Office Oral Hours

Rosa, an Asian American who's family came from Vietnam in the early 80s
worked as an executive assistant to the one of the upper level executives
of mid sized agency for economic development. She enjoyed her job, but if
you got to speak with her, she would tell you she preferred to be playing
tennis or at least watching pro tennis in person. Her svelte, light brown
body was accentuated by strong leg muscles which belied her avocation for
her favorite sport. Her arms and shoulder muscles were also well developed
and she was always aware of gawking men. Rosa didn't care, her manner of
dress in the office was quite provocative. This woman knew a few martial
arts moves for self defense and knew how to handle herself if the situation
arose where she may be threatened.

Claudia, an attractive woman of French and South American heritage, was
raised in Columbia by a very religious Catholic family. Her family
immigrated to America when she was very young and went to school in the big
city. Her life had been one of family devotion, religious beliefs and
unfortunately, a bad marriage to man who was abusive and drank too much.
She was a single mom of a beautiful young girl who she adored and yearned
to give a better life than she had, just like generations before her.
Claudia worked in the cubicle right outside Rosa's office. Like many days
she dressed very conservatively, considering Claudia possessed a very
curvaceous figure for her age. She usually wore some variation on a
flowing print dress which almost only showed a bit of her thigh, with a
nice V cut top to it, just enough to see a bit of her nice cleavage and
suntan from taking her daughter to the beach on the weekends. She was
Rosa's primary assistant and the two women had a cordial, if some what
tense working relationship. Claudia was a very approachable, kind, warm
woman who enjoyed sharing about her child's adventures in growing up with
the others in the office, while Rosa was very quiet, shy and reserved about
revealing anything more than her love for tennis. Rosa had once seen
Cassie in the Victoria's Secret lingerie store on lunch hour, but Rosa
couldn't seem to find the courage to begin a conversation there, but
definitely noticed Claudia beautifully body that day.

One late summer afternoon, their supervisor Katherine Blankenwood, a mid
aged woman from Canada who had been imported recently to clean up the mess
left by the previous CEO who had run amok with alcohol and drugs, summoned
Rosa into her office.
"Rosa, I just met with the executive board and they need those numbers on
the River Group by Monday!"
I want you and Claudia to work on them as much as you can tonight and over
the weekend to get me my collated and accurate numbers so I can present
them Monday morning. We are going to pay you both as much overtime as
needed to get this done by Monday morning, ok?"

"Ok, Kate I will speak with Claudia right away, do you want the
spreadsheets kept off the internet for security reasons also?"
"Yes, thats a good idea Rosa! The River Group is very tightly controlled
by a consortium of really low life scum we don't even want to mess with, so
yes, for sure lets keep this all in- house till Monday. I'm going to
Philly for the weekend, so I'll be out to town till Monday morning, okay?"

"S_Sure, no problem Kate, we'll take care of the work," Rosa thought
instantly of this as an opportunity to see if she could improve her
relationships with Claudia which seemed to be floundering.

Rosa turned around and walked out, swaying her nice lovely firm ass right
in Kate's line of vision.
Kate had so many fantasies of making love to her Asian American subordinate
in the office supply closet, or her executive washroom, while everyone was
hard at work, but it was only a fantasy and as such Kate would never risk
her job and career unless there was a sign of mutual desire from Rosa.
Rosa was so secretive in her personal and sexual desires to take that large
leap, especially with her superior. On the other side though, Rosa was
hoping that the late night work with Claudia would help bond them a bit
closer and that she could try to open up to her assistant and share her
feelings with the beautiful woman. Rosa wanted to see where a budding
friendship could go.

Katherine Blankenwood was a single woman, who kept her personal life and
sexual desires to herself also. Her busty figure kept men always got her
the attention of men, which she found flattering, but not appealing
sexually. Her dating activities consisted of searching gay bars for women
just under her age of 44, who were sane and not into any heavy commitment.
She had multiple subscriptions to lesbian websites offering dates, erotic
movies and toys on her computer at home, and enjoyed getting herself off on
thoughts and fantasies of her office workers. After so many nights of
cursing for a good lover, she'd find herself alone with her fantasies about
Rosa. Just smelling Rosa's nice Asian pussy would probably send her
reeling, but she wanted so much more, but didn't have a clue if Rosa even
thought about her one bit after work. Things were of course much different
at the office. Kate was all business and could easily compartmentalize her
sexuality so as not to interfere with the operations of her important job.
Occasionally, there were ripples in the veneer of her sexual firewall.
Sometimes she felt the need to use her exclusive powder room and toilet to
get herself off when frustrated with a date gone bad or Rosa and Claudia
had dressed up more provocatively than usual, and her attempts at being
casually flirtatious had failed.

Then there was Mia who she had befriended to get the cleaning position for
the office space. She never thought Mia would turnout to be one of the
hottest women she'd ever met, but Kate still had some reservations about
Mia which she needed to resolve.

Rosa sauntered over to her assistant's desk right after her short meeting
with Kate.
"Hi Claudia, Kate needs us to work overtime today, and possibly through the
weekend, to get the River account numbers ready for final review, are you
okay with that?"

"Oh well, there goes the weekend! Its a good thing my ex has my little
girl this weekend too! I'll pull the files out begin working right away, do
you want me to show you the status in a few minutes?"

Rosa leaned over Claudia's desk, her dark hair almost grazed Claudia's arm
as she looked straight into her subordinate's eyes for a impromptu, very
unusual, intimate moment. Rosa's change of style from her usual aloof
self, which surprised the older woman and caused her to back up into her
desk chair.

"Claudia, I thought this overtime may help us get to know each other better
anyway. I feel a strange tenseness between us. I really like your work and
hope you enjoy working here. In any case, I'll make sure the office picks
up your extra travel costs and even put in a baby sitter fee too, just for
good measure ok?"

"Oh that would be great Rosa! I DO enjoy working for you, and yes it would
be nice working on this important account. By the way, what is that
fragrance you're wearing anyway? Its really nice, I should try it."
Claudia had worn a more revealing dress that day, it hugged her figure
closer and had a deeper V cut, allowing her ample cleavage more visibilty.

"Come into my office later I'll show you the bottle, Its not too
expensive," Rosa said, smiling back at her as she walked back to her office
a few feet away. Claudia watched her hips shift from side to side,
wondering what was going on, but deep inside her heart, she was happy that
her supervisor was being so warm to her. She'd always enjoyed watching
Rosa walk around the office in her very revealing outfits. Claudia was
envious of her legs, which were so firm from tennis and swimming and always
tanned, even in the dark of winter! She'd always been attracted to her
from the day she started a few years ago now, but the two women had really
never hung out after work at all. She wondered why that was, but was happy
it may begin to change tonight. Claudia had a few other male and female
friends who she enjoyed socializing with, but they were all very
superficial and casual.

As the afternoon progressed, Rosa glanced up at Claudia from time to time
and noticed her smiling at Rosa, who smiled back. Maybe there was still
hope after all that Rosa would allow her to see her softer more
compassionate side this weekend, Claudia thought.

It was a warm Friday and the entire office staff of the company had left
early as usual. Only Rosa and Claudia were working diligently on their
computer terminals to get the spreadsheet data correctly entered, tabulated
and then searched for any obvious errors for the important account. Around
6pm, Rosa came over to Claudia's desk and sat on the corner away from the
screen. The flirtatious young woman flicked her long black hair back, her
bare well tanned shoulders revealing her nicely toned muscles and her
amazingly firm breasts.
"You never came into my office to check out the fragrance Claudia," Rosa
sounded dejected, but got over it.
"So show me the bottle, or better yet, let me catch a whiff of it on your
neck," she said with a wink.
Claudia leaned in as Rosa leaned in to her as well, turning her neck so
that Claudia could smell her fragrance mixed with natural body.
"Ummnn, you smell great, that's a really nice fragrance, what's it called?
Claudia put her hand on Rosa's shoulder as she took in the aromatic scent,
and couldn't help giving Rosa's arm a gentle caress as they connected. The
two women's eyes met with a warm smile.

Rosa was already wet. She desired this woman so much, but desperately
wanted something more than just a fling, a one- nighter wasn't going to do
it for her.

"Opium, I' ll lend you some tomorrow, I've got plenty," Rosa replied,
trying to hide her arousal.

"Let's go to dinner, okay? And we'll come back and do just a few more hours
before we quit. What type of food do you enjoy?"

Claudia was surprised that Rosa wanted to take her to dinner, they had
never gone to lunch before and had only met in a store by accident near the
office a while back. She could tell Rosa enjoyed her caress and was happy
they were on much better terms since the day began.

Since the office was totally empty except for the two women, Claudia wanted
to be forthcoming about what she felt may be happening.

"Rosa, did you know I've always assumed you were all businesslike. But
now I'm seeing this very beautiful, warm woman with a lot of compassion.
Before today, You didn't seem, well, uh, to mix well with the others and I
felt kind of sad, because you're such a beautiful woman and now you seem
so, well, uh, I feel kinda weird saying this, but very attentive to me and

"I'm really sorry I come off that way Claudia," Rosa interjected. "I have
limited language and social skills in America. I feel strange sometimes.
I was raised by a Vietnamese family and we were very isolated until I was
in my 20's. I've always liked you and your work is first class! I'm really
glad you brought this up, we can work on our friendship over dinner right?

Over dinner at a local pub, the two women enjoyed a few cocktails before
their meal. They opened up to one another and shared about their lives and
loves and seemed to really enjoy each other's company. Rosa knew she had
to be very careful not to move to quickly. She mistakenly assumed that
because of Claudia's strict Catholic upbringing, she may sense that any
untoward advances, romantic or sexual, would be construed as almost
deviant. But Rosa didn't really know Claudia yet, and would be surprised
to see how open the older woman was to being seduced by Rosa. As the two
women became more open after a few rounds of after dinner drinks, they
realized how much they had in common about their intimate desires.

"I'm single, but I have to tell you that I get hit on from older women like
our boss, Kate when I'm out at some bars," Rosa admitted.
"Are you saying you enjoy being with women Rosa?"
"Not exclusively, but yes I enjoy a woman's touch as much as a man. Are
you shocked? I've been with too many men who just cannot satisfy my real
sexuality. I also had some bad breaks and well...I had a terrible
experience in my early 20's. I got in a messed up relationship with a
really shitty man who got me pregnant and deserted me. I had to have an
abortion. Does that shock you or turn you off?"
Claudia listened intently, and was very taken with Rosa's honesty. In her
mind, she never considered how difficult it must've been for Rosa to make
those adjustments to living here. Claudia was already very attracted to
Rosa and wanted her to feel accepted by her.

Rosa put her head down, a few tears appeared on her cheek, her face flushed
with remorse and shame.

"Oh no, Rosa. Just because I was raised Catholic, I'm not turned off at
all. If anything, I love that you can trust me so soon with your secrets. I
try not to judge anyone. Claudia reached her soft hand to Rosa's wet cheek
and dried them.

The two women looked into each other's eyes for the first time, and felt
something connect. Rosa took Claudia's hand and held it close to her heart.
She felt the warmth of a real friendship, maybe something more this time
that could blossom into a love that she'd been seeking for so long. A love
that had once began in her early days of adolescence but set aside by fear
and society's judgement.

Claudia shared some of her deepest thoughts too, and Rosa listened on,
casually checking out Claudia's more abundant breasts.

"After my divorce, I thought about letting it all go and not dating at
all. Because In my middle year of college, I had a close friend who I
experimented with, we began to touch each other in ways I had never
experience and I liked it but was afraid to let her do anything she
wanted. I had seriously questioned my sexuality. Then as we progressed
into our junior year spring break, we got really hot and were kissing and
licking each other, but she wanted us to be `out' and I couldn't. This
torrid affair only lasted a few months and I was devastated when it ended.
She came out as a gay woman. The school was ready and many of her friends,
but I was too afraid of the commitment or the change. I_"

"Its okay Claudia, I understand you don't have to try to explain your
thinking. I'm bisexual and I've had similar thoughts, many of us have,"
Rosa said compassionately, holding Claudia hand still, she reached down and
kissed her finger.
Claudia liked that very much and knew that Rosa was real, she wanted to go
slow mainly cause of her child but she wanted to explore where this all may
lead. It was definitley the right time of her life to explore this she
thought to herself.

"To this day I have so many reservations about abandoning that
relationship. My friend was good to me and I abandoned her, now I have to
live with that guilt."

"You could try to make amends," Rosa suggested.
"I did try, but I couldn't find her anywhere, even social media was a dead

"At least you tried, you could pray for forgiveness, your Higher Power will
forgive you." Rosa added.

Rosa smiled at her new found work friend and admitted that she had similar
reservations about calling herself only a lesbian or gay woman. She still
wasn't comfortable with the word bisexual.

"Its getting late and we still have to do more work Claudia. I'm going to
make sure you get a taxi home later ok?"

The women walked back to the office together. This time the distance
between them was only a few centermetres. Their hands touched more than a
few times and they looked at each other quite a bit, knowing something real
was developing between them. Rosa went back to her office as they
continued to do their dedicated jobs into the evening.

At 10 0'Clock, Mia the Latin American cleaning woman came into the office
to do her job. Mia was an ex con who had worked her way back into
society. She was a very healthy, 5 ft 10 woman with shoulder length brown
hair and a very, muscular and shapely figure. She had worked out almost
every day during her 2 years of incarceration. She soon enjoyed the
attention from women her own age and older after her release and knew that
her exceptional physical appearance would a major asset for her going
forward. Kate had interviewed her personally for the job and trusted her
to do a spotless and thorough cleaning every Friday. Kate befriended her
and they eventually became part time lovers, but Kate insisted that Mia
keep it totally discreet which they both agreed upon.

But Kate didn't realize that Mia was totally addicted to being a voyeur.
She continually sought out ways to spy on other women, sometimes a few
times a week and then either take the fantasy back to her bedroom where
she'd play with her pussy until she spurted her fluids all over bedsheets.
She bought tiny consumer-spy video camera equipment online and mastered how
to quickly hide it in places she could then either retrieve it or send the
signal to another cell where she could then watch it remotely.

Mia asked Rosa some questions about Kate which seemed unusual, and then
began her job. Rosa saw Mia as a recent immigrant in her early 40s with an
unbelievably sexy body for someone doing such menial labor. Rosa didn't
know anything about Mia and definitely didn't know that Mia and Kate were
having sex in the office on a regular basis. Rosa didn't give Mia's subtle
questions about Kate a second thought, until she thought about the
ramifications later.

Rosa headed over to Claudia and told her that they were done for the day
and asked if she could be back at Noon tomorrow to try to finish up the
account work.
Mia was right there, listening to their conversation and tone of voice,
which both women sort of picked up on as the cleaning woman was only a few
feet away from them in the deserted, partially darkened office.

"Sure, Noon is more than enough time to recycle, and get back to work,"
Claudia said to Rosa as they headed to the elevator.
Rosa handed Claudia a fifty dollar bill and told her to get a taxi home and
a receipt.

Waiting for the small elevator in the lobby of the office, they looked at
one another and smiled. The minute the doors closed on the elevator, both
of them dropped their bags and embraced passionately. Rosa thew her hands
around Claudia's neck as the kissed and hugged each other. Claudia's
fingers reached around and caressed Rosa's firm body. The caresses and
kisses increased as the elevator plunged toward the lobby, the intense heat
of their feelings made the elevator seem like a sauna. No one was in the
building this late, and the elevator went express. In the lobby the looked
into each others eyes and knew this was something they both wanted.
Before they walked out into the darkness, Rosa firmly pegged Claudia
against the marble wall and fingered her wet panties. Her experienced
finger went under her skirt and found Claudia's engorged clit through those
soaked panties as their tongues exchanged places, their breath shortened to
whispered sighs and moans.
"I want you so much Claudia, you don't know. I've thought about this for a
long time,"
"Oh, Rosa dear, I want this too, I do, I_"
"Lets do this tomorrow, after we think about it more, plan it better, get
our jobs done, then it will feel better, more complete, I want SO much to
please you now Claudia, but we can wait till morning,"

Claudia flung herself at Rosa, kissing her more passionately, opening a top
button so she could see her panting breasts move, Claudia's finger found
Rosa's wetness and she massaged it as they kissed and hugged. They
separated and looked at each other closely, like two lovers who never want
to be apart again, but know one more parting was necessary for survival.

When they walked out of the building and kissed again in the darkness of
the avenue, the intensity of their desires had increased to a fevered
pitch. Rosa took in the lush fragrance of Claudia's hair, the smell of her
neck, her thigh pressed against her as they hugged passionately on the
avenue. Their tongues, flicked and swabbed each others, their warmth of
their mouths exchanged, one last time, their lips tingled with the feelings
they had quickly built for each other. Claudia, felt her need to be loved
by Rosa's firm arms and body. Rosa smelled like fresh flowers with subtle
hint of sandalwood. This intense intimacy they first had was going to make
it tough for Rosa. She knew it was for the best. No need to rush if this
is real, she thought to herself.

But deep in both their hearts they wanted something more than just a
fling. They both knew they had to go slow for it to mean something. Rosa
led Claudia to an open taxi which had just dislodged its last fare right in
front of them.
"I' ll see you at noon, get some sleep, I ll be thinking of you!"
and Rosa headed quickly for her apartment which was on the other side of
the same neighborhood. Better this way, so that when we do find the right
time, we have more quality time together, Rosa thought to herself.

One night doesn't make a real relationship. We both wanted more, and with
all the things involved, we knew the morning would come without seeing each
other's naked body. The steam our bodies had created together in that
first kiss was so delicious, we could've kissed and caressed for hours
while people meandered by. The day will come, we both trust when our soft
bodies will intertwine and create a bond so special only a Devine Being
will be able to separate us.

A few hours went by when Rosa's cell rang, it was Claudia.
"I just wanted to tell you how much respect I have for you. I'm glad we
went slow and didn't jump into bed tonight, although all I could think
about in my bath was making love to you. I played with my pussy thinking
of your soft touch and lovely body. I m ready Rosa. I want you so much
already, Rosa!

"Oh Claudia, I'm in my bed now, I'm naked, I'm touching myself and fondling
my dark nipples, I want your mouth on them so badly! I want to suck your
pussy so much and feel your cumjuices too! Talk dirty to me, make me cum
now Claudia, Please!"
I took so much self control to push you in that cab before, you don't
know!" Are you in bed now?

"Yes Im naked and fingering my moist clitoris too," Claudia whispered into
the phone. Her daughter wasn't there, but she was so used to hiding her
sexual feelings from her young daughter. "My entire body is yearning for
your touch. I'm fondling my breasts now wondering how your body will feel
on top of mine, our clits rubbing against each other. Oh, my love, I'm
plunging my two fingers in and out thinking about your tongue on my pussy,
oh yes I can only imagine how nice it will feel to be in your arms
tomorrow, Rosa"

Oh Claudia! Your gonna make me cum, oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah cummming now,
unnghhhhhh" Rosa's body tensed in her bed, her endorphins raged through her
body, creating a lovely warm calm so she could finally fall asleep.
Rosa fingered her swollen, wet clit a few more times and used her electric
dildo to finish herself off while Claudia kept talked dirty to her, it was
so good, her bed was flooded with her juices and she needed time to catch
her breath before telling Claudia how much she loved her voice tonight, her
softness and her compassion.

"Okay, lets get some sleep and tomorrow we can figure this all out, good
night my love, for now." Rosa hung up and they both thought about how much
they needed to be together already for a long night of love.

They met in the lobby of the office building exactly at Noon.
"That was SO intense last night on the phone Rosa, you made me cum too, I
don't know if I can concentrate on our work though," Claudia confided.
Claudia grabbed her arm and pressed her against the wall of the lobby and
they made out again, with people coming and going outside the lobby on the
busy avenue.
Rosa needed to keep them both on task so they could have fun later
without worrying about Monday. They got in the elevator and talked as they
touched each other, face to face. Rosa implored her to concentrate and
finish the printing so they could play later.

In a beat up old car just down the block from the office entrance, Mia
spied the two women as they entered the building. She looked at her watch
and assumed that they would go out for some food in about three hours or so
and so she waited patiently for her moment. Mia had no family or real
friends, she lived for the rush of the voyeur moment, the total thrill of
being the only one besides the people she was watching who could experience
the rush of their orgasms. Mia wasn't a creapy voyeur though, she was an
active lesbian who just got off watching younger woman make love. She
would respect the two of them and just keep the secret unless her boss
asked her about her activities when she returned.

Claudia and Rosa worked diligently on the River account to make sure all
the information was ready for Kate on Monday. It was 3pm and they were both
hungry but still had to do the printouts of the spreadsheets, which could
take another hour or two, depending upon how things went. The digital files
were good for Kate, but her meeting needed multiple copies and the file
needed to be uploaded safely to a secure server. Rosa grabbed Claudia and
they headed for lunch, arm in arm smiling at one another, in anticipation
of the free night ahead of them. Rosa knew that Kate kept her private
washroom open, and thought about encouraging Claudia to come there after
their lunch while the printer was working on the job.

Mia spotted them leaving the office around 3:15 from the secrecy of her
tinted windows. The two women passed right past by her to the pub around
the corner for lunch. Devious minds think alike and Mia had thought that
Rosa may use the washroom for some illicit fun with Claudia. The over
sexed voyeur got out and set up her equipment quickly, using her passkey
to enter the office. She just happened to own a very sensitive video
camera which was no bigger than a cylindrical lipstick container. It even
recorded audio, not hi quality, but the camera sent a bluetooth signal
about 100 feet to a blue tooth capable cell phone. Mia planted the phone
inside another hidden part of the office no one ever went near. If all
went well, she would dial into the phone and enable the signal to be sent
to her phone or tablet anywhere! The installation only took a few minutes
and she was gone, back to her residence to wait to see what transpired.

Over lunch Rosa and Claudette learned more about each other, their desires
mounted by the second. Rosa had purposely left her panties off when she
went to lunch, leaving them on her desk, not thinking that anyone would see
them. The entire morning had been tough for her as she had a difficult
time concentrating on the work instead of her sexual desires. By lunchtime,
her panties were drenched with her pussy juices and Mia spotted them right
away on her way out the door. Mia picked them up and drew in Rosa's scent
slowly enjoying the feminine fragrances of pre orgasmic juices. She put
them back, but wanted So much to keep them just in case her plan went awry.

Claudia had two drinks over lunch and Rosa had her usual few sips of a
vodka and tonic as they got back to the elevator, Rosa put her arm around
Claudia and brought her lips to hers for a long wet one. Their tongues
intertwined as their hands went exploring all the recesses the two women
had been thinking about for the last few hours since that first kiss in the
same place. Claudia was getting very aroused by Rosa's seductive moves,
her kisses were delicious and Claudia became uninhibited to the point where
she reached down and discovered that Rosa wasn't wearing any panties under
her skirt. The older woman fingered Rosa in the elevator as they kissed
and hugged, the doors opened at the empty office lobby and they knew what
they wanted but knew they had only a few more minutes of hard work until
the printer finished the job for them.

Rosa was still determined to keep her tipsy office worker back on task to
begin the process of printing. Rosa oversaw the entire procedure to make
sure it went well, as she touched Claudia bare shoulder.
They had both worn sleeveless tops as the weather was still quite hot.
Rosa saw her panties on her desk, where she'd left them before lunch as
Claudia ran the first test copies of their assignment. In a few minutes
the printer was humming away at finishing the job for the weekend,

Rosa made her move, she pulled Claudia over to her desk and then led her
straight to Kate's private washroom.

"Oh my, the executive washroom, what a treat!" Claudia said coyly.

"Yes my dear we have about an hour of printing to wait for, let me see your
lovely body already," Rosa whispered into her ear as she ran her fingers
through Claudia's shoulder length ringlets. Their eyes met as Rosa pulled
off her own top revealing her svelte figure and her medium breasts
supported by her favorite pricy lacy bra. Claudia reached down and kissed
her tanned shoulder, licking her arm and undoing her bra at the same time.
Rosa's abundant firm tits spilled out into Claudia's hands as she fondled
the taut brown nips, carefully tweaking them between her hungry fingers.
The two women kissed passionately, embracing, hands ran all over each
other's warm bodies. Rosa glided Claudia down to the small leather sofa
and made sure she was comfortable.

"Oh Claudia, I've been so attracted to you before all this, now I need your
touch and warmth all over me, yes let me make love to you!" Rosa whispered

"I've been dreaming of parting your luscious thighs for ages now, at least
in my mind," Rosa admitted to Claudia.
"Ummnghh, yeah I so much want to feel your body close to mine, dear"
Claudia said, nervously as she prepared herself to give and receive some
hot pussy licking.

Rosa got down on her knees, naked as Claudia squirmed on the leather couch.
Rosa was surprised that Claudia had a mostly shaved pussy mound, with only
a sparse triangle of short hairs above her slit. Her labia was very moist
and her clit very visible and partially swollen already, ready to receive a
nice massage from this experienced woman.

Mia had set up her system flawlessly. The extra phone sent a signal to her
other device at her home when she dialed into it. Mia got comfortable on
her bed, her huge dildo and lube ready as she played with her erect nipple
with one hand and plied apart her labia with the other, she watched as Rosa
and Claudia kissed and fondled each other.
"Oh yeah Rosa, I know you want to go down on that nice Latina and make her
wet," Mia said aloud as she fingered her own wetness harder, making her
pink clitoris stand out from her shaved pussy mound.

Rosa tongued at Claudia's stiff clitoris, swirling the tip of her
experienced tongue around the lovely sensitive knob, making Claudia moan in
delight. Claudia looked down at Rosa, those firm brown breasts swaying as
she made love to her womanhood with her tongue and fingers. Rosa used her
two fingers to find her extra senstive spot, which got Claudia to hump and
thrust her entire abdomen into Rosa's hand.

Ohf fuck yes, YES, oh Rosa my dear, YES, mmnnhhhh, yes YES!" Claudia came
hard right onto Rosa's soft lips as she pulled her clit hard, almost
snapping it back like a thick rubber band. Rosa kept her fingers working
all the same time too which made the orgasm expand and fill Claudia's mind
with love filled thoughts of this luscious woman. But she wanted to see
Rosa'a body and feel those lovely breasts against hers.

"Oh Rosa I want to feel your breasts next to mine now," Claudia said as she
sat up and took Rosa' s naked body, pulled her up so Rosa's taut brown
nipples were easier to reach. She cupped those nice firm breasts with her
soft hands. Although Rosa was on almost on top, her knees were still on
the floor, she moved her right leg outside so that their clits could meet
as Rosa leaned forward and was caressed by Claudia. The older woman
kneaded Rosa's perfect breasts, her taut brown nipples extended as her
body yearned for more. Rosa used her strong arms and arched her back into
Claudia's body. A soft tongue met Rosa's other nipple as Claudette suckled
her breast as Rosa swooned. Rosa rubbed her moist clit against Claudia's
firm leg as the two women began to enjoy their bodies meshing together.
Rosa loved this position and wanted to feel Claudia's clit against hers,
she suggested Claudia lay back onthe the couch as Rosa positioned her body
so that the women could tribb together, effectively rubbing their soaking
wet pussy mounds together. All the while, Claudia was tweaking and
kneading Rosa's breasts. Rosa was high enough on top of her to allow the
older woman to get her tongue on those luscious taut, brown nubs.
"Oh yes Claudette, suck my lovely nips, I love that!"

Mia was already fucking herself hard with her flesh colored super thick ,
ribbed dildo. Her pussy was oozing pre cum all over her fresh sheets and
she fingered her ample breasts at the same time.

"Oh yeah babes, suck as you trib babes, suck as you trib, oh shit I'm
cumming, yeah, YEAH MMmnnnnghhhhh," Mia spurted a hefty amount of her
vaginal fluids all over her clean sheets, her fingers continuously playing
with her clit and one on her stiff nipple. At the end she rubbed her
juices all over her ample breasts and sucked the rest of her fingers dry of
her own fluids.

Our wetness, our satiation shared, our love just budding like a new
Springtime. You took me to your bed, and made me so comfortable I wanted
to cry. Although it was the first time, it will be a passionate start to a
life filled with love, compassion and caring.

The next day Rosa woke to the scent of Claudia's body next to hers in her
bed. They had made passionate love to one another and wanted it to
continue on for as long as they could. They talked about letting her
daughter know what was happening and Claudia welcomed that. Rosa would not
even talk about how they were going to act at work, except that they knew
it had to be kept secret to work at all. Deep in their hearts they knew it
would work out, no matter what happened at this job.

In another part of town, Mia had their love romp recorded and was now in
possesion of all the proof that Kate would need to extract what she needed
to leverage her most valuable employees. Hot and juicy sex stories, dirty fantasies, true and fake erotic tales
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