The Sperm Hospital

She was upset for years after that, but my mother didn’t need him, she deserved better than that asshole anyway. My mother had been raising me by herself this whole time, making due with whatever we had, staying in shitty apartments while she worked at minimum wage jobs, and she tried dating different men, but they were no good deadbeats, and she always ended up broken hearted. But finally she got a high paying job and was able to afford a nice home in a swanky neighborhood. She was now just focused on loving herself, and taking care of me. I had never seen my mother so happy. She set up the house so comfortably; the downstairs was laced with black and red plush furniture, the kitchen always smelled lively of her delicious, homemade, New Orleans cooking, and even our rooms upstairs were decorated nice. So warm and inviting. She was so proud to be living the good life now, and I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of her happiness.
While we were moving into our home, one of our neighbors’ came over and introduced themselves. Well, the husband came over and introduced himself. “Howdy neighbor!” the man waved at my mother, “My name is Ronald Rogers and my wife, Nancy, and my daughter, Racheal live next door here on the right.” He pointed to the brick house on the right. “Nice to meet you!” He brought over some type of pastry that his wife had baked for us, and gave us a small rundown of the neighborhood. “I’m sorry, I didn’t ask for your name.” He said, while offering his hand to my mom.
“Marie Jackson,” my mother shook hands with the man, “Nice to meet you as well, Ronald.”
“Please, you can call me, Ron.” He leaned down and kissed my mom’s hand. My mom gave him a small smile. I smirked at him, and gave him a looking over. He was tall, with dark brown hair, and a light complexion. He had a deep bassy voice and a hard worker man’s built - all the things that I knew my mom liked in a man. “Who is this handsome young man? Your husband?” Ron looked over my mom’s shoulder to find me glaring at him.
“This is my son, Donnie. Donnie say hello.” She said while pulling me forward to the doorway.
“S’up.” I said bluntly.
“What?? This is your son??” Ron asked shocked, “I thought maybe he was your husband! Ms. Jackson, you don’t even look like you’d have children. You look like you could be in your 20s!” He smiled at her. I couldn’t believe it, this married asshole was over here flirting with my mom.
My mom giggled with girlish delight, and rubbed my shoulders. “Oh no! There is no husband, just me and Donnie, happy here on our own.”
“Well that sure is a pity! A beautiful woman like you could get any man she wanted, and you,” the man pointed at me, “I bet you’re a little heartbreaker too.” He winked at me. I rolled my eyes at him. My mom squeezed my shoulder and laughed.
“Well thank you for the compliments, Ron. I hope to see you around some more.” She waved at him.
“Yeah, we sure do.” I said dryly, as I pulled my mom in so I could shut the door to end their awkward conversation.
“Me too, Ms. Jackson. ” He smiled at her again, “I’ll see you around, Donnie.”
“Yeah, sure.” I closed the door on him.
“Donnie, that wasn’t nice.” My mom said to me, and popped me on the forehead.
“Ow!” I whined, and rubbed my forehead. “Well that D-bag, who we just met, was clearly flirting with you! Plus he was married! That’s disgusting.”
My mom blew off my disdain and glided past me to the kitchen. “Oh Donnie, it was just some adult-friendly humor. Besides, I’m not interested in him.”
I could already tell that, he was going to be a problem for her, but I wasn’t going to let him try anything on her. “I guess.” I said unsure, and followed her into the kitchen.
Over the next few weeks, while we were finishing unpacking, Ron would come over and do some light maintenance to our front and back yard and offer to set our appliances, and fixtures in our house – all while still blatantly flirting with my mom.
“You don’t have to do that, Ron!” my mom insisted that he not, while he pushed his lawnmower in our backyard.
“Please, Ms. Jackson this is no problem for me!” He started up his lawnmower and proceed to mow our lawn. “Besides, what kind of neighbor would I be if I didn’t help out a single mother, and her son.” He waved to me at the door. Ignoring him, I turned around and went back in.
I went to go sit in the living room when my mom came in and handed me a cold bottle of water. “Donnie, go give Ron a drink, and thank him for his hard work that you should be doing.”
“Why?” I turned up my nose at her request, “He wanted to do it, so he’ll be alright.”
She thumped me on the forehead, and made me get up and go. I sighed and dragged myself out to the backyard to where Ron was. He was halfway through our lawn, as the hot sun beamed down on him. His muscles bulged as he pushed the heavy mower across the yard. His face was flustered underneath his baseball cap, and his shirt was stuck to his chest with a ton of sweat, and the outline of his nipples were clearly showing. I’m happy mom didn’t come out here to see him like this because he seemed weirdly surprised when he saw that it was me walking towards him.
“Hey Donnie!” He stopped the mower and walked towards me.
“Hey, my mom told me to bring this out to you, and she told me to tell you thanks.” I handed him the cool bottle of water.
“Wooo!” He let out an excited breath and accepted the bottle. “Such a sweet woman! I’ll have to give her my gratitude later.” He opened the bottle of water and drank it down. “So you wanna come out here and help me finish up the yard?” He raised up his shirt to wipe the sweat off his face, revealing a surprisingly hard abdomen. “I can show you how to work it?” He smirked at me.
I averted my eyes from him. “Naw, you seem like you got it.”
“Well, how about you sit out here and chat with me for a second while I take a small break?”
I sighed and accepted his request. I sat down in a lawn chair and Ron took a seat next to me. “So where are you and your mother from?”
“Oh really? What brings ya’ll to Texas?”
“My mom’s new job.”
'Cool. Cool. You in high school?' He looked me weirdly up and down.
'Yup.' I replied as I picked at a purple scab on one of my light brown legs.
'What grade are you in?' He asked.
'I'm a senior.'
“Alright, almost done with school. Any idea what you want to do for college?”
'No.' I sighed.
Ron spread his legs and relaxed back in his chair. We conversed for about 10 awkward minutes, talking about regular stuff, like school, the neighborhood, and that kinda crap.
“I just gotta say Donnie, I’m happy to have you and your mother as our new neighbors. I noticed you…..” He went on more. I was watching him, and listening to his every word. He kept bringing up my mom in every topic we discussed. He said he wanted to show us around the city one day, come over and taste some of her delicious smelling cooking, and he wouldn’t mind picking me up from school when she worked late nights… I knew he was trying to make some moves on my mom. “Thanks for staying and chatting with me, Donnie.” He leaned over and patted and squeezed my thigh. “I hope we can hang out more.” He smiled at me.
“Yeah, no problem.” I snapped out of my suspicious thoughts.
“You should come by my house sometime, I have a pool table set up and we could play a round or so.”
“Sure, dude. Why not.” I got up and headed to the door.
“Great! I’m gonna hold you to that!” He waved bye to me, and stared at me walking back inside.

A few days later, my mom finally unpacked everything, and she said to celebrate us officially being moved in, she was going to throw a big party, and invite everyone in the neighborhood, along with some of her old friends from Louisiana. I knew what her types of parties were, “So basically, you’re gonna cook a ton of food, and drink so much booze that everyone is gonna throw up and pass out all over the place?” I asked her in the car, when she picked me up from school that day. She threw these types of parties all the time back in Louisiana.
My mom laughed, “That might happen, so if you don’t want to be a part of it, you can just stay in your room. Just at least come down and say hi to everyone.”
“Are the Rogers gonna be there?” I asked.
“Of course, why wouldn’t I invite them?”
I chewed on my bottom lip in frustration. “Just watch out for that dude, Ron. I don’t trust him around you.”
“Baby you worry too much.' She reached over and fluffed my thick curly hair to reassure me ' He’s not gonna do anything to me.”
“Yeah, he better not.”

The party started around 9:30pm and my mom had invited the whole neighborhood, and her loud friends from Louisiana came down too. She greeted everyone at the door with drinks and a warm smile. Soft R&B music blared on the t.v. and the whole house smelled amazing with the robust seasoning of my mom’s cooking. They all complimented her lovely home and delicious cooking. Eventually, Ron and his wife walked in through the front door, and he went up to my mom and gave her a big hug. I watched him as he went over to the food on the table and sampled everything, and started knocking back shots of alcohol. “Marie, thanks for inviting my wife and I to your awesome party. I told your son that I had wanted to try your food, and boy is it good!” He complimented to my mom.
“Well thank you, Ron!” She smiled at him. They continued to laugh, eat and drink together for a few minutes.
“Where is ole’ Donnie anyways?” He asked her while looking over the guests.
“Oh he’s upstairs in his room. He isn’t too social.” She pointed to the stairs where I was sitting, and walked away to speak with more people. Ron saw me sitting on the stairs, and started in my direction but before he could come any closer, I went upstairs into my room, and shut the door.

As the party went on close to 11:30pm, everyone was getting drunk and loud, the music was still blaring, and I could hear that they were all just having a good time. I poked my head out the door to check on my mom to see if she wasn’t being harassed by that jerk, and she seemed like she was having a wonderful time. She was enjoying being a hostess, as she continued to pour drinks for the guests and passed out more foods. I was glad to see her smiling, so happily. No one paid attention to me as I walked downstairs and went to sit in the living room, keeping a close eye on her. The lights were dim, and everyone was dancing and mingling together, then I heard her tell the guests that she had to go upstairs for a moment. That’s when I noticed that Ron was standing in the corner, eyeing my mom, smiling, with a devilish look of contemplation. I was becoming livid at the thought of how Ron might be thinking of trying to take advantage of my mom while she was drunk. As he turned to follow her upstairs, I quickly went up to him, and stopped him. He seemed very shocked to find me in front of him. I pointed to the front door, grabbed him by the arm, and dragged him outside. I went around the side of the house so no one could see me about to lay it in on him.
“Dude, what the hell is your problem???” I yelled at him.
“E-excuse me?” I asked seemingly confused, and slightly tipsy.
“I know what you’re doing!” I pushed him against the brick wall, and scowled. “You’re trying to get with my goddamn mom! I’ve been onto what you’ve been up to this whole fuckin’ time! Coming over right when we’re moving in! Flirting with her, trying to seduce her and shit! Right in front of me! You son of a bitch!” I cursed at him and poked at his hard chest. He just stared at me, bewildered, not saying anything. “I knew you were no good! Now listen good you bastard, my mother don’t need a man right now, especially not a married one! She’s been doing good, and she’s been happy lately, and I’ll be damned if you think I’m gonna let you ruin that for her. She don’t need any weird dramatic shit in her life right now that I know you’re definitely gonna bring onto her! If you EVER try anything weird or come near her again, I’ll kick your ass! Got it, Ron??” I spat out his name as I locked eyes with him.
For a few moments, it was quiet between us. The only sounds I heard were the laughing guests in the house and the muffled sound of an R. Kelly song playing in the house. Then Ron let out a small laugh, and rubbed his chest where I had been poking him. “Wow, Donnie!” He smiled at me, “I didn’t know you were this protective of your mother. That’s so sweet!” He then leaned up from the wall and began walking towards me, “You’re such a good son, but you’re kinda slow.” He chuckled.
“What the hell did you say?” I narrowed my eyes at him.
He shook his head at me, “All this time, you thought I was flirting with your mom? Hahaha!” He let out drunk laughter.
“What the hell are you talking about?” I raised my eyebrows at him.
He was now right in my face and brushed his hand against my cheek. “You still don’t get it, do you Donnie? I wasn’t after your mom. I was after you.” He leaned closer in my face and smiled at me.
“…You what?” I was too paralyzed with a mixture of confusion and fear to move, and in that moment he took the opportunity to push me against the brick wall and use one of his huge hands to pin my arms behind me.
“H-hey! Let me go!” I yelled at him, but it came out meek as he pinned my body against the wall with his huge frame, and he used his other hand to grab my chin and gave me a rough kiss on the mouth. I couldn’t move against him as his hot tongue invaded my mouth. His tongue wiggled and swirled around in mouth, and down my throat. I tried to resist his kiss, but I couldn’t help slipping my tongue into his mouth and taste the alcohol on his breath. His bassy voice moaned into my quivering mouth as he sucked on my tongue and I jumped as his hands moved under my shirt and he started massaging with my nipples. I was so confused on what was happening. What the hell is going on?? Ron was kissing me! A man was kissing me! I’m kissing him back! So he had liked me this whole time?? Why is this happening?? Oh god… As all these thoughts rolled around in my head, he pressed his stiff erection against my groin. The hard denim of his pants scrapped roughly against the thin fabric of my basketball shorts, and I let out an involuntary moan at the weird sensation. He stopped sucking on my tongue and pulled back. He just stared at me, smiling deviously at my flushed, panicked face.
“Was that your first kiss, Donnie?” He asked me while he continued to play with my now hard nipples.
I couldn’t find the mental ability to form any words, so I just nodded my head.
“Hmm,” He sounded delighted at my response. “I’m glad I was your first.”
He then started grinding his dick against mine, and leaned down towards my ear, “Have you ever been fucked by a man before?” He whispered sensually and licked the inside of my ear.
“Ump!” Was the only thing I could vocalize, as he traced his tongue from my ear to my neck.
“Have you Donnie?” He asked while still licking my neck.
I just shook my head.
He stopped licking my neck, and pinching my nipples. “Well you’re about to be.” He said to me in a serious tone while looking me dead in the eyes, “Take me to your room, Donnie” He commanded me and let go of my arms. I was not sure if I liked any of this, everything was moving so fast, but as if some ungodly force was controlling me, I took his hand and led him back inside the house as I complied with his wishes without saying a word. We walked into the house, and everyone was so shit-faced that they didn’t even realize that we were gone. Everyone was dancing, laughing, and having a good time, no one noticed that Ron was following me upstairs into my room. Even my mom didn’t notice. I led him into my room and locked the door. He turned towards me and told me to take off my clothes except my underwear. I didn’t like this man bossing me around in my own house, but I did what he said. He sauntered up to me and kissed me again and gave my ass a hard squeeze.
“S-stop, you brute.” I tried to push him away.
“Donnie, you’ve been a little rude to me since you first moved here. That’s not how you’re supposed to treat your new neighbors.” He reached in the front of my briefs and grabbed my hardening dick, enticing a moan out of me. “I’m gonna have to teach you some manners.”
He pushed me down on my knees in front of him, and unzipped his jeans and whipped out his dick in my face, and I stared at it in awe. It was hard and it stuck straight out with its head aiming right at me. It wasn’t too long, but it so thick that I could see a plump vein running underneath it. “Oh god…” I whispered as I smelled the musky monster that was so close to my nostrils.
“I’m pretty sure this is your first time sucking a dick before too, huh?” he rhetorically asked as he grabbed the back of my head and smacked his dick against my cheek. “Why don’t you go ahead and suck it a bit before I stick it in your ass.”
I trembled at his blunt words, but I did what he said and wrapped my fingers around his exuberant dick. I studied the other man’s penis in my hand for a few seconds. I had never held another man’s penis in my hands before, and sucking one was definitely not something I was familiar with. It felt hot and heavy in my hand, and I slowly stroked his length before slowly taking his tip in my mouth. He let out a deep sigh as I wrapped my perched lips around him. He grabbed the back of my head tighter and pushed himself further inside my mouth, making me gag. “Ugh, damn your mouth feels good, Donnie. Fuck…” He hissed and grinded his hips into my face, “Suck harder, boy.” He commanded, and I couldn’t help but moan as his bossiness was starting to turn me on and I began to slowly stroke myself to alleviate some of my own tension. I licked up the salty fluid leaking from his slit while I jerked his shaft. 'Uhh. Shit...' He moaned as he smoothed my hair back and encouraged me to keep sucking then I alternated from sucking on his head to his balls for a while until he told me to stop.
“That’s enough,” He pulled his cock out of my mouth, “take off your underwear and go to the bed.”
I knew what was coming, but I was still afraid of what was gonna happen. I wasn’t sure if I wanted that big thing inside me, but I still did what he told me. I took off my underwear revealing my now shamefully hard penis and sat nervously on my bed. He stood in front of the bed then took off his shirt and pulled his pants down around his ankles. “Get on all fours.”
“I- I don’t know if I want to do this.” I stammered and avoided eye contact with him.
“Consider this a part of your lesson in hospitality.” He laughed and stroked his dick in front of me, “Plus, you wouldn’t want your mom walking in on us, do you?”
My eyes widened at his snide question. “You bastard!” I stood up in front of him and balled up my fist to him. Unfortunately my display of manliness wasn’t enough to shake him because he still towered over me, making me feel very vulnerable.
“If you don’t want her to come up her and find us, you better hurry up and get on all fours, boy.”
I grimaced at the thought of my mother coming in on us like this, and gave in to his request.
“Fine, just hurry and get it over with.” I said while turning around and getting on all fours.
“You need to learn some manners, Donnie. You say yes sir when talking to an adult.” He said to me, as he pushed my head into the blanket, and smacked my ass hard.
“Aaah!” I cried out as a searing pain resonated in my ass cheek.
“Say it, Donnie or you’re gonna get something harder than that next.” He threatened me.
“…Yes sir.” I said, defeated and hid my face in my blanket as he stood behind me, taking in the view of my brown ass in the air.
“See? That wasn’t so hard to be a little nice to me.” He said, satisfied at my submission.
He gripped my ass and spread me apart, and I flinched as his finger traced the rim of my asshole.
“Hmm, don’t be scared, Donnie.” He stopped and pulled out a small bottle of a clear liquid from his pants pockets, “I just know you’re gonna like this.” He squeezed the liquid out on two of his fingers and swiftly pushed them into me.
“Huuhn! Aaah!” I cried out in pain and clawed at my covers as my asshole stung from the intrusion of his callused fingers. I started to hyperventilate as he slowly fingered my asshole in a twisting motion. “Ugh! Take them out, please!” I begged him pitifully.
“Just relax Donnie,” He whispered to me while he bent over and stroked my hair. “breath.”
After a few moments of concentrating on my breathing, I finally got it to slow down and I relaxed for a bit. “Good boy.” He kissed my cheek and continued to finger bang my ass.
I could feel his fingers dig deeper into me all the way to his knuckles, and my dick started to stiffen more against my will. “Uhh…” An aroused moan escaped my lips.
“You starting to like it, Donnie?” He asked me, seeming amused.
“Yeah…” I honestly responded.
“Then you’re ready for the good stuff now. Get up.” He pulled up me from my knees, then he sat on my bed and put me on his lap facing away from him. He squirted a ton of the lubricant on his rock hard cock, and held it against my ass. “Sit on it.”
“Ron,” my voice was starting to shake as the thought of me sitting on that enormous thing was making me light-headed. “I don’t think I can.”
“You’d better hurry up, Donnie.” He sounded like he was getting impatient. “The party is gonna be over soon.”
He was right, it was almost close to 1am. I let out a bitter sigh, and positioned myself on his lap. I leaned my back against his stern chest, and rested the balls of my feet on his wide thighs. He wrapped one of his arms around my waist and readied his dick between my ass cheeks.
“Okay, just at least go slo-“ My request was interrupted by a burning pain in my lower half which was caused by him ramming his fat tip into my half prepared asshole without warning. I let out cry so loud that I would not have been surprised if the guests downstairs heard it. Ron growled like a hungry animal in my ear as he pressed down and went deeper inside me. “Goddammit, Don. You’re so fucking tight!” His intruding cock pushed past my resisting sphincter muscles as he buried his full length inside of me.
“Aah! Nononono! It hurts! Please take it out! I can’t do this!” I struggled to raise up off his excruciatingly big dick, but he had a firm grip on my waist and held me still from getting away. He thrusted in and out of my stretching hole and I started to hyperventilate again.
“I’m not gonna stop.” He announced while starting to speed up his thrusts. “You’ll get used to it soon.”
“Oh shit…” I moaned as I lowered myself back onto him, It felt like I was being fucked by a torpedo, and I thought I was gonna pass out at any moment, but he was right - I was starting to get used to it. After a few minutes of him fucking me slowly, my moans of pain eventually turn into moans of arousal. “Oh god, Ron…” I called out to him, while I started grinding my ass against his lap. I stared down at my hardened dick as it bobbed up and down from each of Ron’s intense impacts against my ass.
“Yeah, there you go, baby. Keep doing that.” He groaned and pumped faster into me as I continued to grind my ass against his cock. “It feels good?”
“Yeah, so good...” I cooed as I stroked my now leaking dick.
“That’s not what I told you to say!” He growled at me and pulled my hair back. “What do you say?”
“Ump! Yes sir!” I whined.
“Yes sir what?”
“Yes sir, it feels good!”
“Uh fuck…” He moaned as he roughly let go of my head and pistoned his cock into me. “I’ve been wanting to do this to you since I first saw you.”
“Yes sir!” I absent-minded blurted out as my mind started to cloud with overwhelming pleasure. “Yes sir!”
“God, Donnie you’re so fucking sexy!” He hissed through his teeth. “Lie on the bed.”
Not wanting to have his glorious cock out of me for too long, I quickly threw myself on the bed on my back, and he pinned my legs to my chest and shoved his straining dick back inside me – filling me back up considerably. He thrusted angrily into my aching asshole with a look of pure animalistic lust in his eyes.
“OH FUCK RON! YEAH KEEP FUCKING MY ASS WITH YOUR FAT COCK, PLEASE!” I begged him pitifully while I yanked at my own dick.
“You’re gonna be my little cock slut from now on! Got it?”
“Ha…ha…Yes sir!” I panted like a bitch in heat.
“You look so sexy, Donnie.” He leaned over me and lifted my leg to lick the scab on my leg.
'Hmmm!' I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, wildly.
“You want me to cum inside you?” He asked while still licking the inside of my mouth.
“FRUCK YESH! PLEASH C-CUM DEEP IN MY ASH!” I implored, without thought and lapped up his alcohol flavored saliva in my mouth.
“You didn’t say yes sir!” He stopped kissing me, and reminded me, as he squeezed harder down on my legs, and relentlessly pounded me until I could feel tears coming out of my eyes.
“HAAH!” I screamed out in pain mixed with mind-numbing pleasure. “YES SIR! YES SIR! YES SIR! YES SIR! YES SIR!” I repeated like a broken record while jerking my cock with both hands.
“Huuh, I’m gonna cum, Donnie.” He threw his head back and I could feel his thrusts start to become more inconsistent and erratic.
“ME TOO SIR!” I cried, as I convulsed in the fits of orgasm whilst feeling my own dick about to burst.
Ron let out a husky grunt, as his cock swelled and released its heavy load inside of my twitching asshole.
My back arched high off the bed as his spewing dick pressed hard against my prostate and eyes rolled back as I shuddered and came violently all over my stomach and chest.

I lie still in that position for a few moments – just enough to catch my breath and regain some clarity. Oh fuck, what did I just do… I resentfully thought to myself.
Ron was slumped over on top on me with his head nestled in my neck.
“Fuck, that was great.” He sounded like he was out of it.
“Yeah…” I let out a tired sigh and covered my eyes in shame. I looked over at my alarm clock and saw it was way late, and I didn’t hear the music downstairs anymore. “Aw shit, Ron! I think everyone is leaving!” I pushed him off and out of me and we hurried to put my clothes back on. “Crap, I hope no one will see you coming out of my room.” I panicked.
I opened my door and peeked down the stairs to find everyone starting to pile out the front door. I pushed Ron out my room and followed him down the stairs – making sure no one saw us.
“Hey Ron! Donnie?” My mom surprised us as we almost made it to the front door. She was standing with Mrs. Rogers, and they both seemed quite inebriated. “Where have you been, Ron?” She asked her husband.
“I was just hanging out with Donnie for a while.” He said without a hint of hesitation. “We had a nice conversation.” He winked at me.
“Oh really?” My mom looked at me surprised knowing that I didn’t like Ron, but I couldn’t look her in the eye. “Well great! Thanks for coming you two!”
“This was an awesome party, Marie. I had a blast.” Ron smiled at her then he and his wife walked out the front door.
“See you two later!” My mom waved at them from the door.
“Bye Marie! Have a good night! You too Donnie!” He waved at me.
“Yeah, goodnight.” I slammed the door behind them.
'Woowee! That was a fun party!' My mom slurred and walked over to the couch and flopped down. 'Did you have fun, my love?'
I laid my head in her lap on the couch, and she patted my hair. I wanted to tell her hell no, but she was smiling so much that I didn't want to ruin her buzz. 'Yeah, it was alright.' I said quietly while I shifted my legs around as I felt Ron's cum dripping out of me.

A few days later, my mom wanted me to help her clean up and take the trash out to the curve.
“That bastard…” I snarled as I rubbed my still aching hips and limped out to the trash can. I can’t believe that asshole took advantage of me! Embarrassed me! I thought to myself as I threw the bag of garbage into the can – knocking over the whole thing. Shit! That son of a bitch! God! Plus, he hasn’t even bothered to check on me in days. Not that I cared…
“Are you alright?” My mom sat on the porch and watched me awkwardly walk over while scowling to myself.
“Yeah. I’m fine.”
“I can’t believe you pulled a muscle trying to dance,” She laughed at the lie I told her when I explained to her why I was limping. “My poor baby! You should have just stayed in your room!”
“Yeah yeah.” I frowned.
“Still, I was surprised when you told me that you were hanging out with Mr. Rogers. I thought you didn’t like him.”
“Pfft! I don’t! Who would like that weirdo bastard!” I yelled in frustration.
“Howdy neighbors!” I jumped at the sound of Ron’s voice as he walked over towards us. “How are ya’ll doing on this lovely day?”
“Hey, Ron!” My mom smiled at him. “I’m doing fine, but I think Donnie is a bit sore from trying to dance too hard the other night at the party.” She pointed to me and laughed.
“Oh really?” Ron laughed loudly at the obvious lie, “Well, sorry to hear that, Donnie.”
I turned my head away from them to hide my transparent shame.
“What are you up to, Ron?” My mom asked.
“Well Nancy and Racheal went out shopping for a while, so I’m stuck at the house, bored. I wanted to see if Donnie wanted to come over and play some pool with me. He did promise me a round a while back.”
“Well, he was helping me clean, but he can go and take a little break.” She replied and kissed me on the forehead and went back in. I wanted to beg her not to leave me out here with this psycho, but it was too late. He threw me a sly grin that unfortunately made me blush violently. “Would you like that, Donnie?”
“Y-yeah whatever.” I grumbled quietly.
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you.” He said, still grinning at me.
“I said whatever that’s fi-” I said louder but he cut me off.
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear the proper answer.” His deep voice had a sinister undertone to it.
I bit my lip and sulked as I knew what he wanted me to say. “…Yes sir.” Hot and juicy sex stories, dirty fantasies, true and fake erotic tales
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The Sperm Hospital

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