and jack off. Sometimes she even got them to do it while she watched.

She also went after the boyfriends of some of the girls who had tormented her, enjoying breaking their hearts by stealing the guys away from them.

Liz did not tease everyone. There were four boys who she had willingly fucked during relationships over the past two years of school. And three others who had the pleasure of having their hard cocks sucked by her as well.

After everyone had been assigned their rooms Mike took a walk around the area. Surprised to find a strip club he walked in and decided to catch a quick show. He was shocked when he recognized one of the dancers: It was Ashley Robins, a girl he had known both at school and church!

There she was tall, long blond hair, beautiful and totally naked on the stage before him. Mike had always had the hots for Ashley, but she had always been "too good" for him. But here she was, the girl who had been the Homecoming Queen and whose parents still brag about as being a professional success was nothing more than a stripper.

Mike's cock was hard at the sight of her.

After a few questions at the bar he learned that he could get a lap dance from any of the dancers. He quickly forked over the required cash and requested Ashley. He was then led to a small room and waited patiently for Ashley to enter.

She came into the room and did not recognize Mike at first. When they had last met he was clean shaven and she no doubt had little reason to remember the creepy guy from high school and church.

Ashley did her thing, stripping off and gyrating on Mike's crotch. He enjoyed the sensation of her bare ass rubbing his erection through his pants and both were surprised when his lust caused him to cum in his pants.

Ashley chuckled as she stood up and saw the wet spot in the crotch of his pants. "Well, I guess you won't want to pay for the extra." She smirked.

"Extra?" Mike asked.

Ashley shook her head. "You know, I could suck you off for a generous tip."

Mike inquired and even though the answer was way more than he could believe possible he wanted to get Ashley to suck him off. He tried to negotiate a fuck but she said that a blowjob was all she could do.

Mike handed over the cash and was perplexed when Ashley slipped a condom over his still-hard cock. But once her lips wrapped around his thick cock he did not care about the thin layer of latex. He just leaned back and watched as Ashley's beautiful face bobbed up and down on his rock-hard cock. She reached up and gently scratched under his balls with the fingers of her right hand. Even with the condom this felt better than anything his fiancée' had done before. And soon he was spewing his load into the rubber as Ashley's mouth milked his cock.

"Did you enjoy that?" She asked as she stood up.

"Absolutely, Ashley." Mike answered, "Wait until I tell everyone back home about this."

Ashley looked at Mike as she suddenly recognized the man before her. "Oh my god, Mike, I didn't know it was you. Please don't tell anyone about this. My parent's will shit if they find out."

This was even better. Not only had Ashley Robins sucked Mike Lyons off, but now she was begging him not to tell anyone. "What's it worth to you?" He asked, trying to see what more he could get out of this.

"I'll give you your money back." She offered.

But Mike had other ideas. "That's good for starters, but how about a nice fuck too?"

"I can't do that here, Mike." She replied.

"Then where?" He asked.

Ashley reluctantly agreed to meet Mike at a cheap motel down the street later that night. Mike knew that he could get away from everyone and decided that he would fuck Ashley. Christy would never need to know that she would not be his first pussy.

* * * * * * * *

Back at the hotel Liz realized that something was up with her older brother. She couldn't put her finger on it, but he was acting very suspicious. And when she ran into him after dinner wearing nice clothes and smelling of cologne she knew for certain that something was going on.

Liz was a specialist at getting her way and it didn't take much to work her way out of the hotel to follow her brother. After all, the head counselor did know her older sibling for years and she made it sound absolutely reasonable that they would be going out to a nice dinner together on their first trip to the big city.

Liz tailed Mike to the strip club. She couldn't believe that he was going into such a place. But when he came out with Ashley Robins her jaw dropped.

Liz hated Ashley. The girl had been gorgeous as far back as Liz could remember. Even while she was only in Junior High school the then-17 or 18-year old Ashley had called her names. And now here she was coming out of a strip club with Mike.

It didn't take Liz long to realize that Ashley was a dancer. And she couldn't wait to go home and tell everyone about that. But when she was Mike and Ashley walk to the rundown motel down the street she knew that the story was going to get even better.

Liz hung back a safe distance as her brother took the sexy blond dancer to the motel office and rented a room. Then they walked to the end unit and entered. Ashley followed and snuck around back, happy to find an opening in the curtain that enabled her to see what was going on inside.

She pulled out her digital camera and snapped a couple pictures as Ashley stripped naked in front of her brother. She was going to get pictures of Ashley fucking as proof and take them back for everyone to see. She would somehow alter her brother's face so that no one would know who it was that Ashley was having sex with, but everyone would see Ashley Robins fucking like a cheap whore.

Then she jumped as a pair of strong arms grabbed her from behind.

Inside, Ashley was pulling Mike's pants down when she heard a knock at the door.

"Who the fuck?" Mike blurted out as Ashley jumped up and ran over to the door.

"John?" She called out.

"Open the fucking door." She heard John's voice answer.

Ignoring Mike's objections Ashley opened the door to find John, one of her close friends who worked as a bouncer at the strip club, holding on to Liz Lyons. It did not take long for Ashley to recognize the younger girl. And when she saw the camera in her hands she became livid.

"So you were going to take pictures of me." She accused.

Mike covered his exposed cock with his hands as John, a tall muscular man with very short brown hair and a tribal tattoo on his right arm, pushed Liz into the room closing the door behind me.

"I didn't know she was out there." Mike insisted.

"I came by like you suggested," John said to Ashley, "and found this bitch peeking in on you with a camera."

Ashley grabbed the camera from Liz. "You want to take some naked pictures; well maybe we can take some of you." She said. "Strip her!" She ordered.

Liz screamed as John began pulling her shirt up over her head.

Mike jumped to his feet to rush to his sister's aide, only to stumble over his pants that were still wrapped around his feet and fall to the floor.

Ashley grabbed Liz and pushed her against the wall. "Tie him up while I hold her."

John grabbed Mike's arms and pulled them behind his back and used some rope he had in his jacket pocket to tie them behind his back. He then lifted Mike up off the floor and tossed him onto his back on the bed. Despite all that was happening Mike's cock was still hard.

Together the two of them stripped Liz's clothes off of her struggling body. John shoved her panties into her mouth and then strapped Liz's belt around her head to securely gag her mouth as Ashley tied used Mike's belt to secure Liz's arms behind her back.

"Damn, she's got a nice body on her." John said as he fondled Liz's right tit.

"Why don't you fuck her?" Ashley suggested.

Liz screamed against the gag as John shoved her onto the empty bed beside the one her brother lay on. In a flash John had his shoes, pants and boxers off and jumped between the pretty 18-year-old's legs. His cock hard and ready for her tight pussy.

"Leave her alone!" Mike yelled as he watched the man plunge his cock into Liz's cunt.

Liz cried out against the gag as John's stiff rod filled her. But there was nothing she could do but lay there as he slammed his cock into her over and over again.

She cried out even more when she saw Ashley taking a picture.

"Oh fuck, you have a nice, tight cunt." John said as he continued fucking Liz. "I'm gonna fill you with cum."

Liz's eyes went wide in terror at the latter statement, for it was only then that she realized that she was being fucked bareback. Only once before had she screwed without protection and that was her first time. Since then Liz had always made sure to use condoms. Now this beast was going to cum in her and she was powerless to stop him.

"Oh yes!" John cried out as he began filling Liz's pussy with his seed, pumping more and more into her with every thrust.

Mike could do nothing but watch helplessly as his sister was taken by Ashley's friend.

"That was great." John said as he climbed off of Liz. There was still a drop of cum angling from the tiny slit on the head of his cock. "What do we do now?"

Ashley stuck out her finger and used it to scrape the remaining cum off of him then rubbed it onto Liz's nose. "I think we have some fun with them. Tie her spread eagle to the chair."

John lifted Liz and dropped her into the chair. Using his belt he fastened her right leg to the leg of the chair, and then he used a wire coat hanger to secure her left leg. Now Liz was stuck in place with her legs apart and her pussy exposed to them all. She could see a small amount of John's cum dribbling out of her freshly fucked pussy.

Ashley opened her purse and produced a vibrator. "Let's see how many times we can make her cum." She said, handing it over the John.

John turned it on and began rubbing Liz's swollen clit with it. The girl struggled in the chair but could do nothing to avoid the unwanted stimulation.

"You take care of her, and I'll take care of him." Ashley said as she got on the bed next to Mike.

Ashley began softly stroking Mike's cock. She then took it into her mouth and began sucking him.

Mike couldn't deny how good it felt having Ashley suck his cock. He hated what was happening to his sister, but this just felt so good. Then Ashley stopped.

Ashley pulled his shirt up and began licking his nipples. She gingerly stroked beneath his balls at the same time. The sensation tore through Mike making him hornier than ever. But Ashley was no longer focusing on his cock.

Then she stopped everything and sat up. "Do you like that?" She asked.

Mike nodded.

"Do you want to cum?"

"Yes." Mike replied.

"Well you're not going to." Ashley said with a laugh. "I'm going to tease your cock all night but I'm not going to let you cum. If you want to cum you're going to have to beg your sister to suck you off."

"Fuck you." Mike spat.

"Oh you will beg alright." Ashley continued, "And she will beg too. You see, I'm not going to let you cum, but we're going to make Liz cum over and over again until she begs to suck your cock. That's the only way she will get any relief."

"Goddamn you're a cruel bitch." John said as he rubbed the vibrator against Liz's clit with renewed passion."

"It's the only way to keep them from telling on us. They will never tell anyone about this if they have to admit to having sex together."

Ashley straddled Mike's head, pressing her pussy to his face. "Maybe if you make me cum with your tongue I might reconsider."

With that she leaned her head down to begin sucking on Mike's cock. She took his shaft in her hand and raised it up, pulling her mouth off of his head and then she began softly licking the tender exposed gland of his cock that would normally rest against his belly when hard. Ashley knew from experience that this was an ultra sensitive spot on men, and one that would bring no orgasmic release of manipulated alone. She knew that this would drive Mike to a painful desire to cum without enabling him to do so if she avoided any contact with the rest of his cock.

"Lick my clit and I might move on to another spot." She told him as she began softly licking.

Mike couldn't resist the temptation to bury his face into the bald cunt of Ashley Robins. He began licking her clit, hoping to satisfy her and receive the same courtesy in return.

Ashley moaned softly as she felt Mike's tongue begin working on her love button. But she never turned her's away from the one spot on his cock.

Liz fought the urge to climax. She did not want this brute to see her orgasm but there was little she could do about it. The vibrator in his hand was bringing her closer and closer to the edge and she could only fight it for so long.

Then her body betrayed her. Liz's pussy erupted into orgasm. Her legs quivered and she could not hold back the moan that escaped when she came.

"That's it, cum for me." John said as he watched the squirming girl climax. "That's just the first of many."

Liz wasn't sure what he meant. She had cum often and couldn't see how being forced to do this again was supposed to make her beg to suck her brother's cock. But as the vibrator continued working on her she began to slowly understand what Ashley was talking about.

John began licking Liz's hard nipples as he held the vibrator to her clit. Liz began to struggle as another orgasm wracked her body.

"Oh fuck," She thought, "this is going to get rough."

Ashley was rocking her hips as Mike continued lapping at her clit like a dog drinking water. She had to fight the urge to wrap her lips around his cock and suck him. But she wanted him to beg for his release.

"That's it, baby." Ashley said as she began to cum on Mike's face.

As Ashley was climaxing Liz was in the midst of her third orgasm. She had never cum repeated before and she was now begging against her gag for a moment's rest from the vibrator. Her body shivered and she was covered in sweat as a fourth orgasm approached almost immediately. Liz screamed for John to stop but he was not about to give her a break.

"Jesus Christ, let me cum." Mike begged as Ashley continued to toy with his cock. She would stroke him close to climax and then stop, then return her attention to licking the glands on the back of his cock or else going down and sucking and licking his balls.

"Take off her gag." Ashley said.

John used his free hand to unfasten the belt as Liz was crying out from yet another unwanted orgasm.

"Please stop!" She begged between breaths.

"Will you suck Mike's cock?" Ashley asked her.

"N-no!" Liz replied.

"Then we won't stop. If you suck his cock we'll turn off the vibrator."

With that Ashley returned her attention to Mike's swollen cock, tormenting the young man with her talented tongue.

The endless stimulation and denial was tormenting Mike. He wanted nothing more than to be permitted to cum. He would even accept having his sister's mouth bring him the release he needed, but he refused to say such a vile and disgusting thing out loud. Instead he continued to plead for Ashley to take pity on him and let him cum, all the time knowing that she had no intention of granting his request. So he secretly prayed to hear his sister give in and agree to suck him off.

Liz could not contain the shrieks of distress caused by the endless streams of orgasms that were wracking her body. She looked down to see John's hand, soaked in her own juice, as it pressed the vibrator to her swollen and sore clit. Her pussy spasmed as the plastic cock continued its assault. Never in her life had Liz imagined that non-stop orgasms could be a form of torture. But she ached for even a moment of escape from the damned vibrator. She could not imagine how many times she had cum and the orgasms were now almost continuous. She felt as if she would pass out but such relief never came.

Finally it was too much for her. "Ok, ok!" She gasped, "I'll do it."

Liz was defeated. The idea of sucking her brother's dick was revolting. But if it meant putting an end to this agonizing ordeal of forced orgasms she would submit. God forgive her, but she had no other choice.

"Bring her over here." Ashley instructed.

John quickly unfastened Liz's legs and pulled her shivering body to the bed where he pushed her down between her brother's legs.

"Put that back in her cunt before she changes her mind." Ashley instructed.

Liz felt the vibrator pressing between her legs once more. "No, please don't. I'll do it."

With her hands still bound behind her back Liz had to struggle to get into better position, but all too quickly she had her brother's hard cock in front of her face. She opened her mouth and slowly slid her lips over his engorged head.

Mike could not avert his eyes from the scene of his younger sister sucking his cock. He hated himself for enjoying it but could not deny the pleasure her was feeling. He needed to cum and would gladly blow his wad of cum down Liz's throat.

Liz flinched when she saw the flash of her own camera as Ashley began taking pictures of this incestuous act, threatening to e-mail the photos to people back at Liz's church and school if she or Mike tried to report this to anyone. The threat was needless as there was no way that Liz was ever going to admit to sucking her brother's dick. And Mike wasn't about to try to explain how he got into this predicament with Ashley to his fiancée.
Bro and Sis adventures

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