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When she invited me this evening she wanted to end things between us. I was okay with that but I couldn't not try to sneak one more time. It turned to be one of the most satisfying moments in my life.

I met this girl at a friend’s party. From the beginning she gave me “the look” so at some point I approached her and we started talking. It turned out that we had a lot in common. She was totally my type. Short with short dark hair, nerdy glasses and the facial expressions I was so craving for. We sneaked out of the party and went to her place. Long story short we started hooking up from then on. Then after 3 months she started seeing someone so she called me to break things off. She wanted to do it in person so she invited me over…

The minute I walked in I could tell she was not wearing a bra. She was sitting still on her bed with a serious face. I closed the room door behind me. I could see her roommate that she hated prepairing dinner in the kitchen, but she didn’t notice me. The door was mostly filled with big piece of glass. The lights in a room were dimmed but we could see shapes moving on the other side. I intentionally wore the white shirt and perfume she liked so much. I sat next to her on a bed and listened what she wanted to say. When she finished I told her that understand and agree and I went in for a “hug”. We were sitting down so I was out of options. I have put my hand on her waist and smelled her hair. I rubbed my body on her chest so the heavy sweater rubed on her nipples. They got hard so quickly, those big perky nipples… They were like a drug to me. One passionate kiss on the neck was all it took…
She sat on my legs and started kissing me as if she was in a trance. She quickly got rid of my shirt and putted her arms around me. She was wearing an over the knee, elastic pencil skirt. I rolled it all the way up leaving her in nothing but her panties. I started to rub her watching her roll her eyes back. I used this time to undo my belt and loosen my jeans a bit. I lifted her and pressed against the wall next to the door. She was so light I could easily lift her with my one hand. The other was stimulating her under her sweater. I could feel her juices pouring out so I moved the material of panties to the side and pulled out my cock. It was swollen. She kept me waiting an entire week to meet. In a moment of consciousness she got scared because her flatmate was only few meters from us in the other room.

I couldn’t wait any longer and putted it all the way in. She was so tight it almost hurt. She gasped and let go of all control. I covered her mouth when I started thrusting inside her. We were there like this for 2 minutes. Than she pushed me away from the wall and dragged me to the bed. She didn’t want to take the sweater off in case her flatmate comes in. From then on it was all very primal. We both wanted a quick release. You could tell right away when she had her ogasm. She started shivering all over and pulled me close. My moves started additionally to rub her nipples. She screamed a little so I had to cover her mouth again. And then I came all over that sweater… We were laying there for a while and when we cleaned up she told me to leave.

After that she started going out with some other guy. We even went to a holiday together and we give each other “the looks”. It is our small secret. Who knows… mabe we will meet again someday.
Romantic story 18+

A Car Wash (They get hot while car gets sudsy)

A Car Wash (They get hot while car gets sudsy)

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