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there was a lot of shopping last weekend! Petigeci, Hefti, Ági, Meli, Eszter, Ocskös, Csumeg, everyone was there who counts! We are competing with peti, but we have a little concentrated peach in his mug, and it was just wine. 3 dessert drink a cup of coffee! This fool came to me even afterwards, or with 5 mugs when I did not even spell it: D: D: He was the one with the simsonn, he went up to the fence, and then he got hugged! We entered the apartment because we did not go to sleep, and we slept as well. That's when the party started! The cabinets were kicked up in pairs like a bang in the Heft :) :)) we broke the armchairs, we were holding hands with a muddy foot and the traces left on the ceiling :))))))))))) Then HEfti caught up to the oil stove, : I LOVE THAT ONE? he took the animal and fucked her in the closed door to the yard, and outstretched it like a bang!
Drunken party with Pete Cum

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