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Dancer fucker

Dancer fucker
Kaari Seppa had the body of a professional dancer; she was gorgeous. She also ran a very successful Miami business, a fitness center, where instructors in yoga, Dancercise and other fitness regimes put their clients through their paces. When Byron Taylor landed a trainer job there, bringing his own regimen of martial arts and exercise, he was in he
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Adult stories - Exploring her inbox

Adult stories - Exploring her inbox
Stefan Rani was a tall, good looking guy, with really blonde hair and Windex blue eyes. Unlike a lot of handsome dudes he wasn’t full of himself and didn’t consider himself God’s gift to women as some in his situation might do. At 27 he took a job with a software company owned by a man who had many business enterprises and tended to lose int
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Am I Fucking Him Right Mommy?

Am I Fucking Him Right Mommy?
Emily and I had been best buds for the 20 years that it had taken me to get from the tender age of 25 to the ripe old age of 29. She’d seen me through a long succession of shitty relationships and I’d seen her through an even shittier marriage. Gordon the Goofhead was long gone but the fruit of their union was still around and about to finish u
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