Lesbian Olga

I was feeling horny as hell the other night and
made a call to Slightly Older Lesbians (SOL) to hook
up with an older woman's horny like me. In the past, I
would have gone to Novak's R Bar or Lilly's Music &
Social House but women in the St. Louis, Mo. area
don't hang out in nightclubs much anymore. They
seem to hook up with one woman and become
homebodies now.

I had recently had a falling out with my
girlfriend, so I was looking for a date with an older
woman that I could make friends with. I saw her
picture and like what I saw. She looked to be in her
fifties with short shaggy cropped red hair. Her face
was full and from what I could see she had huge
breasts. I clicked on her and introduced myself to

I have no illusions about myself. I am a thirty-
eight-year-old secretary for a law firm. I can only
describe my face is a narrow mousy looking face with
horn-rimmed glasses. My brown hair is parted in the
middle and cut short of my shoulders and pulled
behind my ears. I hand a slender figure with sagging
little breasts and only five-feet-one-inch tall.

Olga looked like the kind of woman that likes to
be in charge, and I was in the mood to be dominated.
She seemed to like what she saw in me, so we agreed
to meet for dinner at a restaurant that we felt
comfortable at.

I arrived early and asked for a table for two
because I was expecting a friend. The owner asked
me the name of my guest and I told her Olga. She
sat us at a secluded table where the two of us could
chat comfortably.

There was no mistaking Olga when she entered.
She was at least five-feet-eleven with that brick red
hair pulled behind her ears. Her breast had to be at
least a 42-G size. She was wearing a white short
sleeve blouse untucked that hung from her breasts
hiding her waistline. Below the blouse was a black
skirt that looked shorter in back because her butt
was bulbous. She was wearing nylons with T-strap
black shoes with two-inch-thick heels. She sat her
purse on the table and shook my hand before she sat
down facing me with her back to the room.

I studied her face she had a wide noes and her
noes and face were pitted from acne scars probably
dating back to teenage years. She turned out to have
a pleasant sense of humor. She was unguardedly open
and frank about her life. She owned a bakery known
for her sweet pastries.

She told me that as a child, other children teased
her unmercifully. She had to learn to deflect the
barbs with self-effacing jokes. She had been
singularly unpopular growing up. She was never
invited to parties or dances. She described the
events of her first sexual encounter was when an
older woman.

I was walking home from high school by myself
and a car pulled over to the curb alongside me and
asked me if I needed a lift home. I got a strange
feeling in the pit of my stomach and an itch between
m legs. I knew that I shouldn't get in the car but I
wanted to find out what she wanted with me.

I got into her car and she asked where I was
headed. I told her I was going home and told her
where I lived. She put the car in gear and pulled
back onto the road. She told me that she would like
my company for the afternoon if I didn't mind the
company of an old woman. I assured her that I would
be happy to spend the afternoon with her. She
placed her hand on my left thigh and squeezed it. I
got a strong tingle between my legs. Her hand
continued working its way up my thigh dragging my
cotton dress up along with it. By the rime, her hand
reached the crotch of my panties they were slimy
because of the fluid leaking from my vagina.

She made a left turn instead of a right. She took
me to an old house that looked like a hundred years
old or more. She told me that it was a queen Ann
Cottage and her parents had restored it. They had
even found a period correct stove and converted it
from coal oil to natural gas. She proudly showed me
her home. I thought it looked too old fashioned for
my taste but it suited her. She insisted on making me

She escorted me into the parlor to have our tea
in the Duncan Phyfe loveseat. She poured the tea
from a china pot. She asked me my name and about
my family. When I asked her why she had invited me
to have tea with her, she told me that she had always
been attracted to full-figured natural smelling girls.

I had never heard the term chubby chaser

When we finished our tea, she sat our cups and
saucers on the little tea table in front of us and
turned her attention to me. She even politely asked
me if she could kiss me.

When I agreed she took me in her arms and
kissed me. She pried my mouth open with her tongue
and swabbed inside my mouth. As a lonely fifteen-
year-old, I was already a 38-f. She placed her hands
on my breasts and massage them lovingly. She even
pulled them over the top of my dress and my support
bra helped hold them up as she sucking on my nipples.

I would have been happy to spend the rest of my
life with her attached to my tits, but she had other

She knelt between my thick thighs and struggled
to pull my baggy panties out from under my butt. She
pulled them down my legs and free of my shoes. The
way she looked at my pussy you would have thought
she was looking at the best rum cake in history. She
inhaled the aroma of my cunt like it was priceless
perfume. I was well aware that the friction of my
inner thighs had created a permanent red
discoloration in a half-round scar. My vagina was
buried between the fat folds of my mound of Venus
and my labia major. It was humid and moist as she
pressed her face against my cunt.

Listening to her story was making me so fucking

I told her, "Olga you are making me so horny that
I am about ready to get under this table and eat your
pussy right now!"

Olga chuckled and I added, "We better get out of
here before we create a scene right here by going
down on you under the table."

"We can't have that happen we better find
someplace more private."

Olga asked, "How did you get here?"

"I came by way of the city bus."

"good I brought my car, so you can come home
with me."

We paid the check and left the tip. She handed
the valet the ticket for them to bring the car up to
the portico and the valets opened both doors for us.
Olga drove us to her home located in an old part of
town that had undergone a resurgence.

I recognized the home from her description of
the home of the woman that had seduced her. She
told me that the woman had willed it to her. When
we entered the front of the house, I recognized the
love seat and tea table from her description. Olga
placed her purse and keys on the credenza by the
front door. Then she asked me if I would like tea.

When I accepted her offer, she told me to make
myself comfortable and pointed to the love seat. She
opened the old-fashioned pocket door and closed it
behind her. While she was gone, I studied her parlor.

Olga had kept her parent's wonderful carved
furniture but had updated it with modern textiles.
The Tiffany lamps filled the room with whimsical play
with color patterns on the walls. The centerpiece of
the room was a cabinet that would have held a 1920's
RCA Victrola. I couldn't resist getting up crossing
the room to open the cabinet doors to check it out.
There was an LCD television with a blue-ray DVD
player and a pullout turntable that plays records.
Records had been replaced by CDs, but records had
become back into fashion.

I checked the room for where she stored her
DVD's and records. There was another beautiful
round cabinet that the round door opened to reveal a
lazy Susan with records and DVDs. I was just
kneeling to check out her collection when Olga
returned with a tray with teapot and cups and
saucers, accompanied by condiments.

She set the tray on the tea table and said, "Go
ahead and select anything you like to play."

I selected a record that was an instrumental that
would not interfere with our conversation. The room
was filled with surround sound from hidden speakers.

Olga poured the tea and allowed me to choose
sugar and or cream. I just added a teaspoon of
sugar. While we sipped our tea, she inquired about
my past.

I told her about my childhood. I confessed that
I grew up well aware that I was not going to win any
beauty contests. I was a shy girl and didn't like to
draw attention to myself. I told her that I was
spending the summer on the farm of one of my aunts
when I had my first period. I asked my aunt if I
could borrow a sanitary pad. My aunt was surprised
that I wasn't upset. I simply told her that Mom and
my middle school teacher had prepared me for the
onset of puberty. She retrieved a pad from her
bathroom and brought it to my room.

Of course, her pad was too big for me. She went
to the store and bought me a box that was the
appropriate size for me and a built to hold it in place.
She also bought a pantie limner in case my flow was
heavy enough to soak through the pad. She insisted
on demonstrating how to put it on.

While my aunt was attaching the pad to the belt
and putting it on me, she stuck her finger into my
vagina. She managed to stimulate my clit with her
thumb until I became sexually aroused. I began to
shuffle around uncomfortably but with her finger, in
my pussy, I couldn't move very much. I had my first
orgasm with her hand stimulating me. I almost lost
my balance and she had to catch me.

I was glassy-eyed as she removed her hand from
my crotch. I saw traces of blood ringing the base of
her index finger and blood streaks running up her
finger. My aunt stuck the finger into her mouth and
sucked it clean. Her action was disturbingly erotic.

My first discharge only lasted a few days. My
aunt insisted on changing my pad and checking it a
couple of times a day. She also washed my crotch
daily. The second day my pad was dry she removed
the pad and my panties. She lay me on her bed and
proceeded to suck my pussy until I had four orgasms.

When she was finished eating my pussy, she
removed her clothes and had me suck on her tits.
While I was sucking on a nipple, she took hold of my
wrist and placed my hand on her hairy pussy. I
started masturbating her and the longer I continued
playing with her pussy the more I got into the smell
of her cunt and feel of her slimy flesh on my hand.
When she started having an orgasm, she threw back
her head grabbed my wrist and shoved my hand deep
into her pussy and let out a gravelly exclamation,
"I'm cumming!"

When she released my wrist, I withdrew my hand
and looked at the slimy mucus all over my hand. I
couldn't resist smelling my hand and licking my
fingers. I didn't find the smell objectionable. I
started sucking my fingers and hand while I rubbed
my own pussy. The rest of my stay with my aunt was
filled with nothing but sex. I was an accomplished
oralist and was rimming her ass and fucking her with
a variety of dildos. She even took my virginity with
her strap-on dildo.

When I returned home, I sought out another girl
that was unpopular and befriended her. I have been
fucking women ever since. I eventually fell in love
with a young woman.

We became homebodies for several years. Then
she got in touch with an old high school girlfriend and
renewed their relationship. She returned to her
hometown to live with her. I have been out of
circulation long enough to not have anyone to get me
in touch with other women. I have been so fucking
horny I have been masturbating with dildos so much
that my vagina lining is raw.

Olga chuckled, "Let me clear way the dishes
before I see what I can do to help you."

She returned the cups and saucers to the tray
and took them to the kitchen. When she returned to
the parlor, she stood in front of me as I sat on the
love seat and proceeded to remove her clothes.

She unbuttoned the white blouse and removed it.
I was overwhelmed by the sight of that monstrous
bra. It was a white reinforced bra with shoulder
straps a half-inch wide that still sank deep into her
shoulders because of her heavy breasts. Olga
reached behind her back and unhooked the bra. As
she pulled the cups away from her breasts each one
of her breasts looked like big flesh-colored
watermelons. While I admired her tits, Olga
proceeded to unfasten the black skirt.

After turning the skirt around to put the opening
in front as she unbuttoned the flap and pulled the
zipper down. It was still a struggle to pull the short
skirt down over her large behind. Doing so revealed
fact that she was wearing pantyhose over her large
granny panties that were stretched over her behind
and still looked like a bikini compared to the area it
had to cover. The next thing she did was remove her
practical shoes with the two-inch-wide heels before
she stood up and proceeded to peel the pantyhose

I was sitting on the edge of the couch, close
enough to smell the pungent odor of her pussy as she
started peeling them down. As she stepped out of
the hose ad panties, I got a good look at her pussy.

There is something about plus-sized women that
there is never enough pubic hair to cover all of that
flesh. The fleshy folds of flesh were surpassed by
the grayish folds of her labia minor protruding
beyond the opening. She was standing there in front
of me with only three strands of pearls around her
neck. To me, her body was so erotic my mouth was
watering. Seeing her naked body inspired me to
remove my own clothes.

I was wearing my best dress in an effort to
impress Olga. It was my one and only black cocktail
dress it was a modest dress that didn't expose my
cleavage. Even with three-inch heels, the top of my
head barely reached Olga's breasts. I had to stand
up to unzip the back of my dress.

In an effort to expedite the removal of my dress
Olga helped me pull the dress over my head. I am
almost embarrassed to remove my little padded bra
because my breasts look like a couple of empty
purses. I was also wearing pantyhose over my
delicate black lace panties. As I pulled both of them
down to my thighs I sat down and lifted each leg in
turn to remove my shoes, nylons, and panties. I had
taken great care to shave my underarms, legs, and
crotch very close for the occasion.

Olga knelt before me like a suitor proposing
marriage but she was more interested in sticking her
face between my legs and licking my pussy. She
reached up with both hands and took hold of my small
tits and massaged them vigorously. I wrapped my
legs around her neck trapping her head against my
pussy. The things she did with her mouth and tongue
were driving me crazy. There came a point that I
closed my eyes and blacked out for a moment. When
I opened my eyes, my body reacted. My legs were
spasming uncontrollably. When my body relaxed, I
felt like I was having an out of body experience. I
was so relaxed I could hardly move.

Olga sat back on her heels with her hands
resting on my thighs and looked up at me with a
satisfied smile on her face. I made myself sit up and
I took her face in my hands and kissed her on the
mouth. I pulled her to her feet and sat her on the
love seat next to me. We just hugged for the longest
time before I started making love to her big body.

A body like hers has plenty to love. Each of her
breasts was as big as watermelons but as soft as
down pillows. I could mold the flesh around my head
while I sucked on her nipple. I wrapped my legs
around her thigh and humped her legs. After sucking
on both tits until Olga was pleading for me to suck
her pussy.

I slid down her body and had to ask about the
surgical scar running down the middle of her belly.

She told me that ten years ago she had a kidney
removed. I traced the scar down her body with my
tongue. The closer I got to her pussy the stronger
the smell got. I buried my fist in the fold of her
puffy labia. I brushed her pubic hairs apart s I knelt
between her warm thighs and started licking her
pussy. It was all very exciting. Eating her pussy was
not enough to get her off.

I started finger fucking her but I kept adding
fingers until I stuffed my fist into her vagina and
fist fucked her until she had an orgasm that sent her
into a state of bliss like mine had been.

We rested and made love to each other into the
early morning hours. By the end of the weekend, we
were in love and agreed to live together. Hot and juicy sex stories, dirty fantasies, true and fake erotic tales
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Lesbian Olga

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