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The first time I got anal was when I was married to my otherwise frigid ex-wife, Heather. We were uncharacteristically naked and messing around one warm, lazy Saturday afternoon when I dared to act on a longtime fantasy of mine and started to gently finger her anus while I ate her pussy. She started to respond to my gentle probing much to my surprise and I got a little more aggressive. However, I didn't get my hopes up until she suggested I get some lube. I wasted no time in sprinting for the bathroom where I grabbed some Vaseline - the only lube we had. I leered to myself in the mirror and shot
myself a wink before running back to the bedroom. Imagine my surprise when I found her face down on the bed, her fat ass already in the air. My dream come true! I quickly knelt between her thighs, generously lubed up my engorged prick and her tight asshole and started to ease it in as best I could - I was so hot I was ready to explode. She then said that I shouldn't come in her ass but should pull out instead. "No problem", I said. I didn't mean it but what the hell.

She moaned in pain as I slowly pushed my cock deeper into her and she begged me to finger her clit, but it was out of my reach, so she frantically fingered herself instead. I finally got my thick six and a half inches of meat in her behind and I rested a minute so I could enjoy this ass-fucking as long as possible; I knew it was probably the first and last time she would ever let me enjoy such a delicacy again. I finally responded to her pleas to hurry up and I started to slowly stroke my cock in and out of her. I reveled in the new sensations of her tight virgin ass wrapped around my cock, her sphincter drum-tight, and how good her fat ass felt against my belly, as I ignored her earlier request and proceeded to have the orgasm of my life when I unloaded a tidal wave of semen into her rectum. I did pull out and gave her butt a final courtesy squirt of come, just to show her I did listen to her.

Afterward, as she sat on the toilet, she bitched to me how that was fucking and not making love and I had to agree with her for the first time in our marriage!!!
With the ex

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