First time in the butt - anal,pb,porno,sikis,buttsex erotic story

So I move into a new apartment with this guy I don't know and on our first night we have some drinks to help get to know each other.

It all comes out, I tell him all about my job, family, study and boyfriend and he tells me the same. After several shots we get into our sex lives, discussing our likes, dislikes and worst encounters.

After a while it comes out that I happen to enjoy (a lot) having anal sex and I find out that he has never had anal sex before and thought it was going to be a disappointment. Maybe it was all the drinks (Or I'm easy) but I insisted on him trying it out at least once, just to be able to say he's tried. So

I got him to whip it out and prepare himself, I grabbed some lube and made sure it was all sorted (as it was gonna be quick I just pulled my skirt up and slid my panties over). I gently lowered myself and let him slip it in slowly, I could feel him tense up with pleasure as I gave him a couple of thrusts, we took it so easy I could feel his pulse when he was fully inside me.

We stopped shortly after starting as I felt a tad guilty but equally satisfied with my mision (I justified this as ok as it was short and 'not really cheating' to help me forget it). It seemed my plan worked and he is now an avid believer in great anal sex and has been a pretty fun house mate ever since!
First time in the butt

Slave erotic fiction, not real

Slave erotic fiction, not real

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