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My day had begun in unusual fashion. My loving but unadventurous wife
of 15 years had wakened me with an unsolicited handjob. It was the first
time she had done that. Ever. It was a great handjob, and a great way to
wake up, but I was feeling confused.

Several days earlier we had had a frank conversation about our sex
lives, the first such talk of our marriage, and realized that neither of us
was satisfied. We had made a plan to be more open and communicative when
it came to sex, and had made an explicit plan to share our previously
overlooked desires and fantasies and see if we could make up for lost time
by making them come true. But still, I was confused. Did she think this
was my fantasy? Was it hers?

I had a series of conflicting emotions. Happy that she had taken the
initiative to introduce this wonderful treat into my life. Curious about
her motives. Melancholy that I had missed out on this for so long until
now. And above all, disoriented by the sheer surprise and intensity of it
all. But I didn't have time to reconcile these feelings, because the
controlled chaos that is our morning routine began with the frenzied
precision of an aircraft carrier leaving port, and I was consumed in the
A little while later I was standing at the counter of my mechanic's
jumbled shop. He was shouting in Farsi. Nothing much unusual about that,
here in the suburbs of greater "Irangeles." That was pretty much his usual
condition. But this time he was shouting at a customer. A woman. A
genuine Persian Princess, California-style.

I saw a blaze of rhinestone-encrusted Chanel sunglasses flash by as she
whirled away from the counter with a pout and an odd "thumbs up" gesture
that had to have been some sort of insult. She made an unusual contrast
with the grubby shop in her skintight Versace pants and jacket. Her
fingers glittered with the dowry of a true Mesopotamian princess from the
days of Hammurabi (or perhaps modern Saudi Arabia). On the fourth finger
of her left hand glittered a massive stone.

She dropped in the inflatable blue promotional "Goodyear" chair by the
wall with a huff and, not surprisingly, I heard the angry click of her
cell-phone opening.

Simon gestured me towards the counter with an annoyed look on his face.
"Sorry. So sorry." he said with a shrug.

"Not a problem" I replied calmly. "She looks like a piece of work." I
intoned, with a raised eyebrow.

"My uncle's wife." He explained conspiratorially. "I have to fix her
car for free and she's angry that she has to wait 10 minutes for me to free
up someone to drive her home. Of course, if she were really in a hurry,
she lives less than a mile away...

"So," he continued, "I gotta be honest with you, it's gonna be a little
while before I can get to your car. You wanna bring it back tomorrow

"Sure" I answered, grateful for his honesty, so rare and unusual among
his profession. "No problem."

I turned and headed for the door where I found the Princess hurling one
last guttural insult into the maw of her cell phone as she slammed it shut.

Some bizarre hand of fate grabbed me and stopped me in my tracks,
squeezed my diaphragm and seemingly forced me to blurt out a tentative
question. "Excuse me. Could I give you a lift somewhere?"She gave me a
piercing stare, taking me in from head to toe. I wasn't going to be
featured on the cover of 'Los Angeles' Magazine any time soon, but
apparently my Bloomingdales house-brand suit was well-tailored enough to
pass her inspection. She looked in my eyes and then slowly turned to glare
at Simon, who I now realized was her nephew, even though he had to be at
least 15 years her senior.Her nostrils flared as she stared him down.
"That would be very NICE." She said coolly. She turned with a flourish of
her 350 dollar coiffure and stalked for the door, as if she knew where she
was heading.

About three minutes later, we were idling in front of the gates of a
massive white mansion. The towering white columns which were visible
through the wrought-iron bars made the house resemble something from
another ancient Mediterranean culture. Not a word had been spoken.

"Here, use this" she said abruptly, handing me a small plastic card
which I waved in front of the box on the side of the driveway. The
imposing portal slowly swung open.

"Please come inside" she said firmly, when I stopped in front of the
huge front door. "I'd like to thank you with a cup of coffee."

This was certainly one of the most unusual experiences ever to befall a
pasty Caucasian lad with thinning hair in the inexorable grip of middle age
such as myself, so I turned the key to silence the motor. As I was still
feeling the warm glow of my morning handjob, my motives were less
lascivious than they might have been some other time. Mostly I was curious
about this exquisite creature and what she could possibly want with me.


I looked around as I followed her into the house. It was hard to tear
my eyes away from her sashaying ass as we navigated the stairs to the door,
but an enormous pair of marble lions vied for my attention. They lost.
She had an incredible ass. Flaring hips tapering into mile-long legs, with
just the right amount of curvature to create that hypnotizing shimmy with
every step. The smooth surface presented by the skin-tight fabric
suggested that she was wearing nothing underneath. My thoughts turned to
the possibility of finding out that answer first-hand. Lust had once again
entered the picture. Where was this unusual and unexpected invitation

A life-sized alabaster statue of a naked woman thrust her breasts at us
as soon as we entered the house. What seemed to be acres of glittering
black and gold-trimmed furniture floated on a sea of white shag carpet.

We entered a kitchen the size of my house and soon she was thrusting two
rigid nipples covered in painted-on Juicy Couture T-shirt plus a small cup
of ink-black coffee into my general direction. When she spooned two
teaspoons of sugar into her cup, I did the same before sipping the pungent

She took off her semi-frosted glasses, allowing me to see her whole face
for the first time. She wore enough beauty products to outfit a touring
production of Aida, but the lavender eye shadow and glittery powder did
nothing to hide her incredible beauty.

"I am Aliyah." She stated simply. "Thank you for helping me. Simon can
be such an ass sometimes." She tossed her mane again and rolled her head in
a stretching motion. This had the effect of thrusting her chest out,
straining the buttons of her Versace top and leaving her looking somewhat
like a clothed version of the statue in the foyer.

Straightening her neck, she fixed me with a purposeful stare and wet her
lips to speak. "I feel dirty from being in that place. Would you like to
take a shower with me?"

Now this was beyond unusual. My brain was suddenly overloaded with the
firing of a million synapses at once. A thousand questions jostled for
attention. "Could this be happening? Why me? Was she just trying to piss
off her husband, who would then have me killed by some thugs and dropped in
a desolate canyon somewhere? Was my wife somehow testing me? Rewarding
me? Should I vocalize any of the questions and risk breaking whatever spell
we were under?"

While I wrestled with my thoughts, Aliyah put down her cup and walked
out of the kitchen to the enormous sweeping staircase that led upstairs.

"Come with me." It was somewhere between a command and a request.

'I'd like to do exactly that.' I thought to myself, watching her curves
undulate smoothly away from me. The distinct possibility that I was being
seduced by this walking wet dream produced a sort of euphoria in me that
overrode my better judgment, as well as my surging feelings of guilt. My
cock, still sore from the prior activities, came to life with a throb.
Twice in less than three hours - could I do that? It seemed that I might
find out, as I arose from the table and followed her, my body seemingly
moving at its own accord.

I was not so enraptured as to ignore a good enabling rationalization.
While perhaps it had not been an explicit fantasy of mine to be seduced by
a gorgeous Persian femme fatale, this was clearly a once-in-a-lifetime kind
of experience and hopefully, if it came to that, Jennifer would accept it
that way. While it wasn't a very good excuse, it was sufficient to allow
me to leave my guilt behind as I followed Aliyah towards the stairs.
Undoubtedly I could retrieve it on my way out...

Aliyah's tight ass swayed in exaggerated fashion as she sashayed up the
sweeping spiral staircase. 'I've seen this a dozen times in porn videos,'
I thought, 'and now I'm living it!'

I had another moment of doubt as I watched her impossibly perfect ass
sway inches from my face. No panty lines there to mar the smooth
magnificence of those taut orbs - and no way this could possibly be
happening - could it? No matter. I was going to play this hand a little
while longer. I could feel the saliva literally pooling in my mouth as I
imagined running my tongue between those shimmering cheeks in front of me.
Any doubts about my ability to perform vanished instantly.

When I crested the top of the stairs, I looked around for Aliyah. I was
confronted by a long curving hallway, with more plush white carpet and
"museum-quality" walls fading into the distance like some kind of De
Chirico painting. Light poured out of one doorway and I moved towards it.

It's not often that I think about the physical power of beauty. Usually
it was more of an annoying pain in my side, a constant roar - the
omnipresent whining of a thousand media harpies all shrieking "look at me -
aren't I pretty!" But this was the ancient, pure strain of beauty, primal
and untainted by commercialism, which I was consuming uncut, straight into
the vein. I stared agog, as my mind turned to mush.

She had removed her Versace jeans and shirt and now stood in front of me
in a scanty white thong and half bra. Her hips were angled slightly and
her long burnished legs stretched to a point, accenting her perfect
hourglass shape.

Her stomach was a flawless sea of skin, while the firm mounds of her
creamy breasts asserted themselves boldly over the tops of the barely
resisting brassiere. She affixed me with a dark-eyed stare that could only
be described as smoldering and asked, "You like it?"

I was jolted back to reality by her words. "Hell yeah, I like it." I
blurted. "Let me see the rest of it."

She gave me a wry smile and slowly rotated, first thrusting her luscious
tits and dark, dart-tipped nipples directly at me and then, with a turn of
her smooth shoulder she pirouetted to display her back side. I was now
confronted with the reality of that perfect ass I had imagined only seconds

"Take that off." I commanded.

"What, this?" she asked, hooking her long sparkling nail under the wispy
string of her thong and pulling it slightly away from her body.

"That. And all of it."

She leaned down and bent her knee to remove the offending fabric,
pushing her gorgeous ass cheeks towards me and gently parting the cleft of
her smooth flanks to reveal the luscious fruit inside. Two delectable
slices of ripe peach, hung there, tantalizing me, and above them, a darker
patch of that fertile valley hinted at the crinkled pucker of her anus.

"Excellent!" I proclaimed. "Keep going."

She reached back to unfasten the bra, causing her sinewy back to ripple
and reveal the unblemished slope of her clavicle. Teasingly loosening the
lacy fabric, she slowly revealed her burgeoning mounds, confronting me with
the urgency of her hard nipples.

"You like my tits?" she asked, coarsely, holding them up for inspection.
"You men are always so fascinated with tits. I'm not sure what the
attraction is."

In response I pounced, diving on her swelling chest and fastening my
mouth directly on one of those delicious gumdrop nipples. Aliyah gasped at
the strength of the sensation as I sucked fiercely on her tender nub. With
one hand I palmed her other breast and squeezed roughly. She shuddered at
the intensity and went momentarily rigid.

I maintained a steady firm suction on her teat while my free hand traced
the silky curve of her back around the smooth bend of her waist and
sweeping flare of her hips until coming to rest on the perfect sphere of
her ass. I could feel her nipple distending inside my mouth and abruptly
pulled my mouth away with a pop, again causing Aliyah to gasp.With that
incredible sound ringing in my ears, I straightened up to gauge her
response. Her eyes were bright and focused, engaging me directly, but
warily. Her cheeks and chest were flushed with her excitement and I could
see the mottled discoloration I had left on her swollen nipple. I felt the
thrill of the hunt surge through my veins. We were hunter circling hunted,
looking for an opening to land the final blow. But which of us was which?

She brushed her hair back with both hands which had the effect of waving
her mouthwatering tits right in my face. Before she could make her next
move, I dove right back onto her other breast and fastened on to the other
gumdrop I found there.

Sliding my hand around her hips to her groin I discovered that she was
perfectly smooth -- shaven cleaner than an operating room table! And she
was hot. Smoking. A fire pouring out from between her legs along with a
thick coat of her pungent secretions. I immediately plunged my hand into
her steaming furrow and slid it along her slippery lips.

Feeling her awash in pussy cream, I pressed forward with two fingers,
driving them into her cavern up to the first knuckle. This time the gasp
sounded more like a moan. I pushed on until my fingers were fully seated
in her channel. Right away I rotated my wrist to bring my thumb down
firmly on her pubic bone, capturing her swollen clit directly under my
thumb. I rolled it from side to side like marble while plunging my fingers
in and out of her sloshy hole and after only a few strokes she began to

I kept up the pressure as she spasmed, grinding my thumb against her
clit in time with each paroxysm. Aliyah threw her arms around my neck and
crushed my head against her chest so hard that for a moment I thought I
might be smothered by her magnificent tit-flesh. As her orgasm subsided,
Aliyah's legs wobbled and I put my free hand around her for support.

I relinquished my lip-lock on her teat and slowly stood up. Aliyah's
eyes were now half closed and she was panting heavily. I withdrew my
cum-slickened fingers from her pussy and slid them slowly up her body. She
squirmed momentarily when I painted her sensitive nipple with some of her
own cream. Next I traced her jaw line and cupped her cheek with the sticky
fingers so that we could both smell the fragrant aroma of her pussy juices.

It was a heady, intense smell and it made me realize my own arousal.

I caressed her cheek with my pungent digits and stroked her plush lips
with my fingertips. Her tongue snaked out to flicker across my fingers,
and, feeling her warmth, I plunged my fingers into her mouth. Aliyah
immediately took me in and began sucking hungrily.

Pleased by her slutty behavior, I pushed her back until her legs butted
against the bed and she was required to sit down. Straddling her legs, I
moved forward until my crotch was right in her face, with my throbbing
bulge leading the way. Aliyah needed no further encouragement and
furiously attacked my belt as if her life depended on releasing the
contents of my trousers ASAP.

She released the belt and button and then ripped open my pants and
shoved her hand immediately into my shorts. She emerged with her prize
and, wasting no time, immediately plunged her slick mouth down over my
straining shaft.

I let her slurp hungrily on my bone for a few moments, then I pushed
away and stood back to remove my clothes. I managed to remove my shoes,
pants and boxers and began to unbutton my shirt. My cock jutted out
obscenely in front of me, throbbing angrily as if it were searching for a
way to get back into the warm hole I had just pushed away.

Aliyah sat still on the edge of the bed, staring at my groin with a
dazed, hungry expression. Her hair was now tousled and her cheeks were
flushed with excitement. Her once-perfect lipstick was smeared and her
chin glistened with our secretions.

"Lie down." I instructed as I ripped off my shirt and pants and tossed
them away, leaving us both completely naked.

She flopped back on the bed, but it wasn't a passive flop - she was
eagerly anticipating the next phase of our coupling.

I knelt down and placed my nose at the junction of her legs and inhaled
deeply. Her fragrance was rich and pungent and I savored the dense aroma
as well as the sight of her slick pussy, shaven bare but red and engorged
with arousal. Her labia were darker, almost matching the color of her
areola and stood out from her bare mound, swollen, slick and aching for
contact. I did not oblige, however, and Aliyah groaned in frustration as I
simply sniffed around her sensitive region.

Moving up, I straddled her body and knee-walked forward, teasing her
crotch with the tip of my cock. I was in no rush and I enjoyed teasing her
slippery furrow with my bulging cockhead, observing her cunt lips blossom
with engorgement even more under the stimulation. Aliyah drew short
gasping breaths with each stroke through her steaming slit and I grinned at
the slight increase in pitch when I brushed her hard clit with my pole. I
took my shaft and drew a line over her smooth, flat belly until I came to
her fabulous chest mounds. Taking my swollen stalk in hand, I traced the
outline of her breasts, painting her nipples with a mixture of my pre-cum
and her own juices.

I was stroking my crown lightly along her face, enjoying the exquisite
sight of my pulsing tool resting on her flawless cheek and alongside her
luscious plump lips, when Aliyah lost patience. She turned her head and
engulfed my glans in one gulp and proceeded to swallow the rest of my cock
in two deep gulps. She swabbed my pole with her tongue and sucked

I began to slide my shaft deeper into her wet mouth, slowly at first, in
and out, then building up the pace until I was fucking her face, pinning
her skull to the mattress with each stroke. When I had really got pumping
and Aliyah's saliva was flying with each thrust, I stopped suddenly and
sank my cock all the way into her throat. Her cheeks bulged and her
windpipe convulsed as she attempted to accommodate my girth.

There was a loud sucking of air as I withdrew my shaft and uncorked her
throat. Her spit hung off my pulsing tool in long strands, draping her
lips and chin. Leaning forward, I dropped my swollen balls directly on her
gasping mouth and was rewarded with an electric pulse of pleasure as she
tongued my furry pouch and sucked first one, then the other nut sack into
her warm orifice.

I let her gargle my balls for a while I slowly fisted my hard shaft, and
then I rotated my hips, pulling my scrotum from her mouth and covering her
lips with my tingling anus instead. She didn't hesitate and immediately
commenced lashing my sphincter with her tongue. I was impressed with her

I ground my ass down on her face, savoring the slick warmth of her
tongue as it skittered over the surface of my sphincter. Now that's

As good as it felt, however, this position had the disadvantage of
preventing any view of the spectacular womanflesh writhing beneath me, and
that was a sight I could not miss, so I reluctantly dismounted from my
perch on her face.

I positioned myself between her legs and paused with my cock resting on
her moist slit to tease her one more time and to savor the sight that lay
splayed before me. Inky pool of hair, dark smoky eyes, exquisite face -
covered with sticky trails of man-slime, firm pillowy breasts, swollen nips
begging to be sucked, flat smooth stomach and then the plump, naked vulva,
split by that glistening red gash. Sex incarnate.

I eased forward sliding my dick into her slippery channel and
immediately feeling the warm rush of endorphins released into my
bloodstream from the incredible sensations. Both Aliyah and I moaned at
the same time as my cock sank home. I started pumping back and forth,
slowly at first. Because I had already come once a few hours earlier, I
felt no urgency, nor any need to concentrate on holding back my orgasm. I
was free to fuck away, so I began to pick up speed until I was banging away
like a two-stroke motor, crushing her clit against her pubic bone with each

Aliyah's tits, firm though they were, were sliding up and down with each
stroke like two heaping plates of pudding on a train. Her jaw quivered
slightly too with each impact of our hips. It only took a minute of this
drilling until she began to come again. This time she was loud.

"Yes!" she shouted. "Fuck yes! Oh! My! Oh my! Oh my fucking

Her climax took over and choked off her screams as she writhed in
pleasure. The feel of her pussy spasming on my cock was incredible, but
still I plowed on. As she came down from her peak, I adjusted my angle. I
put her ankles on my shoulders, stretching her long, smooth legs across my
chest and angling her pelvis forward. I wrapped my arms around her firm
creamy thighs for leverage and found that in this position I could hammer
away with renewed vigor.

This also had the effect of causing my cock to slide across the roof of
her cunt, brushing against the firm nub of her G-spot that hung there and
soon she was exploding in another orgasm. This time her convulsions and
shouted curses were accompanied by a gush of warm lubrication from deep
within her sheath. The combination was too much for me and I could feel my
eruption become inevitable.

With a few last jack-hammering thrusts I erupted, buried deep in her
pussy in a series of burning spurts. As I felt my orgasm flood out of my
cock and into Aliyah's womb, I was momentarily thankful for my recent

When my eruption stopped, I pulled out of her and collapsed on the bed.
Neither of us said anything, as we gathered our senses. I gazed at the
naked form of the incredible beauty splayed out beside me and tried to make
sense of it all. What had just happened? An hour ago I was just an
ordinary middle-aged guy taking my car to the mechanic without, for once,
even the slightest thought of sex on my mind, and now I was lying next to
the finest piece of centerfold-grade trim I had ever had the pleasure to
poke. I looked over at Aliyah and noticed her still heaving breasts and
freshly fucked pussy which was glistening wetly and drooling a long string
of my pearly cream. Damn! Not only did I nail this Persian Princess, but
I had done a good job of it, too.

Aliyah was the first to move. Sliding her legs off the bed she stood up
slowly. She held her arms out to me and said "come with me."

Holding my hand, she led the way to the bathroom and guided me inside.
Not surprisingly, it too was a vast expanse of white and chrome. The
shower enclosure alone could easily have been mistaken for a squash court.
"Let's clean up a little" she said, pushing a button which magically
produced a cascade of water from the ceiling of the shower.

"Okay, but remember --I'm an old man, so don't try anything 'funny' in
there" I warned, only somewhat jokingly.

Aliyah laughed, flashing a toothy smile and mischievous eyes. "My
husband is older than you by a good bit," she replied, "and he doesn't have
a problem going again."

I thought of telling her that she was not my first unplanned sexual
encounter of the day, but instead simply bit my tongue.

"Okay, I promise to be good." She said with a shrug. "Come on."

Aliyah stepped into the shower and invited me in with open arms. I
stepped into her warm embrace and was surrounded by the most incredible
sensations. My front was pressed against the warmth of her soft skin and
lush pillowy breasts, while my back was treated to the tingling caress of
her wandering, lightly stroking fingers and at the same time I was
surrounded by the warm cascade of water and sensuous steam enveloping us
both. I took the opportunity to explore her body with my own hands. Such
a feast for the senses. She was firm and soft, slick and smooth, clean and

I was acutely aware of the sensations in my groin. The unexpected
symphony of pleasures from bathing with this remarkable specimen of nubile
womanhood were producing a throbbing ache in my cock as it sensed the
precious rarity of the opportunity before me yet lay temporarily stricken
by the exertions of the morning.

Aliyah caressed her self with the soap, spreading the lather over her
silky body in teasing, seductive strokes. As she cupped her pert breasts
and offered them to the cleansing spray, I could not resist any longer. I
grabbed her from behind, encircling her torso and replacing her naughty
hands with my own. She gasped as I roughly torqued both her nipples
between my thumb and forefinger and crushed her body against my chest. My
tumid, yet not fully erect cock rested in the still soapy crack of her
ass.I slid one hand down her taught midriff and into the slick folds of her
pussy. Her cunt was still creamy and her labia engorged. I plunged two
fingers deeply into her steaming hole and simultaneously strummed her hard
clit with my thumb. Aliyah groaned and ground her ass into my cock.

Grabbing one of the three showerheads off the wall, I directed the spray
across her tender nipples and down over her hairless pussy. I spread her
lips with one hand and directed the firm spray directly on her exposed

She twisted her head and hungrily sought out my mouth with her own. We
kissed furiously as I worked her sex vigorously with my hand and the
sprayer. Aliyah moaned continuously and shook with pleasure. Soon her
body was stiffening as her pleasure built to a crescendo and she came with
a quivering shout.

Afterwards, I admired her lithe form as we toweled off. She was like a
primal force. A Mesopotamian Goddess of Fertility. Or perhaps just
luxury. I was once again amazed to find myself in this position. Only this
time the feeling woke the slumbering fight or flight instinct and, since I
had clearly won the fight, I realized it must be time to go. I looked
around to gauge the prospects for a rapid escape. Clothes were nowhere to
be seen. Wallet? I didn't even have an idea where that was. When I
looked back, Aliyah was staring me right in the eye while drying her hair
with her towel and thrusting her nakedness directly at my admiring eyes.

"Are you hungry?" she asked. "I'm famished, let's go eat"

She sauntered out of the room completely naked except for the towel
forming a turban on her head. I admired the preternaturally smooth curve
of her ass as it flowed out of the room. The exquisite sway was
intoxicating. I'd have to eat lunch somewhere - might as well be here I

She was gone, but her aura hung in the air like a pheromone cloud. I
followed like Yogi Bear drawn by the scent of pie on the other side of
Jellystone Park. When I got to the stairs she was gone. As I stood there,
I felt her hand brush across my back and casually swipe across my towel
clad ass. She had taken a detour to put on the shortest, sheerest white
silk robe on the planet. It draped loosely across her breasts held
seemingly only by the stiff nubs jutting from the top of those majestic

In the kitchen she opened the refrigerator - a gleaming stainless steel
wall approximately the size of my garage door - and pulled out a several
containers of food. Soon we were tearing through packages of deli meats,
tubs of eggplant spread and piles of fresh pita bread. As I was raising
the first overstuffed pocket to my mouth, Aliyah fixed me with a serious
glare."You're going to stay and play with me this afternoon, aren't you?"

I froze."Well, um..."

"You have to!" she blurted. "I will die of boredom if you don't." Her
eyes were looking a little wilder now. She knew what was coming.

"I have to get into the office." I sputtered. "I actually have quite a
lot of work to do."

"You can fuck my ass if you stay" she said bluntly.

There was complete silence, although inside my head the alarm bells were
ringing. My emergency command center was overloaded by the simultaneous
firing of every single synapse in my brain. This really couldn't be
happening to me. Had she just gone right to the top of my fantasy list and
cherry picked the most gleaming, unrequited desire right off the top of the
stack? Surely somewhere, lurking was Satan himself, waiting to jump out
and claim my soul for having tricked me into some unknown Faustian bargain
that would be consummated the second I passed through this woman's backdoor
to paradise.

The hackles rose on the back of my neck. My middle-aged muscles tensed
as I searched for an escape - and my cock throbbed with an urgency I could
not remember. My God! Three times in one day. A woman offering her ass
to me. This was MOST unusual...

I locked eyes with Aliyah and a look of burning desire passed between
us. Suddenly our lips were locked in a furious embrace. She tore the towel
from my waist and I crushed the magnificent globes of her ass through the
silky fabric. Aliyah grabbed my jutting pole with a rough grip and began
to jerk sharply up and down.

The pleasure was too intense and I reached down to stop her.

"Here," I said, grabbing a container of fresh olives off the table and
pouring the oil they were packed in over my angry joint. "Lube it up."

She stroked my slickened meat until it glistened like a flagpole on a
hot California afternoon. I was captivated by the sight of her dark hand
pumping my swollen member, but I pushed her away, turning her to face the

"Bend over." I grunted with a shove.

Aliyah fell against the table with a crash, scattering the remains of
our lunch. Her back was arched, supporting her weight on her arms and her
spectacular rump was thrust out in my direction. Her hair hung like a
black veil around her face, preventing me from seeing her expression, but
she remained still with her head bowed. Tense. Braced and waiting.

I spread her naked legs roughly, like a cop performing a frisk, before I
began my search of her illicit cavities. I thrust my hand between her legs
and was greeted by a blast from the furnace of her needy twat. I ground my
hand through her sodden cunt with a wet slosh until I had mashed her clit
against my wristbone. On the return trip I spread my fingers to stroke her
engorged lips and harvest as much of her pussy drool as I could gather.
With one smooth stroke I slid my slickened palm across the steamy furrow of
her vulva and between the canyon of her ass until it came to rest on top of
her twitching sphincter. I spread her cunt cream around her anus in
deliberate circles and stepped back.

"Reach back. Open it for me." I commanded. She reached back with one
hand to pull her left cheek away from its perfect twin. Her hand was still
slick with the olive oil and left a shiny smear on her taut flesh.

"Both hands."

She had to lie flat against the table to bring her other hand back and
pull apart her ass cheeks, revealing her dank ass crack and tight,
burgundy-colored asshole. Her knuckles were white with exertion as she
vigorously pried open her ass for my inspection and I was momentarily
blinded by the flash of the massive piece of ice on her ring finger and the
string of stones representing half my annual income around her wrist.

Her breasts were crushed against the table, causing them to bulge out
from her side and she was lying in a puddle of some sort of food. Her fine
hair still shrouded her face, but had parted enough to reveal the bright
glint in her eye. She wasn't resigned, she was eager.

I dove forward and pressed my face into her sticky crevice until I was
ear-deep in her ass. I fastened my lips over her crinkled sphincter and
sucked hard, causing her rectum to recoil. I stroked the humid orifice
firmly with my tongue, stiffening it and insinuating the tip into the dank
aperture until I was able to fuck her ass with it in long fluid strokes.
She tasted vaguely of olives.

I picked up the olives and poured a liberal stream of the fragrant oil
over her ass, watching it cascade over her anus and drip in shiny
green-tinted rivulets down her thighs, just as I knew my own semen would be
doing shortly.

Using the slippery oleo to ease the way, I was soon plunging one, two
and then three fingers deep into her rectum.

"Oh yeah. Push it in!" she blurted as my cluster of digits sank past
the second knuckle, repeatedly stretching and spreading her elastic anus.
Pulling back, I watched her dark orifice gape at me, as if it was asking
what was taking me so long. Deep in the pit of my stomach I felt a swarm
of butterflies churning as I realized my deepest fantasy was about to come
true. I was going to fuck this gorgeous woman's ass.

I stepped into position behind her and rested the bloated tip of my cock
in the greasy crater of her anus. Aliyah shifted her weight, bracing for
the impending assault.

"Do it." She grunted. "Now!"

I pushed forward firmly and observed her asshole dimple under the
pressure. I pulled back on her hips and maintained the pressure. Her
sphincter was considerably softened by my manual explorations and I could
see her wrinkled pucker retreat, expand and finally acquiesce under the
assault of my bulging pole, which made a triumphant entry into that unholy
sanctuary like a victorious Roman general returning to Rome.

I had conducted extensive research for what to do if this moment should
ever arrive and recalled the repeated admonitions to go slow and let her
get accustomed to my girth stretching her rectal canal. I pushed steadily,
slowly inserting my pole into her ass and paused when the swollen crown
slid past the tight ring of her anus with a plop.

"Don't stop!" she ordered brusquely. "Give it to me. Fuck me. Fuck my

Hearing her obscene shouts enflamed my lust and I drove forward with a
stiff lunge and pounded my shaft into her bowels in one stroke until I was
firmly sheathed and plugging her ass chute. The table rocked under the
impact, I could feel the rhythmic throbbing of my own engorged pole
reflected back at me by the tight elastic grip of her rectum, but I didn't
stop to savor it. I began a steady pounding of her ass. Rapidly,
frantically even, at first, but then settling down into a steady pace as I
became accustomed to the incredible sensations of my first ever ass fuck.

Aliyah gave a long, loud, low groan as I shafted her ass, and her body
rocked against the table in rhythm with my pounding piston. I was
strangely detached from it all. My cock, although iron-hard, was somewhat
numb and even painful from its previous labors. But still I pounded away,
determined to take in every facet of the experience in case it was my last
trip to this Promised Land.

I noticed Aliyah's eyes were closed and she was panting rapturously in
time with my thrusts. Her previous attitude had dissipated and now she
seemed lost in her own ecstasy. After a while her pants turned to gasps
and then moans until once again she was shouting.

"Oh my God! Oh my GOD! OH -- MY -- GOD! She howled. "You did it.
You fucker! You fucked my ass and now I'm going to come! I've
nevaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh!" Aliyah tossed back her head and bayed out her
pleasure as the spasms of orgasm overtook her.I was nonplussed. I had
never heard of a purely anal orgasm before. Although it was incredibly
exciting to see the reaction to my anal assault, I still could feel that my
own climax hadn't yet begun. So I continued to pound away, feeling a bit
like burglar inside a bank vault, anxiously eying the clock as I
frantically stuffed my sack with all the purloined loot I could carry
before the cops arrived.

Aliyah's orgasm continued, or began anew, I couldn't tell. She cycled
through a series of climactic paroxysms, with her moans and shivers rising
and falling, until after an amazingly long period of time, she was silent,
slumped loosely on the tabletop. Amazingly she continued her tight grip on
her own ass cheeks, holding them spread wide for my assfucking convenience.

The sight of her lolling jaw and gasping mouth triggered an unexpected
impulse. I jerked my straining tool out of her ass and scrambled around
the table to present the greasy, gooey member to her mouth. She showed no
emotion as she opened her mouth wide to take in my slimy phallus.

Aliyah was blowing my cock and my mind at the same time. This was so
far beyond even my wildest fantasies that I hadn't even imagined it was
possible. This gorgeous Persian slut queen was lustily sucking her own ass
off my cock. That incredible thought was enough to trigger my climax and I
felt my cock lurch painfully as it deposited its burning payload in her
mouth. The pleasure was too intense and I had to withdraw from her sucking
lips. Although my cock continued to pulse and twitch uncontrollably, only
two more gobs of semen oozed from the tip, dropping with a plop on Aliyah's
cheek, where they mingled with the glistening sheen of olive oil and other
secretions smeared across her face.

I felt like I imagine David Banner feels, after a rampage by The Hulk.
Not that Aliyah didn't orchestrate the whole thing, but God, man! I had
not only fucked her ass, and fucked it hard, but I had stuffed her throat
with my dirty dick - fresh from her own asshole - and watched her licking
her ass juices right off my pole. It was an otherworldly combination of
exhilaration and embarrassment.

The tableau had the look of a crime scene photo. The table had been
driven against one wall by the force of my thrusts and food was spattered
everywhere. Aliyah was slumped motionless on the table. Still she held
her ass cheeks pried rigidly apart, exposing her battered, oil-soaked anus
for public inspection. Her body glistened with sweat and the coagulated
remnants of our meal. One side of her face was pressed against the table,
while the other was soiled by a slimy slick of oil, pre-cum and her own ass
grease, topped off by two translucent globs of congealing spunk right at
the corner of her mouth.

Her eyes were glassy and unfocused, starring vaguely into a corner of
the kitchen, but as I gathered my own breath, she began to come around.
She blinked twice and turned her eyes toward me. Withdrawing her hands
from her ass, she slowly straightened her body and stood up from the table.
Using one exquisitely manicured finger she slowly swiped the sticky cum
into her mouth where she gathered it with her flickering tongue."Now that
is a meal" she said with gusto.

She grabbed a hand towel from a rack near the sink and began to dab
daintily at the mess on her face. Then she began to straighten up the mess
we had created - righting overturned containers of food, mopping up spills
and throwing away what could not be salvaged."Can I help?" I asked lamely,
feeling guilty over what I had wrought. But she declined with a wave of
her hand."You go clean yourself up" she said without even looking at me,
"I'll straighten up here."

I thought that was an excellent idea, so with one last look at the
smooth perfection of her hourglass shape and magnificent ass, which was now
stained with the glistening oil, I turned and headed back for the shower.

After some initial difficulty locating the shower controls, I was soon
back under the warm cascade, scrubbing the remnants of our liaison from my
body. I showered rapidly, aware that I had pressed my luck entirely too
long. As I stepped from the mist, Aliyah passed me on her way into the

While she showered, I rushed around the bathroom and bedroom, searching
for my clothes and other essentials and toweling off as I went. By the
time I located my car keys under the bed; I had thrown on enough clothes to
be decent and was ready to go.

I returned to the bathroom to say goodbye to Aliyah and found her naked
in front of the mirror, toweling dry her hair. Her arms were raised and
thanks to the mirror I had a perfect view of her flawless form both front
and back. Again I was struck by the physical sensation of her beauty
hitting me like a punch in the stomach. I was momentarily awed by her
perfection and by the magnitude of the gift she had given me.

Seeing me enter, she turned to face me with her arms still raised and
her jutting breasts thrust towards me. I recognized the maneuver from
earlier. Only this time there was a resigned look on her face. She knew
that our playtime was over."Thank you for rescuing me" she said simply.

I assumed she was referring to the repair shop, but she continued. "I
am so bored here. This ..." she waved her arm at the opulent surroundings,
"is all so empty and meaningless. Thank you for taking me away from all
that, if only for a little while."

I didn't know how to respond. "Believe me, it was my pleasure" I said
with a shrug.

"Please call me" she pleaded. "Anytime. My husband, he is never here.
I will meet you, or you can come here. Anything you want, we can do.
Anything..." she emphasized plaintively.

I had been planning to kiss her goodbye and thank her for making my
fantasies come true, but I thought better of it now and decided simply to
make my exit. I turned and walked out. I wanted to look back for one last
glimpse, but was afraid of what I would see. It took all my willpower, but
I kept walking.

I found myself gliding past the naked statuary, tremendous columns and
out the gates of the imposing mansion.
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