A sexual encounter on a beach - erotic,rom,romantic,porno erotic story

The helicopter rose slowly then, gaining speed,
disappeared out of sight. You and I were now alone for
the next 24 hours on a secluded beach on the back side
of the island of Kauai. Nothing but a warm topical
ocean, a mile of baking white sand beach, and swaying
palm trees as far as the eye could see. Paradise.

"Catch me and win a prize," you cooed, running toward
the ocean. With each step another article of your
already skimpy attire fell to the sand. Dropping our
provisions, I bolted after you. We reached the water at
the same time. "Silly boy, you're still dressed," you

"But you're not," I lusted back, dropping to my knees to
kiss your round full breasts. Gently my tongue traced
the outline of each hardening nipple. You softly moaned
as the warm water lapped around our feet.

"Yes, mmmmm." My hands played over your entire body;
rubbing and caressing each boobie. The swollen head of
my aching manhood grew to peek out over the top of my
swim trunks. You gently rubbed the back of my head.

My tongue drew a line down your belly till I reached the
tan-line just above your love nest. The salt of the
ocean water mixed with your sweet pussy juices as I
buried my face.

"Oh god YES! Eat my pussy. Oh yeah." Gently using my
lips, I held your clit and sucked it into my mouth as
the tip of my tongue flicked across it. Your knees began
to buckle, as my fingers got into the act by probing
your love canal and warm butt-hole. You were thrusting
to my mouth, using it as my now stiff tongue entered you
again and again. I fell backward, pulling you with me,
my face still lost in your love mound. Dropping to your
knees, you straddled my mouth.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm cumming! Yes YES, right there. Oh baby,
you're good." You rhythmically swayed, pushing my mouth
deeper into your hot box. Sweet heavy cum flowed freely.
My tongue found your love tunnel and snaked up it as far
as it could reach. You reached back and pulled my
swollen cock out of the tight swim suit.

Flipping quickly, you re-straddled my face and bent over
to swallow my love gun right the hairy balls. My tongue
snaked in and out of your cunt hole like a surrogate
cock. I arched my back when you licked the a drop of
pre-cum off the tip.

"Oh Baby. Jeezus! Suck me!" The words were muffled by
your grinding seething-hot wet pussy. One of my fingers
probed your tight back door, reaching in just a little
past one knuckle. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard. I want to cum
with you in me," you demanded.

With sand flying everywhere you spun around and impaled
yourself on my rigid pole. A sleeper wave broke across
your back but we hardly noticed. The water ran down your
heaving breasts and your hair flew everywhere, as you
rapidly bounced; grinding your pussy onto each of my

"I'm cumming. Take me. Fuck me! Cum with me, baby. OH

We both exploded in sexual ecstasy. Shot after of shot
of white jizz pumped into your hot hole. Both our cums
mixed together. Warm tropical ocean water gently washed
away the leakage. With the colors still flying in our
heads, you entwined your tongue with mine in a hot wet

Yes, this was paradise.
A sexual encounter on a beach

Minister's dagughter

Minister's dagughter

Molly can control time, not the desire for her own sister

Molly can control time, not the desire for her own sister

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