My hubby shared me

I never could understand what's in the mind of a man who feels pleasure in watch his wife making love with another man.

One night my hubby told me to have that fancy, so we start a kind of game in
ou bed.

He gave him other name, and so we make love and when I was in orgasm, I say that name (who don't be the same name of my hubby).

This was just a game, but I feel that hee likes more tham I could imagine, so I propose him a nice thing: we both go to a swing house.

He agree imediatly, and so, in that dark ambient I found a very cute guy, who seems to like my look.

I am 38 y.o, my hubby 45.

The guy near 27 y.o., brunette, slim body not much muscle, but very interesting look.

We go to a motel, and there, as deal before, my hubby just watch us.

OMG...what a guy! He was perfect!

Starts kissing me softly...slowly...tenderly...with passion.

I like it very much (and my horny hubby too).

We dance, so close. My lips look for its lips all the time. I feel its hard dick under the clothes, as he saying: "come on, slut...suck me"...

And that's what I do! He take off mmy clothes and put me down onmy knees. This moment I was just a bad little girl. I take all that big monster in my mouth and start a very nice deeptthroat.

He put me in the bed, in dogstyle, and fuck my ass without listen my screams.

I moan..I scream...I LIKED!

My hubby wanks a lot, all the time, and suddenly he join us and both starts a double penetration.

My hubby in the pussy, my nice lover in the ass.

I fell like I was a princess...but very slut.

They call me "slut", "whore", "bitch"....and many other words that I couldn't wait to ear in all my life.

At finish, the guy cums in my ass...CREAMPIE! And my horny hubby watching that scene, goes to my back and starts to lick it all that cum as was a good pie...and clean it all.

The guys receive money and goes to its house.

When me and my good hubby was inside our house, I said: "follow me, my nice little dog...I gonna give you more of me".

Since that day, we always looking for that nice guy who open the doors for us...but we never found him again...

Oh, please, Peter, if you're reading this history, contact us.

We never forget you since that day...your slut is waiting for you...with its nice hubby. Hot and juicy sex stories, dirty fantasies, true and fake erotic tales
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My hubby shared me

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Online net sex

I fucked my daughter at bath-time

I fucked my daughter at bath-time

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